After the exam in the morning, I came here to search for this question. The main purpose is to reflect on your own learning. This exam made me realize very clearly that language learning is a long and flowing process and needs continuous accumulation. I also participated in this competition last year, and I felt that the difficulty was similar, but I obviously felt that my English had deteriorated a lot. When listening to listening, I think the pronunciation is very good, and my attention drifts when I listen to it. When I regained my consciousness, I found that there were always one or two questions that I didn’t hear. This time my listening performance is so bad that there will be uncertainty in the first five courses. On the one hand, my concentration is indeed not concentrated, but it is undeniable that I have not been exposed to English listening for a period of time, and my reaction is a lot slower. When I was doing listening, there was a lot of uncertainty, so my mentality was not stable. After listening to a few paragraphs, I forced myself to calm down, so the latter was okay. The summary of that paragraph feels much simpler than the sample questions. Then it came to the single choice, the first question won’t be. I chose the option against again based on my inaccurate sense of language. I really can’t remember what put those phrases have in addition to “extinguish” and “put down”. When I was in high school, I remember it very clearly, but I rarely contacted the university. There are some phrases and grammar behind, I don’t know how, and I guessed it based on my sense of language. This is a big bet, because when doing sample questions, I also won the “Man Jiang Hong” by relying on my self-confident language sense, 15 can be wrong 10, suddenly returning to the first year of junior high school when learning English, the only difference is I didn’t guess the 5 right now. I didn’t plan to sign up for this competition, but later I felt that I had to take the English test anyway for the postgraduate entrance examination, and it was only in the early stage, so I just signed up as a review. It’s just that I didn’t expect to be so busy during this time, professional courses are very difficult, a lot of homework, review and postgraduate entrance examinations are considered to be busy, let alone prepare for the competition. Of course, there are my own reasons for not reviewing. Although there are so many things, I still found a few novels under the excuse of too much pressure. Although I felt bored by looking at it, it took several hours. Sometimes I didn’t understand my own psychology. There were so many things to do, but it seemed that it didn’t exist without thinking about it. Fortunately, I braked in time to get lost, and I really did relax, so I have nothing to regret. I think this year’s composition is quite fun, speaking Mandarin and Chinese accent. I feel quite new, because I can finally express my emotions instead of having one, two or three lines of thoughts~ (Of course, maybe I am too culinary, so I can only follow the routine one, two or three each time). It’s not easy to find that lyricism is not easy when I really write. , Because I want to write too much, but the location is so small, so I have to write a little bit. My English has been pretty good since junior high school English. I didn’t review the written test part seriously in university. I easily passed 630 in the sixth grade. I often did well at the end of the semester. Sometimes I was a little proud and thought that I would always be good. Go down. It’s funny to see myself now. Most of my so-called sense of language comes from those questions that I have brushed up in six years of middle and high school. After college, if I don’t brush up the questions, it will naturally pass away. Every bit of work earns a bit. I listened to it since I was young. When it comes to the big truth, why have you forgotten it? (Although I still want to dream that my exam is not worse than last year, why should I only do the sample questions? Or face the bleak reality… Okay, dream again, I did not write the answer to the IQ question, after all, in the end Three minutes to solve the correction and IQ I really panicked (saying that this year IQ is simpler, I can actually determine 3 ways… Yesterday, for example, yesterday died, instead of daydreaming, I should hurry up to solve the next DDL. It is also considered to be I sounded the alarm bell once to remind myself to keep my feet on the ground and work hard.


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6 months ago

A rough calculation, excluding translation composition, about 37 points deducted, the composition may only reach the required number of words. Listening Sumary collapsed 66-70. It is ridiculously wrong, vaguely wrong to only one IQ, also wrong 2, 4, I don’t know how many good brothers wrote Christmas Day in December, can anyone tell me why it is “The word D” Yes, there is a d in Wednesday when searching for letters, and the “initial D” is too biased, right? Below is the off-topic content. It is not an evaluation contest, but an evaluation of oneself. The college entrance examination has a volume of English 142. I feel that my basic knowledge is not bad, and I will be placed directly into the school without an exam. I want to make a complaint here. I heard that the third-level class is relatively easy and the class is also interesting. As a result, in the first semester, all students were asked to prepare their own ppt lectures. The final effect was two classes of 120 minutes, possibly 50-70 minutes. Speaking words, and the effect is hard to say. I changed teachers in the second semester, and I felt much better, but I still had to test myself when studying soberly. But no matter what, I still can’t get rid of the pot of slack. I signed up for the test early, paid the money and bought the real test papers, marked the test date on the calendar, and completed the first set of questions one month before the test. The second set was probably a week before the test, and the next one was Two days before the test, the day before, I took leave of absence and missed the experimental class…This picture accurately records my review status. It can’t be said to be exactly the same, I can only say exactly the same, and then I know it is a wild search , I tried to make a quick composition in 2 days, but didn’t memorize a few paragraphs until the end, only memorized the general structure, and finally wrote two shit in the exam…

6 months ago

I’m here, I am still enthusiastic after the exam. As a junior and senior elder sister who has participated in the two sessions, the feeling of finishing the British competition is too terrifying ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. The first two times, I took the test naked and played with the test. This time I prepared a little and lost it. It seemed that it was the same thing. Today I felt so bad. Since I went out in the morning, I went to the fourth floor and found that there was no pencil. Take it back and get it. When I got to the first floor, I found that my student card was not worn again. I cried, and I went back to the bedroom (I’m on the sixth floor www) to get it. Then I went to the toilet again. I was in the classroom ten minutes before the exam. However, I found that the papers had already been issued. I should have come earlier. It seems to have digressed, let’s talk about the test questions. Hahahaha. For me, an English learner, I just can’t finish it. But after all I have prepared a little bit before. After the test, I still have a lot of inner feelings. Then I put He wrote on my small book, the words are so ugly, forget it, no one reads it, I hope no one will recognize me, it’s shameful; now I have to work hard to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, we graduate students in the British competition See, I don’t believe I can’t get the special prize

6 months ago

Last year’s finals was missed by a player who took special class and was taught to be a man this year. My brief introduction: (I have written the answer when I saw the high praise). The 2019 Foreign Research Institute Guocai Cup National Reading Competition Province One 2020 National College Students English Competition Category C Country One Every time you play soy sauce, you have amazing gains. Seriously When preparing, I encountered all kinds of moths. I don’t know if my luck is good or bad. Listening in the morning at our school district, due to the wrong printing of the admission ticket, all the candidates missed the listening of the entire section A (you did not hear it wrong, there was no replay)… I also lost a lot of time. I have been paying attention for the first 15 minutes. On the earphones, I was afraid that the hearing would be played suddenly, which caused the final intelligence questions to be very difficult for me to read. (I lost 15 points based on objective factors. We have a unified ranking for the entire school. The listening FM of the other campuses is based on the admission ticket.) The final assessment score was deducted by 30 points (excluding composition). Last year, I entered the semi-finals of 120+. , I will definitely not be able to enter this year. I have already forgotten the distortion of some simple words…satisfied changed to satisfying. I wrote it as satisfing, but it’s okay…. Grass, the basic knowledge is really forgotten. In the past few years, the main energy has been on medical English and reading, and the grammar is complete. Relying on high school capital. This competition is not difficult, but the amount of questions is too large, the time is tight, and it is easy to make mistakes (single and plural in listening and writing, articles, a little carelessness will lose everything)

6 months ago

I have finished writing, but I feel like I haven’t finished it yet. The second composition is written to the end, densely packed, and the words are not flying. After writing everything, there are still ten minutes left, but there are many places that I want to add. I feel that I will not make up and make up. No more. The first exam was last semester. I signed up in February. The epidemic was delayed until later. I didn’t have confidence in myself, so I wrapped my quilt in bed and wasted 50% of the exam. I didn’t do much preparation this time. I was familiar with the familiar question types. I did a few of the listening and grammar vocabulary parts of the papers, and then looked at the content related to Zhihu and Xiaohongshu. Then I printed the information, 13 files were not opened in advance, and 989 were printed, 0.1 for the school, and 98.9 was paid.At that time, the marketing teacher asked what impulsive consumption is. I just raised my hand to answer, and then I went to print it. It felt like a social death. The boss even added some paper. Looking at the large bag of information and the disappearing 98.9, there is no desire to review it. In the second year of high school, I won the provincial second prize in the high school English proficiency competition. There were only six in the class. Later in the third year of high school, I was a lot impetuous and didn’t win the prize. Going today, it feels incredible that I can finish it. After going to university, I felt that English was very mysterious. I did well in the entrance examination and went to a class that can directly take the fourth grade. But I always get the bottom of the class. The most stressful thing in a week is the English class, which feels very troublesome and difficult. The vocabulary also persisted for a period of time, but after a day of slack, there was no more to say. Looking at word collocations last night, a bunch of verbs and a bunch of prepositions, high school was very troublesome, and now it is also troublesome. Although the speed is okay today, I understand that my accuracy rate is very… hard to say, but it feels good to take the test once, and it is impossible to take the test twice. I just found out that I saw December as November. The question asked what is special about December different from other months. I thought that in November, I wrote a double1. I’m a fancier. I’m a fancier. What’s a bit irritable is that the boy who was next to me in the examination room has been smacking and licking his fingers for two hours, always letting out the sound of jumping around. I’m really… very annoying. And I didn’t know where to go when I went in, because the seat number was so confused and not clear, so I almost thought I didn’t report and wanted to leave? I will correct it next time if it is not good.

Last edited 6 months ago by yahoo898
6 months ago

In December, I really didn’t expect the initial D to be the stem, grass. I wrote a December and went up (›´ω`‹ ). At the end there was half an hour left. I still didn’t write the correcting iq composition. I quickly wrote two rubbish essays and then read the corrections and IQ. I knew I would see the listening The time for the question is divided among the following questions. Yesterday afternoon, I started to study the question types of the competition. I made a set of 2020. I found it very simple, my listening was very slow, and the time was about the same. This year I feel a little more difficult. I don’t know if I can win the prize, this question is very interesting.

6 months ago

For the December question, the first thought that popped up in my mind was because of D? But after thinking about the other 11 months, I thought it should not be so boring. Then I filled in Christmas gift:) It’s numb, and I participated in this metaphysics competition for the last time. It doesn’t matter if I win the prize or not, I am happy that I almost finished writing the paper!!! (After all, I didn’t have time to write the composition part when I was a freshman… I feel stronger! (But I still feel that the preliminary competition of the British competition does not seem to be needed. How to prepare, usually practice reading speed and keep learning English related to memorizing words. Its slow listening and speaking speed is mainly for comprehension. Look at the type of questions before the exam, don’t spend too much time on a certain question, it won’t even count. Yes, because there are many more questions in the back. The overall difficulty of the preliminary round is lower than that of the sixth grade. I think the main point of the British competition is that the amount of questions is large:)

6 months ago

Freshman, ordinary one, this semester is attending IELTS. This time, with the mentality of being a denominator, it was the first time to refer to the British competition, which was a purely naked test, and I scanned the papers of last year the night before the test. But it means that today is really done on the spot…I doubt life…Reading is okay, but I think this listening is much harder than last year, even harder than IELTS? The amount of questions is so large that I barely finished writing in the end…I am not very careful if I won’t be rewarded…I will come next year!

6 months ago

I am here to reflect on my English learning. After going to college, I basically never learned English well. I eat my high school old book until my junior year. I barely touch English every year except for the bare test of CET-4 or CET-6. Originally two months ago, I thought that I would learn English anyway for the postgraduate entrance examination. This competition is just for the preliminary exercises. As a result, I memorized the vocabulary intermittently for two months, and I didn’t review it systematically. The day before the exam I looked at the sample paper and went straight to it. . . My listening is an old problem, but it’s not difficult. I can understand all the time. I’m always distracted. I find that as long as I stare at the paper, I can’t listen to the content intently. In the end, I have been rushing forward in the middle, and it is best to feel that the composition is barely written. . (I memorized two articles in advance and just used it) In short, it was very uncomfortable to do it in the examination room, and the feeling of doing chemistry in the college entrance examination was coming again, and it was very uncomfortable. There is no solution for the time being, I am afraid that this will happen in the postgraduate entrance examination. Take the postgraduate entrance examination and study hard, don’t lie to yourself. For myself, the writing is messy.

6 months ago

Haha, how should I say, I didn’t go to the exam at all. I slept at 12 o’clock last night. I had a normal schedule, but I woke up at one point, and then I couldn’t fall asleep. Various attempts to fall asleep failed, and finally I struggled until 5 o’clock. When I fell asleep, I didn’t hear the alarm clock for more than seven o’clock. I woke up after nine o’clock. As soon as it was nine to forty, one of my roommates said that she didn’t go straight without reviewing, and I went to sleep at this point and it was too late. Follow-up! Woke up at one o’clock in the afternoon, a friend in Shenyang said that 50 had almost bought a two-hour hard seat experience, and they could not hear clearly. My roommate who went to the exam said that the radio was broken, so he gave up. The teacher asked her to insist, and she came out early. Another roommate of mine said that I bought a two-hour sleeper at 30, and it was not a loss.

6 months ago

Participate in the fun of the contestants who came to the language school and didn’t think about taking the place, the most important thing is to participate! ! (The only thing I can win is the speed of the questions. The British competition can pinch points every year. I have done 18-20 years of A, B, C real questions/sample questions before finishing the exam. I don’t feel the difference in difficulty… I did it last night. 21 years of sample questions, grammar almost wiped out QAQ. I feel that listening is a little harder than before. (Maybe I didn’t wake up, especially the second question of part d. I watched the student next to me keep writing, I don’t know how. Writing… The grammar is also quite difficult (My grammar is too good 5555. Whenever I choose the wrong 555, I will read, translate, correct, and write well. The IQ questions are quite simple. Originally, everyone participated in this and got extra points for the comprehensive test. …The extra points in our hospital are not considered the British game, I just come to play, keep the feeling of the examination room~ (Liver Specialty Level 4 and 6 and Catti went

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