I used to like to go back to my hometown very much, and I always felt that life was slow and relaxed. Later, as my age increased and my father passed away, many trivial matters had to be taken over by myself before I began to feel the so-called sadness. 1. It is difficult to handle things. The house needs to be transferred, but the real estate certificate has not been issued when the father passed away, and the person cannot handle it when he is alive. This is in a cycle. I believe there are quite a few things like this in the whole country, but things like this will definitely not be handled in my hometown. When my father passed away, GOV carried out cremation. There was a queue for cremation, and the funeral home would tell you who to look for and who can jump in the queue. My brother-in-law was injured while working at the construction site. The 70,000 to 80,000 medical expenses were all on my own. I was scorned and threatened when I negotiated with the engineering company. Ask the lawyer to say that if the lawsuit doesn’t come for two or three years, you can keep it private. I scolded, the reason was that the man from the Labor Bureau had just been complained about lazy politics; the city government was stopped by a security guard, and I put my feet on the table while shaking and asked me to talk to him about something (about seven or eight years ago). This year, I went home to mourn my relatives at Qingming Festival, but the house I bought was not driven into the community. The two babies ran five or six times with a cart of luggage before moving. I called 110 and told them that I couldn’t control it. I just asked them to go to the police. Finally, two guys came and stood at the door for 5 minutes and left. They said that I watched too much TV so that 110 would take care of everything, and everything could be reasonable. What is the property law of the Civil Code? The community is owned by all owners and there must be public parking spaces. How can it be possible? Ours is all like this. If you don’t buy a parking space, you won’t let it in. 2. It’s hard to buy things. I’m not used to asking the price to take a closer look at the quality. I bought a watermelon and took it home and found a rotten hole. At that time, the merchant deliberately turned the rotten side back to me and was enthusiastic and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. My wife went out to buy diapers. When she took it home, she found that it was a paper diaper. There was no Velcro, and she needed to find a way to fix it on the doll’s butt. It is estimated that if you don’t know the dialect, the unsalable goods are recommended. I bought the same brand and the same model of milk powder, but the baby was diarrhea after eating it. Later, I received phone marketing from the store: recharge 3,000 yuan to get 2,800 yuan worth of electric motorcycles. In addition, 3,000 yuan can continue to buy baby products such as milk powder, diapers and clothes. I think no matter how high the profit of baby products is, it is impossible to get 80% of the profit in the terminal retail store. I renovated the house and paid on time, but the construction period was delayed for almost a year, and finally I found someone else to finish it. The owner of the decoration company is still a high school classmate. In the end, he stayed in his hometown for 13 days on vacation before finishing work with his brother-in-law. 3. The interpersonal relationship is complicated. ① There are old houses in the village. Because there are often no one at home, the telegraph poles 5 meters away from the house were moved to 40cm under the eaves, and the wires passed through the roof 30cm. The state stipulates that the low-voltage line must be at least away from the building 1 More than meters. When I asked the village chief, he said that it was not the decision of the village that the neighbors themselves asked the people from the power supply bureau to make it. Then asked the neighbor, the neighbor did not admit to life and death. The relatives in my hometown shook their heads and said not to persuade him to do anything special, for fear that he would be a bird. ②. The village builds roads and ancestral halls, and collects money every year. This year the village entered a photovoltaic company with a slight income, but it was excluded when the money was divided. Asking the village cadres is the collective resolution of the villagers, but they said it did not count. ③. The classmates reunite all kinds of gods and wines. The squires who have the resources and contacts basically don’t even bother to pass WeChat. After passing, they don’t speak, for fear of getting into trouble. Ordinary people take turns toasting and chatting about the love of the year. After participating once, I will never participate again. 4. The ascending channel has become the backbone of society after the closure of the 1980s, and the fathers have already withdrawn from the arena. With the development of society and the progress of business, those families that started in the 1970s and 1980s are still prosperous today 20 years later. Classmate A has a net worth of over 100 million, with 17 or 8 companies under its umbrella, the largest with X thousand employees, and an annual output value of about 1 billion. His father is the owner of the coal mine. Classmate B is worth 5-10 million. He is a middle-level manager in the ceramic company of a real estate company. He has 2 gas stations and several real estate. Dad is the director of a state-owned township enterprise. Friend C’s entire family has no fewer than 30 small and micro enterprises. His father used to be a township secretary and was later arrested. However, his family still controls the local municipal project, real estate project, and monopolistic engineering project…Even if the technology develops, the first Know which second generations are most likely to be applied. When the government attracts investment, it must be the second generations who can get the resources. The new districts and industrial clusters are the first to receive news….Which second generations are the first to receive news. When we were in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in 996, some of them gave presentations in the conference hall and were commended, some were drinking and shouting to their brothers, and some were calculating their wages at home. In contrast, 996 is nothing. We enjoy relative fairness in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We can’t be a squire, at least we haven’t been a frog in that pot.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The city that cannot be integrated into, the hometown that cannot be returned. Even if I stay in this city for a long time, even if I buy a house in the city, get married and have children, I still feel homesick and miss the small town in my hometown. No matter how prosperous the big city is, and even if the small town in my hometown is broken, I still want to stay a few more days every time I go back, and I still feel a little bit reluctant every time I leave. I once thought about going back and developing, but I really don’t know what I can do except for the civil service exam. If there is development, I still want to go back. No matter how good a big city is, it is not my hometown. In fact, there is no stunned feeling that the subject said, but sometimes I look at the tall buildings in my hometown, and I feel a little strange, friends, classmates, childhood playmates, many of them have gone out. Familiar streets, familiar roads, and strangers sometimes sigh with emotion. Nowadays, although my parents are not present at home, I have to go back once or twice every year. Even if I stay for two days sometimes I want to leave, but I am still attached to this land because there are marks of my growth and too many memories. .

5 months ago

Before returning to the county seat, I thought of working: Everyone is a good person, and we pursue efficiency in doing things, and put the work as the first; if there is any contradiction, it will be the matter, and the colleagues are like a family without overnight hatred. After returning to the county seat, the working I saw: Everyone is an uncle, who pays attention to human feelings, and takes no responsibility first; if there are any contradictions, I can always give you a cut at the critical moment. The order of pouring tea and placing the seat cards may be more important than your completion of a larger job. Not one or two people are like this, but almost the whole environment is like this. From a positive melting pot to a dead quagmire where frogs are boiled in warm water, it is indispensable if you lose yourself. What I am afraid of is not being stunned, but that I have actively chosen to follow the trend. If you already have this feeling, please work hard and improve yourself. Even if the body is still in this quagmire, the mind must break free. “May the Chinese youth get rid of the air-conditioning and just walk upwards. You don’t have to listen to self-deprecating people. What you can do, you can make a sound. There is a little bit of heat, a little bit of light. It will make it like a firefly, and it can also make a little in the dark. Light, don’t have to wait for the torch.”-Lu Xun.

5 months ago

If there is a big gap between the prosperity of this big city and the county where you are located, there will indeed be a sense of gap. For example, a first-tier city and an 18th-tier small city. After you go back, you will find that there are many fewer job opportunities, people’s pace of life is also much slower, lifestyles will also have huge changes, and there will be a sense of discomfort. From an objective point of view, there is indeed a big difference between a city with a high degree of economic development and a city with a low degree of economic development. And the degree of economic development of a region will determine many factors, such as whether the consumer market is active, whether the investment market is active, whether there are many job opportunities, and the population is small. But if this big city is not much different from your city, then this feeling will be weaker. Or first-tier cities and strong second-tier cities, there will not be much difference.

5 months ago

Many years ago, because of friends, I went to a certain xx factory in a small county to help them solve their financial problems. I met the factory director of the factory and heard from friends how he started his business with a gang of “brothers” through xx relationships. In addition to the factory, the industry also involves real estate, catering, karaoke, hotels, logistics, and even hospitals. . One time when I went to the factory director’s office, I happened to ran into the local deputy magistrate coming out. I thought it was coming for a meeting. Later I learned that the deputy magistrate had a dedicated office and lounge in the factory, and he would come to work from time to time. Eat and rest. Later, a group of people ate at Jinbao Street in Beijing. After the alcohol was in place, the director of the factory sighed with emotion, saying that only when he was in the county seat of xx, he was still a personal character, so he came to Beijing as a p. Since then, since I can’t help much, I haven’t seen it again. Until a few years ago, I heard from my friends that the director of the factory was arrested and imprisoned because of criminal involvement. Therefore, the better a group of people like the factory manager can live in a small county, can it be reasonably inferred that the more difficult it is for ordinary people in the county? Of course, Beijing and Shanghai also have various high-level “factory managers”, but they should not affect the normal lives of most ordinary people. I am used to the life of no “factory directors” in big cities. When the factory directors teach me how to be a man in the county town, will he be stunned?

5 months ago

I am not returning to the county seat, but Changchun. There is a very direct sense of wildness. You have to fight your wits and courage to take a taxi, and you may feel insecure anywhere. You need to re-adjust your behavioral logic. Many things are reasonable because “everyone is like this”. In many cases, you need to cheer up and fight hard to get what belongs to you, otherwise you will be snatched away, and everyone still feels that you are not working hard. The gap between the values and perspectives of everyone is too large, so that you can’t talk much with your relatives and friends in your hometown, so you also have a sense of loneliness. What my daughter-in-law often said is that in these two days, forbearance passed. So there are basically two things in my hometown: throwing money around and cheering people around.

5 months ago

1. After you return to the county seat, you find that your expectations of the county seat are wrong. Do you think that if you have gained knowledge in the front line, you will be better than others when you return to the county seat? In fact, returning to the county town means that the salary is at least 1/3, and the front-line knowledge is useless. All the circle of friends is lost and needs to be re-adapted. Moreover, the way of making friends in the county town is relatively straightforward, which many people cannot accept. 2. After you return to the county seat, you will find those opportunities that may be at your fingertips. In the county seat, you have to grab your head. For example, the frontline hardships force the middle class, and few people are willing to do it because of the splint gas. When you return to the county seat, the middle class is your heaven. 3. After returning to the county seat, the housing problem was indeed solved, but what? You will find that the house is not important anymore, because everyone has it, and you have to fight for other things.

5 months ago

After a glance at the answer, it was all literary and artistic youths expressing emotion and expression. The text feels a little bit off the ground. I think I may be a bit soiled. When I returned to the county seat of my hometown, I really felt quite humane and comfortable. Saw it? I didn’t feel it. It’s already 2021, and I feel that the housing prices in big cities have made me feel lost. In fact, the core problem is from the stranger society to the acquaintance society. There are not many people who know you in big cities. Everyone is more in accordance with the procedures and regulations. There are not too many red tapes and details, so you will feel relaxed. Back to the society of acquaintances, this is your classmate, that is your good friend, and the network of relatives of three aunts and six poems. The personal space boundary is getting smaller. There are more intersections with others, so some people feel uncomfortable. Is there no acquaintance society in big cities? There is no human relationship in big cities? There are no hidden rules in big cities? No, then why don’t most of us feel it? What do we feel is the norms and processes? that is because. First, we are not acquaintances in big cities, nor do we know acquaintances in big cities. Naturally, I cannot feel the acquaintance society. Second, the threshold of the hidden rules of human relations in big cities is relatively high, so high that most of us can’t feel it. For most things that have low thresholds, it is naturally left to the process and the market. These are the levels that we can reach. Naturally, we feel that big cities are full of processes and rules. It feels very standardized. The transportation and communication under the countertops in big cities is no less than that in small counties. It’s just that most of us can’t reach it. I know that some people will say that the network of relations in the small county is already impenetrable, and that the county has been completely controlled by multiple local political families. Ordinary people basically have no chance. In fact, big cities are developing too fast, and the original political families of big cities cannot fully cover all aspects. So many opportunities are leaked out to newcomers from outside. It is the same if the county is allowed to make rapid progress. It is a society composed of Chinese people, so there will not be much difference in nature.

5 months ago

There is only one reason. It’s not very good to mix out, and it’s not good to go back. If you can honor your hometown, return to your hometown with beautiful clothes, and return to your hometown to invest, who will be lost. When I was outside, I thought that I had a higher salary than the people in my hometown, and I had more knowledge. I thought that I was out there, suffocating my dreams and the future, and felt superior. In addition to returning home, investing and starting a business. Most of them don’t do well, thinking that going back is tantamount to confessing their fate, and tantamount to staying in the old age. I became a person I looked down on before. Any hometown backwardness, human relationship accidents, are all bullshit. These are things that I have known for a long time. A person will not be lost in the social mirror, but will only feel lost in the environment.

5 months ago

After a person spends a few years in a big city, he will experience two mental journeys. In the first stage, as a person who has come out of the county seat, he always feels unwilling to return to the county seat in the end; in the second stage, after wandering in the big city for several years, you will think that you are used to seeing life and society I feel that it’s okay to settle down. The important thing is not where the person is, but where the heart is. Life is meaningful, and it can be contented even in difficult situations; life is meaningless, and it is just like living in good times. –A brief history of mankind I only came to Beijing in 19 years, but I have actually been studying abroad for a few years in a big city. Before, I was always in the first stage, and I always had some illusions about big cities. This illusion was not so much a desire to be in a big city, but rather a desire to fulfill my vanity. This situation is more common for people with a high degree of education and working outside the home. I can understand this sentiment, and it is also the reason why the subject feels lost now. Because you think you can escape the small county that you have always dismissed and establish yourself in a big city, but after a few years, you suddenly find that the distance between you and the big city is getting farther and farther. There are social reasons and own reasons. You may even find that for your own situation, returning to the county seat may be the best choice. What do you want? It conflicts with the choices you made after measuring the pros and cons, causing you to have cognitive dissonance. Don’t worry, this situation will be better after you have passed a period of time. This will come to the second stage. You accept your choice, because you keep convincing yourself that the various adaptations of the county and the various mismatches of the big cities in order to make yourself less stunned. Yes, that’s how I convinced myself. That’s why I said that there is nothing wrong with being settled down. There is nothing bad about big cities. If possible, I hope people who have the opportunity to go to big cities will still have to go there. It will show you a world different from small county towns, but we must also be clear in our hearts that big cities will eventually return. It doesn’t belong to us ordinary people; there’s nothing bad about the small county town. There are green mountains and rivers, parents and moms, and there is a vegetable market that you can spend dozens of dollars on. The important thing is that there is a house you can afford, but We must also be clear that the decision to return to the small county is based on reality. Don’t let the place limit your spiritual growth.

5 months ago

You will find that the childhood rascal became a teacher, and the three graduates went to the rural credit cooperatives to become the directors, with an annual income of several hundred thousand, and they would support the juniors. A fat boy who graduated from a college became a deputy director, and some unlearned and unskilled became a civil servant, but he was accused of loan sharking and could not be recovered. He almost lost his job. The handsome and handsome man tried his best to pursue the wealthy lady or the divorced lady. .. The story of the county town is just like the scenes in Jin Ping Mei. The infatuation, the indulgence, the arrogant, the flaunting wealth, the clever taker, the miserable each staged this own life story, but you who work honestly in the big city Still can’t eat, just live a simple life with a fixed salary.

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