Once there was a person named Ymir, she was an Eldia, she became a giant in some way, known as the ancestor giant. This method was said to have signed a contract with the “devil of the earth” by the Malays. With the help of Ymir, the Eldia Empire increased in strength and eventually became the overlord of the mainland and ruled for thousands of years. After Ymir’s death, the power of the giant was divided among the nine children. They have become the nine giants. And one of them still inherited the abilities of the ancestor giant. When they gained the power of giants, the life span of these people was shortened to 13 years. Of course the power of giants can be inherited. When an Eldia turns into a brainless giant, and then eats the person who possesses the power of the giant, the power of the giant and the memory of the eaten person will be inherited into the body of the Eldia. Otherwise, after the 13-year life span, the power of the giant will randomly enter a newborn Eldia baby. Even so, the mainland is still ruled by Eldia. The oppressed Malais were unwilling, so the nine giants distrusted each other through divorce, and finally triggered the Civil War of the Eldia Empire. Since the ancestor giants still existed, even if there was a civil war, the forces of all parties were relatively balanced, and the giants formed parties and stood in court. Until the ancestor giant passed down to the 145th generation, the 145th king believed that the only war and destruction the Eldia had brought to the world for thousands of years, he believed that the Eldia were sinful. In the end, the 145 generation king led a part of the Eldia to leave the island next to the mainland. He made a no-war agreement with the ancestor giant in his body, and then used the power of the giant to build three walls. Inside the wall, the 145th king is called the first king. Later, the king used the power of the ancestor giant to tamper with the memories of the Eldia people, allowing them to live and work in peace within the wall for a hundred years. On the other hand, without the power balance of the ancestor giants, the Eldia Empire gradually collapsed. Through the brainwashing of a new generation of Eldia children, the Malay Empire gradually mastered the other eight giants. The remaining Eldias who have not reached the wall are encircled by the Marais empire into another shelter. They can only live in the shelter under surveillance. If anyone violates the rules, they will be sent to the “paradise.” . One day, a man named Grisha Yeager refused to listen to his mother’s dissuasion, and when his brain got hot, he took his sister out of the shelter to see the airship. Later, he was naturally found by the Marais soldiers and faced punishment. The brother took the lead and said that the punishment of the younger sister was also borne by him. So a Marais soldier took his sister back to the shelter, and another Marais soldier kicked his brother as punishment. When I got home, I found my sister hadn’t come home. Later I learned that my sister had been fed a dog. The death of his younger sister had a great influence on Grisha Yeager, but he saw his mother crying silently, and his father would only flatter the Marais officers, and seemed not to care about his daughter’s death at all. Grisha Yeager hated the life dominated by the Malay Empire. He joined the Eldia Revival and vowed to overthrow the Malay Empire and rebuild Eldia. . The Eldia Renaissance Society is developing in full swing under the intelligence of the “Owl” inside the Malais government. As a passionate young man, Grisha Yager is naturally favored by other members of the Renaissance Society and has become a pivotal figure among them. He met the last Eldia sister with royal blood, they got married and gave birth to their son Jike. It’s time for the power of the giant to be replaced once in 13 years, and Jaeger wants his son Jike to participate in the trials of the power of the giant to win the power of the giant. Unexpectedly, Jike actually reported his parents and members of the Eldia Revival. And these members of the Eldia Revival Society were naturally sent to the paradise by the Malay government. It turned out that the so-called paradise was the small island where the Eldia ran away, and the Marais had already used the giant’s spinal fluid to develop medicines that could turn people into brainless giants. And these people sent to the paradise will be injected into a brainless giant who can only eat people, and then roam the island forever, or die. The members of the Eldia Revival Society were all injected with medicine and turned into brainless giants, including Jaeger’s wife. At the critical moment of Grisha Yeager’s life and death, Xiao Xiao appeared. He became a giant and killed everyone in this Malay squad. It turned out that the Marais soldier who caught him while watching the airship that day was the “owl”. Owl’s real name is Alan Kruger. Xiao Xiao revealed to Grisha Yeager that the Marais empire has been fighting for years. Due to the lack of resources, the head of the empire has long been coveting the island’s abundant resources. But the first king would not resist in any way. The first king believed that even if the Eldia nation were to die, it would not be able to make up for its sins. But sooner or later, the Malai government will go to the wall to find and snatch the power of the ancestor giant, and then kill all the Eldia in the wall. Therefore, Grisha Yeager must precede the Malay Empire to find the ancestor giant and use the power of the ancestor giant to liberate the people of Eldia. Owl entrusted this mission and the power of giants to Grisha Yeager. ​The nine giants have their own names, and the giants fighting for freedom are called the attacking giants. Grisha Yeager entered the wall, became a family inside, and gave birth to Allen. The Marais government also sent 4 young men with giant powers to enter the wall to obtain the power of the ancestor giants. Perhaps it is because these four teenagers are so inexperienced that they were confused when facing the sudden brainless giant, and one of them was swallowed by the brainless giant. The brainless giant who has been wandering the island for 60 years has finally turned back into a human being, and she is Ymir. The remaining three are the giantess, the super giant, and the giant armor. Grisha Yeager secretly investigated inside the wall and finally found the royal family. That night, he ate people of royal blood with the power of giants, and then gained the power of the ancestor giants. The royal family members were also killed by him. But what he didn’t know was that due to the limitation of the “no-war agreement”, the power of the ancestor giant could only work on people with royal blood, but even with royal blood, after inheriting the memory of the first king, his Thought will also be dominated by the first king, that is, the Eldia will be kept in the wall forever. Soon, the Wall of Maria was destroyed by the super giants and armor giants, and the humans in the wall lost 1/3 of their territory. That night, Grisha Yeager found his son Ellen in the survivor’s camp, and entrusted Ellen with the mission and the power of the giant with tears, and asked Ellen to take back the wall of Maria and enter his home. The basement, there are very important things. The most precious thing to those inside the wall is the truth of this world. After injecting Alan with the Giant Potion, Alan became a giant and ate his father and inherited from his father the power of the ancestor giant and all the memories of the previous giant host. But due to side effects, the memory will be temporarily forgotten. Allen, Mikasa, Elmin, Sasha, Yumir, Krista, Reiner, Bertot, Jean, Koni and others joined the investigation corps as the 104th recruits. On the other hand, because the memory has been tampered with, few people in the wall can remember the truth of this world, but there are also several big families whose memory is not affected by the power of giants and therefore cannot be tampered with. The Ackerman family is one of them. Because the Ackerman family has always advocated not to tamper with the memory of the people, it has been persecuted by several other big families and royal families. By the generation of Kenny Ackerman, it’s basically a single pass. Keni was one of the few people who knew the truth, so he hated the royal family and the gendarmerie. His greatest wish is to assassinate the king in the wall—Uli Reyes. That day he entered Uli Reyes’ courtyard and smashed Uli with a one-hundred enemy, but Uli Reyes became a giant and eventually subdued Kenny. Uli Reyes, who owns the ancestor giant, understands the final result of the killing, and his thoughts finally touched Kenny. Since then, Keni became the leader of the military police, secretly serving for the royal family. The ancestor giant is still passed on from generation to generation in the royal family. Keni went back to the younger sister who went to visit in the underground street of the royal capital. He found that his sister had been dead for a long time, and there was a dirty and pitiful child in the corner, who was his sister’s child. Keni taught the child the ability to survive in the underground street of the royal capital, and then left. This child was later Captain Lewell. As a person who masters the truth of the world, Keni’s mission is naturally different from ordinary members of the gendarmerie. He helped the royal family to maintain the royal ruling power, and at the same time secretly purge some people who are unfavorable to the world inside the wall, such as proclaiming that there is no future in the wall, and advocating those who get freedom outside the wall. Of course, it also includes the Investigation Corps. Since the investigation corps developed to the 104th issue, major events have happened one after another. With the capture of the giantess Ani, Reiner and Bertot were actually the initiators of the destruction of the Wall of Maria. The investigation corps seems to be farther away from the truth. Coming closer. In order to protect the secrets of the early kings and maintain their own rule of the royal family, the investigation corps eventually became the object of the royal family’s elimination. Keni used a murder case to arrest Captain Irwin, then captured Christa and Allen, and listed all the investigative corps with only 7 people as wanted objects. That night, Keni and Uli’s elder brother Rod Reyes, the only remaining member of the royal family, joined forces to bring Christa and Allen to the floor of the Reyes Family Church in an attempt to get Christa to eat Allen. In order to retrieve the ancestor giant that was taken away. As the daughter of Rod Reyes, Krista understands that even if she regains the power of the ancestor giant, she will be dominated by the thoughts of the first king. In the end, Rod Reyes on the side understood that victory was hopeless. He licked the liquid of the giant’s potion on the ground and turned into a deformed giant of 120 meters, but was eventually beheaded by Christa under the city wall. This battle severely injured Kenny. Levier found Kenny who was dying, Kenny told about Levier’s life experience, and gave Levier the giantization potion, and then died. Afterwards, Krista re-used his original name Histria and became the queen, and the investigative corps successfully regained political sovereignty. The Wall of Maria recapture plan will be restarted immediately. The 208-member team of the investigative corps, carrying the hope of the people, went on the road to the place where the wall broke-the Shiganshina district of the Wall of Mary, which is the hometown of Allen. The investigative corps inside and outside the Higanshina battled with beast giants, super giants, armor giants, and controlled brainless giants. In the end, the investigative corps won at the expense of 199 people. The giant of beast was defeated by Captain Livel, the giant of armor was defeated by Mikasa and others, and Elmin ate Bertot who had a super giant. Then the investigative corps went to Grisha Yeager’s house, which is the basement of Allen’s house, to get the true face of the world outside the wall. Parady Island was eventually occupied by the Investigation Corps. A year later, the investigative corps explored the edge of Paraty Island, which is a sea. The members of the Investigation Corps felt a sense of freedom that they had never experienced before. At this time, Allen pointed to the sea and said: On the other side of the sea is the enemy.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The above is too complicated. I came here to have such a world when it was over. In addition to normal people, there are giants. Giants like to eat people, but they can’t die without eating anything. Giants are several stories high, but Generally no brains, I call it sb giant. In the past, sb giants relied on their large size to eat people every day, and humans were defeated. One day, humans built three circles of 50 meters high walls inside and outside to surround themselves, so sb giants with a height of more than ten meters could not eat people. If you ask why humans can build walls under the eyes of giants? Don’t ask, it’s foreshadowing. Almost a hundred years after the city walls were repaired, a little kid was born. His name was Ellen. His dream is freedom. Don’t ask what freedom is. Freedom is over. The child also has two friends, a man named Xiao Ming, whose dream is to look outside the wall, and a woman named Mikasa, who is Ellen’s licking dog. Three friends were blowing water, fighting, and chatting inside the wall. Their life was endless. Then one day, a super giant poked his head out of the city wall. Xiao Ming was terrified when he saw it and said, “That day, human beings finally remembered A fear of being dominated by giants”, and then from under the crotch of the giant giant came out an armored giant about the size of an ordinary giant. The two of them had brains at first glance, because they didn’t eat people, they worked together to make the outermost The circle of city walls dried up, and then suddenly disappeared. At this time, the sb giants who usually dangled outside the wall made their debut. They entered the city wall and started to meet people. Allen’s old mother was beaten at this time. He was very sad and indignant. He said that one day he would kill the giants, and then he followed. The friends ran to the inside of a city wall. Alan, who had come down from the wall, heard about the national conscription, so he was honored to join the army with the idea of ​​learning how to kill giants. The two friends also joined the army. After joining the army, the teacher told them that the giant was It’s a real beef batch. It can grow in place if the needle sticks and the water doesn’t pour the head in. But there is one weakness, that is the back of the neck. If you cut his back of the neck, he will die. How do you cut it? Humans invented a thing called a three-dimensional mobile device. Wearing this you can fly around like a fly, and then one person sends two knives. You fly to the back of the giant’s neck and cut it. But this three-dimensional mobile device is more difficult to operate. , It’s easy to hit the wall with unskilledness, so Allen has been studying for several years and is about to graduate. But the day before graduation, the super giant who kicked the door suddenly appeared and broke the second wall, just standing on the wall. Ellen shouted, good fellow, waited for you for five years, but as soon as he flew up he was lonely, the super giant disappeared again, and then the sb giant Wuyang Wuyang entered the city and began to eat people. Ellen decided First hacked a few sb giants to practice hand skills, but the three-dimensional mobile device was really not easy to use. He was swallowed by a passing sb giant as soon as he flew. Xiao Ming standing by witnessed Alan being eaten and scared to pee. The giant that Ellen swallowed suddenly split, and then a giant sprang out of his stomach. He didn’t eat people and killed the sb giant. Everyone followed Xiaoming and freaked out. What’s all this… It’s better for Xiaoming to say this. Alan must have changed. Everyone should help Alan kill the sb giant and then I instructed him to move the big stone at the door to block the door, so the gap was blocked after some operation. Everyone was very surprised. After the happy event, Allen got out of the back of the giant’s neck. Before everyone knew what was going on, the high officials from the wall grabbed Allen away. These big officials were confused and scared. They asked Alan who you are. Alan said I was a scumbag. They asked you how you can become a giant. Alan said I don’t know. They said you are a spy of a giant. , Allen’s mentality exploded and said I really didn’t know that I wanted to kill all the giants. The mentality of this group of officials also exploded. They wanted to kill Allen, but an investigative corps came out to save Allen. They said that our old giant killed the man. Give Allen to me and we can take him to kill all the giants. What is the investigation corps? The country inside the wall has three armies, one is the gendarmerie regiment which is the chief’s guard regiment, the other is the stationed corps is the police, and the other is the investigation corps, which is dedicated to look outside the wall and be eaten back and sent back b , But because too much was given, the ones who survived were very good. The commander of the investigative corps was named Irvin, the most hanging soldier was Levi, who was also the commander, and there was also a man who specializes in giants named Han Ji. They asked Alan to leave, but Ai Lun said don’t ask, I really don’t know anything, I knew that I could become a giant with a single stab at myself. When asked about the collapse, Allen suddenly remembered that his father had told himself that there was the truth in the basement of his home, but he went away the day before Allen’s mother was eaten and he never returned. So the head of the group said yes, he will go to you right away. At the door of the house, they organized a group of people to start going out of the city. As a result, they met a weird giantess just after they left the city. This guy is the same as the brother Kummen. They don’t eat people, so why are they female? . This guy killed the corps and was chopped to death by the captain, but the sb giants surrounded him, so the captain said to withdraw. I had never seen this guy before and was killed seventy-eight. The investigating corps went home. The head said that since Alan can become a giant that doesn’t eat humans, maybe the giants who don’t eat humans are transformed into humans. Maybe this giantess is also transformed into humans, so the team leader secretly investigated. I found out that one of Alan’s classmates when he joined the army was very suspicious. When I asked, it turned out that something went wrong during the arrest. This female classmate changed a crystal coffin and became autistic. Don’t ask how it changed, the question is peculiar. Features. It doesn’t matter if the team leader thinks it’s not possible to catch you. The guys who kicked the door might have changed. First check if the people around the giantess are ill. The good guy doesn’t matter if you check. She has two fellow villagers and looks like kicking the door. The two brothers are exactly the same, and they are now investigating the formation of soldiers. The group leader was about to catch the two brothers and ask questions. The spies reported that a group of sb giants suddenly appeared in the city wall. They didn’t know where the city wall was rotten, so the group leader could only send someone to monitor the two brothers first, and then solve the problem in the city. A group of giants, everyone went around and found that the city wall was not bad, that is, a village in the city was gone. The people in the village looked exactly like the giant who entered the city this time. The head of the group felt a little bit in his heart. Could the sb giant also be changed. When the head of the regiment was thinking, the mentality of the two brothers collapsed. They were still the cannon fodder of the investigation corps in name. They secretly pulled Alan aside and said that in fact, we are the two giants who trampled your home. We both know everything. Come with us and specify your juice to eat. Ellen said I don’t believe it unless you burn it with boiling water… The mentality of the two brothers collapsed, and they decided to become giants and take Ellen away by the way. Ellen was desperate, and he began to cry and howling, but his howling and howling gave way to sb. The giants started attacking the two brothers, and the two of them were so shocked that they could only leave Alan behind and run by themselves. The commander Alvin was also shocked. He didn’t expect Allen to be like this again. He decided to retreat temporarily to study and regenerate his energy before regaining Allen’s home. There was an episode in the middle. The ruling class inside the wall felt that Elvin was too strong. If they were so powerful, their status would be insecure, so they were about to kill Alvin. As a result, the old millecake Alvin had already reached this point. So he led the investigating corps to seize power by armed forces. He also found a soldier under his hand. After researching, he found that she was the illegitimate child of the king, and appointed her to be the queen. After seizing power, the corps studied a wave and found that they were too sb. They used art knives to slash the giants, so they developed RPG, and later flew to the back of the giant’s neck and shot it wide without injury. Head, the investigative corps has greatly increased in strength. After changing their equipment, they decided to regain Alan and his home. Sure enough, the brothers who kicked the door back then waited for them to take Ellen out of the city. This time the brothers also brought two giant reinforcements with brains. One looks like a monkey and can throw stones very accurately. Let’s call him Brother Monkey. ; One can only use claws, let’s call her the driver. After a fierce battle, the investigative corps killed one and ran away three, and successfully recovered Allen and his home. However, the head of the group died, and the head of the group said that in the future, Han Ji will lead everyone to continue freedom. Everyone finally came to Allen’s house and discovered the secrets of the world: “It turns out that there are two kinds of people in this world, one that can become giants, called Eldia, or Airen for short; the other that can’t change, just call them the others. People. As a result, a hundred years ago, the king of Airen felt that his nation was too bad and the crime was heinous, so he brought his giant power and some Airen to a small island, and then commanded tens of millions of super giants. The giants used the skills of transforming into crystal coffins to create three walls and decided not to come out to endanger the world. But in order not to let the world retaliate against them, it meant that whoever came to the island to cause trouble, he called out the giants in the walls and stepped down. His house. As a result, the king did not clean things, and many Ai people remained on the original continent. These people were bullied every day without the protection of their boss. Their characteristics of being able to become giants were still used by others as war fighters. Cannon fodder. Among those who were bullied was Ellen’s dad. Ellen’s dad felt that it’s not a problem to go on like this, so he went to the island to find the king and ask him to save the people outside. The king said no, we All the sins should die. His dad said that tm was not what I wanted to be born. The dirty hands and feet of your ancestors are my shit. The king said it was a tortoise shell. So Alan’s dad killed the king and snatched the ability to control the giant. , And found that he couldn’t use it, because the princes and generals had a kind, and he could not command the giants without the lineage of the dragons, he was desperate, so he passed on his abilities to Allen and asked him to find a chance to save the world. One question, how did the power of the giant be inherited? The author said that by eating, whoever eats the power of the giant can inherit his power, but inheriting the power will lose his memory for a while, so Alan reacted at this time When he came over and ate his dad, Ellen vomited. Now there is a new question, what are the giants that kick the door? This has to be talked about from the Airen left outside the wall, the power of giants It has been handed down for thousands of years and has been scattered. The king is the most powerful. The giant he turned into can command all giants. There are eight under him, so let’s not talk about everything. After the king came to the island, eight are special. Basically none of the functional giants were taken away. These eight gadgets were used to kill and kill on the mainland. However, the technology is changing with each passing day, and giants are gradually becoming a little awkward in front of foreign guns and cannons, so one has mastered the eight majors. The country of the power of giants, called Marais, thought of grabbing the power of giants from the king on the island, so that they could be more than a few decades, but they were also afraid that the king would come out to retaliate against them, so they sent only one of the eight giants. A few go kick the door. Where did the sb giants on the island come from? Didn’t we say that many Ai people stayed on the mainland? Some people in the middle were uneasy and messed up, so they were turned into giants by land countries and exiled to this place. On the island, this is the origin of the sb giants outside the wall.” The investigative corps looked through the whole round and found that the real enemy was a country on land, so it regained its energy and prepared to go ashore for revenge. However, on the other side of the sea, the country of Marais, who had offended the islanders severely, began to pretend to be innocent, saying that the islands are all demons that can turn into giants, and we mortals must unite to destroy them. Other countries seem to have forgotten that Marais used the power of giants to engage them, and they all expressed Airen biss. Just when he showed his determination, Alan fell from the sky and severely damaged the Marais army. He also announced that the island would go to war with the Eight-Nation Allied Forces. Then he ran back in an airship. When he ran back, he took a man with him. Who? It was the giant monkey brother who had been chopped off once before. This monkey brother has a background. He is Ellen’s biological brother. Alan’s father raised the monkey brother on the mainland, but the large size was abandoned, so he went to the small island to raise the trumpet Ellen. Brother Monkey got the right to transform into a wise giant by being a dog, but what everyone didn’t know was that Brother Monkey was a princess with blood, so if Brother Monkey got the power of a king, he could command all giants. Because Brother Monkey was abused by his own father, he felt that Alan must have been abused by his own father, so he wanted to meet Alan and protect him. Brother Monkey also told Ellen that you have the power of a giant in your body now, and I have the blood of a king, and we can command all the giants by touching the body. I have thought about the crimes of the giants. The giant inside the wall let out a little scare to scare the mortals, and then we order all the people of the tribe to Chegigi, then the world will be peaceful when the power of the giant disappears after the death of the current people. Allen said, brother, come and face me. So the two of them finally got together on the island after all the hardships. As a result, Allen lied to Brother Monkey. Allen’s idea was to release all the giants in the wall to destroy the world. When the two of them hugged each other, Brother Monkey saw Ellen’s memory and found that his father was very bad to him, but he was very good to Allen. Then Brother Monkey had a mental disintegration and asked the captain to hack him to death, Brother Monkey. Allen began to command tens of millions of super giants to level the world. Everyone was terrified. Allen was too fierce, so my friend Xiaoming took Allen’s licking dog Mikasa to take the lead in reversing the situation. Zai and they played back and forth with Kickman, the driver giant, the sniper counterfeit coins, etc., together to prepare a team to kill Alan, so as not to destroy the world. After a wave of operations, they successfully killed him. Alan, who is not human, then discovered that there was a large parasite on Alan’s neck. It turned out that this parasite was the source of the power of the giant. This bug also has the function of a router. It can control all the people who have been parasitized by him by transmitting WiFi. The offspring, this offspring is Ai Ren. Mikasa cut off Allen’s dog’s head with a single knife, and exploded the parasite by the way, and the power of the giant disappeared. It’s a pity that because they were killed too late, 80% of the people in the world were trampled to death by the super giant commanded by Allen. At this moment, Xiao Ming received a memory. It turned out that while Alan could command all the giants, he also obtained a gold finger. How much is this gold finger? You can tamper with the consciousness and memory of the giants at will, and there is no limit to time and space, which means you can remotely modify the consciousness of people many years ago, and then Allen told him that he actually directed the giants to eat their own horses. The goal is to protect Xiao Ming and Mikasa. He also said that he likes Mikasa very much, and he didn’t want her to scream in the arms of other men, and destroy the world for everyone. Xiao Ming is stupid, the whole play ends

6 months ago

1. There are a lot of characters in this game, and the mortality rate of the characters is extremely high. Except for those who look like the protagonist, most of the cannon fodder is basically not far from death when they appear, and the deaths are more ugly than the other, so be careful to add 2 Don’t be deceived by the plots of the first two seasons. This work seems to be a hatred of the country and the family, but it is actually a love of children, and it is still my sadness and the bright moon. The three views are extremely crooked, except for people. In addition to death, it is important to highlight that a prince and general has a species. Those with high combat effectiveness are basically bloody. The upper limit of normal combat effectiveness is extremely low. The counterfeit currency is the author’s daughter. Asked why the investigators died round after round and the top ten in the 104th stage died at the end. There is also a ghost, and the question is appointed.

6 months ago

1. Once upon a time there were three walls, and there were giants everywhere outside the walls, and there was my little Allen in the walls 2. Giants are bad, I want to expel them 3. There are several giants in humans, they are bad, and I want to expel them 4 . The king is bad. He is not only bad, but also fake. 5. The true king is also bad. She indulges giants to eat people. 6. Correct, it turns out that my dad is bad, and the true king is good. (Unfortunately, she was wronged by my dad. 6. Correct it again. It turns out that my dad is good. 7. There are people outside the wall. They are bad. They always discriminate against us. I want to expel them. 8. My companion has also changed to prevent me from gaining freedom. 9 . The villain is myself

6 months ago

1. Cruel, the same people are the same people, but they kill each other, eat raw in the most cruel way, and think that the most terrifying monsters are their own people. 2. Cruel, the mother of the protagonist in the first season was bitten in two by his father’s ex-wife in front of the protagonist. 3. Cruel, the most precious friend of the protagonist, the friend who has lived together for four years, turned out to be an undercover agent sent by the enemy to kill his own companions every day. Moreover, all the disasters are caused by these friends, causing tens of millions of people in their homes to die and starve to death. 4. Cruel, the protagonist’s elder brother, all the people in his team, hundreds of people were beaten to pieces by the rocks. 5. Cruel, the beginning of this story is that three daughters ate their dead mother, and this mother is the father’s slave, without dignity, living with pigs. 6. Cruel, the protagonist’s greatest wish is to see the sea and enjoy freedom. However, after working hard for many years, I discovered that there were enemies on the other side of the sea, as well as clansmen who were enslaved and brainwashed. They want to come over at any time to attack and enslave everyone on their side. 7. Cruel, in order to survive for his own nation, he must learn to be strong and cruel. His friends are dead, and friends from childhood to childhood do not understand him. He is alone. 8. Cruel, they dream of freedom, but they are constantly locked up, just like the beginning of the first season, the chain is gradually tightened, and even freedom is engraved on the clothes, flying in the air with a machine, it is so free, but the slightest Don’t dare to slack off, otherwise a giant will grab it and make dinner. 9. Cruel, war brings not only death, but also sadness. Children are educated as war machines. They are ashamed of their national identity and learn to use their weaknesses. Killing lives is regarded as military merit without repentance. 10. Cruel, counterfeit money killed people again.

6 months ago

The success of “Giant” is not limited to blood and curiosity. What attracts people’s attention is the deeper content of this work. Humanistic realism, rigorous logic, and characters close to reality, such as the story of the Cadiz instructor. He was the first commander who was still alive since the establishment of the investigative corps but passed to the next commander, the young Cadiz. The instructor is pretentious, considers himself a special person, and is determined to accomplish a great achievement to gain everyone’s recognition. After ruining many teammates and experiencing many failures, Gaddis finally realized that the special person is not himself. It is very difficult to admit that you are ordinary. As for what the attacking giant is telling, the following content contains spoilers! ! About 2000 years ago, there was a young girl named Ymir in the Eldia tribe. She was a slave. One day she was a scapegoat for other slaves and was exiled by the slave owner King Fritz. In the process of fleeing, she unfortunately fell into a puddle of a big tree hole. In the pool, she gained the power to become a giant. From this, the first giant was born, the ancestor giant. After that, Ymir returned to the Eldia tribe and continued to play for King Fritz, also known as the war horse. With the weapons of the Lai tribe, in return, she stayed with King Fritz and gave birth to heirs. Then Ymir died in a ceremony to defend King Fritz’s arrow. That day happened to be the 13th year Ymir became a giant. King Frietz ordered Ymir’s three daughters to eat Ymir’s body in order for the power of the giant to continue. In this way, the power of the giant was finally divided into nine parts, and one of them still inherited the core power of the ancestor giant. After gaining the power of the giant, the life span of these people is shortened to 13 years. When an Eldia turns into an ordinary giant and then eats the person with the power of the giant, the memory of the power of the giant and the eaten person will be Inherited into this Eldia. The ancestor giants are also passed down from generation to generation in the Frietz royal family. Until the ancestor giant passed down to the 145th generation, the 145th king believed that the Eldia were sinful and only brought war and destruction to the world for thousands of years. So he and the warhammer giant planned to hand over the dominance of the empire to the Marais, and then led a part of the Eldia to the island next to the mainland. He made a no-war agreement with the ancestor giant in his body, and used the power of the giant to build three walls. Inside the wall, the 145th king was called the first king. Later, the first king used the power of the ancestor giant to tamper with the memory of the Eldia people, allowing them to live and work in peace within the wall for a hundred years. Because the Eldia Empire lost the power of the ancestor giants, the Eldia Empire quickly collapsed. The Malays established the Malay Empire and mastered six of the nine giants, and the remaining Eldi The demi people are trapped in the shelter by the Malays. They can only live in the shelter, and if they violate the rules, they will be sent to the paradise. Later, a man named Grisha Yeager refused to listen to his parents’ persuasion and took his younger sister out of the shelter to see the airship. The result was found by the Marais soldiers and faced punishment. The brother wanted to take all the responsibilities alone for his sister, so he became a horse. The Lai soldier took his sister back to the asylum, while his brother was punished by another male soldier kicked. The brother came home and learned that his sister did not go home, but was fed the dog by another Marai soldier. Grisha Yager’s hatred of the Marais empire grew day by day. He joined the Eldia Revival and vowed to overthrow it. The Malay Empire rebuilds Eldia. As a passionate young man, Grisha Jaeger was also favored by other members of the Revival Society and became a pivotal figure. Later, he met a princess Eldia, who had royal blood. They married and gave birth to their son Jike (later the beast giant). Then Grisha Yeager wanted his son to participate in the Marais Empire’s selection of giant candidates. The ritual, if the power of the giant can be obtained, is very beneficial to the revival of Eldia. Unexpectedly, Jike betrayed his parents and members of the revival society, and the members of the Eldia Revival were also sent to the paradise. The so-called paradise is a place where people become exiled by giants through the medicine bottles developed by the Malays, and these giants can only eat people and wander around or die. Watching his wife and the members of the Eldia Revival Society were turned into giants, Grisha Yeager was devastated. At the critical moment of Grisha Yeager’s life and death, a Marais soldier turned into a giant and killed all the Marais team. It turned out that it was the Marai soldier who caught Grisha Yeager while watching the airship that day. His real identity was the “owl” of the Eldia Revival in the Marais Empire. The real name of the owl was Alan Crewe. grid. Then Xiao Xiao told Grisha Yeager everything. And hope that Grisha Yeager will find the ancestor giant and use the power of the ancestor giant to liberate the people of Eldia. After that, the power and mission of the giant was handed over to Grisha Yeager. Among the nine giants, the giant who fights for freedom is called the attacking giant. Then Grisha Yeager entered the wall and got married and gave birth to Allen. The Malay Empire also sent four young men with giant power into the wall to obtain the power of the ancestor giant. One of the youngsters was so inexperienced that he was swallowed up by a sudden dying species, and this dying species was Ymir who had been wandering on the island for more than 60 years. Afterwards, Grisha Yeager investigated the whereabouts of the ancestor giant. With the encouragement of his son Alan’s voice, Grisha Yeager, who was too late to get off his hands, finally ate the ancestor giant. Soon after, the Wall of Maria was broken by the super giant and the armor giant. That night, Grisha Yeager found his son Allen, tearfully entrusted the mission and the power of the giant to Allen, and told Allen to go. In my basement, where is the truth of the world, Alan, who had become an ordinary giant, later eaten him, and Alan didn’t know that he had gained the power of the coordinate of the ancestor giant and the power of the attacking giant. Later, Allen joined the Investigation Corps as a recruit in the 104th period. Begin Ellen’s story.

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I used to think that the biggest enemy was the Unsullied Giant, but it was later wiped out by me! Marais became my confidant again, so I killed the senior Marais again. I thought they could stay honestly, but if they didn’t learn the lesson, I was entangled with the world coalition to destroy my country. You can bear it. ? I couldn’t bear it, so I started to cry. I thought that Diming could solve all problems. After I wiped out 80% of the population, my brain suddenly convulsed and I didn’t want to play anymore, so I begged Mikasa to chop off my head! Our slogan is: Don’t look at the attacking giants, don’t look at the attacking giants, don’t look at the attacking giants!

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Seeing a question mark in the comment area, let me explain: A group of young and ignorant readers who only have a problem-solving idea, followed the male protagonist into a set predicament, and was successfully brainwashed into ultra-right conservatism (commonly known as fascism). ) A story that is a firm supporter and never doubted. What is a single way of thinking? Take the work as an example. When you face the plight of Pa Island, what kind of methods will you think of to solve the problem and protect Pa Island? Han Pai: Although we are not sure whether we are right or not, we believe that upholding justice is right. We are also willing to give our hearts to protect everyone, including everyone on Parady Island and outside the island. Marxist leftists: The root of the contradictions in the giant world is still not out of the category of class contradictions. Race contradictions are just a cover. It is necessary to figure out who is the enemy and who is the friend. In fact, the Ai people can cooperate with ordinary humans and fight against their common enemies. That is, the power of their respective ruling classes and giants. Class contradictions are still the source of racial contradictions. As long as no one in this world invades other countries or exploits civilians to satisfy their own interests, there will be no more disputes in the world. It is worthwhile and necessary to take risks in order to eliminate class contradictions. The thinking of both the Korean school and the Ye school is understandable, but the destruction of the world is to treat the symptoms and the roots, it is drinking poison to quench thirst, it is fascism, so we must not agree. Yapai: What is this, what is written here? ? What else can be done in this dilemma besides killing and killing? ? What is the class contradiction? ? It’s all racial conflicts now, understand? The Ai people are no longer humans, understand? How can you have peaceful ideas? I must have a brain disease! Doesn’t the author tell you that there is no way out? You must all be virgin bitches! Don’t care about the life and death of the people of Pa Island?

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The brainwashed fascists often don’t think they are fascists, (just as the Japanese right-wingers don’t think the Great East Asian War is a war of aggression, they think it is defending their homes and the country, and they still don’t recognize themselves as fascists) because they think of massacres It is a conclusion drawn through their own wisdom. They believe in their own wisdom, and flaunt their cold-blooded, proud of their rebellious views. But in fact, the way of thinking is single, and opinions are easily induced by others. They do not understand the class concept, which is a more in-depth way of looking at problems, nor the value of the left-wing adventurous spirit. Therefore, they can only choose conservatism and extremism. And he is convinced of his choice, that it is the only reasonable choice at the moment. If the conservative right can understand the value of the left’s risk-taking behavior, even if it doesn’t immediately agree with the left, at least it will respect them, just like Picsis did not agree with Irwin, but don’t deny it, just wait and see. Say it again. There is no need to use the sword and gun like the Yapai in the comics, and there is no need to call others the Virgin like the Internet Yapai. Rightists have distorted or even demonized the views of the left. They feel that they are completely above the left. They feel that they don’t need to lay down to understand the ideas of the left. They don’t feel that conservative and adventurous are two equal ways of thinking. They feel that risk is the same. Surrender and conservative is a hero. Brother Chuang has a set of brainwashing skills

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The giant is a metaphor for cannibalistic fascism. There is a country that relies on fascism to invade externally and suppress the masses internally. It was subsequently defeated by the anti-fascist alliance. As a defeated country, it has been sanctioned economically and technologically. Its economy is limited within one island. The citizens of this country have received anti-fascist education (everyone knows that giants can eat people and need to expel giants). As a defeated country, there is still an unequal hierarchical system. The elites base the unequal status of this country on anti-fascism. In the propaganda of these elites, any behavior that undermines the system is equivalent to calling for fascism (meaning that when the walls are opened, giants will come in and eat people). The system of resistance to fascism is made of hidden fascism (the wall that blocks giants is made of giants). There are two meanings here. The first is that the new democratic system in the name of “anti-fascism” is actually a kind of fascism. The second is that after the war, the senior officials of the old Japan were not completely liquidated. The chaebols went from pre-war to war. In fact, he has always been at the top of the country. Fascists still exist, but they exist at the bottom of society (the closer they are to the periphery, the more they face the threat of giants, which are actually human beings). And it is used by the elite like a beast. In modern countries, fascism is mainly embodied in mutual harm at the bottom. The extreme right at the bottom hurt the workers, women, and LGB T at the bottom, but they have never been able to go beyond the protections to hurt the elites in the democratic system. Nationalists can eat people, but they can’t eat the meat of the high-level and can only harm the people at the bottom. In the propaganda, the fascists are portrayed as a beast far from humans, a stereotyped villain that only appears in movies and games (compared to the more realistic human style, the giant’s The images are distorted cartoon human bodies). But if you look closely at the social structure, you will find that your neighbor next door is actually a fascist. There is actually a big difference between the fascists in the propaganda and the fascists with flesh and blood around you. You can kill German-speaking Nazis in the game, but you may not really be able to kill a vegetable vendor who believes in nationalism in an anti-fascist state of mind. (It is gradually discovered in the comics that people around you can actually become giants). It’s easy to oppose stereotypes, depersonalize, and “fascism” in propaganda materials. It’s hard to oppose the real, close, and living fascists. The elites of the victorious countries who built the new order on the basis of the victory of the anti-fascist war established a new fascist system, and the elites told the public that the purpose of this system was “to prevent the resurrection of the dead of fascism.” Those who eat giants become giants. The dragon slayer becomes an evil dragon. The victorious nations of the new order are abusing fascism to attack each other. The United States also used a lot of nationalist propaganda in the US-Japan trade war, encouraging far-right red-necked racist organizations to participate in US foreign economic competition. Revolutionaries who resist this new authoritarianism will be portrayed by the public media as extreme fascists who disrupt social order. Deconstruct those rational and revolutionary images with a stereotyped cartoon impression given to the public (referring to injecting drugs into anti-system revolutionaries to turn them into brainless giants). After the revolutionaries were arrested, all the public knew were “someone who was brainwashed by militarism”, “someone who was instigated by foreign forces” and other extremely rigid propaganda images. Left-wing communists have also been portrayed as characters like fascists in the capitalist media. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are considered the same country. In the media, the extreme left and the right are all bad guys, and democratic countries are perfect. That is the horseshoe theory. In the old fascist countries, the A nation was a superior race, and the B nation was an inferior nation. In the new world established after the victory of the Anti-Fascist War, nation A is an inferior nation responsible for the fascist regime, and nation B is a superior nation as a victorious nation. As a defeated country, due to the unequal treatment of the world, it seeks fascism again to avenge the international community. (Referring to the islanders beginning to use giant power to avenge outward again). The merchants who advocated the revival of the Japanese nation in the US-Japan trade war are no different from the wealthy of the Kankobuen era. In general, it actually talks about the spiritual confusion of Japan as a defeated country in World War II, its dissatisfaction with Japan’s so-called “democratic” system after the war, and the author’s dissatisfaction with the unfair international order dominated by the United States in reality. .

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The story begins with the deepest nightmare of mankind. There is a creature in this world, like a human being magnified by n times. They cannot communicate and can easily defeat well-trained soldiers. The huge body brings great destructive power. . The most important thing is: they love to eat people. Humans survive by blocking giants by huge walls like miracles, just like domestic animals in captivity. However, on a sunny day, suitable for a picnic, giants taller than miracles appeared, destroying the miracles and the peaceful life of the only remaining domestic animals. This leads to two people, Alan Yeager and his child daughter-in-law Mikasa Ackerman. The two unlucky children witnessed the miracle being destroyed, and subconsciously ran home and found that their mother was held down by the ruins once called home. A giant was approaching the ruins. Suddenly, the soldier’s uncle Hannes, who was mocked by Allen, appeared handsome. Allen’s mother asked Hannes to take her son and daughter-in-law to leave and give up herself. Hannis said he wanted to defeat the giant and save everyone. However, when the giant approached, facing the soldier with the weird smiley face, he was frightened. He picked up the two hapless children, apologized like Amy, and ran away. Amy asked them not to abandon her in her heart. She was afraid of asking for help, and she covered her mouth desperately. Allen watched his mother bitten and swallowed by the giant, setting up the grand ideal of expelling the giant. Due to the special structure of the wall, human beings have only lost a part of their living space instead of facing extinction. But the influx of refugees and the lost land caused a food crisis. Here comes another person. His parents participated in the war between humans and giants so that their children would not be starved to death. The war failed, but their children can survive. The hapless child is called Almin. Some of the livestock are yearning for the world outside the wall. Their official name is: Investigation Corps. Under the lead of Alan, Mikasa and Almin joined the training corps, which is the preparatory class of the investigative corps, mainly learning the use of three-dimensional jet equipment and how to kill giants. The three unlucky children met a lot of friends in the preparatory class and became a lot stronger, and life seemed less cruel. Just when Allen and others are about to officially graduate, doing routine inspections. The nightmare struck again, and fate made Alan once again face a giant bigger than the miracle. The difference is this time, Allen has the ability to fight! (It’s burning up! Is there any!) However, it didn’t. Alan is like the protagonist who has gone wrong on the set. When he rescued Almin, he was bitten off by a giant and ate it. The daughter-in-law Mikasa, who was besieged by Allen’s death, rushed into the giant pile, and after a lot of effort, the supplies ran out. Precarious, recalled that Allen gave Mikasa the strength to continue fighting, but it could not help her defeat the four or five-meter-high monster in front of her. When Mikasa was about to be finished, a yelling giant full of anger appeared, and he roared and roared every time he knocked down a giant. Saved Mikasa, rescued the trapped soldiers. After the giant fell, Alan was exposed inside. The fact that Allen was able to become a giant was taken by the commander of the city defense corps and the commander of the investigative corps, who had rushed back, and made a plan to retake the city wall. After some twists and turns, Allen took up his own responsibility and blocked the breach of the nightmare invasion. Since then, Allen has officially become the hope of mankind. Allen and others joined the investigative corps and opened the way to explore freedom. For the lofty ideal of mankind, the soldiers under the leadership of Irvine launched a charge against the nightmare time and time again. They dedicated all of their own, dreams, humanity and life. They desperately and sacrificed everything and pushed Alan forward until he stood where he should be. Finally, after paying the price of a different place, Allen finally stood on the “road”. Alan was finally able to let the world hear his voice. As a result, the miraculous high wall that bound and protected mankind collapsed, revealing the hideousness that would destroy the whole world. The story is not over yet. Can I immediately become a Buddha if I put down the butcher knife? In an avalanche, are snowflakes really innocent? I can’t help but think of an old movie, “Watchmen”, Rorschach, who never compromises, is dead. Where is Alan? I am looking forward.

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