I dare not say how perfect the ending can be under one person, how heart-warming and endless aftertaste, but the possibility of collapse is unlikely. In other words, according to the usual level of the second uncle, as long as the story is not collapsed, the story is rounded, and the character arc is completed, it is considered to be a perfect end. Those who deliberately pursue a perfect ending must die miserably. I guess the questioner must have been badly hurt by the giant (like me). In fact, there are really a lot of people who do bad things, and those who don’t have bad endings are like dragons and phoenixes among the people. The endings I’ve seen are truly artistic, and there are only two works that can be called timeless works that can be recalled at a glance: 1. Youyou Hakushu; 2. Infinite Living; In addition to HE, it is steady: 1. Refined pentagonal fighters, landing steadily. Everyone’s ending has been well explained. 2. Rurouni sword is quite good, but it can make people unconsciously smile at the corners of the mouth. The controversy is more controversial, but I personally think it’s good: 1. Slam dunk orgasm comes to an abrupt end, But the ending is still a long aftertaste, which has affected a generation. 2. The level of clamp in the wing chronicle is obvious to all. Although the ending of Feiwang is criticized by many people, it is not HE, but it is a good ending. A good masterpiece at the end. There are some, but that’s all when I think of it for the time being, and I won’t give more examples. There are too many unfinished ones: Naruto, Reaper, Demi, Tokyo Ghoul, Gintama… Few super hots can survive. Have you found anything in common? 1. The question of when the super long story ends. A typical example is that the author cannot control when the work ends due to subjective or objective issues, leading to the collapse of the structure. It is basically impossible to write a good work by hard writing. Objective model: Grim Reaper, originally Kubo wanted to end after Aizen’s Ichigo lost his power, so it would be great to be the ending directly! The peak of popularity, the sad and meaningful ending, is another masterpiece. Then the editor refused, and he dragged on for two more chapters. After the manifestation technique, the Quincy Master collapsed one by one. Directly gg. Subjective typical: Gintama, it is simply notorious. It ended after changing three places. The orangutan didn’t want to face it. How many times did you call the end? This is not to blame the editor, he must have never heard the story of the wolf coming. Contrast: Aunt Niu’s steelmaking, he just got up with the editor and ended up according to his own structure, perfect. This problem does not exist under one person visually. The length of the structure and when it will end are basically in the hands of the second uncle. The current progress and rhythm are also online. 2. A typical example of the author’s ability to support his ambition is Hokage. Naruto ends directly in the Payne chapter, Naruto ends when he becomes Hokage, and it has nothing to do with him. Kishimoto’s writing skills and screenwriting skills were already shaky in the Payne chapter, but thanks to his high popularity and the successive deaths of Jiraiya Kakashi, the powerful aura of four generations of appearances still successfully concealed Kishimoto’s complete lack of war and peace. Thoughts led to the fact that Naruto was reduced to a mouthful. As a result, Kishimoto had not finished in time. He had to engage in the Fourth World War. He did not have a suitable central idea and could not hold up a multi-line narrative. The final chapter of Naruto’s Otsuki became a joke. Excellent case: Slam dunk master, no idea, no drawing, drawing to the peak of the battle will end, no longer forced to add drama to lead to the collapse of combat power. After playing the mountain king, is it going to challenge the Asian Cup, NBA? Fortunately, Inoue gave up quickly. As for being under one person, it is a closed loop in itself, and the main line is root-seeking from beginning to end, and there is no routine to fight monsters and upgrades. The plot has never exceeded the level of the second uncle. 3. The author’s cultivation is actually the most important. The collapse of the giant actually came largely from Jianshan’s traumatic art, he did not want to understand what war is, what is the relationship between human races, and where is the future of mankind. He just used his own superb narrative. The ability and the storytelling make the reader think that he is in the atmosphere, but in fact his level of thinking is in the basement. On the other hand, excellent endings: 1. Steelmaking Steelmaking emphasizes human emotions from the beginning to the end, telling a story about what a person is. Family, friendship, love, and human feelings are three points into the woods. So in the end, I have been implementing this idea. The brothers return, the father leaves safely, the race is reconciled, the evil fades, and everyone has found the meaning of their lives. This is a perfect closed loop, and it is also a truly memorable work. Aunt Niu herself specially interviewed veterans and politicians for some emotional expression. She herself was low-key and modest. If the author herself did not think about it, she would not be able to write truly moving works. 2. The theme of the infinite residence is the absurdity of reality. Everyone is struggling in the whirlpool of fate and desire. The enemy of killing the father, the last swordsman, the survival of troubled times, everyone lives with their original sins, And hurt others all the time. In the end, everyone is very regretful. No one gets HE. The male protagonist will survive in the new world with his own immortal body, but the new world has no place of his own. He is a ghost of the old world, and those love, hatred, and hatred are gone with the wind. The storytelling master Shacun showed us the tragedy of an era. He did not deliberately sensationalize, did not artificially, did not forcefully add drama, but just told a story about an era. The other works are not unfolded one by one. Generally speaking, if the author himself does not even understand the subject of his own work, and does not have a deep understanding of life and society, he will not be able to impress the audience. Only relying on storytelling and storytelling skills can only produce exquisite garbage. It is impossible to say how deep the thoughts are under one person, but at present, there are very few works in Guomanli that have conducted in-depth research on traditional Chinese thought, and truly successfully apply the essence of Chinese culture to the paintings. They are not simple preaching, and do not rely on the flickering of mystery. , Like an old neighbor, telling you a story of the past, it is very meaningful. To sum up, as long as the second uncle is not forced by the editor too hard and can finish his work well, his ability and ideological level can definitely support a steady landing under one person. It is perfect when it comes to light.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The core question, the truth of the Jiashen Rebellion includes 1 why rootless students want to end up justice, is it really just to want “brothers”? What Jinfeng said, does the rootless change have anything to do with this? 2 How did the Eight Wonders come about? Does it have anything to do with the Twenty-Four Festival Valley? What does it have to do with the ascension? 3How did Sister Boer become like this? 4 Who leaked the final list, and why? 5 What contributed to the re-gathering after the end of the knot? 6 What is the final outcome of rootless growth? Then there are the current things including 1. Who is Qu Tong and what does it have to do with the events of the year 2. What is the origin of the Qi body, what is Chu Lan now has 3 What is Da Luodong Temple 4 The mysterious person that the king has encountered many times Who is it? Is it related to Daluo’s cave view, or is it related to rootlessness? What is his purpose and then the future? 1 Will the baby find his memory? What will happen after finding the memory? 2 How will the other main characters end?

5 months ago

For a perfect ending, I think there are two points. The first one, you must become the set of mechanical surrendering. Whether the eight miraculous skills come from or the Jiashen chaos, don’t involve any real gods or the like. Foreigners are just foreigners, don’t be the last. Uncovering the mystery and discovering what the secrets of the immortals were involved, the treasures of the immortals, the inheritance of the immortals, etc., the story eventually became the “Eight Immortal Cultivation Legacy”. The second point is that Bao Bao Feng must have a result. No matter whether Bao Bao Feng retrieves the memory or not, he can eventually return to a “human” state. To put it bluntly, he will die like other people, so she will return to her original age. Appearance, you can die after getting old, or you can die directly because of its own particularity.

5 months ago

I strongly suspect that this question was raised because of the giant ending in these two days. Now that the main storyline is just over halfway, it’s a bit early to talk about the ending. To say a few nonsense: It is not difficult for the second uncle to end with one person. The main line of the whole story is to fill the pit of the Jiashen Rebellion. As long as the hole is filled in normally in the end, the attitudes and thoughts that you want to express are expressed, and the fate of each character is explained, it will be a smooth ending. The whole society is still moving forward, whether it is a society of ordinary people or a society of aliens. As for whether Sister Baoer will become an immortal or an adult, whether the Eight Wonders will eventually disappear will depend on whether the second uncle criticizes or tolerates this “disruptive technique”. I personally think that everyone does not need to be obsessed with whether Boer will remain immortal or not. Being able to make up for the lack and reach a perfect state of mind and body, this is a happy life. Even if it’s “killable after hearing about Tao Xi” for this, it is seeking benevolence and benevolence. The overall temperament of the one-person story is very fair and not easily extreme, and there are more choices in the ending than giants. Moreover, the second uncle did not hurt the reader’s evil taste. As the old saying goes, the boat will go straight to the bridge head.

5 months ago

It can’t be done. This is a world. There are previous generations: Zhang Zhiwei, Lu Jin, Lu Ci, Wang Ai and so on. There is also a middle-aged generation: Feng Zhenghao, Qu Tong and so on. There are younger generations. There are also foreigners who have not started, such as Dumbledore and so on. This world is too big. If foreign Christianity, Eastern Orthodox, Islam, Judaism, and so on, all the truth-seeking religions are rounded up, this worldview will be much bigger.

5 months ago

Let me add some information too. Two small things that you may not notice. First, the mobile game “Under One” was released last year. Although Tencent games should have suffered a blood loss, the comics copyright owner successfully landed ashore with guaranteed income. Second, the third season of “Under One Man” turned down the B station because it was broadcast exclusively on Tencent Animation, resulting in calm and quiet in the community. The combination has a very important premise that China’s physical book publishing industry is over. Comic apps are basically free coins to open the way, and the real payment is bleak. Therefore, one person should not encounter the problems that Japanese manga often encounters being kidnapped by commercial interests. In other words, most of the commercial interests under one person have been drained, and relatively speaking, it is relatively unsuccessful in business and cannot become a long-term IP. So how to finish the comics is already a problem for Uncle Mi as an artist, who has gotten rid of the problem of eating and drinking. At this point, I believe that Uncle Mi’s strength and three views, everyone should be at ease.

5 months ago

The big guy asks questions, boldly talk about contempt. After the Jiashen Chaos is clearly explained, the ending of all the characters will not be explained clearly, and the form of extra or blank space will be used to give this work a rich second creation space. And most of the ending will not have strong winds and waves. It should be calm, and each has its own place. The baby continues to stay with Zhang Chulan. Everyone has found their own value in society or in the rivers and lakes of one person as “foreign people”, and continue to define their own. life. This is the general direction. I don’t dare to make a final conclusion on the specific development under the circumstances of many foreshadowing hybrid exchanges, but I can exchange some details about it. First, Zhang Chulan is mostly not Zhang Huaiyi’s grandson, and it has been implied in the early comics. Second, rootlessness must not be dead. In Lu Jin’s remarks, you can learn from the hidden reader theory. Third, Zhang Chulan and Lu Liang They tried each other in Tangmen, and finally Zhang Chulan hadn’t recalled Lu Liang’s memory yet, and might use this as a threat to pull him into the group. Fourth, in the past few decades, the traditional power among the ten men has become less and less, and the power is gradually declining. This shows the development trend of the evolution of things, and also implies that the rebellion of Jiashen cannot be separated from the theme of inheritance. Fifth, Ding Zhangan’s unique drama It indicates that he may become the terminator of the pill bite, and he should be more active after the celestial master gradually retreats. , The enthusiasm of the juvenile school. It was nothing more than a few other lines of Lu family that killed Lu Liang. It should be thought of using Lu Huan as a bait to kill Lu Liang in one swoop and weaken that line’s family status. and many more.

5 months ago

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, strangers used their own means to secretly assist in the fight against the epidemic. Finally, they found that the new crown virus or vaccine would make the foreigners no longer alienate. The dual world line merged with Chu Lan. The restless light bulb suddenly flashed in Chu Lan’s hand… Then a thunderbolt outside the window illuminated the room like a white, black, long straight girl’s face but not old…

5 months ago

To be honest, the requirement for a perfect finish is too high. In recent years, there are few high-quality works that are not unfinished. In the past two days, “Attack on Titan” officially ended (139 episodes in total, a medium-length novel). This recognized “magic work” is really so bad that it makes people want to vomit, and a cerebral hemorrhage can’t be drawn so badly. At the end, Kishimoto, Fujimoto, and Kubo dared not be so bad, please search for related topics. Therefore, “Under One” can maintain the current level and not be unfinished. Personally, the standard for a work to be unfinished is: the hole to be filled must be filled, and it must be logically self-consistent; the ending is consistent with the previous topic and it is best to have sublimation; the story is closed loop, and the characterization is achieved. Be mellow, don’t fall apart in contradictory logic; the work ushers in the ending amidst everyone’s expectations, and a successful curtain call with blessings, and the ending can satisfy most people. The truth of the Jiashen Rebellion is the main line that runs through the whole work of “Under One Man”. It is mainly to make it clear that this biggest pit is not a big problem, and the second uncle himself also said that he has already written the main line and will basically not re-write the main line. changed. The ending is not easy to guess. The mystery of the baby’s life experience and all the truth about Jiashen may or may not be available. The whole work is a serious drama with a somber and serious temperament. It is likely that it will not be a happy ending for everyone. As long as the ending of each role is reasonable, the male advocates that Chu Lan is very tragic and fatalistic. In fact, I am a little afraid that he will not die well. The best works in my heart that have been successfully completed are now “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Slam Dunk”, and I look forward to “Under One Man” becoming such a work. “Under One” is the third original comic series published by the second uncle. The first two have their own regrets. I hope this work can be successfully concluded. The second uncle will no longer have regrets, and it can be regarded as a fan and reader. Confess.

5 months ago

Finally standing in front of the steps, the left hand is learning and going to death, the right hand is forgetting and eternal life. A vague memory emerged, and in the smoke, a figure shone sharply a hundred years ago. She lifted her legs, but there was a sound in her mind somehow, “I don’t know it’s Sazi, everyone knows where I came from, I don’t know, my heart is so empty” “A Wu”” Sister Baoer” “Baby” “We will help you…” “I don’t want it, I don’t need it, I have it…” whispered softly, looking for hometown for a hundred years, without roots, she doesn’t want to wander on her body, gradually becoming transparent Precipitation, turning into pure white. It transcends the purity of nothingness and existence, and embraces all colors of white “Master~ Please, I used to be a disciple and grandson who were ignorant and didn’t listen to the old man’s words. Disciples~” “Little shit, what did you do at the beginning. I want it now, there is no way!” “Master~ If you don’t give it, the younger one will come to the Tianshifu to eat and drink every day. If you are full, go to the road to meet people. Just say that the celestial master is stingy, and even his disciples and grandchildren don’t teach the exercises~” “You stubborn disciple!” “Oh-Luo Tian Dajiao set up a game for you, and sooner or later this celestial master will belong to your kid. . I don’t think it’s too early. If you want to escape, you can’t escape.” “You still can’t let go of your grandfather and her in the end. I’ve already seen that your kid doesn’t want to be a celestial master…” “Actually, you guessed it. When I arrive, I start to choose your kid, because your kid is too similar to your grandfather. Grandpa escaped back then, and there is nothing wrong with asking your grandson to bear the burden. But these days, I have also seen it through, not forcing you to go the same way and be yourself Okay. This celestial master is reserved for you. Longhushan will always be your hometown. The celestial master… take it if you want. After the matter, you will be a mortal, or a person of heaven. You are always more than me than your grandfather. One road…” “…” “Listen to you.” Zhang Chulan took a step back, knelt to the old master, and knocked three heads. The last two are not for yourself. Turning his head and preparing to leave, the heavenly master asked inadvertently, “How is that kid.” “Oh, forget about this. Back to you, the young master is engaged, and the wedding invitation will be sent in a few days. You can get a spot at that time” “Huh, he has already been expelled from the teacher. The old man is very busy and I don’t have time to go. I was afraid that he would starve to death before, but I didn’t expect to have soft food.” The investigation moved, and Zhang Chulan did not reveal… “The Mohist regards love as his heart, and the world is uneven, and his tributaries become rangers; the Buddhists express the wish of Pudu, the devil is hard to fall, and the mercy of false Jiu-Jitsu.” Before the monument, shadow and moonlight. “You’re back.” “Promise, I will keep it.” The man unbuttoned his sportswear, took off his hat, and sat down on his knees facing the monument. There was a pointer behind him. “Baojing, these last three scars are called Shisheng, good follower, no grace.” “Thank you…Master” The man’s body was tense for ten years, suddenly comfortable and always, Zhuge Qing and others later Write again. I personally feel that the finale under one person will not be a very clear and simple ending. It retains the reader’s imagination. Except for a few people in the main line, other people will not get together to do tasks and fight bosses, but will be a personal one. Change and plot push to achieve their respective “completion.” Teacher Mi Er should not deliberately create shortcomings.

5 months ago

I analyze it from a strange perspective. In fact, under one person, there is a big difference from the general Japanese-style juvenile manga and starting point novels, that is, it is more deeply bound to modern society in our country, and the background from the Jiashen Rebellion to the current time of Zhang Chulan is very easy. It is reminiscent of the society and history of China in reality. Not to mention that the actual place names were used a lot in the production of the animation version (the names were slightly modified), so this limited the range of options for the ending. It is absolutely impossible to have an ending that will subvert the overall pattern, and the ending will inevitably be reflected in the personal destiny and choices of different characters. So the best ending should be to solve all the puzzles, and then the protagonist and the group can return to a normal life

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