This question has troubled me for a long time. If the world is false except me, wouldn’t it be meaningless to do anything? My three views and even my personality may have been deliberately shaped by this world. Is the “I” still me?

So how do you prove that I am not alone in this world and you are not an NPC?

First, if the meaning is false, it does not mean it is meaningless. For example, playing games, for some people, it is a spiritual pastime, energy consumption, winning the game is also a real pleasure feedback. I believe that life is not about purpose and end, but about the process of experience. Even though all the outside may be lost and left, the spirit will live forever, or the soul will live forever. Second, is it me about me? In fact, the question is whether I have free will or free choice. If everything is predestined, is there any point in choice? First, is there free will and choice? Some people think that everything in life is destined, so they feel that life is meaningless and choose to leave. But even in the last stage of life, he freely chose the way of leaving, didn’t he? Freedom does not lie in changing the outside world or others, but in the choice of self-action. We always have the opportunity to change ourselves through the choice of action. If you keep fit every day for three to five years, your body will eventually become better than before. Also, in fact, the greatest freedom comes from freedom of spirit and freedom of belief, not freedom of action. Reading the psychology books from Auschwitz concentration camp, you will find that the freedom of the bottom of life is spiritual freedom. Free representatives have choices. The point is here, there is a choice of representatives, meaning. If it doesn’t make sense, you won’t choose. Secondly, if everything is destined, there is no point. Everything is destined, that is to say, even the free choice that seems to exist on the surface may be “arranged by God.” This thinking needs to be deepened. If you understand the quantum double-slit interference experiment, you will find the objective impact of observation on the world. What is observation? Consciousness, what consciousness is, is subjective, can be changed, and can be freely chosen. Therefore, subjectivity can affect objectiveness. This is the greatest freedom. But why do some people feel that everything is passive, and they don’t have any freedom of choice? There is a very magical existence in this world, that is, no matter who you are and what level you are, the subjective view that seems to be able to verify in the end is correct. This is the self-fulfilling prophecy of psychology. Of course, some people may say, how is it possible, I really want freedom, but there is no freedom. That’s because you didn’t carefully observe the subconscious mind. Many people can’t observe themselves, let alone the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is even misunderstood as fate by many people. In fact, the subconscious mind can be repaired and changed. Since what can be repaired and changed, there is freedom. It’s just that when you stare at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you too. Whatever is released from within, the world will give back to you. From this perspective. The world supports you unconditionally, loves you, and you are very important. Above, I think the world may be virtual, but the meaning is real. Because there is freedom of consciousness.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This world is virtual. Regardless of whether you use high-precision observation tools, the world you observe is not an objective world, but a combination of the subjective world and the objective world. For example, if a particle is there, and you hit the particle with a photon, the particle will no longer be in its original position. And only when you hit this particle with a photon, can you observe the position of this particle. Therefore, when you use so-called tools to observe the world, there is already an interaction between the world being observed and the observer or observation tool.

6 months ago

I once thought about similar questions with the subject. Now, do you feel “not alone”? However, I still have another confusion: “How do you prove that you are not virtual?” This reminds me of a famous thought experiment: “Brain in a Vat” was written by Hilary Putnam in 1981. The hypothesis explained in the book “Reason, Truth, and History” (Reason, Truth, and History). “A person (it can be assumed that you are yourself) was operated on by an evil scientist. His brain was cut off from the body and placed in a tank containing a nutrient solution to keep the brain alive. The nerve endings of the brain are connected to the computer. This computer sends information to the brain according to the program, so that he maintains all normal hallucinations. For him, it seems that people, objects, and the sky still exist, and their own movements and physical sensations can be input. This brain is okay. The memory is input or intercepted (intercept the memory of brain surgery, and then input the various environments and daily life that he may experience). He can even be input code, and’feel’ that he himself is reading an interesting and absurd text here. “The last sentence, isn’t it like “Shuzhihu”? How to crack this experiment? The basis of this experiment is based on “reality”. It is an experiment for the brain with realistic “experience”. This presupposes the existence of “reality”. In theory, it is impossible to decipher it if it is to the extreme. I think of those mental patients who cannot distinguish between reality and illusion. Otherwise, there will be no “Huang Liang Yi Meng” or “Zhuang Zhou Meng Die”. If you give up your efforts, once it is a reality, there will be no chance for a restart. Therefore, in any case, it is true.

6 months ago

Metaphysics is a pit, and logic is not omnipotent. This question itself illustrates the finiteness of rationality, and individual rationality will be more limited and subjective. It’s okay to think about these questions as fun. It’s very troublesome to use them as the basis of the whole meaning of life. These metaphysics are all thousand-year-old mysteries, and all meanings of the infinite deep pit are subjective meanings. For a subjective purpose, it is not. To find an absolute objective basis, which is no different from God. Sometimes people are struggling with these problems just to escape reality.

6 months ago

Friends, this is a philosophical question, a scientific question, and a question of life. From a philosophical question, what are “me” and “mine”? First, we must give “me” and “mine” a logically rigorous philosophical answer to continue the world Whether the statement is false, otherwise it is stuck here. What this three-year-old kid knows can drive a philosopher crazy. From the perspective of science, the metabolism of the human body is constantly changing, and the cells in the body are constantly changing. This is like playing a movie. As long as you are still, your life will be over. It’s true that it’s just rubbing shoulders. Therefore, everyone’s body is empty or empty. Asking questions from life, being happy, happy, and happy is the eternal pursuit of life. Uncover the mystery of the world, and when it shines, I feel comfortable and happy in my heart. At the same time, people have feelings, and feelings are illogical. I think I gave her happiness, and she may not feel happy. Therefore, if you ask questions from philosophy and science, and finally make the world meaningless, and people are boring to live, then it is better to live stupidly. What do you think? For further questions, please go to study philosophy and Buddhist scriptures. Mine is only a fur, not a proof. I wish you health and happiness!

6 months ago

But have you ever thought that falsehood is also a kind of truth. Our world is the real world. I am real, you are real. Our world is a false world. I am fake, you are fake. The real world is real, and the false world is real. Therefore, whether you or I are true or false, both of you are real. Existence is true. Whether it is awake, dream, lucid dream, or lucid dream, as long as it exists, it is true. A lie only needs to be repeated a thousand times and it becomes the truth. The false will become true as long as it appears a thousand times. Forget it, piss me off, stupid npc, no nonsense. I admit that I said a panic and repeated it a thousand times. In fact, you are just NPCs, not human beings. And I, the rainbow stream cute beast, man!

6 months ago

I have been thinking about this kind of problem for a long time, but finally I figured it out. I figured it out: I can’t figure out anything about this. If you have to break the casserole and ask the end, it will not stand scrutiny. We only have the best solution at the moment, the best solution here, the best solution I have seen. , What’s the future? How was the past? How about that end of the Milky Way? What about the place that is right in front of me but can’t see clearly? I can’t even see my hands, I can only see the light reflected by my hands, or in other words, I can only see the light, I can’t see the “essence”, I can only feel the force, I cannot touch” Essence”, fuck, how should I define essence? What is good and what is evil? What is true and what is false? Maybe some superhumans can explore this and we are all mortals. We can only keep this doubt and believe as much as possible. Anyway, at least the dead will be out, right? We live in this world

6 months ago

Refer to my comment response to this answer, as well as my previous answer quoted in my previous answer (Knowing what the answer is to push what 2333)-the brain in the tank has no proof, and individuals tend to have no proof , But only about the question of his heart (npc). The rough solution that I used to think about this question when I was a child was “the unknown is given by the outside world”, that is, the so-called “people cannot deliberately imagine that they have not seen/experienced “Something” inversely. I personally think that this problem is the closest to reality and the best one among many problems. It may even be violently cracked in reality. [Funny] It’s very simple. Seeing that Musk and a bunch of capital are now finally focused on the brain-computer interface. No, wait one hundred and eighty years or one or two hundred years. When they dare/can safely transmit information in both directions, the two people (if skeptics, then one of them is themselves) directly connect with consciousness to prove the problem. Solved the [surprise] At least it is possible to roughly determine whether there are at least a bunch of brains in the tank like you in this world, which are screaming with you [manually funny meaning question, the last answer link above is related Things are only personal words. However, in view of the lack of clarity in the subject’s description, I do not recommend that the subject should (and ordinary people) delve into this kind of problem now.

6 months ago

True and false should be limited by scope. It can be said to be true within a certain range, because it plays an obvious role in this range, and becomes false outside the range. For example: Is money really valuable? In human society, it is true that money has always been the most valuable thing. Throw all the money to the animals in nature. What the animals think is of course worthless. It’s just a piece of paper, and it hurts to wipe the buttocks. Is life really meaningful? From the human point of view, of course, we spend all our lives to create meaning for ourselves and put it in the entire universe. The universe exists for tens of billions of years, with a range of tens of billions of light-years, and you can only live for a hundred years, with a length of one or two Mi, what is your meaning to the universe? What you do doesn’t make sense, and what you do doesn’t count. So does this world really exist? In this world, it really exists, all feelings actually stimulate your senses, all things actually happen to you, and all things actually have an effect on you. In this world, everything inside is real. Outside of this world, you don’t know it. You can only understand if you leave this world and take a look for yourself. (Just like money is just a piece of paper, it is valuable in human society, and it has no value outside of human society)

6 months ago

Completely subjective world cognition, I have fallen into it before, and now I have come out. I can only say that language has limitations, and some things cannot be fully proved or falsified, such as the objectivity of the subject or the subjectivity of the object None can be fully proven. Language is just a modeling of the real world. What you call the so-called world. The real world is not what you think it is. The real world is like this. When you see it and feel it, don’t try to prove that it is false, it is. It does not increase or decrease as it appears in front of your eyes. No matter what the world in your mind is, the real world is still like that. So throw away any false world, virtual world ideas, and let reality return to reality. Language is sometimes good and it is thought-provoking, but the limitations of language can lead people to the wrong place, so abandon language, go out and look at the sun, look at the leaves, or go to see cutting-edge science that you don’t understand. Paper, feel what is real

6 months ago

I found a piece of white paper, um, for example, if you don’t have any information about the five thousand years of Chinese culture and travel back to ancient times, your behavior will form a habit of running for survival every day, returning to the present. Is the amount of information it possesses false? Well, although these amounts of knowledge are defined from the perspective of humans, including hot and cold (whether there is life in the world that does not know whether there is hot or cold), it can be simply judged that everything is illusory, but perhaps it is precisely because of this that matter has given spirit. The formation of the faint consciousness, perhaps the existence of spirit has always filled every corner of the universe, or the actual combination of spirit existence is emptiness. You can confirm that each life form is a unique existence, even if modern life can mimic all life forms for a year Forget the amount of survival information, in short, the continuous strength of evolution itself may be the only way to analyze existence!

6 months ago

No matter who, how hard, and how powerful, can’t prove that this world is not illusory. On the contrary, the harder you work, the greater your ability, and the more proof that this world is illusory. In fact, the tangled point of this problem is not in the problem itself, but in the shaking of your belief in your true existence. This lack of self-confidence is because you don’t really know yourself. Get to know yourself! Knowing yourself, you also know me and the world. Understand the principles of Buddhism “Dependent Origination Illusion” and “The Five Aggregates Are Not Me”, and your problem can be completely resolved.

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