Taobao announced today that the 23rd of each month will be officially set up as “Taobao Sand Sculpture Day”. In addition to launching a great reward for netizens’ strange behaviors on this special “festival”, it will also launch a special study on “Sand Sculpture Culture”.

Horrible, every month is Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Now there is another “Sand Sculpture” festival on the 23rd of every month. Wouldn’t it be that I have to celebrate another 12 festivals for my daughter-in-law a year? ? The ball is you guys, the ball is really! Can you slow down the rhythm of the festival! My purse can’t stand it anymore! If I remember correctly, the nightmare started in 2009. At that time, Tmall Mall joined up with a few big merchants to launch a promotional event. I didn’t expect it to be an instant hit, and sales directly exploded. From then on, I don’t know if the major e-commerce companies are jealous, and the competition is about to start. According to my rough statistics, including but not limited to: 38th Goddess Shopping Festival, 618 Shopping Festival, 818 Shopping Festival, Anniversary Shopping Festival, Double Eleven Shopping Festival, Double Twelve Shopping Festival, and there will be a New Year’s Day when the Chinese New Year comes. . In addition to the various promotions in the middle, there is an average of one small festival in January and one big festival in two months. Good guy, there are not so many national statutory holidays. Motivation for e-commerce platform festivals? In fact, the most important motivation behind the frenzied e-commerce festivals must be to make small money. Today I will first discuss why e-commerce makes energy-saving and profitable. Our Chinese nation has several glorious traditions-come here, give face, or be a child, drink more hot water, get used to it, and celebrate the festival. During the holidays, in the hearts of our people, that is a big event with considerable weight. Usually it’s so tiring to work, and it’s hard to get to a festival. A big family gathers to have a good time. Isn’t it appropriate not to buy things? Not suitable! In the new era, young people now understand work more and the atmosphere of the festival is not as good as before, but we also have our own way of entertainment-surfing the Internet. According to a study done by scholars, young people surfing the Internet tend to be emotionally affected by the external stimuli of the platform environment and make impulsive purchases under the influence. This kind of stimulation, on the one hand, is that a large number of shopping platforms use algorithms and AI technology to continuously push consumers’ favorite and exquisite product promotion graphics. On the other hand, it comes from the discussion and sharing of netizens. Everyone is buying, buying, buying, even if there is nothing needed, symbolically chop and chop your hands, then you can be considered as a member of the atmosphere group. After enough groups make purchases, e-commerce companies do not have to worry about making money. Of course, the era of festivals is divided, and it is not shabby to make money. As long as the quality is good, the price is low, and the product is value for money, our consumers are also happy. However, the threshold for this kind of purely collective preference is too low, and the imitability is too strong. To put it bluntly, it is a price war, anyone can do it, today you will be on Double Eleven, tomorrow I will be a 618, and the final result is that every home appliance business has its own holiday, which cannot be seen between different platforms. distinction. Consumers go directly to the numbness during the holidays and don’t want to buy anything. If the platform wants to break through many festivals, it must be innovative in form. Based on this, I divided the festival event into two versions: version 1.0, which is a purely collective discount event, which promotes sales growth by lowering prices and unifying demand time. The 2.0 version is the sand sculpture festival of Taobao. In version 2.0, the sale of goods is no longer the goal, but the way to achieve the goal. To put it simply, as an e-commerce platform, Taobao has achieved the top stream. However, Taobao’s ambitions don’t stop there. Taobao wants to gather and gain users’ recognition through the many funny sand sculptures it has accumulated, and then transform into a comprehensive social shopping platform. An e-commerce company that can only shop has limited imagination. But an e-commerce community with interactive, content, social, and gatherings of people has unlimited prospects in the future. On the surface, Taobao, which spends money every day to find “sand sculptures”, is very sand sculpture. But in fact, Taobao has already pointed to the future.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Why are e-commerce companies obsessed with making festivals? Is there such a simple truth? Of course, it’s not for charity. Everything is looking at “money”. There is no festival to create festivals. Taobao has such a “sand sculpture day”. For this reason, I just want to say: “As long as Taobao is not embarrassed, the embarrassment is all. people”. This name is purely self-heal. Will there be “Good People Day” and “Ambi Festival” in the future? But ridicule goes to ridicule. This is also a kind of entertainment spirit of Taobao. It shows the rich and colorful life in a joking way. As long as there are more discounts for activities, the people will also buy it. At the same time, I have to sigh that the competition on e-commerce platforms is becoming more and more fierce, and the pressure is getting more and more intense. Under the strong competition between Pinduoduo and, Taobao can only continue to make new tricks to survive!

6 months ago

First of all, we need to know one thing. Sand sculpture is actually a subculture, and it can be a subdivision of the “Ugliness Appreciation Culture.” After the Internet began to appear, the culture of ugly appraisal continued to advance. From the earliest Luo Yufeng, to the later Furong sister, to Sun Xiaochuan and Yaoshui brother, to Guo teacher, in fact, what the ugly culture brings is a very rebellious and very shocking thing. Break an inherent, create a brand new. Of course, this does not mean that ugly-appreciating culture and sand sculpture are derogatory terms. In fact, ugly-appreciating culture is not a derogatory term in the eyes of young people. At best, it can only be regarded as a way of life or aesthetic method, nothing more. Going back to the sand sculpture culture itself, in fact, in the atmosphere of ghosts and sand sculptures of the younger generation, sand sculpture culture is likely to become the mainstream in the future. This is determined by the background of the times. If we push forward twenty years, we will find that people at that time used “traditional” and “decent” as their criteria, clothes should be suits, shirts and tunic suits, and if they were professional doctors and civil servants in state-owned enterprises and institutions, any A bit of apostasy will be regarded by the older generation as a shame to the family. Because the older generation of parents after that era believed that only the mainstream is the best. why? Because only by following the mainstream can you never go wrong. But ten years later, at that time, non-mainstream culture began to rise. Is it ugly? Now it seems that there are some, but in that era, it was the representative of trendy, cool, and dazzling, although it was also deviant in the eyes of the elders. Is it wrong? It’s not bad. It is only regarded as a kind of “ugliness” in the mainstream concept, nothing more. And today’s sand sculpture culture is the same. In the mainstream concept, it’s hard for the older generation to accept the jokes of sand sculptures, and it’s also hard for the older generation to accept that their children live like jokes, but that’s fine. This does not prevent sand sculpture culture from becoming mainstream in the future. Because, nowadays, more diverse aesthetics and younger concepts make it possible for every seemingly different voice to become the mainstream. We live in a more open environment and have a more tolerant mentality. From the mixed reputation of Zhou Shuyi, to the eagle flying high, to the giao brother, we will find that, as a branch, subculture is itself mainstream and should be accepted. Let’s go back to Taobao itself, is it true that the e-commerce platform is obsessed with making festivals? In fact, it is not. It is the entire Internet platform that loves to make festivals. For example, Singles’ Day, another example, Double Twelve, another example, World Book Day, another example, Women’s Day, in fact, every day may be a holiday, because every The crowd has its own sub-groups. There can be business promotions on World Book Day and equal rights slogans on Women’s Day. For Taobao, making festivals is just a trend that conforms to the development of the times. It is not so much that Taobao prefers to make festivals, it is better to say that after insight into the needs of Internet culture, it has become a cultural leader, and nothing more. When Taobao is following the trend and rushing all the way, they are actually doing another thing-to cater to the trend and become a trend.

6 months ago

Pay attention to this sentence: “23rd of every month”. This shows that e-commerce companies are also aware of the contradiction between consumers’ increasing demand for daily discounts and the number of discount carnival festivals that e-commerce platforms fix every year. I want to buy, I am afraid of expensive, I want to spend money, I am afraid of losing money. When I was in charge of event planning and publicity in the furniture business at my home company, I didn’t understand at the beginning. I knew that the furniture industry was the golden nine and silver ten. Obviously, National Day was the time when these major home furnishing stores offered discounts and promotions. Why do we have to set up a separate VIP customer carnival every month? Why do you have to engage in promotional activities every month, thinking about slogans, thinking about event plans, and making promotional materials so tired? My uncle told me at the time: “Because the customer’s wallet is limited, those wealthy bosses have a limited impulse consumption period.” “If she can’t enjoy the National Day when she fancy our furniture. With some discounts, she may not want to buy them until the National Day after a few months.” “So, let consumers have the opportunity to spend every month, and promise that they will not be lower than the discounts enjoyed by the annual carnival. , Is a very important combat strategy.” I suddenly realized that I was convinced. But of course, I’m talking about furniture sales. Taobao’s original intention to set up Sand Sculpture Day should not be entirely to sell goods, but for entertainment, so that everyone can interact and communicate a little bit every month. It is a festival for interacting with users. See later. Can I get a discount… I’m also curious, what other sand sculptures like the picture below can be sold on Taobao?

6 months ago

From a philosophical point of view, e-commerce festivals are actually a commercial version of post-modern thoughts. They are even popularizing a brand-new psychological cognition. Through all-platform marketing, every e-commerce festival is remembered by consumers. in mind. At the beginning, because it was an emerging business of B2C at the time, all brand companies had just come into contact with the Internet. The Internet is very beautiful, but I don’t know how to do it. We need something to make consumers remember us. Therefore, “Double 12”, JD 6.18, Suning 818, Vipshop 4.19, Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival, and Yang Dock “Black Friday” have almost formed e-commerce festivals throughout the year. Despite the epidemic in 2020, e-commerce festival marketing has not fallen behind. Hunan Satellite TV held Pinduoduo 6·18 Super Night, and the popular women’s group THE9 made its debut; Jiangsu Satellite TV held Tmall Super Night, and invited all the new women’s groups and men’s groups to create a trend; Dragon TV and Suning jointly held 6 ·18 super show; while co-organized with Tencent on “Jingdong 6.18 Love Party Together”, which adopted language programs to allow stars to live and chat, and interspersed with goods. To give you an example to show the whole picture, a short section of JD’s festivals is as follows: a large-scale festival party at the same time; the atmosphere is very good. In the process of e-commerce festival development, whether it is e-commerce platform or consumer, it will be in a short period of time. Grow up quickly. E-commerce platforms have built festivals into their own brands, and consumers have become more eye-catching and know how to see through the essence of e-commerce festivals. The fierce competition of various platforms has actually brought immediate benefits and benefits to consumers. The e-commerce platform carries out overwhelming publicity, and it is more accompanied by massive amounts of goods and huge discounts. The e-commerce platform has thus attracted huge Traffic, brands can deal with the backlog of inventory by participating in the e-commerce festival, and consumers can obtain goods at lower prices, which is a win-win-win situation. As long as consumers are at the time of e-commerce festivals, they will inevitably have the urge to consume. Many people who want to buy large items at home will wait for the e-commerce festival to compare prices before starting. Nowadays, after training, consumers have begun to consume more and more rationally, which brings higher requirements to the development of the entire e-commerce festival. In fact, the deconstructive stalk is also quite interesting. For example, my video tag is called #Jack Wang的沙雕视频集锦#. Happiness and happiness are also the main purposes of consumption.

6 months ago

Recently, I was looking at Bezos’s annual shareholder letter at the Amazon shareholder meeting and found that compared with Amazon, the largest domestic e-commerce company is really not on the same level of dimension: Amazon’s development path is similar to, starting with self-operated products. , And then introduce third-party merchants on its own platform, which is equivalent to introducing competitors. Not only “bringing wolves into the room”, but also opening up its warehousing and logistics system and cloud services to these competitors, this is the business that really makes the world easy to do. Amazon has always adhered to the principle of allowing customers to enjoy the lowest prices. Customers here include both consumers and merchants. For consumers, the Amazon platform has always retained the negative review function, focusing on assisting consumers to make optimal consumption decisions. For merchants, since the launch of the cloud service platform business, the number of proactive price cuts has exceeded 50 times. In addition, Amazon’s office environment and its simplicity, employee benefits are ordinary, and everyone has heard of the strange thing about using door panels to build desks. All the saved costs reflect the company’s value orientation. Taobao, on the other hand, did the opposite. It started as a trading platform for small merchants, and then started self-employment. The idea of ​​self-employment is to look at the good products sold by third-party merchants that are accepted by the market, and take over and make them yourself. This is completely squeezing the market of small businesses, forcing them to look for gaps that Taobao can’t see. Taobao’s value orientation has always been aimed at amplifying short-term profits, rather than using Taobao as a convenient tool to benefit consumers and businesses. Taobao’s trick of killing familiarity is the most obvious manifestation. It is easy to be discovered by customers. What directly damages the credibility of the 88VIP membership system. This is on the same level as the one-shot sale of street vendors. Coupled with the negative news such as the minor three incidents that Taobao executives were exposed to, it makes people feel that Taobao is just the convenience of occupying the world’s largest market. The difference between the two companies is really big. Trading and platforms are just tools, not ends. Not focusing on the idea of ​​long-term development, blindly focusing on facilitating transactions: discount sales, pretending discount sales, and then some complex and dazzling points system: naughty value, gold coin, check-in and punch-in, farm, achievement points… …. The marginal utility will only get lower and lower. The consumer market is on such a large scale. If the platform side either finds ways to get rid of it, or actively promote unnecessary transactions, or squeeze small merchants, this is a strategy that all participants except the platform will suffer. Speaking of this “Sand Sculpture Festival”, after a round of “buy, buy, buy”, will you find that the “sand sculpture” is yourself? I was guided to buy back a bunch of things that I didn’t need.

6 months ago

When a commodity is just a commodity, the commodity does not possess cohesion;
When a product is paired with fun and interesting things that can attract everyone to participate in it, the product is endowed with emotional value.
Products with emotional value will give everyone a more sense of identity and belonging;

6 months ago

Money, make money, don’t you make money if you have money? Money. The main purpose is to promote emotional consumption. To be honest, it is not very useful for friends who know. Now there is a trend of rational consumption in society. At this time Taobao is not happy, rational is rational, you can’t be rational every day, let us sell goods! Gods of wealth, okay, I’m so persistent, I have to take out a little bit of sand sculpture a month, right? Be irrational. What do you think at this time? Look at me, look at me, look at me, I am super sand sculpture, please buy from me, buy from me, buy from me…buy me, buy me…

6 months ago

To add an angle to Jingfeng Paper Kite, pay is nothing more than three time points, the beginning of the month, the end of the month, and the middle of the month. The wages paid at the beginning of the month are usually organizations that are not short of money. On the 23rd, it is more than a week before the beginning of the following month. There is nothing to pay in advance; if the wages are paid in the middle of the month, the remaining money on the 23rd is still warm , The courage to spend money happily is still; the end of the month is usually around the 25th, two days from the 23rd, when you don’t spend money at this time and wait for it! It can be seen that the time point on the 23rd is the big data cross-analysis statistical result of a large amount of special and precise calculation of the time points of the workers’ consumption by Taobao for more than ten years, which is very scientific. Is this the name? Leave some dignity for the leeks.

6 months ago

I was repairing my mobile phone in a mobile phone after-sales shop. I found this question very interesting, so I rushed to answer it. Let’s not tell the truth or false, just treat it as true, Taobao created another festival. Why is e-commerce obsessed with making festivals? In fact, the goal is very simple. With the festival, there is the basis for the promotion, and with the promotion, it is easy to sell things. In fact, whether it’s 618 in the middle of the year or Double 11 and Double 12 at the end of the year, they are all e-commerce festivals. There was no such festival. Once it was created, there will be this festival. Even during these festivals, shopping is even better than Traditional festivals such as New Year’s Day and Spring Festival are cheaper. Come back and talk about Taobao’s “Sand Sculpture Festival”. I don’t know which god short-circuited such a festival in an instant. It is totally unreasonable. Does this treat consumers as sand sculptures or themselves? I don’t know how young people play now. Anyway, I don’t want to be called a sand sculpture. I love who I like and who I like. Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that I haven’t bought anything from Taobao for a long, long time. I haven’t even opened the Taobao app for a while. Instead, I used Xianyu the most. Express delivery was SF Express and JD Logistics. The reason why Taobao is not used is because there are a few experiences that really make people uncomfortable. 1. Every time there is a big promotion, whether it is 618 or Double 11 or Double 12, the rules are always so elusive. If the price is reduced, the price is reduced, and the promotion is promotion. Why are you looking for so many fancy things? Young people can still have fun. , For an elderly person like me, I would rather have fewer routines, even if it is expensive. 2. Another point is that no matter what the e-commerce is, the time to buy is at midnight, and it is also very unfriendly to the elderly. I fell asleep at 11:30, okay, grab something at 12 o’clock and get lost the next day. . (Of course this may be my own problem) 3. The problem of express delivery. Every time I buy something on Taobao, I throw it to the rookie station and there is no SMS or phone notification. As long as you don’t open Taobao or Alipay, you don’t know where your courier went, or whether it solved the last mile of the courier or the last mile of the user. Some time ago, I sent a notice saying that home delivery can be set, but the setting is extremely complicated. Who has so much time to set this thing every day? 4. An extremely bloated APP and a very uncomfortable shopping experience. Let’s talk about rush buying. Whether it’s rushing to buy mobile phones or laptops, I didn’t have any preference for a long time, but from the results of multiple rushing purchases, the probability of grabbing by Jingdong is much greater than that on Taobao, and it never happened again. I have snapped up things on Taobao or Tmall. It may be that my own Snapdragon 865 can’t bring Taobao APP. Every time I start it, a bunch of things are loaded frame by frame. To put it far, back to the topic, why e-commerce, especially Taobao, are so keen on making festivals, and not to sell more things for promotion. After all, the amount of orders placed through festivals is much larger than the usual order quantity, and only a lot of festivals. In order to sell more things. In fact, we can also see the current pressure on Taobao from the side. Not only, a Wannian competitor, but also established offline manufacturers such as Suning and Gome, as well as Pinduoduo, a new force that wants to share a pie. What should we do? , It’s also difficult. Especially in recent years, the strong rise of Pinduoduo has led to a large number of individual merchants leaving to Pinduoduo, not to mention that viral marketing has robbed a lot of traffic. At this time, the pressure on Taobao can be imagined. I personally think that if Taobao is only obsessed with making festivals, rather than solving the problem fundamentally (the fundamental problem I think is, I don’t know what it is, an ordinary user), no matter how many festivals are created, it will be of no use. , The user will feel tired. The above views are purely personal understanding, pure hand-playing, if you have different views, welcome friendly communication in the comment area.

6 months ago

For Taobao, I can’t wait to fill your head with festivals.
In this way, you can open your eyes every day to Taobao and close your eyes to Taobao, and carry out consumerism to the end.
The Taobao you hope is just a simple selling tool.
Taobao hopes to dominate your life. They not only buy things, but also brainwash you, influence your values, and interfere with your judgment.

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