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This thing is like Spiderman’s silk…There are several points to overcome: 1. High-performance energy drive, so that the hook can be launched and deep into the wall, which requires extremely efficient energy—— Small size and high energy. This is the first thing. Secondly, your tank must be able to withstand this burst of energy… Otherwise, the tank will explode first, and you will die. It must be light, otherwise you have to carry fifty or sixty catties. Difficult to die in minutes. 2. The magical iron hook. It can be cut into the wall without moving when moving forward, but it can be easily pulled out when changing direction… The physical structure of this kind of structure. I am afraid that this structure is not an invention patent. Get rich in minutes. Unless you have a foot hook on your body, you don’t need to automatically replace it if you go into the wall and give up… 3. Super efficient rope winding machine… The hook is launched without a huge energy burst to have the speed and strength. , The same, you need to recycle the rope to move forward, so what drive is this runner used for? As it is driven by the same energy source, this rope winding machine is afraid that it has to be as high as hundreds or thousands of revolutions per minute… With this machine, it can be used as a car by pulling a horse and cart… I am afraid that it is not a horse-drawn carriage. Funny…4. The acceleration and balance of the human body. This is not something you can do with a few pages of training in anime. There are a lot of scenes in the anime where the hook rope is shot from one side to move, and the double rope can keep the balance in the past. The single rope is incredible… and with such strong kinetic energy (only the hook can be shot into the wall), according to the conservation of kinetic energy, since people are dozens of times heavier than hooks, the speed of people’s advancement may be only a few meters per second… It’s not as good as running… but in anime, it’s as agile as a monkey, and it can also avoid Kenny’s pistol. The giant’s movements are not easy to capture the elite group members. From this we can see to what extent this energy has reached… Going back, the launch speed of the hook is far above a few hundred meters per second… With this speed, it is faster to kill people directly… What kind of bicycle. At the same time, this virtually increases the requirement of 1.5 .Connection problem. Seeing 1 and 4, you can’t help but ask, with such powerful kinetic energy, this oxygen tank-like thing can still be carried on my body, and it can’t be fixed without a seat belt…it simply means that it carries it on its back. It’s too much on the back, it’s pushing you away. The bug is relatively small, but when you want to brake, don’t forget the dozens of kilograms of things on your back plus acceleration will probably slap you on the wall… Even if it is not so exaggerated, this push back feeling is estimated to be not comparable to the 2.0T engine… Another connection problem is how to not strangle you when the hook rope pulls you forward. Others are temporarily forgotten. Up…


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This thing is very outrageous, grappling hook launching → shooting into the target → wire rope withdrawing, moving towards the target → reaching the target, recovering the grappling hook → grappling hook launching. This is basically the cycle to achieve the purpose of movement. Let’s disassemble and look at this problem. Grappling hook launch → shooting into the target. This is the easiest part (?) to achieve at the imaginary level. If you don’t care about the accuracy, the inventory of the gas tank, etc. →Retract the steel cable and move to the target. It starts to be outrageous. If the speed of retraction is not fast enough, it will not achieve the flight-like effect in the animation, but this speed is obviously not the speed at which people can brake. There is a high probability that you will hit Dead on the trunk. → Reach the target and recover the grapple. Assuming you land safely, how do you recover the grapple? The motor that can fly you in the previous step cannot pull the grapple. How can humans pull it out? If it’s just the grappling hook launcher used for climbing in the hero movie, you can discuss it. The three-dimensional mobile device really can only exist in the second dimension.

7 months ago

It is basically impossible to achieve it now. According to the order of the use process, let’s talk about the old three-dimensional mobile device first. First, the launcher shoots the anchor out and fixes it to the wall. Because the launcher is located at the waist, it is very difficult to aim, and it needs a lot of kinetic energy to shoot into a hard wall. The anchor itself has a small mass, which needs to be fast according to the kinetic energy theorem. The speed of the centralized transmitter is set to be a black box. I guess it is the acceleration of the anchor with compressed gas and internal springs. As for the speed that can be achieved, it is hard to say. The next step is to retract the rope to drive the human body to move. The working principle of the set centralized three-dimensional mobile device is that the compressed gas discharged from the gas tank drives the internal fan blades of the device to rotate and retract the rope. The volume of the gas tank is fixed, and the temperature is basically unchanged. The pressure inside the tank depends on the amount of gas. The area of ​​the fan blade is small and the force The arms are short and require a lot of gas pressure to drive. When moving horizontally in the air, let’s not say how much acceleration in the horizontal direction can be, at least to offset the weight to make a person float in the air, and the direction of the rope’s structural pulling force should change, it may actually be like a simple pendulum? Set the direction of intensive use of the belt on the body to disperse the force. The thrust should be given by the driver behind the waist. How to distribute the force is also a problem. The new three-dimensional mobile launcher is moved from the waist to the handheld, which makes aiming a lot easier, but it is completely impossible to move horizontally in the air. It can only swing around like Spider-Man. The other aspects are the same as the old one. There are also some fragmentary factors. For example, it is difficult for people to see how to aim the launch anchor when moving at high speed, the material of the device, and whether the wall can withstand the pulling force and not release the anchor when retracting and moving, which tests the three-dimensional sense of the operator and the ability to withstand G. Wait. The design of the three-dimensional mobile device is extremely creative, adding another dimension to the battle. The work “Attack on Giant” is so popular, and the three-dimensional mobile device is indispensable.

7 months ago

Let’s not talk about the parts that are obviously unreasonable for the sake of being handsome-such as the most dangerous part of the steel cable-those who have done mechanical engineering or civil engineering know that the steel cable is not good for a hand or a hand. The head is gone-let’s imagine that the commander swipes a knife and slashes someone but because the person is constantly rolling with a steel cable in a circle, he accidentally sticks his foot in and can only amputate his limbs, so the height is further lost or something (and then we Let’s not talk about how likely it is that the gas cylinder can be used for bumping and bumping. (Just say that it can pull people, the weight of tens of meters of steel cable can support dozens of launches and recovery. The weight of the pressure vessel required for the gas, the weight of a box of utility knives… Also, remember that Gundam blows AMBAC back then… His maneuverability is almost the same as this one… And both are very good at the end. The more detailed the setting, the more impossible it is to make the blown horns come back…The guns on the wall are equipped with tracks and still have a track, and I still think about using a knife to chop the back of the neck…

7 months ago

I think that the existing technology cannot achieve the kind of setting in anime. The most important thing is the problem of power. First of all, the device needs to shoot the steel cable out at a high speed, making it at least ten meters away and chiseling into the trunk or even the stone wall! The energy is very large, which requires a relatively fast initial velocity. At present, this kind of launch can choose high-pressure gas or gunpowder as the power device. The former requires a gas bottle. If you want to achieve the function of multiple shots in the animation, the gas consumption is very large. The two small bottles around the waist in the animation will quickly lose pressure and are not enough; the latter can This is achieved by carrying a large number of fixed gunpowder packs and through a semi-automatic shooting device. This looks beautiful, but this device is definitely not light. Imagine a person jumping around with two automatic grenade launchers on his back. The picture is too beautiful. The lightweight launcher in the animation may not be possible with current technology. On the other hand, the power required to withdraw the steel cable and pull dozens of kilograms of adults for rapid movement is very large. At present, the most realistic method is probably an electric winch. That’s the problem. With such a big power, and it needs to be used many times, the power consumption is certainly not small. Do you know how much things can pull people, like the motors and batteries of electric bicycles? Use it like in the animation, and it will run out after a few pumps. The above is only talking about machinery, not people. This device emits so much energy, the recoil is bound to be amazing, but there are often two volleys of left and right shots in the animation…Well, I am afraid that if you change to Schwarzenegger, you will have to sit on the ground! Besides, when you pull it back, at such a fast speed, even if you have eight pack abs, your small waist can’t stand the pulling like that, right?

7 months ago

At first you will think that three-dimensional maneuvering is a very backward thing, because everyone knows that it is faster to fight giants with guns. In addition, Paraty Island is very closed and there is no high technology. But slowly, you will find that, especially in the final season, this thing is the real high-tech. Because there is no artificial intelligence weapon, it is really difficult to lock a high-speed flying object in the air. It can be said that the biggest threat to mankind is not giants, but three-dimensional maneuvers. Both three-dimensional maneuvers and guns can attack giants well, but the ratio of guns and three-dimensional maneuvers is not a one-dimensional thing. This thing is really suitable for assassination. But the final decision remains with the author. After all, people will die if they get a bullet. It’s not difficult for anyone to die. The difficulty of three-dimensional maneuvering, I feel that in reality, it is more incompatible with the human body. A person is easily dizzy during high-speed flight, difficult to effectively control, and landing is also very difficult. If you want to use it better, you have to have higher-tech armor.

7 months ago

Even if it can be made, it won’t be used. Because in real buildings, if the bricks are too strong, the grappling hook will not go in. If it’s not very strong, it can bring people flying and pull the wall tiles out directly. This is not discussed in the giant. By default, buildings are absolutely rigid like in some games. Warriors can shoot grappling hooks at will and fix them on any part of any building, even on the roof tiles, and then use magic. The power mechanism takes the weight of a person, including a strong man like Reiner, who is nearly 200 kilograms, can churn at will, and there is even a shot of a person flying with another person. This wall tile is too strong.

7 months ago

First of all, the conclusion can be achieved. The first is the power issue. The gas in the giant actually doesn’t have so much power. We can switch to Iron Man’s nuclear power! The steel rope can actually use Spider-Man spider silk, which has good elasticity and high strength, which is much better than ordinary steel rope. The blade can actually be replaced with vibrating material, which is not easy to damage. In this way, the blade is not used for returning, which reduces the weight and saves a lot of trouble. With these main materials, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in the three-dimensional installation.

7 months ago

The skill is wrong. This device can shoot steel cables quickly and retract quickly. I don’t believe that you say that the steel cables are shot to death by springs. How much force is required to shoot, and how much force is required to heavier immediately after retracting. It’s more realistic than this three-dimensional mobile device, if you don’t make the gas tank bigger and make it directly into a jetpack.

7 months ago

A machine similar to a three-dimensional mobile device may be invented, but it is definitely larger than the one shown in the animation, because if only according to the settings in the animation, the person who can master this device may only be one in a billion, which can be said to be unique. It is even more unlikely to be universal, so if you need a large number of soldiers to master, you must add an intelligent balance system, an intelligent shock absorption system, and an intelligent speed control and direction control system. So it will definitely not be so light.

7 months ago

Refer to the animation and manga, the principle of the three-dimensional mobile device: the building is hooked by the mechanical ejection rope, and the gas is ejected through the adjustable direction nozzle at the tail to push the person out and recover the rope. High-speed ejection of ropes and recovery can be explained by firmly grasping the wall but recovery of simple arrows. Extremely high acceleration. Non-existent fuel rope ejection can be explained. High-strength springs, but obviously, rope recovery will be more difficult; you can continue to explain, the ladder releases elastic potential energy, half Pop out half of it to recover, and then use the pendulum to recover the elastic potential energy. But such a small device will never be born. It takes a lot of time to restore the elastic potential energy of the pendulum alone. For the time being, the arrow can be explained by a special structure, such as the acceleration of the structure that is not movable downwards and can be lifted upwards at will. For example, the whole body belt protects the connective tissue and muscles of the human body to a certain extent, but the internal organs can also be ruined. Egg shaker. Then there is the ice blasting stone. Refer to comics and animations. This is a small jet engine, but the capacity of less than 4 liters (total about left and right), it is really outrageous to support a person to fight outside for dozens of minutes. There is no human being in the same size. When you find this kind of fuel, the fuel for airplanes is calculated in tons, and some airplanes can’t fly for several hours. The game is still more realistic. If you fly for 2-3 minutes, you will run out of fuel.

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