On the afternoon of the 22nd, Tesla submitted vehicle driving data 30 minutes before the incident, and some netizens questioned the authenticity of the relevant data. On the afternoon of the 23rd, Tesla responded that the relevant driving data was recorded with encryption technology and could not be directly read, modified or deleted. In the next step, they will continue to contact customers sincerely and actively, respect the wishes of consumers, and promote the safe resolution of the incident. Unreservedly cooperate with the regulatory authorities to carry out in-depth investigations and openly accept social supervision. They are willing to witness with the consent of the customer, government designation or supervision, and conduct testing at any qualified and authoritative testing organization nationwide. (Jimu News)

After experiencing the Shanghai Auto Show’s rights turmoil, the car owner is in administrative detention, and outside the detention center 1. Tao Lin did not compromise on Tesla’s side 2. Then the public media criticized the outbreak 3. Tesla released data 4. The family of the female car owner expressed privacy violations 5. Then the public has doubts about Tesla’s data. 6. And today’s response: The data is recorded with encryption technology and cannot be directly read, modified or deleted. Many car owners or potential car owners have a certain grudge against Tesla cars. Some of the previous turmoil can be regarded as minor disturbances, but this time it is more serious. Tesla’s trump card killer: driving data. But there are several problems. Problem one: the integrity of the driving data. The knowledgeable automotive engineers put together a complete list of data that should be available, and pointed out that Tesla has announced only part of it. However, Tesla’s response this time is the authenticity of the data and did not comment on the completeness. So looking at it this way, is this a delaying tactic? Question 2: The difference between the explanation and the owner of the car. The data released by Tesla showed that the car owner was speeding and the speed reached 118 per hour. However, the car owner described that he did not exceed the speed that day, and the traffic police did not judge speeding. Neither party can verify their authenticity at this point, only to be investigated and monitored by the traffic control department to obtain evidence. Question 3: The driving record before the accident disappeared. After the flash disk is full, the sentinel mode and dash cam will no longer save video clips. In order to prevent the flash disk space from being full, car owners must periodically move the saved videos to other devices and delete them from the flash disk. What is the significance of this one? Some are contradictory. If it is not good for Tesla itself, but the user wants to check after the incident but cannot find it, then it can be understood that it was deliberately deleted; if it is because of this kind of Tes Pull what you said is to prevent the memory from being full, then this does not meet the user’s needs. When it is full, you can delete it selectively by time instead of one-click deletion. So it feels more like: piercing one’s shield with one’s spear. These questions have led to several other questions. 1. Does Tesla have the ability to judge? Most of it is not, otherwise it would not face the public’s questioning and produce “evidence” step by step, and what he said “cooperating with the regulatory authorities without reservation” is only to publish a series of incomplete data. And these data are similar to Tesla’s hard drive data, both as an athlete and as a referee. If you are hard enough, just show your hole cards and give the complete data. 2. Data privacy and monitoring will be moved to the table. Hou Hei has learned. If the sales of vehicles are very large, and there are various cameras and recording functions inside and outside the car, in addition to the driving data of the car, some domestic maps and plans will be stolen, and it is still unknowingly . Then it’s not just driving safety, there may be greater safety issues. Behind the Tesla turmoil, there are or may have problems. One is the hidden danger of braking safety, but it is difficult to make a conclusion before the final conclusion, but it is not ruled out. Second, compared with other domestic brands, the service quality of car owners has no advantages and needs to be improved. And if you are already a Tesla owner, at present, the reasons for many accidents are 1. Auto-assisted driving. Compared with the complicated roads in China, Tesla’s assisted driving needs to be used with caution. It is also emphasized that assisted driving is not automatic driving, and it is necessary to maintain concentration and intervention. For now, whether it is Tesla or other domestic autonomous driving or assisted driving, the driver’s operational awareness is retained. Otherwise, there is a car accident and the driver needs to be back. 2. The brakes are difficult to apply. I don’t know if most car owners actually encounter such situations. If it happens probabilistically, you should use the “single-pedal” driving mode with caution, that is, after releasing the accelerator (electric door), you can use energy recovery to slow down. If it has never happened, be careful to avoid driving too fast to avoid recurrence. Although public opinion is under fire, Tesla is “reluctantly” to “comprehensively” cooperate. Now Tesla is in a “dilemma” and “dilemma.” If you enter, you will continue to argue for yourself, produce data, and cooperate with monitoring. If the vehicle is indeed okay , But it will also leave a lot of negative news; if you retreat and admit that your products have problems, this is tantamount to face your own smart and electrified route. No matter which kind, Tesla will have to face huge challenges! Next, see if Musk will fly over. Of course, I believe that he will fly over to deal with it, which may make things even more intense. After all, the dreamer Musk has always been crazy and confident! Others are superficial or shallow Second thoughts: 1. As Tesla’s global vice president, he is generally responsible for government affairs, public relations, markets and brands in Greater China. Tao Lin, who was former Tesla’s vice president in China, is responsible for the Chinese market users. Our relationship is maintained. And this incident should have come forward to extinguish this wave of fire, but as soon as he came out, he used the words “uncompromising” and picked the original anger to the extreme. As a professional manager, this For herself, it was a failed public relations process. So she was dereliction of duty. As such an executive, in fact, from her own point of view, she could have had other ways to deal with it, but Tesla Musk’s direct commander is Musk, not Tao Lin. So, behind this, Tao Lin must carry the pot. 2. From the internal point of view of Tesla, this incident is undoubtedly a huge challenge in opening up the Chinese market. Challenges. The challenges are not only in the market and public relations, but even in quality issues. If it is a public relations issue, then Tesla can continue to expand the public relations team in the Chinese market and increase the public relations costs. This point, some of the meaning of going to the countryside When a car is sold, it is necessary to maintain the car as well as the user. Some users are relatively simple. If the car does not have a problem, there will be no problem. Even if there is a problem, there is no time to bother. Users who dare to protect their rights and interests are not easy owners. No matter who is right or wrong, car companies must choose a reasonable and appropriate way to maintain. You should know that there is only one car company, but there are thousands of car owners. Hundreds of thousands! But if there is a quality problem, then it’s really troublesome! This is undoubtedly smashing your own brand. Many experts also think that Tesla’s software may have bugs, and the emergence of bugs may be even special Sla could not check it out by himself, let alone fix the bug. Tesla started with intelligence and electrification, and if these two points become Tesla’s problems, it’s a proud advantage. Becoming arrogant and unruly, it will eventually catch fire. 3. As to why Tesla was introduced. There are two theories. One is that as a catfish, it stirs the domestic market; the other is that it stimulates the supply chain and promotes the development of electric vehicle parts. Of course, the first point is undoubtedly done. From the previous localization point of view, Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han are competing products of Model 3. And this auto show, many new energy models, come from the price Look, just point to Tesla. And the second point, it’s not I agree. Because from the perspective of the electric vehicle supply chain, most of the domestic new energy vehicles are different from traditional vehicles in the three-electricity, and the three-electricity supply chain is already very hot in China. Many domestic new energy car companies use local supply chains. So I have to talk about the third point. As a purely foreign-owned auto company that has attracted investment from the Shanghai Municipal Government, it is 100% foreign. This is unprecedented, overturning the past that foreign investors who want to enter the Chinese market must have a proportional joint venture with local car companies. Of course, as a market for technology, China’s auto market has a price from the 1980s to around 2010. The price is that the money is earned by foreign capital, and foreign capitals only need to provide models (technology). But this price is worth it. Therefore, there are currently outstanding national automobile companies such as Geely and Great Wall, and they have begun to work hard. Without the introduction of these foreign capitals, a large part of today’s auto market would still be occupied by foreign capital. This background does not seem to be related to Tesla’s story today, but it is somewhat related. It is precisely because our automobile R&D and manufacturing have largely got rid of dependence on the macro level, so letting Tesla come in at 100% is not for technology exchange, but for employment and taxation. At the beginning, Weilai was the last step to build a factory in Shanghai, but Tesla was the first to make it. Tesla and the Shanghai government have also signed a gambling agreement: The Shanghai Super Factory will have to pay 2.23 billion yuan in taxes every year from the end of 2023. If this condition is not met, the corresponding land must be returned. At the same time, Tesla must invest RMB 14.08 billion in capital expenditures in the Shanghai plant in the next five years. The domestic investment promotion policy is only divided into big and small, there is no difference between China and foreign countries. The annual interest rate of Tesla’s loan in China is 3.9%, which can be said to be a very low corporate loan. With the land and capital, the next step is to build and sell cars. As for the others, they may not be able to take care of them anymore. 4. If it is said that because of the economic development, Tesla is letting Tesla go out of style in the country, maybe Shanghai can have this tolerance, but the whole country, and the citizens, are not so high. Taking European and American media as a comparison, they are mostly judged by double standards, while the domestic media is too gentle. Until recently, the major official media began to criticize, and before the official media, the audience’s sentiment towards Tesla was also picked to a very high point. Although this kind of heat is flow, it is a big problem for Tesla’s future development. If a media or some netizens start to criticize, it is normal. And when most people start to criticize, no matter how strong Tesla is, if it is not done and understood, then the follow-up market will follow. To the public, to the media, and to official organizations, they will not let him have good fruit. In the light of suspension investigation, the most important is the cancellation of qualification; if there is a quality problem, the cost of the recall is also very high. For Tesla, these results may be acceptable in the short term, but the negative impact will be far-reaching in the long term. 5. Look at other new energy car companies, what have they done? First, increase investment, whether it is vehicle investment or advertising and marketing investment, it is very large. It can be seen from this auto show that many new energy vehicles, whether new forces or traditional cars, have been carted. Whether it is appearance or price, there is a trend that is close to Tesla. In terms of advertising and marketing, we have been fascinated by all major media. Finally, from the perspective of public relations for customer maintenance, whether it is customer care or crisis public relations. At this point in China, most car companies are doing very well, and Tesla feels like “lying down to make money”. If you ignore it and don’t have to deal with it, and only rely on your own reputation to make a product, then most of the company will be eliminated in the long river of history. So this time, Tao Lin is not only facing Chinese customers and media, but also the future of Tesla China. When it’s over, add another sentence “Let the storm come harder!”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I don’t suspect that the raw data has been tampered with. After all, there is a copy of it on the BIT server. If the data is tampered with, the comparison will reveal itself. It’s just that Tesla’s response is obviously a word game. People suspect that you are tampering with the data in the excel table. Do you want to stir the muddy water or do you want to stir the muddy water in response to an answer without a subject? After Aunt Tao stepped down, Tesla’s response skills were obviously better than before. This was obviously a professional team trader. Visually, as long as Tesla doesn’t have any more accidents, things should almost calm down after a week.

6 months ago

On behalf of my personal feeling, tsl definitely has a problem. Set up the simplest logic, a few questions, ask one, answer one, and you will know what happened to tsl by looking at the answer. 1: Is this matter very popular? High; 2 does it have a big impact on tsl? Big; 3: Is the current public opinion’s influence on tsl positive or negative? Negative; 4: Does black and red count as red? Doesn’t count. So now tsl holds the complete vehicle driving data. The car is also made and produced by itself. In such a situation that it is “extremely unfavorable” to the brand image, what should normal corporate crisis public relations do? Definitely use data to confuse your face, prove your innocence, and direct the world is peaceful, you can also say that friends and businessmen are black, Bolu people have a good opinion, and you have made a lot of money, okay? But how does tsl do now? At first, the car was okay, but it was pushed to speeding. Later, in the face of rights protection and “no compromise”, in the face of the mediation of the management agency, there are various restrictions on the data, and your car has a problem. Isn’t the data the minimum? After the public opinion became louder, it started to actively cooperate with the investigation. How long it was that tsl was procrastinating and did not even prove its innocence, and he did not use the data to prove himself, and others had to pay it back. If you don’t give it, the data you give still can’t clearly prove that you’re okay, then it’s very interesting. If you always say that others don’t believe it, what can you believe? How do you believe it? All the reasons to refute me are first to refer to my three questions above before substituting them. Not to mention the data, it may not be able to figure it out. Tsl is a high-tech enterprise, and you can’t figure out any high-tech, then tsl can’t figure it out by yourself. Dared to sell the stuff, how dare we buy

6 months ago

I just want to say something to Tesla’s tiangou.
Any assumptions based on Tesla’s morality such as “Tesla does not need to fake, it is impossible to dare to fake in the limelight, and Tesla cannot and does not need to fake”, can all be taken back.
Tesla has no such thing as morality. There is almost no such thing as a global capitalist.

6 months ago

The key 5 seconds to disassemble Tesla: data and “testimony” fight, how far is it from the truth who owns the control of the original driving data? The most critical data of Tesla’s “brake failure” suspicion was finally released. On the evening of April 22, Tesla provided a key 5.31 second record of the accident to the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter-from 18:14:22 in the afternoon on February 21, 2021, 36 centiseconds to 18:14:27 Driving data between 67 centiseconds per second. However, the reporter compared it with the previous description of the car owner and found that there are still many conflicts, the data itself is also full of doubts, and the controversy fell into “Rashomon” for a while. On the same day, the husband of the wife of the activist car advocates told reporters that the driving data is personal privacy and does not accept Tesla’s method of publishing without consent, and asks Tesla to apologize publicly. “The truth is very important, but the truth is only one aspect.” An insider from the Chinese Academy of Sciences told reporters that how to improve the corporate regulatory accountability mechanism triggered by the Tesla’s rights defense incident, the ownership of data privacy, and how to protect it is very important. With the continuous popularization of automobiles and the continuous development of unmanned driving technology, relevant contradictions may become more prominent in the future.” Another person from the ministries and commissions pointed out that in the blank area of ​​the law, one or two relevant legal judgments can provide a reference for similar situations in the next one to two years. Although my country is a civil law system, after entering the Internet era, the era has developed too fast. In many cases, the order of precedent-government pilot-temporary regulations-formal regulations is used to explain and promote new phenomena in various industries. “On the bright side, this is also an opportunity to promote the development of the automotive industry and improve the lack of improvement.” The above-mentioned Chinese Academy of Sciences said that government departments at all levels, enterprises, and consumers can take this opportunity to learn how to improve and how to interact with smart cars. Coexist in a new era. [2.7 seconds] Within 2.7 seconds after stepping on the brake, the maximum brake master cylinder pressure is low [Question 1] The driver stepped on too lightly? Tesla told the Shell Finance reporter that when the driver stepped on the brake pedal for the last time, the data showed that the speed of the vehicle was 118.5 kilometers per hour. Within 2.7 seconds after the driver depresses the brake pedal, the maximum brake master cylinder pressure is only 45.9 bar. In this regard, Tesla said that the vehicle was traveling at a higher speed, and the driver began to depress the brake pedal lightly. According to public reports, on February 21, Ms. Zhang, her parents, and her niece drove along National Highway 341. The driver was Ms. Zhang’s father. Ms. Zhang was sitting in the co-pilot, and his mother and niece were sitting in the back row. When the accident happened, his father was driving a vehicle through a traffic light intersection. After Ms. Zhang’s father released the electronic accelerator, he shouted “Brake failed.” Reports showed that the car had been rushing along National Highway 341, and after avoiding two cars, it collided and crashed into a concrete platform on the side of the road. Ms. Zhang said that her father slammed on the brakes, but it was useless. In response to Tesla’s response, Ms. Zhang once said that her father has been driving for more than 30 years, and he still understands the most basic traffic rules, let alone making jokes about the lives of a family. “My father stepped on the brakes at the time.” Coincidentally, in March this year, a Hainan car owner told the media that he found that he could not stop continuously stepping on the Tesla brake while parking, causing him to hit the guardrail. Tesla responded at the time that according to vehicle data, after the owner depresses the brake pedal, the vehicle brake system and ABS work normally, but the initial brake pressure is low when the brake pedal is depressed, only before the collision. The braking pressure increased significantly in 0.5 seconds. Tesla said that it was preliminarily determined that the accident was mainly due to the slippery ground and the lighter amplitude when the owner first stepped on the brake pedal, resulting in a longer braking distance. This response was also questioned by the Hainan car owner: “At that time, after lightly stepping on the brakes and no response, they immediately stepped on the brakes, but the brake pedal was already abnormally stiff and basically could not be stepped on. A young man stepped on the brakes hard at a speed of 15km/h. At speed, it didn’t stop within 30 meters. Did you tell me that you stepped too lightly?” [Analysis] There are two possibilities for the cylinder pressure not to rise. The logic chains of both sides are still not rigorous enough, a numerical simulation professional from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiang Shell The financial reporter said that two points should be considered in response to Tesla’s statement. The first is whether the data is true and reliable, and the second is how to interpret the data. In his opinion, the brake cylinder pressure of a car is generally between 30-100 bar, and the data interval given by Tesla is within a reasonable range for braking. Assuming that the data is true and reliable, it is not rigorous to conclude that “the owner has stepped on the brake too lightly”. The data shows that starting from 23 seconds and 17 centiseconds, the brake pedal received a physical movement signal, that is, the car owner stepped on the brake when the vehicle speed was 118.5km/h. By 25 seconds and 41 centiseconds, 2.24 seconds had passed. It remains at 94km/h. Until 25 seconds and 74 centiseconds, the vehicle brake master cylinder pressure was only 45.9. At 25 seconds 87 centiseconds, the ABS signal appeared. At this time, it was 2.70 seconds after the car owner stepped on the brake. Why the cylinder pressure does not rise to sufficient pressure within 2.6-2.7 seconds, and the owner fails to brake in time, there are two possibilities, one is that the pedal has been lightly stepped on. From this perspective, the brake pressure will affect the braking force, but how much the vehicle speed will drop depends on the weight of the vehicle body (that is, the amount of inertia) and the coefficient of friction between the tire and the ground (depending on the tire and ground conditions). For an experienced driver, if he is familiar with the vehicle conditions, usually the pedaling force and the braking level that the vehicle can reach will form a stable expectation. The driver feels that the brakes fail, that is, the expected value has changed. There are several reasons for this expectation to be broken. One is changes in the environment and road conditions, such as slippery roads, and the other is subjective changes, such as the driver’s unfamiliarity with the car and Tesla’s single pedal settings. The driver judges that there is no need to step on the brakes again. None of these circumstances belong to Tesla’s fault. But there is another possibility that the car owner failed to brake in time. Just as Ms. Zhang said, the car owner stepped on the brake, and the transmission system between the pedal and the brake cylinder failed, causing the cylinder pressure to not rise. “No matter which party’s testimony is, the current logical chain is not rigorous enough”, the above-mentioned person said that the current data still fails to break the “Rashomon”. Tesla provided data showing that the vehicle triggered the ABS system at 25 seconds and 87 centiseconds. Before the ABS system was triggered, the vehicle’s brake master cylinder pressure was only 45.9, and the vehicle speed was around 90km/h. Relevant persons in the automobile industry told reporters that, generally speaking, the ABS system is triggered to prevent the car owner from locking the tire when the car is suddenly braked. It will only appear when the car owner brakes hard. However, if the road is slippery in rain or snow, ABS may be triggered at low speeds. If according to Tesla, the owner is “lightly applying the brakes” when the brake master cylinder pressure is only 45.9, then why Tesla will be “lightly applying the brakes” to trigger the ABS system, but also according to the road conditions of the day. [40 times] Step on the brakes more than 40 times within 30 minutes [Question 2] During the evening peak period, does this data have any reference value? Tesla’s public content mentions that in the 30 minutes before the vehicle accident, the driver had been driving the vehicle normally and had more than 40 records of stepping on the brake pedal. Ms. Zhang once said that her own Tesla also had a situation where the brakes “suddenly didn’t work” before, and then immediately recovered. And Ms. Li, who went to the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show to defend rights, also told the Beijing News reporter that her Tesla had a short-term “brake failure.” Allegedly, when Ms. Li was driving, she noticed that there was a pedestrian in front of her, but she stepped on the brakes but the brakes failed. Because the road was relatively wide, Ms. Li immediately turned the steering wheel and drove to the other side. “Fortunately, the brakes recovered after a while. Scared me”. [Analysis] It is impossible to use the data curve to reverse the main behavior curve of the cart. It takes more parameters to judge the braking state. It takes more than 40 times to apply the brakes within half an hour. Can it prove that the Tesla brake is not normal? The above numerical simulation professionals emphasized to reporters that the data collected by Tesla is only the behavior curve of the automobile brake system, and whether it can directly correspond to the action line of the car owner. There is also a pedal to the brake cylinder pressure. Between the conduction system. In his opinion, the data curve currently provided by Tesla, the behavior curve of the anti-carriage owner, is actually not rigorous enough, and because the behavior curve can only be reproduced by the owner’s recall of the operation process at that time, it cannot be reproduced and cannot be verified. He said that if he can provide further data on the transmission system, he may be able to further analyze and restore the “brake failure” situation at that time. In June 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology asked for comments on the mandatory national standard for the “Automobile Incident Data Recording System”. When a collision event occurs, some factors should be recorded, including but not limited to “acceleration control (pedal) position, fully open” Percentage of position”, “Brake pedal position”, etc. Some insiders pointed out that although Tesla’s “brake failure” incident may not fall into the above category, the factors proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also have certain reference value. At present, the data released by Tesla is not complete, and it is impossible to judge right from wrong. In addition, Zhong Shi, an automotive industry analyst, told reporters that it is very important to obtain as many relevant parameters as possible for judging the braking state. For example, the accelerator pedal stroke sensor (accelerator pedal opening), pedal stroke sensor (brake pedal opening), wheel speed sensor, vehicle deceleration, ABS status bit, AEB status bit, front and rear real torque data, are currently in an unknown state. According to the information provided by Ms. Zhang, National Highway 341 was in the peak period at the time of the incident. Is it feasible for the brake data to appear during the peak period? Is the driving habit of the car owner causing this record in the line of action? The above-mentioned doubts cannot be verified for the time being. On March 23 this year, the General Office of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress issued the “Regulations on the Management of Intelligent Connected Vehicles in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Draft for Comment)” and instructions, including road testing and demonstration applications, network security and data protection, vehicle-road coordination infrastructure, Ten chapters on traffic accidents and violations. It is mentioned that enterprises related to intelligent networked vehicles should obtain network security testing and certification in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Internet Information Department, establish network security assessment and management mechanisms in accordance with the law, prevent network data leakage, theft, and tampering, and maintain the integrity and integrity of network data. Security, confidentiality and availability. On April 7 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicly solicited opinions on the “Guidelines for the Management of Intelligent Connected Automobile Manufacturers and Product Access (Trial)” (Draft for Solicitation of Comments), which mentioned that intelligent connected automobile products should have event data records and Automatic driving data storage function, the data collected and recorded should at least include the operating status of the driving automation system, driver status, driving environment information, vehicle control information, etc., and should meet relevant performance and safety requirements to ensure equipment records in the event of a vehicle accident Data integrity.

6 months ago

First of all, what Tesla provides is not pure raw data. Of course, since the pure raw data is encrypted, we can’t understand it. Second, since the data is encrypted, Tesla must have a decryption algorithm. Third, since you have all the encryption and decryption algorithms, and the request transmitted through the network can encrypt the data and write it into the database, there must be unconventional means to write the data without using the car. Fourth, Tesla himself stated that he cannot do these things “directly”, and there must be indirect methods. Those who write the code and those who manage the database are Tesla people. How can it be impossible to change the data? Of course, it must violate the rules and regulations. Fifth, it is certainly impossible for Tesla to provide the original data and encryption and decryption algorithms, so even if Tesla’s data is completely falsified, we cannot verify it, because the encryption and decryption algorithms are company secrets. In summary, this table cannot explain whether the data is true, and Tesla cannot prove the authenticity of the data. Tesla does not need such a complicated method of falsifying the original data, because the data is encrypted and the algorithm is confidential, so the authenticity of the data cannot be verified at all. In fact, Tesla’s data is equivalent to cloud storage and lacks comparison. Only when the Tesla car itself records a non-encrypted data for comparison, can the problem be explained. Of course, if the car itself has non-encrypted data, it won’t matter so much. For Tesla to gain the trust of users, it must not rely entirely on cloud-encrypted data. Only local non-encrypted data can reassure users. Several people in the comment area thought that I was hacking Tesla. In fact, this data problem can completely ignore the Tesla problem, and simply treat it as a data credibility judgment question: Does encrypted data provide decryption algorithms and original data? , And all relevant technical personnel of the data provider cannot be determined by the outside world whether the data will be changed, and only provide the excel table data processed after decryption, can it be fully accepted? Don’t bring any emotions, just look at this simple question, is the answer clear at a glance? Moreover, Tesla is now experiencing a great crisis of trust. Except for Tesla fans and a small number of people on the Internet, most passers-by do not trust Tesla, which greatly reduces the credibility of the data. Alas, I can understand why some people sign “Don’t deny me, you’re right”. I just focus on the credibility of the excel table data. The papers published on nature all have artificial fake data. An official excel table data that says that you have no fake data. Is there any mistake in saying that it is not trustworthy? Can it really be related to cryptography and technology? It can be said that even if Tesla’s data is finally confirmed to be no problem, the doubts I raised at this stage are still correct.

6 months ago

It’s easy to handle, don’t you say that your data encryption cannot be modified? When the vehicle owner’s detention period expires, find the impartial personnel, the market supervision bureau personnel, and the industry data experts to witness the process of exporting data from the designated vehicle together. Then, the decoding work will be carried out under the common witness, and the plaintext file will be directly printed out, and Attach the electronic file. What does it mean to make a copy of Excel after data cleaning? So many data types are still missing? Your GPS RBI data is not recorded, is it? Why don’t you let it out and do a cross-comparison with your speed value? It is also convenient for the monitoring to find the accidental car image for three-party data verification?

6 months ago

Computer learners know that if you want to be truly confidential, you must be physically separated. In the same way, if you want to “perfectly” prevent data from being modified, either there is a material record data that cannot be changed (refutation); or there is a system with unlimited computing power to constantly monitor information changes and restore all changes; or , It is completely isolated on the laws of physics, so that no means can access the data (refutation). Therefore, in theory, there is nothing impossible, only the value is not worth it. However, the above is purely civil and has nothing to do with Tesla. The problem with Tesla is that it has jumped into the Tacitus trap, yes, it jumped into it on its own. Therefore, the so-called “data is recorded using encryption technology and cannot be directly read, modified or deleted”. Unless the “perfect” method mentioned above is used, any other imperfect solution will not be trusted by consumers. So the question is, does the “perfect” method exist?

6 months ago

I didn’t change it, I don’t know, and I don’t want to come to a conclusion. It’s fine for melon-eaters to eat melon well. But one thing is curious, even if Tesla really hasn’t changed it, why do most people who eat melons don’t trust it? In fact, I don’t believe in Tesla’s data. (It’s not that it has changed, but that it’s data is problematic. There is no evidence, just simply don’t believe it.) I have also seen the analysis of this data by many professionals, one of which is that from stepping on From braking to collision, the speed reduction data is lower within 2 seconds. This part is doubtful. It is difficult to judge whether it is an operation problem or a car problem. This kind of voice is very good, rational and technically analyzed. But after the entire public relations incident, Tesla has been working on safety issues, giving people a feeling that it is very terrible to throw the pot and wrangling. Regardless of whether there is a problem with the car, or whether someone deliberately hacked Tesla, from the minds of consumers, it is constantly seen that Tesla has problems, wrangling and dumping, and even being beaten by the State Grid. face. But Tesla does not seem to be aware of such feedback, and continues to label consumers’ perceptions of Tesla as irresponsible for safety issues. Even if this data is true, in the face of consumers who have fixed their labels on you, it may eventually become like how many bowls of noodles Liuzi has eaten. Regardless of whether the data has been tampered with and whether the car owner has any problems, as a brand, any non-positive feedback must be actively faced and handled, and a small matter must not be turned into a catastrophe. Samsung probably didn’t expect that the Note7 (changes here, thanks for the comment reminder) event would make them lose the Chinese market. From the current time point, the rise of domestic electric vehicles and Tesla’s arrogant attitude. If this continues, it may become a second Samsung.

6 months ago

Here comes the most interesting point of this matter. Tesla’s encryption cannot be made public. So we can’t prove what this data looks like. Once Tesla’s encryption is made public. Then this data will definitely be tampered with. Therefore, this encryption mode does not play any role regardless of whether it is public or not. Tesla can’t prove himself, and then we can’t prove it, it’s ridiculous. I don’t want to stand on anyone’s side when I see this thing. It is certain that Tesla is not conducive to national security, but I also have no evidence to say whether Tesla’s problem is true or not. What is the cause of this series of events? I have seen many people sort out this incident, it seems meaningless, it is more of an emotional route, I only want to see the content is the technical route. I hope that the technical route will become internationally recognized that Tesla has problems. The most funny thing about the whole incident is that there is no technical behavior to make this thing very professional, but a lot of old and young people are emotionally mad at Tesla. Can your emotional output bring any professional results? The emotional output that this kind of thing brings is the most stupid, and most likely to make people feel that there is a conspiracy theory. Can the relevant agencies go directly to Tesla? I care about this.

6 months ago

It is likely to be talking about EDR data, not data on the remote server. It’s not the video you saved by plugging in the USB flash drive. Tesla EDR data is long like this; EDR reading requires special equipment, and modification is only possible in theory, but it is not practical in practice. Deleting will definitely leave traces in theory. Some small probability conditions will cause edr to fail and cannot be stored. The driving recorder of the U disk is not simply the same as the driving recorder you bought from Taobao. The Xiaopeng staff who knows Tesla best understands the analysis. According to its realization principle, some people after the collision Some power-off operations will indeed cause storage failure. Can the data stored on the server be changed? If you want to change it, you can definitely change it! Normal enterprises will not leave the “change and delete” interface when doing this kind of log. The reason is that the gain is not worth the loss. The benefits you can get from changing the data once are limited. For example, we said that Tesla’s brakes really have some problems. If it is discovered, it is a large-scale recall, not even a large-scale recall, because it will be discovered at an early stage. . But if it conceals the brake problem by changing the data, if it is discovered that it will be a blow to the company, and the possibility of this “in case” is actually very high, because the more cars are sold, the more problems will accumulate. more and more. Everyone can tell which is lighter and heavier. As for whether the excel sheet it gives may be fake, I want to say that it is absolutely impossible, otherwise it is to treat everyone as a fool, and at the same time it is also a fool. Dare to give fake excel at this time? The method is too low-level, it’s better to change it directly in the log. And knowing that there is “encrypted, tamper-proof” EDR data in the car, who will change the data in other places?

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