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There is a brain hole that Dr. Li is the last ultimate BOSS. Jae-hoon was 80. When he was a child, it was Dr. Li who killed Jae-hoon’s family to plant 80’s desire to kill and attracted the attention of high-level government through this case. The aunt was sent by high-level government. After monitoring the growth of the 80s, Dr. Li also guided the suspected crime to the curator of the boxing gym. Later, he killed the curator of the boxing gym with the revenge of the 80s. (Through the method of assassination and burning in the chest, the tooth for the tooth and the eye for the eye), This turned on the 80 kill switch, and these were just to prove Dr. Lee’s theory of abnormal genes. Dr. Han’s wife also adopted Dr. Cheng after the Hun Miemen case; 80 was Dr. Han’s own son, although he was eluted. Suspected, but after the Miemen case, the government arranged for her aunt to take care of her as an experimental subject to observe the growth of abnormal gene carriers. This experiment on 80 corresponds to the English translation of the prying name, MOUSE, the experimental mouse; the open line It’s the head-changing experiment performed by Dr. Han on 80. The dark line is Dr. Li’s experiment to observe 80 as a carrier of abnormal genes. It’s worth noting that before 80, because God ignored his voice, he still made him a monster. He Because of God’s neglect of him, he killed God and made himself a new “god”; and at the end of 15 episodes, with a strong conscience, 80, like other people facing moral dilemmas, chose to seek salvation from the old God; no matter what; Regardless of the predicament, the murderer still has human feelings, and he has not escaped the paranoia of faith; (if his brains come true) in the end he may find that he becomes a monster from beginning to end, it is just a scientific experiment. It is the monster that created the monster. He, from the beginning to the end, God will not hear the voice of mankind. Only man created God. Those deaths that died for faith are meaningless. His sins will eventually be seen by interests and people’s desire to see themselves. He will always bear the inner moral dilemma, and he will never be able to repair the truth (just like 15 episodes, no matter how he tries, there is no way to prove that he is a murderous maniac); and the so-called perverted gene is also an eugenics-like scam of the century. , Dr. Li’s organization is only to maintain his correctness. He has long been aware of the loopholes in the experiment but has been trying to prove the correctness through 80. Why is he wrong? To borrow from Teacher Luo, the mutated gene is the gloom of the human heart. I don’t know who will mutate. Maybe everyone is a carrier of abnormal genes, maybe everyone’s genes will mutate under desire (such as Dr. Li himself, originally It’s a normal person’s gene but turned into a monster because of theoretical obsessions; the abnormal gene carrier such as Doctor Cheng will also be a good person, and ordinary people’s gene carrier will also be a criminal) Dr. Han, who thought he could perform brain surgery, became The man of God, who is successful, Xiaohe, and Xiaohe, will eventually be destroyed by the illusion of becoming a god.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There are basically traces of the pit filling that used to be a psychopath in 80, and the suspense of the plot in the future will no longer be who is the psychopath, but who manipulates all this, and who is hiding it. all of these? It is guessed that there are three forces hidden behind: 1. Dr. Daniel, once used by the Secretary-General for proposing abnormal genes. At that time, it was a period of rampant head hunters. If the Secretary-General proposed this proposal, it would surely win the support of the people and stabilize it. Own status. But because a congressman learned that his wife was pregnant, he did not cast a key vote for the proposal, and the proposal was rejected and not implemented. After that, Dr. Daniel went to the UK again and had no interest in the Secretary-General. Due to the invitation of a domestic forum, he returned to China and found a series of seven crimes of serial homicide, and based on his own observations, he identified the suspect as a doctor, called the doctor out, and disappeared that night. Now we also know that Dr. Daniel’s disappearance has nothing to do with Dr. Cheng, because Dr. Cheng is the 1% genius. Then why did Dr. Daniel fake his death identity, and who was thrown away by the doctor in the middle of the lake? It is speculated that this person who was killed or even thrown away came to kill Dr. Daniel, so there will be a scene where this mysterious man enters the Ferris wheel and fights with Dr. Daniel, but at this time, he was met by the doctor who came to the appointment and saved him. Killed the doctor and killed the mysterious man together. The doctor was injured and knew that someone was going to kill him, so he faked his death and concealed his identity. And we can also know by seeing the doctor’s hiding place. His hiding is not known by the Secretary-General or by Han Xujun. It is a small dim and dilapidated place. Therefore, the identity of the mysterious person may also be one of the two factions. Han Xujun originally regarded the doctor as a threat to his brain transplantation operation, and wanted to inherit his genes from generation to generation. It was obvious that Han Xujun did not want the doctor to exist. The Secretary-General’s faction may not want the Ph.D. to exist anymore. Even if they have cooperated before, it is only for the benefit. When flashing back to the previous time, the doctor was nervous when he gave the congressman’s wife a genetic test report. It was probably the result of the report changed by the Secretary-General’s instructions. Now, after Dr. Daniel returned to China, he discovered that the previous forged report is likely to be more serious. If you want to expose the consequences, then the Secretary-General’s interests are contrary to the doctor’s. She has the full motive to kill the doctor. Since the doctor and Doctor Cheng had cooperated at the time of the Ferris wheel, the doctor must know that Doctor Cheng is the 1% genius, and it is very likely that through Doctor Cheng’s suspicion, 80 is a psychopath who is good at disguising. It can be seen from the 15 episodes that when he sees that 80’s state is not right, he will call his opponent and say that he has completely recovered his previous memory, don’t let him get into trouble, that is, the doctor knows that 80 is a psychopath instead of 80. I told him, he knew it a long time ago! ! 2. Han Xujun, the head hunter generation, is more inclined to think that Dr. Cheng is his own son and has psychopathic genes. He originally did not agree to give 80 a brain change operation, but then suddenly changed his mind, guessing that it was because he had a condition : That is to change the frontal lobe of his son to 80 before he is willing to have this operation. So when 80 asked the hospital why the psychopathic brain was exchanged for him, the hospital said that there was someone else who provided the frontal lobe, but there was no time. This should be the arrangement of the secretary-general. Only by agreeing to Han Xujun’s condition can he save 80. In order to maintain his image among the people (perhaps for a deeper reason, after all, they all knelt to Han Xujun, thinking that 80 is her son is not too much). But in fact, 80 should be his son. In 15 episodes, 80 recalls the music that Han Xujun listened to when he remembered that he was giving birth to his wife, and it was also the music of Han Xujun when he was undergoing brain surgery. The drama here is that the psychopath is not so capable, because his arrogance may also cause fatal mistakes. This head hunter, who wanted to train his son to inherit his abnormal genes, finally added kindness, empathy, and guilt to his son’s brain, and asked his son to carry his crimes and confess his own crimes through the painful life. Not much life. Even now, he still thinks his brain transplant operation is successful, but with Dr. Daniel, the flaws in his operation have been found! Just like in the United Kingdom, the doctor who first discovered that the dean’s diagnosis made a mistake in the patient, which saved Han Xujun from being investigated by the school. Han Xujun, after all, failed. 3. Secretary-General (or other political forces), after all, the first episode of this drama Greatly described the political scene, the final result is bound to be related to them. In the 15th episode, I recalled that after killing Korea in 80, the corpse and everything in the basement in Korea were cleaned up. 80 thought that the doctor’s subordinates did it, but judging from the doctor’s reaction, it shouldn’t be the case. It should be another force that wants to cover up 80. It is the fact that the seven deadly sins are perverted murderers. At the same time, they also used an unfamiliar number to send messages to 80 when they jumped off the building. But what is strange is how they get the time right every time. This may be the source of the title. They It is the one who has been spying secretly. Because I knew that 80 had transplanted Doctor Cheng’s forehead, I was afraid that Han Xujun’s plan would succeed, so I kept spying on 80, spying on his desire to kill, spying on the fact that he killed those psychopaths, and even spying on him as the real seven deadly sins. The perverted murderer. But there is no way, maybe it’s an experiment, maybe it’s because the people learn that they killed Cheng Yaohan by mistake, causing everyone in the people to wrongly curse Cheng Yaohan’s family. No snowflake is innocent, but the people You can push the crime to the contemporary government and pretend you are innocent. Anyway, it was a series of reasons. This force knew everything that happened from beginning to end, and tried to hide it for 80. Even pretending to be Qiguo and texting 80, threatening Qiguo to say something unreasonable. It is clear that Qiguo was afraid of 80 and wanted to seek help from Wuzhi, but he said to 80, “So I want you to come.” Do so, so that everyone can live.” That is, everyone can live if he is killed by 80. This everyone should be a large group of people in the system and their own relatives who have been threatened. All this, just wait for the announcement next week~ (Excuse me for the acting of 80, the disguised laugh and the disguised cry, it is really abnormal! Too creepy!)

7 months ago

In the fifteenth episode, just one sentence is too shocking (covering her face) According to Cui Pd’s memories, Cui Pd deliberately ran out to cover his brother when he was a child, so her brother may still be alive (but can’t explain what she found earlier) The plot of the brother’s corpse), if her brother is still alive, maybe it is the “tattooed man” (one of the experimental subjects that survived brain transplantation?) The comatose prison guard, priest/interpol brother definitely has a big problem: one would rather be catastrophic. After not dying, he kept his mouth shut and desperately tried to cover up, but he wanted to die in private. Even if it is live broadcast before death, it will never reveal the identity of Patrol Zheng. Would you like Patrol Zheng? The plot is simply too frightening, okay, what kind of purpose the priest/interpol brother and others are pursuing and even sacrificing themselves (panic face) Dr.’s explanation and the memories of Patrol Zheng himself should be true, guess Patrol Zheng, who was a member of the priest/interpol brother’s team at the time, suddenly awakened something and began to kill team members, but his team members believed that Patrol Zheng could achieve their ultimate goal and cover him at all costs (Han The second generation/doctor also risked his death to personally prevent this plan and purpose) The things that Patrol Police Zheng lost after being stunned should be the necklace of the priest/the detective brother and the corsage pendant of the female high school grandma. There should be more than one genius gene in the plot. Well, otherwise, the balance of power is too unbalanced (criminal gene + perfect disguise + genius Patrol Zheng is really unmatched), there should be one or more people with genius genes (such as Cui pd/she (Brother) The mint smell is explained. It comes from Han Erdai/Doctor, but Patrol Zheng and Han Erdai had contacted him many times before and even touched his home. Can’t you smell the mint smell on his body? I still doubt that if I don’t hide anything in the next few episodes, I really can’t hold on to the trend of the plot being unfinished. Hey~

7 months ago

Fifteen episodes may be the most exciting episode of the show since the beginning. 80 Real Wolf Hammer, he was the culprit in the seven deadly murders, and this judgment is consistent with most sane drama fans. But when the mystery was revealed, every scene did not lose its freshness, and was hit by the heart again. Li Shengji’s acting skills are deified in this episode, from disguised innocence to cruel tyranny, he used his professional ability to show us what turning face is like turning a book. Other important mysteries are also revealed one by one. The body of South Korea was found in an abandoned factory, but it further confirmed Cheng Doctor’s psycho-identity in the eyes of the public. Cui PD and her children suffered under the mental violence of the group and continued to report their grievances in the wrong direction. The memory of Cui PD flashed back in the middle: he lost his brother with his brother and was abducted by Doctor Han. Obviously in the next few episodes, 80’s goal is to find evidence that the doctor is not a murderer and get himself the punishment he deserves.

7 months ago

After this episode, there is a feeling of being unfinished, and it feels that too many pits are about to be buried. 1. Cheng Yaohan should be a member of the organization behind him, because 80 recovered all his memories, but he didn’t understand why Cheng Yaohan knew everything. The second generation of Han’s friend Jin Juncheng should also know about it. OZ, the doctor might also In this organization, it’s just that the 80s cannot know the existence of this organization. It is very likely that the PD is also there. Before 80 changed his mind, the PD sent a box of DV to the Secretary General, which contains the records of the Han generation’s experiments. This is actually a foreshadowing, and it is very likely that the Han generation is also in this organization. in. 2. The blood stains that Cheng Yaohan put on the garage shoes belonged to the doctor, and he did not explain the truth of what happened during the secret meeting with the doctor. The death surrogate fished out of the pond is the doctor’s DNA, and all the clues point to Cheng Yaohan. If this pit is not buried, it won’t be too worrying. 3. At present, 80 in the superb editing skills of the editor, he can switch back and forth between the police and the murderer calmly, even on the night of the priest’s death, in the case of live broadcast, go to the station to monitor, find evidence, and change lines. Head, attack, play live broadcast, such a time and space management master, I can’t accept it.

7 months ago

At present, Zheng Barin is the murderer in full implementation, and he wakes up from the country. Zheng Barin has no retreat, and his inner goodness gene has the upper hand, and he is willing to atone for his sins. But his criminal evidence was mysteriously destroyed and transferred, combined with the fact that Dr. Daniel was chased and killed in suspended animation, and the country was threatened to commit suicide. So who has such a powerful force is undoubtedly the government, what is the government’s motive, is it just to cover up? Did you wrongfully kill Cheng Yaohan by yourself? That would be too fussy. What secrets does the government have? The mysterious test report given by Dr. Daniel recalled that the recipient was undoubtedly the current presidential candidate. This also confirmed the reason why Dr. Daniel was hunted down. Daniel lied to Barin, and he had even greater The secret was not told to Barin. Judging from Qiguo’s speech to Barin, Barin is the key person to turn the situation around. If Qiguo did not explain Barin, he was threatened as to what he wanted Barin to do. The current guess is that the current government will never allow the case to be reversed for the sake of the election. This will cause the current government’s prestige to be discredited. Since Han Xujun can perform surgery on Ba Rin in order to reverse the polls, then do other more terrible things for this. Not impossible, after all, Korean film and television are the favorite to blacken the government. The government does everything to stop Barin, so the death of the kingdom will give Barin the motivation to live, just to wash away the grievances of the dead and create vitality for the living. This also creates a continuation of the momentum for the plot. We will see below. To the super plot of the perverted killer incarnation of the justice messenger fighting against the dark government alone. After all, there are still 5 episodes in the plot, which is enough to guarantee the highlight. This also set the line for the government’s appearance in the plot in the first episode, and the government began to board the main line of the plot. So far, all the lines in the first episode have come into play. There is also a small tail. Is Zheng Barin the biological son of Han Xujun? His relationship with Cheng Yaohan will certainly not be that simple. This will also become a major highlight of the subsequent plot. Will Han Xujun shine, or he will have a fateful duel with Dr. Daniel. We will wait and see. In addition, I went back to the first episode. Judging from the music and appearance, Barin’s mother is Cheng Ji-eun. Barin is the second generation headhunter. Why Barin became someone else’s son? Whose is Cheng Yaohan? Son, this is a new question.

7 months ago

I remember it was written in the 12-episode review that what the screenwriter wanted to do was to control violence with violence and to retaliate with violence. The doctor is a representative symbol, just as the little boy in yellow clothes took a mouse and watched it kill the natural enemy snake. Later, the rat with a broken brain was trampled to death. Huang Yi = Zaixun = Zheng 80, in fact, there are many omens before the resurrection of the seventh episode. Also, when the windbreaker and the monster were dueling in the church, I don’t know if everyone noticed it. The windbreaker said he was right-handed. This is the biggest evidence. The doctor said: Did you see his face? If you see it, you are gone. (Which murderer is so obvious, it’s good to be a little more sensitive to understand the doctor.) Another is that the windbreaker said that he hurt the other’s left hand. When I left, 80’s left hand was bandaged, and it happened to find his left hand in episode 80. The scars on it are the same. I was wounded by the windbreaker and killed the priest in the church. However, there is no filming of the doctor’s hand injury. There is obvious evidence. Of course, many details in episodes 1-3 can also exclude the doctor and suspect that 80 is a pretender metamorphosis. After all, his (Zehun) father Han Xujun is such a perfect murderer. Isn’t it? So I am very curious. Do the audience think 80 is not a murderer? It is still said that the actor who likes Lee Seung Gi very much does not pay much attention to the plot because of his emotional and subjective factors. Another more obvious thing is why the doctor is crying when offline. Because he is not a psychopath, he is a person with normal and ordinary emotions, but also feels anger, anger, sorrow, and anger at injustice and immorality, so he wants to kill 80, but sacrifices himself in exchange for his punishment. Because screenwriters most hope that 80 will be a tragedy, why does 20 episodes end instead of 16 episodes? Why is the subject similar to monsters also involved in investigating crimes. It takes 20 episodes, and the beginning is not procrastinated. It shows that the screenwriter wants to slowly torture the emotional psychopath. After the doctor goes offline, the rest of the plot will only become clearer. The main thing is to look at 80 and 5g acting. Especially the people who are going to be judged, this is the key point that touches the hearts of the audience. Coupled with emotional drama as a flavoring agent to punish mental perversions, compared with what I have done before, 80 should have never thought that the mouse I saw when I was a child grew up and became an experimental mouse for the doctor and his father Han Xujun. Two meanings, the first appeared in the boxer’s house as a satire of psychopaths, and later reversing the second layer is to use this sentence to deal with psychopaths. The main line is very clear. Cheng Yaohan gave his best 1% of his genius genes and emotions to 80 as his punishment. After all, as I wrote to the evaluation before, the best way to punish psychopaths is not to let them die immediately because they don’t suffer. Only in this way will it be painful. After all, Koreans are a sentimental nation that values ​​emotions. Now the rest is 1. Han Xujun and Sung Ji-eun don’t show up anymore? They knew 80’s identity so well, otherwise they wouldn’t have saved him for surgery. Hope that the nature (sha ren) will not be replaced by the doctor. Because the son is his mouse, there will be a mouse when the father and son meet. 2. This drama is destined to be a tragedy, but it depends on the ending when the audience finds it unappetizing and whether the screenwriter thinks it has achieved the expected goal. After all, I want to use this drama to express the punishment and display of the psychosis of the real events at the time. So predict the ending? For example, after knowing the windbreaker, 5G and 80 showdown. For example, there must be an ending clip, tears, guns, knives, blood, and the appearance of someone dying that aroused the appetite of the audience. 3. The doctor and Li Interpol are like one, and the other one is at the government level of councillors. I don’t know if they know whether the previous murder case was 80, or if mouse was a secret project from the beginning. Han Xujun, Doctor, and the congressmen have at least shared common interests. Knowing that 80 is a murderer and using him to punish other bad guys. The doctor used the doctor to find out about 80 together. The doctor used the doctor to let him kill 80, but he died. Just transplant the frontal lobe. Poor Yaohan is obviously a genius, kind-hearted and clever. He always plays the role of a man who carries the pot and then the man of the pot. After carrying the black pot and Han Erdai for so long, even his son is discriminated against. Being too emotional is really not a good thing. People still need rational judgment. 4. Others, such as the story of Cui pd and other trivial things, are not so the main line, and can only talk about flavoring.

7 months ago

80 After I discovered it, the basement was cleaned up, and the doctor didn’t know where the child’s body was. It didn’t look like it was pretended. It can be predicted that there is another group of people who have been following 80 people, blindly guessing that they were assigned by the secretary general after the operation. In order to prevent 80 from being exposed, maintain its image, and maintain the support rate of its political party, he has been observing 80 and secretly rubbing his ass. The respective goals and methods of the Ph.D. and the Secretary-General are currently a big doubt. Are the two groups in a competitive relationship, competing for resource utilization? Looking forward to a workable explanation later.

7 months ago

The screenwriter simply wanted to reverse…Who was chasing the doctor? Why did the doctor know that 80 is the real killer? Why did the doctor stop 80 from committing suicide? It is because 80 is the perfect experiment? I think the doctor is the psychopath 80. Why would he still abuse animals when the killing has been started? ? The aunt clearly showed up with the uncle in front of him, so why arranging the uncle again is actually a fake? Is the aunt the real aunt or the arranged aunt? If it is the arranged aunt, how can I let my real son be seen? If it is the real aunt, why arrange a fake uncle? The priest has time to communicate with his brother on video, but he has no time to tell his brother who the murderer is? Governing the country clearly has memory, but he meets the murderer alone, hoping that the murderer will surrender? Are these two people having a brain hole?

7 months ago

This is a text from my answer in episode 14: Why was Zheng Zhengzhi so kind before the accident and surgery? Is it really just the result of editing? Because the kind scenes at the time were not alone. So the screenwriter deliberately edited out the scenes of doing evil alone, so that the audience would not see his evil, so naturally they would not doubt him? However, the parts that the audience can’t see are exactly those memory fragments that Zheng Zhengzhi lost. Is Zheng Zheng really unable to remember the evil he has done, and has a split personality? Or is he just being framed, and the murderer is someone else? Does it really become “I grab myself”? Before 15 episodes of the real hammer, it was all editing effects. Before, our eyes were not following the male lead Zheng 80 in watching the drama, but following the onlooker, watching the drama from the perspective of the onlooker. Naturally, we felt that Cheng Yaohan was the murderer. From the time when 80’s slowly remembered and remembered that he had done a lot of evil, or, a little bit earlier, to the 80s when he woke up from surgery, this drama began to take the audience down from the perspective of 80. After this episode, the audience What I saw was always looking for the murderer from the first-person perspective of 80, and finally found out that it was my own. Clever editing. The first half is the bystander’s perspective, which is very confusing; the second half is the 80’s perspective, revealing the truth. Before and after contrast, the contrast is strong and the dramatic effect is obvious. Guaiguai, who everyone likes on weekdays, is actually in disguise, and his true identity is a psychopathic murderer. The front and back contrast is not only enough to impact the audience, but also to satisfy the screenwriter’s creative theme-wanting the perverted killer to feel the emotions of ordinary people and experience the pain. Double pain. The audience’s and 80’s. The suffering of the audience is also the suffering of Gao Wuzhi and others in the play. Everything is a scene of 80 self-directed and self-acted. The scene slowly came to an end, and the truth behind it was revealed to the world. 80 may be self-killing; it may also die from the sequelae of brain replacement surgery. Before he died, he would give everyone an explanation. Cui Hongzhu is the daughter of police officer Park, and Han Shujun robbed her and her younger brother. On the way to escape with her younger brother, she went to the police alone because of his lack of physical strength, but was found by Han Shujun on the road. The younger brother had not been able to find his sister, and was hit to death when she finally ran away. This line was also mixed with the line that the perverted lawyer killed the girl and his father imitated, framed, and pretended to be Han Shujun. In short, this branch is about female 2’s life experience and growth experience. (I really want to know why Han Shujun didn’t kill Cui Hongzhu back then, and kept the little girl to beat him and keep records. Is he training murderers?) (Of course, according to the timeline when Wu Zhi identified the murderer Han Shujun, he was taken away by Han Shujun at that time Police Officer Park’s daughter was “liberated” because of Han Seojun. She did not return to her parents, maybe because she was an accomplice, it was difficult to face her parents, or there was some hidden secret. Han Seojun was arrested and released that night. On the way, his wife Cheng Zhien identified him and arrested him. In other words, Han Shujun hardly left the police station, and had no time and energy to monitor Cui Hongzhu’s whereabouts. Cui Hongzhu should have been in that secret laboratory for a long time before finally leaving. . Combined with the following plot-no one found the secret laboratory where Cui Hongzhu and Han Shujun stayed-to see that Cui Hongzhu could not have been rescued, she should have escaped by herself. Where did she grow up later? Adopt a family The orphanage?) The doctor still insists that Cheng Yaohan is the son of Han Shujun, but he has 1% of the genius genes. According to the doctor, 80 is the researcher’s child. But this cannot be explained as Zhien vomits when she sees 80. The doctor continues to deceive 80, but he can’t deceive the audience anymore. (The doctor once told the researcher’s wife that his child may be a perverted gene. The children of the perverted gene are 80 and the lawyer. The woman is looking for the doctor at the entrance of the hotel lobby, and the camera shows the woman’s back. This is the mother of another perverted gene monster. ——Lawyer mother. Why did the doctor tell the researcher’s widow that her child is a genetic abnormality? It may be because the doctor knew that his genetic test was not accurate, and the remaining 1% could not be a genetic abnormality or a genius gene. This is why the researcher’s wife insisted that her husband is a good person and the child should be a good person, and insisted on giving birth to prove to the doctor. These words inadvertently inspired the pregnant mother Cheng Zhien with a pregnant belly, she really gave birth to 80, she wanted to bet on that 1%.) The next plot trend is 80’s atonement, imprisonment and trial + Cui Hongzhu clarifies that his child is not a perverted gene (Is it Cheng Yaohan’s child or Wuzhi’s, I think it’s Cheng Yaohan, who originally confessed that Wuzhi was Rejection, it should not continue to develop. The outside world said that she gave birth to a murderer’s child, and she did not refute that her child was actually Wuzhi, so the child should be Cheng Yaohan) + Wuzhi will figure out that Criminal Police Li knocked herself What’s the matter with halo (explaining the role of Li Xingjing in the play) + the exposure of the doctor’s secret behind-the-scenes team (should be brought out by the 80s to trace the truth) + Han Shujun’s fate (is he and the doctor—two A medical geek——compete secretly?) + What role does politics play in the “game” centered on the brain-changing experiment? +It seems that the pit of the parachute is not filled, right? This guy went offline when he got married? There should be a part of it, right? In short, the pit will be filled soon. The ultimate BOSS for spying is a Ph.D. He has been spying on the growth of people carrying abnormal genes in the background, and selected 80 as the most suitable experimental subject. 80’s life has been spied on by the doctor. 80 has also been spying on the crowd and selecting suitable prey to kill. In the scene of the kindergarten outing, the children of “Ruiyu” stared at the struggle between snakes and rats. The mouse won. The mouse in the hands of “Ruiyu” 80 symbolizes himself. He spied the end of the snake and mouse war in front of the box. Although the mouse won, it was the mouse whose brain was changed, the mouse that Han Shujun sent to the doctor, and the mouse that the doctor drove out of the box by express delivery. The doctor said that he had been writing observation records for the mouse left in the box because he had an operation on his brain and eventually died. The mouse that had slipped away from the doctor’s laboratory and was brain-changed by Han Shujun was picked up by the yellow-robed “Ruiyu” 80. This mouse is (like) 80. When the little yellow man 80 caught a mouse 80, he was trampled to death by a big sister. The big sister said, this is a bad mouse and cannot be kept. Only Cui Hongzhu, the daughter of Police Officer Park who was looted by Han Shujun, knew about the mouse, and this big sister was Cui Hongzhu. Mouse 80 ended up miserably. It didn’t wait for the sequelae of changing its brain to die naturally, but was trampled to death by Cui Hongzhu on the street. This is a metaphor. Cui Hongzhu symbolizes the righteous side, trampling to death symbolizes atonement and trial, and the death of the mouse 80 is the final fate of the insinuation 80. The little yellow man 80 didn’t know that the mouse was trampled to death in front of him that year was actually the end of his adult life. The snooper spies the spied, and the spied is spied on by the “snoopy spied by the spy.” It’s like a food chain, intertwined. Good guys. The screenwriter I sent you the blade is on the way.

7 months ago

Filled in a lot of pits, such as brooches and the death of old grandma. Many previous evidences show that the doctor is not the murderer, and why the prison guards don’t call the police. It is very likely that the senior management will not let the prison guards tell the truth. That is to say, the senior management knows that 80 is Murderer. What is the relationship between the doctor and the doctor, I always feel that there is a relationship between them, after all, the sunken body at the bottom of the lake is not a doctor.

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