Friends who are both curious and worried about love, and have no sense of security in their hearts, may always be guessing what level of like is love, whether he loves me or just likes, can my likes count as love? If you think about it this way, you probably don’t understand the difference between like and love, and you don’t have a clear definition in your heart, so you don’t have a standard to judge. Here to share the definition of Fromm, you can modify it on the basis of it, so as to obtain the basis for your own judgment. 1. The difference between liking and love has nothing to do with the degree. If we don’t know enough about love, we think it is a deeper level of liking. In fact, it is not the case. Love and liking are completely different. Everyone will like it, but not necessarily. Like is an instinct. The kind of curiosity, interest, lingering dreams and involuntary love are all very clear likes. They are all very beautiful instinctive pursuits. We are always attracted by good people and qualities. This is the release of our vitality. a method. Love, the kind of selfless cultivation joy, to rejoice with the happiness of others, to rejoice for their growth and happiness, and to be satisfied with the release of the vitality of others, is completely different from liking from the beginning. 2. We are all people who love ourselves very much, but for others, we often just like them. If you are also a person who has played games and created your own game character, then you will definitely understand that when you build a poor game character, and then let it grow step by step, the process of making it powerful is extremely happy. We involuntarily invested money and time, and gained a considerable degree of joy, because just seeing the growth of the character is enough to give us a sense of accomplishment from the bottom of our hearts. This is love. When we love the characters in the game, we actually give ourselves a steady stream of love. But for others, when we are hopelessly attracted, it is often because of the beauty in others. This may be a good quality recognized by mankind, or it may just make up for our inner needs, so we are willing to follow . But, who doesn’t like the 200-level giant? Who doesn’t want the boss to take him to fly? I dare not say that this kind of like is love. 3. Like is an instinct, but love is an ability. Likes are often accompanied by admiration. This kind of emotion hides the needs of my heart. This kind of yearning for beauty is rooted in our physical instinct. Love is different from liking. If you say that liking means admiring the tuba, then love means wearing a trumpet or playing a support. But when will we be willing to carry a trumpet, and who makes us willing to play support? It must be that our own account is well practiced, and we feel that the selected object shouldn’t be the case, so we are willing to share and feel happy with the other party’s becoming stronger. This is the expression of love. When you feel that he is willing to play support, even with a trumpet, and does not ask for anything in return, when you are happy with it, then you can believe that this is not like it, it is love! This kind of love requires energy. When one’s own account has not been practiced, and is unable and unwilling to pay for others, the so-called love at this time can only be a disguise of liking, which is actually a kind of dependence. So we often say that a person who doesn’t love himself can’t love others. With the above analysis, I believe that you will have a clearer judgment about yourself and the feelings of others in the future~ I hope to help you!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The light and fluttering thing from the mouth is like, and it is love to sincerely care for you with practical actions; a long time ago, my girlfriend told me a story about liking and loving, a critically ill man lying in a hospital bed, he liked a lot The lover of Nian rushed to see him for the last time. The man solemnly handed his lover a book and said affectionately that he had carefully cherished the maple leaf in the book for so many years, and he would face it when he missed his lover. Maple Leaf speaks, the maple leaf represents the love between them; the lover wiped his tears, and took the maple leaf away; after the lover left, he called his wife in, then took out a passbook from under the pillow, and handed it to the daughter-in-law. She takes her children to live; liking is just a feeling; if it is true love, she will definitely seek far-reaching for it;

6 months ago

If you like a flower, you will want to pick it off; but if you love a flower, you will water it. It’s easy to like someone, but it’s hard to love someone. I think liking is more like appreciation, an impulse on a specific occasion and time, and you make it possible to realize this impulse. The degree of liking is directly proportional to what you pay, and you like as much as you pay. But if one day you don’t want to give anymore, your likes will gradually disappear. Like it contains more of your selfishness, you will ask the person you like to also pay for you, but if one day, he is unwilling to pay for you, you will say that he does not like me? Love contains more selflessness. You will be willing to pay for the other person, but you will not ask the other person to repay you. Love is selfless, just like your parents love you. In the same way, the person who loves you will not ask you to reciprocate. However, what I want to say is that whether it is liking or loving, it will change. People who like you will have the day when they don’t like you, and the same will be true for those who love you. In this world, the only person who will not be far away from you is yourself. I hope that you who likes and loves others stupidly, don’t hurt yourself~ Your lover loves yourself first.

6 months ago

Like is the process of appreciating one’s strengths. And love is the process of tolerating one’s shortcomings. Love basically has no desire for transformation. Just because ta is ta, you love ta, and the most original appearance you accept a person is love. Like is a relatively easy emotion, because it is too simple to appreciate a person’s strengths, and it can even be said to be a person’s instinct. A boy is tall, rich and handsome, and a girl is white, rich and beautiful. Who doesn’t know how to appreciate these obvious advantages? You can appreciate the advantages that others are not stupid and can also appreciate it. It can be seen that like is an emotion that is too replaceable, and that emotion that is too replaceable is not worthy of the word “love”. Like is to find someone who makes you feel good at the initial stage. You want to attract him to treat you well. The essence is that you want to find someone you are satisfied with to treat you well. It is to ask for. And love is not only based on the appreciation of the advantages of the freshness at the first stage of acquaintance, it must be after a long period of bloody running-in. You appreciate the advantages of him, and accept his shortcomings calmly. The essence is that you sincerely hope that he is happy and happy. , Is to pay. the above.

6 months ago

I think like is the most sad thing in all relationships. It is not as deep and strong as love or as fragile as only good feelings. If you really like someone, it would be too sad. You will be delayed because the other person will reply to your message. If you feel unhappy, you will feel frustrated because the other party called your full name directly. You saw a small routine on the Internet and wanted to use it on him, but because of his lack of cooperation, you will think about things because of others. Hey, you won’t be. He objected, but he was cheering in his heart, but because he said that the girl is so beautiful, and the mood fell to the bottom. You watch carefully the various strategies and experiences on the Internet. Be careful to like him awkwardly. You don’t get bored. You don’t know whether to treat someone with the lessons of past love failures or to get more and more frustrated. You become a guessing person, and he becomes your riddle, and you may become more and more disappointed and even disappointed. Until you give up the sadness, it’s yourself

6 months ago

Like is like a shrewd dog, love is like a stupid dog. Let me talk about a real-life example, which is the source of my 25k nickname. The boy I’ve been in contact with before said that he loves me, but often asks me to earn 25k a month. For this reason, I’m all kinds of pua, saying that I’m rubbish, saying that if I don’t work hard, he might derail him if I don’t work hard. Say I am rubbish, and articles written are rubbish. I also forced me to learn football knowledge, you heard it right, that is football knowledge→_→The reason is to cultivate common topics. The boy I came into contact with did not say that he loved me, but he told me to do what I am interested in, just do what I like. I said, what if I only earn 5000 a month? People said that would be great. My father, mother, and younger brother will care about whether I am under pressure and whether I am having a good time, instead of asking me whether I earn enough money all day long. 25k? Did you kill the dragon today? I will not work hard because others ask me to earn 25k, but because people who care about me think that I earn 5000, I think it’s good to be happy, and earn 25k for people who truly love me. This is the difference. Like and love in the profession, the same is true. A person’s goodness, if he thinks of a profession, or is sad because he finds that his good has many ills, or is helpless because he cannot do whatever he wants for work, this is only good. Although there is a person’s good points, if he thinks that he is a career, he knows that he has many ills in his heart, and he also knows that he is working and cannot follow his heart with everything, but he is not annoyed to get rid of his ills, and he can still think about his original intentions. , This side is also love. Like a person, when you find that there are many defects in this person, this liking is discounted. And to love a person is because I discovered that there are many flaws in this person, and I still do not change my original intention. One day he will grow old and fade away, and his glory may no longer be there. I will still be the same, loving like a silly dog.

6 months ago

Like is that you don’t like me, I won’t like you; love is that you don’t like me, I still like you. I like it because I’m so boring, so I want to talk to you at three in the middle of the night; I miss you so much when I love, even at 11 o’clock in the evening I can’t bear to disturb you. Like is to meet my own needs. Once you can’t give me what I want, I don’t like you; and love is to meet the other’s needs. Even if you can’t give me what I want, I still love you. Like is selfish, love is altruistic. This is the purest form of love and liking, and love and liking are often not too pure.

6 months ago

Like is to get close to her and touch her; love is to stand behind her silently and look at her. Like is to look at her for as long as you can laugh; love is to look at her and you can laugh for a long time. Love is what she has at hand, just give her; love is what she needs most, just give her. Love is how much you can help when you encounter difficulties; love is when you encounter difficulties, you can do everything without regard to the consequences. Like to run forward when encountering danger, holding her hand by the front; love is to run forward when encountering danger, behind, guarding her body. I wrote the above nonsense, just look at it, don’t take it too seriously. It is not that this situation is not present, but that this situation may not be common. In addition, I don’t really feel and understand the love between men and women. But I know something vaguely: like is a kind of easy pleasure; love is a weighty satisfaction. Love is not presumptuous, not restraint, not hurt, not to be drunk. Love is a kind of restraint, a protection, a beautiful fantasy, and a more rational and courageous effort to live. Everyone has a different understanding of love, and the person who loves is naturally different. This is what I know about a little bit of love. It’s good to see different opinions and seek common ground while reserving differences. Before you love others, you should love yourself first

6 months ago

I will pick a flower that is in full bloom, just because I like it. As long as I can have it, I will not care about it. As soon as I know that I get it, it will wither quickly. But the freshness I like about it is even faster than its dying speed. I didn’t wait for it to wither, and I didn’t like it anymore. But if I really love this flower, I will tire of watering her, deworming, and basking in the sun as daily routines. I will spare time to spend time with her every day. Even if I just sit with her, I won’t be bored. Will talk to her in a self-talking. Every one of the little shoots she leaves, I will find it very cute. She is already a necessary part of my life, and naturally there must be her in my life. However, I will watch her blossom and fall every year, but take care of her for decades and never pick her. Because my empathy told me that she would hurt. But after picking the flowers, my heart hurts even more.

6 months ago

What is the difference between liking and love? First, liking is to attract each other, and love is to love each other. When you like someone, you can’t control your desire to express yourself, and try all kinds of ways to attract the other person’s attention and let the other person see you. If you love someone, you will be by his side silently, rejoicing for his joy and sorrow for his sorrow. So, if you simply want the other person to notice you, then you just like the other person; if the other person’s every move will affect your heart, then you love the other person. Second, love is the first sight, love is forever. When you see a person, you suddenly feel your heart beats and you can’t breathe, then you must like the other person. If this kind of liking does not disappear with the passage of time, after you get to know the other person better, you like it more, then this is love. Like is the feeling of an instant, not necessarily long, but love is not. To love a person is that no matter how long it has passed, no matter how many shortcomings he has, you still want to be with him in your heart, and want to be with him. Third, to like is to think in your heart, love is bound to have action. Like a person, when you are doing other things, you will suddenly think of him, and you will be very happy when you think of him, but this kind of miss will pass quickly, and you will start to do other things. And love is an uncontrollable miss, so you can’t help but think about him. When you think of him, you can’t do other things seriously. You can’t restrain your impulse, contact him quickly, or rush directly in front of him instead of just thinking about it. What is the difference between liking and love? 1. Love is giving, and liking is possessing. If you love someone, you will give it with all your heart. You don’t ask for the final result to be able to be together. You only hope that the other person can be happy and happy, and hope that she can be accompanied by her own figure every day of her happiness. It is pure; and love is often accompanied by it. Possessing, thinking that there must be a reward for paying, and if you don’t get the rewards you deserve, there will be cares. 2. Love is sincere care, like is to want each other’s company. If you love someone, you will tell the other person to go to bed early at night and don’t stay up late. This is bad for your health and will really consider your health. If you like someone, you want the other person to accompany you. Even if the other person feels very sleepy, they still want to be with each other. Chat, regardless of the other person’s feelings. 3. Love is tolerance, and liking is self-willed. Loving someone will tolerate some small shortcomings of the other person. If you really love someone, even the shortcomings will become advantages in your eyes, and imperfections will be very cute in the eyes of the other person; while liking someone, there are many things I can rely on my own temperament and don’t think much about the other person’s feelings, so I have a willful feel to the end. 4. Love comes from the heart, and liking is the appearance association. In this face-seeing society, in fact, men and women have similar assessments of appearance. The difference is that boys see the face at first impression, while girls see the overall effect. Love, to a large extent, has broken through the superficiality of looking only at appearance, and most of the likes still exist in a relatively primitive angle. How to distinguish between likes and loves 1. See if we can accommodate each other’s shortcomings: If we don’t know whether it’s like or love, let’s see if we can accommodate each other’s shortcomings. If you can tolerate, it means love, and if you can’t tolerate it means you just like some aspects of him. 2. Will he be jealous or uncomfortable if he has close contacts with the opposite sex: When he has a relatively close relationship with the opposite sex, if we are jealous or unhappy, it means that we have fallen in love with him, not just like him . 3. If there is no contact and the heart is empty: If there is no contact with him, and the heart is empty, it feels like something is missing, and will miss him very much and is unwilling to lose him, worrying about not finding him, this shows that is love. If there is no contact, although you want to contact him, but you can adapt without contact, it means that you just like it. 4. I want to share things in life with him as soon as possible: We want to share things in life with him as soon as possible. We want to let him know the happy things and be happy for you; when we are not happy, we want him to know, okay Come to comfort you for the first time. This shows that I have fallen in love with him. If we don’t feel this way, it just means you like him. Does like mean the same as love? Like does not mean the same as love. 1. To like means: also to like, to be happy, happy, and fond, that is, to have a good impression or interest in people or things. Like is actually a feeling, including appreciation, admiration, admiration, admiration, love, and worship. 2. Love means: refers to the feelings that people like to reach a deep level, and then people pay for it. It refers to the satisfaction and happiness that human beings actively give or consciously expect. Love is the positive energy projected by the human spirit. It means that people actively or consciously use themselves or in a certain way to cherish, care for, or satisfy a certain human need that others cannot achieve independently. Including ideology, spiritual experience, behavioral state, material needs, etc. The foundation of love is respect. Therefore, love is a kind of emotion that comes from the heart, it is the deep affection of a person to a person or a person to a certain thing. The process of this kind of feeling is also the process of love. Usually seen between people or between people and things. Love is a high degree of sublimation of identification and liking. Different levels of love correspond to different levels of feelings or results.

6 months ago

“If you like someone, you can’t control your desire to express yourself, while if you love someone, you will stay with him silently, rejoice for him and sorrow for him. When you see someone feels heart-stirred and can’t breathe, That is liking. If this liking does not disappear with the passage of time, then it is love.” For example: a person who likes flowers will pick flowers, and a person who loves flowers will water them! To a certain extent, love is deeper than liking, because liking is just a prelude to love. Once you fall in love, you have to take a responsibility for it! This is the biggest difference between liking and love… Like it for a reason: if you like a person, you need to observe the facial features, body and physique, then check the temperament connotation, review the character and cultivation, and finally see if there is money; such as tall, handsome, white, rich and beautiful, generally rich People are generally liked. And love does not need a reason: true love has no distinction of nationality, gender, species…; whether you are a man or a woman or not, no matter how rich you are or whether you have humanity or not. This kind of love is blind, but the loved one is “happy”. In fact, to like is to long for the other person, while love is to protect and fear that the other person will be hurt. You can like many people at the same time, but don’t fall in love with many people at the same time. Finally, I want to say: Whether you like or love, you should love yourself first, and only if you love yourself first can you love others better

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