In the domestic public opinion atmosphere, actresses seem to be particularly harsh on themselves. Not only do they need to know skin care and be a beauty blogger, but they also have to show “no PS close-up photos” to prove that they are “in good condition.” Many actors are anxious about this. Previously, there was news that Yang Zi wanted to be an actor but went to plastic surgery because he was worried that he was not good-looking enough. In foreign countries, many actresses who are still active and prolific in the film industry, such as Kate the Great Devil and Tilda Swinton, seem to be “the older they are, the more confident they are.”

Capital reasons. Because the capital does not like dramas with middle-aged women as the main characters, unless you are a big IP, such as “My First Half of Life”, but the first half of life was also changed to middle-aged Mary Su who grabbed a girlfriend’s husband. Let me just say it clearly. I was asked to be a screenwriter for several independent female-themed projects before, but in the end it was nothing, because “capital doesn’t like it.” Before the role of Su Mingyu, Yao Chen hadn’t filmed for a long time. Movies are not for capital reasons, because movies are director-centric, and most Chinese directors are male. It is indeed difficult for them to portray the complex, forbearing and delicate aspects of middle-aged women. 2. Domestic dramas are about falling in love. Falling in love with a variety of shells, sweet pets, sadomasochism, all for the purpose of love. Capital heard that feelings are not the main line, so don’t even think about doing this drama. In domestic dramas, older women and middle-aged women are not worthy to fall in love, so they should be tortured by blind dates and families to the point of being exhausted. 3. There is no real workplace drama in China. The best vehicle for showing mature women is workplace drama. The American dramas “The Proud Wife” and “The War of Proud Wife”, which we are most familiar with, are based on the background of the workplace and portray women of all ages. The heroine of “War of the Proud” is basically an “old lady” who is approaching retirement. In the workplace in my country’s workplace dramas, the backbone is still a twenty-year-old girl, and the theme is still falling in love, falling in love with an uncle, falling in love with a teenager, and falling in love with a colleague. Do you still remember the godlike “Entrepreneurship Era”? Investment bank elites Yang Tianbao and Song Yi have beaten their heads for men. Do you see the slightest shadow of the workplace drama? I previously said that I was the real “King behind the scenes” of the workplace drama, not to mention how flawed the workplace is and how divorced from reality. The hostess Zhou Dongyu is a college student who has just graduated. The task of entering is to fall in love with the uncle director. Yu Feihong, who is regarded as a goddess by everyone, is there any serious acting except for the female actor? Tell me, what should I do if I don’t keep my girlish feeling? Do you just quit the entertainment circle after thirty-one? PS: Someone in the comments asked why there is no real workplace drama. To write a real workplace drama, the screenwriter needs to spend a lot of time investment and research. However, the capital is unwilling to pay for this part of the time and expenses, and even feels that it is a waste of time and meaningless. They feel that the audience simply can’t understand and don’t care. Therefore, a screenwriter who is originally a disadvantaged cannot spend his energy to do things that capital does not approve. The screenwriter’s employment disadvantages and precarious partnerships are also part of the reason. Even if a screenwriter signs a contract and takes a deposit, it may be replaced anytime, anywhere for no reason. Therefore, less useless work is also a loss reduction behavior. Moreover, capital is rarely willing to spend money to hire professional consultants. As a result, the screenwriter will avoid the professional workplace, and only write something that doesn’t. The capital doesn’t need to be spent, and everyone has no loss. Where did the capital spend the money? Flow!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

For large business groups with capital, the supply of young girls is predictable, and the cost of acquisition can be clearly estimated. The growth of an actor’s acting skills and the benefits of corresponding acting skills are unpredictable. Rational and short-sighted business capital operation considerations should greatly eliminate unpredictable risks or uncertain factors, and build their own business models on the basis of measurable and verifiable data sources. Therefore, whether it is online articles, more and more Routineization is still the endless emergence of traffic stars. The business logic behind it is nothing more than this-the entertainment industry should be standardized and streamlined, and the dependence of the entertainment business group on actors, screenwriters, and writers should be minimized. Commercially speaking, only in this way can the market and traffic data be estimated most accurately before a certain work is produced, and the costs and benefits can be the most controllable. As for the audience? Haven’t you noticed that in the current entertainment commercial games, the audience has long been the least important group. Why? Because it is already a financial game that focuses on data-making dreams, countless navigators have become data producers in the entire chain, and they have become the basis for pushing up valuations, the murderer of creating entertainment bubbles, and entertainment products. The degree of financialization and the revenue model of entertainment business groups have long exceeded the common people’s understanding of good-looking = box office. Whether it is an actress, an actor, a writer, a screenwriter, or an audience, the group that should have been the protagonist interacting positively is gradually marginalized as an NPC, just like in the agricultural commodity futures trading, everyone is concerned about the contract, not the real Agricultural products and farmers. Those actresses who pursue a girly sense, those middle-aged male actors who can’t receive drama, those traffic stars who only read 1234, those well-known young actors who only post on Weibo, those who are increasingly superficial and brainless literature and film The drama is part of these stories. This is Vietnam.

6 months ago

Who is watching the dramas of Yang Mi and Big Babies? The vast number of girls. The young girl’s mind is simple but also mean. In their eyes, youth is invincible. After the age of 30, it is better to die. When they attack others, if there is really no place to start, they will say the most agile: old woman. I read a post before. The female lead scolded her husband’s mistress, who seemed to be 31 years old. She opened her mouth and closed her mouth. He was an old fairy, an old fairy. When they feel that scolding you is always an attack, isn’t it age discrimination? Besides, what do the girls want to see? Do they want to look at the chicken feathers of middle-aged people? Do they want to see whether you are old or young? Are they going to see some human tragedy? People just want to see handsome men and beautiful women engage in love. Catering is easy and profitable, isn’t capital stupid? Why is the audience broken? Because middle-aged people are working hard as social animals, how can they spend so much time chasing drama?

6 months ago

The gangster movies in Europe and America reflect both the cunning of the culprits and the shrewdness of the police. Gangsters commit crimes for criminal reasons, such as Breaking Bad. The police also have choices in the face of interests. For example, the Japanese police film “Training Day” starring Denzel Washington reflects the gloom of human nature. For example, the South Korean police film of “Infernal Double Dragon”, which is adapted from a cartoon, embodies the darkness of the government. Chinese police movies are about the love story of the police. For example… European and American medical films are about the helplessness of human nature when faced with the virus, and the intuitive feelings that death brings to people. For example, Will Smith’s “Seven Pounds” Japan talks about the light and darkness of human nature. South Korea is talking about the darkness of the medical system. In China, with the exception of “I’m Not the God of Medicine”, almost all the TV dramas broadcast in the past two years are about doctors’ love stories. European and American entrepreneurial movies are about a spirit of hard work, enterprising and never giving up, such as “Forrest Gump”, such as “When happiness comes knocking at the door.” Japan is talking about the various sufferings in starting a business, and the persistence of human nature when faced with pain. Every day’s passion is shattered by society, but it is necessary to force a smile. South Korea is talking about workplace darkness. China is about the love story of entrepreneurs. For example, the “Entrepreneurship XX” starring XX, when I watched it, I felt like I was a crispy chicken—the outside was burnt and the inside was tender. Why do actresses pursue girlishness? It’s too narrow to be the protagonist…

6 months ago

In the film and television industry and the entire entertainment industry, age is a sensitive topic. As the subject said, many domestic actresses are under the pressure of age and are striving for a girly feeling. But in fact, foreign actresses are also not easy to face the issue of age. It is true that established actresses such as Kate and Tilda can calmly face old age, and most ordinary actors are still subject to age constraints in their work. In the United States, after a debate in 2016, California actors won the right to delete age information such as birthdays from IMDb. Although IMDb stated that the birthday is just a piece of biographical information, the incident is still a subject of scrutiny by the media. In order to answer the subject’s question, let’s share an overseas scholar’s ​​research in a related field. ① This research mainly focuses on the professions of British actors and the performing professions. It collects relevant information of British actors in service to form a database, conducts statistics and data analysis, and then draws more intuitive conclusions on some issues. Let’s approach the sensitive topic of the age of actors with us. (The “I” below all represent the original author) Over the years, someone has always asked me to analyze the profession of actor and the profession of acting. These people can usually be divided into two categories: the new generation of young actors want to know how to emerge and succeed in their new acting career. The professional actor asked me why the prejudice in this industry is so deep, injustice can be seen everywhere, and I am struggling with whether I should switch careers or continue to work hard for another year. To study this industry, you need to build a huge database that includes all levels of active actors in the UK, as well as all their detailed information, including their experience and skill level. Today, I have established a database that contains all British active actors who have public professional profiles (for information sources and methods, please refer to the remarks section at the end of the article). There are 66011 actors in the database, ranging from first-line stars to newcomers. I searched and integrated a series of public sources of information, and collected as much data as possible about each actor’s choice to be public. The age of actors We cannot know the ages of all actors, because many actors choose not to disclose their date of birth. Only 15% of the actors I followed have disclosed their true age. This may be caused by the following two major factors: Factor 1: This will affect their careers. Some actors will even sue websites such as IMDb, requesting the deletion of their true date of birth. In 2013, Huong Hoang sued IMDb, claiming that her income plummeted after IMDb disclosed her true age. In this case, IMDb won the case, although we could not summarize the general principles based on the details of the case. Factor two: age does not matter. The actual age of the actors is far less important than their “acting age” (ie the age of the role played). As Spotlight said: “Your true age is not important, what matters is how old we think you are.” From the perspective of acting age, the British cast is relatively young. If you post a casting notice, you need to recruit a “25-year-old female”, and 60% of active actresses will consider themselves eligible. Male actors are older, although 47% claim that they can pass the audition recruited by the age of 25. Professional age is a range, not a number. The proportion of actors claiming that they can play 25-year-old roles is so high, partly because the performance age of actors is a range, not a number. The acting age is the age at which the actor thinks he can perform the youngest role and the oldest role. One third of the actors stated that their performance age spans 10 years, for example from 25 to 34 years old. Young or over-aged? Here, I want to quickly explain the relationship between the actual age of these 15% actors and their acting age. For actors in their early 20s, their true age is often the middle value of their acting age (that is, an actor who claims to be able to perform a “16 to 24” role is likely to be 20 years old). For actors over the age of 25, their true age tends to be closer to the upper limit of the performance age, and this pattern continues as the actors age. An actress whose actual age is 40 years old, whose claimed performance age is between 30 and 41 years old on average. This reflects that the performance industry favors young people. Therefore, the actors are worried that the acting age matches the real age and will lose their jobs. (Of course, it is also possible that just because you are an actor, you look 5 years younger than your peers in other industries, although this seems unlikely.) In the figure below, the orange line represents the true age, and the light square bar represents the average performance age. For example, for an 18-year-old actor, the lower limit of the average acting age is 16 years old, and the upper limit is 22 years old. The picture above shows the profile of the actress. For the sake of brevity, I did not include the actor’s chart. However, this model is the same. However, for male actors, the orange line will be closer to the middle value of the light-colored square bars. This is not surprising, because in the performance industry, women tend to bear greater age pressure than men. Additional topic-what will become shorter with age? The data of the actors needs to be further studied in subsequent articles. Now, when observing how the appearance of actors changes with age, I have an interesting discovery. I observed the hair length of actors and actresses. Due to limited data, I cannot know their true age, so I use the middle value of the upper and lower age limits of the roles that actors claim to be able to perform as their age. As mentioned above, this may be slightly lower than their true age, but the difference should not be much. For actresses in their 20s and 30s, they are more keen on long hair, but when they are approaching forty, they prefer medium and long hair. Since “shaved”, “balding” and “balding” are also included, the similar diagrams for male actors are a bit complicated. Fewer than 0.1% of actresses fall into this category, so this is not included in the chart of actresses. However, 3.5% of actors have shaved their hair, 4.3% of actors are gradually bald, and 2.2% of actors are already bald. Generally speaking, no matter how old they are, about two-thirds of actors have short hair. From the above research, we can see that foreign actors, especially female actors, are also worried about their age. For actors, age information may not only discriminate against the true age, but also against the “acting age”. The “feeling of a girl” that domestic actors are striving to pursue is also a confrontation against discrimination against “acting age” on another level.

6 months ago

It may be that the movie-watching community has changed. In the past, the whole family was watching TV, so the starring role was a bit older and the parent was shorter. For example, Liu Huifang should be in her 30s by the end of the play. The swallows are all grown up. Once the addiction comes up, it is marriage, and Du Mui is divided into two parts, and it is also in his 30s. In the first episode of Chinese-style divorce, Lin Xiaofeng’s children all go to elementary school. At that time, middle-aged people were willing to pay, mainly because advertising sponsors liked it, so the drama started after marriage. Now this kind of emotional drama has become a thing for little girls to paint a prison. Not many other people have watched it. TV dramas make little girls’ money, and naturally the protagonist is getting younger and younger.

6 months ago

Knowledge point 1: The United States, which occupies 5% of the earth’s population, may have an entertainment industry of more than 500 billion US dollars. A few years ago, the scale of the entertainment industry was only 500 billion yuan in China, which occupies 20% of the earth’s population. I’ll ask you if you roll it. (After correcting it, it is still very curly…) ps: After I went to ask for some advice, I figured out the situation of this kind of difference. That is, the source of such a huge error has been clarified. The data given by the student in the comment area may not be the same as the data I mentioned. The source of the data I mentioned is not easy to talk about, but it contains a lot of weird things. For example, according to the website provided by the students in the comment area, you can find that the gdp of art & culture accounts for 900 billion. These things are obviously not included in media and entertainment. . Visually inspect the data of the Chinese source, right? All these messes are put together to calculate. There are even sport and gambling. There is also relevance, such as football baby… This is the problem of people’s statistical caliber. You can look at it separately or together. I don’t know what our 500 billion caliber is, but it’s always relative. In terms of the industry is not developed enough, the total amount is very complicated… Knowledge point 2: Because the investment hole is managed, but the investment demand is voted with feet and cannot be restricted, so the cost of a single drama has soared. (For the same reason that the cost of making games has soared, I will ask you if you are not familiar with it…) The cakes have soared, and the appetite for eating cakes has soared. On the contrary, the opportunity to divide the cakes has been limited. Here is the powder cake for you. Do you want to be girly? Finally, do you know how messy film and television job opportunities are in countries like the United States and South Korea where the entertainment industry is developed… It’s not that you can’t have old women, but that you are destined to feed 10 actresses a year, starting from 20. It’s about to be trampled at 30. After 35, just stay cool wherever you go, unless you seize the opportunity in your previous career development to grab a key social relationship and become a drama master. Oh, how rare is this, familiar…

6 months ago

Keeping a girlish sense is the reason why they can still receive jobs in this industry. Because with age, only mother-in-law and mother-in-law are left for female roles. Middle-aged women have no life of their own and can only become supporting roles for young people. This is the current situation facing Chinese actresses. If screenwriters really create scripts suitable for women who are “older and more beautiful”, there will be more and more actresses who are not afraid of age. Of course, drama comes from life. In life, middle-aged Chinese women have other ways of life besides helping their children raise children? Would they be happy to see other middle-aged women “the older they get, the more beautiful they are”? Or do they only accept that the middle-aged women in the TV series watch their children at home like them? This is an open ending. Ask your mom!

6 months ago

1. Age discrimination against women in China is blatant, and this discrimination not only comes from men, but more often from women. 2. The audience of domestic film and television dramas determines the level of film and television stars. I prefer Korean reality shows because although a certain station copied other people’s ideas, it couldn’t copy the education level and life experience of the Korean actors who participated in the reality show. Marriage left South Korea at its peak, divorced in the United States, and returned to South Korea with her son to start all over again. At the age of 37, her experience reminded me of Zheng Peipei. Such a true and rich life experience, coupled with candid sharing, is this. What this reality show wants to show to our audience is that women of different ages share their confusion. Older women will confuse women like Yin Ruzhen. Even if you haven’t seen her movie at the time, you can still learn from it. She feels her uniqueness in reality shows, so she has won important international film awards in recent years, which illustrates this point. Therefore, the core of Korean reality shows is people, and these people cannot be copied and came to China. What has become of this reality show? Playing games, some dispensable and in-depth sharing, various deliberately set trivial contradictions, I really hope that if this group of actresses do not like reading, they should at least increase their life experience, and only share cooking and fitness on social media. It’s useless. An empty head means an empty head. Song Dandan is a little better, but good flowers must be set off by green leaves. Of course, the reality show doesn’t even have connotative green leaves. Of course, the film crew also lacks the soul of Korea, which is Luo pd. I also watched the recent reality show between him and Li Ruizhen. It’s okay. This kind of reality show really can’t be copied by the mainland, because the core of it is the person from American University. Through him, he brought out his studies at New York University in the 1990s. His memories, favorite bars, records, restaurants, these all need to be brought out by real literary youth as the core. As old friends, he and the director travel and chat in interesting cities. Only this kind of travel can touch the real charm of a city. And Luo PD’s other reality show, Grandpa Over Flowers, to be honest, the Korean version is better than the mainland version. I remember that I recommended the mainland version to my Hong Kong friend at the time, and I complained to him, I said I don’t like this group of grandpas. It’s not for a certain grandfather. If you have any comments in person, what do you mean by holding a small meeting behind your back, my friends also feel the same. I can see that the few grandpas who participated, um, have a long work experience, but due to the limitations of the times, the education level is not So tall, the personality charm is not so prominent and the Korean version is very positive energy. Even if the oldest Li Shunjae is on the plane, others are sleeping, he has to read the books of the country he is going to go to, and he learns foreign languages ​​abroad. He will always be in the forefront alone, like an attacking giant who is unfamiliar with the ticketing machines in the subway. He will also take the initiative to try it. It is worthy of being an actor who is still in politics at the same time. Another grandfather, when he was in Greece, he could see The statue of the God of Drama immediately introduced the group of Korean grandfathers, which can clearly make me feel that in a similar era, in different countries, the education of people in the literary and art circles, if you read my post, you should know me. I don’t like Koreans so much, but let’s say that the level of the domestic literary and art circles is getting worse and worse, because the trend of younger audiences is obvious, but the audience is generally as selective as me, and this group of stars has long been discriminatory. Now that I’m unemployed, the Chinese audience still stays on the standard of appearance, not acting, so what the actors are most concerned about is not to read and study like uncle Li Shunjae, but to teach you to lose weight through video recordings of weight loss, and to teach you how to choose by buying diamonds. Diamonds, what kind of audience to broadcast the live broadcast determines what kind of people are popular. I save money because I think older women will be discriminated against in our country and it is not easy to find a spouse. Service industries such as nanny are expensive and have poor experience. You can’t hire an Indonesian babysitter. So when necessary, I want to go abroad to change places and change my mood

6 months ago

In the final analysis, this matter still has to talk about economic reasons. Most of the audience of film and television dramas is still women. Two of them are particularly important. One is students who have not yet entered the workplace, and the other is women who have retired. So it is not difficult to understand why the small fresh meat and small flowers are in full swing. Why are old men and old bacon so popular? The women in the middle are the most miserable group in China. The society did not treat them well because they were women. 996 was not spared, and the second-child policy was in the ascendant. The current family economic pressure is really too great. Among them, the most pressured is young couples. Men may not get home from get off work at nine o’clock. Women need to cook and take care of their children and do housework when they return home. The children are asleep and tidy up. , Chatting with a man and swiping on Weibo is the time to go to sleep. After all, there is still a day to run tomorrow, and even the little games I love have to be stitched together, let alone watch an episode of TV series for 45 minutes. Why Japanese actresses can win awards when they are in their 40s or 50s? It is related to the Japanese economic development model. Men earn money outside and women are at home full-time. They have a lot of time to watch TV dramas, so that their lives have time to become diversified and can be watched. Look at what other women in the same age group might do; why the European and American beauty stars are still in their forties and 50s? The most fundamental reason is the economy. The working hours in European and American countries are so short, and there is enough time to arrange their own after work. In the evening life, people like crazy thinking when they are free, and they are all desperate housewives. Chinese women have no time for crazy thinking, and they are exhausted by helping each other alive. Moreover, the huge economic pressure has made all families similar. They work hard, take care of children, mother-in-law relationship, repayment of mortgage, and care about every penny. It is difficult for them to have additional changes in their lives because they are risk-resistant. Ability is too low, a little change will destroy a family. However, in Japan, because the economic pressure of each family is on men, women have relatively more time, so life becomes more colorful. When you are bored, you always find something to do, and you have three views. The ruined “Day Face”, the “My Horror Wife” that was flipped back and forth, and the bloody “Sage’s Love”. Therefore, the market determines the end of the middle-aged actress. The most fundamental reason is that economic development has led to no market for dramas with middle-aged women as the protagonist. Besides, any woman who wants to see herself in the TV series is sexy all day long. The independent husband is considerate and the children are good-looking and smart. How reasonable are the elders if they have money? It’s already enough, but it depends on how glamorous people add to yourself.

6 months ago

I am accustomed to pushing back the phenomenon daily. A few days ago, a female colleague of mine was working near a certain university. After finishing the work, she ate nearby. It was the meal. There were a lot of people. There were queues. Two girls saw my colleague playing on the phone, so she joined her team. I thought she didn’t know, but was discovered by my best friend. My best friend said “Don’t jump in the line” and the two girls exploded and scolded her one by one. Let me just say that my colleague has a good family background. He is thin and tall. He is very beautiful. He has studied sports. He is a black belt in Taekwondo (she showed us photos of college competitions, and then I didn’t know if she had practiced), so my colleagues wanted to get upset. The little girl who doesn’t work hard and doesn’t distinguish between grains should not be an opponent. But everyone knows that beating is against the law, so my colleague can only restrain herself from being one enemy and two, but she never said too much. And why did the two little girls scold her? From beginning to end, there are “old women.” “So old, don’t come to our students to eat dinner, right?” “Come here to pretend to be tender?” These are all very naive and uneducated words. The story is about to end here. There are many other people with normal brains. Later, a boy and girl at the back of the row helped my colleague speak and said that it was indeed my colleague who was in the row. Later, the two faceless girls were very different. Convincingly left, but did not scold those two people, my colleague said, because it is possible, they think that they are also young people, they are their own. In other words, some little girls, even if they are not as beautiful, capable, elegant, rich and excellent than my colleagues, but they think that they are youthful, they occupy all the advantages, and they are so proud and indisputable that they scold them for wearing professional clothes. My female colleague “old woman” is so righteous and righteous, just like scolding a thief for shame. They feel that being old is the original sin, they should be tolerated, and they should give in. They are jumping like a mouse crossing the street, and it should be. Do you think this is just an individual brain damage and a weird thing? In fact, the theory that old age is sin has been immersed in every aspect of our lives, and this sin is exclusively for women. Except for the big guys like Chen Lihua, who are at the level of Dong Mingzhu and Yang Liping, they are all ordinary (rather than ugly, my colleague said those two girls are short and ugly) and self-confident and brain-disabled. In my heart, I can’t compare to my so-called youth invincibility. Even the famous Xiaosan Banzang Forest, half of people scolded her, and half said she was young. “It’s a common problem for men to like young women” and it’s especially disgusting. People who say these things think they are particularly humorous, but you say that it is a common problem for women to like rich men. They are immediately unhappy, jumping and cursing, wondering if they are being poked. Such distorted values ​​have already subtly affected many young people. They used to be boys, but now they are girls. Some girls think they are young and can do whatever they want. I don’t think about it, the feeling of picking up tatters makes them addicted. At this moment, they are the king of the world. But many people forget that almost every family has at least one “old woman”, mother, grandma and grandma. I wonder if they will tell their mother, grandma and grandma, “No way, men just like young women” and “you.” Old and ugly, what can be done”?

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