In a normal level, the shortcomings of this configuration in Chouzhou are similar to those of Shougang a few years ago. In the case of a single outer section, there was no breakthrough in the outer outer line of the upper outer line, and the inner line of the upper outer outer line was exploded. The difference is that Shougang only needs to carry one or four knots, while Chouzhou needs to carry four knots. Therefore, the two of them can only be regarded as strong teams with obvious shortcomings and cannot reach the championship level. Under normal circumstances, Cba is to play a small outside game. One is that the small outside has a breakthrough to kill, which can let the opponent off the inside. The second is that there is a possibility of a three-pointer for small outsiders. The third is to split the ball to the outside line after the breakthrough, so that the whole team can play. In the past few years, Haddadi is the pinnacle who can really affect the game on both offensive and defensive ends. And Chouzhou’s Dwai’s CIC style is irrelevant. Daehan or Xiaozhu can stay on the court to ensure their height advantage, not to mention that sometimes the third position is 2.5m Zhang Zhenlin, with all Liaoning’s rebounds. If you watch a lot of games, in fact, you will find that Haddadi, Zhou Qi, Liu Chuanxing, and Zhang Zhaoxu are the ones who are most afraid of the inside line with excellent wingspan or strength. Faced with a jumper like Endo who is in his early two meters, he doesn’t suffer at all. Not to mention Xiao Zhu, that wingspan and movement are the nemesis of short insiders. Therefore, in the eyes of the Liaoning team, Endo is not as threatening as Hu Jinqiu. Not to mention the outside line. Shangdawai was the first starting point before Wu. Originally, the scoring efficiency was average this season. The good guys have to face the turn of Zhao Jiwei, Guo Ailun, Fogg, and Mayo. The efficiency can be high. Weird. Don’t overestimate the ability of domestic and foreign players, even if he is an mvp, no matter how strong he is, he will not reach the average level of Xiaowai. It is too difficult to expect a point to drive the whole team, not to mention that Wu Qian’s own control is average. This is the biggest problem as the starting point for holding the ball. If you can’t break through and disrupt the opponent’s defense, it will be difficult to create space for your teammates.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Playing Zhejiang is still what I said before. The start is critical, not tactically, but the referee’s whistle is critical to the start. Teams like Zhejiang and Guangdong are used to stepping on the referee’s baseline to play, and they will start the game at the beginning. Just use the intensity and rhythm. After the referee’s bottom line is reached, the scale of the whistle is controlled in the direction that is favorable for the whole game, and then the whole game is benefited, and then the opponent is defeated with a counterattack. Once the referee is very tough at the beginning, the bottom line is held. Players step on, then they will be very awkward throughout the game, breaking through without a whistle, stealing and counterattack without a strong defensive action, they can only rely on three points, and without a breakthrough kill, the defender will not shrink at all, just stepping on the three-point line defense. The result of the game is predictable and Zhejiang is at the second height and the tonnage of the inside line than Guangdong, so Guangdong is better than Zhejiang. This is also the case for this game. It seems that Zhejiang’s ability to fight back has not been fully restricted, but in fact, the gap lies in it. Just a few whistles in the opening, so we must not underestimate the enemy in the next game. Under a favorable standard of whistleblowing environment, it is not uncommon for Zhejiang to beat us by 20 minutes. I hope that the players in China will guard against arrogance and rashness. Chat afterwards. . . In the end, I still have to praise the Zhejiang fans, stripped of their pants and go around in circles, shameful, and still proud, it’s really not something normal people can do.

6 months ago

Let me talk about the conclusion first, this game is a complete technical knockout win by Liaoning over Zhejiang. As far as the players are concerned, Zhao Jiwei and Guo Ailun headshot the Zhejiang defender one by one in the guard line. Both offensive and defensive aspects are hanging. The consequence is that the Zhejiang guard line has been in a state of collapse when defending. Running around like a cat chasing tennis, Liaoning’s finishing success rate today is not high, otherwise the first half of the game would be spent. Zhejiang’s back line also didn’t help much in the offense. The main reason was poor defense and no chance to switch. Zhao Jiwei’s cba top stealing ability and various flying robberies made Zhejiang’s offense completely out of touch. You can pass the ball near the center line, but you can’t hit it inside. Inside today, Han Dejun and Zhu Rongzhen performed normally, and their strength was one end higher than Zhejiang. They played fairly easily. As for the release of Zhejiang CIC, it was also a helpless move. On the front line, Fu Hao is easy to eat cakes, Wu Qian is hard to support, Zhang Zhenlin seems to have no sense of existence, and he still plays like a good boy in college basketball. There is not much to say in tactics. Liaoning has a zone defense, allowing Zhejiang to shoot at the free throw line, and then go back to the position to fight Zhejiang. Zhejiang failed to crack the tactics in a game, and the Liaoning ball holder was also pressured by his own defensive end. It broke, and fell over without much struggle at all. This game in Zhejiang was a bit disappointing. The overall lack of playoff experience was a bit tight. His style was completely suppressed and there was no bright spot. Even if there are arrow figures like Wu Qian, there are not many tactics and opportunities around him. The two-point shot rate is 60%, but there are only a dozen mobile games, which completely fails to reflect the role of mvp. In the playoffs, stars all over the world chasing the opposite weakness. Just like the last game in Liaoning, when the tone was about to break, the tactics were to cover the running tactics around the two scorers, Fogg and Mayo, and even singled out one-on-one. I hope to see Zhejiang push Liaoning out of this tactic again in the next game, and I also hope that Wu Qian can have the confidence and strength to have more opportunities to attack Liaoning’s defense line. Regardless of winning or losing, a good game is the common wish of fans. Finally, I hope there are fewer off-board moves, talking with the ball, talking with the game, secretly taking pictures, making hot searches, etc. It’s meaningless, very funny.

6 months ago

To put it simply, Zhao Jiwei is a real MVP, both offensive and defensive. Fogg’s offense should be on the initiative, and there is no need to deliberately make a wedding dress. Mayo’s active offensive timing is very good. Fu Hao’s offensive side finally opened up, and the ability to eat cakes still needs to be strengthened. The big son is the player who played the most minutes in Liaoning. He was still dizzy in the first half and found some feeling in the second half, hoping to break the “rookie wall” as soon as possible. Big nephew, I hope you can get back to your form soon. Don’t fight anymore. The MVP of the regular season is in the past tense, and the MVP of the finals is more important. Wu Qian, today’s data is no different from the regular season average data. Liaoning will definitely focus on defending Wu Qian, lacking an outside holding point, and Wu Qian has undertaken too much. Zhu Xuhang feels overwhelming today and tried his best on the defensive end. His ability is indeed limited. Endo, the defensive end is not strong enough, the mid-range shot is very stable, other offensive options are relatively few, the rebound protection is not good, and he is unqualified as a core foreign aid. Wang Yibo, the CBA No. 1 “Desperate Saburo”, unfortunately has limited talent. Zhejiang’s strategy today is problematic. It used Endo to fight against Liaoning and gave up Xiao Kuailing. From the results, it was a mistake. In the next game, Director Liu should change, give up Endor, play five hours with Landsberg, run, and smash Liaoning, just like Guangdong’s first semi-final, regardless of the pros and cons of the inside line, he can only run. Have the opportunity. In the current state of Guo Ailun, Liaoning can’t beat Zhejiang. I don’t understand why the Zhejiang fans madly aimed at Guo Ailun and had no grudges in the near future. Guo Ailun, who entered the middle and late stages of his career, still did not learn to adjust himself on the court, and competed with everyone. He was the strongest point and turned into the X factor. He still cares too much about the MVP of the regular season. I hope he can get out of his mind earlier. Come out, the finals MVP won’t be more enjoyable. Yang Ming and Liu Weiwei are really good friends!

6 months ago

I watched the original soundtrack, so I was confused about the atmosphere of the scene. I didn’t understand the purpose of the Zhejiang fans who came to watch the game. It didn’t seem to be to cheer for their own team, but to come here for Hei Guo Allen. It’s like a short player After breaking the rules for a few times, instead of trying to do a good job on offense and defense, I kept asking the referee to complain about the mistake. Since the opening, I haven’t organized a serious cheering slogan. Guo Ailun shouted “Guo Yifen” while holding the ball. After Guo Ailun left the field, he clamored for Guo Ailun’s change. In the fourth quarter, the score difference was widened. Zhejiang fans had no voices and even ridicules, not to mention the cheering slogans. Liaoning fans were really the whole game. The Zhejiang team has never stopped. There is no support from its own fans. The Zhejiang team hopes that the Zhejiang club can organize the fans who are sincere to cheer for the home team. Regardless of the game process and the result, at least the aura can not be too bad. My Liao fans are indeed too. It is still very comfortable to watch the fierce game. No player was injured, and no player even had a walking violation when making a breakthrough after catching the ball.

6 months ago

Still have to talk about the position first, Liaoning fans. It is a lie to say that the result of the game is expected, but I personally guessed a bit of the tactics. The backcourt of the Liaoning team is absolutely strong, and Zhejiang can’t match it. Zhejiang’s defensive pressure in the backcourt will be very, very heavy. that is the truth. Zhao Jiwei, Foge, Guo Ailun, and Mayo took turns. Because Zhejiang’s defense is very active and punting fiercely, it is not very effective against an extremely experienced backcourt like the Liaoning team. In this important call to criticize the newly promoted MVP Wu Qian, he is often passed by one step, not to mention that the defense is not good, and the offensive efficiency is not very high. After the game, there will be very big doubts. The Zhejiang team’s ability to defend the inside line is also very worrying. The interference faced by the Liaoning team after the sudden entry is very ordinary. Therefore, the Liaoning defender has an unexpectedly good effect whether it is scoring or handing over to the inside to score. Today, whether it is Han Dejun or Fu Hao, scoring is not as difficult as when facing the inside combination of Hu Jinqiu and Xu Zhonghao of Guangsha team. It can be said that Zhejiang’s internal hardness is completely insufficient. But it’s not all to blame for the inside players, the outside defense is really bad. Because I don’t watch Zhejiang football too much, I think Cheng Shuipeng’s absence will have a big impact on Zhejiang. What impressed me the Zhejiang team was not Zhu Xuhang, who made three-pointers against the defenders in a row today. On the contrary, Endo left me a particularly deep impression. This figure is simply a demon, this wingspan, this dribble, there is a little Durant feeling. Of course, Zhu Xuhang played very resolutely today and played very well. Seven out of ten for three-pointers. You must know that many of his three-pointers are against the defenders. They are good, but I guess he might face an increase in defensive intensity in the next game. The first achievement of the Liaoning team today must be credited to Zhao Jiwei. Three points and series are excellent. Being chased at the end of the game is also quite a sweat. But after all, the fans of the Liaoning team are all people who came from filling the huge pit, so they should not have much reaction. Today, Fu Hao is really tough. I personally think that Zhejiang’s inside line is not hard enough. Today, the Liaoning team entered the state very quickly, which is worthy of praise and improved the problem of slow heat. Today I won 20 full rebounds. The offensive rebounds and the backcourt protection did a good job. Liaoning’s last few offensive rebounds today were all made by guards. In the past, Gao Shiyan was the most rebounding guard of the Liaoning team. So today’s fight for rebounds is what the Liaoning team did well. The Liaoning team’s shortcomings are not without. Zhu Rongzhen and the Liaoning team have become more adept with each other, and their attitude is still very positive, but the shortcomings are also very obvious. The pick-and-rolls are completely ineffective and the pick-and-roll tactics are basically ineffective. The defense is also difficult to come out. Although relying on the super long wingspan, the ability to block shots is outstanding, but the body is too thin, and the defense is not particularly trustworthy. Guo Ailun’s state is much better than on the court, but the outside line is basically in a state of refusing to shoot, so he is still looking for state. As for the problem of chatting with referees endlessly, it is not a day or two. However, I feel that there has been a lot of recent events, and his psychological state is indeed ups and downs. I feel that he is a little sensitive now, and as a fan, he can only support him silently. But he, as the absolute main force of the team, is actually irrational. In general, today Zhejiang completely failed to play the third place in the league. At both ends of the offense and defense, the Liaoning team was unable to fight back. His own game rhythm was not found at all, and the inside and outside lines were relatively bad. Their state is in desperate need of adjustment, after all, the next game will have to fight back. The Liaoning team performed very well today and prepared very well before the game. Former Zhejiang Men’s Basketball consultant Jiang Xingquan Jiang is sitting on the bench. The core players played very well, and relying on the regular season for the full training of the lineup, the personnel rotation is quite abundant. Foreign aid Tyler and Liu Zhixuan and Cong Mingchen are sitting on the bench in such effective rotations. But after all, it is not the end of the game, I believe they will not get overwhelmed. I also believe that they will not be affected by the so-called outside moves. Finally, it is the selfishness of Liaoning fans. I hope the Liaoning team will play better. Come on, Liaoning team!

6 months ago

Seeing the end of the second quarter, there is no suspense. Wu Qian’s mvp water is so good. In the face of Zhao Jiwei, the gap between offense and defense is obvious. Guo Ailun did not attack. He said that the defense is much worse than the Commission for Discipline Inspection, giving Zhejiang multiple open opportunities. , Liaoning should still use more rotation. At this level, Liu Zhixuan Cong Mingchen should play more, and Zhang Zhenlin should still be more confident when he takes more shots to face Guangdong, and he should have more strengths.

6 months ago

Zhao Jiwei deserves to be Paul of Anshan. Today, I convinced me. I always felt that Zhao Jiwei’s three-point shot was unstable. I didn’t expect that the two games looked very confident and stable. Zhejiang has entered the semi-finals for the first time in history. I think the management should be satisfied, but the fans are not satisfied. I always feel that Zhejiang is not as weak as Shandong. Zhejiang should be a veritable semi-final. From the second half, the more I watch it, the more boring it gets, and it makes people doze off. Zhejiang has been stunned by Liaoning since the first quarter. The gap in the inside line is too big. Han Dejun takes what he wants from the inside line. He fights one and Fu Hao fights one. Even Zhu Rongzhen can’t resist Zhejiang, who even came up to fight. If Zhejiang still wants to win this series, Qian Wu, as the elder brother of the team, must respond. This is also your way for Qian Wu from the regular season MVP to the finals MVP; Zhejiang must shoot three-pointers as stable as Zhu Xuhang. No one defended you within three meters from the bottom corner of Lu Wenbo. He made five shots and five strikes; Zhejiang can try to pester Guo Ailun, but Guo Ailun’s temper makes him suspended for one game is not a problem. Ugh! As soon as I walked towards the unprecedented Tiger Mountain, I saw the light through the clouds. Liaoning is still thinking: You fell down before I tried hard!

6 months ago

I still have one day to win a rebound. Doge congratulations to my next game. Generally speaking, it’s easier than I thought. I was a little worried about Endor, but now it seems that I want to. Too much, is Qingdao too weak? If nothing else, Yang Ming’s time to call the timeout is more timely than Wu Qinglong. This adjustment speed will make it difficult for the Liao basketball team, which is strong on paper, to be defeated. In addition, looking at the rotation of the Liao basketball team now, one can rest assured, all of them are the main players. Little rough is almost stable, Guo Ailun’s state is obviously better than the previous game, very optimistic about winning Zhejiang in two games.

6 months ago

This game Liaoning completely suppressed Zhejiang, the whole game did not give Zhejiang too many opportunities. The first is the tactical problem of the coach. Yang Ming’s change of defensive strategy, the defensive pressure on Wu Qian, and the offensive lineup are all doing well. On the other hand, Liu Weiwei, too much for Wu Qian to guard against Zhao Jiwei, is considered an unwise move and consumes too much. The second is the performance of the core players. Zhao Jiwei played well in this game, efficient and calm, and set the tone at the beginning. However, Wu’s defensive pressure in front of him is quite satisfactory and he does not have many opportunities. However, Zhu Xuhang’s performance is eye-catching, he has the qualities of a killer, and the overall strength can still be seen that Liaoning is stronger. As a result, I believe that both sides can accept it. There was a small detail in the game. I don’t know if I paid attention to it. Guo Ailun was replaced. He was very dissatisfied. He felt that he should be on the court at a critical moment. He also argued with Yang Ming. We don’t know much about it. Who is right? What do you guys think? ? I personally feel that the historical conclusion is that none of the winning teams has a bad internal atmosphere, unless the strength is too strong, can Liaoning defeat Guangdong to win the championship? How should Guo Ailun position it? Wait and see.

6 months ago

-I heard that there is an mvp in the two teams that played today. It must be from the winning team, right? -No, the mvp team lost and was behind by more than 20 points at most.-Oh, that’s okay, just perform well. Is that the one with the most points in that team or the one with the most efficient? -No, mvp scored 5 of 13 in this game and scored 18 points-this ratio. Did he score more three-pointers-no, 2 of 8 three-pointers and 6 free throws-so he led the local scoring this season? The team’s record in the league? Personal data explosion? Do you play well in international competitions? Leading China to win? At least it’s the same, so why give him mvp? -It might be the hairline to win

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