Before the transformation, he was a good person. He has ethics and likes to deal with injustices. In addition to his level of cooking and unawareness, the image of this character is really good. After the transformation, according to Jin Yong’s writing, people who have been poisoned by political power are no longer considered human. His handling is similar to that of Wang Xiaofeng, the Hua Tiegan in Liancheng Jue. Depending on the arrangement of the ending, it is basically the kind of uncomfortable death. Lin Pingzhi has two big black spots, the first is the murder of his wife, and the second is the inexplicable hatred of Linghu Chong. Especially this second point was printed in almost the same mold as Yue Buqun. It’s not that Linghu Chong is the protagonist, he must like him or even lick him, but this kind of hatred and hostility is inexplicable. After analysis, I think this person is a jerk. Counting the intersection of Lin Pingzhi and Linghu Chong’s plot, first of all, Linghu Chong humiliated the four show in Qingcheng, which is regarded as a sigh for Lin Pingzhi in advance. Then Lin Pingzhi spoke out the instant threat when Yu Canghai wanted to kill him. Then Linghu Chong scared away Mu Gaofeng, so that Lin Ping’s parents would not be directly killed by Mu Gaofeng’s anger by cruel means, and before his death, he comforted Lin Ping’s parents and conveyed their last words to Lin Pingzhi. In ancient times, filial piety was very emphasized, and Lin Pingzhi’s revenge for his parents was also a driving force of filial piety, and Lin Pingzhi was grateful for these things that Linghu Chong did. Even if he had helped Linghu Chong out of trouble before, this great grace would have to be remembered for a lifetime. The results of it? Lin Pingzhi smashed people’s walls without any guilt. At this time, the character was no longer able to be seen, and then gradually began to be hostile to Linghu Chong, which even defeated the character. The first battle to break the temple solved the deadlock of Huashan faction and Lin Pingzhi’s predicament, and then Lin Shao Biaotou joined his grandmother’s family to force Linghu Chong to surrender the sword. In fact, Lin Pingzhi knew well that Linghu’s breaking through the swordsmanship displayed in the temple was definitely not an evil swordsmanship, but he took advantage of the situation and made the first move. Then, Linghu Chong found Lin Pingzhi’s sword spectrum, which was considered a great help to Lin Pingzhi, but Lin Pingzhi hated him even more. Shao Shishan killed the Sun Moon Church and rescued Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan, but Lin Pingzhi’s hatred escalated. After Lin Pingzhi’s revenge and blindness, Ren Yingying also accepted Linghu’s trust and went to secretly take care of Lin Pingzhi, not to mention the previous assistance to him. The results of it? Lin Pingzhi’s hatred for him escalated to the point where he wanted to be eliminated and then quickly. Throughout the book, I really couldn’t find what Linghu Chong did compared to Lin Pingzhi’s things. Instead, he rescued several times and even helped him take care of his dying parents so that he could pass away a little peacefully. But Lin Pingzhi avenged his grievances, robbed his girlfriend, not to mention, and inexplicably hated his benefactor more and more. Do you think this kind of person is still a good person? It’s not even a human being. If in reality, Lao Wang robbed Lao Li’s girlfriend who always took care of him, and then continued to hate and harm Lao Li, what would everyone think of him? Is he dead? Lin Pingzhi: “It’s a pity that in the chaos, I failed to kill the little thief, Linghu Chong.” Linghu Chong thought to himself: “I have never offended you. Why do you hate me so much?” Zuo Lengchan whispered. “It doesn’t matter who killed him, it’s the same. Let’s get out soon. I think Yue Buqun is guarding outside the cave at the moment. Riding on the unclear sky, we all swarmed up and took advantage of the night.” Lin Pingzhi: ” Exactly!” This was the last time Lin Pingzhi was able to act freely. At this time, Lin Pingzhi knew that Linghu Chong had not stolen his family’s sword book, and he also understood that Linghu Chong did not have the idea of ​​seizing the evil sword book, but he was still right. Linghuchong harbored great malice and hatred, so much so that Linghuchong was so embarrassed~ I have never had any grudges against him, and I didn’t even offend him. Why does he hate me so much? So, for those of you who are trying to clean up Lin Pingzhi, has Linghu Chong really done anything to be sorry for Lin Pingzhi? Who on earth owes whom?

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5 months ago

It must be in the early stage, and definitely not in the later stage. You have to look at it separately. In the early stage, he rescued the little junior sister. When Yu Canghai wanted to kill Linghuchong, he dared to shout out the window. He would rather beg a thief. No matter what you say is pedantic or stupid, what is a good person if you are not a good person? It is recommended to send a wave of pennants that are brave for righteousness. In the later period, the younger sister Na Jiantong, in accordance with the provisions of Article 232 of the Criminal Law, will be sentenced to death, life imprisonment, or fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years for intentional murder; if the circumstances are less serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. You have committed a crime, what good person do you still say? Law is the bottom line of morality, and it has broken through the bottom line.

5 months ago

“A lot of things are also forced,” to a certain extent, it is true, but this does not mean that one of Lin Ping can be a good person. Here I don’t want to worry about some details in the book. To put it simply, it’s “to live” or “to avenge my parents” so I did some unjust and immoral things. I fully understand (this is why I feel sorry for Lin Pingzhi). But you can’t finish it, and ask silly questions like “Am I a good person?”

5 months ago

Zigong is a concrete representation of something broken in the heart. After that, it was not a good person. The praise and criticism in the book is like this. But judging from everything he has done, as long as Lin Pingzhi didn’t kill Junior Sister in the end, he could be regarded as having no big black spots. There are two small black spots, one is that he hates Linghu Chong deeply, but he really doesn’t look down on Linghu Chong’s manners, he hasn’t done anything in behavior, there is jealousy and low self-esteem in his heart, and his body does require him to return the younger sister. To Linghu Chong, this secret pain made him feel guilty and mad, and it was considered pitiful. Since he didn’t do anything in his behavior, he should not be hated. The other black spot is that after Linghu broke through the temple, he didn’t argue for Linghu Chong. But at the time, you thought it was possible that Lin Pingzhi was the first bird? And do you think Yue Buqun was angry because Linghu Chong used the sword technique to ward off evil? Obviously Linghu Chong was more angry than Yue Buqun in swordsmanship, and Linghu Chong did not tell the story yet. And the words of the masked old man that Linghu Chong should be the head, the disciples have heard it, in fact, in Yue Buqun’s subconscious, there is already a dispute between the heads. At this time, you are the least senior, the big brother of the team? Therefore, Lin Pingzhi had no black spots until he finally killed Junior Sister. So in the end, can Lin Pingzhi not kill Junior Sister? In fact, he does not have to kill, but after he has practiced evil swordsmanship, no matter how he chooses, he will not have a good ending, and the little junior sister will not have a good ending. Therefore, in a climax scene, letting the little junior sister die cleanly and Lin Pingzhi completely become the enemy is the best arrangement in the novel. Or else, lingering and panting, hiding in Tibet, one day Lin Pingzhi’s tortured corpse was found, and the younger sister was missing? Or is the contradiction getting bigger and bigger, Lin Pingzhi and the younger sister make a clean break, and the younger sister comes to Hengshan to become a monk again and become the younger sister of Yilin’s head? The only way to break the situation is to commit suicide and entrust the younger sister to Linghu Chong, but apparently, Lin Pingzhi is too distracted by this arrangement. Before killing Junior Sister, even if they did not commit any evil, there was no place for them in the world. Is it important to be a good person or not? Suddenly, I felt that Lin Pingzhi’s story, if appropriate, would be suitable for making a movie. At the end, Lin Pingzhi killed Yue Lingshan cleanly, then drew a sword to his neck, and the freeze ended. I was reminded of the old movies “The Killer Tang Zhan” and “Tang Dynasty Bold and Unrestrained Girl”, not sure if the names are correct.

5 months ago

This is the original Lin Pingzhi: He was very young, knowing that the big thieves are all changed from the little thieves, and the little thieves are often nothing more than a melon and a fruit at the beginning. Trapped and unable to extricate themselves. Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but broke out in a cold sweat on my back, and started thinking: “One day, Dad and I will regain the reputation of Fuwei’s prostitution, and the husband must be a standing heel, rather be a beggar than a thief.” This is the last Lin Pingzhi: Lin Pingzhi’s anger can only be heard: “I don’t want you to be pitiful, who wants you to be pitiful? Lin Ping’s swordsmanship has been accomplished, and I am not afraid of anything. When my eyes are better, Lin Pingzhi Dominating the world, Yue Buqun, Linghu Chong, Fangzheng monk, and Chongxu Taoist are not my opponents.” It is hard to say that what distorts Lin Pingzhi is hatred, disability, or power.

5 months ago

Is Lin Pingzhi a good person? Whether a person is a good person or not depends on who is to judge. From this perspective, Lin Pingzhi is a good person with Yue Lingshan, and only with her. Perhaps at the end of her life, this judgment will be shaken rationally, but this shake is emotionally unacceptable. Therefore, before she died, she had to tell herself that Junior Brother Lin “I couldn’t help but accidentally stabbed me with a sword.” Such a reason cannot convince a fool, but it can convince himself who is about to die. Therefore, even Lin Pingzhi, who even had a calm nature and indifferent Ling Huchong, would like to smash him into pieces, but he still has the opportunity to be a complete and good person with a woman. This kind of thing is actually an absurd truth in life that is not uncommon. There will always be people who, like Yue Lingshan, will tolerate or even beautify a devil, in order to live on, or just to comfort themselves.

5 months ago

Lin Pingzhi is not a good person, but he cannot be simply defined as a bad person. His evaluation is more suitable-a poor person. If “Swordsman” is a history of Linghuchong’s fortune, then it is also a history of Lin Pingzhi’s suffering. Lin Pingzhi is not the protagonist of “The Swordsman”, but he is the first main character in the novel “The Swordsman”. This arrangement has a certain profound meaning-Lin Pingzhi is the second protagonist in the novel. The fate of Lin Pingzhi and Linghuchong is intertwined into the truth of the so-called “smiling arrogance” in the novel “Swordsman and Swordsman”-some people laugh, and some must cry. The life of the protagonist Ling Hu Chong is an open life. He voted for a good fetus, and was adopted by the famous Huashan head Yue Buqun in the martial arts after he was born. He didn’t need any effort to be a natural big brother Huashan, the first heir of the head. In his life, the heavens and the earth are good for him, called Tiantianying, and the earthling. He went out and tried to save a nun, and that nun’s father was a peerless master. He travels to make an affair, and the father of the target is the leader of the demon cult. He can’t fight others, and an invincible wind will fall from the sky to teach him peerless martial arts. But Lin Pingzhi’s life was much yellowish. First of all, I didn’t make a good investment after reincarnation. My father and my mother are all garish. Even though I study hard and practice hard, my skills will not be enough for a master. In his life, the heavens and the earth are all embarrassed by him, making the heavens should not, and the earth not working. He went out to save an ugly girl with prestige, but the ugly girl was pretending to be, and didn’t accept his love. When his parents were killed and wanted to seek help, the people who helped him didn’t have a good thing, they all wanted to wipe him out. He wants to improve in martial arts, and the only way to move forward is to cut the chicken and become a eunuch. After finally avenging the revenge, I was able to protect myself. I thought I was finally able to get it out. As a result, my eyes were blinded for some reason. Linghu Chong laughed proudly at the end, Lin Pingzhi ended life better than death. Is it really inevitable for Linghu Chong to have such an ending? He was adopted by the head of Huashan since he was a child because of his deeds? Is it inevitable that the nun’s father is a peerless master? Should the demon leader happen to have an unmarried young daughter for him to meet? Is Lin Pingzhi’s ending really bad because of him? How bad is he? What evil did he do that caused his family to be destroyed? What evil did he do that made him blind? Xiao Ao Jiang Lu, the author and Ling Hu Chong will always laugh, not Lin Pingzhi, nor the reader.

5 months ago

In the early stage, he was more than just a good person. Apart from the bad temper and skill of the young master, he is simply a proper rising star of tomorrow, and there is nothing to say about the chivalrous character. But in Old Man Jin’s book, people who are bent on revenge cannot get a good end. The right way is to let go of the hatred. Compare Xiao Yuanshan Xie Xun’s man, and treat him as if Xiao Linzi had a good end in exchange for his own revenge.

5 months ago

Good guys in the early stage, but perverted in the later stage. At the beginning of the story, he was the head of the Fuwei Escort. He was spoiled by the family and guarded by the escort. He was an arrogant and self-willed big boy. He had no bad thoughts, and he was much better than the average dude. The family has changed dramatically. In order to save his parents, he has suffered a lot, and he has also seen the complexity of human nature. In fact, this is a demarcation point. If Linghu Chong does not appear at this point, I would think he is the leading actor… After reading the whole book, I don’t think he loves Yue Lingshan. He certainly loves Yue Lingshan. If he develops smoothly, it will change It became love, but since he knew that Yue Buqun had taken the evil spirit sword and even wanted to kill him, he took Yue Lingshan as a talisman, that is, a tool. From this moment on, love is gone. Since the palace, he has become more perverted and paranoid. There is only revenge in his heart, no morality and shame.

5 months ago

When an Avenger points a knife at an innocent person, it is already very problematic. You have revenge, you are right, but any bitterness is so deep that it is as bad as the whole world owes Lin Pingzhi. Killing his wife, combined with Zuo Lengchan to kill Linghu Chong. Xiao Feng said that he would get revenge, and he couldn’t bear to involve the people’s safety. Xiao Feng is a real hero. You Lin Pingzhi avenged your revenge, but you have to go and kill others. Is he a good person? How about Three Views?

5 months ago

Not counted, but not a big evil. Lin Pingzhi is regarded as a bad guy because the ungrateful scumbag is easy to be cast aside. In terms of emotions, most people prefer Linghu Chong. You Lin Pingzhi dug the corner of Linghu Chong, and you killed the younger sister yourself. I don’t hate who you hate? ! Objectively speaking, Lin Pingzhi’s mistakes can be counted with one hand. The first one was killing Yu Renyan, which was regarded as a heroic fight; the second one was practicing swords from the palace, which was regarded as self-harm. Apart from deceiving the feelings of the younger sister, it did not hurt anyone else; the third one was the Qingcheng faction and Mu Gaofeng, this is revenge. The fourth one is to kill the younger sister. This is really too much. The fifth piece, together with Zuo Lengchan and the blind squad, besieged the Wuyue Sword Sect. This was a factional vendetta, not much more serious than the Huashan Sect’s Qizong Sword Sect dispute. He was at best an accomplice. In Xiao Ao, the good and evil factions are confused, and the good people and the bad people are very subjective, even mainly based on Linghu Chong’s personal likes and dislikes. As the number one female, Ren Yingying killed several Shaolin lay children as soon as she took action. Daily dispatches her subordinates to self-destroy their eyes and go out to sea. The accumulated damage over the years is higher than Lin Pingzhi’s, but Linghu Chong is also ok with it. Tian Boguang was born as a thief, and the old man killed his whole family easily. Taogu Liuxian tore the living people daily, and Linghu Chong didn’t deal with it either. In some respects, Lin Pingzhi is more like a stepping stone for Linghuchong, and his blackening can better reflect Linghuchong’s unrestrained and open-mindedness. But his own blackening makes sense. When the family was destroyed, he also wanted to go to the Hengshan Conference to invite all heroes to uphold justice. But after recognizing Yue Buqun’s true face, his beliefs collapsed, and he no longer hopes to be fair to him by a famous martial artist. He thinks that the decent sect is also intriguing, and Fang Zheng Chongxu may be more insidious and cunning than Yue Buqun. Therefore, he can only become stronger by himself, and turn himself into the only sword book for warding off evil spirits, and finally stand in the team Zuo Lengchan with this value. A person who did not open the door, struggled to survive in the cracks between the big bosses, and did everything in accordance with the rules of the game. At that time, the rivers and lakes were really heinous.

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