Today I deliberately turned over and found that I have played a lot. 1. The famous “Breath of the Wilderness of Zelda”, how can I say it, too free, the map is too big, a person will feel a little lonely, I am quite afraid….2. “Animal Crossing Friends” with friends Still very good. 3. “Peeling” has passed the craze when I played it, and I didn’t play it very much. The freshness passed quickly. 4. “Mario Party” pushes strongly! There are so many mini-games in it, and it’s a loss to sell 300. 5. “Big Smash Bros.” Game Museum, even if I pick my feet, I bought a copy and it’s okay to fight with friends. 6. It’s the first time to play such a unique shooting game in “Spray”. I dived into the gyroscope to be familiar with the interface without Chinese. It took two to three hundred hours to relax. 7. “Pokémon Sword and Shield” is too good for me to play against, but I still have a thought, I bought both versions… and I was in a bad mood. 8. “Ma Made 2” Duck, Ma Hua’s online battle experience is really poor. You can follow other cards, but the single-player group of hundred is still very difficult and challenging. 9. “Fitness Ring” is really interesting, but I prefer to play real games. If the tens of billions of subsidies are very cheap, it is recommended to rush to avoid eating and bleeding. 10. The process of “Mario Odyssey” is not very long, right? It will work in a few days, but! but! but! Every world is worth a few more days! ! Lao Ren’s gameplay is really high, and every hidden thing is fun to find. When I find it, I have a sense of accomplishment. It’s the top 3 in my heart. 11. “October Traveler” I, I, I, may not have enough brains, I can’t play. I understand too much, I eat ashes for ten hours. 12. “Ultimate Storm 4” is fun, but there is no need to play on the ns platform. I think the only advantage compared to PC is that the vibration is very good. 13. “One Piece Warriors 4” I haven’t played for an hour… I don’t like the Wushuang category. 14. “The Witcher 3” this is great, great, and fun! But the ns function is really not suitable for playing this. If it weren’t for the pc to be dismantled by me, wouldn’t it be more fragrant if the steam was thirty or forty yuan. Are you right? 15. The early stage of “Luigi’s Mansion 3” is really interesting, it is hidden everywhere, but the disadvantage is that it feels repetitive in the back. 16. “Monster Hunter Rise” is here. It allowed me to play 50 hours of games a week. This game is so friendly to me! so fun! I can also hunt dragons as happy as the big guys, oh yeah! Moreover, the characters are much more beautiful than the previous ones, so good, so good. 17. “Strange Hunting xx gu” buy the one above ↑ 18. Many people on “Hollow Knight” said that this is difficult, I think it is just right, it will not let you keep figuring out the strange pattern and be able to beat it, and the sense of accomplishment is bursting. Eh! And it’s very cheap Brazilian service twenty or forty, buy it! 19. “Azure” Azure, teacup head, hollow knight, and called Xiaobai friendly to play the game. Hey, I think I am a person who likes to operate. Azure A side is still a shark. I have more than 3,000 times, and B side has not been cleared yet. , Azure is different from Hollow Knight. In Azure, every time you jump, sprint success, you will have a great sense of accomplishment, for which you are willing to spend several hours, perhaps just for that short scene. 20. “Dead Cell” 2018’s tga best action game is here, and Hades downstairs is the best action of 2020. The difficulty is really hard core, why those big five-cells are so easy I can die when I go out, but it’s really delicious and fun, the uncertainty of every round will always make you look forward to this one. can pass, ns on the smooth blow with the portability became my most played games outside, hands pressed together king storm hit the corner bar to 21. “Hades” too fond of this, this, fighting super gorgeous smooth , Different blessings are matched together with many weapon forms and there are many different styles of play. The characters inside are super distinctive and super attractive, but he seems to be more liver than dead cells~22. “Carriage 8” said above. Dropped… As the most sold game on ns (it seems to be horn), it is also the first game I bought. Although I always lead the way and get beaten by various props and then be overtaken, but step by step The process of becoming a boss is really satisfying. 23. “Neon Abyss” is very suitable for ns games, but it seems that there is a problem with the porting. Some boss battles start to drop frames when they are a little more gorgeous. Hey! So many bullets are so hard to dodge and frames are dropped! And often, after the settlement is completed, the software error is forced to close the game…. Don’t make a fracture or something, or don’t enter it, the mouse and keyboard are more convenient to aim. 24. “Anonymous Goose” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha The person who made this game is really a genius, you can go to see how interesting the video is and you will definitely want to buy it after watching it hahahaha. 25. The reading time of “Little Nightmare” is very long and the process is not very long. It is enough to watch the video. I, I, I am more afraid. I dare to play with my classmates, and now I don’t dare to play II alone. I didn’t buy it, but it is said that the second generation has been optimized quite well, and there is no longer reading disk. 26. “Mario Mad Rabbit” is a weird battle flag game. I played it for over ten hours. It’s kind of interesting, but it’s just a little bit. 27. “Farming Simulator” said that this game is boring, but I am so happy to farm hahahaha, check the Raiders every day how to grow my baby rice, the harvest feels great! 28. “Aerobic Boxing 2” recently bought, hurt, too! tired! Up! Oh, I don’t have to fight out and I can’t judge it. I was sweating for a while, and the effect of losing weight should be okay, but my arm hurts the next day. 29. “Break Up and Move” is too difficult, too difficult, too difficult, it’s really fun to play with your family, but you can’t beat it later. That’s it for the time being, I bought these myself, and there are many others that are fun but not suitable for me. If you enter Rise, be sure to bring your children. The double-knife back rubbing master is too difficult.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Not a big brother, an ordinary hobbyist. Send a picture to prove that I bought it. And now the price of the game has dropped. 1. Mario Odyssey This version of Mario has a lot of small moves, but cute and loving, I don’t want to spoil you, because only you find out that there will be small surprises. And if you want to solve puzzles, you can solve puzzles. You can run and play if you want to show up. You can do it when you want to show. I feel that Mario is very suitable to open the game the first two days to play crazy and want to rest, and then go online every day for a while and then go offline for two full moons, extending my love for it. Because I’m the kind of person who will get tired of playing crazy games, I prefer to play games with punch cards. 2. Zelda Breath of the Wild is full of maps! casual! run! Go wherever you want! Do what you want! When you ride your horse across the river, the green sea is rippling, and behind you are three or four big monsters wielding maces, screaming and stomping. The scenery is very beautiful. After I woke up, I climbed out and saw the shock of the vast sky and dense thin grass. I slid down and saw the woods. I finally saw the soft snow-capped mountains. The first time I went in, I didn’t realize there was a road next to me, and I ran. Go to the lake to see if there is any ice, if you can walk across the lake. In it, you are a little devil full of exploration desire and lawlessness. But your heart can be softened by some small details… I will never spoil you! You must play by yourself to realize the joy of it. I think this game is lonely and not lonely. Old Linke has been alone for a hundred years. (He woke up and was unfamiliar with this world, as if you entered this world as a stranger, as if no one has anything to do with you, this world has nothing to do with you. There is nothing in this world. He doesn’t like talking and has no expression. But following the plot, you will know that many friends love him and others admire him, oh yes, and the masked banana persistently assassinated. And when you experience happiness in the game, You will know that the whole world accompanies you, because the world is built for you. But people in this world have their own lives every day like the real world, and they don’t just live for you. Hey, I think it’s true if you play games. If you really want to play, you will get another kind of scenery, which is still very interesting. [Suddenly you can also set fire to the mountains, fried fish, dig eggs, cook soup (mist) and barbecue, look down at the cute girl, look up at the fish, and Not far from the initial platform is my wife. I played this game in many places where I was very hard-headed, and I found out when I surfed the internet that it turned out that the big guy did it. This game is fun enough to play by myself according to my own exploration desires. It’s interesting to watch various fairy show operations on the Internet and try it by myself. I bought a card and want to play piracy because I want to play sister Link… [Ah, is this the damn sweetness of piracy games? 3. Haunted house 3 dishes The chicken is speechless, fun is really fun, but for me this is harder than Yoshi, I died twice about playing the piano, and I was so angry at night, dbq, I’m not good at it, and my mentality is not good. The puzzle is also, Sometimes I didn’t turn my head, and I didn’t think of which way I should go, I kept stuck there. But once I win or know how to do it, I’m so happy! The green hat is timid and scared, in order to save my brother, He picked up the vacuum cleaner and smashed the cute little ghosts everywhere to grab gold coins, the wicked and the villains [hold fist 4. Full dance is suitable for multiplayer. It’s so miserable. Single player, like a silly. You don’t understand. It’s the kind of happiness that a person is embarrassed and wants to play, the more embarrassing the more fascinated, the more exciting it is, especially when you dance house dancing, you can’t laugh silently, I would like to call it the best way to please yourself! And it’s over! Embarrassment, will be relaxed, a mysterious “humiliation can no longer be lost” power will fill your body, allowing you to gain endless confidence. The only annoying point is that I finally danced after a few days Realizing that how to set the standard of movement is to check the rhythm of the melody, but I can’t find the rhythm. This is still a listening game??? horrible, and the limbs are not coordinated without learning to dance. Knowing where the next action is. It’s not a little bit stronger than your body coordination but not keeping up with the rhythm. Others said: “The beat is obvious. Look, the action here is changed from 4 beats to one action, da da da da, Oh, now 42 is da- da da, understand? You have to listen carefully to catch its beat. It’s useless to jump blindly.” A sturdy man of 1.8 meters and eight performed the girl group dance in front of me after a demonstration. , Actually looks better than my posture, because his movements are all stuck to the beat, inexplicably rhythmic. I admit that for a moment I really wanted to learn music theory, this damn intellectual anxiety. 5. Yoshi’s The handmade world Yoshi is so cute. Although I played the game with a blank face, it was really fun. 20 hours of slow clearance hahahahahahaha. I play a small level for 14 minutes a day, which is simply a gospel for busy people, and it is also very decompressive. This is very suitable for people who don’t have four or five hours a day to concentrate on the game world. It can let you quickly enter the game world and be happy, and you can leave immediately when you are busy. What I didn’t expect is that the cutest one is actually Cool Overlord. 6. Ranch Story Doraemon mining, cutting trees, knocking rocks, fishing, catching insects, growing vegetables, cooking, teasing girls, sending things, picking eggs, sucking cats, rua dogs, chucking rabbits, feeding whales, cutting Wool, milking, bristles. Busier than in reality. But you can also enjoy leisure and entertainment. I am now for leisure and entertainment. Every morning I dig mine or catch insects, choose one of them, and run around in the afternoon to go fishing and fish, and to pour vegetables in the evening. Every time I set a small goal and try to achieve it, it’s fun, and I get bored without a goal for a few days. 7. Zelda Wushuang If you like Zelda, you must buy this. The Link and the little princess are too cute, and you can also control the fish pendulum to kill the Quartet and spend money to buy a plot series. 8. Fitness ring I think I have lost weight… [Even if I don’t want to go to the plot to do sports and fight monsters by touching my chin, I can still run and do exercises in small games. I like its targeted training. And using this to play inexplicably has a sense of ritual. 9. Splatoon 2 Hey, the net here is not good, so I have not been able to play, I want to play… 10. Animal Crossing friends will give it a face! A pile of clothes in my house! All for my little people! Hahahahahahahaha, what I like most is to buy clothes that I think suit my islanders and give them to them. Help, they are really cute. I will also give them umbrellas that suit their room color style. I really like Jasmine. She always wears the little dress that I give her. Although the rooms in front of my islanders were all model houses, I couldn’t bear to let them go. Every time I refused, huh. Sometimes I look for my islander. If he is not at home, I will feel sad because I want to share nice little clothes with her as soon as possible. Playing Dongsen honestly will really make you feel like you are at home on your own island. When running on the island, there is also a feeling of “this is the country I laid down” hahahahahahaha, anyway, running around on the island is very happy to see the little animals doing everything. 11. Persona 5 My husband’s nth number one in the world. It’s interesting to watch him play p5s, but I’m not interested. I think it’s not suitable for playing in switch, but the game itself is fun: The Witcher 3: The ratio of people to houses is too weird, or I hope it’s a normal ratio. Games that I don’t think are fun: 1. The Legend of Fenix: Absolutely Before buying, he said that he wanted to play very much, thinking it was the Assassin’s Creed version of Zelda. After clicking on the game, a strong Ubisoft flavor rushed over his face. Which is the Assassin’s Creed version of Zelda, which is clearly Assassin’s Creed, I laughed to death by the side, and he shut down the game desperately. “They said that Fenix ​​copied Zelda, these two games can’t be said to be exactly the same, they can only say…” “Can only say?” “It doesn’t matter.” 2. Apocalypse of Courage 2: Hmm…I I don’t think I’m suitable for playing RPG now, or the plot style is not suitable for me. It’s a brainstorming game, but the setting on the map to cut grass and pick up drops is very interesting. I mow the grass for 20 minutes. I can’t forget to stop and do the main storyline. The dialogue throughout the game was so slurred and pretending to be forced, which caused me a headache. I wanted to watch the plot carefully, but I was dissuaded from it. It’s not that you don’t let you pretend to be literary and artistic. “Amala Kingdom: Punishment” does a good job. The stories of modern poetry language are very well written. It’s good that every sentence has the ability to accurately describe the words and thoughts that have been implemented in the real place. I like the game screen very much. I would rather translate it literally, “Put away those little flower intestines”, at least I think it is normal.

5 months ago

1. Fitness ring adventure (exclusive) Since its launch, the fitness ring has been in short supply, and the price has soared, and even sold out. This is very suitable for Jimei who are too lazy to exercise but want to lose weight. It is a perfect combination of games and fitness and entertainment, and it is a way to go through levels. With authentic Chinese, it can really achieve a slimming effect. If you are talking to me If you have exercise dysfunction, I suggest you give it a try. There will be big surprises. 2. Rise of Monster Hunter; Nintendo Switch Japan Edition​Monster Hunting Limited Set + game redemption code, new products are on the market, may need to be snapped up. This is a masterpiece. It is well known that the console follows the game, so many people fall into the Switch because of it. Personally, I think Weird Hunter has opened a new era on Switch, with comfortable picture quality + smooth hitting + monster fighting ecosystem + seamless map, which is a perfect game experience. And Monster Hunting is a very social game. It’s so pleasant to abuse dragons online with your friends and listen to the songs and dance with the dragons. 3. Super Mario Racing 8 (exclusive) is a strong push. I got into the pit when I watched the game pk in the TV series. The main prop is the game of speed. It is very suitable for playing props and pitting each other in a multi-person gathering, and the atmosphere is very good. 4. The Animal Crossing Friends Club (exclusive) sale directly caused Nintendo’s stock price to soar. I bought it to see how fun it is to make the stock price up to 70%? It’s almost doubled. You said it’s not terrible. Dongsen can be said to be the masterpiece of making Switch out of the circle. It has attracted many Jimeis who don’t play games at all. They bought the Switch one after another, and they also bought the limited version of Dongsen. The biggest feature of Dongsen is that everyone can play their own style. You can indulge in decoration, hunting, and various artworks. Everyone’s gameplay is different. It can be understood as creating another parallel dynamic world. After playing, forget the time. After one year of release, it rushed to the second place in the sales ranking, which is quite terrible. . Oh, by the way, the cassette of this game is not easy to buy now, so I can only buy the digital version. 5. The Legend of Zelda’s Breath of the Wild is also a magical work. Switch players entered the pit, and many people bought the Switch to play it. “Never save the princess” has conquered almost all players, “more than 100 “Temples + 900+ ahhaha” can be played forever.

5 months ago

Strongly push 10 models! 1. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Zelda is number one in the world! 2. “All-Star Super Smash Bros.” fighting game masterpiece! There are many classic characters, scene switching, and the picture is still very shocking. 3. “Mario Kart 8” is a masterpiece of racing! Recommend it! 4. “Just Dance” dance fitness class, very popular. 5. “Assemble! Animal Forest Friends Club” Leisurely raise the liver and play with friends. 6. “Dragon Quest: Builders 2” is fun, just buy it! 7. “Reversal Referee 1-3” AVG text detective solves the mystery, and the difficulty is also available. 8. “Civilization 6” historical round strategy category, you can understand if you like it. 9. There are many types of mini games in “World Games 51”, which is very interesting! 10. The game content of “Xiandu Excalibur 2” is quite rich and fun. It is still recommended to play the Switch platform exclusively, after all, other platforms can’t play it.

5 months ago

Personal direction, for reference only. 1. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I personally think that the sky in the game. A game with a strong sense of immersion and immersion. The real physics engine, the exquisite style (except for the dropped frame forest), the map with extremely high degree of freedom, it is a game that you can’t help but keep playing even though you are lonely. After entering the dlc, it will break through 400 hours. 2. Mario Odyssey. Hakoi explores the pinnacle of the game. Infinite creativity and rich imagination. It was the first time that I entered the 2D world from the 3D world and got goose bumps all over my body, and my heart was moved. It seems to have returned to childhood. People can’t help but explore Nintendo’s hidden eggs. 3. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo. I am not a fan of fighting games because of a handicap. But Super Smash Bros. is different from other fighting games, as long as it is not beaten out of the court by the opponent. Gave room for the handicapped party. More than 1,000 souls are waiting to be unlocked. It is a game that can be played for a long time. 4. Fitness ring adventure. My friends and I call it the human light. It is conceivable that I am so addicted to games that caused the dissatisfaction of my family. Ever since I bought a fitness ring for a big adventure, my family has not rejected the switch anymore. It is certainly fruitful to be able to persevere. Sure enough, the way to make the lazy house exercise is somatosensory games. 5. Break up the kitchen 2. As soon as the holiday came, my sister and I exchanged glances and said to cook, and the game will be opened in the next second. There are all kinds of cooking, cooking and frying, and all kinds of emergencies are never late. Playing the first few levels can still be calm, and the deeper you play, the deeper your feelings (the louder the sound). 6.just dance. Somatosensory dance game. The more people, the more fun. Every time I play this at home alone, my mother feels that I am holding a rain prayer ceremony. The sand sculptures are more joyful. 7. Mario Truck 8. I almost forgot this. I have a good impression of switch because playing a horse-drawn carriage won the game since I was young, and my younger brother was better than me. When playing, the props fly all over the screen, which is fun. 8. Mario party. An underrated game, a must for family fun. It’s always right to come up with this game in a situation where everyone is difficult to adjust. Monopoly, beat games, boating games and many other mini games. Simple and easy to use, the first choice for a hot atmosphere. 9. Luxury dodge ball. A game that can only be downloaded from eshop without a cassette. The operation is simple, the painting style is magical, and it is also a sand sculpture game hahahaha. 10. Super chicken. Sand sculpture game hahahaha. Players help themselves or prevent others from reaching the middle by setting up props or obstacles. It is also a game with lots of people and lots of fun. I have also played other Dongsen, Penpu 2, Haunted House 3, Rage Fist 4 and Teacup Head. I personally think that the experience is not as good as the above (not enough sand sculpture).

5 months ago

Dragon Quest Builders 2 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Super Mario Odyssey Collection Animal Forest Friends Club Fitness Ring Great Adventure Alien Excalibur 2 Mario Racing 8 Deluxe Edition Flame Emblem Wind Flower Snow Moon The Legend of Zelda Dreaming of the Island If If you are an audience of Pokémon, you can play Pokémon Sword/Shield. (Actually, I think the game experience and style are not even as interesting as the previous generation of 3ds.) The above ten games have been played by myself and have Chinese. Ten games that feel very fun (maybe not including Pokémon), which are for reference only. In addition, I recommend a game especially suitable for family fun: World Games Daquan 51. I can roll the dice with my daughter-in-law all day long.

5 months ago

Personal favorite NS game list: 1. Zelda’s Breath of the Wild Recommended index 5-star NS ace game, not too late to play is equal to submerged in NS. 2. Zelda weaving dream island recommendation index 4 stars (1 star for feelings) Feelings of Zelda game, standard 2D Zelda in GB and GBA era, clay style reset version GB Era Zelda Dream Island, 90 Those who have played the original game in the era are basically 30+ years old, and it only takes about 10 hours to clear the game in a week. It is recommended to change hands after starting the game. 3. The recommended index of Killing Spire is a 4-star card type rougelike game. The abilities of the 4 characters are different, and the relics taken in each game are different, so the abilities of the same character are also different. A character has various abilities and can be played. Extremely high. 4. Hades recommends a 5-star action rougelike game with a burst of feel. Various game awards are soft. It is recommended to enter the digital version directly. On average, it only takes about 30 minutes to escape from hell. You can use the subway bus to and from get off work. Come up for a game. There are currently 6 types of weapons in the game and 24 types of weapons that can be unlocked, plus the hammer can be used to modify weapon properties in the game. It can be said that there are many changes. 5. Azure recommends 3.5 stars and masochism index is 5 stars. Extremely difficult jumping games. Normal people on side A are no problem, normal people on side B can die thousands of times (7B I died more than 2,000 times), normal It takes about 30 hours to complete customs clearance on side B. Those who love jumping games can try. 6. MHR recommendation index is 5 stars, self-abuse index is 5 stars. Super simple MH game. The addition of worms makes the hunters of this seat very flexible. Real monsters are hunted by people, not monster hunters. People who have played previous MH works are basically hacked. The melons and vegetables are on top. However, the liver degree of this seat is still very good, and it is not too much to play MH games for 300+ hours. 7. Diablo 3 recommendation index 5 stars From Asian server to national server to NS, I am a diehard of Diablo 3. After the 2.7 update, the follower system has been reworked, and the follower equipment can be diverted to the player character, which makes the character strength increase significantly. But this season is a follower season, there is no other season BUFF, and it will definitely be added next season, and it will definitely be more fun then. I have played Diablo 3 for at least 500 hours. 8. Dead cell recommendation index 4 stars Although this work has been registered on the mobile platform, the refreshing feeling of NS is not comparable to mobile phones. As a rougelike game (NS is really suitable for meat pigeon games), there are many types of weapons, from refreshing daggers to heavy swords, and the feel is extremely smooth. Novices can take a weapon and chop melons and vegetables at will. The blade that can curse is step by step. A small problem with the game is that the process is still too long. The whole process will take more than an hour if you don’t skip the blame, which is really uncomfortable for a player like me with obsessive-compulsive disorder. 9. Fitness ring adventure + full dance performance recommendation index 5 stars As fitness games, children like these two works very much to play. Originally bought back to prepare for their own weight loss, it turned out to be an artifact of coaxing babies. It’s really fun to dance together.

5 months ago

Everybody knows the well-known Zelda, Mario Kart 8, Dongsen, the series of simmered, etc. I will not talk about it, I will say that some niche 1 sports FIFA21 are worth starting. Just buy the ea for Chinese. 2 Fighting Rendou is also worth starting. It can be used not only as a fighting game, but also as a game museum and mp3 (which contains a lot of game characters and bgm) 3 Leisure World Games Daquan 51 There are many games It’s not bad to make a mistake of mahjong in your spare time. 4 rpg Sword series of slow-heating games, you can try it. 5 Horizontal version of the game. 2 There are more cloud players than people who have actually played it (see Super Jie for details) 6 99 The recently released Pac-Man 99 and Tetris are free games for members, combining the chicken gameplay; emoji package town building

5 months ago

I usually play switch games on Zhihu Live. Generally not pitted. Only suitable for yourself.
I recommend Lao Ren for all first-party games. Mario series. Zelda series. Luigi Haunted House.
Exclusive game. Xenoblade series. Otherworldly chains. Mario Crazy Rabbit
casual games. Fitness ring. Just Dance
Free games. War face. Smite
Slowly add to perfection later.

5 months ago

The first echelon Breath of the Wild (Masterpiece, no explanation) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition (Eat Network) Mario Odyssey (The level design of the box garden structure, each level gives you a different experience) Nintendo Star Smash Bros. Special Edition ( Especially suitable for bringing friends to play together) Super Mario Party (the first choice for multiplayer games at party parties) gather in Animal Crossing (the quality of the game itself is good, highly recommended) Monster Hunter Rise (the quality of the game is OK. The online popularity is also very high. Hunt!) The second echelon Flame Emblem Fenghuaxueyue (classic war chess gameplay) Xenoblade 2 (RPG lovers’ favorite) Splatoon 2 (eating network) Bayonetta 2 (a few 60-frame games on switch, The combat experience is really refreshing) Death Cell Dragon Ball Z Mischief Kitchen 2 Hollow Knight (I’m too food, crying) Diablo 3 (Come and experience the thrill of brushing!) The crafting world of Yoshi, the Octopath Traveler, advances into the Dungeon Civilization 6 Stardew Valley Ancient Tree Melody Escape 2ARMS Isaac’s combination (I think it’s interesting) Monster Hunter Gu Alien Chain God Realm Original Sin 2 (The text experience in the second generation handheld mode may not be good, but the quality of the game itself is excellent, or Worth playing) The Legend of Zelda Dream Island Dragon Quest 11s Ori (game art and music blows up) fitness loop Yiji Haunted House 3 Pokémon Sword/Shield Third Echelon Dark Souls Remastered Edition (Game Difficulty It will be a little high) Resident Evil: Apocalypse 1+2ai: Dreamland File Lets go Pokémon New Super Mario u Final Fantasy 12 Mario and the Crazy Rabbit Gold Edition Mario Tennis Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 God Eater 3 Dragon’s Creed : Dark Awakening Doom German Headquarters 2 Doraemon: Nobita’s Ranch Story (the best picture in the ranch category) Ranch Story: Rune Workshop in Ore Town 4 Rhythm, Hailalu, Blue Star, Kabi, Mortal Kombat 11 Teacup Head (cute The painting style is very difficult to get started) Super Robot T Cang Wing Apocalypse Crime Fantasy x/x-2 My World Old Roll 5: Advance in the Sky! Chinobi Captain Gris: Superb View Resident Evil 4 Fortnite Hunting Angel Witch Destiny Stone Gate Rockman 11 Donkey Kong: Tropical Chill DQ: Builders 2 Reversal Referee 123 Mecha War Morrisa’s Alchemy Atelier The Witcher 3 Resident Evil 5 Eddie Finch’s memories of the Three Kingdoms 13 Wushuang Orochi 3 Monster Watch 4++ (very liver and fun) Goose drama Taiko master Digimon Silent Samurai Assassin’s Creed Collection​

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