Recently, the Chongqing Shapingba police received a civil dispute. The reporting party was an educational institution, saying that someone was entangled by the parents and was in danger.

Since March of this year, parents have paid a total of 210,000 yuan in mathematics supplementary tuition fees through on-site and WeChat methods. Parents think that after investing heavily, their children’s performance will make a qualitative leap. I don’t want to have the child only scored 59 points in the latest test, which is too far from the psychological expectation. He was deceived by the educational institution, so he approached his family to ask for an explanation.

The training organization believes that it is a great improvement to make up the child from more than 20 points to 59 points. The other party not only does not recognize his job, but also threatens himself with language and abuse. The two sides refuse to give up to each other, and the competition is red.

How to treat the popular supplementary education? When the children’s grades are still not satisfactory even after heavy supplementary lessons, who is to blame?

I have met parents who are more exaggerated than this! Three days before the exam, throw 100,000, and let the child give 30 points… Every year before the entrance examination for high school, such parents will appear in groups. One month before the test, I asked the child to raise 100 points. One week before the test, I asked him to raise 30 to 50 points. Anyway, there is not the most urgent, only more urgent! The general situation of this kind of parents is that they are not short of money, and they don’t care about the children, but they only know that their children’s grades are not very good, and the details are not clear. The big exam was about to come, and the time to determine the fate of the child came, only to find that the child’s grades were not ordinary, and when he was anxious, he wanted to spend a lot of money to make up lessons. Problem remedial lessons are not a panacea. This remedial lesson is like a tonic. It cannot be used as a meal, let alone a life-saving thing. These parents also don’t want to think about why it takes so many years for a child to go to school, because education and learning are not quick. It requires the cooperation of family, school, and children. All knowledge and principles need children to learn, digest, and practice before they can be internalized and become children’s abilities. It’s like raising a child. Only three meals a day can be carefully raised so that the child can grow taller. Rather than not having food since childhood, the child is starving to death, desperately eating a few good meals, and then feel that the child can grow taller overnight. Those that can grow up in one night are mushrooms, not children! ! ! Every day, all kinds of news are saying that raising children is hard, hard, painful and burdensome. But in fact, just like everything else in this world, raising a child also has the rules of raising a child, as well as good methods and techniques. For the first time we raise a puppy and kitten, we have to look up tutorials online. It’s not just that children can grow up with good character and learning as long as they eat and drink. Instead, they need a lot of self-learning, self-growth, and self-development. Adjust and unravel yourself. The process of raising children is often the beginning of parents’ self-upgrading. Those who will be raised, thank the children for their enlightenment and growth; those who will not raise them will feel that the child is a blind box. It all depends on luck if the parents are willing to spend more time to understand the growth of the child. Regularity, regularity of learning, 80% of the problems and burdens in raising children can be predicted and resolved in advance. It’s just that too few people are willing to do this. Someone in the commentary said that training institutions are now propagating this way, so parents can’t be blamed entirely. Of course, the institution has to remember this pot. But the mission of the organization is to make money, as long as it can improve performance, dare to say anything. The child is our own. If the child is not well-educated, or does not study well, it is only parents who worry about it. I am a teacher myself, and I will honestly study with my children when enrolling in classes. On the one hand, it is to know what the children have learned, so that they can practice diligently in the way of playing games when getting along with them. On the other hand, it is also to help the child find the most difficult points, feel his progress and obstacles, and help him when appropriate. Another point is that it can give children a sense of companionship, which basically counts as multiple actions. I have brought one-on-ones myself, and once helped a child improve by a few points within a month, but I knew in my heart that it was just luck. The child has a good foundation, lacks answering skills, and was in a bad mood during that period. I improved my purpose and the results were extremely obvious. But I know in my heart that this method is suitable for other children, including my own children. Teaching this thing, especially like an old Chinese doctor, needs to watch, smell and ask, and prescribe the right medicine. Each child has different personalities, different problems, different backgrounds, and different solutions and time to take effect. Maybe this is a commercial society, and everything is about efficiency, process, and scale. But there is no efficiency and process to raise children. Raising children is more like planting flowers. It requires good soil, careful care, sunshine, watering diligently, and then patiently waiting for the seeds to break the soil, germinate, grow, and bloom. I hope that every parent can spend more time and thought on this only flower in their own family~


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This parent is playing a lot with a dollar of 999. Can krypton gold be able to reach the pinnacle of life? Krypton gold can become the number one in the college entrance examination, enter 985, 211? The typical person has not experienced the severe beatings of the society, and has not been educated by the penguin’s Krypton Gold Draw. I have experienced high school mathematics and I know that this thing really does not depend on gnawing the book, and you can successfully score high in the test by gnawing all the knowledge points in the book. Learning is a process that requires time to settle down. It is cyclical and gradual. This child has increased from the original 20 points to 59 points. Key points: This kid is making up for high school mathematics. It can be said that from the original process of not knowing anything and relying on ignorance, now I have started to get started. Some knowledge points, other students may not be able to get involved in the whole 3 years, it is impossible for you to fully understand it in two months.

7 months ago

If money can directly buy results, then 985/211 will be clearly marked. Two hundred and ten thousand children know nothing from nothing to something. It can only be said that it is not cost-effective, not that it is not deceived. Because of knowledge, money cannot be bought in the first place. When I was a junior, I would do math one-to-one every day in the college entrance examination. In the end, the math test was about 8-10 points more than usual. That is really ten thousand gold. Are you worth it? I do not know. After all, achievements are not measurable by money. Just like what he said himself, he felt that making up lessons might still be effective. But for a bigger reason, it comes from his good performance… And then again, education is a matter of the benevolent sees wisdom, and the benevolent sees benevolence. I don’t want scholars to learn well. I was another student, and I supplemented mathematics from childhood to the college entrance examination. How much money and time are really spent on make-up classes. At the weekend, I was happy to score in League of Legends at home, and he was training mathematics at an educational institution. During the summer vacation, I lay at home and slept, and he got up early to train in mathematics at an educational institution. In the college entrance examination, the results were still a mess. In his own words, he can’t learn, let alone learn…So some parents spend money to make up lessons. Are they making up for their anxiety or making up for their children’s grades? Perhaps the two blend together.

7 months ago

The child doesn’t want to learn, no matter how he spends a lot of money, it’s basically a waste of money. I have tutored a child, speaking English tense, I said it once, and then asked the child to do the exercises, and I got the two right, and then I taught one by one, and then let the child read, write, and copy, very patient. A week later, I intend to consolidate and strengthen the child’s self-confidence. I still took the exercises from last week and asked the child to do it again. I got 5 correct, a total of 20 questions. I will be patient again, one by one. Analyze and talk about them one by one. My child’s school exam, the grammatical tense is still wrong, that is the most basic and most basic grammar, my mentality collapsed directly, but I also know how to deal with such a child, and since then, I never count on my tutoring anymore. What can be helpful to her? The child is not thinking about learning. As a tutor, he can’t scold him. What he can do is to do what he needs to do well and talk about what he says.

7 months ago

Do you know which subjects get the most points for the exam? The answer is mathematics, it won’t be killed or killed, it’s really amazing. How do you think about 2 months of high-priced training fees of 210,000, but only 59 points in the test? Zhang San’s video 817 broadcasts the same subjects that the kid trained in high school. The subject of mathematics is not easy to make up for supplementary lessons. It involves abstract generalization ability, spatial imagination ability, theoretical proof ability, calculation and solving ability, data processing ability, application consciousness, and innovation consciousness. And these things do not want to be cultivated overnight. If English is not good, you can memorize words by rote. If you are not Chinese, you can memorize poems and classical Chinese. No matter how bad it is, there is no way to make up for it in a short time in math. When taking the exam, English can draw lots, Chinese can fill in random, and mathematics can only write a solution. As for the 210,000 in two months in the question, it is indeed a bit expensive in my opinion. It is possible that I can’t understand the ideas of rich people. I don’t know much about this market, but it’s impossible for you to qualify it as a fraud. Although they charge a lot, this is a training process and the results are not guaranteed. Also, learning depends on the attitude of the child. If the child is unwilling to study hard, it is useless for you to spend 20 million.

7 months ago

What high school students lack is time, and time cannot be made up for with money. Especially if the foundation is too weak and the time is too short, no matter how powerful the teacher is, it is useless. Because even if the teacher understands it, students still need to spend a lot of time practicing and digesting. It takes time to memorize proficiency itself. After graduating from university, I also taught myself mathematics again. Because the psychological shadow of middle school mathematics is too great, I want to see how difficult it can be to adjust my mentality and mathematics. I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning every morning, and then watch a high school math video bought by a treasure. I keep learning until I go to bed at 11 o’clock in the evening. At noon, I will sleep for a while when I am tired. This state is almost the same as when I was in my third year of high school. Bought a set of high school math problems. After doing this for a month, I can almost get a score of about 70 in the college entrance examination.

7 months ago

It’s been 2102, and there are people who “innocently” think that you can get high scores by spending money! Now there are really all kinds of parents. They or their children are all right, and others and their children are all wrong! If your child’s grades are not as good as you expected, you should register for a training class and make special supplements. If the child’s grades are still not satisfactory, it must be a problem with the training organization! Parents are worried that the anxious child’s gradebook is correct and understandable, but the parent’s consideration is not based on the child’s own starting point. This will not only fail to achieve the expected goal, it may also have a negative impact on it. From the description point of view: The training organization thinks that it is a great improvement to make up the child from more than 20 points to 59 points. I think it is good to be able to make up to this level. The increase of nearly 40 points indicates that the training organization and your child are also both Taking this matter seriously, it also shows that the teacher who took your child in the training institution should be good. If you are really making trouble, the teacher who originally took your child may not dare to continue to take it. Or, if you make a fuss on the Internet, other training institutions will not dare to accept your child if they know about it, or the training institutions that dare to accept have poor reputation and teachers. But your child’s exam is about to come, and learning is important, how can it be delayed? Therefore, parents not only require their children to learn, but also require their own progress in learning at all times. In case, they can help their children in their studies. From elementary school to high school, from in-class to extra-curricular cooperative training classes, interest classes, etc., without spending a share, don’t you think it saves a lot of money! The most important thing is, don’t worry about being cheated by the training organization!

7 months ago

This parent didn’t know anything in his mind, thinking that he could pass the 985 exam if he got 210,000 out of RMB 210,000. Isn’t it right? What do you think. I’m doing Peiyou, but now I’m mainly a primary school student, and junior high school students also take it. I haven’t touched it in high school for a long time, and I don’t have that energy. Regardless of the stage of the student, I never promise to my parents how many points will be raised in a long time. It is not that I can’t mention the points, but that there are too many factors involved in the points. If the students just don’t study, Just stick with you, let alone me, a doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is useless for you to invite an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I read the description of the question, and the parent thought that if he paid 210,000, he must get points. Then if I sell the house, can my child go to Qingbei? It’s too naive. Parents can have this kind of cognition, it is really speechless, what kind of brain circuit is this!

7 months ago

If the question is that 210,000 actually bought fake diamond rings, I can understand that the business is deceiving consumers. Your parents are trying to buy 210,000 college entrance examination scores temporarily. Is it a bit… The essence of the training class is the personal fitness class and the beauty project. Similarly, it is more of a psychological placebo and auxiliary measure. It does not mean that it must be completely ineffective, but whoever is all in will be somewhat stunned. What is the concept of a person with 20 points in mathematics in the third year of high school? There are only two possibilities: one is that he is really stupid and can’t learn at all, and the other is that he is lazy and never wants to learn. Either way, it can’t be solved by making up lessons. Then clarify the following things: 1. The person in charge of the educational institution called the police because he has been entangled and threatened by the parents. 2. The child originally scored 20 points, and not 59 points for the college entrance examination. It was originally the third year mock exam that could only take 20 points and 59 points for the mock exam after the remedial exam… 3. Although the price is outrageous, the police uncle just let them communicate properly. , Coordinated settlement, really does not go through civil litigation, so there is no fraud for the time being. In this matter, I feel the most emotional is that the parents did not work hard when they should work hard, did not work hard at the point where they should be exerted, and then had unrealistic imaginations about the result. What does it mean to not work hard when you should work hard? When your child’s primary and junior high school is the most important to lay the foundation, you don’t stare at it. In the third year of high school, you feel anxious when you think about it. Is it normal? What does it mean that the point that should be exerted is not exerted? Is there a good school for poor students? Yes, I will find a way to get him to the No. 1 High School of China Normal University, give him a certificate of physical education or music specialization, arrange for students with excellent grades in the class to be at the same table with him, and visit the teacher to explore the heart. I hope the teacher will pay more attention Next, which of these assistance is not more important than a training institution? What is unrealistic imagination about the result? If there is a cram school that can improve your child’s college entrance examination by 30 points, it is reasonable, this is really not low, then if you are not satisfied, we will sign a betting agreement at the beginning, and how much money will be given for the mock test. Did not reach the deduction, you have a budget of 210,000, are you worried that there will be no training organization to take you this big job? So the whole thing reveals a sense of absurdity that makes people laugh and cry. Combined with the background of the current chicken baby, it is especially funny. I would like to advise you all, there are high and low talents, and education is not the only way out. If you smashed a bachelor’s degree so hard, you still earn four to five thousand graduates, not even a fraction of what you smashed. If your child is really bad at reading, and you have money, don’t waste it and save it. When he works, he will buy him a house to prepare to marry a wife, and give him monthly subsidies for his family. It will be better than your money.

7 months ago

I will not comment on the specific situation, just say a few isolated information points literally (it is temporarily impossible to identify the true and false). First, it was only in the third year of high school that I started to spend more than 20 minutes on tuition. As a teacher and parent, I can only say: You dare to collect this kind of parent’s money. It really takes courage. Second, if the basic mathematics is more than 20 points, I think the difference is not only the knowledge points. Learning habits and thinking systems are likely to be chaotic. The typical one is that: this trigonometric function…wait, what is a trigonometry? A triangle is a right-angled triangle… Wait… What is a right angle? I… (swallowing a mouthful of blood) Just two straight lines appear… Wait… (two people say together) What is a straight line! (After half an hour) Okay, trigonometric functions… Wait… (two people talk together) What is a function? (Bows and steps down) Of course, it is not necessarily so exaggerated (or more exaggerated). The process of making up classes is basically an anemia scene. Third, there is no meaning of mocking and demeaning. The fault is not on the child. What I mean is to accumulate too many mistakes, do one thing right, and expect a miracle. In addition, I don’t think that tutoring is just “doing the right thing.” Fourth, my experience with mathematics is that it is relatively easy to go from six to seventy points to eighty to ninety points, because there is a basic foundation, check the missing knowledge points, teach the method of solving problems, and correct minor faults. After a change, there are places to reduce demerit points everywhere. Of course it is difficult to reach 90 points or higher, because pursuing the ultimate requires you to have several levels of realm. So, literally, if the child can continue to progress to the same level of difficulty above 80 points, he should really thank the teacher. Finally, my biggest concern, why did children only have 20 points in mathematics? After removing the luck points for multiple choice questions, how many questions will this kid do?

7 months ago

Remedial classes. It is useful when students want to learn and expect to learn. He didn’t want to learn, and the gods had no choice. This is not a game-learning skill, just a little bit. The biggest role of cram schools is to guarantee the length and efficiency of learning for those who want to learn but can’t control their own fun. The premise is to want to learn! Even if this person does not fall in love with the remedial class, he can learn in the remedial class. To put it bluntly, those who can test 59 in high school mathematics are those who don’t listen to them in class. He himself doesn’t have the desire to learn, he can make up for it, there will be ghosts. Learning is the talent that determines the difficulty and the ease, the effort to determine the upper and lower limits, and the external force can only be the icing on the cake to guarantee the lower limit. A person’s talent basically determines how difficult it is for that person to learn a course. Some people just look at it and understand it, and some people just learn it and don’t understand it. Learning this kind of thing, if one’s talent is not good, no matter how good the external conditions are, nothing can be changed. Effort is the factor that determines the level. A person with extraordinary talent can’t do it without learning, because the latitude of time cannot be crossed. No matter how talented you are, you have to listen to classes and do questions to get results. The difference is only in the amount. A person with ordinary talent, hard liver, hard brush, hard back can also improve the results. Because there is a limit to knowledge in middle school. What we are facing is the high school entrance examination, which has an outline, a set of questions, and a question bank, and it is not an infinite field of research. So hard learning can also be learned. (Except for fake hard work, such as that kind of wrong question book is very beautiful, and the notes are nice, but they are all clean.) Students who have been students know that high score students are either talents or talents. Normal but terribly hardworking, or it’s genius and hardworking, all kinds of things are available. The last students all have one thing in common: “do not learn” (including fake learning)

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