According to a reporter from Xinhua News Agency, there is currently a peculiar phenomenon in the field of digital music: the same user repeatedly spends money to buy the same work, the frequency of repetition ranges from dozens to hundreds of thousands of times, that is, if you spend 2 yuan If you can buy and listen to a song, some consumers spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a song. On the one hand, “fans” irrational consumption is behind it. On the other hand, music apps are also fanning the flames and inducing repeated consumption. What do you think of it?

All kinds of charts are the rake of gold. The standard to measure the quality of music has long been not lyrics, composition, arrangement, singer singing skills, vocalization, these standards, but to see whose fans spend more money, and the ranking of the list. High, fans have the capital to blow, this is “good” music. Oh, the music now. Not many can stay in the player (mobile phone, mp3) for a few days, the streets and alleys can no longer hear the same song, and those high-ranking songs on the list are just pulled over and no one has ever listened to it. Even no one can hear it, the singing is disgusting, and the listening is blocked. Oh, the music now. The high-ranking ones are carefully checked. They are not singers. They say they make movies. They also run variety shows. They are also idols. If the music does not undergo precipitation, how can it resonate? Can the music that is fun to play is also called music? The real musicians are eating instant noodles in the basement, alas. Oh, the music now. I don’t know when they have all become variety shows. What singers, masks, and sounds. Good singers do not have good new works. They can only show their presence on these shows. Why? It’s not that you won’t be able to make the list even if you have a work. Who said that the singer is out of breath? No one pays money to make the list. This music world can only be a vicious circle. Oh, the music now. Benefits are paramount, and they are all linked to money. In the past, singers’ appearance fees were high, but people really have the ability to sing from the beginning to the end of a concert. Those who have sang karaoke know that ordinary people have to rest after singing a few songs. Now they are really capable. What about now? They are all about making quick money, and they will not fall down to make music, and there are not so many songs that constitute the capital of a concert, so they will release a song, then hit the charts, and earn a vote and leave. Young people’s music concepts, music demands, and appreciation levels are completely different from what they used to be. What they appreciate is not music but cut. Even if they hum on the ground, it’s the sound of nature, and it’s worthy of them. Playing the charts so much that APP can only do so in order to cater to today’s music market. Do you blame the platform? Can you tell who is going to krypton gold? Do you blame the fans? Who can say anything if I spend my own money for cutting? Do you say weird cut? Cutoff did not ask you for krypton gold. If you want me to say, this is all to blame for Mr. Jia.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Actually, if people want to buy, they don’t have to worry about spending money. It’s a hobby and a way of leisure. As long as the money is yours, it doesn’t affect your life and you just have normal entertainment! As long as it is not a loan, you can buy it with a minor! It’s not illegal for anyone who has no hobbies, right? Let’s take a good look at education. For example, to solve the problem of the size of a private school, can’t we control it? It is difficult for people in rural areas to receive a good education, or can they transfer qualified teachers to teach in the countryside? And can the house price be controlled? The house price in the small county is as high as our city, and many real estate speculators come to speculate! For the mortgage, the child dare not give birth to more! Pay more attention to people’s livelihood

5 months ago

If the relevant department finds it inappropriate, please directly prohibit it…or directly state which law is violated. Just like fund raising in the rice circle, how many years has it been in the draft? If you appeal every day that it is inappropriate, then you can just ban it. Since you can’t help, then I can only say that there is nothing forbidden by law… Besides, this behavior itself does not hinder anyone, and I can’t even say that it is immoral… So you come and ask us what’s the use? …What does it matter to me that people spend money…

5 months ago

In the age of physical records, they also made the charts, but it is not so easy for everyone to know how much everyone has made. But it is true that this kind of being able to see how much everyone rushes will indeed encourage this kind of atmosphere. In fact, if you don’t buy a record and directly announce the celebrity’s collection account, the money transferred by fans may not necessarily be lower than the buying list. After all, you can go directly to the celebrity’s pocket without the need for middlemen to make the difference. This is very difficult to do. Not only music, games also make the list, and buy endorsement products also make the list. Why don’t you make the list? Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are fans, it is impossible not to make the list. If you only buy one, or one hundred points, believe it or not, some fans will borrow someone else’s account and go to the navy to make the list, and they will make a detour, but some people will still rush. Besides, if music can’t make the list, the extra money that fans have nowhere to put will go to the endorsement product to make the list. How should I put it, the general environment is like this, but I can’t say what to do. Reports say that this is unreasonable and there is nothing wrong with it, but there is no cure, and it affects the whole body. Or I think it is more reasonable to learn to play games and limit consumption by minors. . The media should mention this kind of thing, but from top to bottom, it’s hard to be consistent. The most important thing is that consumers do what they can, and their consumption concepts must be rational. Generally speaking, this news is mainly used to remind parents and some irrational consumers no matter how old they are.

5 months ago

Inducing consumers to “fancy krypton gold” is full of routines! Take a music APP as an example. The platform launches music albums of popular singers in the “digital album” column. When consumers click on the album, they will enter a longer H5 page, which not only introduces the album contains Rights, there are also various activities to “induce consumption.” According to, currently more popular music platforms have such inducements, and a relatively mature “industry chain” has been formed. For example, when consumers purchase a certain number of albums, they can unlock certain special benefits (exclusive fan badges, posters, electronic albums, mobile phone prompts, etc.); and they can enter the “guild” and become support fans; when the album reaches a certain level The sales volume can make supporting stars appear on the “advertising boards” of well-known business circles and newspapers. In addition, the platform also has activities such as “fighting”. Consumers need to buy a corresponding amount of albums to “fighting”, and the winner will get a unique “trophy”. When consumers make a purchase, the interface will display the purchase quantity and amount, and under different quantities of options, there are also inductive slogans such as “Sound with music” and “Lifelong with you”. These activities focused on celebrity surroundings and “building momentum for celebrities”. The core of these activities is to attract consumers to buy more albums, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales. After consumers purchase the album, they cannot fully enjoy the services corresponding to the event. Take a platform’s “battle” event as an example. This event requires consumers to purchase the number of albums set by the platform on a designated page in order to have the right to participate in the event. To put it simply, consumers don’t count the albums purchased on other pages; even if they are successful on the charts and do not reach the number specified by the platform, they will not receive prizes, and there will be no compensation. Another platform also has similar regulations: This means that fans bought albums for the purpose of “beating”, once the “beating” fails, they can only get the corresponding number of “digital albums”, and such an album is just a number, and The first album purchased is the same and cannot be transferred or returned. It can be said that every step of these activities is full of variables, full of routines, and consumers may lose money if they are not paying attention. Children buy albums, parents pay for fans to chase stars, buy celebrity albums, it is a normal consumer behavior, but should not exceed their ability to pay. But now, under the marketing plans of major platforms, star-chasing has obviously “changed”. Fans have changed from chasing stars simply because of a certain characteristic of a star to a “comparative” star-chasing. For example, the platform launches various “charts” and pushes messages to guide fans to buy albums, and sets “exclusive logos” and “exclusive medals” to induce fans to buy more albums. In the album comment area, There will be “trust” for soft sales. On public social platforms like Weibo, “hot lists” will be set off, which are generally promoted by marketing companies secretly, and professional navy forces conduct control reviews, topic guidance, etc., with the purpose of increasing fans’ sense of mission.” Responsibility” to buy more albums. learned that many of the people who support “idol” and buy albums in large quantities are students. They have not established mature values ​​and consumption concepts, and are easily affected by this kind of induced marketing. In fact, in this carnival that speaks for “idol”, the real victims are the parents behind the students. For parents, children who blindly spend money to buy albums to support “idol” are the money they earn from working overtime, which is very hurt; and if the child has any accident, it will make himself sad! Therefore, if students consume irrationally, in the end, they will still rely on their parents to pay for it. Albums are not equal to CDs. Different from traditional CDs to induce consumption or “illegal”, digital albums are digital products. Repeated purchases of a digital album cannot be transferred or returned, and its practical value is low. For example, buying 100 digital albums can only be stored in a fixed account, and there is no difference in content; while buying 100 CDs, you can transfer the excess to other consumers, and its practical value and collection value are high. “This is different from repeatedly buying the same physical CD. The former consumers did not get the exchanged goods, while the latter obtained the property rights of the CDs.” An intellectual property expert said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that the music app uses “fans “Beat the charts” mentality and the benefits obtained from repeated purchases of albums may constitute improper gains. Written at the end, after years of development, online star chasing has formed a complete industrial chain. From pre-packaging to post-marketing, there are many modes and methods. Music platforms induce fans to buy “digital albums” are just one of them. The purpose is It is to let fans “spend more money” for their favorite stars. This model is very popular in the current trend of star chasing. With the strengthening of national supervision, it is very likely that corresponding laws and regulations will be introduced to regulate the industry in the future. However, consumers should strengthen their own awareness of protection in order to fundamentally avoid the possibility of being induced to consume. For those students who have no income but are crazy about “Krypton Gold” chasing stars, this group of people only knows “the time is good”, but they don’t realize who is “loading forward” for them. Therefore, parents should guide them and help them establish the right The consumption concept is to prevent it from becoming leeks and being harvested in a stubble field.

5 months ago

What do you think? If there is a problem, it will be banned directly from the upper level, and not solved on the app. From the perspective of passers-by, it is ¥\jdhaft behavior, but it is not my girl, so I wish them a happy star chasing.
A certain point sold for 100 million and was criticized in turn by party journals, party media and TV stations, but what happened to the goose? If it was not sold, it was sold and the money was refunded.
Go go go go

5 months ago

It’s rare that a group of people can cut leeks. It’s not easy! Many people are exploiting loopholes, and members are not open. They will find all kinds of cracking software or watch MV to bypass the restrictions. No matter how good the song is, they are reluctant to pay for real money. Now there are such a group of people for an illusion. The list of the idol, a goal of an idol out of the circle, is willing to pay a lot of real money to APP, that is not APP’s food and clothing parents, it turns out that only two yuan song, TA is willing to pay two thousand or even Twenty thousand for this APP, the profit of the platform depends on the TA! The price to pay is just for the song to occupy a position on a certain list or float in the recommended position or on the screen for a period of time.

5 months ago

It’s normal to buy one digital song, but three or five copies are fine. More than ten copies are understandable. A hundred copies are a bit scary, right? A hundred thousand copies? I suspect that shock is incomprehensible, terrible, ridiculous and pitiful, and even doubting life. “If the people of the whole country gave me a dollar, I would have 1.3 billion.” It is absurd that a whimsical joke has partially become a reality. But the profit is so big, the capital spends money to support idols, idols develop fans in many ways, fans organize fan clubs, and start to raise funds for idols to buy endorsement products, hit charts, and buy songs. Music APP is only part of the capital, working for the big capital, and squeezing a huge sum of money from the circle to nourish yourself. As an ordinary person, how can I look at it? Feel shocked, absurd and powerless. Some people may say that I am sour, saying that I am thinking of the emperor using a golden hoe to plant the land. I admit that my vision is here. I can’t imagine not moving so much money to buy hundreds of thousands of electronic albums, hundreds of magazines, and dozens of times. A product endorsement, tens of thousands of tickets for support, or other things I don’t understand. This is just my opinion of an ordinary person who doesn’t chase stars and don’t mess with fans, and I believe that my fellow star fans will not all think that this is a rich man with small money.

5 months ago

Hey, now you need to pay for the songs you want to listen to a little bit, what can I say? Now all the songs that can be heard for free are flawed songs. Either the person who sings is ugly, or the person who sings is just unfamiliar and asks others to listen to the song to help him promote it, or the person who sings has committed a crime or has no audience. The situation is just such a situation. What can we expect if this is the case? All the songs on the app are on profit, what can we expect? The first thing that should be solved is that good songs have to be paid to enter the ears of the public. And the people who can spend money to listen to songs are those who have jumped into the “I’m happy” economic circle. The status of those who don’t buy is: what if you don’t listen to that song, can you just listen to other free songs? Why spend money to listen to songs? Those who spend money are all those who have passed the “I’m happy” status test. What do you expect? I remembered that since ancient times, people who played tricks had to shout before the opening: “You have money to hold a money field, and those who don’t have money hold a personal field”, and then the trick is done or someone watching the trick in the midfield will throw it away. Money, some throw a penny of copper, some throw dozens of taels of silver, all of them are different, and some are really just for personal use. Nowadays, you have to pay to listen to the songs you want to listen to. To put it bluntly, it means to exclude those who only praise the people. The deep meaning is that if you have the money, then you are the people. What can you expect? The little swallow played by Huan Zhuge Geli and Zhao Wei is guiding the money for watching tricks. Let’s apply what we have learned from watching serials. What can we say? At least people allow people who only support people and not money.

5 months ago

This has become a way of cheering.
What I bought is not a song, but a love for the cut~
Besides, similar jz, investment, it is not a day or two, there is no need for app induction at all. The so-called “fanning the flames and inducing consumption” is just to make repeated purchases more convenient.
It has to be solved from the source.

5 months ago

There are not enough fans. What I can’t help but spending money to do is increase the difficulty of other people’s operations. Fans are really crazy to generate power for love, because this is a “competition” with other players in the same period. You can take out the empirical evidence later. There is also a saying that the more smashed, the more the company pays attention to it. What makes the father of the funder see our strength. (Introduction: This is why there are still many merchants who ask Xiao Zhan to endorse when they know that Xiao Zhan passers-by have collapsed.) Why do I say that it is more difficult for the star chasing girl, because I can only buy one on my own account. I can mobilize others to buy it, and buy it on different numbers, and then form an industrial chain (dog head), which increases their costs, but invisibly, the number of people buying bricks for idols has increased! There are new talks and talk about it.

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