Today’s investment circles are hotly talking about the 50,000 Yuan Changchun Hi-tech purchased by Dalian Auntie in 2008, which has now exceeded 5 million.

According to the Internet, an old lady in Dalian bought Changchun Hi-tech for 50,000 yuan in 2008, but she has forgotten about it. Recently she went to sell her account and found that there were more than 5 million.

In this regard, Guosen Securities introduced that on the morning of April 23, an aunt came to the Dalian Jinma Road Sales Department of Guosen Securities to handle business. Because she had forgotten her password all the year round abroad, she came to reset her password and found that she had spent money in 2008. A stock purchased for more than 50,000 yuan has a market value of more than 5 million yuan.

wrong. The secret for this aunt to make money is not to hold it long, but to have good luck and win the lottery. Aunt bought Changchun High-tech in 2008. At that time, Changchun Hi-tech was a real estate company, and its main business was just like that. At that time, it was very likely that this stock of demon stock was fired up. The aunt rushed in and took the plate, and then trapped it. After a long time, she forgot about it. The time when Changchun Hi-tech really made investment was when it bought a 30% stake in Jinsai Pharmaceutical at a premium in 2012. The main product of Jinsai Pharmaceutical is human growth hormone, which is used to treat dwarfism. Messi almost couldn’t play football because of dwarfism. It was Barcelona who paid for him to give him growth hormone and he only grew to 1.7 meters. Of course, there are some people who want to grow taller, and they use growth hormone when they grow up. One of my junior high school classmates did it. China’s growth hormone is almost monopolized by Jinsai Pharmaceutical, so they can enjoy extremely high profits. The quarterly report released this year shows that Changchun Hi-tech’s gross profit margin is 90%, which is comparable to Maotai. Jinsai Pharmaceutical contributed most of the profits of Changchun Hi-tech. It can be said that Jinsai Pharmaceutical is the reason for Changchun Hi-tech’s long-term bullying. But these all happened after 2012. After 2012, it was a sight to behold, and the previous purchase was a lottery ticket. At that time, Changchun High-tech has been in an awkward position since it became a shareholder of Jinsai Pharmaceutical. It is between a real estate company and a pharmaceutical company, and it cannot be highly valued. Until 2019, Changchun Hi-tech wholly acquired Jinsai Pharmaceutical. Now Changchun Hi-tech can truly be called a pharmaceutical company and enjoy the valuation of pharmaceuticals. Its stock price only started to take off in 2019, doubling for two consecutive years, known as Northeast Moutai. Therefore, a qualified investor will not buy this company in 2008. The aunt can make this money because of good luck. Then it depends on whether the aunt will ship or not, and if the shipment is shipped, it will take away 5 million. If it doesn’t come out, it may be more or it may be zero. You must know that Changchun Hi-tech is very stingy and doesn’t pay much dividends. You can’t get much dividends. Earlier, making money was entirely based on luck, but now it’s time to test wisdom.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

It is best for traders to develop the habit of reading, because developing the habit of reading can cultivate insensitivity to trading hours. The reason why traders lose money in the trading structure is because of high-frequency trading and time care. Always thinking about making quick money, the result is always unsatisfactory. Because reading is a pure spiritual experience, it is a kind of active obsession, the author confuses people’s minds only with words. The text is different from the popular short video which is convenient and powerful to implant the concept of the human brain. The text more slowly and deeply erodes people’s thoughts. In the text, we can see all kinds of imagined lives and experience various emotions. . At the moment of reading, our brain is constantly thinking and speculating. Reading is to cultivate a person’s ability to think independently. As for whether reading can bring people happiness, it is not obvious to me. Most of the content we read after reading will be forgotten by the brain, and only some that touches our heart can be precipitated. That is a unity of concepts formed between us and the author. In essence, our reading is also a way to find friends. Traders find friends in the process of reading. Even if they are not very happy, they will at least get spiritual comfort and feel calm, thus forgetting time, and forgetting time is very beneficial to making money in trading. In the process of reading, traders can also avoid the occurrence of many trading contraindications, which is of great benefit to trading. During the violent market volatility in the past two months, I just increased the position on dips a few times. The stock account went from profit to loss to profit. The profit of trading is given by time and the market, and has little to do with the trader. Traders can make money steadily by reading every day. Article source public number: Chaoyan Essays, whether for traders or non-traders, time is the most expensive luxury. Non-traders are unlikely to accumulate more emotions in a limited life, but as long as they are willing to think and act, they can accumulate more wealth. For non-traders, they must not waste time on things that have no relationship with them. They must think and create in a relatively limited time. Even if it is a waste of time, it must be wasted on yourself. The trading structure consists of time, traders and market. The difference between the present, the past and the future of trading hours is just a trader’s illusion. Traders need to ignore the trading time in the trading structure in order to make money from the market. For most traders, trading hours and non-trading hours overlap, and the identities of traders and non-traders are also overlapping. Traders must identify the self and identity of the transaction in this overlapping time and identity. The non-transactional self. When the identities of traders and non-traders overlap, the non-trading brain needs to be sensitive to time, and at the same time, the trading brain needs to be insensitive to time.

5 months ago

I like this topic very much. I will make a simple prediction that this kind of news will be more and more long-lasting gods. Last year, the oil plummet has risen back. Not to mention stocks? 2333 It is foreseeable that more examples of this kind of encouragement of the people’s capital to enter the market will emerge. Of course some are true and some are false. The general tendency is to encourage long-term holdings, active investment, and active entry into the market. Because the interest rate of deposits will not perform well in the future, whether through funds or direct investment, it will guide the people’s surplus to flow in an orderly manner, and orderly harvest will be the norm. Those who know well will understand that real estate is the eternal god. If you really want to preserve the value of your property, you might as well buy first-tier and second-tier real estate in the core area. Opening an account to buy stocks and holding it for a long time is blind. Most people can’t do it. Unless China’s stock market emerges from a wave of super bulls, slow bulls and bulls grow. Retail investors will have the confidence to continue holding, and it is almost impossible to expect this kind of winning example. Otherwise, in this speculative market, everyone will only be reaped repeatedly. Finally, there are risks in entering the market and investment needs to be cautious.

5 months ago

There are 50,000 people in Big Lotto buying lottery tickets with their birthday numbers, and one of them won. Is it because of the birthday number? From 2008 to now, I believe that many people have done long-term holdings, but there is only one such as aunt! And the delisting of LeTV alone will pit tens of thousands of long-term holders. Long-term holdings are not the main reason for her doubling. Picking the right stocks (regardless of whether a blind cat has a dead mouse) is the main reason. So choose the right stock! Pick the right stock! Pick the right stock!

5 months ago

In fact, my mother bought this stock too. At that time, I bought it for 100,000 yuan, but the old stockists, you know, chat every day, don’t know when they were sold, and they didn’t earn much. If you get it now It is also 10 million, and it has caught up with a decent house in Shanghai. Now I dare not mention this. If you want to tell it, the old ladies have to enter the ICU. They may not be sensitive to numbers, but they are absolutely sensitive to houses. So the investment secret is nothing else, it’s very simple, it’s long-termism, but it’s not easy to do this, you need to learn more and read more books. If you really don’t like reading, you can go whoring in zhihu:

5 months ago

If the aunt can fool a few words about value investment, long-term holding nouns, it can be a spokesperson properly. For most people, investing in the stock market is actually a metaphysics. I made money and pondered for a long time, perhaps because I read the company’s news, for example, several experts said that this industry has a fantastic prospect. It may also be because the name of this company sounds domineering, such as “Sichuan University Outstanding” inexplicably followed by Sichuan Headquarters. The sky and the earth are yellow, the universe is prehistoric, the four seasons change, the tides ebb and flow, the moon sets and sunrises, this world seems to be regular, but it is full of infinite variables. It is clear that the wind and the sun in the last second will be beautiful, and the wind will be strong and heavy rain in a moment. tilt. The economy seems to have cycles, and the stock market has a knack at first glance, but the so-called cycles and laws are often so elusive. You think you have found the secret to making money, but the market will rub you on the ground every minute and make you cry. If you have no desires, then you are just. You bought a full warehouse of Changchun High-tech, maybe just because the name sounds very scientific. Thirteen years have passed, and Changchun Hi-tech has actually become Changchun Qualcomm. Looking at the countless zero at the end of the account, does it feel like you won the lottery? We Chinese are very secular in the first place, but the stock market has given everyone a sense of sacredness. Every investor is looking for his own cornerstone of faith. Some people read classics, some convert to religion, some are superstitious masters, and our A-share investors, the final secret is: forget the password.

5 months ago

This is not the first time this has happened. In 1988, Liu Yuansheng won 3.6 million shares of Vanke for 3.6 million. By 2018, he had held shares in Vanke for 28 years, and his wealth had increased to 4.4 billion, earned more than 1,000 times, and outperformed Buffett. But if it is concluded that the secret to making money in A shares is long-term holding, it is a fallacy of simple attribution. Such causal induction will not help us in guiding our investment. Randomly find a number of stocks, intercept any 10-year period, you will find that the probability of return is negative, in any country and any time period. Stocks in different industries have different trend characteristics. For example, cyclical stocks can never show a sustained upward pattern for a long time, because the society’s demand for products in this industry and prices fluctuate cyclically. The most difficult part of investing in stocks is stock selection and timing, not the length of holding time. 1. Choosing the right investment target is more difficult than most people imagine. 2020 is a relatively large bull market, but in fact, in the past year ending at the end of the first quarter, the total number of stocks with negative gains was 1,645, accounting for 39.02% of the total stocks. That is to say, without considering changing hands, the probability of buying a stock with a negative gain is 39.02%, which is equivalent to blindly selecting 10 stocks, with a high probability that 4 stocks will fall after a year. Not to mention how high the probability of losing principal will be in a volatile market or a bear market. Some scholars have counted that from 1926 to 2015, there were more than 25,000 companies listed in the United States, but at the end of 2015, only 4,000 or 5,000 were still alive, and more than 80% of the listed companies had disappeared. Don’t think that buying the industry leader is all right. Many industry leaders have underperformed the market in the past year, such as CITIC Securities (9.58%) and Bank of China (-2.07%). The once dazzling star companies: Nokia, Ericsson, Kodak, Motorola…Now they are all bleak. The rise of the index was driven by large-cap stocks in some periods, and the entire market rose less and fell more; in some periods, the opposite was true. Not to mention switching between stocks and hotspot industries, even between large and small cap stocks, it is difficult to switch rhythmically. Therefore, in the past year, there are very few people who can outperform the market by operating their own stocks, especially those who frequently change hands in the middle. 2. Timing is another illusory matter. Industry leading companies CITIC Securities and Bank of China are all high-quality large-cap stocks, although their performance in the past year has been weaker than that of the broader market. However, if the interval selection is changed from one year to five months, the five-month return of CITIC Securities is 46.59%, and the comparable annualized return is 150.79%, which far outperforms the market. For another example, Amazon was listed in 1997, and the listing price is about US$2 (calculated after the stock split). In 2018, its highest stock price exceeded US$2,000, an increase of 1,000 times! ! However, between 1999 and 2000, its stock price fell from more than US$300 to US$5, evaporating 98.3% in a year. The reason why most people who invest in real estate make money is not because real estate has been rising and has not fallen. The rise in house prices has been fast and slow. Considering transaction commissions and taxes, you will lose money in most cases when you sell off within one or two years, especially in 2008, housing prices have almost been cut in half, and housing prices in third- and fourth-tier cities have continued to weaken in the past year or two. , Tianjin housing prices have also been underperforming. Most people can make money in real estate, simply because this investment has poor liquidity and it takes time and effort to buy and sell, so most people choose to hold it for a long time. Long-term holding is a strategy that can make up for the difficulty of timing, but it is not suitable for all trading varieties. Stock selection and timing are two difficult things that overlap, making investment professional and difficult. Therefore, the research reports we see often have the following explanation: The future will continue to fluctuate. As long as it is the stock market, it will always go up and down, ups and downs. Continue to carry out valuation repairs. Is the rise called repair or the fall called repair? Market sentiment is heating up. In the end, is the inflow of more funds called heating up, or everyone is eager to withdraw funds called heating up. …And so on, are mostly reports from formal research institutions, because they know the unpredictability of the market, especially short-term judgments are fortune-telling. If someone says that it will start tomorrow and the daily limit the day after tomorrow… this is basically a liar.

5 months ago

Can it be held for a long time? can. But this is not a cheat, but nonsense. If you do long without leverage, you just take it and sell it at a price higher than your cost, and you make money. As for how many years it will take, how much it can make is unknown. Here is the concept of “opportunity cost”. Of course, most people lose money when trading in stocks, and there is no opportunity cost, so there is a so-called cheat “If you don’t do it, you don’t lose money] [If you buy it, don’t watch it] Once you talk about opportunity cost, you will know that if you keep holding it, you will lose many opportunities. As for whether those opportunities can be grasped, that is another matter, but it must be your opportunity cost, do you understand?

5 months ago

1. Let me talk about the fact that forgetting the stocks I bought does not exist. Although I have no personal experience of buying stocks and forgetting like this, I have a similar experience. In 2018, I once suggested a small purchase of Wuliangye and Beidahuang liquor and agriculture-related stocks or funds. At that time, I chose Wuliangye because I was optimistic about the high-end liquor market, and I chose Beidahuang because my personal life paid more attention to agriculture. At that time, Wuliangye was less than 50 yuan, and the highest in the Great Northern Wilderness was just over 9 yuan. Then I completely forgot about the recommendation to issue small buying stocks. It was not until yesterday that my little mother called and mentioned it, and I went to ask the small to ask for confirmation, and then I gradually remembered it. 2. Is it an advertisement or a real thing? I have seen a lot of people say that this is because brokerages are advertising and want to attract retail investors to the market, but I personally don’t think so. If the brokerage wants to attract retail investors, it should be a young, ordinary family, average school, but through frequent short-term transactions in a year with tens of thousands of principals profiting millions or more of “stock gods” . This is far more than the promotion of an old Dalian aunt who can spend 50,000 yuan to buy Changchun Hi-tech in 2008 with a per capita income of less than 30,000 yuan in urban areas and has taken more than 12 years. In addition, this aunt is not a stock god, nor is it a so-called “value investor”. It is just a middle-class Dalian aunt who can forget even if he bought Changchun High-tech in 2008 and was arbitraged by the stock market for 50,000 yuan, and can still live well abroad. . Why is it called a quilt? Let’s look at the trend of Changchun Hi-tech in 2008. Changchun Hi-tech is not a high-valued pharmaceutical concept stock from the beginning, but a traditional industry with a low valuation-the real estate industry. The main business includes high-tech industry infrastructure construction, high-tech product production and development, real estate development, property management and financial services. Changchun Hi-tech really gained a high valuation and had a strong medical concept after acquiring a large number of shares of Kinsey Pharmaceuticals, a growth hormone manufacturer, and Baike Biotech, a vaccine manufacturer for varicella and rabies. In addition, Changchun High-tech has also invested in Advans and Changsha Benoy, covering the fields of medical equipment and medical services, but it is Jinsai Pharmaceutical that really contributes the bulk of the profits. In the early stage of the development of Jinsai Pharmaceutical, Changchun High-tech acquired 70% of the company’s shares for only 110 million yuan. In 2019, Jinsai Pharmaceutical’s growth hormone market share reached 74%, and Changchun High-tech spent another 5.637 billion to acquire 29.5% of the shares, and thus controlled 99.5% of Jinsai Pharmaceutical. After the completion of the acquisition, the market value of Changchun High-tech Zone rose from 30 billion in that year to 100 billion at the end of the year, and it has now become a popular target with a market value of over 200 billion at its peak. Although the bright moment of Changchun High-tech Zone had not arrived until the end of 2008, the aunt did not miss the 50,000 yuan (according to news reports, living overseas for a long time), so even in June last year when the stock price reached 683.78 yuan, she did not think of it. I own such a strong stock.

5 months ago

Answer: Not necessarily. If you buy Xiaokang for 8 yuan, Shengxin Lithium Energy for 9 yuan, Rongjie for 17 yuan, willing to buy for 32, and Aohai Technology for 47, then you can really get good results in one or two years. Income. If you have long held votes such as LeTV, Baofeng, and PetroChina that have fallen all the way into a waterfall, it can only become a stock joke. In fact, this kind of long-term wealth and then get rich has nothing to do with most people. People who only play analog disks don’t talk about their own achievements. Real and virtual tests of people’s mentality are completely different. The stock market is very complicated and requires a variety of professional knowledge; the stock market is also very simple, it is nothing more than buying low and selling high to make money, catching up with the high and picking up the sedan chair, becoming one of the 70% loss-making people. At least, the vote depends on the specific conditions of the selected sectors and individual stocks, and whether they have sustainable growth capabilities. In addition, most people shouted for long-term holding and value investment. In fact, after buying a check that fell for three or four days, they were more panicked than anyone else. They probably ran away because of the difference of a few cents and a few cents. Most retail investors hope that they happen to have a good time, such as the doubling of related stocks caused by the price increase of lithium mines, pulp, and steel. For example, the large-scale development of the xx industry caused a short-term group purchase, such as just bought it. A demon stock of a state-owned enterprise. But when they really buy such tickets, they may not be able to hold them, or they may turn from profit to loss because of their insatiable greed. But no matter what stocks you choose, whether it is worth holding for a long time or just a short-term guerrilla, it depends on the timing and cost of buying and the timing of selling. The selling position determines your ultimate profit, while the buying cost determines your mentality and coping strategies in the volatile market. When it comes to costs, one has to mention the account rate used by stock investors. As we all know, there are incidental taxes and fees for buying and selling stocks, and the rates of different brokerages are slightly different. When the same broker opens accounts in different channels, the rates are also different. If you open an account directly through the Tongxshun APP, the probability is ten thousand, but if you choose a suitable brokerage and open an account through a salesperson, it can be adjusted to in case or even lower in case of exemption from 5, just like this There are very few low ones at present, and I happened to find them. Many people despise the difference between this case and case. In fact, if you are a frequent short-term trader, you can calculate according to the transaction data recorded on your APP, and you will know that a low-rate account in one year can save you How much is it? At least in the retail accounts I contact, most people can’t hold a check for more than a year, let alone more than ten years. More people may adjust their positions in a few weeks or even days. If you choose the wrong stock, it is obviously more important to reduce transaction costs as much as possible. Of course, if you have been losing money for a long time and have never made a profit, it may be a better choice to leave the market directly (refer to the news that sold 500,000 to 7,800 in a few years). Don’t turn investment into consumption, then put the cart before the horse. Don’t use stock investment as the only reason for adult wealth. More wealthy people have already mastered wealth far more than ninety adults before they became rich in stocks. For most ordinary people, the benefits of having a stable job may be more than the benefits of holding a stock for a long time.

5 months ago

The aunt had an unexpected gain of 100 times because she had forgotten the transaction. It just so happened that I saw a similar trading philosophy in Zhaoyan’s essays: time is the most expensive luxury for traders or non-traders. Non-traders are unlikely to accumulate more emotions in a limited life, but as long as they are willing to think and act, they can accumulate more wealth. For non-traders, they must not waste time on things that have no relationship with them. They must think and create in a relatively limited time. Even if it is a waste of time, it must be wasted on yourself. The trading structure consists of time, traders and market. The difference between the present, the past and the future of trading hours is just a trader’s illusion. Traders need to ignore the trading time in the trading structure in order to make money from the market. For most traders, trading hours and non-trading hours overlap, and the identities of traders and non-traders are also overlapping. Traders must identify the self and identity of the transaction in this overlapping time and identity. The non-transactional self. When the identities of traders and non-traders overlap, the non-trading brain needs to be sensitive to time, and at the same time, the trading brain needs to be insensitive to time. Coincidentally. In theory, the more insensitive a trader is to time, the more money he makes. I am @林游优, a trader who insists on reading for a long time. If you want to be a good trader, the best way is to read. If you don’t have much time to read, you can consider reading the articles of the trading experts to learn the essence of trading more conveniently.

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