According to CCTV News, China Central Radio and Television Headquarters and Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS) signed a video cooperation agreement on the 22nd. The two sides decided to establish a cooperation mechanism based on the principles of equality, mutual benefit and friendly consultation to carry out comprehensive cooperation in program content, media technology, and industrial operation, promote cultural exchanges between the two countries, enhance friendship and mutual trust, and advance China-South Korea strategic partnerships The relationship has reached a new level.

This cooperation is a normal cooperation between China and South Korea. It is not a CCTV antagonism to public opinion. In my previous answer, one of the demon behaviors of VANKs was to create trouble for normal Sino-South Korean cooperation. For example, this kind of contract was caused by the people’s emotions provoked by VANKs, which caused huge criticism ( I am very conflicted!) After signing the RCEP, the signatories must open their markets to each other, including the cultural product market, of course. After signing the contract, shutting South Korea out is tantamount to denying the contract in person. The cultural frictions initiated by VANKs are very annoying. We resisted and resisted. However, compared with the important cooperation of RCEP, we still have to give way. If some people can easily stir up the anger of the people, and induce us to refuse and corresponding If we cooperate with countries, we can’t do anything. I don’t like South Korea, but I don’t like being led by the nose! To put it in a bad way, I was stunned with them, a little lost in his identity. After the signing of the RCEP, the VANK’s demon behavior escalated in order to disrupt this cooperation. However, they caused some interference with the Chinese cultural revival, but in the long run, the effect was very limited. VANKs are not only public enemies of Chinese culture lovers, let it go, haha… it’s also a trouble for South Korea’s future. The opening this time is mutual. This is the meaning of RCEP. It opens a door for South Korea to enter, and at the same time we can also enter the South Korean market. And I believe that with the increasing influence of Chinese culture, the rapid progress of the cultural industry, and the profound cultural heritage, coupled with the fact that we are the cultural mother country of South Korea, our advantage lies on our side. The Korean Wave has been declining in recent years. The Korean Wave itself has no background. This kind of popular culture has not lasted for a long time. In the shortest few years, the Chinese wind will overwhelm the Korean wind. Think about the Hong Kong winds and typhoons that prevailed for a while, how do they compare to the current level of the mainland? How many people are watching? How about Korea in a few years? (Of course, unfortunately, I hate K-pop, not much to say, I bought eye drops…). Tell everyone a fact. Different from the promotion of Korean goods, tourism, and study abroad agencies, South Korea’s influence, especially the influence of popular culture, is far less popular than what they promote. South Korea has little cultural influence in the world! According to authoritative data from the Korea Cultural Industry Promotion Agency and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, South Korea’s cultural and creative industry exports in 2019 were 10.3 billion U.S. dollars, of which the game industry was 6.9 billion. South Korea’s highly touted Hallyu (music) Only 640 million. This is very different from the “Korean Wave sweeping the world” and “Korean Wave has achieved great success” promoted by some people! In fact, Hallyu’s influence in the world is only a little bit. Hallyu’s propaganda has been too strong for a long time, and it has been disgusted by many people. But the actual effect, as shown by the data of South Korea’s own authoritative organization, Hallyu is actually A tasteless! So, don’t worry that South Korea’s poor-quality culture will have too much influence on us, as poor-quality culture can only affect poor-quality people!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, I support it very much, especially when I think of Xiao Zhanfen fighting against Kazakhstan and South Korea fans, this picture is so beautiful that I dare not watch… If Xiao Zhanfan can use 227 hours of combat power to beat Kazakhstan and South Korea fans, I will know it on the spot. Declare that I love Xiao Zhan forever. As for Korean movies, they generally live in the We Media, even if they are blown to heaven by many We Media critics, will they get a billion at the box office in China? Think too much. What is the thing that Mr. Hayao Miyazaki didn’t do, are Koreans worthy?

7 months ago

High-level officials should be aware of the current public opinion on stealing the country and stealing our culture, but the national strategy is to unite with Japan and South Korea to squeeze the United States out of Asia and win over the stealing country. In the same way, stealing the country knows that our country is aware of its actions and knows that in order to win over it, the high-level officials will not do any real counterattacks, so they are becoming more reckless and presumptuous. This agreement is about stealing the country and almost showing off triumphantly: How can you be angry? How can I be from top to bottom, from the chaebol, the government to the ordinary people, form a powerful force and bribe various foreign museums. Falsified the “nationality” of the exhibits, took advantage of the Korean Wave on the extranet, and touched porcelain in all aspects of film and television comics and costume works. The Chinese counterattack was also shaped as a bully against South Korea. China is the “country of origin of the universe”. The P pictures have become their “corroboration” to fool foreigners, they are indeed spicy. If this continues, Li Gui will eventually become Li Kui. We cannot proudly introduce our history and culture in the world because we are “cultural thieves.” I feel that South Korea’s motives and practices are the same as India’s. The focus of seeing through China is to solve the siege of the Angsa, to regain Taiwan, and it is inadequate to deal with their territories and cultural conflicts. Such a rare window period is natural. To use it. When I was tired, I fought back on the Internet and made a proposal for cultural protection on the WeChat program. Produce a sense of nihility, the identity of historical and cultural national identity. A caomin still only cares about how to move bricks quickly and easily. Of course, I hope that I will be severely beaten in the face, and the country will be able to properly solve the cultural theft of country stealing, I hope…

7 months ago

RCEP, just normal official cooperation. It is estimated that cooperation with Japan and ASEAN will also be put on the agenda in the near future. Both parties must know about the cultural plagiarism in the previous paragraph, and everyone sees VANK’s despicable behavior. In this case, cooperation must be cooperative, otherwise it will violate the spirit of the contract. China’s international image cannot be destroyed, it cannot learn from Aramco, and it will be difficult to do business after frequent withdrawals. China is still a developing country and needs to continuously improve its economic strength. I personally think that the Korean Wave will not be the same as before in the country. There are also many reasons: VANK, the flow of domestic new stars, many countries and South Korea are competing for cake (Japan alone is enough for South Korea to drink a pot), Hallyu has repeatedly insulted China, and the issue of mutual plagiarism is officially eligible to end. The entry of Hallyu is necessary for official cooperation, but the market’s response to Hallyu is determined by whether we consume it. There is no way to save the stubborn fan. Normal people can do something if they can. Out of selfishness, I hope to see the chaotic scenes of China, Japan and South Korea fighting each other. It is also my appetite to kill the fans of various countries. At the beginning, I was very isolated. I felt that what VANK did was so excessive that Yang Ma actually cooperated with KBS. How could this be done!

7 months ago

Far aside, Japan has recently been actively using the Five Eyes Alliance, the so-called Indo-Pacific alliance, to try to contain China. South Korea has not joined these Taiwan issues. There is always the shadow of Japan. Although they dare not blatantly intervene like the United States, they have not rarely played the side ball. For example, they sent the outgoing prime minister and Abe’s brother to Taiwan to communicate “relationships.” South Korea has never played the Taiwan card, at least not at the government level. During the epidemic, South Korea’s donations to China were no less than Japan’s. Even the South Korean government sent officials to deliver them in person. However, what is circulating on the Internet is that “the mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are in the same sky”.

7 months ago

Let’s talk about the sports field that has always been criticized. The lack of sportsmanship in Koreans does not need to be said. I have written several articles in Zhihu. But South Korea has always been on China’s side in official terms. In the 2000 Asian Cup, the Japan-Korea Football Association had agreed to support China’s bid, but Japan turned back and the Chinese Football Association was caught off guard. The Korean Football Association has always supported the Chinese Football Association’s bid, including the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, the Asian Cup…All events are supported. China’s position has never changed. After all, there is no deep hatred between China and South Korea. On the contrary, peace on the Korean Peninsula depends on China, not to mention that South Korean chaebols have huge interests in the Chinese market.

7 months ago

To be honest, the comment area is really small. In fact, the most important thing for us is to improve ourselves, no matter what. We have such a large land area, 1.4 billion people, and a long history and culture. To be honest, Tianhu starts, as long as the top butt is not crooked (I believe it will not be crooked), we should most confidently improve Yourself. The cooperation with kbs this time is to improve the quality of programs, shooting methods, film and television quality, etc., and also enable Korean entertainment to close down and develop internal entertainment. Think about it, your population is dozens of times that of the other party, your land area is dozens of times, and your culture is dozens of times older and brighter than the other side. You are so unconfident? Now the average per capita has exceeded 10,000 US dollars. With economic development, cultural development and dissemination are necessary and necessary. To be honest, whoever internalizes who by then will know from history. . .

7 months ago

Chinese people: Are you crazy? Let go of the market to a country like Hallyu that is not friendly to China with bad money? Obviously, he was also stolen from the country and culture, and was discredited outside. Do you want to let go of this disgusting thing? South Korean people: Go crazy and talk about cooperation with China. Will kbs only play pro-Chinese content in the future? We are like watching the insulting Hua, want to see the Kangkang and Wanwan. Will it not be invaded by Chinese capital? Will you not be stolen to learn technology? Han Shangfeng: It will be 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations next year… So what, ask for a lottery to sign a contract, rcep or you can eat more. It’s not easy to make money. Zhongshangfeng: How? It’s shameless to give you a face. The establishment of diplomatic relations was already a lot of tolerance. You have arranged THAAD too, do you want to bring up the partnership? Stay with India. Strategic partnership means that some strategies can be discussed, and some cannot be discussed.

7 months ago

Because the fans are still the fans, and the sand coins are still the sand coins. Now that Korean artists have been restricted, they have turned to fans of domestic traffic. As a result, the wages of domestic traffic have risen. At the same time, it also impacted the domestic film and television drama market. Leading to a rapid decline in the rate of domestic film and television productions. The price of artists is controlled by the market, and the cost itself is not high. So, if the market is liberalized and the Koreans are brought in again, it seems that the money has been made by the Koreans for a short time. In fact, if you think about it carefully, it actually suppresses the price of domestic traffic. The cost of film and television production has dropped. This is actually a good thing for the domestic market. Because in the area of artists, South Korea’s dumping will not kill the domestic industry. Then let them compete.

7 months ago

There are higher-level ideas at higher levels, and the bottom layer is blindly blended with it without knowing it and having no pattern. When CCTV commented on the NBA incident that year, saying [our attitude is consistent and uncompromising] caused cheers across the entire network. The NB A fans were ashamed of themselves and had to tear up their votes. It is said that Master Huang was tall and hard that time, so it is necessary for us to follow the hard time. As everyone knows, I won’t mention it. Establishing a relationship with South Korea is basically the same: making money, not shabby. But if your pattern is bigger and rises to the height of the industry, you will see more things. Korean Entertainment is in the world’s No. 1 echelon, while internal entertainment is the complete opposite. Whether it can be saved is a question. Now the establishment of a strategic partnership with South Korea can introduce the advanced experience of Korean entertainment, help mainland entertainment to establish and improve the related industry chain, and help the rise of mainland entertainment. Isn’t this a good thing? You can’t curse that mainland entertainment is not good, and at the same time reject South Korean entertainment, tying yourself up, right?

7 months ago

I am now very eager to introduce Japanese trainees from major capitalists on all major platforms in China, the more the better. Due to the epidemic in Japan, many entertainment companies are losing money. Please learn from Tencent and vigorously hunt for trainees, even if they are kidnapped. Please let in high-quality and cheap Japanese foreign workers. Whether it’s stealing people’s food like eating your food and scolding you and stealing your sheets, or South Korean compradors like Lehua Entertainment, you shouldn’t give them a lot of money so easily. In the future, their industry will be upgraded. To laugh at how quickly we are stupid money, I want to say why we can’t be an uncle if we spend the money and we should be pissed on our heads. I implore the introduction of high-quality and low-cost Thai and Japanese migrant workers to kill those who want to come back to make disgusting money and compradors. Give full play to the traditional virtues of East Asia, and after the restrictions on Korea are released, they vigorously engulf the thief. Otherwise, this bad breath is hard to get rid of.

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