Seeing that everyone did not notice Sun Tao, Shao Feng, Huang Yang, Zhang Ruixue, Zhang Haiyan’s sketch “Listen to You”, in fact, this sketch is adapted from one of the episodes of the sketch series “Happy Rice Rice Grain” launched by Liaoning Satellite TV. “Happy Rice Rice” may not be well-known outside the province, but the cast and crew is very luxurious: Sun Tao, Shao Feng, Zhang Ruixue, Zhang Haiyan belong to the first echelon of the protagonist group, Pan Changjiang, Li Chengru, Guo Donglin, Huang Xiaojuan, Chen Hanbai, Yu Yang, Du Xudong , Huang Yang and Jin Yuting are also resident actors. The story takes place in a happy and happy family-Lao Fan’s family. Lao Fan (played by Wang Zhenhua) and Lao Mi (played by Li Jing) are the elders in the family. There are rice grains (Decorated by Zhang Haiyan), two rice grains (Decorated by Zhang Ruixue), and millet grains ( Zhao Nina) Three daughters. The eldest brother-in-law Zhao Gangzi (played by Sun Tao) is the deputy manager of the community property. He is simple, enthusiastic and dedicated. He and rice grains are a typical loving family. The second sister-in-law, Qian Shunfeng (Shao Feng), is a business man, and the quality is not bad, but he has minor problems such as playing petty bargains and good face (when everybody says “I pay the down payment for our house”), he is afraid of his wife. What’s wrong often makes the eldest brother-in-law take the blame. Lao Fan and the next door Lao Wang (Chen Hanbai) are family friends. Lao Wang’s grandson Wang Xiaoqian (Zhao Bo) and the property manager Tian Benben (Zhu Tianfu) pursue millet grains together, which gave birth to many sparks, but In the end, it can often be resolved peacefully. Zhao Gangzi’s father (played by Li Chengru) loves to raise chickens; Qian Shunfeng’s father, Qian Chuanzi (played by Pan Changjiang), has opened a pimple soup shop and is currently in a relationship with Huang Xiaojuan (played by Huang Xiaojuan). Huang Xiaohuang (played by Huang Yang) and Damei (played by Jin Yuting) are the two “older single young women” in the community. The relationship between each other is plastic sisters and often requires the mediation of Zhao Gangzi, the deputy property manager. In addition, there are community security guard Yu Xiaolian played by Yu Yang, Yu Xiaolian’s father Yu Yanzu played by Du Xudong, Mrs. Mi’s brother-in-law played by Guo Donglin, Zhao Gangzi’s uncle played by Gong Hanlin, Liao TV host Mi Mi, and Many well-known actors have participated in the filming of the sketch. The characters are vivid and distinctive. The important thing is that the paragraphs are kept one after another. Basically, every episode has maintained a very high standard, so any episode can be performed at the Lantern Festival Gala. The “Happy Rice Rice” series is the finale of LiaoTV. In the past two years, LiaoTV’s fixed program must have a sketch with the background of the rice rice family. But now it seems that the release of new episodes is getting slower and slower. At present, Youku’s episodes should be the most comprehensive, but it is often just those old episodes. I hope that with this sketch, everyone can pay more attention to the “Happy Rice Rice” series of Liaoning Satellite TV.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Guo Donglin’s program was originally prepared for the Spring Festival Gala. I didn’t dared to broadcast it at that time. Now it’s broadcast. Anyway, the Spring Festival is over. There are too many advertisements. I read it over and over again, and I still insert it in the show. The show is pretty good, much better than “Single Dogs”. Did Li Xueqin say you don’t want children if you didn’t attend the Spring Festival Gala? “Wang Jianguo!” “That’s my ex-boyfriend” “Then this is a boyfriend with no money” Wang Jianguo and Li Xueqin’s CP are about to break? “A husband and wife are graceful for a hundred days, and a husband and wife in a hundred days are like sea cucumbers” homophonic stalk, it is to deduct money…

7 months ago

The Spring Festival Gala and the Lantern Festival can’t be less of the national quintessence! On February 24, in Hebi, Henan, six opera actors sang in the snow. There were fewer audiences than actors, and the scene was sad. The video shooter Ms. Yao said that the village will sing three days of opera at this time of the year, but this year the snow is particularly heavy, and there are only three or four audiences in the audience. The performers continue to sing, which is very touched. I feel that they are very dedicated and also Especially not easy.

7 months ago

Famous excerpts from the opera section. Pay attention to lyrics. Think of what happened in 2020. I don’t know if I think too much. The excerpts violently heard the sound of the golden drums and the corners of the painting, evoking my lofty ambitions to break the sky. I think that Peach Blossom was immediately majestic, and enemy blood splashed into a pomegranate dress. We should fulfill our responsibilities in the day of our lives, how can every inch of land belong to others. Fan Wang, the clown, what’s the point, I can block a million soldiers with one sword. The heroic sons and daughters of the excerpt are so powerful! Crush the tiger’s den and enter Longtan with magnificent rivers and mountains. Qingqi is full of people’s expectations, and he is fully responsible for the safety of the three passes. I want to overcome the dangers with wisdom and bravery, and pass the victory tomorrow night. I want to take the wind and raise the fire into the flames, smile and greet the golden drum and return the horse. Before the battle, Zhang Biao will be sent to see him, and he will cross the saddle after he has passed the white dragon horse. The national is the world.

7 months ago

It’s fairly normal, Zhou Shen’s singing is really good, giving people a relaxed and cheerful feeling! Wang Yibo’s dance is really strong. Guo Zi’s show, I don’t know if it is a skit. It’s quite novel to perform in the form of singing! Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang’s sketches are also quite funny! The point is that they are not deliberately sensational, and the whole process is very natural. I have to praise the host’s words, short and capable, and there is no extra nonsense in the whole process! Finally, thanks again to Douyin, Country Garden, Yuanjiao, Mengzhilan (the above rankings are in no particular order)

7 months ago

Lightning strikes on the screen, “Unforgettable Tonight”… As soon as he came back from his hometown, my dad turned on the TV and heard this song. I immediately called my mom in the bathroom and asked what time it was. Still wondering if the supplementary homework is so confusing, why the party is over without watching it? Hahahahaha, it turns out that it’s just beginning_(°ω°」∠)_ I just saw Ye Po and Zhou Shen’s singing, it doesn’t stick, it sounds good, I’m looking forward to watching Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming’s sketches

7 months ago

Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming’s sketch is really good, and everyone is a little sorry for the Spring Festival Gala. Uncle Pan also complained on Weibo. But to be honest, it is excusable to be killed. It is here that the fertility rate is hitting a new low. Experts from all walks of life clamored that you have a high-profile claim of not having children and praised becoming a young person. The freedom, but also to shout in the spring evening. . ? Of course, the root cause of the low fertility rate does not lie in the direction of public opinion. We dare not ask or say anything about it, because posts will be deleted if they are not careful.

7 months ago

Cai Mingpan Changjiang yyds! Hahaha, the burden of this lineup, why not broadcast the Spring Festival Gala, laugh me to death! ! ! “A hundred years of repairing in the same boat, a thousand years of repairing the king and eight turtles”, “The magpies are chattering, and a couple of newcomers are laughing.” When talking about Sang Shuhuai, cynicism, it depends on Teacher Cai Ming:

“Xueqin was still thoughtful and brought a

“Today I will let you tugging socks, and tomorrow I will hit you in the mouth”.

“Beautiful and generous half, generous face.”

“Look at what he wore today, it looks crazy like a date.”

“I look like old pants.”
Seeing Li Xueqin and Meng Hetang’s affectionate confession, it was funny and crying, warm and happy, really a good sketch! It fits very well in real life. Parents’ love for their children extends to too much intervention in their children’s love. These interventions are all about love. “Love is a matter of two people, not a matter of four.”

7 months ago

Jin Fei Chen Xi’s Linglong Tower listened so well, but it was a pity that there were too many cuts, even the burden of “It’s almost exploding”, and the whole show is less than 9 minutes. This level of basic skills is absolutely top-notch among young cross talk actors, and I hope that in the future, the traditional cross talk will have this level. This is the third show in the whole show. Looking at the audience’s feedback below, you know that the show is getting hotter, and the kids applaud and applaud more vigorously. So you can play a hot spot without interacting with the audience to pull songs. Can Yue Yunpeng talk about cross talk after the Spring Festival Gala?

7 months ago

Come uninvited, thank you. As a person who has studied TV art evenings at Communication University for 7 years, I really can’t bear to see the CCTV large-scale evening show as it is now. It is not that it is not good, but that it can be better. Seeing the professional level of this evening party, I can only be embarrassed and feel a pity. If we talk about the highlight, I think there is only one in the whole process: the sketch “Rehearsal”, a successful debut of Li Xueqin and Meng Hetang, a timeless classic strength partner of Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming, an attempt to break the circle, the burden and stalk that should be All of the sketches are good works that have really made people laugh at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Gala for more than ten years. However, after the broadcast, Pan Changjiang’s Weibo was also thought-provoking. Why did such a work have been taken down from the Spring Evening? I definitely disagree with anyone who wants to be blind as the director. After all, this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the only time I haven’t “commented” in public in more than a decade. Even if it is really good, not to mention Chen Linchun’s tutor came many times during school. I have had small classes and exchanges with us. Apart from admiration, I only admire them.

7 months ago

Still a technical problem! Although this is not a big problem, I found out that I adjusted the aperture directly in the middle of the show. Maybe only students who have studied photography-related knowledge can see the subtle differences in the following two pictures. The current half of the section is basically a normal exposure, but the aperture of the camera in the second half has been reduced by 1-2 stops, resulting in blackness. The desktop is darker, from normal exposure to underexposure (look carefully, the tablecloth in the first picture still has many white reflective velvet folds, the reflectance is roughly 30%, and the second picture is almost full I can’t see it, the reflectance is roughly 5%).

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