Girls, don’t understand cars at all. I drove a petrol car for a short time, which was annoying. I now want to change to a pure new energy vehicle and save my snacks. I can drive for a few more years with a budget of 260,000. That’s it. ​​​I love my country very much.

It is recommended to return the car. Since it needs to be easy to understand, I won’t talk about the complicated ones. In a word: Tesla doesn’t know what’s wrong with his car. A girl who doesn’t understand cars at all and feels annoying to drive a petrol car, then the situation is very clear, and she lacks the ability to tinker with the car. A petrol car can be annoying for a tram. Who said that a tram is more worry-free than a petrol car? A group of “understanding car emperors” are here to gossip and kill them and are unwilling to admit that Tesla has a problem, and it is also a “small probability event”. The Boeing 737max falling is also a small probability event. Isn’t it completely grounded? It is said that there is a small probability that Tesla will have a problem. Why don’t you take a few trips to the 737max to try? At any rate, Boeing 737max still has an airline to carry the pot for you, and if it falls down, there will be airlines arguing for you, so you don’t have to talk to Boeing yourself. Aviation safety management is also much stricter than that of a car running on the ground. The Civil Aviation Administration of China is even more unique. The strength of speech and execution are far better than those of the Market Supervision Bureau. If you don’t let you fly, would you dare to leave the ground? And you open a Tesla, are there any airlines to help you? Does the Market Supervision Bureau and the Civil Aviation Bureau make good use of it? Is the regulation of the automobile industry strict with civil aviation regulation? How can you compare with flying? Then you put a time bomb under your ass. What are you doing… I believe Tesla is not unwilling to solve the bugs in his car. If he is unwilling to solve it, he deliberately wants to leave a hidden danger to the car owner, then he is The conscience is completely broken. He also wants to solve the problem, but the problem is that it can’t be reproduced stably. He doesn’t know exactly where the problem is. It can even be said that the resources needed to solve this problem, including capital and manpower, are not cost-effective. So just go ahead. A girl who doesn’t understand cars and feels annoying to drive a petrol car. In all fairness, have you ever seen a girl who changed the triple filter and changed the oil on the lift to check the chassis? Isn’t it all about driving to the 4S shop, throwing away the keys, and going to the lounge to play with mobile phones. This is annoying. To be honest, I don’t think Tesla or other trams will annoy you. Trams can only make you more annoying. In any case, trams will use more software systems and more sophisticated computer hardware systems than petrol cars. Girls who can be annoying on petrol cars, you really have the confidence to understand these things. Then open it without worry? The following content may not be understood, but there is an analogy for a while: the working environment of the driving computer of the car is very bad. I am a person with a background in automation, and I still understand the working environment of industrial computers, although my professionalism has been lost for a long time. The stability of the car trip computer has always been difficult to do well, because the environment that this stuff faces is really a bit harsh, and it is destined that it is difficult for you to put in the car how complicated software is. But Tesla forcibly plugged in an extremely complex artificial intelligence software for his so-called “autopilot” function. It’s strange that there is no problem. The environment that cars face is complex and changeable. High temperatures, large temperature differences, and ubiquitous vibrations are all problems that have to be faced. Let’s compare the computer of an airplane. The computer working environment on an airplane is relatively simple. They are all in a pressure-resistant shell. The pressure and temperature have a dedicated environmental control system servo. Sometimes the vibration is larger but not as frequent as a car. Moreover, the flight computers of the aircraft have undergone very harsh or even harsh extreme environmental tests. Has Tesla done it? Even so, the flight computer does not dare to use an overly sophisticated process, but uses a more conservative process to ensure reliability. Reliability and computing power are a pair of contradictions. A computer with high reliability must have a much lower computing power than contemporary products. For example, “Chang’e” and “Jade Rabbit”, which only flew to the moon a few years ago, are stuck on the computers you use to dig mines and flip cards. Believe it or not? Then you said, can the computer that you use to eat chicken at home be placed on Yutu? No, your reliability is not up to it. You can’t believe the CPU of our previous military system. It’s horribly behind, it’s really stuck in the card. However, it is highly reliable, and the possibility of running errors is very low. It is practically like a brick. So Tesla’s car itself is a contradiction. The contradiction between high reliability and high computing power. I don’t think Tesla can really solve this contradiction. Musk is not a superman, and Tesla’s engineers are not all superman. He really needs to be able to have both high reliability and high performance. What kind of car does he build? He can go straight to Mars. To put it bluntly, Tesla’s computer software is a product of “dancing in shackles”. Reliability requirements do not allow Tesla’s trip computer to be loaded with too large and complex software systems. Guima always requires “strong artificial intelligence”. Tesla engineers are the mice in the bellows. What choice does he have? Either the software is rougher, or the reliability is rougher. I don’t think they really have a good balance. It’s very simple. The software can only “save if you can save”, and computer working environment control and reliability control can only “save if you can save”, irresponsible. Ha, they actually didn’t do a good job at both ends. The working conditions faced by the driving computer of the car are far more complex and many times more complicated than those faced by the flight computer. This is why the automatic driving of the aircraft had a prototype during the Second World War, and it was already in the 1970s. Very mature. And now the autonomous driving of cars has just begun, and it is still far away from maturity. The input parameters that the airplane’s flight computer needs to face are very simple. There are only a few limited data, such as airspeed, angle of attack, flight altitude, and atmospheric parameters. There is nothing else on his route. The working conditions of the car are much more complicated, and other traffic participants must be considered. It is not a matter of a few simple parameters. The artificial intelligence technology involved requires a huge software system, and a supervisory system is required to perform the intelligent system. Supervision requires a lot of online data collection and transmission, and also needs to consider the issue of man-machine interface. And all of this must be stuffed into the trip computer that will get stuck when flipping cards because of reliability requirements. Are you confused? Let’s make an analogy: Scene 1: You sit in an air-conditioned room with comfortable temperature and humidity and do addition and subtraction problems quickly; Scene 2: You are so hot in the sauna sun that you stare at the stars. Quickly solve partial differential equations. Which one do you think has a high probability of error? Tesla’s on-board computer is an artificial intelligence algorithm that is many times more complex than partial differential equations under the conditions of sauna weather, severe vibration, huge temperature difference, and poor heat dissipation. I don’t think it is a good thing to entrust life safety to this kind of thing.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

260,000 pictures, don’t worry about buying model3. Many great gods talked about real points such as technology, quality, and competing products. Here I will add a point that is relatively fictitious but likely to bring a bad experience-control evaluation, the phenomenon of people who raise the problem without solving the problem is in this company existing. Recently, there are a lot of Tesla news such as rights protection at the Shanghai Auto Show. I personally wrote on Zhihu that it drags people at the auto show; the “uncompromising” series replies to splash the car owner’s dirty water, change the topic, and are not responsible; the braking data shows that the braking performance is not enough , Braking data is not complete and other partial negative answers, and I personally watched the answers and rankings of many other users who knew and did not know. I found an interesting phenomenon. Every time I didn’t forward any such partial negative answers, I would get more fan likes and passers-by in about three minutes to enter the front of the answer sorting, and there were not many comments. Within about three to five minutes, dozens of questioning comments will be quickly displayed in the comment area, and the likes of comments will quickly exceed a few native comments or even the answers themselves. Sometimes they will enter the default selected comments of the system, which are often repeated and typical There are several types of “disrupting the public order of the auto show should be arrested, what if it is not caught by the police”, “can be blacked even if the brake data is incomplete? Obviously the reason is xx, don’t talk if you are unprofessional” and so on. In the next one or two hours, although the number of likes and comments is high, the answers will be stepped on to the lower position in the default ranking, and even lag behind the answers with many digits agreeing. (As far as I know, this phenomenon is not an isolated case. Friends with similar experiences are welcome to add)

5 months ago

Looking at the problem description, the subject still understands what he looks like. 1. Girls, I haven’t driven a car very much: To be honest, buying an electric car as an enlightenment model for novices, I think it is still very good, very convenient, and easy to use. When I first took my driver’s license to drive, I drove a new energy vehicle most of the time, but it was a hybrid. In fact, it was almost the same. Many times I drove it in electric mode. Compared with fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are a bit like a big toy. Although the operation steps of automatic fuel vehicles are similar to those of electric vehicles, the characteristics of electric vehicles such as easy maintenance are still incomparable to fuel vehicles. Generally, women owners who do not understand the car can feel at ease. Especially at this stage, the failure rate of electric vehicles from our experiments is much lower than that of a few years earlier. I said before that testing with electric vehicles is really beautiful, because there are not too many problems. It’s a big deal to restart. Don’t worry. . To declare, I don’t know Tesla. 2. It is annoying to drive a fuel car for a short time! When I saw this description, I noticed this sentence at once, especially that sentence was very annoying. I don’t know why this female donor is very annoying, but it is unlikely that the fuel car has poor power, because she has a short drive time, and it is estimated that the demand for power is not that great. Maintenance shouldn’t be the case, because it’s only turned on for a short time, and I’m afraid it’s not even the time for maintenance, and it’s not too annoying. Maybe it’s a fuel car that is not easy to drive. The engine is noisy, the lifting gear is frustrated, and the fuel consumption is high and costly, so the subject is very annoying. From this point of view, it is really possible to buy an electric car to travel, whether it is a Tesla or not. 3. The budget is 260,000. I want to worry less: here you can see that the budget is 260,000. Electric vehicles. In fact, the main ones on the market are Tesla, BYD Han, Xiaopeng P7, as well as the Polestar and Ford Mustang that were just announced not long ago. These ones. The choices are just these, so it’s normal to choose Tesla. The female donor did not mention the requirements for the appearance of the car. I think the average female car owner has requirements for the appearance of the car. It is not suitable for them to open a square box Santana. To be honest, Tesla M3 looks quite mellow and well-behaved, and it should be able to capture female car owners. The key is to worry less about this. If you simply look at Tesla’s various failures, it is very likely that this car will have to worry about later. The problems I currently see include but are not limited to brake failure, sunroof falling off, steering wheel jam, multimedia crash, rear head glass breakage, door glass breakage and so on. There is no clear evidence of brake failure, but things like multimedia crashes and broken glass are real. If Tesla continues to be like this, these problems may still exist. Female donors drive less and worry about any problems they encounter. 4. Summary In short, I myself currently do not recommend Tesla directly. There are so many problems to be solved in no time, and there is no way to judge whether it is true or false. It’s better to take a slow time. It won’t run if you buy a car or not. It’s better to see what’s going on. Time is the best answer. Buying a car is not about patriotic things. It is not easy for us people to make some money. Let’s be happy. Such small things are not that serious.

5 months ago

The subject is a girl who doesn’t understand cars at all. It is recommended not to buy it before the accident is fully settled. At the same time, the subject can also look at other popular comparison models. In fact, the pure new energy vehicles that can be used at this price, as well as Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han, are worth considering, and their appearance and quality are also online. In addition, these two new Energy car companies have also survived the long-term test of the market. Of course, if the subject also considers fuel vehicles, there are many options for this price point, such as Camry, Accord, Passat, Magotan, Asia Dragon, Volkswagen CC, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, BMW 1 Series, Cadillac CT4… and then Speaking of the Tesla brake accident, from the perspective of the female car owner, she must have encountered a problem. From the perspective of the product user, she is one of the discoverers of quality problems, but her personal ability and resources are limited. The discussions with Tesla certainly did not fully meet my expectations, so I went to the 4S store to pull banners and go to the auto show to defend rights. From the Tesla side, Tesla’s official response was more about the incident itself, but it did not solve the problem from the product quality aspect and propose a solution. Personally, I believe that Tesla must have found that the vehicle itself has a problem. It’s problematic, but because of the company’s image, in terms of the company’s vital interests and long-term development, the government is temporarily unable to speak out. It stands to reason that most of the car companies have recalls, and consumers can understand it. However, Tesla has a small product line and model 3 is one of the company’s most important products at the moment. It lacks this backbone. Pulling a car may face an existential crisis.

5 months ago

I personally don’t recommend people who don’t understand cars to buy Tesla, especially those who want to worry less about driving for a few more years. Such demand does not match the characteristics of Tesla’s products. And for novice drivers with relatively little driving experience, Tesla’s cars with more power and very sensitive steering are actually not easy to control. (Most of Tesla’s accidents I have seen are caused by driver’s operation.) Tesla’s car products have very distinctive features, with both long and short versions being obvious. The advantages of Model 3 are strong power, good control, standard assisted driving functions, and brand halo bonus, etc.; its disadvantages are poor comfort, rough workmanship, many problems, poor attitude towards consumers, and so on. If you value these advantages and can accept these disadvantages at the same time, then you have no problem buying Model3. So I think that product features like Tesla are actually only suitable for a small number of consumers, such as tech geeks, performance car enthusiasts, and people who just want to recharge Musk’s Mars Dream (non-derogatory). Regarding the brake problem, I have seen many car owners feedback that this kind of brake failure has occurred, indicating that there is indeed a problem and there is a safety hazard. However, this kind of brake failure is still a small probability event, and even if this happens, the brake is not completely failed. It is still useful to step on with milk, but the brake force will be smaller. So, it depends on whether you are willing to bear this kind of risk. If it is for me to choose, I am willing to consider Model3. Because I pay more attention to power and handling, and don’t care about workmanship and minor faults, and I have more driving experience, and I rarely step on the brakes at ordinary times, and there are even fewer emergency brakes. As a big toy, Tesla is in my consideration. Inside. But for most consumers who just want to buy a practical and worry-free city scooter, Tesla is likely to disappoint you.

5 months ago

I will post my other answer, hoping to help you. Just unsubscribed from model y. I have a Ph.D. in the field of human engineering. From a comprehensive knowledge of multiple professional answers, Tesla does have a problem. The brake components may be provided by Bosch or something, but the problem may be Tesla’s own system. It is estimated that they are currently busy. To reproduce the problem and solve the bug, of course, they may not… 1. I have never seen a car with so many braking problems, regardless of whether it is the driving habit “also caused by the car design” or the car itself. Security is very weak. 2. After-sales are unprofessional, arrogant like musk, self-destroying brand image, customers don’t need to be blinded by the brand. This brand image will cost the car owner at least $1,000. 3. Some people play musk every day. I am a professional in deep learning and have no hope of l5 or even perfect l4. Musk’s daily publicity is a life test. The space x recycling technology is quite powerful, but has the number of successes reached the number of times he boasted? It is not because he bought bitcoins and Dogecoins every day that he bought them first and then asked the company to endorse them. To sum up, the engineering “traditional automobile industry” has developed to the present, many technologies have been refined, and the entire system has been overthrown. Overly radical changes will inevitably lead to a decline in reliability. All trams may have problems large and small, but there is no doubt that Tesla’s attitude or emphasis on the Chinese market is much worse than other companies.

5 months ago

Let’s put it this way, it is seriously suspected that there is a problem with the electrical architecture. First of all, it has had the problem of the steering wheel locked due to the failure of the front body controller. This problem is not confusing at all but very certain. The owner of the problem has been replaced with the front body controller. Moreover, the brake problem was also revealed in a cross-light program as a software failure (as evidenced by telephone recording). Therefore, there is a possibility that the software system or the electronic power system may have problems, and the key depends on the probability. In fact, Tesla has already begun technical public opinion guidance on the matter with this rights defending car owner. If there is no problem, just go through the process openly, and there is no need for nasty and incomplete disclosure of data. It is also implied that the driver is driving dangerously. Buy if you want, but adults are responsible for their actions.

5 months ago

Now parking in the parking lot, I will deliberately avoid Tesla’s front, back, left, and right, fearing that if he burns the pond fish, he is also afraid that he will not be able to touch the brakes well. Yesterday my husband saw a model 3 behind him on the road, and he consciously let it go. He also told me complacently that if he was hit by him, the residual value of such a good car of mine would be greatly reduced. Last week, my handsome guys asked me whether Weilai ES8 is good or Hiphi X is good. How can model S sell second-hand cars not at a loss? His home is an army compound. Tesla has not been allowed to enter the hospital for a long time. Now he walks home outside the hospital every day and his body is getting better. I said I want me to choose Weilai, but don’t entrust your model S to me. How to sell and lose money now, you can find a car dealer yourself. He actually booked a high-end, fully demonstrating the special preferences of the rich. During dinner last night, my dad asked me: Is it true that Tesla’s brakes are malfunctioning? I think that the Internet is very firm. I said I don’t know. Even if the female car owner is okay this time, it doesn’t mean that the other failures are okay. Besides, it can’t prove that the female car owner’s car is okay. So it’s very subtle, and it’s worth a fight online. Anyway, it seems that Tesla must have a problem now, in addition to brake failure, there are also various hidden dangers in manufacturing details. Anyway, I watched the model Y dismantling before, and many design and manufacturing details convinced me: I dare not buy this car. Besides, Tesla’s public relations are so fierce. Why don’t you worry about buying a car? I chatted with my old classmates from the automobile department: How do you think Tesla sells so well? Fuel vehicles sold better than BBA, don’t they worry about various safety hazards? I said, anyway, I think public opinion will be hotter than the industry for a while at night. The current sales are lagging behind the public opinion, and sales in a few months or a year will be backlashed by public opinion. You can see that today you have the question that is being answered, and it is the number one on the hot list. There are so many obviously reliable pure electricity released at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. Learn about it and consider it.

5 months ago

Buy a gas car if you don’t have to worry about dim sum. Buying a tram is enough for you to worry about. After all, electric cars are commonly known as electric fathers. It is not for you to buy it metaphorically, but you have to serve it. Charging piles need to be solved, travel must plan routes, calculate battery life, find charging piles, not go to too remote places, and calculate how much battery life is lost at high speed when traveling far away, where to charge in the middle, cannot turn on air conditioning in summer, and dare not turn on heating in winter. The battery life is low in the north, and it can’t be left for too long. Suddenly when you want to use it, the battery life is not enough. The battery life shows that you must call a trailer if there is no electricity on the road. When you go to the charging station, you will find a long line. Crazy, the charging space is occupied by a petrol truck, so helpless, etc., these things are annoying for you, and they are high-probability events. But if you buy a petrol truck, you can go anywhere, anytime, anywhere, without planning, calculation, or worry. With current car building technology, the probability of it throwing you on the road is extremely low, so don’t worry about it. Just buy a petrol truck. 260,000, Gu’s family buys mainstream b-class, petty bourgeoisie buys bba to get started, and most of the homes who buy Tesla also have a petrol car. This is their confidence. In addition, the safety issue you are worried about. As a very complex industrial product, automobiles are closely related to human safety. The actual working conditions to be faced are extremely complicated. A slight improper design can easily lead to safety accidents. Traditional mainstream car companies have many years of car-making experience, and many designs are lessons learned with blood. However, even so, when new cars are replaced, they may still face various problems caused by minor changes, and the design still needs to be continuously improved. The new power car companies come up with the so-called bold subversion and radical style. In terms of safety, are you willing to believe in experienced and conservative car companies, or are you willing to believe in radical new forces. Moreover, the sales of petrol cars are large, and many problems will be easier to be discovered. The sales of trams are small, and hidden dangers are more likely to be covered up. With the increase in sales, more and more problems will inevitably come out.

5 months ago

I don’t understand. I’m not answering this question, but just expressing my opinion. I always believe that from the perspective of reliability, machinery is greater than electrical and electronic is greater than automatic control. Therefore, I am worried about things that cannot be switched to mechanical operation mode and cannot be manually interfered in an emergency. It is similar to the previous accident in which the door cannot be opened when the fingerprint code lock is obstructed and the whole family is killed. I always suspect that the problem of Special 3 this time is that the electronic system malfunctions or the program is disordered, which causes the mechanical parts to not function properly. And I’m very taboo about Tesla’s 360-degree collection of information about my vehicle and its interior. Who gave you permission? Why are you doing this? For my safety? How do you guarantee my safety during driving? Does it mean that your American technology center can monitor my status in real time and intervene remotely? I don’t want to be so automated, just drive by myself and let me control my destiny.

5 months ago

It is recommended to return the car and wait and see. As a NIO owner, friends around me have also faced the same choice when the budget is limited. I don’t want to recommend NIO or other brands. I have also tested model3 several times. It is indeed very recommended in the driving experience. , I also want to start, but considering the various public opinion incidents of brake failure + bursting, there is no accurate answer and has been on the official website. After all, we buy a car to improve the quality of life, although the above incident is a small probability event , But the increase in the probability of high-risk events directly threatening life safety is undoubtedly at least a psychological burden, or even actual risk. Everything is ultimately based on objective and fair conclusions. If it is not for Tesla’s problem, or there is a real problem, it is obtained. After the improvement, Tesla, which is still recommended for purchase, has been improving. The interior, cost-effective, and driving experience. But because more and more people like it, Tesla has begun to strongly cultivate user habits, and kinetic energy recovery has become a must. I don’t like this, but I understand that Tesla’s starting point for strongly interfering with user habits for word-of-mouth and battery life. I drive NIO to the lowest kinetic energy recovery method. The system automatically uses kinetic energy recovery as a way to adjust the speed of the vehicle to achieve the purpose of energy saving. I personally think that this usage is relatively scientific. Both pedals have the function of decelerating or even stopping. As an old driver, I try to be familiar with strong kinetic energy recovery. When you step on and miss it, especially before you want to stop, I think that many burst incidents are caused by this. Habits and even basic thinking are difficult to change. For rigid changes, the risk of driving in a vehicle is relatively high. To be honest, it’s not sensible to sum up, it is recommended to return the car first, or even not mention the car temporarily, and wait until the storm has a clear result before repurchasing or mentioning the car. Judging from the comments of the bigwigs, Even if it is a Tesla problem, it should be a brake logic problem. Ota may be solved with a high probability. For the sake of life safety, it is not anxious, because I am waiting to buy, and we are looking forward to an objective and fair conclusion.

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