Mathematical Olympiad is not suitable for everyone to learn, and not everyone can learn mathematics well. Xia Huanhuan is not suitable for which category. First of all, the basic knowledge is not solid, and the in-class test is the bottom of the seven to eighty points. Most of the knowledge in the primary school is repeated imitation. She can’t even do this well, indicating that the foundation is too poor. As the saying goes, “A good elementary school is not really good, but a bad elementary school is really bad.” 2. The study habits are very bad. The latest clip includes drinking water, going to the toilet, playing with erasers, no The willingness to write calculations is obviously the consequence of raising a baby in the lower grades of the “Buddha department”. Even if the Mathematical Olympiad scores are not good, it is not difficult to stay in the middle of class. Children do what they want when they are young. Note that when children are young, they don’t have any judgment. They don’t know right or wrong at all. They just pass the problem and play, and their concentration is very poor. It’s normal that you can’t keep up with your studies in the fifth and sixth grades. 3. In the final analysis, Huanhuan’s parents cannot accept that their daughters are not good enough. When it comes to the fact that their daughters don’t need to work hard, they blow up her hair. The Buddhism departments before the sixth grade are not true Buddhism departments. They just don’t understand the progress of higher education or selectively forget to enter higher schools. As for the way out, I think a passage from Teacher Lian Yue can answer this question: Most children work very hard and have average grades, and you may be the same. This is not to say that they learned it in vain, on the contrary, they learned one of the most important skills in life-taking responsibility and doing their best. I am a student, and learning is my responsibility. No matter what the result is, I just try my best. Children who can adhere to this simple principle, no matter how common and unobtrusive in school, will have a rich, happy, and respectable life in the future.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Learning Mathematical Olympiad is because you can go to the best private junior high school, and the best private junior high school means a high probability of going to the best high school, which means a high probability of going to the ideal university. What should I do if Austrian math is not good? Then don’t go to the best private junior high school, study hard, and still go to the best high school. So, if the Olympiad is good, you should make good use of your own advantages; if the Olympiad is not good, you should use your strength in junior high school. There are many choices in life, and the roads are very wide.

5 months ago

In the regular examinations in public schools, there will usually be a score question at the end of the paper, which is set for students who have spare time in their studies. Nowadays, many of them go to cram school, study ahead, get a full score, 95 points or more, if you take a lot of it, you will definitely get a bonus if you want to get a good school. In this way, many students who have done tutoring abroad have similar grades in the usual exams, and those who have not done tutoring will probably suffer. Some children have high IQs and talents, so they can do well without tutoring. If Huanhuan’s score remains around 90-95, she won’t be far behind. Besides, their family can get extra points on the art test. Huanhuan shouldn’t learn Mathematical Olympiad, but make up the textbook knowledge on the spot, and play steadily. Good personality, middle and upper grades, plus points in the art test, plus their family connections, not much difference. After all, it is Xia Junshan couple, double learning tyrants, unable to accept the fact that her daughter is not talented in mathematics, and there is also Tian Yulan’s mouth-to-mouth chatter, which is very scandalous. Before, Huanhuan almost wandered in the light of flowers and applause. All of a sudden, it was rejected by the outside world, and the child would definitely not be able to bear this kind of gap. Furthermore, Huanhuan lacks frustration education.

5 months ago

I live in Shenzhen, and in the learning environment around me, I don’t think I need to learn Mathematical Olympiad like in a play. Fortunately, the high-quality teaching resources in China are concentrated in public schools. At least in my cognition, no private schools are better than public schools, and the admissions of public schools are completely within the scope of the students’ education syllabus. That is to say, it is enough to be able to learn well in school. You don’t need to participate in the learning content of the super-class outside of class, and you can get into a good school. Taking mathematics as an example, if someone thinks that super-level knowledge can solve problems faster, you may be disappointed. Regardless of how broad the scope of knowledge of the super outline is, how much time it takes to complete the study, in the formal high school entrance examination, the use of super outline knowledge points to solve the problem is discretionary, that is, points will be deducted, and the score is higher than the normal method of solving the problem. Classmates’ score is still low People’s time and energy are limited. If it’s just to get a good school entrance exam, why not divide the time for studying Mathematical Olympiad before each subject and improve your score within the scope of the syllabus? If the child has super talent, learning ability and interest in mathematics, I support the child to learn Mathematical Olympiad. This Mathematical Mathematical Olympiad is the same as an interest class. By analogy, children who have this ability in other areas can also go to study related interest classes or cultivate related hobbies. If the child is within the scope of the syllabus and has easily obtained high scores, and the school syllabus no longer meets the needs of the child, then the child can also choose the direction he is interested in to study, including but not limited to various science competitions. , Art, programming, etc. Most children are ordinary people, and within the scope of the syllabus, they have tried their best to get good scores. Mathematical Olympiad should be aimed at students who are good at mathematics, and an opportunity to learn more advanced mathematics in advance, rather than training to improve scores.

5 months ago

Once, our official account posted an article by elementary school math teacher Guo Wenhong about “Do children need to learn Mathematical Olympiad?” Teacher Guo Wenhong said: No matter what kind of study, no matter what the reason, at least it can not destroy the child’s personality At the expense of dignity and sacrificing children’s interest in learning, this should be the basic bottom line that every parent and teacher cannot surpass. I think so, so I especially brought it to share with you today. As an elementary school math teacher, I have encountered many questions from parents and friends: Should our children learn Mathematical Olympiad? In fact, there are various voices on the Internet about the right and wrong of Mathematical Olympiad. As far as I am concerned, I have different understandings of this problem at different stages. I once described this in the article “Learning to be a Primary School Teacher”-after extensive exposure to the so-called “Olympics” questions , I suddenly found a shortcut to success: if students learn some questions with a certain degree of difficulty in thinking, and then return to the textbook questions, they will find it easy, just like asking a fifth-grade student to do the third-grade questions. No reason for high scores? Therefore, for the sake of high scores, graduating class, and junior promotion, I tried my best to wave the banner of “Olympic Mathematics” and sincerely hope that every child can embark on this broad road of happiness. This is the young me. As a high school mathematics teacher, I have a very simple and pure idea. It is completely different from the goal of making money in social schools. I just hope that as a student, and even the class, I can get high scores in mathematics. A “shortcut”, of course, must have its own little selfishness, and that is to use it to enhance and prove its social value. Since then, studying “Olympic Mathematics” every day has become a compulsory course for me. Grabbing and occupying classes are commonplace. I will talk in class and after class; if I can understand, I have to talk more if I don’t understand. I told the school that when I got home, let the parents continue to talk… I “brought out” the first and second prize students of the Olympiad, and became an “Olympic gold coach”. The students of the class have repeatedly performed various research and placement tests. Achieving good results, I am also immersed in the complacency of the “excellent teacher”. I continue to increase and improve. It is my only mission to get students to achieve good results… However, just like the sentence of “ruthless” by Mr. Sun Yunxiao, an expert on youth issues. What the words said: “Olympics is a course that allows most children to prove themselves as fools.” I have gradually discovered that some children are indeed able to fully adapt to this constantly increasing and challenging mathematics learning model, but for more For children, Mathematical Olympiad may really be a nightmare in their childhood. Let me give you an example-one day I received a consultation from a mother of a first-grade child, asking how to say the following question so that the child can understand it: A movie for more than two hours, Xiao Ming watched it at the beginning I looked at the clock, and at the end, I also looked at the clock, and found that the hour hand and the minute hand happened to swap one position. How long did the movie show? Dear readers, how did you feel after reading this topic? Do you feel flustered, nervous, and completely unaware of where to start? Please don’t forget, this is just a question for first-grade children to do. It comes from a mathematics tutorial published by a famous Normal University Press signed by a famous mathematics scholar. Not to mention that many children in the first grade may not be able to fully understand and understand the clock and time, as well as the names of the hour and minute hands above, and many basic concepts and related knowledge backgrounds, such as the result of this question. You cannot use an integer. To express, let alone the process of thinking and comprehension in the middle, let alone a baby in the first grade, if you put it in the sixth grade, or even the sixth grade math teacher, I am afraid not everyone can do it. Such questions will make children feel nervous and scared. If the teacher always tells you the answer with contemptuous eyes and tone for showing that the level is high, the students will feel stupid and stupid because of this, just like a big fool… If you often encounter such eyes, I believe that the child will be cowed, fearful, and even tired of studying, right? Oh, by the way, that book actually gave the answer in 2 hours and 45 minutes, how do you feel? After talking about this somewhat ridiculous topic, let’s take a look at the characteristics of children’s thinking development. We all know that children mainly think in images, with insufficient logic and a serious lack of practical experience in life, which happens to be related to mathematics. The characteristics of abstraction, logic and wide application are perfectly avoided. And no matter what stage of life, no matter what kind of learning, it needs a lot of basic knowledge as support first, but for children, especially children at the young stage, there are a lot of deficiencies in these aspects. This is the reason why many children find it difficult to learn mathematics when they are young. If children are allowed to learn Mathematical Mathematical content with a large span and difficulty at this time, it will inevitably be a painful thing for children. Although painful and even hateful, what makes people feel weird is that as long as you ask the child or the parent, everyone seems to be learning. What is the reason? Teacher Yang Dongping of the 21st Century Research Institute’s educational insights “How did the National Olympics arise?” I believe it will give you a comprehensive, clear and complete answer. As far as I can see, most parents require or even force their children to learn Mathematical Olympiad for the following reasons: forced by the environment, everyone will learn from me and not learn, for fear of delaying the child; forced to enter a higher school, for the child to go to a good middle school Find a stepping stone; due to vanity, for the sake of being prominent, in order to prove that your child is smart; ignorant, you have no knowledge of the law of the child’s thinking development, blindly asserting that Mathematical Olympiad can definitely expand the child’s thinking development, so you must learn, I have to learn as soon as possible…Of course, everyone’s ideas must have their own rationality and autonomy. I have no right to interfere, but as a math teacher who has been dealing with children for a long time, I have witnessed hundreds of children learning. In addition to the Olympic Mathematics, I would like to sincerely warn all young parents and friends-each child has different characteristics, each family’s needs are different, and each child encounters a different teaching teacher’s approach. For this problem, I really want to It is difficult to give a standard answer. But I think that no matter what kind of study it is, no matter what the reason is, at least it cannot be at the cost of destroying the child’s personal dignity and sacrificing the child’s interest in learning. This should be the basic bottom line that every parent and teacher cannot surpass. As for how to deal with different situations, please leave a message and continue to discuss. I sincerely hope that every child can have a childhood free of humiliation and fear.

5 months ago

The schedule of every child I met in the summer camp was as full as a junior in high school, and more children became problem-solving machines, and there was no room for thinking and looking up at the road. Mathematical Olympiad is originally only suitable for a small number of children who are able to learn and are interested in mathematics. Do not deify or demonize Mathematical Olympiad. Whether it is coerced or scrambled, the fundamental reason is that many parents do not understand education, or they only have a little understanding of education. In the process of cultivating children, the overall uprooting of seedlings really makes the current children and their parents miserable! The so-called emphasis on education, which is not aimed at discovering hobbies, not focusing on cultivating a skill, and not promoting future career planning, is really nonsense! For the vast majority of ordinary children, this is their path, but where is this path now? Only with more and more exaggeration, it is hard to believe that the future will be better. For learning, personal recognition: primary school attaches importance to study habits, middle school attaches importance to learning methods, and universities attach importance to academic performance. Life is a marathon. Cultivating a healthy body and mind, a love of life, and hope for the future are the wealth that education gives children a life-long benefit! Looking forward to better education and governance, and expecting children to grow up in an environment that conforms to the law of growth.

5 months ago

There is only one way to go abroad early. Specifically, it is that parents work hard and make more money. The essence of the problem is not just a mathematics, but a backward test-oriented education and college entrance examination. If the child wants to take the college entrance examination in China, the magical selection model of who sleeps late is not good. The school has forced the success rate to be too low for a lifetime. Only this child who is willing to bet that miracle less than 1% will go to a good school with a high rate of enrollment. Teachers are even more pictures of students. What the students want is that desperate atmosphere and a good school wants halfway. It’s even harder to get in. You have to start from the beginning of the junior year and start one step at a time, so you have to fight for Mathematical Olympiad and spelling English. Because there is no unified entrance examination in the junior college, you can test Mathematical Olympiad and English. If you want to refuse the college entrance examination, you must be at least 16 years old and have to go abroad. Boys have strong self-protection ability. It is enough to be around 13 years old. TV dramas must have a perfect ending in order to pass the trial. The children in the drama can be forced to write a good ending without studying hard or going abroad. But in reality, the probability is too low and has no reference meaning. Examination-oriented education and college entrance examinations are to take care of the poor and sacrifice the interests of the rich. The so-called fair product. If the family has a little money to support going abroad, there is no need to sacrifice. Of course, the opposite is also true for parents who don’t work hard. There are exceptions to changing prospects, but the probability of that is less than 1% who can catch up

5 months ago

What is the relationship between good personality and good grades? This question asks as childish as a woman should want love or bread. Is it true that children with good grades have bad personalities? Besides, Xia Huanhuan can’t finish homework like homework, so what’s his personality? In addition to being lively and cheerful, she also includes firmness and calmness. Do you think she is firm or calm? Most colleges and universities choose people who are good at learning, but not those who are good at public relations. Xia Huanhuan is suitable for art colleges.

5 months ago

One reason for studying Mathematical Olympiad should be that mathematics is an exam subject, and it is easier to get a high score. Secondly, winning the Mathematical Olympiad seems to be a bonus. In short, it is a big bargaining chip for further studies. But people have individual differences, not every child can excel in mathematics, which requires parental education. In this regard, I most agree with Gardner’s “multiple intelligences”. Each person’s relative talents are different. You don’t need to use your own shortcomings to compare others’ strengths; you should use your own strengths to develop your own shortcomings, etc. This is educational wisdom. Gardner’s multiple intelligences, therefore, for children who are not good at mathematics, we must respect their individual differences, and strive to develop superior intelligences such as language such as art, and use superior intelligence methods to teach temporarily weak intelligences. For example, if you like to sing, use singing to sing mathematics. Fine arts learn about mathematics in fine arts and so on. In short, one more ruler to evaluate a child is one more genius. Every parent should understand the concept of Gardner’s multiple intelligences, which helps to ask children more objectively and fairly~

5 months ago

The two teachers, Zhong and Chen, are very straightforward. Not every child is suitable for Mathematical Olympiad. Some children can’t learn Mathematical Olympiad. Just register for an improvement class. It’s more cost-effective to spend the same time or go to a competition/gold medal class. “The mentality of treating children is really encouraging. People are rich and poor, and their aptitudes are different. When playing games, they also know that there is a difference between SSR and Puka. When they have their own children, they feel that their children are “not worse than others”? People are different. Parents must learn to accept themselves and their children. The college entrance examination is the most fair screening mechanism for the general public. If you can’t even cross this line, think about why. This is not aimed at the children of a family, and it is even more unlikely that teachers should teach each child according to their level as stated in the TV series. Educational resources have not yet been enriched to this level. Said that Huanhuan’s personality is good, but I didn’t see it. I didn’t see her expressing anything when I encountered a problem.

5 months ago

In “Little Willingness”, each parent allows their children to learn Mathematical Olympiad, which does have many benefits: it is very beneficial to the child’s physical development of the brain, the formation of thinking styles, and the cultivation of learning habits. Children who have studied Mathematical Olympiad have stronger ability to resist frustration, rigorous and flexible thinking, stronger ability of self-evaluation and self-control, and can consciously adjust their learning mentality and state. But in fact, more are the expectations and wishes of the parents, not the children’s own choices. Every child has different temperaments, different physical intelligence, and different hobbies. It is best for parents to be aware that the speed of development of each child is not the same, and the development of the child is not the same in all aspects. Like Xia Huanhuan, she has a good personality, expressive ability, and talent, which are also her unique characteristics and temperament. It is very unreasonable for parents to always compare their own children with other people’s children. Parents should go with the flow and let their children grow up freely. Don’t force your children to learn what other people’s children are learning. Don’t ask your children to be exactly the same as what is said in the parenting book. It is impossible and unnecessary. Parents must have this concept, because it is a fact. Since children have different endowments, parents only need to give proper enlightenment with a normal attitude, a good way, and an effective method. As for how the child develops in the future and what achievements he may have, that is the child’s own blessing, and parents should let the flow go.

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