I recommend my favorite single “Mercury”, from the beginning of the single loop to the subsequent single loop. I like to lie in bed at night to listen, like to listen alone on the evening bus, like wearing headphones to listen to it over and over again… Mercury is the planet closest to the sun in the entire galaxy. Mercury is the planet with the largest temperature difference, with a maximum temperature of 427 degrees during the day and a minimum of minus 173 degrees at night. Mercury is the least visited planet by human probes. The Mercury MESSENGER probe was launched on August 3, 2004 and entered Mercury’s orbit on March 18, 2011. It is the first probe to orbit Mercury and has been in Mercury’s orbit for 4 years. At present, due to the exhaustion of fuel, it fell on the surface of Mercury at 3:26 pm on April 30, 2015 Beijing time, ending his life. The above is the basic human knowledge of Mercury. Because of the many unknowns that humans have explored on Mercury, I was full of curiosity about the song of Mercury from the very beginning. It makes me want to understand it, and want to read it. The melody of Mercury is very attractive, the prelude is blurred, the sound goes from shallow to deep, and then to the slowly emotional chorus, the slightly depressed lyrics, as if to tell us a poignant story. Perhaps it is love that is beyond hope, or pain that is lost but cannot be obtained. I read a lot of explanations about Mercury. Among them, the most impressive is the story of Mercury and the spacecraft. The name of the original song Guo Ding album of Mercury is the execution cycle of the aircraft. Guo Ding is a NASA fan, maybe he wants to sing to us, the sadness caused by the insurmountable distance between Mercury and the aircraft, resonates with us. In the story, in the solar system, Mercury is an independent planet without natural satellites. It rotates on its original trajectory. No one knows her, and no one spy on her face. But the arrival of the flying machine made her understand that there will be a strange object revolving around her, and her companionship is used to interpret her age of hundreds of millions. Fascinated by your eyes, the Milky Way has traces to follow through the gaps of time. It still attracts me truly, but the aircraft cannot deviate from its orbit. Only when it is close to the water, will it reach the orbit closest to Mercury, that’s it. Approach her slowly. However, the fuel of the aircraft is limited. When the orbiting execution cycle is carried out one by one, the aircraft is getting closer and closer to the time of the crash… I dare to let you realize that you are not alone when I can fly with you again and this Mercury doesn’t know everything. The only thing she knows is that because of the arrival of the aircraft, she found her company in the vast galaxy, adding a little bit of fun. Finally, the aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into an uncertain place, or the surface of Mercury, or the vast universe. Universal is boring, at least I can stay with you and I am fascinated by your eyes, come to the trajectory around you, will not be tired of each execution cycle, willing to use all the fuel, to accompany you for a lifetime. The person who is far and near but can’t get close is also waiting to meet you. Perhaps what Mercury is singing is not the blurred universe and the Milky Way, it is the pain that cannot be obtained but lost. Do not exile in the illusory outer space, but dig from the depths of people’s hearts. That is our unsolved mystery. Only by solving can we truly understand the Mercury. Did the aircraft complete the execution cycle, or did you find in your heart a distance that is out of reach, that is close but not close.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Recommend Liao Juntao’s “Death is No Proof” Liao Juntao is a player I like very much in Ming 1, not a fan, but in the show there is a sentence he said that is particularly impressive: “Impress other people’s emotional lives, write your own songs (good guys) , Writing songs can also be prostitutes hahahahaha)”, probably also an interesting soul. He is a stubborn kid who only wants to follow his heart. Because of his personality, it is not surprising that he stopped in the top 30 in Ming 1 Distressed why he still doesn’t get angry. In today’s Chinese music scene, there are a lot of people who can sing, but they are qualified, and excellent original works are too scarce. In my mind, he counts as one of the best singers and composers. In this song, he expresses himself in an all-round way with rich musical elements, spreading out from his brave expression and honesty. Probably this song is the most suitable for my current mood. The end of love is “Death without Contradictions”, a paragraph At the end of the relationship, don’t ask why clearly, but let it die without a problem and without evidence.

5 months ago

Carla Bruni’s “Tout le monde (Everyone)” At the moment, outside the window is gloomy, and the smell of rain has been smelled. Sitting at the table, Carla Bruni’s lazy, sexy singing sounded in her ears, Tout le monde est une drle de personne, Et tout le monde a l’ame emmêlée… I remember it was last summer, the total hope and confusion It’s entanglement. In order to relax, I usually squeeze out half an hour at dusk to walk alone, take pictures, and listen to music. The street is always noisy with human voices and cars. I always put on headphones and repeat singles to fill my ears with Carla Bruni’s deep and sexy singing voice. This is the song that accompanied me almost all summer last year. It also makes me feel the same… When we listen to this Tout le monde (everyone), we can’t help but sigh, music can really transcend language, just like this song, if you don’t understand French, you won’t be affected too much, but let you Pay more attention to the music itself. The melody and orchestration of the song are all striving to be simple. This simplicity and repetition, coupled with Carla Bruni’s deep, sexy voice, is like an old friend talking softly in your ears, allowing you to relax and relax. The style of this song is typical French chanson. Carla Bruni is also committed to promoting French chanson to the world. Chanson, from the French word “chanson”, originally means song. French chanson is a general term for French secular songs and love pop songs, and is famous for its sweet and romantic lyrics. Chanson is a general term for French secular songs and also synonymous with French pop songs. The well-known French Chanson masterpieces, such as “Life of Roses”. Of course, there are also lyrics that touch me, because the lyrics are not about the general love and love, but the broader and more universal meaning of everyone’s inner world. It is not difficult to find that the lyrics infiltrate and care for each of us. Personal inner world-“Everyone has a struggling heart, everyone has a piece of dream… hidden in a forgotten pocket… but not everyone can find…” This perspective also allows us Think about it, in fact, every one of us has similarities in life, because when you complete your dreams, new dreams will be born… From another perspective, in real life, we will all be unconsciously Others’ superficial phenomena are confused, so they wishful thinking that they have found their dreams. As everyone knows, we are also other people in the eyes of others. Others will be like you on the basis of not knowing what we have experienced and the whole life. The surface phenomenon is confusing. This is the feeling of listening to songs I wrote in 2018, share it with everyone

5 months ago

Recently, a long time ago in the single cycle idol Faye Wong’s “To Youth”, when I was watching some youth movies, I found that there would be such a scene in these movies: when they graduated, a group of people got drunk. Every time I see such a movie scene, I always think, when I graduate from university in the future, I will never do such a “legacy” thing. A few years later, I am about to become a fourth-year undergraduate student, and I am about to face the countdown to graduation. Just a few days ago, I posted a circle of friends. I said that when I graduated, I would invite my juniors and disciples to drink together and drink all night.

5 months ago

Mao Buyi’s “One Meat and One Vegetable” “Sunrise and sunset, deep and deep again. A small square table has a meat and a vegetable. A figure is calmly busy, and his hands make this time warm…” The first time I heard this song unintentionally, I felt that the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of Mao Mao’s voice matched the deep tone of the genre, which made people feel sad unconsciously, and then deliberately watched the MV on station B, one The picture flashed, following the lyrics, I also began to miss those who love me like life. This is one of the few songs where I just want to cry when I just listen to the prelude. The hairy singing is affectionate and restrained. There is no high pitch, no hoarseness. It is like telling a story deep in memory. I sing lightly and whisper. Come. This is a song he wrote to his mother. With his singing, I can seem to see those warm and beautiful pictures. At sunset, my mother is on the small square table with meat and vegetables, waiting The people who return home are incredibly plain but incredibly beautiful. Although I haven’t experienced the story behind Mao Mao’s song, the songs that I’ve talked about can make me feel the feelings he wants to convey. Yueerming, Fengerqing, but you are knocking on my window lattice, don’t worry if you hear this Be careful to know that I slept lightly. It must be that you were too careful when you came for fear that I would think of you again.

5 months ago

“The brightest star in the night sky”, the main song of the escape plan. This song is a song sung by the Escape Project. It is composed of lyrics and music by the Escape Project. It is included in the first album “World” released by the Escape Project in 2011. It is also the theme song of the micro-film “You Who Picked the Star”, the movie ” “The Wandering Earth” ending theme. The song “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” has a very high reputation and popularity in China, and almost everyone can sing it. This song sings the dream of youth, with youthful confidence and energy, to every one A young heart shows the power of love. “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” contains a quiet artistic conception, which is also moving. Everyone will hear a kind of persistence and pursuit of dreams.

5 months ago

“Let the Wine” and “Heaven Questions” Liu Yuning seem to be the OSTs of “Sand Sea” and “Shanhe Ling” respectively, but the rare love for these two songs is not because of TV dramas. Liu Yuning’s voice is accompanied by lyrics, which gives the song a free and easy mood. I am a jealous young minister. I don’t believe in ghosts and gods, and people who don’t believe in the world’s graces are all returned to my life-“Let Wine” blooms as early as I know the sky, the sky is also the old world, the world is far away, I forgot — “Heavenly Questions”, “Appear and Leave” and “I Don’t Know 2020” Liang Bo recommended Liang Bo again. He is really a very pure musician. My sense of listening to his songs has changed from “good” to “prelude is too long every time” to “complement each other.” A singer is rarely found. Almost all songs have a prelude that lasts from half a minute to a minute. He is one. At first I didn’t understand the significance of setting up an independent band of my own. It may be that as I learn more about “I am a singer-songwriter”, “Our Band” and “The Summer of the Band”, I can feel the instrument and the band more strongly. Brings the powerful power of intuition to the song. Every capital of his song is worth listening to. The stars and the moon shine together to dispel loneliness and loneliness, and every second of the darkness will also shine on you-“I don’t know 2020” (there are children’s harmony here, beautifully matched)

5 months ago

Recently I turned on the TV, and “The Trumpeter is in Place” has been pushed very well. Click to open and find that there is Yu Bo unexpectedly.
Yu Bo. This handsome, gentle, tall and mighty man! Who was not a protagonist before! Li Yifeng, can you stand it?
So I searched “Shuiyuedongtian” and “Legend of Spiritual Mirror” to rebrush. I like the two opening songs and the two ending songs. My favorite, the looped one is “Fantastic Eyes”, which is a duet between men and women.

5 months ago

“Double Investment in Tang Dynasty” Meng Guanglu and Du Zhenjie’s “Locking Five Dragons” Kang Wansheng’s “Xiaoyaoyou” Wu Jiaming’s “Diao Chan has gone with the breeze” Wanshan Red “The Four Seasons Song of Midnight” All-stars version “Luoshui Yin” Mao Amin “Huozha” “Here” Professor He’s Edition “The Son of the World” Three-year old man’s version “Long Days Alongside is Hometown” Jiao Gong Band Edition “Sparrow” Li Ronghao Edition “Sound of Life” Hedgehog Edition “Less Than Hainan Island” Huang Mingzhi Lin Junyi Edition “History Lesson” Westward Journey Band version of “Should I be sad” Wang Xiaoshuai version “Good evening, Miss Spring” PeopleSoft version “Unrequited Beauty Debt” Celebrity Li Yiman version “Innocent Boy” Xiaohai version “Xu Banxian 2018 version” Chen Maiqi version “You Jing” Helen version “I heard that you are handsome and rejected” Thousands of Worlds version “It’s not because you don’t look good” Man Han full-seat version “Fuyu” Wang Jiu version “Wake up now” Apyahong version “Old Account” Wenfu version “Ayi Mo” Ajitai Combination “Sigh Fireworks” Zhang Fan Version “Inflammable and Explosive” Chen Li version “Super Big Rumba” Clockwork Card Suo version “Madman” Guo Xu version “Blind Tom” Grant-Lee Phillips “Crucify Your Mind” Rodriguez “Sugar Man” Rodriguez “Grudge” Liu Huan version “Heart Of Gold” Johnny Cash “I don’t know how to face this world” Akin version “Babe” Platinum version “Lotus mouth” “Journey to the West” version “Official Feng Bi Ma Wen” Su Yang version “The Voice of the Prodigal Son” Xu Guanjie version “Downstream” Cai Guoquan version “Brother Good” Nancheng Second Brother version “TOKYO BON” Huang Mingzhi version “1994” Yuan Minghong version “Ten “Sanxiang”, “A Spring in Heaven and Earth” Platinum Edition, “Nothing” Yang Zongwei’s “Blind Man” Yao 13th Edition “Outdated Excuses” Situ Junwen Edition “Toi Jamais” Mallory Michel “Pile Ou Face” Ivy Franck” A Quoi Sert de Vivre Libre” Luigi “I Wonder” Rodriguez “Leaving People” Jacky Cheung Edition “Just a Lifetime” Luo Dayou Edition “Rogue” Zheng Zhongji Edition “Golden Flower” Nenes “Youth” Nagasaki Gang “President 死のうと思ったのは” Nakajima Mika “Si えば遠くへ来たもんだ” Sea aid team “悪女” Nakajima みゆき “ルージュ”ちあきなおみ “風子花企吉郎”Tanimura Shinjiく forever つんんんんんだみみゆきくれ” Miyuki Nakajima “GOOD-BYE Youth” 長渕刚 “ロバと小父さん” カルメン・マキ “ろくなもんじゃねタえ” 長渕ゃねタえ”長渕帕ゃねタえ”長渕ささささへくくさささささささささのささささくくくさささごささのあなたへ~” Shinji Tanamura “Danser Sur Le Disco” La Grande Sophie “Géna And John” Gérard Darmon “And The Winner Is” Gérard Da rmon “Je m’appelle Hélène” Hélène Rolles “Eternal Smile” Luo Dayou version “Dirty Paws” Of Monsters And Men “Home” “Little Talks” Of Monsters And Men “Hometown” Luo Dayou version “President of Flower Country” Perpetual Motion Edition ” Da Le Platinum Edition “The Last Baturu” Flu Band Edition “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” Shania Twain “Nine Million Bicycles” Katie Melua “Lost Boy” Ruth B. (Super Like) “Gun Song” The Lumineers “Busy and Important” Tom Rosenthal (I love sitting by the river in the afternoon) “The Colour Of My Dreams” Andy Burrows “It Never Rains In Southern California” Albert hammond “Casey’s Last Ride” Kris Kristofferson “Dirty Old Town” The Pogues, Father And Son, Johnny Cash, Hang Me, Oh Hang Me, Oscar Isaac, Any Man Of Mine, Shania Twain, Les Champs-Elysées, Joe Dassin, Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson, Nadine, Chuck Berry, and Stranger Documentary Xiaohai finally listened to all the playlists of my NetEase Cloud Music from beginning to end from three o’clock in the afternoon to twelve o’clock in the evening, and my ears were tired. It is arranged in the order of the playlist, and the style is rather chaotic. I hope you can find your favorite songs. I’m going to take a break, and my head is buzzing. If I have time tomorrow, I can sort out the QQ music. My playlist there is also very good.

5 months ago

Oguro Moji’s “TV Mix” closed his eyes, as if he was in the sun, everything was the same as it was more than ten years ago. At that time, youth had just begun, and the future could be expected. But when I opened my eyes, tears flowed down unconsciously. Perhaps every person who is young has a dream of a hero in his heart. He often imagines that he is in a world where monsters are chaotic. He was born in a village with simple folk customs. Since childhood, he has listened to adults talking about heroes in the village. The story. But an accident caused your loved ones to be killed by monsters, anger and the dream of becoming a hero drove you to embark on this path one morning. There was also the orphaned little fat man in the village. You went to one place after another, learned a lot of fighting skills, and met many like-minded friends. The difficulties and obstacles along the way did not repel you, but determined to get rid of the most terrifying in the legend. Faith of the monster.

5 months ago

1. The song “White Windmill” by Jay Chou is not very famous, but the difficulty is really high. It is called the “Windmill of Death” by people. Even Jay Chou, even in the peak state of his high pitch, cannot be sung on the original key. The complete song shows how difficult it is. The songs written by Jay Chou himself can’t even sing even Jay Chou, so there are really very few people who can sing the original key, including me. (And it’s really easy to break the sound) For songs that I can’t sing, I usually go to the single loop 233-2. Jay Chou’s “The Longest Movie” is also a devil song, but I think it’s simpler than a white windmill Because the pitch of the chorus part is not as big as the white windmill, it is relatively difficult to break the sound. When I am in excellent condition, I can sing a chorus with the original key (really, just two days ago, at that time) I was stunned when the original key sang, I would like to call it the biggest achievement of that day 233) 3. Jay Chou “Lanting Preface” Jay Chou yyds! Especially in terms of composition, almost no one in the Chinese music world can match the elegant and unrestrained prelude, coupled with the full-blown lyrics, and the warm and comfortable spring climate, it seems that people are in the orchid pavilion, and it is not difficult to appreciate the original orchid pavilion I have sung it many times. I usually recycle a single song that I can’t sing, but this one is really amazing, it’s really worth listening to Jay Chou + Fang Wenshan over and over again, it’s invincible. “The Secret” of Jay Chou’s song, Fang Wenshan’s words are invincible, but his voice is even more invincible. Jay Chou once said: “I rarely praise others in music, but I must admit that JJ is the best male singer in Chinese music today.” Returning to the song itself, JJ also made a certain adaptation of the song: the beginning of classical music, quoting the first piano suite of Bach in G major, adding a sense of art and subtlety, echoing the three words “cannot be said”. The most shocking thing about this song is that JJ didn’t keep the “secret” [笑 cry] For details, please see the song 05:18 No matter who it is, the first time you listen to it, you will definitely be stupid. It feels like A nuclear bomb explodes in your ears. It’s really amazing. You may sing up the pitch, but without that kind of breath, you may have breath, but you may use it well, but I don’t have JJ’s voice. It’s not blowing, I’m just expounding the facts. It’s hard for people who have heard this song to have no such resonance. That’s right. This is another feeling I can’t sing. It’s worth a single loop! I really hope that JJ can cover the songs composed by Jay Chou and lyrics by Fang Wenshan! Double Jyyds! Love double J without regrets in this life!

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