With so many answers, at least a few decades ago, it was not normal to know from top to bottom that those who built missiles were not as good as those who sold tea eggs (a certain period of time). So reforms were soon carried out. And now, the basic position, the reality is like this, and the world is like this. It’s not that there is a problem with the angle of view, such as a very small number of Internet celebrities, and a higher education with a longer time line will eventually lead to a high income. That is, high-income internet celebrities must have so-called special resource advantages, what kind of looks, what kind of affinity. Isn’t this nonsense? Beauty has an impact on people. However, the influence of appearance never works in areas that require higher intellectual ability as the basis and higher professional ability as the core. Getting quantum communications, chips, and cutting 10 Fan Bingbing’s faces will not cause breakthrough progress. The breakthrough developments of ancient beauty were all about subjugation of the country, or for the sake of the other’s country. In the field of distribution, central documents are constantly being adjusted at the institutional and regulatory levels. All admit that there is a problem. Our country’s high education, as a whole, is a comprehensive manifestation of young people’s talent and hard work. This is the basic fact. For a society to develop steadily and healthily, it must take both positive incentives and stability into consideration. Highly educated and basic salary as a base, regardless of horizontal or vertical comparison, it is the default of the society. Except for a few turbulent periods in history. This is clearly a phenomenon that requires effort to adjust in the current distribution field. It is clearly to mobilize social resources and respect knowledge. There is a problem with this channel. Such an obvious thing, an obvious question, why should we get used to it and adapt to it? What we really need to do is to change and adjust. As early as the 1990s, there was an article in Dushu, which was about Hegel’s existence and rationality. Hegel’s original intention was that it is wrong to say that existence is reasonable. As a result, he became a philanthropist and accepted all social phenomena. If China only accepted all social phenomena and the status quo in the past 40 years, even Internet celebrities and Zhihu would not exist now. The change of society and the improvement of people’s well-being depend on the cooperation between the people who are working hard and the people who silently give. It is precisely because of the efforts to reform the unreasonable social existence that today’s basic pattern of national construction and people’s life is achieved. There is indeed gray between black and white, but black is still black, white is still white, and gray is still gray. Your clothes are black, not because other people’s clothes are white or gray. It’s because your clothes are black. Of course, either wearing black clothes or the underworld.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Brother, it’s getting smaller, the structure is getting smaller. You just saw the academic qualifications of a few front-stage internet celebrities, why don’t you look at the academic qualifications of the platform boss behind the internet celebrities? Take a look at ByteDance, Douyu, Station B, what is the education background of Kuaishou boss? To put it bluntly, don’t the net celebrities still work for them? Of the 500 listed executives in a-shares, 84% are highly educated and 48% graduated from 985. Isn’t this moisturizing than being an internet celebrity? In addition, those Internet celebrities who can be mixed with famous names belong to the head. Standing in the top 1% of all Internet celebrities, you can’t see their shadows in the remaining 99%. And those graduates from famous universities who are not well-known can get thousands of meals a month. But what I admit is that the other extreme of “reading is useless”, “only reading” is wrong. There are people who haven’t read any books, and they make more money than they have read. But the hard work they put in, It’s harder than going to school. I admire the e-sports. Those players who won the world finals stage to win glory for the country also want to stand on the highest podium wearing the national flag just like them. After retiring, I went to a live broadcast platform and continued to sell meat muffins, earning both fame and fortune. But just think about it. One of my idols, Huang Sky, said: “The probability of becoming a professional e-sports player is much lower than that of being admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University.” This is still a professional player. There are a lot of people who retire without even getting on the field. Becoming an internet celebrity is the same as becoming an e-sports player, only 1% survived, like gambling. Most of the remaining 99% would be troubled by studying hard at that time. And I dare not bet.

6 months ago

Let’s use Bourdieu’s theory to explain it. Internet celebrities have fan attention and influence. This is a type of social capital that can be exchanged for economic capital under appropriate conditions. And this kind of capital added value is quite high. This is the famous smile curve. Internet celebrities earn more, mainly because they are in the latter part of the smile curve, that is, marketing, so they add value. Many 985er and 211er end up in the manufacturing segment of the smile curve through learning skills, and their natural income will be relatively low.

6 months ago

This question can be directly replaced by what sweet wild boy Ding Zhen makes money than being a questioner? Ding Zhen’s live broadcast earns 150,000 in two hours! Compared with the high income of net celebrities with low education, the monthly salary of graduates from prestigious schools is not high; compared with the high income of stars with low education, the monthly salary of scientific research workers is not high; compared with the high income of businessmen with low education, the monthly salary of graduates is not high. The main reason is that the market decides. Traffic is money. Internet celebrities are far worse than celebrities. Of course, I don’t mean that “existence is reasonable”. Researchers and other “protesters” can’t do Ding Zhenzhen’s problems. of! One is entertainment value, and the other is social value. Everyone knows which one is more important.

6 months ago

You have learned martial arts, but you are just an ordinary person. You have to eat when you are hungry, and you feel ashamed to let you go to the street performers. You have to eat when you are hungry, and you feel unjust when you ask you to rob you. When society encounters turmoil and people are in danger, you can stand up and eradicate evil. Because you have learned martial arts peerless, this is your responsibility, and this is worthy of your martial arts. I’m off topic. Internet celebrities and anchors make more money than those with a high degree of education. Indeed, many people have begun to question recently. Why do I have a high degree of education and work diligently every day for one month’s salary, but no other girl has a live broadcast and shouts two words that Brother Wuji makes more money in one night. Those Internet celebrity anchors drive luxury cars and live in luxury houses. Why do you pay attention to those money-making anchors and Internet celebrities? Because of the twenty-eight principle, only two of them are in their early years, and eight of them are buried dead. When you envy certain influencers to make money, have you ever seen the bitterness behind them? You only see people being beaten when they eat meat. Those with low academic qualifications, many, many people, are now at the bottom of society. Because there is no education, the boss can use this to suppress your salary. One day you will find the same company with different academic qualifications. Others start at 20,000 and you only start at 3,000. One of my classmates dropped out of junior high school to study car maintenance. There was a reunion of our classmates, and every classmate was full of high spirits and looking forward to the future. Only I saw the vicissitudes and confusion of the student who dropped out, and his hands were already full of calluses. Academic qualifications do not represent your abilities, but recruitment. A high academic qualification is the lowest cost of trial and error for companies. Internet celebrities with low academic qualifications can make money, but they can build airplanes, can they build rockets? No, they can only shout thanks for the plane sent by Lao Tie and the rocket sent by Lao Tie. Reading is the best and fastest way to change our destiny. Because I know many eldest brothers with assets of tens of millions of dollars, none of them have low education.

6 months ago

Society is not originally distributed according to academic qualifications. If distribution is based on academic qualifications, why are there so many doctoral students at home? Compared with academic qualifications, the ability to choose a track is absolutely dominant in any era. The Internet celebrities who bounce around in the live broadcast may have chosen this outlet deliberately, or they may have entered this line unintentionally. In short, they have enjoyed the bonus of the times and embarked on a good track. Note that this is related to vision and luck, and has nothing to do with academic qualifications. Don’t chaotic attributions, as this will only make you confused and discouraged. You should see that there is a category of internet celebrities called Xueba internet celebrities, and those with a good looks, they often carry their own traffic, which is more popular than bounce internet celebrities. With the ever-increasing trend, Xueba Internet celebrities are undoubtedly more popular. This in itself is also an academic bonus. Therefore, graduates of prestigious schools are inferior to Internet celebrities, which does not mean that their academic qualifications are useless. It can only mean that if they have academic qualifications, their qualifications often cannot conquer factors such as vision and beauty. Of course, the Internet celebrity economy is a youth business, especially those bouncing Internet celebrities. When the audience is aesthetically tired, they are older, and the fashion trend has passed, they will be out of breath. And graduates from prestigious schools can always move bricks.

6 months ago

How do you think that being a beggar in the late Yuan dynasty can also achieve the emperor’s career, while the family members are reduced to ghosts under the sword? How do you think that the income of writing novels is over 100 million, while the Nobel Prize in Literature is only a few million? How do you think that buying lottery tickets can win millions and tens of millions, while hard work earns only a few thousand yuan a month? How to treat dogs dare to eat shit but people don’t dare to eat shit (Except for Lao Ba) In the late Yuan Dynasty, there were not a few million or hundreds of thousands of beggars, but Zhu Yuanzhang was the only emperor. There are more than 15 million (or even more) authors who write novels, and very few earn more than 100 million. Lottery sales amount to hundreds of billions every year, and there are dozens of first prize winners every year. What is the high income of Internet celebrities? Is a monthly income of over ten thousand considered a high income? So how many monthly incomes are there in the Internet celebrity? How many internet celebrities are there? Do you know that everyone has seen the announced financial report, and only a few of them have a monthly income of more than 10,000? Who has a serious job as the up master and who is the influencer? Of course, I’m not talking about those who do self-media and online celebrities are not without serious work. I just want to say that comparing the top income with the low income in other fields is obviously unfair. There is no internet celebrity who has reached the pinnacle of life with an instant success and can continue to bring long-term benefits to him, no one. There is no Internet celebrity whose success is easy to make money lying down. Seeing wolves eating meat but not being beaten by wolves. Most of the familiar Internet celebrities we know have their own teams or operating companies behind them. What we saw was only an online celebrity who showed up on the surface, and what we couldn’t see was the work done by countless people behind it.

6 months ago

Effort is less than choice, and choice is less than the environment. It’s not that the Internet celebrities are wrong, but that the system of training students in our prestigious schools is wrong. Most schools learn knowledge that is lagging behind the times and is not helpful for future work. Many people say that the school is not to cultivate talents, but to eliminate out-of-specification products that do not meet the needs of the country. Those who can be admitted to prestigious schools must be human elites, but the current training mechanism has turned these elites into the screws of society, allowing them to exert only one or two percent of their abilities, and most of their abilities are wasted. This is a pity. Ordinary students graduating from prestigious schools are definitely not as good as top influencers, but graduates from top prestigious schools are definitely far better than top influencers. Which platform for cultivating influencers was created by the influencers? Isn’t it all done by graduates of prestigious schools? Ordinary students are still much better than a lot of Internet celebrities. Take the top of one circle and compare it evenly with the other circle. First, this is wrong, and second, this kind of comparison can’t get a valuable answer. There are also more and more high-educated internet celebrities, and low-educated internet celebrities have been eliminated drastically. I recently started watching Tik Tok, and I don’t know how to calculate the Tik Tok algorithm. I always push all kinds of dancing ladies. Just that one word horse, you want to say that they just danced after graduation from high school. I don’t believe it. Most of them are students from the dance department of art academies. Tik Tok dances and plays instrumental music, and there are too many professional singing.

6 months ago

Those who are not well-educated are more close to the people. Those who are beaten by the society will feel that this Internet celebrity is still available, and it is possible to marry home to be a wife, so they are willing to give everything, even if they eat pickles. . The power of the spirit is huge. Consciousness has a driving effect on material. In this way, relying on a spirit that can be obtained, workers can send their material away, and Internet celebrities with low education can earn a lot. The IQ of graduates from prestigious schools is also high, relatively high, and I am unwilling to be an Internet celebrity. I would rather 996 to contribute to the company. In fact, the average income is not low. You can’t compare an individual Internet celebrity. I am in Southeast Asia, and there are many young girls who are online celebrities. They are not well-educated, but they have no income. The main reason is that the economy is not that strong. There are many boys and girls. Girls give money to boys. Boys are not so good. Not to use 996 for part-time work, just drink coffee and play cards and then ask girls for money. I won’t talk about other seafood, houses, and the stock market. In short, if I am willing to be a female Internet celebrity in China, and if I am willing to be a male in Southeast Asia, it doesn’t matter if I have money or not.

6 months ago

1. Internet celebrities with low academic qualifications use high incomes and are a very small number at the top of the pyramid. Even if they are a very small number, there is a high probability that they will only have a popular period of two or three years, and then gradually earn a flat income. 2. The monthly salary of graduates from prestigious schools is several thousand yuan, with a high probability of over ten thousand in two or three years. After 10 years and 20 years, there is a high probability that they will grow into business managers or even executives, and their income will become more and more stable. From the overall situation of the industry, the income of most Internet celebrities is flat or even below the median, while the income of most graduates of prestigious schools is above the median. Not to mention, the upper limit of graduates from prestigious schools is far beyond the ability of Internet celebrities:

6 months ago

In fact, I can particularly understand the psychological feelings of the subject. This is a kind of imbalance in the mind of the writer from a small town, not only imbalance, but also a little jealous. Because I also had this kind of psychology. The growth path of our small towns as test writers is to study hard when they were young, and then study hard from elementary school to university. The process has to go through the sea of ​​questions, and the college entrance examination, which is a battle of thousands of horses and horses, and finally take a test. A good university, with a decent degree. At this time, it may be almost 25. The monthly salary may be several thousand yuan, and a few of them are over ten thousand yuan. In fact, it is psychologically satisfying at this time. However, when I just felt a little satisfied, I discovered that Ergouzi, a classmate in the village who dropped out of school before graduating from elementary school, has now become an internet celebrity, earning tens of thousands of yuan every day by rewarding him. Isn’t this a bullshit? What has he done? He has a primary school education and has not experienced the problems. How can the income earned in a day equal to my income for several months? Often this kind of thing takes a long time to calm down. I have calmed down now. He must have his talent for earning so much, and he has suffered a lot after dropping out of school. In addition, everything he has achieved is also related to his luck. The phenomenon that the subject sees is only a very small number of Internet celebrities in the head can achieve extremely high incomes, and more small and medium-sized Internet celebrities are still struggling to survive.

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