As the “May 1st” holiday approaches, many consumers are planning to travel and play to release the body and mind that have been fettered for more than a year.

Recently, the China Consumers Association released the “May 1st Consumer Reminder” on its official website. It mentioned that a product called “ticket blind box” appeared on the market. A new round of upgraded “ticket blind box” campaign will be launched. After purchase, consumers will get a domestic one-way ticket with a designated departure place, a random destination, and a random date.

In this regard, the China Consumers Association reminds consumers to take a rational view, and “go and go” travel is not advisable. You must consider all factors such as travel time, dining and accommodation, destination conditions, return arrangements, and restrictions on after-sales refunds and exchanges. Make a decision.

Many people have a misunderstanding about walk-and-go travel. Walk-and-go travel is not brave or unplanned. It is based on a certain understanding of each destination that you want to travel. With enough time, I can quickly make a travel plan and immediately pack my luggage and leave. Otherwise, if you really want to go and go blindly to a completely unfamiliar place without a plan, you will only get off the transportation and waste time or even turn back. Therefore, I never encourage people who have no plan or understanding to just leave, unless just go for a holiday and just find a place to stay for a few days or participate in a tour group without thinking about it. Once you want to travel freely, you still have to plan carefully. The essence of the ticket blind box, like the lucky bag, is equivalent to the merchant selling the unsalable goods, which for the airlines is a flight with a low attendance rate (such as a flight that is very early and late on weekdays), and sells them at a very low price. For airlines, an empty seat can be sold for tens of dollars more in the form of a blind box, which can be a bit less loss than an empty seat. At the same time, airlines have gimmicks in order to drain traffic, and they will also use routes in very few popular areas for marketing, giving consumers the illusion that they have a chance to get to the destination they want to go to. But from the consumer’s point of view, travel itself is a time-consuming and expensive thing. Unless it is a person who has nothing to do every day, most people have to work and study. The time that can be squeezed out of travel is very limited. Ticket blind box There are two biggest problems. The first is that the travel time cannot be determined. After all, when everyone is on vacation like May Day, the flight attendance rate itself is high, and the probability of appearing in the blind box is extremely low. The working sunrise with low flight attendance is now in the blind box with high probability, but it is difficult for most people to spare time to enjoy the trip. The second is that the destination cannot be determined. This is also the problem that I mentioned above. Generally, the flight attendance rate of popular holiday destinations is not bad, and the flights with low attendance rate are mostly relatively unknown travel resources. Locally, it is difficult for most ordinary people to make plans quickly and just leave. This is also the fundamental reason why many people finally buy the blind box and cannot go. The ticket blind box is just a grand marketing, borrowing the concept of the blind box, but I agree with what the China Consumers Association said. Traveling requires courage and strategy in order to leave, and the blind ticket box, which blindly makes people speculate on the concept of leaving, is really undesirable.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Ticket blind boxes can help airlines underwrite surplus flight seats to increase profits and reduce costs. “Passengers” who have a lot of time without travel locations and are too lazy to compare prices are very suitable as the target of this product. This wave is a win-win situation. Besides, I have seen that this blind box can be returned for 66 yuan, not that you will waste it if you don’t want to use it. How can an operation that can promote consumption and drive GDP be officially named? Even my ultimate planner is tempted.

5 months ago

Blind flight travel? This is a bit troublesome. Or, you have enough travel experience and knowledge. Anyway, wherever you arrive, you have a certain understanding of the local scenery, humanities, history, and natural landforms, and then you can come up with a travel idea in less than half an hour-I am here this time, mainly for fun and how worth it. Well, let’s brag, I basically don’t do any strategy when I go out (not in the northwest and southwest, unfamiliar). When I get to my destination, I buy a map and circle the places I have thought about, then the itinerary can be done. I just think about what I want to play this time. For example, my purpose this time is to understand the Huizhou architectural complex. Huizhou architecture, what else is there besides Xidi Hongcun in Huangshan Mountain? If you are flying to Hefei, then use Hefei Zimuyuan (Private Garden Museum, open for free. The owner of the museum is amazing. Over the past 30 years, he has collected various Huizhou architecture scattered among the people, and finally gathered together. It is Huizhou architecture. Based on an episode of Dacheng Garden), to taste the exquisiteness of architecture. Zimuyuan, what shall I see in Zimuyuan? Look at ancient houses, ancient ancestral halls, and ancient archways. Look at stone carving, wood carving, brick carving. Look at Ming and Qing furniture, Ming and Qing porcelain. Then go straight to the ancient town of Sanhe to understand the Wannian Flow of Sanhe Heshui. (This is more complicated. The core of Huizhou-style architecture is water. For example, an Hui-style house must have a patio if it is larger. One patio is for lighting, and the other is for rainwater to flow into the house when it rains. It’s because money doesn’t run out. Sanhe Ancient Town is not a representative of Huizhou, but it’s close to downtown Hefei. And there are dense waterways and many ancient bridges, which appeals to me. Find an opportunity to write about this stuff slowly.) If you don’t limit the city, , Hefei, I will be the starting station for travel, and ran away. As far as I am concerned, I don’t need to squeeze Xidi Hongcun in order to experience the ancient houses of Huizhou. Go to check (zha, one sound) Jigu Village, you can reminisce about the tranquility and nature, and see how the local old people rescued the old houses and archways destroyed by the WG. Drop by to Peach Blossom Lake next to Xia Chaji Ancient Village. Taohuatan will go to Jixi Longchuan not far away, Hu Zongxian’s hometown, to see his home. In addition to Hu Zongxian, there was also a Hufu Shangshu Hu Fu. The only two archways in the village belonged to them. Hu Zongxian Shangshu Mansion Speaking of the archway, you have to go to the nearby Shexian County to see Xu Guoshifang (the owner of Xu Guo, the important minister of the Ming Dynasty), the only eight-pillar stone archway in the country. “. Xu Guoshifang, I just grabbed it so casually, this matter can be settled in seven or eight. It’s certainly not that detailed, but according to the subject, I will definitely not lose this time. If you want to see it, you will see it. The ancient Hui style houses are just a chestnut. And… I said that I don’t make a strategy, but I just brag… I have many friends who travel, and there are in the eastern provinces. Ask if there are any authentic restaurants with characteristics, most of the time it’s just a WeChat thing… So I use Not so fine. You have to say, what should you do if you don’t have that rich travel experience and travel knowledge? Simple, just spend money. Find a larger local travel agency and customize a private tour for you. Mind and ticket, we must have one. Otherwise, make your strategy safe and secure before going out.

5 months ago

How should I put it? It’s strange. I think that at this time, there is no need to discuss this kind of thing. There is no point of discussion at all. Where is the controversy of buying blind boxes? Blind ticket boxes can be regarded as a marketing tool launched by airlines. You can buy a ticket for dozens of dollars or hundreds of dollars, and you can go wherever you go. Is there any essential difference between buying blind boxes in normal times? Now the ordinary blind box starts at about 50, buy a small doll and a small figure, everyone wants to have fun, buy more if you like to collect, and buy whatever you want. It not only meets the preferences of the people, but also stimulates economic development. Kill two birds with one stone. What about the ticket? Everyone knows that there are various disadvantages of blind ticket boxes. The time period is not good, the destination is remote, the plane may be delayed, and you can’t go to the place you like. Maybe it will rain heavily when you go, and you may be stuck in the hotel. can not go. But don’t these young people know? Everyone knows that, just like buying blind boxes, they all know that they might not be able to buy what they want, and if they buy duplicates, they hate them. But what does it matter? Don’t we like this kind of unknown surprise? It was originally a trip alone. I didn’t buy it in the afternoon and go in the evening. I also had time to plan it. Besides, the life of ordinary adults is already very monotonous. Is there anything wrong with occasionally buying a blind box to add something to your life? Of course I know there will be a lot of unpredictable things, but what does that matter? I think the China Consumers Association is simply too worried. If they have to analyze their psychology, I only think that they may be too accustomed to the role of “parents” and they must pick something out of normal things. It seems that if they don’t do this, they won’t show their authority. If you really care about consumer rights, why don’t you turn your attention to airlines? Ask them to build more cost-effective blind boxes. Isn’t it better than this? Just like criticizing big logos, why not criticize things for selling so expensive? The above is pure nonsense, I am an ice drinker, it is hot, eat a few more pieces of ice, and be quiet.

5 months ago

The rule is like this, you set the departure city, pay 99 yuan (Fliggy is 66 yuan), and then the platform will give you a random ticket within the next month (most of them are unpopular routes, but there are also popular routes. For example, someone was drawn to fly in Sanya). Then, if you are not satisfied with the ticket opened by the blind box, time is not allowed or there is no city you want to go to, then you can refund within half an hour, and all the 99 yuan you paid will be returned to you. Do consumers suffer? I don’t think there is, and it’s not that there is no chance of regret. So I didn’t understand why the Consumer Association’s naming, and there are so many violations of consumer rights that are not naming. I think this event is very good. Ticket sales platforms and airlines can sell air tickets on unpopular routes. Some people who have difficulty choosing or like to leave have a choice. The answer to some of the above-mentioned essays also said “cut leeks” without knowing it at all. Now, you can put everything in the basket of “cut leeks”, right?

5 months ago

Traveling just as you say + airplane experience + cheap + and the joy of opening blind boxes is already very impressive! It can be seen from the “ticket blind box” that is not satisfied with the full refund, this is not a true “blind box” sales, and it seems more meaningful to help the platform attract traffic and bring brand effects. From the consumer’s point of view, “Blind Box Grab” can be regarded as a game. If the result is really beyond expectations, it seems that you can plan a trip. If you are not satisfied, you can directly refund. It is because the time and place are not good, and the result is not satisfactory. The most important thing is that consumers should maintain a calm mind and not be dazzled by the “extra value” and consume calmly.

5 months ago

The main problem is that the blind box only takes care of the outbound journey and does not change the round trip. As a result, the price of the return journey after a large number of tickets is sold at a low price is completely a matter of the airline. Isn’t it the same thing? Especially going back to the first-tier cities is likely to be more expensive. Even if the blind box fires after the price increase is not raised, the price will increase sooner or later, so when the price increases, many people will definitely go there. Consumers Association complaints might as well throw the pot in advance

5 months ago

Just leave? Congratulations, most of the local “snakes” and unscrupulous profiteers (especially in the railway station, bus station, ferry and other transportation hubs) are the ones who “go and go” like you…Because this is not your hometown , Is a strange place, you are unfamiliar with the place of life here, you don’t know about it every time you ask, and you may even have no relatives. The local snakes can take advantage of this kind of information generation gap to hammer you mercilessly, and pit you to the point where you are scammed and even help the people. As long as you do more homework before you go, you can see whether the other party really wants to help you or want to kill you. Of course, if you do your homework well enough, you can behave very naturally in a different place, even as long as you don’t open your mouth, no one will treat you as a foreigner.

5 months ago

I like to travel. Let’s talk about my point of view first: “The blind ticket box corresponds to the weekend time of the house home, which will give some surprises to the empty life. It is more like a dessert than a meal.” Normally, travel needs to be done in advance. Good basic planning such as scenic spots, itineraries, meals and lodging, so that the journey will be more time-saving and worry-free and more experience efficiency. However, the low-cost ticket blind box is more of a dessert that you can go anywhere. After taking out dozens of blind boxes (if the return ticket is not expensive), it only takes one weekend: I was originally on the bed to play drama, and I can take a walk in the Erhai Lake in Dali. Originally, I was playing mobile games, so I can find the stuffed skins in Xi’an. I originally made an appointment to play mahjong, but I can listen to cross talk in Beijing. Therefore, the step-by-step journey is naturally more secure, but there is no shortage of opportunities to experience the walk in life.

5 months ago

For airlines: the blind ticket box captures people’s curiosity and anticipation for unknown things. I believe it will attract many people to participate. I think I can get a ticket with an unknown destination at a fairly favorable price. Come on a walk-and-go trip, which inspires people to explore and yearn for the unknown. At the same time, it can reduce the vacancy rate and increase profits for airlines. It is a good thing to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For tourists: if it happens to be a draw I will be very happy if I get the ticket to the destination in my heart. I feel lucky. I will add a joy to the long-awaited trip. If the destination of the ticket is different from what I expected, I won’t feel any loss because of the trip itself. It is to explore and discover beautiful things in places that I have never been to. No matter where I go, I never know in advance what kind of experience this journey will have. It is precisely because of the exploration and discovery of unknown beauty that I choose to start. So it’s also a good thing for tourists. They can get a ticket at a more favorable price and come on an unknown trip. Finally: all things are not necessarily perfect, and there may be some unsatisfactory episodes in the walk-and-go trip. , But I believe that since you have decided to travel, you should be prepared for various episodes. Even if you plan all the journeys, who can guarantee perfection? The important thing is to search for and discover beauty during travel

5 months ago

Go out, get on the nearest bus, take three stops, get off, and eat in the first restaurant you see. The restaurant prices range from 10 yuan to 1,000 yuan per person, and the tastes are also different. There are eight major cuisines, and there are special dishes such as fried insects. The number of people in line at the door is not the same, and the level of facilities in the store is also uneven. Some toilets are magnificent, and some walls are reflective and yellow. The serving time is fast and slow, and the closing time is early and late. If you can overcome these problems and order a table of dishes that suit your appetite, the price will be acceptable. I think I can try this blind box. If you can’t even accept and deal with these problems, I suggest you just take a look. After all, taking the bus for too long is in a bad mood, don’t smash the store on the impulse. Oh, by the way, remember to take a taxi when you come back.

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