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In the past few days, I have seen a few of the black Zhuge, although not many, in fact, there are only a few tricks: to steal the concept of the ten philosophers of the Wumiao, the six out of Qishan has nothing to do, not good at conspiracy, Longzhong has exaggerated. The suspicion, the teacher showed the intention to usurp power. . . md, quite a lot. The following is my personal opinion, don’t spray if you don’t like it. Of course, I like to express my views with reason. I really don’t like Keyboard Man. It’s okay to say that I’m potato noodles, it’s okay, I am. To say that Zhuge is not worthy of the ten philosophers of the martial arts temple is probably based on military merit, that is to say, he did not attack the city like Han Xin and Bai Qi, which is indeed the case. Of course, if the military merits mainly rely on these, it is really not much. But not much is just based on Han Xin, not much on the basis of Bai Qi, you let Han Xin Bai stand up and defend the Kingdom of Shu? Moreover, Bai Qi Han Xin mainly fought hard, so where is the strategic greatness? What about theoretical contributions? Zhuge was mainly engaged in politics in the early stage, but few in the military. It was only in the later period that he began to lead his troops, seven captures and seven verticals, Meng Huo, recorded in the Zizhi Tongjian: Han Zhuge Liang went to Nanzhong, where he won the battle. Liangyouyue【Yuexuan】enter, Zhanyong【Yongkai】and Gaoding. So that the governor from Yizhou and Li Hui from Yizhou entered, the governor under the door, and the Brazilian Ma Zhongyouke [Zangke] entered, broke the counties, and reunited with Lianghe. Meng Huo closed the rest to resist Liang. After being served by the barbarians and the Han, bright recruiting students to get it, after gaining, make the view between the camp and Chen [array], and ask: “How is this army?” Huo said: “The Xiang who knows nothing about reality, so he is defeated. Today Mengzi Guanying Chen [Array], if so, it will be easy to win the ear.” Liang Xiao, even if he fights more. Seven verticals and seven birds, Liang was still sent, and he couldn’t stop him, saying: “Gong, Tianwei, Southerners will no longer turn back!” Liang then went to Dianchi. The four counties of Yizhou, Yongchang, Zangke, and Yuexuan are all flat, and the brightness is the rate of the drainage. Or with admonishment. Liang said: “If you stay as a soldier, you will be a soldier. If you stay as a soldier, you will have nothing to eat. It is not easy; if you are injured, your father and brother will die. If you stay as a foreigner without a soldier, it will be a disaster, and neither will it be easy; , Yi tired has the crime of abolishing and killing, and he thinks it is serious. If you stay outsiders, you will never believe it. Three are not easy. Today I want to make no soldiers and no grain, but the general rule is rough and the Yi and Han are rough and stable. “So Liang learned that he received his handsome men and women as officials, and gave him gold, silver, alchemy, lacquer, oxen, and war horses for military use. Since it is the end of the world, the barbarians will never turn back. (The Seventieth Volume of “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”, Wei Ji II, Emperor Wei Wen in the sixth year of Huang Chu. Of course, Meng Huo may not be clever, and there are few historical records, so there is no way to comment. And the Three Kingdoms did not capture Meng Huo seven times. According to the record, the historical data that Zizhi Tongjian used to analyze the seven captures of Meng Huo is not known, and it is not easy to express. Then Zhuge’s defeat of Wei: (I personally guess, no historical data to prove Zhuge’s thoughts) Thinking aspect: Zhuge’s age When he is old, his body is not very good, Liu Chan doesn’t understand anything. Shu is a general death, and the old is old, afraid that he won’t have a chance if he doesn’t cut Wei. If he really dies, Shu is really worried. Liu Chan will definitely support I can’t afford such a large family business. There are wolves and tigers in the front, so I want to be able to protect the Han Dynasty in his lifetime. What if Zhuge Liang handed over the government to Liu Chan? Will he manage it? A low-powered boy will lead the country , Is there a future? How could you think so? At that time, the wolves were waiting around, and they belched even if they didn’t pay attention. Give it back to Liu Chan? Funny me. So how do you compare the national power of Shu and Wei? According to Liang Fangzhong in ” The population comparison in “Statistics of Chinese Household Registration, Fields and Abundance”: Shu State is about 920,000; Wei State is about 4.4 million; Wu State is about 2.3 million. (280) This is a more pertinent statement at present. That is more than 4 times the gap. Force comparison: There is no clear statement about the strength of the force, but you can only guess. The total force of the Shu may be less than 200,000, and the Shu army has more officers and fewer soldiers. The country must definitely need some strength, tens of thousands People must have. So how many soldiers can Zhuge bring out? Around 8-10. Wei’s military strength is untestable, and there is really limited reference. Wei was also surrounded by wolves at the time, and the country must have some troops left behind, 20 There should be a force of 250,000 troops. If Ma Di did not lose the first time and defended the street pavilion, then it may change the ending. When Zhuge was singing all the way in Longyou, Ma Di lost the street pavilion after a meal. It is estimated that that At that time, everyone was blinded, which led to the death of the first Northern Expedition. Of course, this is just a guess. So this is a comparison of military strength. Later Sima Yi could not shrink, and he was also a master. Zhuge Liang had no conspiracy and might not want to take risks. Because Shu can’t afford to lose at all. Once it loses, Shu is over. It’s really not like Cao Cao’s courage back then, and he is regarded as the highest strategic decision maker in Shu. What should happen if there is a change? He has no backing, he His backing is only himself. He is a man, not a god. We can also compare Han Xin, Bai Qi’s opponent and his own country’s national strength, popularity, and the level of the opponent’s generals. Zhuge is really difficult. If Han Xin is allowed to lead, It is possible to win, and more likely, I think I still lose. Facing Sima Yi, the number of troops is very different, the food and grass are limited, and Sima Yi is also a general. Is there any battle similar to Han Xin? No. So the comparison is really true. It doesn’t make sense. Therefore, throughout Zhuge’s life, Liu Bei’s remnant defeated only a mere 10,000 to 10,000 soldiers to achieve the triumph of the Three Kingdoms, and then when Guan Yu and Liu Bei lost and basically lost everything, they continued to lead Liu Chan to develop to such a national strength and fight. Sima Yi can’t shrink, so that at least 5 times the national strength of his own country The family of Wei has no advantage, which is quite awesome. In other words, if Guan Yu and Liu Bei did not make the final mistakes, resulting in the empty state of Shu, the outcome might be really different. People are not as good as the sky, there is no way. Some people say that they want to usurp the throne. These people do not have a paste in their brains, but that they have no brains at all. Zhuge Liang needs to usurp the throne? I think Liu Chan’s brain is better than these people, at least people believe in Zhuge. If these keyboard knights become emperors, it is estimated that Zhuge will be Yue Fei. In addition, any great military strategist in history will recognize Zhuge Liang. Are these people doubting Zhuge Liang’s level? Look for Zhuge Liang’s black spots between the lines? We can imagine: Zhuge was destroyed by Wei in Shu. Will the enemy sing praises to Zhuge? Not necessarily, is the ruling class willing? For example, in the former Kuomintang, did anyone sing praises for Chiang Kai-shek? Is Chiang Kai-shek that we see in the book so unbearable? Not necessarily. People are unbearable, but compared to Mao Zedong, if the keyboard man goes, I’m sorry, they don’t need to think at all, it’s very playful. So what were the reasons for Comrade Mao Zedong’s victory? If the Kuomintang wins the hearts of the people like Wei, and the ruling class is not particularly decadent, then Comrade Mao Zedong will win or not, I think it is between the two. Sometimes, it is really difficult to compare people to people, but at least, if you want to comment on the ten philosophers of Wumiao in ancient and modern times, Zhuge Liang is also invincible when I say ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. The content is a bit messy, not organized, I love to see it, but I don’t see it. Want to black Zhuge? I can only say: Are you born with a key?


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7 months ago

What do you think of Liu Chan and Zhuge Liang: Liu Chan: Father, I want to– Zhuge Liang: Is there anything to do with your Majesty? Liu Chan: It’s okay. Actually Liu Chan and Zhuge Liang: Zhuge Liang: Your Majesty, see if you can improve yourself and manage government affairs. Liu Chan: The weather is good today, and I have to leave beforehand. Your mansion is not enough to collect and whoever you want to use. As for the government affairs, let me forget it. I’ll go to tease the crickets. Goodbye to you! I wonder if those who have the time to ask such questions should be the same old salted fish who don’t like to struggle like me. How can I not understand what Liu Chan thinks?

7 months ago

The last person who thought Zhuge Liang wanted to do has been cut down by Liu Chan. Regarding the issue of repaying political affairs, Smelly Salted Fish has already said very well, I will add a little bit. In the early days of Liu Chan’s accession to the throne, the situation in the Shu Han Dynasty was turbulent, not to mention his talents, and he himself had no experience in running the country. At this time, it was impossible for him to be in charge of politics. As the father of Zhuge Liang, don’t he want Liu Chan to grow up quickly? In fact, he has been hoping for years and has been cultivating him. “The Collection of Zhuge Liang” contains the predecessor’s edict: you can read the “Han Shu” and “The Book of Rites”, Jian Xia Liguan Zhuzi and “Six Taoist”, “Shangjun Shu”, beneficial to people’s wisdom. Prime Minister Wen has finished writing “Shen”, “Han”, “Guanzi”, and “Six Taoist”. When Liu Bei was dying, he was worried about Liu Chan’s ability, so he let him read those books. Zhuge Liang also handwritten several books for Liu Chan, so that he could learn how to govern the country. In the midst of busy schedule, he wrote in person, didn’t he just want Liu Chan to learn how to govern the country as soon as possible? This is really the concern from my parents, not worse than Liu Bei. Zhuge Liang also has this tendency in his appointment as a teacher. It is sincere to open up the sacred listening to the emperor’s legacy of light, and to magnify the spirit of lofty ideals. In the palace and in the palace, they are all integrated, and there should be no similarities and differences. If there is a criminal and a loyal person, he should be given a punishment for his justice, and his Majesty’s principles should not be biased, so that the inside and the outside are different from each other. These are all teaching Liu Chan some things to pay attention to in governing the country. May your majesty entrust his ministers to seek the effect of the thieves’ revival; if it fails, then the crimes of the ministers will be ruled, so as to inform the spirit of the first emperor. If there is no word of Xingde, the blame is to be blamed for the slowness of the responsibility, the yi, the permission, and so on. Your Majesty should also seek for self-consideration, in order to consult the good ways, observe the Yayan, and follow the edict of the first emperor deeply. The meaning of this paragraph is more obvious. Zhuge Liang wanted the Northern Expedition, that is, to seek the effect of the thieves’ revival, some things in the court could not be dealt with. If Liu Chan could handle state affairs at this time, so that Zhuge Liang could feel at ease in the Northern Expedition, it would probably be no problem to return the government. Previously it was Liu Bei who went on the expedition. After Zhuge Liang stayed, now the Prime Minister goes on the expedition. If Liu Chan can stay here, the Prime Minister will definitely be pleased. However, Liu Chan still does not have this talent. That is to say, as Dong Yunchuan said, “The prime minister will conquer the north and live in the Han Dynasty. He considers that the master will be rich in the spring and autumn, and Zhu Zi will not be able to say goodbye. Liu Chan still couldn’t handle state affairs, Zhuge Liang was not by his side, and he had to leave so many people for him. It’s not that Zhuge Liang didn’t want to pay back politics, he couldn’t pay back. Even if Zhuge Liang is gone, he still has to find someone else to govern. At the end of the apprenticeship list, he said, “Your Majesty should also seek for himself.” Isn’t it obvious? He really hoped that Liu Chan would study hard and be able to govern the country by himself, without relying on so many people.

7 months ago

I just ask. If you were Liu Chan, one day, when you were eating hot pot, singing, and drinking ice-cola on Zhihu leisurely, Zhuge Liang suddenly walked into the door and said to you: “Your Majesty, are you in charge? This stack is today’s memorial— -‘S catalog, that room is today’s memorial, all waiting for you to review it. The old minister is too old and wants to sue the old man to live in his hometown. “What would you do? Would you nod happily, thinking that your time has come? Anyway, if it were me, I would have to cry and cry and kneel down and hug his thighs to tell him not to go. I am anxious here, I know you, don’t make trouble with me, father, what are you doing this time? what……

7 months ago

The subject of the subject must have studied “Being a Teacher” when he was studying. The reason for not returning to politics was that Liu Chan couldn’t hold his arms. The emperor and his ministers were cautious, so he sent his ministers to major events before the collapse. Since being ordered, Su Ye sighed, fearing that the entrustment would not work, in order to hurt the emperor’s mind. Zhuge Liang is such a strong open-and-fashioned character, who can only sleep well at night and bow down, and Shu Han has such a good quality. Liu Chan couldn’t even do simple “professional ministers, distant villains”, so the prime minister could not rest assured. As for what I want to do, it is also clearly stated in “List of Masters”-Xingfu Han Dynasty is still in the old capital. Once there was a man named Li Miao who thought Zhuge Liang wanted to do something. After Zhuge Liang died, he hurried to put eye drops on Liu Chan. As a result, the master sent him to see Prime Minister Zhuge. The idea of the subject reminds me of the story of Dongpo and Buddha Yin.

7 months ago

After Zhuge Liang’s death, Liu Chan’s biggest advantage is self-knowledge. After Zhuge Liang’s death, Liu Chan suddenly appeared in history books and occupied a lot of space? Isn’t it just Jiang Wan Fei Yi Jiang Wei who haunt? Except for Liu Chan going out and watching Ciwenshui, he only has some content left without thinking about Shu. This is the political system that Liu Chan hopes and is good at. To say what Zhuge Liang wanted to do, Zhuge Liang probably committed the crime of not letting Liu Chan go out to see Wenshui.

7 months ago

Zhuge Liang didn’t return the government to Liu Chan. Of course, he wanted to do something. He wanted to do more. He wanted to see the ancestor in the underground in a hundred years later, and could say to the ancestor, “Chen Liang lived up to the entrustment of his majesty”, to repay the emperor’s three-time favor, the love of fish and water, and the trust of distress; he wanted to see the second master and the third master. People like Longfengcu told them that all their efforts in this life were not in vain, and that their lifelong dreams were not disappointed; he wanted to “destroy Wei Zhanrui, the emperor will return to his former residence, and he will rise with the princes.” He can add nine tins and ten tins, and he can accept it; he thinks that when the master really grows up, he has left him with a prosperous and prosperous age, instead of the “crisis of life and death” of “Yizhou fatigue”. ; He wants to rejuvenate the Han Dynasty, unify the Central Plains, and restore the people to a harmonious and stable Han family; when he wants to become famous, he will go back to Longzhong to see his cottage… There are too many things the prime minister wants to do. , But none of the things that the conspirators think of are stealing and usurping the country. The prime minister’s unswerving heartfelt, compassionate kindness, clear rewards and punishments, painstaking effort, and unforgettable loyalty, just don’t have the black heart that some people want to see!

7 months ago

First of all, let’s think about it from another angle. What does Ning think Liu Chan can do to control the government? For Ning Kangkang’s “Huayang Guozhi” volume twelve li Changzhu wrote the beginning of the universe, establishing a king and a king. In the days of the workers, all nations are the hope. The next day tomorrow, the land will not be the emperor. Gou is not a tool, the poor must be arrogant. The queen master, Frey Fu Zang. Negative multiplication will lead to invaders, and the world will be mourned. ——Describe what the Seventh Ning thinks he can do in the “Liu Hou Zhu Zhi”, and would rather look at people’s evaluation of Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang is a minister of state, [Care for the people, show rituals, make appointments, follow the authority, and be sincere , Impart justice; those who are loyal to the time will be rewarded though enemies will be rewarded, those who violate the law will be punished though their relatives, those who plead guilty will be punished, those who plead guilty will be released, and those who play cleverly will be killed even though they are light. For those who love, the punishment is stern and without complaint, and they exhort Ming Ye with their intentions of calmness. It can be described as a talented person who knows and governs, and manages and Xiao’s api. Connected with Dongwu outside, Ping Nanyue inside, [Legislation and regulation, arrangement of military brigade, engineering and machinery skills, the ultimate in things, strict science and education, rewards and punishments must be trusted, no evil is not punished, no good is not obvious, as for officials, no evil is allowed, people Self-reliance, Dao does not pick up, strong does not invade the weak, and the weather is awe-inspiring] (Jin “Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang Biography”) Liang Zhi Shu, [Tian Choupi, warehouses, good equipment, accumulation of forgiveness, the court will not be prosperous, the road is not intoxicating ]. (“Three Kingdoms” quoted from “Yuan Zi”) [Governing the country is divided, the imperial army has the law, accumulates the merits to prosper, gets the opportunity to do things, there is no extra energy to enter, and there is surplus food out of it] (Jin “Theory of Things”) I don’t think Liu Channeng Do better than Wuhou, of course, it seems to be the same. During the first Northern Expedition, Ma Di lost the street pavilion. Zhuge Liang “…Please belittle yourself to the third class, and take the blame for the superintendent.” So Yiliang is the right general, acting as a prime minister, and the president is as before. (From here it seems that Liu Chan actually had the opportunity to master the political affairs, but he did not. Therefore, there is no question of what to pay back or not.) (Liu Chan) Zhao Celiang said: “The battle of the street pavilion is blamed on Ma Di. , And the emperor is stunned, deeply self-deprecating, violating the will of the emperor, and obedient to his deeds. The previous year, Yaoshi, Ran cut the kings pair; this year, the Zheng Zheng, Guo Huai flees; descends to Di and Qiang, revitalizes the two counties, Wei Suppressing fierceness and meritorious deeds is obvious. Fang is harassing today, and the original evil is not owed. [The monarch is subject to great responsibility and the weight of the country, and he has been damaged for a long time, so it is not the glory of Hong Lie. Now the king is restored to the prime minister. “(Jin’s “Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang Biography” was governed by the Ge family, and sacrificed. (The “Three Kingdoms” quoted from “Wei Lue” can explain that Liu Chan actually trusts Zhuge Liang, I think (I don’t know if it’s right) If Liu Chan thinks Yes, it is completely possible to control the affairs of the state, and if the relationship between them does not exist or not, although Zhuge Liang is Liu Chan’s father, Liu Chan is the emperor after all. If you have any misconceptions, please correct me if you have any mistakes. (After all, I am a man. noob)

7 months ago

The simplest reason is that Liu Chan does not have the ambition to revive the Han Dynasty, but only thinks about a corner where his wife and children are hot on the bed. Zhuge Liang said in his appointment as a teacher that he was presumptuous and unjustified by allusions. If the power is returned to him, Zhuge Liang will become Yue Fei and Li Gang, how can he revive the Han Dynasty and return it to the old capital? Zhuge Liang is very clear about this reasoning. Zhuge Liang is a politician with ideals and convictions. This belief is loyal to the Han Dynasty. All the people he promoted and reused were loyal to the Han Dynasty. And he doesn’t have any personal power himself. No one under his staff has ever fought for him any treatment or personal benefits. At that time, no matter whether Shu Han was domestic or abroad, ministers or civilians, no matter who supported him or opposed him, no one thought that Zhuge Liang had the ambition to usurp the Han. According to history, rumors are not going to be released. Until modern times, when the concept of loyalty to the emperor ceased to exist, no one began to doubt him. As everyone knows, Zhuge Liang wrote clearly in the book of commandments, that it is not indifferent to clarify the aspirations. Imperial power is the extreme point of personal interests. It is what Zhuge Liang is indifferent. The revival of the aspirations of the Han Dynasty is the most persistent and valued thing in his life. . Under his influence, loyalty became the core value of Shuhan. Give a few examples. One is that there has not been a single coup in the entire Shuhan, and even the infighting between Wei Yan and Yang Yi did not appear to betray the country. Second, Liu Chan surrendered, and Shu Han’s army refused to surrender. According to historical records, soldiers were angry and chopped stones with knives. Thirdly, after Liu Chan surrendered, Jiang Wei actually planned to return to the country. The same is true of family style. Son Zhuge Zhan, grandson Zhuge Shang, angrily cut to persuade the envoy to surrender, fighting for the martyrdom. However, Liu Chan surrendered without a fight while Liu Chan had not yet fallen in the important town of Luocheng, the gateway to Chengdu, and Jiang Wei’s army was still returning to the division hurriedly for rescue. Isn’t this the difference between cloud and mud?

7 months ago

After Liu Bei’s death, Zhuge Liang was almost the only character who could play the scene. Liu Chan was too young, and the other ministers of the Shu Han who were qualified and capable of serving the government died one after another. Liu Bei mentioned Li Yan, but Li Yan was obviously not enough. Therefore, it is inevitable for Zhuge Liang to be a powerful minister in the early stage. And Zhuge Liang died ten years later. He also had a son in his later years, with few grandchildren, and his sons were still underage when he died. In the Shuhan, his clan did not have many people and strength. This is what sets him apart from Lao Cao. Old Cao had all the Cao and Xiahou as his bones to establish the State of Wei. Zhuge Liang doesn’t have this condition, what can he want to do? If he lives for a long time and lives for another 20 to 30 years, Shu Han will achieve better development under his leadership. He will still be the prime minister, and his son will become an adult and enter the political arena with certain qualifications, and there will be huge interests centered on Zhuge. The group, perhaps Zhuge Liang may still have changes. But at that time, it was not easy for Zhuge Liang to unite with the Shu Han regime. Ma Di was basically his half-brother, and Ma Liang called Zhuge Liang his brother. In this connection, Zhuge Liang could not protect Ma Di after the defeat. So easy. The postmaster is young and not a promising person, so there is indeed no need to hand over power. At this time, Zhuge Liang should not have any ideas, and the postmaster will not have any. In his later years, the postmaster will also know Zhuge Liang. If it can’t be long, what’s the worry?

7 months ago

1. The first emperor had not started his own business but the middle road collapsed. Today, the three points are down. Yizhou is exhausted, and this is the autumn of life and death. This sentence will answer you, why don’t you hand over the government to Liu Chan. The road ahead is muddy and dangerous, and there is a possibility of overturning at any time. At this time, a highly skilled veteran driver is required to hold the steering wheel. A newbie who hasn’t crossed the road, but cares about the car is mine, why not let me drive, the cliff was overwhelmed by my parents when I was a child, and I was stupid when the road is smooth, I am technically up, and then hold the steering wheel. , Humming at a speed of seventy steps, the mood is free, isn’t it fragrant? 2. As the award rate of the three armies, Beiding Central Plains, exhausted and obtuse, threw away the trespassers, rehabilitated the Han Dynasty, and returned to the old capital. This minister is therefore also loyal to his majesty by reporting to the Emperor. This sentence is to answer your second question. What does Zhuge Liang want to do? Zhuge Liang: Zai Er, today we are driving scraps of bread, so we can only walk around the streets of Chengdu. In the future, my uncle will give you a big G. Let’s go to the streets of Chang’an and go for a ride in Weiyang Palace. Roar or not. Liu Chan: Roar, Chang’an has a lot of fun. When we go to Chang’an, don’t go back to Shu. Is it okay? Zhuge Liang: Why didn’t your father fall to your death back then?

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