I was once fortunate to have the nausea on the top laner against Knock. The opponent was in double row and the jungler was the dragon girl. He caught me indefinitely, two more and one, called the mid laner or assisted Mitsukoshi one. My jungler was hitting the road and the two of them, the Stone Man, the more I didn’t bring me under the tower, and helped me out. The opposite side came to catch me, and there was no single signal in my house that only brushed the line in the middle. The teammates also said don’t send it off afterwards. Nima’s infinity was given away by me, right? Go Ah Gnar advances, run-down, sheep knife, wisdom end, dead board, speed shoes. Then unlimited single belts, team battles did not go, the little dragon brushed me to bring, the big dragon brushed me to bring down, the knife was the highest in the game, and the tower was demolished the most. In the mid-term bot lane advantage, they can also play 4v5, and the teammates on the opposite side are also unable to play. I think there is a top laner. This will say that the golden tribute is not also resistant to pressure, and it is not also a team. It is a five-player game. I said you gave me money to play games? Or is this the World Finals? No one knows anyone, why should I be used to you? I can’t think of placing orders when I’m overwhelmed, I can’t think of placing orders when I’m superior, and when I’m inferior, I can’t find someone to take the blame. Generally, two or three people will die when the opponent wins the team. I am single belt and very fast, and must be defended. (Actually, I can win the game with me. My equipment can’t beat me in the field. I caught me twice and was beaten by me once. The two came out and flashed that I was not dead. Once I killed one and the other ran away) Three people came to see me, and three people came to catch me. People gave up and continued chasing. Knok and the dragon girl continued to chase me, chasing me from the opposite side of the road to my home, the second tower of the road did not kill me (Knok also has a deadly advance and sprints, but I have run-down and e Jumping minions, and the acceleration of w plus the attack speed after e can’t catch up at all. When it gets bigger, an r will push him away and then continue to run. I played ADC for a while before and it’s absolutely no problem with a) You said that the teammates in this club know that they won by taking the big dragon or approaching? In the end, I broke the opposite three-way, and removed a front tooth tower. The teammates couldn’t beat me in the team battle. The ambition of the opposite side exploded (mainly I was in single digits, and I died a dozen times. Leading time) I have a bad mouth. After breaking the three lanes, the opponents must go home to watch the super pawn after winning the game. The other three people on the other side also have a mentality. The game that can be ended in 30 minutes is dragged to more than 50 minutes ( It seems that it is this number, I can’t remember it), and the five big dragons don’t want to catch me together. I didn’t want to win anyway, so I pushed the front teeth and danced next to the opposite base. My teammate was killed by the group, and my head was given to the person who came back to guard the house. The AD on the opposite side quit my house in a wave. After quitting the game, my house will add my friend to scold me, and the opposite side add my friend to scold me, and I will finish a few words and he is ready to scold him. When I scolded me back (I have to make sure that he saw him when I scolded him), I deleted him as a friend, and repeatedly came so many times and didn’t add me as a friend. My mouth stinks, I called the jungler to squat twice and exploded directly on the opposite side. The third-line advantage flattened the opposite side for more than 20 minutes, and then I mocked again, a cool batch


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Many people don’t understand what idea to use. Nine people are disgusting, and the idea is to disgust their four teammates. If I mention a person’s name, you will understand what idea to use: Zhang Jiawen! One person I eat four-way, 1v3 backhand, but I only eat economic killings in the early stage, not to take the dragon. When it enters the middle stage, I will start to eat the wild areas with single belts, but the single belts do not push the tower or kill people. Hey, I just play! The mentality of 4 teammates being robbed by you has collapsed! Opposite the five uncomfortable being killed by you in the early stage, and the uncomfortable being brought by your military line in the middle stage, I also had a stomachache for a long time, and a person came to catch you to beat you. Although 5 people can win in a group push, they also respond in their hearts. If you steal it alone, they will feel more uncomfortable like eating shit. Not to mention your teammates, they have to scold you if they lose or lose! The only drawback of this method is that you have to have more than one strength beyond the ranks, which can be used when blowing up fish ponds below gold. The guys in that rank are good at pretending to be good-tempered. They are basically people who don’t care much about winning or losing, but who care about their own game experience extremely. You use this idea to wrap you up to 9 people who are disgusting. If no more than two people add your friends to care about you after the game, you come to me! Damn it, forgot to be anonymous! To declare, I am the best player in the canyon, and I have always been a positive energy player!

6 months ago

Auxiliary position Old driver-Thain. After watching the live broadcast of Ronski, I have played piercing flow Thain and I feel very comfortable. I have a lot of assistants to play, combined with thinking about how to play armor-piercing flow in the auxiliary position. The talent point is unsealed, with ignition tp. Since the start was an auxiliary position, the pawn line could not be broken, so I went directly to the buff above the opposite wild area and went straight to the lower wild area. Wait for the time to jump from the explosion fruit to the blue buff grass (or walk from the big bird to the red buff face) to see the time to accumulate power q, a person. Become a corpse, beat someone, or eat a buff. Then directly tp the eye position and hit another buff. Go home and come out with auxiliary equipment, jump knives, and armor piercing series. If you look at the situation in the early stage, you can directly call someone to eat the dragon. You have a corpse and you have the punishment of opening the seal. No brain with rhythm. Of course, it may also be bad luck, distorted operation, and didn’t get anything at the start, giving two heads for nothing, teammates question marks. At this time, you can disgust yourself, disgusting teammates 4 people.

6 months ago

Nunu + a base friend once flexibly formed a row with base friend. I played wild and he placed the order, but the three high-definition three-line friends next to him 1L directly chose the male gun, and then he was very kind to ask me to assist and protect C. I happened to be in a bad mood that day. If you want a position, don’t you tell me in advance, would you give me a cut first and then play? I clearly told him not to let him, and the interface for direct selection started to get confused. I backhanded Nunu and directly sanctioned Nunu at the first level, learning Q and CJ. You let the professional players come, let me see who can beat me at the first level? As long as I have a Q in the jungle, the big wild monster must be mine. I remember that when he was at level 4, his teammates in the double row were also BB me. I am Nunu, and the first level W is directly in the back row. Little soldier, don’t wait for my level six. I think you can receive a few male soldiers with an R skill. Finally, you can’t squat in the spring and scold me for surrendering, but buddy, I still have a friend! I went to the wild and ate the road by myself. My friends and I dragged on for 30 minutes. In the end, I gave them three disgusting to hang up, and I backhanded a report. The five people on the opposite side are also helpless. I hope we surrender. The question is, buddy, if you five of you play two with a single belt, will you play?

6 months ago

I don’t think there is any good solution to this problem. Because the so-called “disgusting” refers to things on the spiritual level. So for a person who is spiritually triumphant, you can never feel sick to this person. If you want to tell me that it can be disgusting to normal people, not the way of a spiritual winner, then I think your method should be at least disgusting to yourself, or you have seen people who are disgusted by this method. Some people may have questions, isn’t the spiritual victory method itself quite ridiculous? Yes, but the ridiculous prerequisite for the spiritual victory method is that this person has clearly lost in the material, that is, practical aspect, but advocates the spirit. But on a purely spiritual level, the spiritual victory method is completely desirable and invincible. What is reality? Win or lose is real. People who are still taunting if they lose, or who think they are strong, even though he may be really strong and really can’t bring pit teammates, but this is still a ridiculous spiritual victory method. So this is a disgusting five-player game. The loser is the loser, there is nothing to say. Of course, this is only the case at the level of the game. Many people really just want to be happy and don’t care about winning or losing, because although winning or losing is a fact, the game is just a game after all, and those people did not participate in the competition, but just pastime. In their view, the game itself is spirit rather than substance.

6 months ago

Choose a cat, with ignited punishment. The first level grabs the jungle buff and hangs on the mid laner. The next person must be crazy and overrun, and the jungler and the bottom lane are disgusting. Then the small soldiers grab the sports car with the quality control device, and the flat a is used to grab the knife. When the mid laner is about to fight, get out of the car and don’t have the ability to adapt, eat the level and eat the economy, and wait for the mid laner to collapse. Then brush the buff and go to fight against the jungler. If you haven’t tried it, you can eat toad and f6. For the first night reaper, don’t always ask people, make sure that everyone on the opposite side has a buff. When you are about to die, you can use q to grab a book of murder. pretty good. If the ad is very good at this situation or the jungler is very good at not crashing, then hang the jungle, relying on the acceleration of the blood and the big move to run around the map, disgustingly opposite. Disgusting top lane requires understanding of the pawn line. For example, if you want to control the line to kill, such as the top lane, the sword girl needs to control the line to kill, you can go up to level a, hard-point a few pawns, and let the pawn line pass. If it’s a bit tougher, change the ignition to tp, and go back home on the single, then go directly to tp and kill three pawns. If the top order doesn’t have tp, it will directly lose the three-wave line. Then, when necessary, divide the tapi. If you don’t have a ring, you can cross a tower and force a big move to eat the thread. It’s okay if you die. The important thing is that the thread must be clean and you can’t have experience in ordering. Anyway, the disgusting order is to engage in the pawn line. Then the Canyon Pioneer must compete with the jungler, just stand in the position of the pioneer’s eye and wait for the jungler to finish. Pioneer must eat it alone, and if there is no chance to eat it alone, it will not be released. I play with cats in pursuit of super gods. Basically every record is very good, x/0/y like this. But I haven’t won a game. There are a lot of reports on the public screen on the opposite side, but it is useless, because I have the best record in the team and the highest participation rate. No matter how the report is blocked, I can’t block it.

6 months ago

To paraphrase a line from the snowman: [Willamp, were we dead just now? Then let’s do it again! 】Haha…I believe no one is worse than my disgusting person, right? And my winning percentage, if my teammate’s report is useful, I am afraid that 10 years will not be enough for me to block. But looking at my number of games and winning percentage, it is obvious that I have a routine! Haha is so professional. It is usually not easy to report me. Unless there is a problem with my hardware, it is useless to report it. Haha! This is the most desperate! Open a single and double row: First choice, second choice. (Grab the C position first, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get it, you need to focus on your own C position and don’t let him win the game too early) Selection interface: Communicate with teammates, will not hit/up, only assist (let assist Teammates were forced to play C) (also in order to speed up the matching speed, the first choice is to make up, and enter the game and say that he will not assist. In short, one of the teammates must be forced to make up the place) Selection: The second lock snowman closes WEGAME Add some hints. Reading interface: Use WEGAME to look at the approximate winning percentages of both sides, and lock a potential big brother on each side. In the mid-term, we will use the form of helping our big brother or giving warmth to the opposite big brother to force the two sides to open 55 in order to extend the duration of the game. Before the start of the army: Actively send first-level group anti-wild signals to teammates to induce teammates to fight. Regardless of whether your teammates follow or not, you should first bring a wave of rhythm (pretend to play, in fact, send a blood) must be sent 20 seconds before the wild, so that the resurrection can catch up with the jungle to help the jungle buff. After the start of the army: go out to learn Q, pretend to help the jungler fight BUFF, use Q’s high damage to the wild monsters, grab the jungler BUFF. Snatch it and send it. In 3 minutes, the mid laner was inferior, the jungler collapsed, the bottom teammates played 1 and 2, and the mentality exploded. The mentality of the other teammates is all bombed, and the mood of the order at this time is extremely complicated. /If we are the upper unit, the assistant who goes out to buy the salary outfit will be forced to bring the salary outfit to the unit. Early-stage operation idea: No brain pile AP, 6 small books of 435 come to it first. Or 5 books and a pair of NIKE are fine. (Using the snowman’s high AP bonus, even if you send it, it will have high damage.) According to the form, send a few first to make your teammates mentally explode, but you can’t raise the opposite brother too much, so the game will soon be GG. At the beginning, we focused on the mentality. The teammates shot at 15 o’clock. We didn’t point, and then we switched to playing seriously, seduce the opposite to kill ourselves, and then scan the opposite side of the stubborn routine. Even if the snowman is not well developed and relies on the high AP bonus, it can still play a high output. In the low segment, you can adjust the game in time to allow both sides to play back and forth. Mid-term operation idea: Teammate disadvantages: Just have fun, use the attribute of giving heads to seduce the opponent and set fire to yourself, create conditions for harvesting teammates, push a snowball from time to time, and the bush shakes up teammates and opponent mentality. If the teammate has the advantage of the teammate: Turn on the spray mode, and the opponent can’t be beaten by taunting. Inspire the fighting spirit of the opponent in a taunting way, so that the opponent can perform supernormally! At critical moments, be careful not to over-attract enemy hatred/firepower, thereby indirectly creating harvest conditions for teammates. Remember to avoid the team (to avoid wasting the first wave of skills when you set fire on the opposite side). In small-scale battles, you can be the first to rush, bring your teammates rhythm (the team destroys the engine) and push a snowball from time to time, and a snowball will grab your teammates and a wave of soldiers. Later operation idea: If the opponent is strong: play hard, stay home, delay time, give teammates hope, let them have the illusion of a comeback. If the opponent is weak: taunt the opponent to stimulate the opponent’s fighting spirit, spray teammates, and interfere with teammates’ mentality. About to win the game: spraying the opposite side to send can not win. Stimulate the opposing team’s desire to win. The game that is about to lose: If a teammate clicks, let’s not click, and then attach a sentence to defend and win Laozi’s late invincibility, teammates will definitely spray you. Then let’s turn on the naive mode, and everyone in full screen: “These teammates are really good, they can’t take it. Pit me to qualify for the tournament.”

6 months ago

To assist the mouse, let ad choose an ez or a long-handed mage. You can learn q with a cluster of blades at the first level. Grab the center directly or grab the opposite side, cross the center line, or fight on the road. At least one flash can basically be killed. The Summoner skill ignites and flashes, and the outfit is ad. Money-breaking attack speed shoes Sea monster assisted mouse, assisted cj alchemy, assisted the clown, and singled Sion (send to death). To assist cj alchemy, the blue party is recommended. The opposite f6 starts the game and then goes to the middle push line, and then retreats to the push line. After returning home, brush your own wild area and cycle through the wild area. Never fight a group or die, and there is no line to go to the wild. Auxiliary clown, understand everything. Thain has nothing to say, there are more videos

6 months ago

First to win, hit the opposite side disgusting. Succeeded to the disgusting five people opposite. Secondly, disgusting teammates, the easiest way is bad mouth. Pay attention to bad mouth, be careful of four teammates surrendering. So you can’t go too far, and beware of your teammates hanging up to make sure that there is no problem with 4 to 5, and you can have a bad mouth. This kind of gameplay is disgusting and has a high success rate for nine people. But it is extremely not recommended. People who have this kind of thought contact to play brick-and-mortar, connect and watch, and eliminate the music. And a series of mini games.

6 months ago

Fighting 1 Pure ap big tree, throwing saplings to the opposite side, the basic grass is considered to be useless, can’t stand people. Disgusting teammates are simply too fragile. The output is all damage. They can’t resist and don’t dare to start a team first. If you hit yours, I will throw mine. In the end, it is the most annoying to mix in an SVP. 2 Empire command ap ice, scraping grade five stars, taunting grade five stars, even if there is Timo on the opposite side, I will kill the ice Summoner Canyon to steal the tower to send death stream Sion

6 months ago

Disciplinary Yongshuang assists the clown to learn the first level q. Directly at the beginning of the game, stand two positions in advance and prepare to grab the buff. The second punishment w push the line to get the crab. The core is that after the two disciplines, the return line can grab the level and directly stick to the face. If you have the opportunity to enter the wild area, the opposite side of the wild nuclear version, the jungler is suppressed by your own. The two-level dragon soul also controls and teaches a little more carefully. Some people want to see it, and it is indeed the source of happiness.

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