The press conference I got up early in the morning can only be said to be a bit disappointing. First of all, DPPt is the generation of games I have played the most. I have also used animations many times. I am really happy to see the news of the reissue. When the NDS and Lao Zhenzhuan images were broadcast, they were so excited that they were unspeakable, but the following style of painting was really not flattering. It should be qualified if it is placed on 3DS, but it is indeed a bit outdated on NS. I can only hope that I can make more changes before the release. Of course, the outsourcing company may not really have any expectations of making a magical work, but it is enough to make half of the sword and shield style?
Regarding the lack of new mechanisms (extremely huge, mega evolution, z skills), I think it is very good, if in Shenao forcibly pushing the extremely huge will mean a major change in the game plot, so that the plot will become bad can be said to be a high probability event . But if this is the case, DP Reissue may not be considered as an orthodox sequel compared to the past HGSS and ORAS? The battle environment is estimated to be mainly swords and shields. In this case, the DP re-engraving only needs to be a trance book, very convenient. The two generations of DP and BW games can be said to be the pinnacle of the Pokémon series. Even if DP copies all the game mechanics and plots, it is still a very good game. As long as the world and battle frontiers are reversed, they can still give a good one. Scores. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

I suddenly thought of this big-voiced rival and the loud noise made by the two crashing into each other for the first time. The loudness of the voice is even reflected in the subtitles. Then I remembered that I had forgotten whether it was a book in “Pocket Player” or “Pocket Fan”. I specifically introduced that the Sinicization group in the Sinicization version of “Pearl Diamond” faithfully restored the enlarged fonts in the original work. It was an era where cracks were rampant but equally enthusiastic, and even Pokémon magazines generously recorded game ROMs on the included CD. Folk Sinicization groups almost always publish Sinicization messages in the post bar and forums in the form of a preacher (no derogatory meaning). After all, the Internet at that time was not N1 per capita, nor was it a game company that did not come out of Sinicization and only served with a bad review. At that time, there was no Diaoyu Island incident. For most people, Japan is a very developed country that has a festival with China in history.
At that time, due to language barriers and poor information, many things had a sense of mystery or even sacredness. For many Chinese Pokémon players at that time, GF was different and special. That’s why there was a petition for Sinicization back then. But to this day, the Internet is completely in the world. When everything, even small circles, can be placed on the table, a small company like GF with low technology is disenchanted. But has GF changed? In the same year that “Pearl Diamond” was released, “Final Fantasy 12” landed on ps2. Now, in 2021, players are standing on the opposite side of the company, and they can hardly be called believers in a completely equal relationship.

In fact, this is very good, and equal relations are very good.

But I actually miss that age of believers a little bit. Being a foolish believer, if I had money, I would buy one if I didn’t have the money. I would not buy one if I didn’t have the money. It was…it was easy.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Very good, this time you can rest assured not to buy it. GF has never disappointed only on the point of disappointment, and this time GF has not disappointed the people’s expectations of him. Even if the DP re-engraving is poor, I can’t wait to make clear the division of responsibilities between the producer and the outsourcing company at the press conference. It really makes people laugh… Arceus alone has many serious frame dropouts and publicity. Has the department given up treatment for it? What should G9 do if it continues like this, test the waters to be like this ghost?

7 months ago

The specifics will be written later. So why can’t the original DPPT be launched on switch? Ironically, the NDS generation is the most brilliant generation of Pokemon, and the beginning of this generation is now actually like this. GF does not have to carry a big pot, Masuda is responsible as a legitimate expatriate, then he can’t run away. Tpc is the same, maybe even the old one has a problem. It’s not bad if you want to cook cold rice, and it’s not impossible to outsource. Please find a bigger studio, don’t tell me that I am short of money, the world’s No.

7 months ago

You have eaten a small biscuit in 14 years. At that time, you thought it was the best food in the world. Later you grew up and tasted all kinds of delicacies, but you still remember the taste of that little biscuit. Until one day you know, the biscuits manufacturers will regularly use the latest recipes to re-make the biscuits that have been launched. Even if you know that the new formula may never taste the original taste, you are still full of expectations. It was like this for one year, two years, three years…five years. Finally, the re-made cookies will be announced tonight. You are excited and sleepy until eleven o’clock, all thinking in your head is the taste of cookies that you have recalled countless times. Do not expect any novel flavors. As long as it is a small biscuit.

7 months ago

After May, the rankings still returned to the general doubles. It turned out that the side of the press conference stated that the VGC ranking battle platform is still a sword and shield in 2021 and even 2022. This so-called DP re-enactment and Al Zeus seem to be unable to play ranking. . Sword and shield cassettes may still rise by a wave. Only from the perspective of the battle, the one who can be ranked against is the main work, otherwise it is the side branch. This counterfeit DP re-enactment is like drinking fake wine…TPC Ishihara: How can we make money from selling dolls when we sell games? Just fool around with games.

7 months ago

This style of painting is ashamed to go to Iraq, right? Is it really difficult to make a body of normal proportions like a sword, shield, sun and moon? Are you getting more and more offerings? You might as well change the name to “Jelly Bean Man · Crystal Bright Diamonds Shining Pearls”. It was really a mouthful of old blood spurted out in the middle of the night. This is the super-large IP re-enactment that led nds to the top fifteen years ago? Let’s take a look at this exclusive plot of Arceus.

7 months ago

It seems to be a new gameplay, like an open world. For those who have recently been addicted to Breath of the Wild, I really feel that Breath of the Wild has put a character mod on it. I am especially curious since the character modeling is done, why can’t I? Replace the characters in the dp re-enactment with the characters in the plot of Arceus. Isn’t this much better than the jellybeans? And according to some old brothers, the characters have climbing actions similar to the wilderness. I won’t comment on this open world for the time being. After all, I don’t know the gameplay very well and I need to wait for more information.

7 months ago

This head turned out to be Diya Luca’s head, and I think it’s more towards Parukia on the diamond. In addition, I am also very curious about how the Pokémon on the lower screen of the nds dual-screen system was reflected on the Switch? Anyway, it’s very, very, very, very, very disappointed. As a Pokémon true love fan, it is impossible not to buy it, but I really feel like being pooped by GF. GF, you can have a snack. Moreover, I have played Pokémon for 15 years. I was called a cloud player for the first time. After all, I am a student party. It is impossible for every generation to buy a dual version to play. It is also at this stage. I just collect it slowly. I originally wanted to save money through dp to buy an ns, but it seems unnecessary at the moment. Botw has also played in Wiiu. Poor, I can’t play the eighth generation, the inventory is low, don’t scold, don’t scold, we Pokémon don’t engage in the meal circle set, okay, if you scold you, you won’t really have real fans for this. I’m very satisfied with the second engraving

7 months ago

You can find a reasonable explanation for calling Pokémon for laziness, digging, and trash. But there are two points that my thinking is completely incomprehensible: Why is the Zhenzhuan Reissue and the Legend of Arceus fixed at the end of 21 and the other at the beginning of 22? As the products released by the same company are relatively close in volume and positioning, this release strategy with such a close date is really confusing. It is also an OEM product. Why does Pokémon Papak seem to have a better budget? I chose the Bandai Namco with more OEM experience. However, the more commercial-level and more important gemstone replicas, but the budget is completely insufficient. I chose ilca, a new company with insufficient production experience? Here I have a conspiracy theory. It is very likely that the legend of Arceus was originally a work to be launched as a 25th anniversary celebration, but due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, it will be difficult to deliver in 2021. The production capacity of Nintendo’s headquarters is also severely affected by the new crown, which pressures tpc to produce a work in 2021 to cope with the Christmas business war. The pat and music should have been decided in advance, but it was difficult to find qualified OEMs for the temporary project of pearl diamond re-engraving in a short period of time, so I chose ilca.

7 months ago

A victim of performance pressure. In 18 years, L5 company held a press conference to launch a new series of Inazuma Eleven switch series. Later, due to substandard outsourcing production, it was overturned and reworked. The release date kept bounced from 18 to 21 years now. There is still no set release time. However, GF did not have the courage to do so. The reasons for the epidemic and the pressure of “one work a year” made Nintendo have to get a good financial report in the year-end business war. After all, letsgo and sword shields can sell well. , So almost, this outsourcing quality is outrageously poor work was born. . . It’s a pity that Pearl Diamond is the most brilliant series of works. It’s a pity that many players have childhood dreams. It’s a pity that people who still have a little fantasy about gf

7 months ago

The original taste = the plot is copied, very good, I like the plot of DP very much, so does it mean that I can put more thoughts on improving the quality of the picture? As a result, the picture quality collapsed, the character modeling was strange, and even the workmanship of NDS could not be compared. Look down on lets go? Using the lets go engine to make it is a hundred times better than this. In order to make money, the Sword and Shield Illustrated Book deliberately shut out all the Pokémon of DP. Don’t buy the uncomfortable batch of the Illustrated Party? Yes, wait for the exchange. buy? Didn’t this buy a Tuo Xiang back to disgust me? If you don’t want to do it, you can just don’t do it. Just transplant it instead of making the classic shit and eating it for us.

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