I am sophomore this year, and I am an art student. Living expenses are 2000 per month. Most of the classmates in the class have iPads for drawing. I am envious, but I am shy in my pocket. I also want to have an iPad tablet for drawing. If you go to the official website and use the education discount to buy iPadpro, 128gb, it will cost 5829 yuan. Ask your parents, but can’t speak. I have considered paying in installments by myself, and I can earn 570 per month at school. During the winter vacation, I will choose to work part-time to make a purchase (the family refuses to work for me). My idea of wanting an iPad and imagining my parents to buy it is too much, should I buy the iPad in installments, is it too vanity? I am a little confused and need someone to wake up.

①Don’t touch the staging! Don’t touch the staging! Don’t touch the staging! You thought you were just trying to install installments, and for the first time you bought items that you couldn’t afford, but you actually opened the Pandora’s Box of life in debt. It affects your values ​​and consumer psychology, which may make you You fall into the endless loop of loan-repayment-loan, and it is yourself that ultimately collapses. ②It is normal to have vanity, but please satisfy your vanity independently. It’s normal to have vanity. Seeing other people’s objects is as beautiful as a god, don’t you want to have one? Seeing others driving to school, don’t you want to own one? Seeing others change the latest flagship mobile phone every six months, don’t you be jealous when you see your own two or three years old mobile phone? However, you have to rely on your own ability to satisfy your own vanity. You see that your classmates all have iPads, and you want to own one out of envy. Don’t talk about drawing on the iPad, it’s just you. If you lie to yourself or your parents, your heart is “I see others have it, and I want to have it”. This kind of thinking is normal. Parents may be obligated to provide you with living expenses (as it is customary in the current society), but they are not obligated to satisfy your vanity. If something is necessary, then ask yourself if you are sure you want to buy it. If you are not sure whether to buy it, then this thing must not be necessary, as is the case with the iPad here. Don’t talk to your parents about a high-value item that is not necessary. This will make you feel sorry for yourself and embarrass your parents. You mentioned that you can earn 570 per month, then save money slowly. If you can guarantee that you can have your own income every month, you can save a part of living expenses and save a small year. I believe you can buy Taiwan. iPad money should be enough. But remember, rely on your own ability to satisfy your vanity. ③Collect information and beware of traps when you work part-time. Your parents are opposed to your part-time job. I think the more consideration is the issue of personal safety. Your parents have been in society for many years and know what kind of people and things you will experience when a young woman of about 20 years old goes to society, so they will Very opposed. But you are an adult, and you should learn to deal with some things by yourself. It’s not impossible to work part-time. You must collect information in advance. The most effective way is to consult the seniors who have worked part-time. They will tell you those who work part-time. Pit, this can save you a lot of things. The school’s work-study related service department is also a good place for consultation. You must learn to use the school’s resources. There are many traps for college students to work part-time! The first big trap is the black intermediary. Many black intermediaries have the full authority to represent you and the labor relationship with the hiring company. When they first lied to you, they said that the salary was the salary that the company gave you, but in the end, the salary that was given to you was actually drawn by the intermediary. After the completion of the salary, some black intermediaries draw a particularly high rate, this kind of black intermediaries must be avoided! The second big trap, if you don’t sign a labor contract, you are already an adult. If you work in a company during the summer vacation, you must sign a short-term labor contract. Signing a labor contract can avoid a lot of unnecessary craps, and among those craps. As a student, you are often a disadvantaged party. At the same time, carefully check every item in the contract. Don’t sign the contract without reading it. As an adult, you are responsible for every name you sign!


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Seeing this problem, I remembered the iPad that I had in my hands, and I also saved money to buy it. I had the urge to buy at the beginning because I saw Apple’s advertisements, because chasing dramas can’t afford members, and I had to read a series before each episode, and I was brainwashed… Then the urge to buy came in my heart, and I felt this stuff. The child is too cool, I really want it, but I was poor at the time, and I had to save a thousand dollars a month for living expenses, so there is no spare money to buy this stuff. This plan was temporarily shelved. Later, I started to work part-time, and I was able to save a little money more or less. I would place an order as soon as the new iPad was released at Apple’s new product launch. Now I don’t have to wait two more months for the summer education discount It’s a pity to buy a headset for prostitution. But the moment I got the iPad, I was really satisfied. I took the money I saved to buy the things I liked. I thought it was great. I have the ability to support the things I like. Do you think this is vanity? It seems to be true. Looking at the friends around me, my peers on the Internet can have it. I am envious. But I think that vanity is inevitable, and everyone will have it, but your vanity should be paid for by yourself. You should strive to pursue what you like, not your parents, even if the family is richer, I I don’t think everyone is embarrassed to ask their parents for money when they don’t have money, except for those who give a lot of money at once… For the answer, let’s not say whether you can really play its role when you buy it. I really want it. You can go for a part-time job by yourself, but you must be within your abilities. If it doesn’t work right now, then in a few years, what you want will be available in the future. I also saved it at the time. It’s been a long time.

5 months ago

After taking a look at the subject’s thoughts, I think you should discuss it with your family, and put the stage as the last method. Don’t touch this thing, it will be very stressful every month. There is an art student around me. I was admitted to the New York School of Visual Arts for illustration the year before. When she was in high school, she usually took the iPad to draw when she was bored. I couldn’t understand it. I could only sigh NB, but I It is also from this that I know that some very professional things can be drawn on the iPadPro. Therefore, if you choose to use iPadPro to draw, learn your own professional stuff, go and talk to your family, let them sponsor half of it, which will reduce your burden. Parents are willing to give money to their children, as long as they use it on the right path, you have to learn, and your parents must have never hesitated to spend money. So my first recommendation is to talk to your parents. If this can help you with your studies, your parents will definitely help you. This has nothing to do with vanity. Vanity is sometimes a motivating potion. As long as you work hard to fill the holes caused by envy, they will become a valuable experience. In addition, don’t touch the installment. Although you think that you have two thousand per month, you can only divide it into five hundred, but once it starts, you can’t stop it, so you still don’t touch it, especially when the price is relatively high. Will increase your burden every month.

5 months ago

There is a term in psychology: the sense of self-worth is relatively low. Everyone can understand the meaning of this noun literally. People with a low sense of self-worth especially like to buy famous watches, famous bags, and a variety of light luxury goods to show themselves to the outside world. Whether the subject is someone with a low sense of self-worth, because you have given too few scenes, it is really impossible to judge. Because you didn’t state your own family conditions. Under normal circumstances, college students with relatively poor families tend to have a relatively low sense of self-worth. You said that your monthly living expenses are 2,000 yuan, but since you are an art student and you have to buy paint and paper every month, you still can’t see what your family situation is like. Art students who are studying art, are buying drawing board, paper and paint. My classmates consume 300 to 500 yuan a month. In fact, you can draw on the tablet and connect to the computer for display. However, I took a look and found that the price of the tablet and the upfront investment are also expensive. You have to consider the color display capabilities of your laptop screen. Choose the latest iPad pro, take the 11-inch as an example: liquid display + promotion adaptive refresh + original color display + portability… plus Apple pencil, and more professional painting apps in the App store, such as procreate software , Can be comparable to ps. For you art students, it is indeed a very good productivity tool. You are not too vanity! Drawing with iPad pro is a very rational consumer choice. Maybe you have money in your family, you are a more sensible person, and you are unwilling to spend your parents’ money. You have a stronger self-esteem, not a lower sense of self-worth. If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. If you think so, then your stubborn self-esteem! Very unnecessary. Even if you are already a sophomore student. Communicate and discuss with your parents, your parents will definitely be able to support you. There is an artist in the UK called David Hockney, who paints on the iPad, and it is his paintings. See it well? I didn’t see it anyway. But these works are exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in France and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

5 months ago

As a person, I was embarrassed to ask my family for money when I first entered university. At that time, my monthly living expenses were 1,500 yuan, and I was still ample when I was a freshman. I had a balance every month, so I wanted to buy something. You can buy it if you save a little bit. But how can the cost of living of 1500 stand up to 4 years without rising? By the sophomore and junior year, on the one hand, expenses have increased, and on the other hand, all kinds of expenses have risen. The living expenses of 1500 are not enough. At this time, I will Trying to save money and buy digital products is no longer possible, so I had to bite the bullet and ask my parents for money. Like the subject’s parents, my parents do not support me to work and earn money, especially in places like milk tea shops that consume a lot of time. So when I was a junior, I told them that I wanted to buy an iPad to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. They said nothing directly. Just give me money. So the subject, please feel free to talk to your parents. First, I will give you a reassurance. This idea of ​​yours is definitely not too strong. As a sophomore art student, an ipad can be said to be just needed. iPad The pro’s powerful drawing ability is good for learning. Moreover, when the classmates generally have it, it is completely reasonable to want to buy one. Let’s take a look at the subject’s family situation. The monthly living expenses of 2000 can’t be said in 2021, but it’s still at an upper-middle level. The subject refuses the subject to work part-time, and can send the subject to study art. The high-expensive major indicates that the subject’s family is relatively well-off, and they have an expectation of the cost of their college career. They may not understand digital products and don’t know how easy the iPad is for an art student. So, don’t worry. They say it.

5 months ago

According to you, my vanity is strong enough to boom. My roommate bought a pair of more than 1,000 aj… My friend just bought a purple iPhone 12… My colleague bought a new black and shiny BMW X5… The last one is really unaffordable, dog head. Every time, my heart is eager to move, and I can’t hold back my hand. When I get to the payment interface, there will always be inexplicable voices in my head interrupting me and spending wisely. The subject has this kind of psychology is a normal and abnormal behavior. According to the description, the art major, iPad is more a learning tool for you. Start with the right conditions. My parents will be able to see the matter of working and earning money during the winter and summer vacations in college, and they will not support it or oppose it. Only once, during the freshman summer vacation, I was panicking, and it was not a problem to have been playing . I decided to go to the hotel introduced by my brother-in-law to make money by serving dishes. That day, I wore my favorite short sleeves. I was unskilled in business and was covered with oil. The boss asked me to work overtime and mop the floor. My sister picked me up from get off work and complained that the job her brother-in-law was looking for was unreliable, probably to take care of my emotions, thinking that the young man was too young! I missed work the next day. Parents do not agree to work part-time, and it is not advisable to forcibly board the car. Different people have different opinions on the method of installment payment, which is open to discussion. The subject of the topic can earn 570 from studying every month, and there is a certain source of income. If you start with iPad pro, it is recommended to reduce the pressure in installments. Remember not to use online loans. Instead, you would rather advance a portion of your living expenses to your parents and save money for a period of time than online loans. You don’t have to have an iPad pro, the iPad Air 4 can also meet your needs, and you can also consider the iPad 2020.

5 months ago

How could this be too much vanity? This is not human nature! An iPad Pro can’t meet the demand at all. I personally recommend buying it in one step. The Apple Family Bucket is exclusive to the BMW 5 Series, and the phone can be unlocked. Buying this thing for unlocking is not more satisfying than your vanity satisfaction with an iPad Pro, and it is not expensive at more than 500,000. How can an iPad Pro meet the needs of painting, and can’t face the real scene after buying it? How does it fit you who use the iPad Pro to create content if you take a bus to paint? You must buy a BMW 5 Series to be satisfied. If you don’t have any money, go to work, what can you learn? Satisfying one’s own needs comes first. The BMW 5 Series can also be loaned. You can sell a house or a car at home, and you can’t afford a down payment if you try to sell it? Such an excellent level of painting must not be buried by a BMW 5 Series, and must be strongly supported. Another: Can’t you change your paper painting to an iPad Pro? The talent for drawing is so high that you still need to buy it with money, so you can just draw a picture and change it. Too lazy to repeat that there is a BMW 5 that is not worthy of a villa? Hundreds of millions of large projects such as benefiting the village.

5 months ago

This question confuses the subject of the installment/loan purchase, and even puts a bunch of links to bring the goods. They are all frustrated with the goods and the conscience is greatly bad. Don’t think that it is a good thing for college students to buy things in installments. Using installments is actually to cultivate the habit of spending ahead. Needless to say, there is no income + poor self-control + strong competiveness + pre-consumption. The subject itself also mentioned that the machine is not just needed, and what I want to buy is an iPad Pro. I didn’t mention considering second-hand or other low-cost alternatives. I am a bit superior at the moment. I rationally tell myself that I shouldn’t buy it, and I don’t want to buy it emotionally. Let everyone help pour some cold water. It’s understandable from the top. I myself often do it. At first, I rushed when I was excited, but I spent a few times on impulsive consumption. I found that I didn’t use it very much when I bought it. In the end I became a waste. I will have experience in the future. , When you want to go over and over again, first hold back not to buy and want it the next day, and then wait for a week or two, and you still want it. At that time, consider whether you want to buy it. When you are struggling for the past two weeks, if you have nothing to do, just take a look at the evaluation: how do you compare with competing products, think about what I bought it for, what is the market for this thing, and will there be discounts in the short term? Buy second-hand Will it be more cost-effective? After two weeks of cold stalks, if it is impulsive consumption, it will basically be shaken. If it is still tangled for 2 weeks, it is mostly something that I don’t need. Forget it, I usually find one for myself. Excuse, the price will be lowered, so buy again when the price is lowered. Then threw the shopping cart away, and forgot to clean it after a few months. If you think about it for two weeks and you feel more determined that you need it, then you have clarified your needs and done enough homework in these two weeks, and you can The most cost-effective way to meet your needs is better than an impulse purchase at the beginning. That’s right, maybe you don’t want to buy the one you saw at first.

5 months ago

Do you know why the country severely cracked down on small loans into campuses? Do you know why countless girls fell into the “naked loan” trap in the past few years? It is because many students lack sufficient financial strength to find ways to buy high-priced goods for the sake of “face”. In the end, legal channels are no longer available and they can only sell themselves. This is the purpose of consumerism, always telling you to buy the latest Apple products, the best limited edition sneakers, the most fashionable bags and clothing, but in fact, when you get it at a great price, all you can get is A few days of satisfaction, and then the pain of being unable to repay for a long time. The subject is already on the verge of danger, but fortunately there is still time. Listen to my advice: how much money you have to do and do, don’t have the brains to do it. The new ipad pro, the 6199 version, I also plan to start with it, and it is beyond my personal budget. But it will not have any major impact on my life, so I can buy it with confidence. For the subject, there is no need to go to pro if it is just to meet the painting needs. Generally speaking, the current 2020 ipad of about 3,000 yuan is more than enough.

5 months ago

Nothing, if you know what it’s useful for. Otherwise, um, I really don’t know what is the use of this thing. The real story is myself, because the female ticket used the school’s iPad to card into a PPT because of the school’s software, so I borrowed the name of August Liqiu (after all, GF is a very thrifty person, and you need a valid reason to buy things. +Cleverly set the name, manual funny) Changed to a Pro, no longer stuck, the second generation pen is also easy to use, excellent. Then after changing the person, I thought to myself, if I wanted to change it too. The mini5 in his hand got stuck more and more. So knowing that the 2020 model is not worth getting in the car, I bought a 512GB+LTE model. Then it’s funny. After all, the old man has graduated and there is no software to run. The Excel and PPT that the business dog just needs actually rely on the computer. This iPad Pro has become a very embarrassing existence. And because it is 11 inches, playing games is not as handy as the 7.9 mini. It was a lot of money to reverse the car. If you are in the same situation as me, don’t buy it. Really, it’s useless. Although 21 looks very, very awesome, but for non Proer, this product is still a piece of scrap iron. Recently, I really feel that this product is useless. I plan to sell it. Shiqiaopu quoted 4600 for sale or not? . After all, 9888+ goods, I spent a small amount of 6,000 yuan when I took it all the time. 4600 must not be surrendered. So I went back to the original point and looked for what is the use of this thing, and found that it is good to watch the online class video. Usually this kind of thing can be done with streaming media, but 512GB has to find a sense of existence, no matter, all cached… A small 6000 yuan can do things that can be done with 600 yuan MP4, which is really an expensive toy. (Of course, if Pro was very meaningful to me a few years ago, now hehehe) To answer the question, unless you know exactly what you are going to do with this thing, you must not buy it. It is not a vain or a waste of money. It is meaningless. Waste of money. A few thousand yuan under the normal price is equivalent to two months of dry pot, which is definitely more fragrant. Of course, if it is really needed, it will be done. Of course, since 21 models are so expensive, I think the 18 models of Pro will be more comfortable, for practical purposes. The performance of A12Z and A12X is basically the same. Although it is not comparable to M1, considering the price, it is definitely better than iPad. Even the 12.9 Pro2 of the older A10X is more worthy of choice. (A10X and A12 are similar in speed, GPU is stronger, and generally there is no pressure to draw pictures) PS: If someone dared to make 6000, the old man will come out this Pro and give me a pen (more useless stuff, I drew a few pages of tortoises)

5 months ago

Two days ago, I gave my mother a mouth: “I bought a second-hand 4T hard drive for 250R.” (Classmates’ friendship is a piece of my Western Digital. The price is half of the brand new price. The point is not here. Hey) My mother and me Said one sentence: “The money is useful. If this thing is useful, then you have to buy it for 30,000 yuan; if it is not useful, 10 yuan is too much. The money is not enough to ask us.” (Although I have a little deposit myself) Useful, useful, you see that my F disk is red. I am serious data. You can’t speculate that I am a new youth of the 21st century with a strong roots. It is all such serious experimental data. Fat friends. Apple Home products are really annoying…. The subject may wish to ask yourself, what is the reason for buying iPadPro? 1. Seeing that others have it, and envy, so I want to have it? 2. Seeing that others have it, discovering They use iPadPro to draw is very convenient and useful, so they want to buy it too? From your description (living expenses 2000, art students), you can roughly judge that your family conditions are not bad, and the monthly family income is estimated to be no less than 10,000. An iPadPro is absolutely affordable for your family. So whether you can buy it is not a question of money, it is a question of whether the iPadPro is useful to you. Going back to the question above, what are you buying iPadPro for? What? Think clearly, and then ask your parents, if you really think it is useful, then you should use this thing how useful, how good, how much help to your future, tell your parents to get your parents or materially or It is spiritual support, and whether it is they sponsor you or you go to work, it is an act that conforms to the core values ​​and consumption outlook.

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