On April 22, the “well-known” anti-China activist named and sanctioned by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tom Cotton, the Republican Senate of Arkansas, again picked up his “business”. Only this time he did not directly slander China, but declared that the US media is relying on China. The four names he named are all well-known American media, including American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Columbia Broadcasting Company (CBS), and CNN.

On the 22nd, Cotton was asked in an interview with Fox News whether he thought the mainstream media in the United States was deeply influenced by China.

As a veteran anti-China person, Cotton is “familiar with such topics”. He first praised Fox News as “the only news media in the United States that is not affiliated with a large company”, and then seized the topic of “big company” and called it a large media. The company relies heavily on the Chinese market and, in some cases, on Chinese funds.

“Think about it, ABC belongs to Disney, NBC is owned by Comcast Group (which has industries such as Universal Studios), CBS is related to Viacom, and CNN belongs to Time Warner. The bosses of these mainstream media or All partners rely heavily on China,” Cotton declared. “For many years, these mainstream media have been soft on China. In some cases, they are like bodyguards to protect China, against the judgment of the American people. Intuition, what’s so surprising about this.

At first, I felt that if even CNN is not considered an anti-Chinese media, I am afraid that the whole world is pro-China. Thinking of this, even Morrison has become a little naive. But after looking at the trajectory of Cotton’s diplomatic activities, I found that compared with Cotton, the media like CNN are really scratching their feet on the anti-China road, and it is hard to beat them. Tom Cotton served in the U.S. Army and was successfully elected to the Senate after his retirement. Because the subsequent work is so different from the previous service life, Cotton’s heart has been greatly distorted. Cotton found that instead of blasting guns and bullets to earn medals on the battlefield, it was better to open his mouth and open his mouth full of guns. Recognizing this, he immediately ran on the anti-China road. In February 2017, Cotton signed a letter to Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, asking Pelosi to invite Tsai Ing-wen to speak at a joint meeting of Congress. This request was made in the context of increasing tensions in Sino-US relations. In 2018, Cotton, Rubio, and Masto co-initiated the Act to Combat the Political Influence of the Chinese Government and the Communist Party, which proposed to authorize the US Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence to establish a special task force to review China’s attempts to influence the United States. And the actions of major allies. In August 2018, Cotton and 16 other lawmakers urged the Trump administration to impose sanctions on Chinese officials in the Xinjiang region of western China in accordance with the Global Magnitsky Act and slander China for setting up concentration camps in Xinjiang to abuse ethnic minorities . “This requires a strong, targeted global response.” Cotton wrote in the letter. In May 2019, when asked about the impact of tariffs on farmers in Arkansas, Cotton said that farmers are willing to make sacrifices in order to help the United States resist China’s attempts to replace the United States on a global scale. (Farmer: Why? Real bad luck!) In May 2019, Cotton initiated the South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act, which aims to “disrupt China’s claims to consolidate or expand its dual-use maritime and air jurisdiction over disputed areas in the South China Sea.” In July 2019, Cotton initiated the “Defending the US 5G Future Act”, which will prevent Huawei from being removed from the Department of Commerce’s “Entity List” without a Congressional Act, and authorize Congress to prevent U.S. companies from doing business with Huawei Administrative exemption. The bill also codified Trump’s executive order in May 2018, authorizing the government to prevent foreign technology companies deemed to pose a threat to national security from doing business in the United States. In April 2020, Cotton stated that Chinese students in the United States should be restricted to studying the humanities and not allowed to obtain science-related degrees. “To me, this is a scandal. We have cultivated so many of China’s best talents.” In addition, Cotton was also the first congressman to warn the Trump administration about the coronavirus and the first batch of rumors about the new crown. The virus originated from members of Congress in the Wuhan laboratory. “Now we have no evidence that this disease originated there. This is because China has had double-faced and dishonest behaviors from the beginning.” Cotton stated that he will be “accountable” for what China has done. Now I don’t think these four media have been wronged at all. After all, a dog that bites is naturally more confident than a dog that only barks.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

What’s this? Bernie Sanders knows that it is the gray-haired old man who has challenged the Democratic presidential candidate twice in a row and was brought down by the black box twice. First of all, this old man is not actually a Democrat. He is actually an independent person without party affiliation. He is only closely related to the Democratic Party and participated in the operation of the Democratic Party during the election. Therefore, he was counted as the Democratic Party. During the presidential campaign between King and Hillary Clinton, he joined the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, but was later brought down by the black box. After the presidential election, he withdrew from the Democratic Party and continued to maintain his status as an independent person without party affiliation. Last year, when he understood the battle of Baoshuibao, he tried it again, and then he was taken down by the Democratic Party’s black box and left the field to let Shuybao enter the battle. . He claims to be a democratic socialist and believes in socialism. He claims that he does not accept donations from large companies and chaebols for election and political activities. He claims that all political funds come from small personal donations of no more than US$27. He claims that he wants to eliminate the disparity between the rich and the poor. Jin Yuan politics and initiated a social revolution. At that time, he was so popular in Zhihu, it was almost like a beacon. Because of his nonpartisan status and his belief in socialism, he was regarded as a solitary, weird, and out-of-group in American politics. In his early years, he was not a senator, but when he was a member of the House of Representatives, there was a Sander. This phenomenon means that whenever he supports or proposes a motion, there are always people who ignore the content of the motion and oppose it, even if the motion is consistent with one’s own position. When is this situation most serious? That is, when other congressmen want to propose a motion that is similar to Sanders’s consistent position, and therefore may win his support, the congressman will sneak out to lobby him, hoping that he will not express support for this motion explicitly, so as to prevent those who are he. Members who support and will oppose hold a group to oppose the motion. It’s equivalent to saying: I beg you not to support me. They will oppose me as soon as you support me. If you don’t support me, it is your greatest support. It’s already here. However, it was such an old man in Congress who was suspected of by all people. On February 9, 2005, when he was still an independent member of the House of Representatives of Vermont, he and 61 other members of the House of Representatives jointly proposed a proposal to cancel the United States and the United States. The reason for the permanent normal trade relations between China is that China is about to pass the “Anti-Secession Law.” This bill was passed by the House of Representatives with an overwhelming advantage. At that time, many MPs who didn’t wait to see Sanders came to shake hands with him, congratulated him and expressed their support. Note that this was 2005, during Bush’s term, and it was recognized as the honeymoon period for Sino-US relations. How good was the relationship between the two countries at that time? Fortunately, when Bush stepped down in 2009, when the media evaluated his only political legacy as an unprecedentedly good Sino-US relationship, there would be no trade war or a new cold war. It was a honeymoon period. An old man who is susceptible to people and a political alien. During the honeymoon of Sino-US relations, just because he participated in an anti-China proposal, he received a courtesy that he had never received before, and even those who opposed him in the past expressed support and congratulations to him. . What is meant by “anti-China is the minimum basic consensus within the United States”, do you understand? This is not what I said. It was said by Mr. John Chihuat, the president of the US foreign lobbying group Chihuat, a senior foreign activist, at a symposium held by the Chinese Journalists Association in the US office. He has 35 years of experience. Work experience in the US Congress system. His original words were “In Congress, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, regardless of their political differences, the only thing they have in common is that they are increasingly opposed to China.” This is the case for the non-partisan alien like Sanders. Can you What ivory can you expect from an old anti-Chinese dog like Tom Cotton? If the anti-China is not completely anti-China, it means not anti-China at all, and it means Tonghua if it is not anti-China at all. Once the slipping logic begins, there is no turning back unless the fall is fragmented.

6 months ago

As the saying goes, if the anti-China is not completely anti-China, it means not anti-China completely. Do you still remember the use of China’s national defense epidemic to mock Trump’s VOA for epidemic prevention? The mouthpiece of the dignified American propaganda, the pillar department in the public opinion war, is directly regarded as “infiltrated by China” and “praising China with the money of the American people” because of such a trivial matter, and then many high-level officials are replaced by the Trump administration? According to some libertarians, this kind of “you should do things for the country if you take the country’s money” should be regarded as the manifestation of dictatorship. At that time, we didn’t see much criticism from libertarians. Therefore, CNN and others, even if they are irritating with China every day and fabricating false news to criticize China, as long as they criticize certain current situations in the United States, it is normal for them to be treated as collecting money from foreign forces to destroy the United States. However, the weird situation is that this kind of “receiving money from foreign powers” all day long is theoretically a “transferring contradiction” method that Liberty has desperately opposed. But for some reason, every time American populists go to the top When they criticized “BLM movement was instigated by foreign forces” and “VOA criticized Trump’s epidemic prevention for being infiltrated by China,” they did not express even a little opposition to this. They even quite agree with this kind of view, especially some of the Liberal people on Twitter, who have almost turned into extreme conspiracy activists who believe in Anonymous Q. So, some demons are not liberals at all. They have never opposed populism. What they oppose is populism of certain ethnic groups. If the populist is the nation or country they like to worship, not only will they not be angry, but they will even say, the great America, you have finally discovered it. On the surface, they refuse to dedicate themselves to the Leviathan, but in fact it is just that the national organization they like is something else. They seem to be dismissive of the cheapest pride of national pride, but it is only because certain peoples do not please them. If it is the burden of American exceptionalism, the manifestly destined westward movement, and neocolonial whites, they It is determined not to oppose it.

6 months ago

This familiar feeling… is Chuanbao you? ! Oh, it wasn’t you, but it felt like Chuan Bao never left. Or in other words, there is no Chuanbao in this world, or everyone is Chuanbao. The four major girls are like Chinese bodyguards. Don’t be like them, they are Chinese bodyguards. This is the taste. Then sanction the four major girls and cut off their own mouthpieces personally, so as to conform to the Sichuan style. We have to support such congressmen, because the more they support such congressmen, the more such remarks can be made, prompting the internal suppression of counter-revolutionaries within the United States and purging the four media. If China responds, “I will give them. Sponsored by the four major cuties” or like it, it’s a mess. For many years, officials who have said that I don’t accept this statement, if you suddenly like it, or make ambiguous words to respond to the four major cuties, the explanation is The four major cuties are gone, and these four media can’t clean up after jumping into the Mississippi River. They have to prove their innocence. If so many wise U.S. congressmen and politicians can just respond with a wave of yin and yang and let them do useless work. In the past, the U.S. used its mouth and China broke its legs. Now China can use the U.S. suspicious state to backhand China. It’s so good that the United States runs and breaks his legs.

6 months ago

Tom Cotton: “You, CNN and other four major American media, are eating anti-China meals and smashing anti-China pots; being disloyal and dishonest to the uranium world led by the United States; being unfaithful to the anti-China intentions of the “Boiled Lighthouse”. For the sake of a little bit of my own interest, I stepped on the brakes and discounted the anti-China mission, shouting anti-China, but actually defending China; anti-China does not absolutely mean not anti-China, and the intensity of anti-China is small equal to “being China’s bodyguard”! When it comes to your own mistakes, and continue to go further and further in the wrong direction, wait for the iron fist of American imperialism! In the future, whoever is not like me will be sanctioned for using lies and unscrupulous means to discredit China, who is the traitorous enemy of the United States. A running dog! Only anti-China media like paranoia are worthy to survive in the United States!”

6 months ago

Netizen: It may be the abbreviation of the four major US media, “all have a C.” China’s C Tom Cotton can be said to be a “well-known” anti-China activist in the United States. From Hong Kong to the new crown epidemic, to the so-called “Xinjiang issues” recently hyped up by the United States, there are basically no anti-China issues that you can’t find him. In August last year, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also imposed sanctions on him and other “well-known” anti-China elements Rubio and Cruz, who performed badly on Hong Kong-related issues. Not only that, the Cotton is proficient in “voting code.” In 2014, unexpectedly, this man defeated two-term Democratic senator Mark Pryor (Mark Pryor) and was elected to the Senate of Arkansas by nearly 17 percentage points. He has been holding this seat ever since. In the 2020 Senate election, despite the ridiculous remarks that “slavery is a necessary evil” before, Cotton was able to beat his opponents by 66.53% to 33.47%. Today, four US media, including CNN, which blatantly play double standards and “gray filters” on issues related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang, have been dubbed “soft to China” by “election master” Cotton. Chinese netizens said this is incredible: However, considering the nearly crazy “jumping up and down” of the anti-China issue by Cotton, perhaps he thinks that those media are not as ruthless in anti-China issues: At this time, a netizen suddenly discovered that, Cotton’s words are “not unreasonable.” After all, the abbreviations of these four American media have important things in common with the Chinese English name “China”: Although Cotton’s words are a joke to us Chinese, they are on the other side of the ocean. This is not the case. In the comment section of the pro-Republican media Fox News, comments such as Cotton’s accusation that CNN and other Democratic-leaning media are “soft to China” are very welcome. The current U.S. President and Democrat Biden has become the target of criticism from netizens. More than that, foreign netizens have also discovered that the four major U.S. media “all have a C”.

6 months ago

CNN has actually done its best to protect the United States and to black out China. For example, CNN once wrote a rumors about Xinjiang, which spread rumors about China based solely on some false content. Frankly speaking, anyone with a little conscience and news literacy will not accept such content. And a slightly wise reader will not believe it. Regarding this, I wrote a short article imitating the CNN model. You can take a look. For another example, CNN tried its best to downplay the new crown epidemic in the United States. Even the funeral is to be done. For example, it is clear that 600,000 people died from the new crown epidemic in the United States, but CNN can still happily praise that “after the new crown epidemic, the living standards of Americans have improved.” Because the Biden government issued relief funds, the poor gave back a little credit card. Card debt. Then why should CNN or other news be not patriotic enough by certain American politicians? Didn’t work hard enough to black China? Because the United States today is not worthy of American love at all. And now China is a beacon of American democracy and freedom, of course it cannot be black. To paraphrase some “prophet” words “Do you love the United States, and the United States loves you?” “America, wait for your people.” “No matter how strong the United States is, what does it have to do with the Americans? The people want nothing but something. Small but sure happiness. For example, if you are sick, you can go to the hospital, can you?” “The air in the United States is not free.” “Look, soon, Americans will brag about how great their country is. All tragedies will be forgotten.” “The United States never tells you what happened. It only makes you live inexplicably hateful inexplicably”. Just kidding. Any media, in order to attract readers, always report some content that is slightly in line with the facts. Even if you can reverse black and white occasionally, you can’t talk nonsense every day. 600,000 people died from the new crown epidemic in the United States, and China controlled the epidemic. This gap can’t be ignored. As long as CNN reports any news about the new crown facts, it will naturally stimulate these incompetent politicians. And these politicians can only criticize CNN for defending China. Another example is the recent climate conference. CNN has done everything in its power to brag about America’s greatness, Biden NB. . However, the United States is the world’s largest polluter, with the largest amount of pollution per capita in the world. How can CNN change this fact? The goals of the US climate conference this time have no congressional platform at all. It is destined to be a dead letter and is ridiculed by the world. Other countries generally reduced the data in 1990, while the United States changed the data in 2005. The so-called reduction in carbon emissions in Europe and the United States over the past two decades is nothing but the transfer of factories to China and other Asian countries. These facts are all plain things. to be honest. This is American incompetence, and American politicians are shameless. CNN also wants to be shameless to the end, but after all, he is a media, and it still depends on reporting facts to please readers. So occasionally I always have to say something fair. But these fair words stung some people.

6 months ago

Redefining the gentleness​ It seems that I have become smaller. ​Perhaps in the eyes of Americans, anti-China is not absolute, but absolutely not anti-China. ​It’s similar to the concept of white left. As long as you don’t have me left, you’re right. American media: politicians didn’t hear what they wanted to do. We want to hear what they wanted to do. It reminds me of American McCarthyism, that’s Extremely demonizing socialism. ​In Field’s autobiography, “From Right to Left”, she wrote: “Monroe told us about her strong feelings for civil rights, equality for black people, and admiration for what China is doing, and her love for red bait and McCarthyism. Anger and hatred of the Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Originally it was just an objective and neutral remark. However, she was suspected by many Americans that she was a spy sent by the Soviet Union and China to the United States. Although we always say that there is no truth in the American media, in fact, mainstream media such as CNN and BBC still speak decently. They are not stupid, and yelling and yelling will affect their image and credibility. Generally speaking, they are mostly spring and autumn. , I can’t get rid of my face and swear directly. When making big news, I also prefer to kill people with the help of a knife instead of doing it myself. A completely shameless person like the New York Post still can’t stand in the C position​. To put it simply, they like to play yin. I would like to give this congressman a suggestion: Don’t just talk about it, these media should be sanctioned, otherwise, how can they be extremely anti-Chinese.

6 months ago

I support this congressman and hope that he will bravely challenge the “Chinese bodyguards” of Congress to completely defeat this hypocritical Congress and expel the states on the east and west coasts that are not thoroughly anti-China from the Union. Leave the most anti-China Nazis… Ah, don’t leave the anti-China most. The pure state swore the oath of war to the “Chinese bodyguard state” and strive to create a firm and pure America. We must not let us down.

6 months ago

Tell me a historical paragraph. In 1901, it was also a Xin Chou year. The conservatives strongly oppose the Westernization School, believing that the Westernization School worships foreigners and bows down, and must get rid of foreigners such as churches. So the geniuses thought of a brilliant idea! Without moving a soldier or a soldier, he mobilized boxers (ordinary people) to build churches and kill foreign missionaries. The uncle foreigner was angry, and the Eight-Power Allied Forces came. There are conservatives who made a decision that went against their ancestors. The attitude of the conservatives is: we avoid fighting! If there were no Westernizationists’ consent at that time, foreigners would not build churches; if there were no churches, the fools would not cause trouble; if the fools did not cause troubles, there would be no Eight-Power Allied Forces. So-it was the Westernization faction who recruited foreigners, let the Westernization faction sign the treaty! This is the “Xin Chou Treaty.” This is the Westernization faction, it will lose power and insult the country! The conservative sighed and wrote a memorial to him! The key point is that the Westernization faction is actually anti-foreign, and they also look down on barbarians from the bottom of their hearts. Having said that, under the general anti-China social ideology, what everyone said and did was not about anti-China, but about party struggle. The barbarians are thousands of miles away, and the hostile forces are above the court. The barbarians have heavy wealth and can be dismissed with a little money. 120 years have passed, and this year is still a Xin Chou year.

6 months ago

When CNN reported on the outbreak of the USS Roosevelt last year, it said that China’s aircraft carriers were able to cope very well. Student Cotton exploded: You are a commoner! How do you know the normal training of the Liaoning ship! It must be known to the Communist Party! Last year, ABC satirized New York’s poor control of the epidemic. By contrast, the epidemic in China was only in single digits every day. Classmate Cotton exploded again: You are a commoner! Their figures are all fake! You actually believe their numbers! Similarly, this year NBC reported that Asians were threatened with violence. There is a certain reason because Trump has been preaching that CxxxxVirusCotton classmates also exploded: You are a commoner! Isn’t this virus flowing out of China! You actually deny the fact! For this kind of person, just look at the jokes.

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