In fact, it is clear from Huawei’s high-profile propaganda “entering the auto market” during this period. If it were not for the US sanctions, Huawei is now more likely to surpass Samsung in the mobile phone market to become the world’s number one, and firmly hold the share of mid-to-high-end and above. Yu Chengdong: “In the past, Huawei was engaged in network equipment. It entered the mobile phone field relatively late. The real development of to C has been in the last 8 or 9 years. This period of time has allowed us to go from a company that is not ranked in China to a global company. The second largest smartphone manufacturer. If it were not for U.S. sanctions, we would become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2019. But even under sanctions, Huawei has also become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. “This is not a big mouth. The population is hi, but it is supported by real data. But later, we also know that because of the three-dimensional blockade of the United States, Huawei can only parry step by step and use only its inventory to launch new products. Although it cannot be said that the chip inventory has been used up, it is obvious that if Huawei does not want to completely lose the mobile phone business, it can only save a part of the chips for future P50, or I don’t know if there is any MATE50 series. Like Apple, the powerful M1 chip can be deployed in various product lines on a large scale to maximize profits. Apple can do this, can’t Huawei achieve full coverage of Kirin chips, or even authorize it to be used by friends? Of course these are useless. For the current product line, we can only continue to use the “waste heat” of the Huawei brand in the past two years, and one unit can be sold. This is the case for all mate40e and so on. If Huawei is not blocked from chip production, there is no need to engage in this castrated version. Anyway, just like the beggar version of many cars with a high-end version, at least the appearance is similar. If it is only used to make calls to chat on WeChat or use Douyin, the 4G version can also meet the basic requirements. But we also have to admit that this situation can only be said to be an emergency, and it is not impossible for Huawei to seal its mobile phone business in the end. Anyway, I am really glad that I jumped out of the iPhone’s pit for the first time last year and grabbed a mate40pro, which is a bit of collection value. It feels good to use it anyway. ​That is a matter of the survival of the entire enterprise. Therefore, Huawei’s precautions have once again played a role, and have come up with a technology that can bind the direction of the automotive industry-autonomous driving. If it can work on this road and get endorsements from more and more car companies (anyway, I don’t believe that Huawei only has BAIC or the not-so-good-looking Celis)… Then the company will be able to open another The immeasurable profitable market may even get rid of the similar blockade faced by the mobile phone market. After all, may some American auto companies also need to use Huawei technology? For example, Tesla, who has been complained by public opinion as a “road killer”? (As long as it is profitable, there is nothing that Musk can’t do.) So, Huawei does not have the bargaining chip for profit exchange. Through the lobbying of American companies, it has obtained the “relaxation” of the mobile phone field, allowing us to re-use new high-performance machines. I just hope that this day is not too far away.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Most of the official online platforms, 5G mobile phone products click in and see that they are all out of stock. The same applies to the Changxiang 20 series, which has been scolded before. From the perspective of consumers, it is not recommended to buy 4G mobile phones at this stage. The inventory of mobile phone chips should be almost used, not to mention 5G mobile phones, even 4G mobile phones, it may not be able to continue to do it. But some people are really bad. While looking forward to the release and continuation of the P/M series, they scold Huawei for cleaning up its 4G chip inventory, cutting leeks, and providing intelligence business opportunities. The number of 5G chips is limited. It is obviously not enough to support the 5G versions of Mate X2, Mate40 series, and nova 8 series. The need to open for purchase every time is the best proof. In short supply, it is essentially out of stock to sell. P50 has not yet been trusted, and mate 50 is even more out of reach. Now the whole world is panicking about chips. Some manufacturers have been crying and can’t survive, and Huawei has been fighting in this state for almost two years. There are no more than three, four full rounds of sanctions, Huawei is too difficult. The US’s new 5G export ban on Huawei clearly prohibits suppliers from exporting “components used in 5G equipment” to Huawei, including semiconductor products, antennas and batteries. The most important of which is semiconductor products, that is, chips. It’s the same sentence: you don’t need to buy it, you don’t need to get in the way. Although it is difficult, Huawei is still insisting on producing products and opening up new tracks. The mobile phone business is still working hard.

5 months ago

The main argument at present is that because the fourth round of sanctions by the US imperialism restricts all Huawei’s 5G products, only 4G versions of these phones can be launched. The 4G version of Mate40 Pro and Mate X2 use the same Kirin 9000, but it loses the 5G function. Huawei has previously launched the 4G version of the P40, which is 500 yuan cheaper than the 5G version. At that time, many people criticized Huawei and yin and yang. . Compared with the P40, the Mate40Pro and Mate X2 models are more important to Huawei, and the Kirin 9000 is the one that dances with Qualcomm on the same stage. It does not need to take the lead in half a year, but in the end it is not allowed. If the 4G version is not released, I can only say that it is too difficult. We are not discussing whether 5G is useful, but at this time, 4G mobile phones are definitely not appropriate. As a firm implementer of 5G, Huawei will not launch such a 4G version whenever possible. Finally, this approach is definitely indispensable for group ridicule and yin and yang, but just as a big boss said before that no company is laughed to death, Huawei has shown sufficient resilience in these four rounds of sanctions, only in semiconductors and so on. It is an indisputable fact that some core technologies are subject to others, but this is not a matter for Huawei and requires the participation of other domestic enterprises. All in all, we still have a long way to go…For Huawei, maybe we will see other products in the 4G version, and even the P50 in the 4G version that continues to be delayed, but if we survive, P50, Mate50…maybe You can see hope.

5 months ago

You can not love, but don’t hurt. After a little understanding of Huawei’s ban, the reason is very clear. Suppliers’ products are not allowed to overlap with Huawei’s 5G products, and all that can be done is to produce 4G products. It can be seen that the chains on Huawei are continuing to tighten, and Huawei can only passively accept the move. This is no longer the environment that a normal enterprise should enjoy. When I went to comment on Huawei’s mobile phones, I don’t know why, I suddenly remembered the people who were beheading in Lu Xun’s works. Once, I suddenly met many Chinese people I hadn’t seen for a long time in a painting. One was tied in the middle, and many stood on the left and right. They were of strong physique and showed a numb look. According to the commentary, it was tied to a military detective for Russia, who was about to be cut off by the Japanese army to show the public, and the people who came to appreciate this show of publicity. “Scream. Self Preface” stabbed Huawei, but it has always been targeted at all of us. What Huawei is suffering today is likely to be something that all our companies and all of us need to face tomorrow. However, at a higher level, all the cards of politics, diplomacy, economy, and military do not exist in isolation. The situation that is vital to Huawei’s life and death may be broken in other aspects. Fortunately, we are no longer fully crushed in Lu Xun’s writings. When the gentle cards are finished, let’s see who is running naked. Yesterday, No. 1 appeared in the ranks of big black fish, big drive and amphibious. If you understand, you can understand.

5 months ago

Kirin 9000 definitely supports 5G. But supporting 5G requires more than just baseband. Now 4G is used more because there is no way to buy other components. That is radio frequency. Radio frequency is rarely paid attention to, but it is very important, and the United States and Japan have an absolute advantage in this area. A large number of devices including the mate40 series have more or less radio frequency chips from the United States or Japan. The current situation is obvious. Huawei’s SOC inventory exceeds the expectations of the general public, but the inventory of other chips has begun to run out. This is also the reason why Huawei is eager to transform its software and automotive platforms. The consumer business now contributes 500 billion yuan in revenue and 150 billion yuan in gross profit each year, 90% of which is the revenue from selling mobile phones, if not in a year If a sufficiently large alternative industry is found within, then they will be in danger.

5 months ago

There is no way for a clever woman to cook without rice. According to anecdotal rumors, the Kirin 9000 chip inventory is only 10 million pieces left. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei’s mobile phone business will never stop. How to use limited chip inventory to extend the unlimited life cycle of Huawei mobile phones is indeed a big problem. Either castrated or sold in small batches. Recently, Huawei is still engaged in cars, Cyrus. Yu Chengdong directly said that the mobile phone business has been severely sanctioned by the United States, and Huawei intends to make up for the loss of mobile phones through the automobile business. Cars are also lacking chips. Lei Jun also said that the current state of chip tension will continue for 2 to 3 years. The good news is that the 5G version of mate 40 pro is also sold in small quantities at JD’s self-operated stores.

5 months ago

Many people on the Internet have commented that Huawei will still show off its performance in 2021 and collect IQ taxes. In fact, Huawei does not want to continue to produce 5G mobile phones, but in the fourth round of sanctions in March this year, it further restricted Huawei’s past suppliers. As long as they are products involving American technology, they are not allowed to supply Huawei to produce 5G equipment (including chips). Other 5G components, such as radio frequency antennas, etc.). This is exactly the reason why these Huawei phones are both Kirin 9000, but have a 4G version. To put it simply, it is to do everything possible to prevent you from continuing to do 5G. As long as you buy this component to make 5G equipment, it can be banned. Huawei’s self-research, the road is long and hindered, and the strong man broke his wrist. How can it be?

5 months ago

Some analysts believe that the chip is not enough, and the part that only breaks the 5G modem is selected from the scrap films. After shielding, it will become a 4G Soc. There is a certain possibility that Huawei’s 4G and 5G basebands should be separated. But the biggest possibility is the fourth round of sanctions against Huawei by the United States in March this year. What is affected this time is 5G-related components. Someone asked, isn’t Huawei’s 5G very strong? Indeed, Huawei’s 5G is very strong, but Huawei is not an all-powerful god, and it is impossible for a company to undertake the entire industry chain. Just like Qualcomm can’t provide a complete solution of 5G base station and core network. Looking at the mobile phones affected this time, it should be the 5G radio frequency, antenna and other modules used by the mobile phone that were cut off by the sanctions. The analog circuit industry can be said to be firmly controlled by companies such as Texas Instruments and ADI in the United States. The domestic teammates are really dragging their feet. Perhaps this is what people say, “Wood show in the forest wind will destroy it”! In the current environment of China’s semiconductor industry, individuals are too strong and teammates cannot keep up. This is a tragedy. Even if HiSilicon surpasses MediaTek to become the largest Fabless in Asia, what is the use? Isn’t SMIC only relying on buying consumables from the US and Japan to produce technology that lags far behind TSMC and Samsung? Finally, look at the domestic opponents who have been beaten down one by one. All OPPO Xiaomi has regained its feet because of the out of stock of its biggest rival, Huawei. I recalled that less than two years ago, the low-end was once ruled by Kirin 810, and the Honor V20, which had a minimum of 1599 on Double Eleven, made Redmi embarrassed. But the domestic “friends” of three-legged cat Kungfu are still far from Ziguang Zhanrui in chip design! It took four years for a certain manufacturer to produce only one peripheral auxiliary chip with poor performance, but it seemed to become the light of domestic production after HiSilicon under the packaging of various self-media. I don’t know when they were seen by the United States. (It was once “blocked” only to prohibit US citizens from investing, such as the affected vice president of American Lin. There is no sanction at all, the real sanctions-the entity list is forbidden to supply you, prohibit other companies from You can only sigh for nothing: There is no hero in time, make Zhuzi famous!

5 months ago

I can only say: it’s too difficult, it’s even harder. Reason: The fourth round of sanctions imposed by the United States on Huawei in March this year restricts Huawei’s device suppliers as long as they involve products with American technology, and they are not allowed to supply Huawei’s 5G equipment, including semiconductors, antennas, and batteries. Here are a few points to state: 1. Huawei’s 5G is still at the leading level in the world, whether it is in the share of communication equipment or the number of 5G patented technologies, it belongs to the first echelon of the international market, which is beyond doubt. 2. Due to the US ban, the supply of Huawei’s RF antennas is restricted, and the 5G RF part of many mobile phones is provided by NXP and Skywork. Huawei can design, but it lacks components. 3. The 4G version of Mate 40 Pro and Mate X2 are on the shelves. The configuration and specifications are the same as before. They are all Kirin 9000 chips, but 5G cannot be used. This should not be considered castration, right? 4. The 4G version of Mate 40 Pro and Mate X2 are launched to keep the product line updated. The price has not yet been announced. I personally think that it should be cheaper than the 5G version. 5. The P50 series and Matepad Pro2 are still being postponed, which should also be related to this upgrade ban. 6. If the US ban is not lifted or loosened, Huawei’s consumer business and product line will only become more and more difficult, and the Kirin 9000 may really become a swan song in recent years.

5 months ago

If it is not really impossible, why is Huawei willing to put on the 4G version of the mobile phone? As for the reason, I think everyone knows it well. The sanctions from the United States have become more stringent one after another, and even the IC chip for mobile phone charging is sanctioned. In this case, everything Huawei has done is a tenacious confrontation against injustice. That’s right, as Huawei said, the goal of Huawei’s consumer business is to survive and do everything possible to survive. Take a look at this picture, Huawei mate 40Pro can be purchased directly without the charger and data cable version, and the charging kit version is out of stock. From this, you can imagine the extent of Huawei’s current predicament. The release dates of P50 and MatePad Pro 2 have been pushed back and forth, and the reason is not just the insufficient use of Kirin 9000. Looking down all the answers, I couldn’t help but feel relieved. This is knowing, so what will it look like in the comment area of ​​Weibo and headline related news? After all, Mate 40Pro is just a digital electronic product. You can dislike it or even criticize it, but there is no need to mock it. Just like Gao Zan @牙膏的味 said, you don’t need to buy it and you don’t have to go to bed. Although it is difficult, Huawei is still insisting on producing products and opening up new tracks. The mobile phone business is still working hard.

5 months ago

For pricing, please refer to the original Mate30 Pro 4G and Mate30 Pro 5G examples. If I remember correctly, the original price difference between 4G and 5G for the same version should be around 800~1000 yuan? In the same way, Mate40Pro entry version should start at 5499? The good guy instantly felt that the price was much closer to the people. As a Mi Fan coming from the first year of “5G”, the machine in hand has been updated from Mi 10Pro to Mi 11Ultra, but the mobile phone has been updated for a generation, and the same thing is that 5G is turned off first. This is not a ridicule, it is a sincere effort. Because there is no application that must be turned on 5G to experience. 5G is more of an icing on the cake, not a must. Of course, some servers can already run at 5G speed APP is really cool. For example, the cached video at station B can basically reach 31MB per second. The wealthy partners also use 5G to update the game client, which is really fast. But you can’t double the standard. After all, in 2020, many Zhihu people, including me, also believe that if you look at the long-term use point of view, the value of the 4G flagship choice is not great. The premise of this sentence is actually because from 2019 to 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will personally lead many state media and other media to madly promote 5G and instill in the public that 5G is a powerful idea, plus classmate He’s fire thoroughly. It ignited the people’s confidence in 5G. Therefore, 2020 is also called the first year of 5G. . We all saw it later. The first quarter of 2021 has passed, and there is still no major application of 5G. So after recovering from the hustle and bustle, there is a high probability that 5G will really not find application scenarios in the short term. Back to Huawei’s question, if Huawei’s 4G version can be launched at a reasonable price, coupled with the current trend of the general environment, it should still be sold.

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