Is this true of the gaming industry?

The confusing behavior and remarks of the interviewer include but are not limited to:

  1. “Beiyou people have a very low vision and are limited to one circle. It is not as good as my child, who can’t speak Chinese at the age of five, only speaks English, and can communicate with white people.”
  2. A middle-aged male interviewer in his 40s flaunts that he is worth more than 100 million yuan. He has an x suite in Beijing and a Ferrari.
  3. Say that your team is Qingbei or the top 3 students in qs. You don’t know anything. Why are you embarrassed to come?
  4. It means that the people of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications are too impetuous, their horizons are too narrow, and they only focus on high-paying Internet companies. Although Bilibili’s salary is average, it can give you a feeling of fulfilling work.
  5. After the interview, the interviewers uniformly blocked the contact information of job applicants, such as phone and WeChat, which was very disciplined.
  6. In the middle of the night, the recruitment team of the Bilibili school made a call and asked the students involved to delete the intranet forum posts.
  7. I was also a person from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications who participated in the afternoon interview. The place was in the conference room on the fourth floor of Beijing University of Posts and Technology Hotel. The interviewee was also a middle-aged man. When I entered the conference room, I saw him playing on his cell phone (busy business), and then asked me to wait a while, I sat there awkwardly and waited for him for three minutes, then glanced at my resume without introducing myself or letting him. I introduce myself. Regarding the interview: After reading the resume, I said it was not very suitable. Ask me if I have ever played a game (are you recruiting an intern?), answer no, but then start to say that the items on your resume are not very good. It doesn’t make sense (indeed, it’s meaningless not to play games). I didn’t ask about the relevant technology stacks written on my resume, and then said that their team are all excellent people, and they can only read English. It is difficult to communicate in Chinese. Barabara, I At that time, I didn’t realize pua. I thought it was a big researcher who studied the underlying implementation of the engine or the source code of the development tools. So I agreed for a while, and then directly asked the link (that’s right, it’s so fast, even counting the three minutes he spent playing on his mobile phone I just managed to make up for 10 minutes), I asked him what responsibilities he has in the game development team (big brother, you don’t know what you do for the technical interview?), he asked twice what it means, I can only say directly What are you doing? I am the person in charge… and let me go. The entire interview process does not take more than 15 minutes. There is no technical related things (the delivery is technical research and development), and there is no technical question and interview process that a game development company should have. After being inexplicably belittled by a stranger, I felt depressed on the way back to the laboratory (fortunately, the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Technology Hotel is just a few steps away). Summary: The entire interview experience was extremely poor, and it was a waste of time. If you don’t want to recruit people, just make it clear. Don’t come to Beijing Post to do a presentation. The technical stack interviewer on the resume is not asking, and I have to make me doubt his technical level. The most important point, if it is not appropriate, why is it so vague on JD? (Everyone can go to the school recruitment network of station b to see its jd, which is simply outrageous). It is recommended to describe clearly and arrange more targeted students for interview next time. Why waste everyone’s time and make you belittle you for a while? From the personal experience of a student from Beijing University

By zhiwo

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6 months ago

1. An interviewer went to Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to participate in the school recruitment. The interviewer said on the stage: Those who only speak Chinese, please sit on the right, and those who only speak English, please sit on the left. Everyone took their seats, only one person in the middle didn’t know where to go, and the interviewer asked him why. He said: I can speak Chinese, but my five-year-old son can only speak English and can communicate with white people. The interviewer is overjoyed: Please come to the stage as soon as possible! 2. The interviewer of Pianzhan talked to the students below on the stage: As long as you enter Pili Pili, our life will be better and better! Another voice came from the audience: What shall we do? 3. The interviewer’s speech was broadcast in the mental hospital. After a paragraph, everyone applauded enthusiastically. Only one person stood still, and someone asked: Why don’t you applaud? Answer: Because I am a doctor. 4. A student from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications wrote a reply on Zhihu: The interviewer of an Internet company had a very poor attitude, admired foreigners and flattered foreigners, and insulted the students of this school. Afterwards, the staff of the approved station threatened to delete related answers. Classmate: Why do you want me to delete? I didn’t say who it was! Staff: Do you think I don’t know who you are talking about! 5. Chen Rui went to a certain game studio of the company to inspect work. When he saw a code farmer, he asked him how his work is progressing recently. Ma Nong replied: Our game will be an epoch-making breakthrough, and God will love it if you play it! Chen Rui is very happy but righteous: We are materialists, and there is no God in the world. Coder said: That’s right, we don’t have games either. 6. A certain Pililili worker came to Zhihu and asked a question. The following answer was well received. Some Internet colleagues asked: Why are there no critics? Answer: Because I blocked them all in advance. 7. Two old schoolmates from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications met, and one asked: Old schoolmate, where have you been recently? At the batch station. What exactly do you do? Some unnecessary applications for salary increases were rejected. You mean, it is still necessary? Oh, those who are not in our control, they are the security guards and company morgues. 8. A person on the Beijing subway said to people around him: Are you worth more than 100 million yuan? Do you have several suites and a Ferrari without you? Without your son, would he not speak Chinese but only English? It’s not that you bastard don’t take your feet away! 9. Pianzhan fought a lawsuit with another Internet company and lost the lawsuit and was demanded to compensate the other party with 100 million yuan. However, after the judgment came into effect, Pianzhan only asked an interviewer to join the company and did not make any actual compensation. Someone asked Chen Rui: Is this interviewer particularly important to Bi Li Bi Li? Chen Rui replied: No, this person knows nothing, but he is worth over 100 million.

6 months ago

Judging from the results of this year’s school recruitment, whether it is Ali or Byte, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is the largest new employee contribution. I don’t think it’s something to be proud of for people from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to enter a large factory, but it can at least show the fact that the ability and character of Beijing Post’s people are recognized by most outstanding companies. The incident of Bilibili makes me angry. The point lies in the interviewer’s attitude towards the people of Beijing Post. Because we are not Qingbei, not the top 3 in qs, we can speak Chinese at the age of five, so we have no vision and patience? The implied meaning of the interviewer is not the classic workplace pua, although our salary is low and 996, but we can let you learn things, so that you can be like me, the child only speaks English at 5 years old. There are x suites in Beijing. Another thing that makes me dislike is that children who can’t speak Chinese and English are more visionary. Isn’t this typical of foreigners and foreigners? If the department does not have HC, there is no need to make things difficult. Choosing the direction of the game originally requires a certain degree of love and sentiment to support. The student who suffered unfair treatment in the problem is a very good student. He has won a lot of comparisons with the game department of Bilibili. There is no need to waste time on Bilibili for offers from many excellent game companies. I suggest that in order to save time next time, the interviewer can say this: Are you willing to 996, listen to me bragging about my top team and Ferrari, or want to change the world with them.

6 months ago

1. The vision of the people of Beijing Post is too low, limited to one circle, not as good as my child, who can’t speak Chinese at the age of five, only speaks English, and can communicate with white people. (Your child may not have enough IQ if he can’t learn Chinese) 2. A middle-aged male interviewer in his 40s shows off that he is worth more than 100 million yuan. He has an x suite in Beijing and a Ferrari. (Secretly tell you that there are a lot of street lights in your community) 3. Said that your team is Qingbei or the top 3 students of qs, you don’t know anything, how embarrassed to come. (The offers we take are all first-line big companies, how are you embarrassed to come) 4. It means that the people of Beijing Post are too impetuous and have too narrow horizons. They only pay attention to the high-paying big companies on the Internet. Although the salary of Bilibili is average, it can make you feel fulfilled. The feel of work. (Although you take less money, but you are forced) 5. After the interview, the interviewers uniformly block the contact information of job applicants, such as phone WeChat, etc., which is very disciplined. (Are you putting this soy sauce?) 6. Late at night, the Bilibili school recruiting team called to threaten the students involved. Under pressure, the students deleted the intranet forum posts and reminded everyone to protect themselves.

6 months ago

Without seeing the supporting information, I just talked about the personal autumn recruitment interview experience: the three best experiences: Tencent, Ali, and Byte. Among them, Tencent JD wrote all, the Ali process is clear and can be checked, and the byte is connected with real HR from the beginning. Other factories are similar, basically in line with expectations, and there may be some minor problems in details, but it does not affect job hunting. Two companies whose experience does not match the company’s weight level: Xiaomi and Station B. Especially at station B, the job JDs are all copied and pasted, and I am confused; after I submit my resume, the processing is slow, and when I call me, I forget that I have also voted for station B; I repeatedly asked if I could go to Shanghai when I voted for a Beijing position; The written test questions are extremely simple, and the interviewer is not professional yet, so I am curious, what does the selection of station B rely on? Is the concentration of the second element? Eye margin? It may be that these two are both in the stage of rapid development. In such places that users can’t see, they are really careless, but the companies are all good companies and the future can be expected. So I chose to go to bytes.

6 months ago

Interest-related, mobile game programmer. Please note: Station b is a video site. Station b is a video site. Station b is a video site. The important thing is to say three times. Don’t go to station b to play games because of the reputation of station b and waste your school recruitment opportunities. The B station video is quite good, but the game business is really hip. Do you have a hip? Let’s put it this way, after five or six years, dozens of projects, there is no self-developed game, and the self-study ability is 0. If it were not for the video business of station b, the game business would have died two or three times. Originally, your starting point for graduation from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications was quite high, and you quit after two years at station b. Then you can only count as a second-category talent, which is roughly equivalent to the level of an ordinary one or even two books that have entered Tencent NetEase for two years. In other words, you gave up Tencent’s offer and went to station b to play games, then you are equivalent to a second copy of your diploma… Finally, when you go to school, you may follow the trend and scold Tencent. But after you graduate, Tencent is really a good choice. As for this interviewer, I really believe that the b-station game is bad for this kind of person.

6 months ago

If I understand the first few items as stupid, the last one is broken. I suggest that the recruitment team change the recruitment requirements to: 1. Applicants’ children must be excellent (I really can’t figure it out, language is just a tool, it’s so superior. I have mastered Mandarin, Northeastern, and Sichuanese. , Nanjing dialect, English, Japanese, etc., am I proud of it?) 2. The school must be Qingbei 3. The worth must be over 100 million, otherwise it is too impetuous, only looking at money, can not use work to enrich yourself, do not know how to use love The company generates electricity. 4. You must have a wide horizon. It is recommended to go to Korea for plastic surgery and open the corners of your eyes. In this way, your company can recruit satisfactory talents, preferably talents like the recruitment team. To be honest, since I came to Beijing Post to recruit, at least it proved that the company’s strategy is to recruit students from Beijing Post. Calling yourself a big factory, can you not even the most basic “seeking truth from facts”? According to the job requirements, is it really difficult to examine the professional abilities of candidates? It’s okay to look down on one, but they shouldn’t accept your PUA for no reason. People are here for interviews, not to hear you brag about how awesome you are. The last one is broken. I know I was wrong, but I just don’t admit my mistake, and I want you to shut up. If I can apologize, I just don’t apologize, I will be powerful. Hey, it’s crazy. If you continue to be like this, one day you will cry.

6 months ago

1. About Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications I have some colleagues who come from Beijing University of Posts and Posts. From my personal experience, they are very solid in doing things. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is a 211 prestigious university, and it is good at information technology. This negative evaluation is indeed strange. 2. The interviewer personally feels that this situation needs to be dealt with severely if it is true. Personal prejudice personal communication is OK, but as an interviewer for a company, it is disrespectful to the interviewer to treat new students who have just left campus in this position and to express this prejudice in an arrogant manner. It is disrespectful to the interviewer and also to the interview. The disrespect of the official position. Secondly, this kind of behavior is also a slander for the company. Although it is not a user of station B, it is still tolerant to read some of the works posted by station B. As a member of station B, it is a little brainless to make such remarks.

6 months ago

Many respondents did not see the essence of the matter clearly. If it is really a person from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications who graduated from Qingbei who went to Station B, it would be ruined for a lifetime. With so many eyes and ears around the interviewer, I can’t persuade you face-to-face to tell you that the salary here is poor and the salary is low and there is no overtime pay in 996 all day. Verbal humiliation is an appetizer, supplemented by self-sufficient bragging and step-by-step guidance (you classmates have all gone to big Internet factories, why can’t you think of coming to us so much). In the end, in order to prevent you from being such a big deal, the direct contact information has been blocked. The interviewer drove you away in this way. This is a really kind person. Why can’t you see it!

6 months ago

Quite funny, there is Qingbei in the game department of station b, and the top three students of qs, but there is no game project that can be used to play. I came to Beijing Post Line to recruit and preach sincerely, but humiliated my classmates directly on the spot. Crisis public relations will not apologize but will only threaten it. If the company is broken, it is disgusting and impressive, not to mention the size of the company. Don’t you know how many byr you have in your company? Come to school to show off, I think I can’t count on station b, I can’t do good things.

6 months ago

It can only be said that the interviewers are of different levels and mixed. This kind of interviewer will only be disgusting, thinking that he can’t slander the entire B station just because of individual employees, but the behavior of the B station to let the student involved delete the post in the middle of the night is too deductible (provided that the student’s remarks are true). After participating in countless school recruitments, I never felt that the students of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications were worse than the resumption of diplomatic relations in Qingbei. Previously in the Internet and banks, the rankings of the surrounding colleagues’ schools were higher than Beijing Post, but the quality of Beijing Post students has never been lower than them. The work efficiency and attitude are highly recognized by colleagues and bosses! Station B must apologize for the defamatory remarks made by individual employees of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The offer of BUPT graduates is really not bad for this small station.

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