Recently, a professor from a pair of first-class universities posted on his blog the experience of being “dropped pigeons” by students. The professor said that “when students contacted each other with sweet words and pledges, they almost signed a contract. Once they held a few offers, they immediately changed their personalities, and did not consider the trouble to the admissions unit and teachers at all.” An example

In his view, these students are “utilitarian, impetuous, and without integrity.” He even set up a list of untrustworthy on WeChat. It is not uncommon for students to “recruit without reading”: teachers and professors in charge of enrollment in many schools say that finding a job and studying abroad are the main reasons why students give up their admission qualifications. In addition, the students who applied for full-time postgraduates were transferred to part-time, which is also one of the reasons.

Guo Yingjian, a professor at Renmin University of China, pointed out that “the quota for the re-examination is only limited and does not depend on the number of applicants, and the source of students can be squeezed.” Vulnerabilities.

There are also many tutors who release students’ pigeons, but students rarely speak up. Teachers who know it will release students’ pigeons. The promises were good at the beginning, and they were all set. Later, students with better conditions contacted, and then they directly broke the contract. The reason given is that you are such a good student. It was a bit wasteful to come to our research group, and then it was pushed to other teachers. The student contacted the recommended teacher, and the teacher actually said in the same tone: saying that you have such a good condition, you have come to our research team. Think about it, if the last teacher doesn’t want a student, will the next teacher want it? Just like falling in love, who wants to be a catcher? In fact, the matter of putting pigeons has nothing to do with identity, but with character. Written at the end: Friends, study hard, not because you have to compare your grades with others, but because you will have the right to choose in the future, to choose a better tutor, and a better subject instead of being let go. When you choose the right mentor and the right subject, you will have a sense of accomplishment, and you will be more than half successful. When the tutor you choose gives you respect and does not let you dove, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity give you happiness.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

After all, it is rare for students to “record but not read”, and it is more common for tutors to “record but not guide”. What needs to be explained is that students’ ability to withstand risks is much worse than that of tutors, and tutors cannot recruit students. The worst result is that the tutor’s qualifications will be cancelled. The salary will still be paid, and the bonus will still be received. Application. Students are not the same. Tutors “guide but not teach” will cause great pressure to students. After all, students are faced with many problems such as graduation, work, and starting a career. Graduate school is a process of further study, but they are carried out by some irresponsible tutors. It became a process of self-directing and even retrogression. Those tutors who have been letting pigeons by students should also reflect on whether they are already notorious and cause the students to change their minds temporarily. Instead of blaming the ignorant students, it is better to choose to reform themselves.

5 months ago

As a scientific researcher, I feel that my personal gains and losses are not worth mentioning compared to the future of the students. I am a mentor, so if I lose an enrollment quota, my scientific research output will be affected, and my salary, job title promotion, etc. may also be affected. I am a student, and the choice of my graduate tutor will change my life. Is the student in this tutor’s mouth impetuous? He didn’t realize that it was his mentor who was impetuous. As a scientific researcher, I feel that my personal gains and losses are not worth mentioning compared to the future of the students. I think that letting every student have a bright future is what a teacher should really think about, rather than worrying about making a few vegetable money from farmers all day like those e-commerce companies. In the current domestic graduate system, it is difficult for students to gain the right to speak, and they are an absolute disadvantaged group. Workers and slaves have to think about themselves. Capitalists and slave owners will not think about you. They only fool you, squeeze you, draw you a pie, tell you to have ideals and patterns, and tell you not to think too much, just to be a fool. Bai Tian treats them as dogs, slaves, white gloves, free labor or even free hourly labor at home, and won’t give you any practical help. It is good to have a harmonious teacher-student relationship, but the so-called “relationship” between humans is actually very fragile. I hope that every student can learn from this instructor, but you must be honest and don’t make promises lightly. The adjustment system is a two-way choice. Isn’t it good for everyone to be honest with each other?

5 months ago

Last year, Baoyan went ashore, and I can understand the anger of the tutor and the worries of the students. Many students understand the basic principles of being a human being, be honest, and be lenient to others. However, for many students, postgraduate and postgraduate entrance examinations are a major event related to the future. In this matter, they can’t afford to lose, and they don’t want to lose. The students who can get to the step of contacting the mentor are already considered as prospective graduate students who have been killed out of the army of millions. They are very eager for graduate school. Everyone wants to go to a good mentor with a good mentor. In the school, when there is no offer at the beginning, everyone wants to have a book to read. It is also helpless to contact a few more tutors. After all, if you are sure that you can be accepted by your favorite school and tutor, who would be willing to be Sea King. There is a two-way choice between the tutor and the student, and the tutor did not clearly say “I will definitely admit you” in the picture, and the time is already April 2nd, the adjustment system has already been opened, April 6th The student has explained the situation to the teacher, and there are only four days in between. Because of the four days, the three big hats of “utilitarian, impetuous, and lack of integrity” have been put on the students. Is it biased? Every year there are countless things between tutors and school pigeon students, which causes mutual suspicion between tutors and students. So often, not only students are helpless, but tutors are also very helpless. I don’t know which student who contacted him is sincere. , And finally caused the situation of the whole people’s sea king. Finally, both tutors and students are developing in their own direction. Relying on morality to regulate and control is always unworkable, and only continuous improvement of the system is a good strategy.

5 months ago

You haven’t figured out one thing yet, the best in this world will always be Sea King. Aquaman will tease a lot of girls at the same time, get the favor of multiple girls, and then either choose the best one, or take possession of them secretly (as long as they are not discovered). Neptunus can apply for recruitment of many companies at the same time, interview many companies, get multiple offers, and then choose the best offer. Aquaman can also send emails to many tutors at the same time, get the favor of multiple tutors, and then choose the most suitable tutor. Of course, if you are not Sea King, you chase a girl wholeheartedly every time, but the girl does not choose you, you can only give up, and then you go to pick the next one. At this time, several years have passed, and you are still single. If you are not Neptune, every time you invest in a company’s recruitment wholeheartedly, you only participate in the interview of one company, but they did not want you. You will come to the next company at this time to continue. At this time, one and a half months have passed. If you are not Sea King, you only send an e-mail to one tutor at a time. The tutor does not reply to you, but you wait wholeheartedly. In the end, you find that you do not have a tutor. And he is not for you either.

5 months ago

Appeared! Only the world where the honest people suffer has appeared! When I see this question, I think of that topic. You can never think of how active the goddess/male gods will be; re-examination adjustments are always two-way choices, and the sea king battle is common. There are admission errors in Chengdu Sports College, and there are students for postgraduate entrance examinations today. The pigeon dropped out. It can be said that these two types of people are not good, and this teacher is the “honest person” in the story. Presumably this teacher has been enrolling students on a first-come, first-served basis for many years. Even if the 985 students with 400 points come later, they still don’t give up. The previous double non-student with 380 points every time a candidate came to ask if he could be his student, the reply was also quite decisive. This was the first time that he was blatantly dropped by him. This is the first time that a hairy child has just entered the society and was baited. He also helped to count the money when he had a prostitute, and he woke up with anger and itchy teeth. I also ask other replies to be merciful. After all, this teacher is a rare and honest person among college teachers. It can not be said that the students of Haiwang teacher pigeon are not wrong, but the existing rules are in line with the regulations. The essence of this matter is that the rules give candidates and the school great freedom, allowing students and teachers to make two-way choices. Two-way choice means a high degree of freedom, but also a high risk. But only the strong have [high degree of freedom], and the weak have only the situation of being chosen, leaving only [high risk]. So I don’t advise everyone to be kind, but I also advise everyone to work hard to become a sea king and hold the opportunity to practice kindness in their own hands.

5 months ago

I am a classmate of the client and I want to be fair to him. First of all, this is a transfer. The transfer college directly listed the list of prospective admissions on the official website, and did not confirm it to the candidates on the research and recruitment website. This is to contact the tutor in advance, not to sign the deed. It is normal for students to have multiple offers. The day lilies waiting for the result of a volunteer are all cold, and it is the right behavior to choose an adjustment. Moreover, the teacher pigeon student is more common, but I didn’t expect this teacher to be different from others. The client only looked for one tutor at a time, and the tutor agreed to him, but in the end he was released three times in a row, so he chose this way. In this case, should he also scold all the teachers online? Can only swallow the sound. Many teachers are Neptune, and most of the students are Neptune. If you do not become Neptune, you will easily face the situation of dropping out of school. There are really not many good teachers. Take my personal experience as an example. A senior who had been in the postgraduate program until the hand in kept telling me to contact the tutor in advance. If you do not contact, the good teacher will be taken away. But the fact is that even if you contact many teachers, they will treat them as if you haven’t seen them.

5 months ago

Let’s talk about my previous experience. Before, there was a graduate student who was going to take the entrance examination of our school. After the initial examination, she contacted me and said that she wanted to do research with my tutor. I got the tutor, and then the normal re-examination. This school girl also passed the re-examination, and then she joined the group and worked on the project with us normally. But after the school started, I started to choose a tutor, and the girl actually chose the deputy dean of our college. Then my boss came to me and asked me what the situation was, and it made me feel embarrassed. From that moment on, I also knew that not everyone can believe it. So I think overall, don’t hurt others too much by doing research. After this incident, I never recommend anyone to my mentor. Lesson

5 months ago

Before taking the exam, students cannot know whether they can pass the exam. The so-called registration is one of the intentions to show acceptance, not a contract with the school. If it is stipulated that a student is not allowed to contact work or go abroad while taking the postgraduate entrance examination, is such a rule too overbearing? Since there is no such stipulation, since our principle is the “two-way choice” between the candidate and the school, of course, the student has the right to choose the option he wants. As for the transfer of candidates who signed up for full-time postgraduates to part-time postgraduates, let alone the students’ dishonesty. Of course, some people will say that when the admission was notified, why didn’t the candidates suggest that they were not willing to come to study? This is difficult for a strong man. Candidates’ choices must be made when they know most of the possible options, which of course takes time. Of course, if candidates give up their qualifications after being admitted, of course it will cause some problems for the admitted units. For other candidates, there is actually nothing unfair. Regardless of whether the candidates who have given up their admission qualifications are going to graduate school or not, those candidates whose exam performance is not as good as others have lost their qualifications to study in that unit. Therefore, apart from saying that they did not do well in the exam, there is nothing to complain about. There is no doubt that the admission to his colleges and universities related majors did cause losses. However, in principle, this loss should be said to be easy to compensate, and that is to recruit another one. The problem now is that once the enrollment time is missed, re-enrollment is not allowed. This problem is caused by the rigid admissions process. Therefore, although the loss suffered by the enrollment unit is caused by the candidate’s failure to report, the candidate is only exercising his rights. The loss of the enrollment unit is actually caused by the rigid enrollment process nowadays. The problem will be solved by allowing the enrollment unit to re-enroll. Students are also an important party in the “two-way choice”, which is not only where the rights of the students lie, but is also a favorable factor for promoting colleges and universities to do their own work.

5 months ago

The tutor’s annual enrollment quota is fixed. For example, the policy stipulates that only one student can be recruited a year. If three students contact, the instructor can only reluctantly notify two of them in advance and decline them all. This is to prevent students from successfully admitted, and the tutor does not have a quota, can not recruit, and cheat the students. In the same way, if a certain student is appointed and he releases the tutor pigeon, then the school will not be able to change a student to the tutor out of thin air. The tutor’s quota for that year will be wasted, and there will be no students. The number of doctoral candidates in key universities is very valuable. Many professors train 30 or 40 doctoral students in their lifetime, so I can imagine how angry they are with the act of releasing pigeons. However, as some answers have said, the ability of tutors to resist risks is better than that of students. In most cases, the kind of stolen tutor I saw was a long sigh in the end, and would not say much or embarrass the students. These deceived teachers are good teachers in conscience. If it’s not good, they will have a full spare tire long ago. I also understand the ideas of the classmates, but for academic purposes, it is better to be simpler. Don’t bully the honest people… The policy of the pigeon tutor is allowed, but it is really not recommended.

5 months ago

Everyone has the right to choose to maximize their own interests. There is nothing wrong with it. However, while considering their own rights and interests, we should also consider for others. This is what we advocate. The pigeon itself will only make people uncomfortable. After all, this is a dishonest. If you unilaterally stop the deal with others, no one will be happy, but what makes people angry and intolerable is the consequences of being pigeoned: 1. “The instructor wastes places. “I can’t recruit students.” I talked about this issue with the undergraduate tutor who brought me Daiso. The tutor told me that the tutors in colleges and universities are under great academic pressure. Busy doing experiments, liver papers, and getting tenders. The instructor sees your email, and after further communication with you, he intends to accept you. Even if you are better, he will reserve a place for you, commonly known as “the default”. He may decline many students because of this, so he will decide how to arrange you Entering the group to get started, waiting for you to come, you end up with someone else, the instructor is forced to wait for the next round of adjustments before recruiting students, putting more time and cost into it, making it very anxious. The worst thing is that the adjustment system has been shut down, and enrollment quotas have been wasted this year. Are you angry? 2. “The student did not fill in the second choice and was randomly assigned a tutor.” Classmate A contacted a good tutor before the retest. Both parties were satisfied with each other through WeChat. The tutor even ordered “remember to fill in one volunteer”, and was informed after completing the volunteer “There are a lot of people who reported to me this year. You don’t have the advantage. It is recommended to prepare early.” Classmate A: Prepare early? When the volunteers are over, what do you tell me to prepare? The volunteer system is closed, and now I have to pick up the leaks. The pigeon is irresponsible. If you have to do it, stop the loss as soon as possible. Obviously there are many ways to stop loss in time! Don’t hang, don’t hang, don’t hang. If you are a mentor, and there are many people reporting you, then you should look at the results of the interview as soon as possible, put your favorite students next to each other, pick one you like, and decline the rest, let others contact other mentors early, who will Blame you? You are a student, and you want to go to other people. I understand. Everyone has aspirations. If you choose, send me an email first. Don’t affect my enrollment. I still have B, C and D on hand. I record mine and you go. Yours, each side of the road is heading towards the sky, and who is in the way. Of course some people say, I have to hang myself, what’s wrong with you? Shangzhihu searched for those cases where the tutors were unable to enroll students. If you want to report me, you will report me. If you want to come, you must come. My place is reserved for you. If you don’t come, do you want to go to other mentors? there? You water me and I can’t recruit students. I’ll call you over and see if others want you? Even if I don’t say I’m generous, but I’m not recruiting people, other teachers won’t know about it, do you think Who will take you in? “Aquaman” is labeled with “dishonesty”. Who wants to bet on the risk? I’m a lesson from the past.

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