There are already exchanges running away. The Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Vebitcoin stopped operations on Friday local time on the grounds that its financial situation has deteriorated. Vebitcoin is Turkey’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange, with a daily trading volume of nearly 60 million U.S. dollars. More than half of the transaction volume comes from Bitcoin. According to an announcement posted on its official website, “Due to the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry, our transactions have become more intense than expected. Unfortunately, this situation has plunged us into very serious financial difficulties. We have decided Stop our business activities to fulfill all regulations and requirements. We will release more information as soon as possible.” According to local Turkish media reports, Vebitcoin CEO Ilker Bas and three other employees have been detained. The Turkish Financial Crime Investigation Commission has frozen Vebitcoin’s account and is launching related investigations. This is not the first exchange to run away. Two days before the explosion of Vebitcoin, another Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, Thodex, just announced that it would cease operations, and its 27-year-old founder fled the country with his money. According to Turkish media reports, the Turkish authorities have currently detained 62 people because they are suspected of being connected to the Istanbul-based cryptocurrency exchange Thodex. According to subsequent reports, Faruk Fatih Ozer, the chief executive and founder of the exchange, has fled the country and is estimated to be carrying approximately $2 billion in funds. The Turkish authorities have also initiated procedures for issuing international arrest warrants to arrest and extradite Ozer. According to Turkish media citing victims’ lawyers, Thodex had approximately 390,000 active users. According to data from the CoinMarketCap website, Thodex’s transaction volume was $585 million in the past 24 hours before the transaction was closed. Since the “crypto first stock” Coinbase went public, it has also fallen all the way. According to statistics from the US data analysis website GuruFocus, Coinbase sold 12.965 million shares by insiders. Based on the average price of US$354.1 during the period, the amount of cash set was close to US$4.6 billion (approximately RMB 30 billion). Among them, Coinbase Chairman and CEO Brian Armstrong sold 750,000 shares, cashing out about US$292 million; CFO Alesia Haas sold all his shares and cashed US$99.32 million. The picture is from Zunjia Financial APP extending the entire cycle. Bitcoin’s so-called skyrocketing and plummeting are almost normal. On Zhihu, there are already many questions about how to look at Bitcoin’s skyrocketing or plummeting on XX, XX. In the past 12 years, the price of Bitcoin has touched the hearts of countless people like a roller coaster, with frantic increases and bursts of bubbles. The story of decentralized virtual currency is still very good. This game may end tomorrow, or it may never end. For more content, please pay attention to Zunjia Finance, Hong Kong and US A shares 0 commission ~ risk warning: The content in the article has its own specific position, investment is risky, and trading needs to be cautious. Zunjia strives but cannot guarantee that the above content is completely accurate and reliable, and does not assume any responsibility for the profit or loss arising from the operation of relying on or using third-party information.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Dogecoin also fell, fell sharply and then rebounded sharply in the day. The ups and downs are very exciting. There are countless leveraged traders who have liquidated their positions. But don’t everyone want an excitement? People are very rational. Reason is actually a kind of calculation ability, that is, how to calculate the most efficient way. People do calculations every day, almost non-stop. If you give people the opportunity to increase leverage, most people are very confident, and they will use leverage without hesitation. With hundreds of times leverage, it will take minutes to liquidate a position. In principle, just buy Bitcoin and hold it for a few years, but this is something that few people can do. The main reason is that people’s calculations are working, and they want to sell high and buy low to make a difference. , Such a big fluctuation every day, don’t want to miss it. Another idea is to invest less and increase the leverage to bet. There is nothing left after betting. But when it comes to actual operation, after a few small losses, people will be impatient. Increasing the deposit, full stud, 24 hours operation, and going to Macau is really not much different. It is better for ordinary people not to touch it, and don’t invest a dollar, so that the attention will not be here and will not be sucked in. This kind of financial game is also very appropriate if it is particularly like a black hole. If you go to the side and rub it, it will be easily sucked in. It is best to stay far away. Do your job well and earn some real money. People have to learn to let themselves go. Many traders are very responsible and work very hard in their jobs. However, objective conditions are limited. Even 996 can’t break the ceiling, so they look for opportunities everywhere. It seems that Bitcoin or something can bring rich wealth, break through, and find face for oneself in front of family members, but in fact it is not, it is really impossible. Things with leverage are collecting IQ taxes. Nietzsche once said that traditional Christian morality is actually just a habit of human beings in the process of evolution, dispensable, so people have to lay down some of the extra responsibilities attached to them by the web of social consciousness. Working well is also a stable profit. Let the neighbor Pharaoh get rich.

5 months ago

The skyrocketing rise and fall is the norm for a speculative target. If the price of a speculative target is fixed, what do traders rely on to make money? Therefore, if you do not increase leverage and are using spare money to invest, then you don’t have to worry too much about the short-term fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. It is normal for the price to rise and fall. The same is true in a person’s life, there will be moments of high light, and moments of low. Therefore, Bitcoin plummeted on April 23. If you didn’t get in the car and don’t plan to get in the car in the future, there is no need to pay too much attention to such financial news. If you are already in the car, but plan to hold it for a long time without increasing leverage, then you don’t need to pay too much attention to the short-term fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. If you are leveraged and you are short-term speculation, then you are a typical gambler mentality. Even if you don’t invest in Bitcoin, but invest in stocks, futures and other targets, your money will be lost sooner or later. of. A gambler mentality is a must in any investment market, not only in the virtual currency market, but the early traders in China have a background in futures, a brokerage, a Hong Kong-funded background, and a private equity background. Many people have fate. , It’s actually not good. Many people achieved billions when they were most valuable, and some became the richest man in one party, such as the richest man in Shanghai. But most of these people committed suicide, went to jail, or fled.

5 months ago

I posted my own answer on April 14th: I remember a group of people yelled to die when Bitcoin was 45,000 USD, and there were indeed many traders who added leverage to liquidate their positions, but today it rose to 64,000 USD, right? Are there many friends who are ready to move? There are many ways for others to make money. It seems that each can get rich. For individual traders, the investment method that is truly implemented and suitable for them is the best. Forecasting the market is the starting point for losses. In just a week or so, let’s take a look at the amount of US dollars in the liquidation. My point of view is very clear: digital currencies with no value endorsement, no technical features, and no application scenarios are not regarded as investment targets. The most important thing for traders to keep in mind the following three points no matter what type of trading is: 1. Trading emotions. Humans like to stimulate nerves, such as gambling, buying lottery tickets, smoking and drinking, x, etc. The financial market is the most entertaining place on the planet, but emotional trading is the deadliest. The problem is that as long as it is a human being, it is inevitable that there will be emotions, even if it is a big deal. Second, the trading system traders should establish their own personalized trading system. But even the most sophisticated trading system does not guarantee the success of every transaction. No trading system can ensure that you never suffer losses, and it is even difficult to avoid a series of consecutive losses. 3. Fund management If both the first and second are done well, then on this basis: control positions, no leverage, no borrowing, and good fund management, you can minimize the transaction risk. How to control trading emotions? This is what I mentioned in my last answer, the importance of multiple shadows for traders. Source public account: Chaoyan Essays. My name is Hibiscus, and I have invested in stock funds for five years. Pay attention to me, there is no guarantee of getting rich, but it is not easy to want to liquidate.

5 months ago

Bitcoin has a huge volatility, so it attracts a lot of so-called short-term experts to surf. You think you are a surfer, but to the big guys, you are a leek and contribute traffic.
Whose leeks is the last cut in the Bitcoin market? It’s definitely not at Musk’s level. Many people may be fine, but some people go out of business every day. This is the real leek.

5 months ago

A wave of leeks was harvested in China and then sent abroad. I don’t believe that some foreign institutions have no sources of information, and they must receive news faster than domestic ones, not to mention that the traders are not domestic leeks. Senior foreigners eat meat, and some smart people from home and abroad follow behind to drink soup. The question is whether there are more leeks in China or more leeks abroad. In other words, is the meat placed in front of those high-ranking foreigners, is it that foreign leeks have more meat, or is ours more meat? The leeks in the soup of the smart people among us are foreign leeks or domestic leeks. Taijun, Ba Lu is here to work.

5 months ago

At present, the price of Bitcoin is still above the daily MA120 and weekly MA20. As long as Bitcoin does not fall below $43,900, it cannot be said that the bull market is over. So now this position is very important. It may become the cheapest place to buy Bitcoin before it rushes to $200,000. It may also be the last escape position for Bitcoin to start the next four-year bear market. Duo Kong made their choice and exchanged “friendly” greetings when they met. Now, we just need to wait for the development of the market to prove who is the right one. What’s the use of talking more about it? It’s the ass that decides the head. Buying is long and selling is short.

5 months ago

No need to look at it. I have said it N times, and Bitcoin has overwhelmed this wave. 1. Now Bitcoin is technically completely dead. The first yin on the monthly line, the dead cross on the weekly line, and the lower Bollinger on the daily line. No fool would dare to come in and push up prices in such a scene. 2. The funds can no longer be pushed. Some time ago, 5w8-6w4, each new high fell back. It’s not that someone wants to buy Bitcoin deliberately to suppress the price, but it’s really unable to rise. The Bitcoin bull market has risen 20 times from its low point, which is quite interesting. At present, the market value of BTC is already the sixth company in the world. If you want to push the share prices of companies like FANNG up to a point, the funds you need are all tens of billions of dollars. Now let’s look at Bitcoin. The transaction volume of up to 30 billion yuan a day is less than usual. This liquidity can no longer hold up the price, and any rebound is an opportunity to run away or go short.

5 months ago

Marxist jurisprudence believes that the connection between law and economy is the most fundamental connection. The unity of certain social productive forces and certain production relations formed in the production process of material materials. This is a screenshot of the news on the 23rd. (I was highly praised for answering Biden’s IQ tax. I was angry.) Marx said that the relationship between law cannot be understood from his own, nor can it be understood from the so-called general development of the human spirit. The essence of Bitcoin, a decentralized Ponzi scheme. The profit model of the Ponzi scam, as long as it is not the last stick, it is all profitable, and the last stick is worthless. There is a famous Ponzi scheme that has lasted for 20 years. Bitcoin is like this. If Bitcoin crashes, it must be lost. But as long as the Ponzi scheme is not the last one, it can be very profitable. It depends on whether you predict the day of the Bitcoin crash, in case it lasts for another 20 years. People die for money, and birds die for food, and I don’t do things that take chestnuts from fire. (The notes on law and economy are half written)

5 months ago

How can it rise up and fall down? The game of money is so cruel. When it rises, everyone yells to father, and when it falls, everyone cries for father and mother. Don’t think that it has fallen by twenty points. This is nothing. Whether it’s the currency disaster, it won’t stabilize without a cut. In fact, Bitcoin’s current situation and the Great White Horse Fund in the next year are almost a routine. The next ones are those who don’t know the truth. The key is that the lethality is too great. You will go bankrupt at every turn, and you will go bankrupt at every turn. You can’t turn around. You are not as good as the Citizens. The Citizens at least lie down and pretend to be dead. The salary is fixed. Jimin bought at least a real company, even if it’s selling air conditioners, even selling liquor, or even selling cars, but how much do you know about Bitcoin? When you buy it, you are ignorant and don’t know what it is. , After listening to a few words about decentralization, blockchain, or messy and illusory things, and then embracing the dream of getting rich, I went in in one go. I thought I was expecting to get one hundred thousand dollars and two hundred thousand dollars, but I didn’t expect to be behind the scenes. You want to make money when you cut the leek capital market. In fact, the information is poor. If you make money, it must be someone else who doesn’t know it. When everyone knows it, wait until everyone is okay. Then the major media will start discussing it. When this thing can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, there will be no information gap asymmetry. Everyone knows that it can make money, so who will lose money? Will Bitcoin be over? Bitcoin will not be over. Obviously, this thing hasn’t come to an end. Can it rise in the future? It will rise in the future. I didn’t hear my aunt talking about Bitcoin when I went to the vegetable market to buy groceries. When will it bottom out? I don’t know. If it bottoms out, can it rise immediately? do not know. In fact, for Bitcoin. Those who took the net worth to play were the desperate Shabi. If you have pressed your account book, then I can tell you that even if it rises to one million dollars in the future, it doesn’t matter to you, because you can’t hold it. For Bitcoin, entertainment is actually good, and the focus is on participation. People who can make a lot of money on Bitcoin, in fact, don’t care about the money at all. I don’t care if my little bit of silver can be free of wealth, often the principal is gone without knowing it.

5 months ago

Rising and falling is the norm in the currency circle, but this time because of the fall from 6w4, the position is already high. Many people say that the bull market is basically over, and it will take a few months to adjust before it ends. At most, there will be a wave at the end. The conservative way of playing is to bounce back and make some goods. How much you make depends on how conservative you are. This is different for everyone. If you are aggressive and don’t move, don’t panic. If there is a bullet, you can even take another shot. This kind of skyrocketing and falling is mainly to deleverage and explode the contract, so that light cars can get on the road better. I don’t think that the bull market is over. There will be at least one wave. Even if it is over, there are still many opportunities for copycats.

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