Recently, an online post stated that a manager of the cabin department of Eastern Airlines was arranged by the leader to have a relationship with a certain boss and send indecent messages, which aroused the attention of netizens. China Eastern Airlines issued a statement on the 22nd: The company is concerned about the so-called “indecent chat records of employees” on the Internet. After verification, the relevant information was deliberately fabricated and maliciously slandered, and the victimized employee has immediately reported the case to the public security organ. The company strongly condemns illegal network behaviors and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for rumors and malicious spreaders.

It was cool to spread the rumors, tearful and frosty behind bars. Some people are purely indifferent or narrow-minded and wanton revenge. At the same time, they lack legal common sense and moral standards, and they also ignore the powerful communication ability of the Internet and the ability to identify clues. It can only be said that this type of person is stupid and stupid. According to the “Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Handling of Criminal Cases Using Information Networks for Defamation and Other Criminal Cases”, one of the following circumstances shall be deemed as stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 246 of the Criminal Law “Making facts to slander others”: (1) Fabricating facts that damage the reputation of others and disseminating them on the information network, or organizing or instructing people to disseminate it on the information network; (2) Changing the original information on the information network that involves others Facts that damage the reputation of others are spread on the information network, or organized or instructed to spread on the information network; knowingly fabricated facts that damage the reputation of others, spread on the information network, and the circumstances are bad, use “fabricated facts to slander others “s. Therefore, now that this person is being detained and not punished by public security, it shows that this has seriously affected and endangered the social order, and the Internet is illegal. Please be cautious in your words and actions.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

In all likelihood, it is false. When adults use WeChat to communicate, the characteristics of chat records are: 1. Fragmentation. In small talks, text communication is usually temporary, fragmented, intermittent, and finished in three or five sentences. It is very possible that the previous message is separated from the next message by ten minutes or even several hours, and the topic switching is also very random. Everyone is so busy. Wouldn’t it be tiring to talk back and forth for three or five pages? Two people really talk a lot, so they can directly send pictures or voice communication. 2 Contextualization. The chat history is for the two people who are chatting to see, which means that some information can be hidden in the context and does not need to be understood by the third person. The normal private chat history is shown to a third person, and readers will feel that there is no beginning and end. What did they say? Why is it inexplicable? What are the causes and consequences? “I asked about that, and he said it would be fine at night.” That’s enough. Who and what? I don’t know, only the two people who are chatting know it, but none of the others. And those chat records that readers can understand at a glance are probably fake. If there is a real adultery, both of them will have to be real swords and guns. The man said to wear skirts and don’t wear panties, but the women’s reply is ok, won’t it be over? Why repeat it carefully? This is the basic communication skills, right? Don’t forget to confirm with the other party after you get the order, right? The text is teasing and teasing, but don’t you forget to introduce the content clearly to the readers? Should you write a novel?

5 months ago

Defamation is generally carried out through fiction and rumors, but after all, it will damage the reputation of others and have a serious impact on their lives and work. Planting and framing, insulting, slandering, out of nothing, malicious slander, has always been despised, not a gentleman’s behavior but the pleasure of a villain, and this is not only morally intolerable, but also not allowed by the law. Therefore, in this case, the legal liability of the slanderer and the legal liability of the slander, including public security management penalties and criminal penalties, need to be established in accordance with the law. What is the legal liability for rumors and defamation in our country? Those who openly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others, fabricate facts and falsely accuse others, attempt to subject others to criminal investigations or receive public security management penalties, shall be detained for not more than five days or fined not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are more serious, they shall be sentenced to more than five days Detained for less than 10 days may be concurrently fined not more than 500 yuan. How many times can you be sentenced for reposting and spreading rumors? According to the first paragraph of Article 246 of the Criminal Law, anyone who uses violence or other methods to openly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, surveillance, or deprivation of political rights. How can it be regarded as “serious”? First, the same defamatory information was actually clicked on, viewed more than 5,000 times, or reposted more than 500 times; second, it caused serious consequences such as mental disorders, self-harm, suicide, etc. of the victim or his close relatives; third, second Those who received administrative punishments for defamation during the year and slandered others; the fourth is other serious circumstances. In short, although online speech is free, the Internet is not illegal, and it is still subject to legal supervision. Everyone must be responsible for their words and deeds, otherwise they will pay their due price for their improper words and deeds. Spreading rumors is cool for a while, and looking for law afterwards!

5 months ago

I don’t know why such rumors will be searched hot. Such low-level rumors will be hotly searched, and I feel that everyone still doesn’t know enough about our profession. Interest-related, I am a flight attendant of a certain company (of course not this one). Tell your own story. My master is now a leader, and she is a very good person. Sometimes I think it’s great to be her apprentice, she will often organize meetings with our teachers; she is willing to help us when encountering difficulties in work and life; the love between the master and the master is also very sweet, no matter how early the master is When you go to get off work or leave work late, the master will pick you up every time. Many little details make us disciples envious of us. To my gentle and lovely master! As for myself, I have been flying for almost 8 years. (: I don’t know, I’ve been flying for so long, but the time is so fast. How do you say it? Sometimes, the career of flight attendant seems to have experienced a roller coaster every day. When you are happy, you can fly very high and sad. , The mood will hit the runway heavily (every industry has its not easy) When I am in a bad mood at work, I will tell myself and encourage myself. The happiest thing about this career is that I can fly abroad , Of course, the worst thing is that it takes a long, long time to fly abroad. What I am happiest is flying to Istanbul together. The whole group of 17 people went out to play, packed a big car, and stepped on the tourist attractions recommended by the tour guide. ; Eat together at the most famous local restaurant; every time you visit an important scenic spot, you must take a group photo; laughter along the way, go back to the hotel to see the photos posted by everyone in the group, more than a hundred flips can be tiring, but fortunately I have kept it all. Now it looks like it’s full of memories. I’m grateful that I met such a lovely team member; we are not what you imagined. Although I do not deny that some people may be like that, but at least around me All of my friends are super well-behaved and super nice. I’m usually just more greedy, but I’ll go home obediently after work. After all, this business is really hard. When I’m resting, I really just want to sleep or make an appointment. Our best friends go out for shopping and eating; we are also very brave. Although we are not the uncle of the police or the brother of the People’s Liberation Army, we are obliged to rush to the front line when there is danger. I hope the society will understand us more and less slander. We are actually They are also girls, and such rumors can easily crush us.

5 months ago

The rumors and slander have been repeatedly banned. Before, there was a “girl cheating courier brother”, and later, “China Eastern Airlines employees were assigned to the boss.” They all said that they spread rumors. In fact, the rumors are also very tired. In addition to deliberately obtaining WeChat avatars, you also have to think about copywriting, and the two phones take turns returning messages. In the end, netizens complained about “fake a look.” It’s really doing everything possible just to leave the infamy of “yy wretched dick”. The crime of defamation refers to (subjectively) deliberately (objectively) fabricating and disseminating fictitious facts, degrading reputation, and serious acts. “Serious circumstances” refer to 1. The same defamatory information was actually clicked on, viewed more than 5,000 times, or reposted more than 500 times; 2. The victim or his close relatives caused serious mental disorders, self-harm, suicide, etc. Consequences; 3. Have received administrative penalties for defamation within two years and slander others; 4. Other serious circumstances. Generally, only private prosecutions can be filed, unless they reach the level of serious harm to social order and national interests. (For example, cause mass incidents; cause chaos in public order; cause ethnic and religious conflicts; slander many people, cause bad social influence, etc.) In addition, knowingly it is a fabricated fact that damages the reputation of others, and it is spread on the information network, and the circumstances are bad , Also constitutes the crime. Therefore, don’t forward false news, especially in large groups of hundreds of people. If the crime of defamation in this type of case is not established (not to the extent of the seriousness of the circumstances), China Eastern Airlines employees can file a civil lawsuit in the court on the grounds of infringement of reputation rights, requesting the rumorer to stop the infringement, eliminate the impact, apologize, restore reputation, and compensate for the loss. In January of this year, Zhang Jun, the chief prosecutor of the country, named “the case of defamation of women fetching express delivery” at the meeting, demanding that the punishment of cyber crimes be increased and the cost of protecting citizens’ rights should be reduced. Rumors stop at the wise and stop at the law. In response to repeated prohibitions on cyber crimes, only a heavy blow with criminal penalties can deter those villains who intend to use the Internet to obtain improper traffic.

5 months ago

It seems that even if the Hangzhou defamation case is prosecuted, its influence is still limited, so that these rumors are not afraid at all. However, it is understandable by looking at the law. After all, the top penalty is three years. Article 246   Use violence or other methods to openly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, Control or deprive political rights. The crimes mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be dealt with only when they are told, except for those that seriously endanger social order and national interests. If the victim implements the behavior specified in the first paragraph through the information network, the victim informs the people’s court, but it is really difficult to provide evidence, the people’s court may request the public security organ to provide assistance. However, the impact of such rumors on the parties is devastating. If clarification is not made in time, rumors will fly, the suspicion of colleagues, relatives and friends, and loss of work are all trivial matters. Depression and even suicide may occur. And what about the instigator?
There may not even be an apology. Even if it is clarified, people around will say “flies don’t bite seamless eggs” to demean the victim; although legal workers are against moral judgment, this kind of law cannot fully protect the victims. Under the circumstances, I feel that the information on the rumors should be published so that he also knows what it feels like to be stared at by the spotlight.

5 months ago

In the latest news, the Shanghai police informed that the creator of these pictures has been arrested. Facts have proved that this chat log is indeed fabricated. First of all, the current images of major media on the Internet are incomplete. There is a big loophole in the pictures in this series. It may be discovered by the rumors later that the loopholes were cut off in the pictures sent to the media. . I’m mosaicing the content of the chat, and I’ll just talk about loopholes. The only thing I didn’t make mosaics was a few hours. Pay attention to the media version, there is no local time of the phone in the upper left corner! It can be seen from this time that this photo was taken within 5 minutes after the chat was sent. Let’s watch. This is the second picture. You can see that the chat time is 22.50 minutes and 22.56 minutes, while the photo time is 22.58 minutes. In other words, two minutes after the text was sent out, someone took a picture of this chat log. Looking back at the first picture again, the shooting time was 22.38 minutes. What does this mean? The time interval between the two pictures was 20 minutes, and when the first picture was taken, the two parties on WeChat were still talking. In the last picture, the chat time is 23.01 minutes, and the photo time is 23.33 minutes. 35 minutes have passed since the second picture was taken. This information has not been typed out when the second picture is ranked. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that this chat log was completely fabricated, or even very clumsy. It was fabricated while taking pictures, which left a big loophole. I hope that the police can bring the rumor makers to justice as soon as possible!

5 months ago

According to the latest reports, the rumors have been detained, and they are really vindictive. Hope not to have any negative influence on which manager. __ In the past few days, the internet and the circle of friends went viral on the hot chat content of a certain airline passenger and a certain general manager. The chat content is similar to a pimping process, and you can search the Internet for specific content. While netizens exclaimed the explosion of Sanguan, a certain airline urgently refuted the rumors, saying that this was malicious slander and pure slander. Generally, the process of eating melons in my country is like this: big melons burst out-netizens watched and discussed-official rumors-decreased popularity-event reversal-big melon real hammer. At present, it seems that I have reached the third step. I don’t know if I can continue later. So are those few chat screenshots real? Let’s analyze and analyze together. The screenshot shows that Manager N was appointed by President T to accompany President Q for a spring night. The screenshot shows that the chat history of President Q should be taken. Question 1: Why is the chat not a screenshot, but a phone shot? The explanation was not revealed by me, but by people around me. There should not be many people around Q who can get a mobile phone and know the password. Question 2: Are fake chat records really fake? It can be seen that the female avatar is Manager N himself, and the male avatar matches the avatar of a middle-aged boss (architecture, landscape, etc.), indicating that the counterfeiter is familiar with both parties. If fraud is required, the WeChat avatars of both parties must be collected. nickname. At the same time, counterfeiters have a good understanding of middle-aged men’s habit of using mobile phones. Most middle-aged and elderly people like to input by hand, because the pinyin letters are too small to be clear. Handwriting input is easy to cause recognition errors, so there are several typos. 1. Recognize what kind of thing into one. (Modification, thanks to all friends for reminding, what means “that”) Finally, combined with the picture information, President Q initially expressed confusion about Manager N’s enthusiasm and said that he wanted to communicate with President T. Note that the time is 22:32. . Later, Mr. Q clearly understood the situation and agreed to meet with Manager N. The time was 22:50. What does it mean? It shows that the faker really waited 20 minutes before continuing to chat, creating an illusion of communicating with Mr. T. This kind of detail control ability is too terrifying. Finally, to sum up, this is a highly skilled counterfeiter, considering all the details, detective novels dare not write like this. It is also a pity for the heroine in the incident. The good future may have been ruined because of these screenshots, so I hope that the public security organs can bring the criminals to justice as soon as possible, and return Manager N and Manager Q to their innocence.

5 months ago

I have summarized the four situations of forging chat records: the first one is to use software to forge, and then take a screenshot. The so-called Ma Rong’s chat records circulating on the Internet are in this way. This method is particularly easy to discern. The second is that the mobile phone is stolen or the SIM card is lost. Such forgery is difficult to identify. It needs to be distinguished according to content information, location information, Internet information, WeChat login information, etc., and it is difficult to distinguish. The third is that the account is stolen. The account is logged in. This is the same as the theft of a mobile phone, which is difficult to distinguish. The identification method is similar. The fourth is to modify the chat history. This is even more troublesome. In short, chat history does not mean that it is absolutely reliable. To a certain extent, there is the possibility of being forged. This estimate of China Eastern Airlines is a good proof that it is forged. Hope to solve the case soon.

5 months ago

Hey, I consulted, and the result is: 1. Most of the melons in the people’s circle are “real”. Which company was exposed must be refuting the rumors, but Secretary Ni’s matter is likely to be false. Some people want to toss her for several reasons or a combination of these reasons: ※ She does not want to be offended by unspoken rules or because of some things, and then be framed by someone compiling a chat log. ※ In order to cover the two melons that were fermented last week, this one involved seven people, but only two new sisters were fired. The old foxes were punished symbolically, and 80% of them were the elder sisters who were expelled, but the matter broke out. , One of the incidents has a video, and it can be a big trouble when it spreads to the society. Follow a company’s public relations strategy to find other things to take away the heat, and then block the employees’ mouths and it’s done. 2. Beautiful women in a certain company will be targeted at work if they do not succumb to unspoken rules. Only those girls who are present at home and have hard relationships in the game, no one dares to touch them. If there is a ranking, the situation in which the company uses power to bully to obtain resources must be ranked first and far ahead. PS: Dongmou is really a big den. It contributes less than half of the melons in the circle. The relevant organizations can no longer be “lazy”. I think some of the Anglo-Chinese media are making a fuss about this matter. Asked me what are those two melons? I just heard that, I didn’t inquire carefully, which made my ears dirty. 3. Of course, no one in the circle dared to leak out, and the job was lost if the leak was leaked. All companies hired professionals to pinpoint the source of the leak. 4. Give students some tips for distinguishing the authenticity of selling videos (these are basically fake): a. Sisters are not allowed to do nail art. They can only use nail polish, the color is transparent or pink close to the color of the nail cover. b. Sisters are also not allowed to dye or extend hair. c. Sisters are not allowed to wear uniforms outside of work. Sisters will never wear uniforms to do that. Especially when the mucus gets on it, it can’t be cleaned completely by any normal means. Although the surface can be washed clean with boiling water, the material of the clothes is also useless. Personally, it must be fake. Hey, if you really want to do these things, the chances that the public will learn about it are too slim. But similar things should have a source of livelihood. After all, many sisters still have very different three views, so aspiring children should give up. As the saying goes, “Marry a wife, marry a virtuous person, and accept a concubine for beauty pageant.” To borrow the words of the famous Russian philosopher and literary critic Chernyshevsky: Without the original form or phenomenon of life, there would be no source and inspiration for artistic creation, which means that all the little things or events in life are artistic materials. Provider and prototype. The writer’s processing of artistic means, concise language description, orderly arrangement, rendering, exaggeration, concentrated contradictions and other descriptions of the storyline, etc., make a novel or other literary work more vivid and intriguing. . Therefore, art comes from life and is higher than life. Finally, everyone is paying attention to the flight attendants. Actually, in the ground handling of the various departments, I feel that it is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon… Okay, the truth is out. Alas, curiosity is right for men and women. However, I still suggest that Zhu Jun, in a scientific attitude, strive to improve his own quality of life as the most important thing. After all, your generation is very happy, the world is big…and I recommend everyone to watch “Secrets of Health in the Ancient Chinese House”, so that the iron pestle will not be ground into needles. A set of books is not expensive, all three volumes, price: ¥698.00. As for the video, it’s boring. After all, experience is very shallow without sublimation of theory; of course, theory is pale without practice. Need to clarify, this plot is specific to Secretary Ni, it must be false. So don’t speculate pointlessly, as for the rest, I didn’t say anything. Eating men and women is a great desire for people. Material desire and sexual desire are the most basic and important needs of human beings. They are one. If such a thing really exists, what are the disadvantages and advantages to our society? I think it is the most worthy of consideration. Dao begets one, one life two, two begets three, three begets everything. Another issue that should be paid attention to is what is Qiu’s real motive for framing Secretary Ni? Many things are not as simple as they are on the surface. For example, in the recent bombing in Pakistan, it was a truckload of black gunpowder that exploded. Alas, in a place full of knives, some people killed people with only bricks. It was too deliberate. One last thought, how can power be locked in a cage? Like the United States, engage in decentralization? Constraint by wrangling. Now it seems that he was not successful. After all his cards were spread, he realized that they were all his own. In fact, during the Northern Song Dynasty, in view of the volatility of the towns during the Five Dynasties, decentralization began to be practiced. For example, the establishment of Pingzhangshi and Sanjishi under the Central School of Letters in the central government, and the establishment of Zhizhou, Judgement, and Transshipment ambassadors in the localities, to implement changes in the law. The result is: Jingkang shame, still not snow, courtiers hate, when will it die. Like the Ming Dynasty, engage in spies? The guards of the factory are riding around, and the historians hear things. This seems to be unsuccessful in history. People look for him thousands of Baidu. Suddenly looking back, the person was there, dimly lit.

5 months ago

Even if the content of the chat is true, who took the screenshot and who sent it out. What is the purpose of sending it out? If it is true, suppose the male leader takes a screenshot. Who did he send the chat log to? It should be the one who posted it last, right? The leader himself will definitely not spread his chat records casually. If it is true, suppose the woman takes a screenshot, who did she send the chat records to? Was it sent to the lower-level leader who arranged for her to have dinner with the superior? Let him see, did he really go to dinner with his superiors? Or lower-level leaders want to use this chat content to coerce higher-level leaders to get some benefits, such as bonuses or position changes. Of course, there are also low-level leaders who send chat records to other people, and other people spread it out. Those caught might be people at the lower level or people who spread the content after getting the content from the lower level leaders. If it is false, it means that someone still wants to do something and fabricates a factual story that may exist but does not actually happen. There are too many possibilities.

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