After watching the live broadcast, stay up late to answer this question. Because it is a very old audience from the previous four seasons, I am looking forward to the addition of You Yixing this season. I started waiting for the broadcast early today. After reading the first issue, for me personally, this season has the feeling of returning to the first season and the second season. I won’t talk about the third season and the fourth season. I really can’t stand it. Let me talk about a few things that I feel funny, and some that I don’t feel good about. First of all, the funny points: 1. In the boating section, oh my god, I was crazy. Peng Peng really didn’t want to be funny, but the effect was very funny, plus Mr. He explained by the side. , It’s so funny 2. My sister wipes her hair with mats. It’s so cute. Although it’s not particularly funny, she just wants to laugh and feels comfortable. My younger sister deserves to be my younger sister. 3. The interaction between Teacher He and Teacher Huang, they are too good for the elderly. 4. Yixing is on the stage. If it is said that Yixing in the previous period of chicken strips, most of them will not take the initiative to play the stalks and need other people’s cue. The variety shows that will participate in later include street dance, singer-songwriters, etc., with a strong sense of variety and playfulness. The ability is also very good. As expected, I didn’t let me down as soon as I played. I fought my wits and courageously with the show team. I dreamed of the little fox. As expected, where there are men to help, the show team will be cold, and there are bright lights and colorful cp ( Although I was be this afternoon, I was so happy. Then I said that I didn’t feel good about it. 1. I understand that the program group wants the artists to be self-reliant. However, the bed is not well built and the kitchen is in a mess. It’s a bit too much. Let the front In the first half of the season, I felt like I was on the court. Nothing was good, I felt very in a hurry, but it was okay later. 2. The ad placement was really blunt. I remember that the first season or the second season, Mr. He and Mr. Huang did the planting. Entering, it’s really interesting. Even if I know it’s an advertisement, I’m happy to watch it. Now, it’s just a hard cue. Peng Peng does implantation. Can you show off your acting skills? Don’t be so awkward. 3. Peng Peng It’s the third season of the yearning life. It’s also called Master Huang and Master. How come I still feel unfamiliar and unfamiliar. It feels like I’m not daring to talk with Teacher Huang. Teacher He and Teacher Huang are playing stubbornly. I don’t take the initiative to pick it up even when the cue arrives. The stove is on fire. It’s especially obvious. I feel that Teacher Huang can’t take it anymore. The child is a good child, so it’s better to be a little more comfortable (if something is wrong. , Please Peng Peng fans to spray), my sister is a lot more comfortable this season, speaking in dialects and talking a lot, and she also took the initiative to interact with Teacher He to play the first issue. That’s all my own feelings, but I’m not right. Yes, it’s not good, please correct me, let’s discuss it together. In short, this season has made me quite expectant, and I have also seen that the show crew wants to make changes and regain the sincerity of the original heart, which is great. Finally, friends who haven’t watched it hurriedly to watch it. At twelve o’clock, the mango tv member’s feature film is updated. Although there are some bad things, you will not be disappointed if the flaws do not cover the good. In the end, we are together, which is the life we ​​yearn for after watching the plus version at noon. In the plus version, Peng Peng and his sister feel that they are not as restrained as in the main film. The interaction between the two is really comfortable. Yes, there are not many in Yixing plus. A shot, look forward to the next issue, and Yixing’s strength is so big, such a big box, said to put it up and put it up, it seems that the fitness coach’s money is not in vain, hahaha


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6 months ago

Finally, when the fifth season started, the show finally made a breakthrough! The old fan shed tears of excitement. “The Longing for Life” is still so beautiful. The environment of this season has more meaning of “returning to the countryside”. The house is no longer as clean as new. Instead, the house is surrounded by a house with a broken house and a dirty stove. Everything needs the guests to do it themselves. Compared with the opening of a new home in the previous season, frequent visitors, drop-offs, and awkward chats seem to have changed this season, adding a bit of fun. The implantation is done in the way of a meat dish welfare center, at least a little better than before. I hope this is a good start, and let “Longing for Life” open new branches. The small boat is in the middle of the river, no matter how you row it, the program group is really good, haha. Everything is arranged by itself, and the old objects bring old memories, which is perfect. Congratulations to Peng Peng for becoming the king of the mushroom house ring; Peng Peng has lost weight, has taken off his order, applied a mask, exercised, and the child has grown up. Now the rice at home is counted and eaten, but it’s too bad. The addition of Zhang Yixing has injected living water into this season. After all, he is a man carrying five catties of beef. I look forward to the close contact between Yixing and the lantern and the chicken again. In general, this issue is great, and I look forward to the new season of this year’s “Longing for Life”

6 months ago

The evaluation of the first episode by non-program fans is that the upper and lower points will be deducted for a lot of ads and a slightly slower rhythm. The first episode should be because of the familiar place and tidying up the house. It looked very hard. The first time I followed to see this variety show, the scenery is so beautiful. “Peach Blossom Spring” came out, I remembered the pictures I had recited and copied when I was in school, but the opposite is that the house is really broken, and there are places waiting to be repaired. There is nothing to eat. Although there are four people, two young people don’t like to talk. Quiet, the two elders didn’t speak, and they felt sleepy when they watched it coldly, especially when they were bored on the boat, they quit and used Weibo to keep waiting. It’s not easy. The next day Zhang Yixing came and had to say five kilograms. The beef has the taste of chicken strips, can it give me excitement enough to see that the director team asks to plant trees and even pay the rent before the house is cleaned up? This time the big and small foxes are all here, we must let the director team see the darkness of society and the complexity of the human heart (here, dubbed by Hong Lei Ge). See the next preview for everyone to be a wooden bed planting arboriculture tractor. It feels more interesting than the first one. Look forward to it.

6 months ago

Haha, in the first episode, the old fox and the little fox each contributed the biggest laugh in this episode. Teacher Huang, the old fox, jumped out of the window to fetch supplies and stole the keys when he left. The little fox Zhang Yixing was drunk with five catties of beef into the stereo, hahahaha. This master and apprentice is a perfect match! Brush it again today. Teacher He talks very closely. Peng Peng and his sister are still talking less as always. When I was running, I really felt that Teacher Huang was getting old. But Peng Peng can’t keep up with Teacher Huang, Peng Peng, you have to come on. The demure sister wears a hat to look good.

6 months ago

To be honest, in fact, the first part of the luggage rowing can be included in the pilot film, but this season is gone, I don’t know why. I’ve watched the first issue of Four Seasons and even watched it several times. I feel that I can watch the rhythm or whatever. I feel the most interesting when I eat, especially when h and o eat rice grains hahaha. Zhang Yixing is what I look forward to the most, after all, I’m an old man. I still like the new model. It feels more interesting than a group of guests. It’s quite interesting to see how many of them dress up the house. Haha

6 months ago

I haven’t watched it yet, but I know that when Yixing is here, Teacher Huang will no longer be Teacher Huang, but will become Huang Laoxie, or even a weasel. Although it is unlikely to be as outrageous as the previous chicken strips, it definitely breaks through the previous scale of “Departure”. The man helped Danfan a piece of two or more people, and he didn’t need to communicate with each other in words, and he knew how to swindle and abduct the director team with just one look. There were no guests in the early stage, and unfortunately it was the director team. Later guests are here, hey, everyone please ask for your blessings. I hope that Yixing is here, take my sister Zhang Zifeng, and promote Peng Yuchang by the way. Zifeng can be said to have gradually matured under the guidance of Teacher Huang, but after all, there is a relatively large age difference, and Yixing is at an age that is more mature than Peng Yuchang and not far from Ion Maple. I look forward to the growth and development of the three of them. “What’s New”

6 months ago

I think my sister is really good-looking. She is so nice and quiet. She smiles sweetly. I want to ask my sister’s fans if my sister is slow or she admits to life. Saying hello to Yixing when I meet with Yixing is too much like a child hiding behind an adult from a guest at home during the New Year Up. It seems that I am rude not to say hello to you and I am embarrassed to take the initiative to say hello to you. And Yixing really my baby is too cute, especially the one who is approaching the door and hears the rooster shouting to Master from a long distance, especially like a child who encounters a vicious dog on the way home and does not dare to move and yell at his family. The program team is careful. The children who are trained in this chicken strip can’t worry about it, but I also hope that the program team will talk about martial arts and don’t always use the lanterns when getting along with each other in the future. Just put it once.

6 months ago

I just watched the first issue. Generally speaking, it’s okay. Teacher He is still so kind, Master is still so humorous, Peng Peng is very skilled in making fire, and my sister feels lively. The most anticipated Yixing is here, and the little fox looks forward to it. Life has become a chicken strip, a routine director group, there is a smile and a warmth, looking forward to the next episode

6 months ago

I didn’t want to answer this question. After all, this kind of slow variety show looks happy. There is no need to write too much~ But under this question, some anonymous people said some inexplicable things, so talk about it personally. Look and feel. Let me talk about the part of advertising that makes the experience worse. The members of Mango TV who just bought today opened the live broadcast on time at 10 o’clock. Before the show started, the advertisement was indeed longer and it was played repeatedly. Later, when the advertisement jumped to synchronize with the TV broadcast, it was discovered that the advertisement was a “special offer”. After the show started, there were a lot of advertisements, and it was also related to my habit of watching variety shows mainly on the Internet. Compared with the previous “Dancing Storm” in the same time period, the variety show at this time should be implanted once in the middle, and two commercials will be broadcast around 11:30. The program has only one paragraph and a preview of the next period. This is the habit of the TV station, and I feel that advertising is probably the same as mine. It is a habit of watching programs. The extra implantation in this episode is the ring game~ From the plot point of view, this ring has achieved the “circle of blessing” and Peng Peng’s highlight moment of how my sister throws it. Huang Xiaochu popularized the fungus. The principle of not being able to soak for a long time and witty pits the director group again, and personally feels very interesting. I feel that the program team has been very careful to ensure that the duration of the advertisement does not affect the quality of the program. If they do not do well in the future, I will complain about it, but this program is generally acceptable. On the whole, watching commercials is definitely not as comfortable as watching TV shows. However, some anonymous users’ complaints and abuse always make me feel a little absurd. For example, in 1986, Maradona had the hand of God first, followed by five consecutive people who let Argentina win the game 2:1 and England. Almost the Argentine people took the grievances of the Falklands a few years ago because of these two quiz goals It’s all swept away. At this time you want to go online to express your emotions or discuss controversies about the hand of God. It turns out that there are several people studying in front of your eyes where Maradona celebrated near the billboard after he scored. It was too commercial; what he said was wrong, but it was obvious that everyone was not the same type of audience. Let’s talk about favorite places. 1. I really want to give a thumbs up to the little brothers and sisters of the hard-working program group. I know that there is a director who will interact with everyone on Zhihu in the first few seasons. Whether it is the overall design, pre-preparation, or smooth production of the later season, the show is quite enjoyable. If it is convenient to bring Xixi, he must have the courage to fight tenaciously against the black and evil forces in the mushroom house. Before, a director named Yan Min was very good at doing this. Later, after unremitting efforts, he became bald. …2. I like the previous design more than I don’t like it. The favorite part is that the design is very clever, and the few of the mushroom house are also very interesting when they complete the task. In a short time, the program team showed everyone the style of Taohuayuan, the main task of building a home, transportation, warehouses and nostalgia. The design can be said to be quite ingenious. However, the design is too ingenious. If you remove the boating and Huang Xiaochu’s window, the arrangement is basically clear, especially after editing the main line is too obvious and a little deliberate, which is a little regrettable. Of course, there are major adjustments in the first phase, and there is too much information to be explained to understand. I hope I won’t be so “exquisite” in the future~3. The first period of work is really a lot of work, and there are physical tasks and the room needs to be cleaned up. So Huang and He should be a little tired. Fortunately, Peng Peng has gotten closer to his senior, and his younger sister is obviously more cheerful. By the way, some anonymous complaints seem to lack common sense. Moving and tidying up the room is really a lot of fine work, and it is really tiring to say that those “cloud supervisors” who ran out without the camera still make people wonder if they are watching me. The same show. Editing makes people happy, but also has a bit of common sense in life. The guests who had washed two potatoes gave them a few minutes of shots, and spent two shots in the field for an afternoon. Which one is more tiring? Anyway, I have seen many guests who praised potato washing~ If my sister is interested in cooking, maybe she will be in the kitchen at the beginning of a certain period in the future. In the past few seasons, my sister has been washing vegetables outside the kitchen. As a culinary lover, I can say responsibly that the kitchen becomes messier with more people. Generally, there are only three kinds of people who can be in Teacher Huang’s kitchen without making him feel worse: 1. Old friends. 2. It is said that they can cook but they do not make each other’s mess. 3. Peng Peng who played down. 4. Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing knew this morning when he joined the next day. It was a bit regretful that Yixing was not there at the time when he was doing physical work and boating. The next day, Yixing only missed one aspect. He was too good before, so the director team was a little less vigilant about him. The five-jin speakers successfully settled in the mushroom house, but it was a pity that he didn’t see the wits and courage behind him. The first recording should be 5 days, and it is said that Yixing gradually learned to relax during these 5 days. I look forward to working with him and Peng Peng (Jiang Li ask for help together?), and I can get acquainted with each other early in a game or something. In fact, the first scene I thought of when I knew that Yixing would join me was that the program group would try to kill them, and come up with an operation that would make the two sassy together. Overall, the first phase is just the beginning. When I watched the whole program, I was not only very happy when I watched it, but also made people look forward to what will happen later~

6 months ago

The first episode of the fifth season of Longing for Life is on the air. Ready to watch the melon seed drink on time. After the melon seeds are knocked out, the drink is finished. Zhang Yixing hasn’t appeared yet. When he was drowsy, Zhang Yixing appeared and jumped krump. Bgm is Zhang Yixing’s song. It’s refreshing for my sister. When I saw Yixing approaching the mushroom house and heard the roosters, I felt a little dazed to stop and look around, shouting to Master, hahahahaha, I laughed casually Here, you can have dim sum in Yixing, there are more chickens in the mushroom house, and colorful lights are waiting for you. As a result, the gift of five kilograms of beef was brought in by the cute messenger. When the reason was explained, the director was stunned. Hahahahahaha, the little fox and the old fox are combined, and the director’s hair should be taken care of. When Yixing saw the stunned expression pack of the lanterns came online, he immediately exited to the shooting range, and was bitten by the clothes while feeding the sheep. Is the sheep too hungry or too fond of lambs? It’s even more exciting. It turned out that Yixing went to the chicken coop to pick out eggs. Master still agreed. Zhang Yixing was nervous about Yixing. No, but I was looking forward to it. What was going on, I was extremely conflicted and entangled. Finally, I am extremely looking forward to the second episode of the tractor hero Zhang Yixing to open up a vast world and a promising model.

6 months ago

There is no screenshot of the live broadcast of staying up late last night. Write a few impressive scenes from memory. I counted, this season’s gold master father counted eleven Taohuayuan Scenic Areas. There are four fewer than the fourth quarter, mainly because there is no Xiaomi, Xiaodu, and Jingdong. This season will definitely be broadcast to “618”, I don’t know if Jingdong will sponsor two episodes at that time. I can foresee the absence of Mi phones. But does OV even look down on this show? Is S+’s variety show so unpretentious? 1- On the way to the mushroom house, a locked warehouse was found. Teacher Huang “Wang Yan” possessed his body and turned the window to enter the warehouse. Finally, he followed the key of Director Xixi. 2… After dinner, the siblings chatted with a few plastic Chongqing dialects while cleaning the bowls at the kill. “Sister” and “Mad Dog” dream linkage! It can be seen that the brothers and sisters did not chat in Chongqing dialect in private. 3- The beef that Zhang Yixing brought pretending to be a stereo deceived the security check of the director team and was taken into the mushroom house. It is worthy of the “little fox” once again linked with chicken strips. So, when will the Men’s Gang and Yan Tumin come? 4- A small detail. Teacher Huang mentioned several times in the program that “Peng Tsai is going to be lucky this year”. Does it indicate that Peng Peng is breaking up? Is the “”Expansion Brother and Sister” cult CP all right again? The following will be updated after I have seen the extended version at noon!

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