Graduate students majored in law, and the tutor is usually humble. Many people say that this tutor is very good, so I chose him. The instructor usually speaks softly to me, and never accuses me of doing something wrong. If I do not do well, he will follow the temptation and educate me through storytelling. Once, he asked me to write a small essay on the exclusion of illegal evidence, with a small angle, and he also gave me the main reference. Let me give it to him in two weeks. During that time, I was busy having fun with my girlfriends, eating all kinds of Beijing delicacies, and shopping, all girls should know. I waited a few days before I was going to work on a mission, and I spent the whole night with my essay. I know that my thesis will definitely not be qualified. I think the teacher is so busy, and this time has passed for a long time, he shouldn’t take it seriously. The next day, the instructor asked me to go to the office. When I entered the office, his face had never been so bad. He did not speak. Just throw me a few sheets of paper. It turned out that he printed the paper, and he picked out all the punctuation and typos in the paper on it. My face flushed. I know. This time I committed a serious matter. Finally, he said, “Take your paper back. I won’t let you write anything in the future. Don’t say that you are my student. From today on, I will no longer be your tutor. You can apply for a replacement with the Academic Affairs Office. Tutor. I’m so disappointed by what you did.” I didn’t dare to say anything, and kept my head down, like a pug walking away with its tail in between. After I went back, I blamed myself very much, and tears would always fall from time to time. I called my parents. After listening to my parents’ suggestions, I re-written the paper seriously. During the period, I discussed this paper with a few seniors and sisters, and finally listened to some of their suggestions, and finally finished the final draft of the paper. When I re-write the thesis and prepare to submit it to my supervisor. He has closed the door and no longer sees me. He was really angry this time. Later, he went to a foreign school to do research, and it took more than a month to go there. This month I have been very tortured. My instructor personally took me to study legal essay writing step by step. In order to let me really know how to read legal literature, he stayed up several times to help me revise the literature review. He can receive his mail at three or four o’clock at night. Later, I heard from my fellow elder brother that the instructor originally wanted to help me post an article in a core journal. He had a chance to recommend it at that time, so he asked me to write that paper. He wanted me to use it in my future work. Better academic background. And I am heartless, and I only care about enjoyment and don’t understand the painstaking efforts of the tutor. So, I wrote a letter of more than 8,000 words to my mentor, in which I deeply reviewed myself and expressed my gratitude to my mentor. Finally one day later, but he asked me to go to the office. He said, what I am angry about is your attitude. You will leave school in a year and enter the workplace. You don’t have any family background and you have nothing to rely on. You You can only rely on yourself. and so. You must take everything seriously. You have to be excellent in everything. I will remember the words of my mentor for life. Also say some feelings here, sometimes our attitude determines our height in the hearts of others. If you don’t have a family background, if you want to be seen by others, you can only try to make yourself outstanding.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Can the instructor answer? I recruited a Ph.D. with a background in science and engineering, and my research funding gave me a full award. Brought for more than a year. Academically, I gave him my innovative ideas, and I also told him how to write each part of the article. The result is written in English, how can I say, I can’t bear to read it. I dare to open an article every time I make a lot of determination. Forgive him more than a thousand times every minute. Even Thanksgiving, I am still working overtime to revise his articles. There is no way, the students recruited by oneself will have to finish it even if they cry.

6 months ago

During the postgraduate training period, the gynecology instructor took me out of the clinic. Because there was a meeting in the hospital, the teacher asked me to take him out of the outpatient clinic for a while. Before leaving, he told me that I can deal with minor illnesses and don’t mess around with complicated ones. When I left, there came a girl who was sent away by him in the morning, “Doctor, you don’t look down on me too.” “Ah?” “I also wanted to survive, and I was registered.” “What?” ” In the morning, the old man gave me a check-up, and he sent me away without saying a few words, and asked me to go to the specialist clinic.” “Then you can take out the test form and let me have a look.” The girl who was less than 20 years old took it out of her bag. I got the report form of BCM Mei Ai, and I clipped a condom and dropped it on my desk. She picked up the condom calmly and stuffed it back into her bag, saying, “Hepatitis B and C are okay, and there is no AIDS.” “But, syphilis is so…” “You said the doctor, I don’t hide it from you, I haven’t been to school, you can tell me a lot!” So I spent ten minutes and explained to her in detail. How did you get syphilis, what symptoms, third-stage development, and how to treat it, “Thank you so much. It’s the first time I met a good doctor like you in such a long time. When I came to see a doctor, when I saw that I was syphilis, the doctor rejected me. Push us to the Infectious Hospital” “Ah, it’s okay, I’m also busy this afternoon, what else is there?” “Doctor, are you helping me take a good look at the following?” “What? There is no more words below, report. Didn’t I tell you the end?” “Oh, can you help me see the vagina? Is there anything you said about it?” Then she walked to the bed, taking off her pants, “Don’t don’t, that’s hard Chancre” “If you have a checkup, you need to find my teacher. I can’t. I don’t have enough experience.” “Well, your name is your doctor. Should we add a WeChat? I’ll go back and help you publicize.” “WeChat forget Yeah, my last name is Li.” “Then I’m leaving, thank you doctor.” The girl went back and told her best friend, and the best friend told the other best friend that they would wear two or three, and all the ladies in their club Mobilized to do the Yibing Mei Ai screening, and when I came, I was looking for Dr. Xiao Li. I stood behind the instructor obediently and it was so fucking embarrassing… “Which is Dr. Xiao Li, please help me. Look at this test report, if there is anything wrong, if there is syphilis, it scares me to death!” “Go, Ambassador of Love, I’m telling you, what are you doing in a daze?” The tutor carried a knife in every word. Can you experience the scene where the consulting room is crowded with “girls” with heavy makeup for a week…

6 months ago

Thanks for the comment area’s concern… It’s been seven or eight years ago, and I have been married for several years… The tutor is a certain director of the obstetrics and gynecology department, who is very famous. One day he kindly asked me: Which subject do you want to go to for future work? As smart as I am, of course I will hit the snake and stick at the right time and kick the ball back. By the way, I am a bit smart: Boss, which discipline do you think I am suitable for? The boss smiled and looked at me thinking for a minute: I think you are better suited to find a good husband to marry.

6 months ago

I wrote this answer in November last year. It was not long after I arrived in Germany at that time. There were still many difficulties in life. I remember that I was anxious every day during that time. I was doing tasks given by my tutor during the day and thinking about myself at night. s future. Because I don’t know if it’s the right decision to come to Germany. Later, I encountered many things. I was smashed by the Iranian postdoc who took me at the beginning. Because he was very busy, he didn’t have time to talk to me, and he didn’t want to waste more time on a newcomer, so I kept talking on the mentor’s side. All kinds of gossip, and then one day the tutor couldn’t listen to it anymore, and then I changed to a PhD in Sweden and took me. In fact, this is really a big blow to me. I spent 3 months reading this postdoctoral dissertation and making his model. In the end, the sentence that was taught was transferred to another group. After a completely different study, everything must start again. The model made before was also directly used by Iranian postdoctoral fellows to use calculations to publish articles, and even a second work was not given. But forget it, life has never been smooth sailing, keep calm and carry on, look forward to everything. Let’s say something a little bit happy. The next month after writing this article is the Christmas holiday. Because I had a leave of absence with the professor in advance, I had a two-week holiday and made an appointment with the same group of CSC friends who came to Germany. Departing from Berlin, travel all the way to the south around Germany. Because basically every city in Germany with a university has a CSCer, and we all know it in the German class of pre-departure training, it is a very happy thing to have a local accompany as a tour guide. Old classmates join in every city, listen to the New Year’s Eve concert, and make dumplings and eat hot pot together. There are also two friends who have great cooking skills on the road, and they eat their delicious food along the way. Yes, we have been joking that in the future, we have to take the two of them wherever we go. We are professional when traveling, and we take the chef when we go out… The half-month trip to Germany is over, and the articles we did during the master’s degree are added. An algorithm was perfected and voted out. (Looking at the comments, a small partner said why not step up to do scientific research for a master’s degree; I don’t know how to answer for a while. I have been in class for the first year. The tutor has no time to see others. He asked him to stop the subject as long as he doesn’t cause trouble. In the second year, the tutor discussed with me about my Ph.D. and said that if I want to consider a Ph.D., let me first follow the seniors and mix up the project to get familiar with it. If you don’t study, then find a place to consider applying for an internship. At least not waste time for me. I also tried to apply for a master’s and doctoral degree. The result was very tragic. Then I had to go to a certain company for an internship. The article I previously voted for also started at this stage. Later, I took the IELTS offer for various things, and I was busy applying for a scholarship. I was busy with my graduation thesis. This article was postponed to the Ph.D. It was only after the completion of the vote. After I voted for this article, it was almost the time around the Spring Festival. There was a Chinese holiday (a tradition handed down by the research institute). You can not use it in the laboratory during the Spring Festival and you don’t need to ask for leave because The professor has had cooperation projects with many domestic universities a long time ago, and from time to time he went to domestic meetings for business trips, so he treated Chinese students relatively kindly) took advantage of this holiday and booked air tickets to several Schengen countries to relax and feel. Take a look at the customs of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean in winter. By the way, I really like Malta, a small Mediterranean island, a great place to relax. Germany can’t see the sun in winter, it’s gloomy and rainy, but in Malta, I enjoyed the brightest sunshine this winter. After that, I applied for an intensive Kurse during the winter vacation in March. I spoke German all day. The process of class was extremely painful. German was the bottom of the class and was the key support object of the German teacher… But after getting over it, I found that it was really not. I regret this decision, and my colleagues can basically understand the German spoken. Now I can also use German to chat with the grandpas and grandmothers who are basking in the park with some simple content. After that, I have been doing new research topics. The process is also very painful. Doing interdisciplinary research, I am very demanding in mathematics, and I am struggling half-dead every day… I was tortured to start thinking about life and my mentor was not very push, but he was really stressed in his research institute with pressure from peers. The tension also comes from the anxiety caused by the pressure of future graduation. However, compared with the period of anxiety and confusion half a year ago, the current self should be more mature and calm, and start to look carefully at the self at that time, maybe… at all There is no so-called regret. I think I made a correct decision. When I remembered the first time I saw the Brandenburg Gate, I drank a few cups of coffee in the cafe next to me, and waited foolishly until the lights at night . Because it was a wish I made a few years ago, but I didn’t expect it to come true. In my sophomore year, I watched a documentary “The Rise of Great Powers” several times in which it talked about the division and reunification of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is the witness of scene after scene of history. At that time, I wondered when I would have the opportunity to look up at the Statue of Victory under the Brandenburg Gate. It took less than 5 years to realize this wish. At that time, I naively thought that it might be a lifetime. The time of this life missed back to one day three years ago. I was in a dark hotel listening to the wind blowing through the window. The rustling sound of the curtains. I used to think that a graduate student who worked hard to enter XX University could have a completely different life, but when I saw the list of non-admissions, I clearly heard the sound of broken dreams, clear, crisp and decisive… And all this is just It’s only three years…This is a kind of life I didn’t dare to expect before. At most, he only appeared in a certain segment of my sleep, swallowed by reason in the gap of consciousness recovery. This is a world that I have never known before, an exotic city, with all kinds of pedestrians around me, speaking all kinds of languages ​​that I can’t understand. Later, I gradually fell in love with this life mode, full of hope, full of suffering, full of happiness, full of pain, an expectation of an unknown future, a kind of helplessness under the tormented life of the status quo, maybe, with age Growing up, there are always some things that will be understood more profoundly. Life still needs a kind of maturity-even if some things still seem hopeless and hopeless, you still have to keep going. Any miracle in this world is produced through thousands of hardships. I got it through hard work. First of all, I confess my ordinaryness, and then use thousands of times to make up for the ordinaryness. I slowly understand in the continuous growth. After crying, dry my tears. Life still has to go on, never say giving up. Through continuous growth, I gradually understand that the future will always be full of desires that had no courage to desire before. Those unknown possibilities are hidden in the antenna, in the tiles on the top floor of the house, on the handrails of the stairs, in the gaps in the lattice windows, and coffee on the corners of the street. In the store, I will surprise you inadvertently. I will gradually understand in the process of continuous growth…you will have a different life.

6 months ago

I’m the one who was recruited by the tutor and will be brought to graduation with tears… This year’s Bo 2 is a closed disciple of the tutor. When I signed up, I was ignorant and became the last student tutor of the teacher. The tutor was the school. The senior professor, the old leader, and the old man who is nearly 80 years old (the tutor’s mobile phone is not working well, I never go online, and I can’t see this). I come from a multi-professional. The foundation is very average. The tutor has brought hundreds of Ph.Ds. The old professor really couldn’t do anything to me. For example, two or three: 1. During the first exam, I got up late, and I was almost late, because I didn’t review before and felt that I couldn’t pass the exam. Even a taxi was a waste of 13 yuan. Qian, he just sat down slowly on the 26th road to the 16th road to take the exam. After eating for nearly half an hour, he handed in the paper one hour earlier. After I got the results, I didn’t know it at all, until one day an old man called me and asked if I was ##. After your first try, I was ignorant and thought it was a scam call. I asked you who you were, but the other party answered. Said ### (the name of the Ph.D. supervisor), his head was swiftly moving at the time, who was this? After five seconds, my legs became weak, and I tremblingly replied: Thank you teacher, the instructor simply asked a few words to prepare for the retest. So confused, I was admitted to the Ph.D…. (Later, the instructor said that he had never seen such a calm candidate before, and he didn’t take the initiative to contact him if he got the grade. He really couldn’t help it before contacting me) 2. Because the teacher was before He is a big leader, and he always speaks very implicitly. Every time I criticize or spur me, I am extremely tactful. I can’t hear it. I think it’s all ordinary words, so that my reaction is extremely calm, and I am confused about all kinds of topics. Watching jokes and chatting gossip, so that the teacher looked confused…understood… After more than half a year of frequent communication and more than half a year of dumb-hat response, the teacher no longer has a separate set for me like talking to other people. The way of communication is the old man’s way of communicating with his little granddaughter (the tutor is fifty and a half century older than me) and I don’t know it at all, like a fool 3. I have a poor inter-professional background, and many question tutors want to discuss with me ( In fact, when I asked questions, I was innocent (smelly shameless) and said; teacher, you don’t know what you said, I haven’t heard it, the teacher had to tell me again from the basics 3. Last week Sixth, there is a very important but not related to major. I have a brainstorming registration exam, and Wednesday is the tutor’s class. I don’t want to take time off for the exam. The tutor called me and persuaded me to go to the class (professional class). I was the only one, one-on-one with the tutor). After I disliked the bad weather and disliked this and that, the tutor finally agreed to my leave, and I realized that I was the only person in the school who dared to refuse the tutor (the dean and the secretary) I asked a tutor, but the tutor didn’t pay attention and didn’t come to school.) I was so shameless and innocent that I refused the tutor to come to class. It is estimated that the tutor regretted that I was such a stupid student countless times, but because I was a closed disciple. Under the pressure of the teacher’s morality, the kind that I want to take to graduation with tears…I just want to say, hey! Sorry, teacher, I will improve, don’t give up on me

6 months ago

Both my master’s and doctor’s degrees are under my boss. The boss is very nice. We call him an old man in private to show intimacy. When we graduated from the master’s degree, the old man gave us a drink. We felt that it was not enough. He ran to the old man’s house with a few seniors. The old man had no choice but to come out with a drink to accompany us for a return. Later, a few of us became unconscious and vomited at the old man’s house. My younger brother’s old Nokia phone still has pictures of the old man wearing a pajamas pouting his butt to clean up our vomit—this younger brother is also drunk and dare to take pictures of the old man. Fortunately, the mother was not at home that day, otherwise we would all have to die. The scene was similar when we graduated from the Ph.D. The few of us had to go to the old man’s house to drink and return to the field. The old man learned to be smart this time, so he was not at home. We smashed the door for a long time, no one, and simply sat on the floor in front of the old man’s house, drinking unconsciously. The next morning we found all lying on the floor of the old man’s living room, the old man wrapped in a towel and lying on the sofa watching the morning news. It’s hard to imagine how the old man dragged us into the living room. Later, I abandoned medicine and went to business, and went to the old man’s house during the holidays. The old man always despised me: first, you lost your craft and taught you for so many years, but you ran to be a second-door dealer; second, you vomited at my house ,twice! Every now and then, I always scratch my head and smile. I wish the old man a long and healthy life!

6 months ago

A few friends in my country are studying for graduate school. The above is the quote from their tutor: “You can buy the wrong quantity of spicy strips. How did you graduate from junior high school?” “You can actually write such logic? If I were your teacher, I You will be dropped off the exam without making up the exam!” “Have you passed the circuit analysis?” “Let you draw a cross finger where you are going to plug in? How do you plug it? A man can plug it wrong, what man?” I spent the analog electronics class with World of Warcraft, right?” “I never took female graduate students, because your graduate students are all SBs, and female graduate students are also SBs, but the males can scold them, and the females cry and even coax. “If you are in this situation, just practice English hard. I have no hope of writing a thesis in the Eight Classics of Zhenger. Then I will find a school graduation thesis that is not shit and translate it. I will open one eye and close one eye to you. I’ll pass it.” “You’re fine, don’t turn around in the laboratory, you can’t get anything out anyway. You have to stay in the electromagnetic field laboratory next door, I asked, there are two girls alone there, they don’t know about you yet Level, maybe I’m blind and I’m looking for you. If you can solve a life-long event, it’s considered a graduate student not in vain.”

6 months ago

Talk about a classmate. Her mentor belongs to the leadership and is not from our college. She hasn’t seen her mentor again since she chose a mentor. We meet with the tutor almost every day, or at least once a week, to discuss or report, and she is a free-range woman every day. The tutor is the leader and is usually very busy. She is too embarrassed to call the tutor and handle everything by herself. As soon as we were on winter vacation, when everyone called the tutor or asked for leave in person, she felt like a child without a father, so she also called the tutor and wanted to ask for leave. The call was passed and she said something. Clear and correct, “Hello teacher, I am XXX.” The phone was silent for a long time, “Who are you?” The classmates had to state in detail, “Hello teacher XXX, I am from the XXX department of XXX college, I am Your graduate student. I want to take time off and go home.” The teacher suddenly realized “Ah” several times, and then said, “Whatever you want. You don’t need to ask me for leave for this kind of thing.”

6 months ago

It is estimated that when it comes to academic writing problem, many people will recall the fear of being dominated by the boss at the beginning of writing paper. From the beginning of National Chiao Tung University to Umich, I can often feel that the boss disliked the topic of my article and it was not good, abstract/intro/transition/intuition, etc. were not well written (so I learned to be smart, and I didn’t write an article since I came to MIT. After Keke). Let’s talk about my undergraduate course in Umich. At the beginning, I was working with a senior boss. When I sent the draft I wrote to the boss with full confidence, I never expected that the boss would type the draft and add a word to it. Changed the words for me. Almost every sentence has changed more than half of the words. . Later, the boss felt that I really couldn’t take it, so he personally took my .tex file and rewritten it on it. Anyway, at the end, if it wasn’t for the author’s name and me, I wouldn’t recognize it as my article. Of course, the boss did not expressly dislike me, but this is really beating me with action. Later, I changed to a junior boss, and I still remember that last year we decided to post what we had done for half a year a week before the deadline for submission of NIPS. At that time, I thought that writing had become better, so I told my boss that I would write the first draft, so you can change it. However, the boss refused without hesitation. Yes, the result is that the first half of the paper was written by the boss himself, and I was only responsible for the second half (which will not be valued by the reviewer). After finishing the work, I looked at the boss’s writing and told him that I couldn’t write this kind of English anymore. I was secretly pleased that my flattering skills have improved slightly. The boss was shocked from morning till night and said to me: I have not even used anything fancy! Then I did not forget to make up the knife: then you might also have problems with your own language…In an instant this conversation entered an awkward mode. . But the best thing (xin) to laugh (sai) is that a reviewer later asked, why the writing quality of the article from paragraph X (which is exactly the one I took over) has dropped so much?

6 months ago

For graduate students in France, French arrogance is not deceptive, nor is racial discrimination abroad. My mentor at the time was our department head, and I was the only Chinese student she led. I remember very clearly that September 5th was the deadline for the paper. As a student under her guidance, I had already sent her the final draft of the paper in early August. She emailed me back: seems amazing. And she never coached me once. Only when determining the topic of the paper she said: sounds interesting. On the evening of September 4th, as a student in the department, I sent my final draft to the dean. I wrote a 30-page paper. She called me less than 5 minutes after receiving the email, saying that my paper was badly written, so I absolutely cannot pass it. She also said that you are a Chinese, you must know what it feels like to be ashamed, your paper will make me (in front of other tutors) ashamed. I didn’t sleep all night while editing the paper because it was the deadline the next day. On September 5th, I went to her office to find her. She said: What you changed is no different from rubbish. You should feel lucky. I, a department head is your mentor, so you can go back and change it and change it to me. Submit after you are satisfied, but it should not exceed 5 days. Your paper must be completely revised from beginning to end, and blablablah content must be added. It is worth mentioning that there are many words in English that are similar to center and centre, and color and colour have the same meaning but have different American and British spellings. She must say that my American spelling is wrong, and use her British spelling. In the first three days of the next five days, I only slept for 2 hours. When I was tired from writing, I sat on the bed and cried. On the fourth day, I felt that if I didn’t sleep anymore, I might not be able to hold it. In the afternoon I decided to sleep, but when I closed my eyes, I suddenly heard a voice in my brain arguing. It was very noisy. I wanted to sleep, maybe my brain. There is always noisy, the kind of noise that really makes a sound. At that moment I really thought that I was forced to a nervous breakdown by my mentor. Finally, I submitted the paper. It is a new paper that is completely different from the question I wanted to discuss at the beginning. Because she changed my topic. It is equivalent to that, I spent 5 days to finish the thesis given by the school for half a year. Fortunately, she did not continue to embarrass me. Maybe my paper was really bad, but she sent her emails so many times before I submitted my paper to ask her if there is any problem with my semi-finished product, her perfunctory, her tone of voice to me, are not The qualities and ethics that a teacher should have. I was in a foreign country at the time, and I rented a studio where I lived alone. Every day I opened my eyes and saw the environment in which I grew up for more than 20 years. What I did not listen to was the language I was familiar with. I wonder if you could understand my despair and despair. Are you lonely? I am carrying the hope of my family. Today, I may have forgotten many things and many people and many conversations when I was studying abroad. But I can always remember what she said to me: You are a Chinese, you must know what it’s like to be ashamed. Although she may be really knowledgeable, she is a bitch in my heart.

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