The epidemic in India has completely gone out of control and even collapsed. Over 310,000 cases on April 22, over 330,000 on 23, and over 340,000 on 24th, India not only broke the global single-day record of newly diagnosed new diagnoses held by the United States, but also refreshed its own record of the previous day. .

India’s epidemic curve from May 2020 to April 2021, pictured from The Times of India
The domestic epidemic situation in India has also aroused widespread concern in the international community. There, not only is a humanitarian disaster taking place, but the discovered “double mutation” new coronavirus has spread to many countries around the world. Reuters is worried that India under the epidemic may become a “purgatory on earth.”

Hospitals are overcrowded, oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment are in short supply, hospital casualties are frequent, and many dead have been cremated on-site on a large scale… In addition to these, there have been many man-made chaos in the Indian epidemic. Oxygen cylinders are sold at high prices on the black market, and high prices inside hospitals Hospital beds, a large number of super-rich fled their country.

Some experts have analyzed that the recent rebound in the epidemic in India is related to a “double mutation” virus. In addition, critics have pointed out that Modi’s government has not done enough to prevent the epidemic, and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s permission for large-scale religious gatherings is also the source of the surge in the number of cases.

At present, the surge in cases in India has also affected the global fight against the epidemic. On the 23rd when India broke the new number of new diagnoses in a single day, the number of new confirmed diagnoses in a single day in the world also set a record high at the same time. Many countries have adopted entry restrictions against India. The WHO is deeply concerned about the epidemic in India, and China has stated that it is willing to provide necessary support and assistance to India in controlling the epidemic.

At this time, some Indian media published a column, calling for “China’s experience in fighting the epidemic” to learn from it.

India’s recent epidemic rebounded out of control: over 340,000 newly added in a single day, foreign media worried that it might become a “purgatory on earth”


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In the previous China-India border crisis, I said that with regard to the current epidemic, India is counting on someone to provide him with a vaccine to help him out of the crisis. A group of people gave me popular science: India is a major pharmaceutical country with strong vaccine production capacity and a higher export share than China. Vaccines will be produced in October 20th. Those who know are talking about India, but those who don’t know think it is a lighthouse. That’s it, this year India got the British production license and started to imitate it. I am excited to come back to and ask me if I want to apologize. India’s pharmaceutical industry is not so good. I admit, India’s vaccines are invincible…what a shit. India’s vaccines must be imported from glass bottles to raw materials, not to mention the thrombosis caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. All the raw materials that India needs depend on the United States, and for Biden’s epidemic prevention myth, the United States does not even care about the life or death of the European Union, what India is. When the epidemic broke out in China, the supply of raw materials for American pharmaceutical companies was broken, and epidemic prevention materials were in short supply. Fortunately, China was fully out of the epidemic in the second quarter, so the United States still robbed medical supplies around the world in April and May. Your India intends to bypass China and get out of the new crown epidemic on its own…It is good for young people to have ideas. There is no way out. While China has expressed its willingness to provide oxygen support based on humanitarianism, India is very hard-hearted to say no. With backbone, India did what Trump dared not do back then. Please put the factory bull on the public screen. It can only be said that the Indian government does not care how many people die. It does not intend to control the epidemic and has lost the window period of control. Indians are now entering a two-choice scenario of death from disease or starvation. If large-scale prevention and control are now carried out, the price is the Indian economy. The systemic collapse of the 21st century’s greatest humanitarian disaster. The current situation in India is worse than that in Africa. Although Africa is poor (in fact, India and Africa have the same per capita GDP), Africa’s first population density is low. Second, Africa’s infrastructure is backward, so the mobility of people is poor. Finally, it is precisely because of Africa’s weak manufacturing industry that there is no large-scale movement of people from rural cities like India. A large number of people settle in the villages, referring to China’s rural epidemic prevention, which naturally blocked the spread of the virus. Therefore, India does not have the life of the United States to get the disease of the United States. To put it bluntly, India’s pace of surpassing China to become the world’s most populous country may have to stop for a while.

7 months ago

To be honest, I feel sorry for them, especially the patients in India. Seeing the reporter’s report in the media, in the short period of time when the interview was arranged, six patients awaiting treatment in the same hospital died. Many patients lie on bare-board hospital beds without any care, and more patients do not even lie on the outdoor bare-board hospital beds, lying directly on the ground, which can basically be counted as waiting to die. It is difficult for a healthy person to understand the pain of the patient, and it is even harder to understand the fear caused by this terrible disease, but I understand them very well, and to be honest, it is really pitiful. Outside the hospital, there should be more poor people who might not even have the opportunity to enter the hospital. The official Indian figure is two to three thousand deaths in one day, but in the state of Indian society, the actual situation may not be more than zero. The decisions that healthy people make on behalf of patients often do not meet the wishes of patients, because healthy people cannot experience the torture of illness and pain, and they can’t really stand and talk. In such a difficult situation of the epidemic, the Indian government actually rejected China’s assistance intention and stated that it would look for anti-epidemic supplies from other places. I think the Indian patients who are in urgent need of oxygen will definitely scold the 18th generation of the Indian government’s ancestors when they hear this. These people can be generous to others when they don’t get sick from their own body. (You) starve to death is a small matter, and (I) loses a lot of time. The Indian government is a government without a sense of responsibility. His epidemic prevention measures from the beginning of the epidemic were purely a show, and it was a show that did great harm to the people. Public transportation was stopped without any notice, forcing people to walk home on high speed for thousands of miles. Closing the city is also a joke. It does not take into account the basic needs of the people to do a full-scale closure of the city. Many people can’t even eat at home, but they will be beaten by the police when they go out. Is this what people do? This government has done almost nothing in the past year except to divert a little attention from provocations at the border. With the epidemic under control in China in the past year, the construction of fever clinics and special wards to prevent the new crown has never stopped, and the epidemic is ready to rebound at any time. In India, when the epidemic has never disappeared, there will be a large-scale shortage of basic supplies such as oxygen after a year. This shows how inefficient the government’s preparations have been. What’s even more funny is that Modi actually licked his face before engaging in vaccine diplomacy. Today he said he would provide vaccines for xx and tomorrow he said he would be responsible for the world. As a result, this rebound has stripped off India’s panties. India has to import even vaccine raw materials from the United States, and this material is now banned from export by the United States. India has asked the United States to liberalize the export of raw materials these days. “Declined”. Vaccines cannot be produced (it is too late to produce them), and anti-epidemic materials are “observed”. I really can’t see the limits of the epidemic in India. A year ago, I predicted the epidemic in India. I said that the poor living conditions of Indians may not care about the new crown virus at all. In fact, their government really doesn’t care about the new crown virus and let the new crown virus spread for a year. This rebound of the epidemic will undoubtedly destroy Modi’s prestige, and the Indian Internet has already become a pot of porridge. What’s more serious than this is that the epidemic may interrupt India’s economic growth and leave India in a state of poverty for a long time. At that time, it will also form a new term-“low income trap.”

7 months ago

This time may be really different. I have read a lot of news, and I found that this time, unlike the past, many overseas “Gaohua” have begun to have deep worries and even fears… It is totally different from last year’s cloud. Light wind and light, even ridiculed.
I feel that if they said it was exploded, then it is really possible to explode

7 months ago

Not everything has a way out. A single day’s increase of 340,000, the actual increase is estimated to be 2 to 3 times or more. It is difficult for the medical system not to collapse. This is still a state where a large number of poor people give up directly. Yesterday I saw a video of a group of wild dogs biting a little girl, which was shocking. Sympathize with the ordinary Indian people. In the future, the epidemic will probably not end. Purgatory in the world, with almost no effective deterrent measures, still firmly puts politics first and refuses to accept China’s help. In the end, life will be overwhelmed. He can only say: “India, if it has to be regarded as an ancient country, That is also the most uncivilized country among the surviving ancient civilizations. “The way out may be the same as that of the United Kingdom and the United States, pursuing human body anti-epidemic and natural immunity until effective vaccines are available and mass-produced. It depends on the situation. I do hope that some smart people or awakened people in India will look at China, learn from China, and be more friendly to neighbors. They will see a completely different world instead of the so-called firm rejection of “diplomatic obedience” or “diplomatic coercion.” .

7 months ago

This outbreak in India is not an outbreak of the original diseased strain, but a combination of the outbreak of the British variant diseased strain and the local variant diseased strain of India. There was a period of time before the Indian epidemic was under control. The Indian government deliberately beautified the data, and the original diseased strain may not Adapted to the hot environment in India, and the original diseased strains are not very pathogenic, the recent outbreak of mutant diseased strains has obviously adapted to the hot climate, and the pathogenicity has been greatly improved. And there will be repeated infections, that is, people who have had antibodies from the original disease strain may not have high resistance to the new mutant disease strain, and will be reinfected. This is the trend of influenza. The actual death toll in India The actual number of infections should be 3 to 10 times the current number of infections. Of course, there are many people in India, because it is impossible to destroy the country. But the Indian economy will be greatly affected. Simply put, India will not be able to get rid of the impact of the epidemic this year. The two-year epidemic will make the Indian economy regress for several years. Secondly, it will also greatly reduce the scores of countries on India’s governance capabilities. Be cautious. I am afraid that the supply chain will not be placed too much in India, so this epidemic will have a profound impact on India’s long-term development. I am afraid that Indian manufacturing will really become a slogan, and it will have a great negative impact on the US Indo-Pacific strategy. The biggest impact on our country is that multiple mutated strains may reduce the effectiveness of our country’s vaccines, but the second-generation vaccines will also be gradually developed and produced. However, in this case, we may have to vaccinate at least 2 to 3 generations of vaccines in the last 3.4 years. The new crown is controlled all over the world. my country’s restrictions on the movement of foreign personnel may not be completely lifted this year or even next year, because various mutant disease strains continue to appear, and even if the entire population is vaccinated, there are still greater risks in the international flow of personnel. The virus has been fully contained worldwide before our country can completely resume the previous movement of people, and the continuous mutated disease strains in the breeding grounds of Africa and India will cause this opening up to continue to be postponed. It is not ruled out that after multiple mutations, the emergence of a diseased plant that is extremely infectious and has a high lethality rate, then the impact on the world will be very large. I really don’t know how many people will die in the world, but we can rest assured that our country has the strongest social control power in the world. If such diseased plants really appear, our losses may be dozens of times and hundreds of times lower than those of foreign countries. Other countries. To add that, the ultra-high mortality rate I am talking about does not mean the extremely high one. The new crown mortality rate is now about 1% to 3%, but if the mortality rate of the mutant virus increases to 10 to 20%, and The infection can be repeated, the incubation period is greatly increased, then the lethality will be stronger than it is now, and the infectivity will not decrease too much. An excessively high case fatality rate will reduce infectivity. For example, Ebola has a fatality rate that is too high and the onset of disease is too fast. After tens of thousands or tens of thousands of people are infected, it will disappear on its own, because almost all people who get the disease die in a short time. There is no way to cause a wider spread.

7 months ago

No help, wait for death. As for the Gu King raised in a one-billion-person Gu house like India, no one knows how terrifying it is. There is a question mark whether the current vaccine or the like can keep up with the speed of Gu King mutation. India has a population of one billion + level, the only second in the world; coupled with a low-government organization, the government cannot control it if it wants to control it; coupled with the low savings of the people, if you don’t have money, you will starve to death, and you won’t be infected with the new crown. It will definitely be fatal; coupled with the religious atmosphere of India, even if you get sick and die, it is God’s will that you can have a good baby in your next life… and so on, there is no more perfect gu breeding farm than India. Thanks to the Himalayas for blocking the footsteps of the Indians, otherwise it would be really disgusting…I also want to thank China for its strong industrial capacity. In the production of epidemic prevention materials, it does not need to look at the faces of other countries.

7 months ago

Looking at Modi’s lonely expression, we should be able to feel the collapse of the morale of a country with a population of 1.3 billion. Modi said that his government had never expected that the second round of the epidemic would hit like a scourge and break the already controlled situation. Now that the Indians fled from New Delhi, the desperate housewife at the hospital called for her husband to wake up. The brothers and sisters encouraged each other to live. The crematorium next to it was running around the clock so that the incinerator was melted by the heat. Why don’t the United States, Japan and Australia follow the previous agreement with India to provide technical support for India to become the world vaccine center? The Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of India and the Minister of Health tweeted to pray for the US government to lift the export ban on vaccine raw materials. The White House responded to India’s request, but the US private companies are of course willing to earn US dollars instead of Indian rupees, and the Biden government rescued 1.9 trillion US dollars. The bill and the US$1 trillion in family security are real money. Capitalists are giving up all ethics and morals for 10,000% of the market value. As a criminal democracy in the eyes of Western countries, India should understand the values ​​of the arsenal of the World Democratic Revolution. The Indian elites ask the Modi government to steal and kowtow to get vaccines, anti-epidemic drugs, and oxygen and other life-saving materials. However, the nationalist sentiment created by the Modi government has become a stumbling block for India to fight for China’s cooperation. If New Delhi asks China Asking for help is considered an act of surrender. Although the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released its goodwill to help India. What’s next for India? The Canadian Biological Laboratory research report pointed out that the super mutant virus discovered in India has invalidated the vaccines that have been marketed in the world. If this is true, it means that the Indian epidemic is completely out of control. What India needs to do now is to restore its national strategic strength, first of all, to maintain its economy and people’s livelihood under the premise of strictly fighting the epidemic and saving lives. This requires the assistance of India’s best trading partner, China, to support India’s bulk raw material exports. Secondly, India needs to firmly join the Belt and Road Initiative and maintain the SCO framework to isolate NATO’s draw and corrosion and maintain a non-aligned position. This is very important for India to strive for international anti-epidemic cooperation, because the United States and Europe have been crazy enough to face ideological differences rationally. Up. Third, India needs to maintain strong government leadership. The BJP has mobilized the national service organizations of all states across the country to learn from China’s experience and strictly fight the epidemic to prevent its spread. Finally, India returned to its original intention to respect science and no longer blindly self-confident and anti-intellectual.

7 months ago

Why do some people think that the mutation can only be lightened. The rabbit myxoma of the kangaroo was tracked. There was indeed a mutation with a very low fatality rate in the early stage, but it was not found after a few years. The later judgment is that the mild disease that is too easy to recover is not conducive to transmission. Finally, the most widespread rabbit myxoma is a moderate mortality rate. In addition, it has long been said that the effect of Pfizer’s mrna on the mutant virus is only 1/6. This is still a laboratory score, and it is not a double triple locus mutant virus such as Ah San. Antibodies are also attenuated. It is also said that foreign vaccine orders have been pulled to 2024 and 2025. Moreover, it seems that foreign vaccines are not valid for a long time. If the virus continues to mutate and the vaccine is too late to fight, India may never be able to get herd immunity, and India will be excluded from international exchanges. However, as a regional power, India is not. If it is possible to completely cut off contact with neighboring countries, the virus will surely spread to neighboring countries.

7 months ago

First of all, remind those who sympathize with India. Don’t forget how India banned the export of cotton and masks to China at the beginning of last year when the epidemic in China was the worst. Don’t have any sympathy and hope for India, a populist country like India. It is hoped that the government will not interfere with the Indian people’s democratic freedom to boycott Chinese goods, and engage in large-scale humanitarian assistance. They will not underestimate the ability of Indian politicians to reverse black and white and buckle up the shit. As I said since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, the real king of the new crown epidemic is India, because India also has poor sanitation, high population density, low government control and efficiency, and low economic and medical standards. The most ideal conditions are different from last year. Last year, when the Indian government attached great importance to prevention and control, the prevention and control of major slums was the biggest challenge facing India. After protracted farmers’ protests and other activities, the epidemic in India has been completely out of control. The only way out is herd immunity, either proactively (vaccinated) or passively (lying down). However, the recent emergence of double and triple mutant strains in India and the U.S. vaccine The implementation of export bans on 37 key raw materials has blocked the way of active herd immunity to a certain extent. In addition, India’s economy is already fragile, and further bans will definitely kill people. Whether India is willing to resist this wave of epidemics is likely to rely on hard resistance. With an additional explanation, why learning from China can’t save India: 1. The biggest problem with India’s epidemic prevention is that everyone feels that 340,000 diagnoses in a single day are terrible, but what’s even more terrifying is that even the self-confident Indians themselves can’t tell the truth. The number of people who have been diagnosed, let alone the need for thorough inspections and traceability to the source of infection. 2. There is great uncertainty about the impact of the mutated virus on the vaccine. When an antibody test was done in New Delhi at the beginning of the year, it was reported that 60% of people had been infected with the virus and had antibodies. However, this wave of violent outbreaks, although there is no detailed data yet, It’s not like a country where most people have antibodies. 3. As mentioned earlier, India’s economic data is terrible, so bad that it’s difficult for people to survive without bans, and there are no conditions for bans and epidemic prevention. 4. Political factors determine that even if India is overshadowed by the United States, it will not “surrender” to China (secret trading is definitely not forbidden), otherwise the Modi government, which relies on populism to come to power, will lose its ruling foundation and the epidemic will superimpose national riots. The effect of the United States has been verified on a small scale, and the Indian government will not take risks in public and private. 5. In reality, there is a shortage of vaccines in Europe, the United States has banned vaccine exports, China has promoted full vaccination internally, and has to fulfill its pledges of assistance from the outside. Except for Russia, which has a relatively small population, no one has more spare capacity to make India the world’s number one in a short period of time. 2. A country with a large population. In fact, India is not without a way out. As a whole, no one can save India, but if it is divided into several countries and asks for help from the United States, Russia, China and Pakistan respectively, I believe everyone will go all out to save these new countries.

7 months ago

India asked its ally, the United States for help, but was rejected. The public said that China should learn from China for epidemic prevention; on the other hand, China is willing to provide help in fighting the epidemic, but the Indian media said: India will not import oxygen from China. “History will remember that a country with a population of 1.4 billion helped more than 90 countries, while a so-called superpower is sitting on piles of vaccines. We will not forget, President”. The number of new cases exceeded 300,000 for several days, continuously breaking the global record of new diagnoses in a single day; the medical system is on the verge of collapse, hospitals in various places are staged an “oxygen battle”, and the new crown epidemic in India is in full emergency. In the face of this humanitarian disaster, the distressed Indian government immediately turned its “seeking for help” to its ally, the United States, but the United States did not speak of loyalty and “declined”. After Biden took office, he immediately invoked the National Defense Production Act to prioritize US vaccine raw materials for domestic production, which resulted in restrictions on exports. Since the second wave of the epidemic in India came to an emergency, in this week, Indian officials have come forward to call on the United States to liberalize the export of raw materials for the new crown vaccine. The world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Serum Institute of India, posted a message on social media on April 16, “pleading” the Biden government to lift the ban on the export of vaccine raw materials from India. In order to increase vaccine production in India. Reuters also previously disclosed that the foreign ministers of India and the United States also mentioned the lifting of the import ban during their conversation on April 19. A screenshot of Punawara, CEO of the Serum Institute of India, saw that the Biden administration has not responded to the matter for a long time. At the White House press conference on April 22, local time, a reporter asked, “When will the Biden administration Can a decision be made?” In response, State Department spokesperson Ned Price first referred the question to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, saying it was within their purview. Later, when confronted with reluctant questioning by reporters, Price said the “truth”. Price argued that the United States has focused on controlling the epidemic in the United States. They prioritize vaccinating the American people. This is an ambitious and fruitful effort that has been successful so far. “We do this for several reasons. First, we have a special responsibility to the American people. Second, in the United States alone, more than 550,000 people have died and tens of millions of people have been infected. The American people are more affected by the epidemic than the world. Other countries are serious”. Price also explained that vaccinating Americans is not only in the interests of the United States, but also in the interests of other countries in the world. “If the virus spreads uncontrollably in the United States, it will mutate and spread abroad, which poses a threat to countries outside the United States.” As for the epidemic in other parts of the world, Price claimed that when the United States is in a better position and is confident of responding to any possible emergencies, “expected to do more. Of course, we will do our best to fulfill the first An obligation”. Regarding Price’s remarks, many Indian media believed that Price was defending the US export restrictions. The Times of India believed that when the outside world criticized the United States for turning a blind eye to the Indian epidemic, the United States had given a “vague guarantee of assistance.” The report also bluntly stated that, apart from verbal sympathy and “vague guarantees,” the Biden administration has done almost nothing, which has also aroused strong dissatisfaction from the outside world. On April 23, a reporter asked again about opening up the export of vaccine raw materials. As before, the spokesperson of the US State Department Jalina Porter did not respond to the matter, saying only that “the United States will continue to cooperate closely with India. Promote the circulation of basic materials and solve the bottleneck problem of the supply chain”. Screenshot of the video of the press conference. Indian media: China is not within the scope of India’s “assistance” consideration. In fact, the United States has stocked many vaccines. According to statistics recently released by British analysis company Airfinity, the United States is now the world’s second largest vaccine producer. As of March this year, it has produced about 164 million doses of vaccines, but these vaccines are all for self-use and the export volume is “0”. In addition to the doses that the United States snapped up from around the world, the United States has enough vaccines to vaccinate 450 million people, far exceeding the total population of the United States. However, the United States would rather throw the excess vaccines in the warehouse than share them. The New York Times quoted officials familiar with the matter on March 11 as saying that there are more than 30 million doses of vaccines idle in a warehouse in Ohio, USA, and no one has used them. Axios News Network of the United States said in this comment, “While billions of people around the world are anxiously waiting for vaccines, 30 million doses of vaccines are eaten up in Ohio warehouses. In sharp contrast is China. My Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying pointed out at the end of last month that China is currently providing vaccine assistance to 80 countries and 3 international organizations, while exporting vaccines to more than 40 countries, developing vaccine R&D and production cooperation with more than 10 countries, and responding to the call of the United Nations. Donate vaccines to peacekeepers from all over the world. At the two press conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 22 and 23, when asked about the emergency situation in India, the spokespersons of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a friendly signal saying that China is willing to control the epidemic for India Provide necessary support and help. Under Price’s video about his speech, an Indian netizen left a message saying, “History will remember that a country with a population of 1.4 billion helped more than 90 countries, and a so-called superpower But sitting on piles of vaccines. We will not forget, @美国 President.” Some Indian netizens accused, “The United States, which always preaches humanitarianism to other countries, has failed to show its humanitarianism every time.” China is willing to provide assistance in fighting the epidemic, and the Indian media : India does want to import oxygen, but it is not a friendly signal from China to China. On the 23rd, the Indian media “The Times of India” published a title “China expresses its readiness to assist, but India seeks oxygen (import) from other places” as the title. According to the report, official sources claimed that China is not among the countries that India seeks to source oxygen. At present, India’s confirmed sources are Singapore and the Gulf region. At the same time, the “India Express” published a review article by Zeng An Indian graduate student studying at Peking University, she pointed out in her article that the Indian government should learn from China’s methods and experience in responding to and preventing and controlling the epidemic. The author of the article believes that compared with India, China contained the new crown virus faster during the epidemic. In the process of epidemic prevention, China has adopted a “centralized planning and local action” model, with the central government issuing decisions and deployments, and grassroots forces such as neighborhood committees have played an important role in the implementation. “There is no doubt that the situation in India is the epidemic situation. It is much more serious. Can the aforementioned’Chinese model’ provide a reference for India’s current plight? Between the lines, the author hopes that the Indian government at this critical juncture can truly learn from China’s practice of “anti-epidemic students”.

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