In this case, just tell HR honestly the reason for your rejection of the offer. Which HR has never experienced being rejected by a candidate? Many HRs have also encountered a situation where candidates accept an offer and go back on the day of entry. What’s more, you, as long as you give a reply within the specified time given by HR, whether it is acceptance or rejection, HR will not care too much. You don’t have to think of HR as too fragile (except for a few careful HR), as long as you sincerely give reasons for rejecting the offer, HR can understand it. The subject does not need to be anxious, let alone delaying time because it is difficult to refuse, avoiding to the end can only be a waste of time for both parties, which not only affects their own mood, but also affects the subsequent recruitment of HR, and the gain is not worth the loss. Of course, when rejecting an offer, you need to pay attention to a few points: 1. Think carefully about the reason for rejection, and make a choice after careful consideration. Never look at the superior and miss the precious opportunity; 2. If you refuse, you must speak in advance, or give it in HR. (There are often complaints from HR, and individual job applicants do not explicitly reject it, so they will not WeChat or answer the phone); 2. Appropriately add social idioms during the rejection process, and express gratitude to HR and the company for choosing you; 3. Be sure to tell the reason. If you really can’t think of how to write the reason for rejection, here are a few templates for rejecting offer. You can refer to: 01 Thank you very much for your company’s recognition of me. After careful consideration, I decided to give up this offer. Because (explain the reason), I have to make this decision. I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused to your work. I hope that your company can find a more suitable candidate for this position. If you have the opportunity, I also hope that you can continue to cooperate in the future. Please forgive me, thank you. 02Thank you for your company’s recognition of me. I learned a lot of new knowledge during the interview, but due to xxx (personal reasons and other developments), I couldn’t register as scheduled. I hope that your company will find a suitable candidate as soon as possible. I wish your company a similar future. Brocade. 03 Thank you very much for your company’s willingness to give me the opportunity and provide me with a position suitable for me. I cherish this opportunity very much, but because of (for whatever reason), there is no way to become a member of the company. I deeply regret it. I hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, and please understand from your company. Thank you.


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5 months ago

Late answer, I have been paying attention to this question for several days, waiting for a suitable answer! Congratulations, you have been approved by your company. This is enough to show that your personal abilities and fundamentals are fully in line with your company’s employment conditions. Why does HR urgently need your reply? The logic behind? 1. The time is only 3 hours for your consideration. Your first reaction is too short. Feeling nervous and overwhelmed. 2. This feeling of you is what HR needs, because it allows you to make a decision in the shortest time. 3. HR thinks that you have strong ability and can recruit at the lowest salary, which is the best result, commonly known as “high cost performance”. As long as you recruit you, your company will make a lot of money. Labor costs are effectively controlled, what do you think? 4. In fact, HR is not just a candidate for you, there should be another candidate, but the salary requirement of this person is too high, your company is a little worried, and it is too high, you need to confirm with you first, and then confirm with him That’s it. 5. HR is helpless and must “choose one of two”. Because the other candidate asked your company to reply at 11 pm the day before yesterday, so you will be asked to reply at 9 pm. If you do not accept, your company will notify other candidates as soon as possible. 1. You dislike your company’s low salary, and want to tactfully refuse, but don’t want to hurt HR’s heart. Do you want to achieve the effect of stubbornness? 2. Don’t answer in a hurry, don’t refuse just by sending a few words, and don’t call to reply. 3. I suggest you write a thank you letter with about 300 words. What is the purpose? Let HR feel your sincerity and your expectations. Throw the problem to HR again and make your company anxious. 4. The content of the thank you letter is the key, how to write it? The template is as follows: Dear**: I am XX, professional**, and have been working **for 10 years. Thank you very much for your company’s approval and able to give me an offer. I also recognize your company’s office environment, corporate culture, and your HR professional capabilities. I hope to join your company as soon as possible and make my own contribution to your company. However, it’s a little regretful that your company’s salary is far from personal expectations. My expectation value is (such as: 10k-15k, it is better to have a range. Don’t quote too high and increase by about 20% on the original basis, because the other party will choose another candidate if it is too high.) Why is the expectation value like this, because The expertise and advantages of the company are also the most sought-after talents for your company. Please consider your company’s leaders and look forward to it! 5. The content of the thank you letter grasps a principle: neither humble nor overbearing. Mainly able to show personal qualities, self-confidence, just the right size. 6. When HR receives your thank-you letter, it will definitely shine, and hurriedly sent the letter to the boss for review. In addition to being sincere and moving, it is still moved! 7. No company will reject an outstanding talent with strong ability and high emotional intelligence. Even if your company is unable to hire you in the end, at least it will leave a very deep impression on your company and HR. In fact, you have successfully completed a publicity of your own IP, which in itself is a winning interview. It’s just that your company’s poor insight into people, not you.

5 months ago

After being rejected by many companies, I have become accustomed to it and can even apply what I have learned 2333. I hope to be able to use it soon:) Dear xxx, Hello, first of all thank you for your attention to me, I am very honored to receive your company’s offer. At present, my application has come to an end. After my comprehensive discussion and evaluation, I am sorry to inform you that your company failed to pass our selection. I regret that! Enthusiasm and self-confidence are the most important, I believe I will find a suitable one soon Talents! Your company’s recruitment information will enter my candidate database, and if there are suitable opportunities in the future, it will also be given priority. I sincerely hope that your company can continue to pay attention to me, and welcome all companies with dreams and unremitting efforts. Thank you again for your support and attention to me! I wish your company all the best and a bright future! Good luck,

5 months ago

1. “Thank you for your offer. After comprehensive consideration, I still feel that it is not suitable. I hope you find a more suitable candidate as soon as possible.” 2. “Thank you for your approval. After repeated consideration, I may not be suitable for you. The current situation of the company, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.” 3. “Sorry, I have decided to join another company, thank you.” 4. “Sorry, the base salary is too low and inappropriate.” 5. “I’m sorry, Your company’s basic salary cannot recruit suitable people.”

5 months ago

Just refuse it, just say that the basic salary is too low. However, there is generally a process for discussing salary before making an offer. HR will tell you the approximate income of the position and what parts it contains. The offer will be made after the two parties have negotiated. I don’t know how you talked about it. Did HR change his mind or do you regret it less? Guessing from the situation that HR is anxious to get you to reply, there is a high probability that you regret it, because if HR takes the initiative to lower your salary, she must be in a strong position and will not rush to let you reply. Backwardness is not good, one is to affect one’s credit value, and the other is to expose one’s lack of thinking. Next time you apply for a job, I suggest you go through all possible situations. What if you ask me to join the job right away? How to solve overtime 996? What is the acceptable salary? This way you will be prepared.

5 months ago

Don’t circumscribe, don’t hang around if you don’t want to go. The best way to refuse: first express gratitude, then apologize, and finally wish well. First of all, thank your company for sending the offer as soon as possible, and thank the leaders for their approval. After comprehensive consideration, I feel that it doesn’t match your company’s position. Finally, I wish your company prosperous performance, and hope that you can recruit suitable talents as soon as possible. It’s just looking for a job, and there is no contradiction, maybe I will meet one day. Polite rejection is the best way for people in the workplace to express themselves.

5 months ago

First, consider empathy. HR sends an offer at 6 pm and asks you to reply at 9 pm. What does this mean? Let’s extrapolate. This HR is estimated to be under pressure from superiors, business departments or internal assessments. It is necessary to determine the candidates for the job that night, so you need to reply as soon as possible. If you give up, there is still time to choose other candidates. So, what do you do? First of all, you have to confirm with yourself, do you really want to join this company? Why do you want to join? Can this reason offset the disadvantage of low salary? If the answer is yes, then accept it. It is estimated that you are still very young. In the early stage of your career development, there are many things that are more important than salary, such as personal growth opportunities, career development space, leaders who are willing to give in, etc. At this stage, you don’t need to put too much emphasis on salary, as long as this platform With the advantages you value that other platforms are difficult to provide, and the normal internal promotion and incentive mechanism, then in the long run, low salary is only temporary. If the first two answers are yes, and the last answer is no or uncertain, then you can try to have a frank communication with HR before replying, so that HR can confirm that you have a strong intention to join the job, but also Realize that it is unreasonable to set such a low salary standard for you, see if it is possible to get a higher salary for you, and then make an offer. If the answers to the above questions are all negative, then tactfully decline, you can say something like: Thank you and your company for your recognition of me, I think I will have a better choice, thank you! Hope the above answers can help you~ I wish all the best!

5 months ago

Don’t pay attention directly. Just like someone wrote you a confession letter, do you have to reply with a rejection letter? Let me tell you this, unless it is a very important position, HR will pay attention to the candidate’s response, including the rejected response. For general positions, if you do not reply, HR already defaults to your rejection. In most cases, the replies we receive are all It’s confirmed OK and willing to join the company. If you don’t want to, you still reply, just be blunt, just add a spam email.

5 months ago

Reject it. The tone can be a little more tactful. It will be easier to meet in the future. After all, it is no good to have a stalemate with HR. The recommended words are as follows: “Thanks to your company for giving me the opportunity to conduct an interview, and also especially to Teacher xx for your very sincere and patient communication. Through the understanding of your company and the evaluation of your own ability, I personally feel that the salary provided by your company There may be a big gap with my expected salary. Salary is a manifestation of personal value. If your company cannot reconsider the salary of this position, I may regret your offer. Thank you again. Interview invitations to communicate patiently and I wish you a happy job.” From the perspective of recruitment, it is a relatively passive approach to urgently ask candidates to reply. It is not because of helplessness and pressure. HR will not operate in this way. This helplessness and pressure may come from the completion of the recruitment KPI, the urging of the employing department, the rebuke of the leader, etc., but the point is that under such pressure, it is still impossible to give a satisfactory salary to the candidate, which shows that this The position itself is not very important, the high probability may be a position like a messenger-very busy, it will be messy if it is missing, but it is not a core role in the business. In addition, the salary capital is not in line with self-expectations. If you really enter a job, you will always be deliberately difficult. Once you encounter a little bit of trouble in your work, you will be easily irritable, which will aggravate the pain. The company is not friendly to you personally, it is a lose-lose. As a workplace person, the only person who can confidently and positively increase salary with HR is only to get an offer this time. If you are not satisfied this time, there is a high probability that you will be a flat salted fish afterwards. Therefore, decisive rejection is the best policy.

5 months ago

Thank you → choose not to join the job for personal reasons → I wish you can find a suitable candidate as soon as possible. Thank you for your company’s approval, for personal planning considerations, choose not to join the job, I hope you find a suitable candidate as soon as possible. It’s almost the same. For HR, the sooner you get a response, the better, so that you can find other people. As for whether the reason for rejection is true or not, it doesn’t matter, just polite. If the other party frequently asks you about the reasons, you can also say that a position with better conditions has sent you an offer.

5 months ago

What pays attention to in the workplace is professionalism! No need to think too much about speculating, no need to deduct anything through time, if you have already decided to refuse, then just refuse: I am sorry, this position does not meet my job-seeking intentions, thank you! Let me talk about the similar situation before: In October of my senior year, the school recruited a training college to give an offer, and it was basically confirmed. In November, the deputy dean called and called for an internship! My reply is that it is now in the beginning of the thesis, and the school still has a few practical courses that have not been completed, which has been delayed for a month! Because it would be an internship in another state-owned enterprise, and a certain state-owned enterprise that was previously applied for is also waiting for the result, so I can only postpone it! I called in December, which meant that the topic was settled. Come for the internship. I tactfully refused. The deputy dean was furious and said that our current students don’t talk about credit or anything! From the perspective of job seekers, there is no alternative: drag! ! If a company misses you, it can still find excellent talents, but if you give up other job hunting opportunities because of a company that has not signed a contract and has not been 100% finalized, if the company finally says that you don’t want you, what you lose is an excellent job hunting. opportunity! I just want to express one point of view. You don’t have to think about the job applicant if you haven’t joined or signed a contract! Before that, you are not his, and he is not yours either! When you are considering your company’s HR feelings, HR may put you on a blacklist at any time. These can be for no reason! Before the end, the company may meet the best to replace you at any time, and you may also reject the company at any time when you encounter a better position! That’s it!

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