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Ren Yinpeng: Oh my God, why is this person so emperor? Even if you don’t have the strength, you still have a bad face every day. — The child was really toasted, what a lovely child, Ruan Ruan Nuo, he admired and worked hard, full of loyalty and affection. 2. Boyuan: Actually, I didn’t have a bad impression at the beginning. I just felt that the appearance in the practice room was too ordinary, and there was no characteristic. After reading the issue of Yigong, I didn’t even remember the names of these two characters——- A male model Lamborghini is handsome and flying! Is this still the average middleman in the practice room? Is such an outstanding person a backing king? Love it. Later, some materials were arched into the pit vertically to open the road of clay sculpture (bushi) 3. Lin Mo: This is really not good at first. Because it was originally a popular player, before the show started, many Lou Si answered some related questions (I didn’t say Lou and Lou Si are embarrassed! I know a little about their previous things, but this does not prevent me from getting around. Good road, Lin Mo!), so the impression is not very good, and Momo does not grow in my aesthetic point. In addition, Lin Mo is really a bit “exaggerated” sometimes. For example, when Yi Han took the support of the king, only Lin Mo exaggeratedly stood up and applauded… I felt embarrassed to watch. But then I really felt that this was a treasure! Almighty ACE, there is a romantic and sensitive heart behind the comedian~ Now the more I look at his exaggerated small movements, the more I like it~ 4. Xie Xingyang: Actually, it didn’t look bad at the beginning, just that he said the cross talk was too embarrassing. . And the strength is not good, but after Meijuan cue him, when he sat on the seat to compare her heart, I thought how this kid is so cute! After the second creation, the degree of goodwill has increased again. At the end of Yishun, the candy was super sweet and broke my defense. At the second of the 404, he was the only one left. When he cried with his mouth collapsed, he broke the defense for me… What a good kid! 5. Zhou Keyu: There was no impression at the beginning, because his looks did not poke me, and his strength did not poke me particularly. Later, smoking + emperor, the favorability down. Later, I discovered that the prince was really good and well-educated. Every time he spoke in order, his favorability improved a little.


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7 months ago

Lin Mo should be considered one too. His initial stage did not make me feel amazing, nor did he look good. On the contrary, some of his reactions made me feel a little deliberate. When I saw the first cosplay of his Oshima Diaries, I found that he was really comical. Then I saw a male, loverboy-88. I saw him. The whole person and the stage are completely integrated. It is not an exaggeration to say that I was born idol. He chose to challenge himself to choose the rap group, of course, his strength is indeed not as good as ak, cup, and ask. But let’s be brave to challenge. Those few words of his lyrics brainwashed me for a week, and I just screamed unconsciously all day: I jumped out of my circle, said I was on the wrong side, and I flew to the sky in anger… …. Then there are his other series of Oshima Diary, which makes me feel that his character is too bright, too rich and full. His little poems, his photographs, and some of his weird ideas made me want to see what he still has.

7 months ago

The passers-by who entered the pit by Mr. Li… After being amended by his friend, Mr. Li came to create 2021 with the mentality of watching the excitement and editing. The original intention was Zanwan! Then I found out that these younger brothers are really treasure boys… Oscar bear, I was wrong! Before I was a black Oscar, I thought there was no Oscar fan in reality, and it felt strange…get he discovered in the editing later that he is a very sincere and ridiculous big bear, and his personality contrast is too cute. Up! ! Sangong saw him and said, “My fans like me, why should I be scolded by you? What kind of scolding is directed at me. I think it’s a real man, and the more you use it, the easier it gets, from black fans to real fans. 2. Zeng Hanjiang initially felt that he and ak could really pack away together, and the rapper should not come to stir up the boy group. Later, I got AK and Boiling Yangyang together (slapped face)… Boiling Yangyang is really cute and simple! The character is too terrible, and he is also a sincere boy with a bright eye. It’s a pity to stop here. Not your last stage cup! 3. At first, AK Liu Zhang felt that it was really embarrassing that the rapper kept talking about programs that invited me to come. And it looks average. The apology letter is also embarrassing. Later I found out that the plastic Japanese in the dormitory between him and Sanmaru was so cute! It’s a simple kid who didn’t grow up. “It will be interesting” This feeling is too cute. I feel that AK really has a very good relationship with many people, and sincerely hopes that everyone is well. He is a very good boy protected by the family, right? Only by being honest and courageous can you say what you want to say and apologize frankly. Knock and fly! 4. Zhou Keyu thought he was pretending before. There has been no get. Until saw the werewolf kill. My God, the logical thinking is clear, the speech is eloquent and not inciting, it is too fanciful. I also paid attention to one detail, Zhou Keyu’s hands are really good-looking! Seeing that the hands are so good-looking, it sucks fans…Recently, I have nothing to do because of the epidemic. Last year, the true feelings chased you 2, and this year the true feelings chased creation!

7 months ago

Zhou Keyu didn’t get it when I watched the first issue, and felt that his singing and dancing skills seemed to be average. He didn’t even vote for him when he was 11pick at first. It felt too tall and thin, and it was a little weird to dance. At that time, many people said he was the emperor, and his impression was not very good. Later, a male radio let me go into the pit vertically! Really, I really like this kind of gentle scum feeling. Oshima Diary and derivative programs make me like it even more. I have always had no resistance to smart people. He is really smart and has high double quotients. If my younger brother goes back to school later, he will definitely develop well.

7 months ago

When AK Liu Zhangchu was on the stage, he felt that his appearance was weird and not cute, and he was not mad. Although it was more special, there was no memory, and the work he sang was just like that. I think it was amazing compared to the previous ones. As far as the college is concerned, even if the impression is not good. Later, when I looked at the original for the additional test, I thought it was a bit nice. I somehow found the famous song “This Year…” on Station B. It was too explosive, too handsome, and too awesome. I didn’t listen to much rap, but He loves a few of his songs very much, and even with the thick filters and his second creation, the second public, and some prepared speeches, after watching many of his debut shows, he is really a A person who can express himself and has depth, and raps, good words, really good, self-contained, I love to listen too much. I have seen some controversies about him in many places. I think the idols themselves are themselves, and fans are bystanders after all. It is enough to appreciate his own brilliance, works, or leisurely teasing. They will do it for Fans make each other’s achievements, but try not to change themselves. Isn’t a child who grows up to the outside world a puppet? Even if pure white is temporarily contaminated by ink and the background color remains the same, it is after all appearances. And after the look, he has lost all kinds of weight, I think he is so handsome! Good milk! Good sister! so cute! So interesting! Yes, many of his gestures are inborn habits, really cute, hahaha…

7 months ago

1. Ren Yinpeng At the beginning, singing was not good and dancing was bad, and he even grabbed Riki’s backing king. How can you be! Down with beautiful waste, down with fish catchers! Later, ah, it turns out that you are a Riki powder head. Ah, it turns out that you like Riki so much and often work with him and shoot Oshima Diaries together. Ah, as long as you like Riki, you are my forever friend. Ah, I hope you can make your debut to protect our natural Riki teacher~ We need to arrange more Riki parties into the debut team! 2. At the very beginning, Oscar just didn’t attract fans, just didn’t like it. I was angry when I even won the anger in the werewolf killing. Later, Xiong Xiong was so cute! Don’t be shy, flaming! Smile flamingly! Help, I’m out of love, and I’ll be sad if I don’t make my debut.

7 months ago

Zhou Ke Yun, although he has not yet reached the point of flying away, Zhou Keyu’s home is currently one of the only Weibo super chats that I pay attention to. At the beginning, I didn’t even get the face of the prince’s grandfather. From time to time I swiped my mobile phone and mentioned his topic. I had some black question marks. After all, I had almost no sense of existence. Later, after the e-cigarette incident, I felt that he was self-conscious. Management is not very good. Personally, I have no objection to friendly and polite smokers. I was also a smoker before. As far as I know, the problem of e-cigarette smoking indoors is actually not that serious, and srds certainly does not recommend it. But even so, I still felt that Zhou Keyu was not good at self-management, because he was on the show and he had fans. At least he had to go to the toilet to smoke and don’t be filmed. Who knows which little idiots should learn from him, after all, when I was a young stupid I think the smoker is handsome. Then, the turning point came. It was like someone commenting on the US election. If you want to ask why you chose Biden, the reason may not be how well you think Biden can do it. You just hate Trump too much. I’m a very rebellious person. After the Second Shun, Zhou Keyu was sniped every day. I couldn’t help but pay more and more attention to him. I occasionally visited his house and took a look at the pictures. Tencent will also look at his camera twice when it is updated. . You must know that when I watched the update before, I basically fast forward everything except the students of my p. Then I suddenly felt: 1. Ah, the prince is really handsome, and the little glasses are welded to my face 2. Why is the prince so tall? Is it really not 1.9 meters? 3. Zhou Keyu is quite polite 4. This The child is really personable, and the speech is really comfortable to listen to. 5. Ke Kezi dances well, and his learning ability is so strong that the quantitative changes have accumulated on the San Gong stage. He puts on the hat of the black sweater, walks forward with his head down, raising his eyes, and flowing smoothly. rap. Oh my god, kill mad, kill mad, I got it. From then on, what do I think about Zhou Keyu’s pleasing to the eye? I joined the army of repeaters. I watched the video clips every day: I don’t care if I want Zhou Keyu or Zhou Keyu or Zhou Keyu… As for him smoking, I also see it. After all, his fans are very likable. If they didn’t go to forcibly whitewash, they would be recognized by the diss. This kind of attitude is very good. He himself is only a nineteen-year-old child, so he can only grow up by making mistakes. When I was young, I was a bastard with two to five to eighty thousand a day, and now he is not decent. Compared with me, Ke Kezi can evaluate the three good students. I would also like to thank a certain fan who has been dissing Zhou Keyu for letting me get this rebellious criticism to Zhou Keyu, a young man who really deserves to be gentle and elegant. As for why I didn’t say raging? Because I liked raging from the beginning! Before many people yygq had no live fans, I really wanted to refute, but I was afraid of being sniped. Okay now, you all know that Xiong Xiong is warm, generous and cute!

7 months ago

Oh. It’s Boyuan. It’s not a bad impression, but the impression has changed a lot. To be honest, when I first saw it, I thought like this: Is 27 old? (Look carefully) But let alone it’s really old, and the skin is not very good. emmm…what an ordinary look, is he one of those people who say “plain looks but fantasizes about making a debut”? . But seeing a public stage, the impression was overturned. Not because of styling. It was his stage that made me feel enthusiasm. It was a passion to burn my life on the stage. (I personally feel that he has a good voice, and he also injects emotional expression, which is relatively rare…) To be honest, this emotion is very contagious. In those few minutes, I felt that I had the courage to live a good life. At that time, my impression of idol groups changed. I watched the rest of the show with respect. . To be honest, I think it is, as long as his stage can infect me, what does it matter if he is not outstanding enough! There are thousands of beautiful little flowers, but it doesn’t really make a big difference. It doesn’t matter whether he has fox eyes or peach eyes or Danfeng eyes, there is no difference in myopic eyes… If you can touch me and bring me a positive emotional experience, then even if you look Generally, I don’t mind anymore. I personally feel that this is not a strong mentality. In fact, what I really care about is their level of investment in the stage.

7 months ago

Wu Hai. A publicly selected song said that he had deliberately avoided Zando and Riki. until! When the second male! Wu Hai, do you know how fragrant you are! Why avoid them! Do you know that I madly scolded myself for being clumsy when I was my second man because I didn’t notice you in my first show and my first man! Wu Hai is too cute; he is also very kind. When he left, he gave his roommates the most sincere blessings, hugged Liu Yuheng and Patrick, and helped them clean up their beds. Who refused to accept the werewolf killing when the camper was in another dimension! I’m so good at it, I admire it! Also, it looks so small, but it’s already so powerful! Really don’t poke! Although you did not stay in the finals, it doesn’t matter! Keep going!

7 months ago

Zhou Keyu. I didn’t have any impression on the stage at the beginning, so I remember wearing glasses during the interview. For this glasses controller, this person is okay. But that’s it. After that, because of the electronic cigarette, I still laughed at him in my heart, just take care of myself, and still smoke. I can’t hide the cigarette now, and I can’t hide my sister-in-law in the future hahahahahaha. I think this person should be out of play. result! A male came, and the gold-rimmed glasses were really crazy. Before the radio, I saw the brother who was visiting the gold-rimmed glasses smirking next door. As soon as the radio came out, the three words “Go Crazy” were the true portrayal of me. How can someone wear glasses so good-looking! How can someone wear my least favorite purple so beautiful! So far, I started to cycle the radio straight shot before going to bed every day. Indeed, Zhou Keyu’s strength is not outstanding enough, this still needs more practice. There are flaws in the facial features, but so what? In my aesthetics, the flaws are not concealed. Finally, the week of the finals, the younger brother had a bad foot, and then it was said that his father had a problem. The true feeling of first love Xiufen is really heartbroken. Wait for an answer.

7 months ago

Too much, alright AK what? After scolding nine percent, Xiufen is staring at you…Huh? No, this child’s Three Views are too upright, right? His voice is too loud, and his progress is too fast, right? White wolf in a different dimension? What kind of fairy stage is on the top of the peak, I love it; Zhou Keyu, wow, so handsome… I smoked, so let’s not make an appointment, wait, is the other dimension so good-looking? IQ is still so high, character is still so good, CP is too much, I can’t get out at station b, forget it, as long as you quit smoking, you can talk about Lilu Xiu who is this? What the hell is this hairstyle? Why is it a transcript? Oh, it’s okay, another dimension, when you change your hairstyle, will you change everyone? The ninth issue of handsome guys will have magazines when you come out. Lee Teacher, I can Lin Mo. Before the show started, Lin Mo should be the one most criticized by fans. I saw that this kid was a bit ugly, ah, his strength was not bad. Then I watched the lover boy in my circle 20 times on a public stage, and then there is no one. Well, most of them have always liked or have no feelings. Of course, the favorites are Maruko Zan Domika and Ma Qinglian, Xiao Jiu Yin Haoyu Gan Wangxing Fu Sichao Wu Yuheng, etc. They all have a good intuitive sense (too many I didn’t write them one by one. I like them anyway.) The two pictures I like very much. It hurts when I think of someone engaging in the biography of Zhen Huan in the brothers’ company.

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