On April 15, Jiang Qiulian, Jiang Ge’s mother, sued Liu Xin for a dispute over the right to life in Qingdao Chengyang District Court. On April 23, Jiang Qiulian (Mother Jiang Ge) posted on Weibo that the original intention of prosecuting Liu Nuanxi (Liu Xin) was to seek an authoritative conclusion of the law and that all the compensation for the case would be donated to the society.

Five years, five years, this matter is not over yet! ! I have graduated from high school to fast university. My views on this matter have gradually changed. Let’s look back at the 16 years of the incident. Jiang Ge and his friend Liu Xin are studying in Japan. Liu Xin’s ex-boyfriend has a dispute with Liu Xin, Jiang Ge In order to help Liu Xin get rid of the entanglement of his ex-boyfriend, he was killed by Liu Xin’s ex-boyfriend, and the whole process took place in front of Liu Xin. Liu Xin turned a blind eye to his ex-boyfriend’s murder. Jue, unable to bear the pain of bereavement, begged for justice while Liu Xin’s family was happy, as if none of this had happened, and even tried to put aside the relationship with Jiang Ge, avoided seeing Jiang Ge’s mother, and even moved to avoid Jiang Ge’s mother. , Forced to ask netizens to help the Jiang Ge incident continue to ferment. Known for 17 years, Jiang Ge’s mother initiated a petition for the Japanese side to sentence Liu Xin’s ex-boyfriend to death. In the following years, Jiang Ge’s mother treated Liu Xin to defend his rights. Initiated a lawsuit, it is bound to seek justice. This time, it is the real end. Everything will settle. When things just fermented, I was in the third year of high school. At that time, I hated Liu Xin’s actions like hatred. For such a cold-blooded person, it’s better to feel sorry for Jiang Ge at the same time. How did you befriend such a scorpion-hearted girlfriend? The good guys didn’t get rewarded, but the bad guys were happy and happy. At that time, all the voices on the Internet fell, accusing Liu Xin of cannibalism. Blood Mantou, supporting Jiang Ge’s mother’s rights defense. At that time, my concept was that facing a fresh life disappeared before my eyes, and because of myself, I was indifferent, and I could sleep peacefully, and I didn’t deserve to be a human being. Now, a few more years have passed. My xinxing is not impetuous at the beginning, and I can’t help but start thinking after seeing some social attitudes. Is it really because of cold blood that Liu Xin didn’t open the door at the beginning? Ask yourself, if you see someone at the door killing someone frantically, would you dare to open the door to help you? We, we always overestimate our courage and underestimate humanity. So, if it were me, I am not sure if I would dare to open the door. However, I am sure that I will perform my responsibilities afterwards and I will actively cooperate with the investigation of the case. I will make up for Jiang Ge’s mother’s loss of her daughter. I’ll say it seriously. I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to compensate Jiang Ge’s mother. No matter it’s five years or ten years later, even if my heart is already in my heart. I am insensitive, I will not change because I am a living person, I can lose to human nature, but I can’t help but no one knows how different I am from pigs, dogs, animals, or any normal person, facing Liu Xin’s approach, Claiming compensation for rights protection is a very reasonable thing. There are people who have defended Liu Xin, denounced Jiang Ge’s mother for hypocrisy, Bai Lianhua’s hypocrisy, used her daughter as a show, and persevered for compensation. I said that these people did not accept it. Money is stupid, ignorant and ignorant Zi Gong redeem people, do not take the gold Confucius said: From now on, Lu people do not redeem people. Zilu savers, they worship oxen, and Zilu accepts Confucius said: Lu people must save the drowners and repay grievances with virtue, how can they repay virtue? Sacrificing self-interest to help others, why can’t we get rewards? The kindness of the dripping water from the elementary school should be repayed by the spring? Why can’t Jiang Ge’s mother sue Liu Xin? Why can’t she claim compensation for her daughter’s life? It was lost because of helping Liu Xin. Why did Jiang Ge’s mother plan to donate compensation? Because what she wants is not compensation at all, but a sentence of justice. No matter whether she wins the lawsuit or not, Jiang Ge’s mother’s actions are reasonable and lovely. I think there is such a thing in this world. A persistent, brave mother who is proud of Jiang Ge. As for Liu Xin, since she closed the door, Jiang Ge lost her life since Liu Xin’s life was already burdened with that part of Jiang Ge’s life. When she slept, Jiang Ge would be with her. When sharing bed and eating together, Jiang Ge will sit at a table with her and get married, Jiang Ge will clasp her fingers even if they enter the grave, Jiang Ge’s soul will be entangled with Liu Xin’s soul and will always be with Liu Xin. Around, forever


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6 months ago

Seeing the answer to this invitation early in the morning, I first crossed it and then came back to say a few words. After reading some of the answers, I just want to say to some people: As a person, you can be unkind, but at least you should not be too vicious! Jiang Ge’s problem is that I want to quickly swipe it over every time I see it. When I don’t see it, it’s because every time I watch it, I’m particularly at a loss. I am both a woman and a mother. I sympathize with Jiang’s mother, admire Jiang’s mother, and love Jiang’s mother. What’s more, I can’t bear to see her like this, and a bunch of people slander her. A woman, in order to protect her children, did not hesitate to divorce and take the children alone; in order to have a good future for her children, she sold her house for her children to study abroad. And this child she had used her life to protect and nurture was killed. Isn’t it right for her to seek justice for her child? I don’t know why so many people are coming to slander her like this. This case has been going on for many years, and I know that this kind of pain will last for Jiang’s mother no matter how long it takes. Therefore, I can only pay attention to her silently. No matter how she protects her rights, I think it is a great mother who is asking for justice for her child and herself. It may also be that she is using the power of a mother to express her love for her child!

6 months ago

Jiang Ge’s mother is so pitiful, so many years of asking Liu Xin for an explanation may be the only motivation for her to cheer up and live. Her daughter is her only light. After the light disappears, she can only find the light to live in the dark, “(I receive After the news of the court hearing) I couldn’t sleep in bed, tears couldn’t stop streaming, I couldn’t tell what emotions were in my heart. The 1620 days of Geer’s murder are as vivid as a movie, heartache, warmth, grievance, touch, Suffering, hurt, love, hope, and other complex emotions are intertwined in my heart.” In the few years since Jiang Ge was killed, all of her life has been to seek justice for her daughter. In fact, she wants to be in front of Liu Xin. Ask some questions, “I don’t know if she will appear in court, let’s talk about it when she can appear in court.” Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin starts the court! Liu Xin did not appear in court! Heathcliff’s video 7616 broadcasts donating all the compensation to the society. This is to show my heart, not to fight for money, but for a late apology, a person who has been known in the hearts of people but has not Tell the truth! It was Chen Shifeng who used the knife to kill, but Liu Xin was the one who killed Jiangge!

6 months ago

Some people also said: If Jiang Ge’s mother really just wants justice, why should she ask for so much money? Wouldn’t it be enough to ask for 10,000 yuan? If it is really like what this person said, the criminal has killed someone, why should he cut his head, meaning that he can just shave his hair? If sentencing is not in place, justice is not up to standard. In other words: the harm must be paid. If the price is not high enough, then this kind of “sniffing” evil will become a kind of “elephant in the room”-everyone knows it well, but the law can’t help it. Are you a gift for Chinese New Year? The amount is not important when you feel it? Even the amount of gifts represents weight, let alone punishment? If all the information released by the lawyer so far is true (I don’t know if it is true), I absolutely support Jiang Ge’s mother’s request for large compensation. Even if Heizi stares at her and pours dirty water, she must seek justice for her dead daughter. Don’t say “I really don’t understand Jiang Ge’s mother”, she doesn’t need you to understand, how old are you? At this moment, she was Jiang Ge’s sword, she took out everything that could be used to sharpen the sword, and she did not hesitate to consume it. Only in this way can I give my daughter a little explanation. Moreover, this is Jiang Ge’s life in exchange, there is no need to donate, life will continue, you can take care of yourself and the elderly first, don’t care too much about what others say, everyone in the world has a clear conscience.

6 months ago

The compensation was paid for by the daughter’s life, how can it be spent as a mother? How to spend? How can you bear it? So many people say blame Jiangge’s mother for slamming Liu Xin, why are they not forgiving? Does Liu Xin know she is wrong? Did you admit it wrong? Have you ever heard of Qian? How can a person who knows no mistakes or admits his mistakes be forgiven? To forgive such a person is undoubtedly an accomplice of evil. Everyone thinks about heaven and hell. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone who makes mistakes still refuses to admit, quibble, confuse right and wrong, and slander the benefactor. Such a person should not be let go, letting her go will chill the hearts of thousands of kind people.

6 months ago

This trick is really a lore.
I really admire Jiang’s mother. This trick directly invalidated all Liu Xin’s previous methods.
What profit? I donated it.
What scam money? I donated it.
What can eat human blood buns? I donated it.
Where does the money come from to do these things? I sold the house for money.
The only thing I am curious about now is how much shame Liu Xin can make.

6 months ago

Cyber ​​violence will kill Jiang Ge’s mother. When Jiang’s mother started not wanting money, I felt scared. If Jiang’s mother was not satisfied with legal weapons, would she choose the most primitive homomorphic revenge. The spray is intensifying the contradiction. The law has limitations of the times, and not all good people who do not break the law, such as Liu Xin. It is really difficult for Jiang Mu to punish Liu Xin with legal weapons. When the law is helpless to Liu Xin, there are naturally legal alternatives to maintain social order. The side effects of homomorphic revenge as a substitute for this order are likely to cause endless harm. Side effects of homomorphic revenge such as clan fighting. For example, how fierce the two village chiefs are fighting. Clan fighting is a huge hazard, with hundreds of deaths and injuries, which is not a problem. The quality of being able to cultivate a family that is righteous and brave is great. Because of the harsh environment in which they live in reality, most of them reason with a narrow world view and do not believe that there are people like Jiang Ge and Jiang Ge’s mother in the world. My mother is afraid that I will be deceived by people like Liu Xin. I said a word and my mother was relieved. In reality, I have cleaned up all the people who gave me the nickname, and I have deleted all my friends without leaving them. Liu Xin gave Jiang Ge the nickname Sanshu. If I were Jiang Ge at this time, I would have deleted the nickname. Because Jiang Ge is simple, he feels that everyone in the world is for me, I am for everyone, and if I help others, I will pay and return. The vast majority of girls in society ran away when they saw Chen Shifeng, and would not get themselves into disputes. It is because Jiang Ge has such excellent qualities that we can learn from are rare, so our kind people hope that Jiang’s mother will live happily. Jiang’s mother’s life is scumbag, it’s not worth it. Even changing the account book is a huge loss. A sigh.

6 months ago

Borrowing the content of the previous answer to the main: I support Ms. Jiang Qiulian’s decision, but I don’t want her to donate it. In addition, I also supported Ms. Jiang a little, and did not pay any attention to where she spent the money. Because what I support is not only her living expenses, I also support her to pursue this matter to the end, so that we can still feel the simple morality of “good and evil are rewarded”. As a person, it is more than just living like a walking dead, the starry sky above your head and the values in your heart are more important. The tricks behind those naval forces who clamored not to disclose the details of their expenditures are clear at a glance. Today, Ms. Jiang announced the details. Tomorrow someone will come out and say that his donation is not in this list… Repeating the operation several times so that Ms. Jiang can’t pay attention to the most important things, so as to make the instigators escape the court. the result of. Alas, the hustle and bustle of the world is all for profit, which is understandable. If you just have some money, it’s better not to make it.

6 months ago

I’ve read Jiang Ge’s news before, but I didn’t dare to read it carefully later, and quickly swept over it. I can’t imagine how there will be people like Liu Xin in this world. I agree with what my friends said that Chen Shifeng was the one who killed Jiangge and Liu Xin was the one who killed Jiangge. Some are worried about what will happen to Jiang Ge’s mother after the verdict. After all, for so many years, asking for explanations for her daughter’s death is the pillar and motivation of her life. When the dust settles, I hope that Jiang Ge’s mother will find the fulcrum and motivation for a new life, so that she can live the rest of her life well. Perhaps, donating the compensation money is a farewell to this matter. I hope that after the matter is over, Jiang Ge’s mother will live a good life.

6 months ago

“Yongzheng Dynasty” forced the palace section
Zhang Tingyu made the Baye Party speechless. The Eighth Master said angrily: You Zhang Zhongtang opposes the Eight Banners to discuss politics, nothing more than to keep your position as Minister of Military Aircraft!
Zhang Tingyu said leisurely: Baye, how about you and I abandoning officials at the same time? I’m afraid that Zhang Tingyu is willing, but your eldest master can’t bear it.
Ba Ye was speechless.
It seems that the answer is not what was asked, but it is actually like this.

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