Cold, she gave birth to a baby! As a 14-year old DotA (6 years DotA1, 8 years DotA2), the mood at this moment is complicated, with both blessings to the goddess and feelings about the rush of time. Ye Qing is knotted! Unexpectedly, I actually saw this news on Zhihu. Although I am getting older now, my consciousness operation has become worse, and the time to play DotA is much less, but I go to the DotA community forum every day, and I don’t see this news. Maybe it’s because people are taking the tea cold. …Leng Leng is one of my first favorite commentators and players. I saw her commentary by chance before and felt very good. The commentary is professional + the voice is sweet + the game is well understood. These should also be The reason why many people liked her at that time. Later, I often went to watch her ladder on the watch page or live broadcast room. After all, such a beautiful and good-looking beauty is rare. Even if she later moved to the chicken-eating area for various reasons, I still had time to watch her chicken-eating live broadcast. Only later, gradually, I can no longer see her live broadcast room. If it weren’t for those dog-blood things that appeared later, and those boring people, maybe everything would be different. I still remember that at the beginning, the combination of Leng Leng and 09 was very enviable, and many people should have knocked their CP. I still remember their previous combined commentary in various competitions, they are really very good partners. I still remember that in the commentary of the Shanghai major, the scene was like the NBA. We were looking for pictures of couples on the spot. When the camera was aimed at the two of them, a group of us watching the live broadcast couldn’t help but laugh together. It’s just that the two have their own families, and now there are children, which makes people embarrassed. We were all young and passionate. We devoted ourselves to the things we liked, still remembering her tears in the commentary, and also remembered her classic “Sky Fire and Sky Fire”. These are all part of China’s DotA, and they are all our youth running in the sunset. Now that she has left the knife circle, many people may have forgotten, and those newcomers may not have heard of it. so what? She has been here, some people will always remember. She is still gorgeous, in our memory. Finally, I hope that Lengshen and the children are well, healthy and happy. In the end, I hope that China’s DotA will get better and better, and come back with more Ti shields!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This article is used to commemorate what may be the best female commentator in the history of dota-cold coldly as a former dota-dota 2 commentary + video host + host, her style and other female anchor commentary are The unique features are unique to her, except for her nice voice, Lady Onion’s profile picture, and all kinds of lace news (mainly with a certain contestant who wears glasses to sell pork), what separates her most from other female commentators is undoubtedly That’s–strength (otherwise there is no this article, you know, I am a person who likes to play dota with no hobbies) to what extent is the cold strength exaggerated? Just like today’s axx, [it’s hardly like a female player], the hero pool is wide, and the level can have high scores or even some top scores. Dota is well-organized and aggressive. So, there must be some people who still can’t feel it. Leng Leng’s strength, old rules, and dry goods 1, 2013 Leng Leng, you can operate the Venomancer in the top of the ladder against the black to complete [Operate the snake stick to deny the soldier] This is a detail that is completely out of date at present. Operation (Ah, this picture, the exclamation mark is cut off, I want to say what is so obvious, why would someone hold this, don’t everyone see the obvious exclamation mark?) The jugg in the picture is 2009, this The game was in 2013. Anyone who has been in contact with the dota1 Venomancer knows that it was a difficult detail to deny opponents with the poisonous snake stick in that era. Look closely at the creep on the left, it is a cold snake stick. Denying, in addition, this game video was deleted in 2009, and it took me great effort to find it again on the Internet; I found a lot of people, can’t see this exclamation mark, let me cut it out separately 2, after entering the era of dota 2, With hard power in 2015-2016, I have hardly reached 5000+ ladder points. The 5000 points at that time are approximately equal to the current 8000 points; 3. If Tan Ya remembers correctly, that era (2012-2015) can be no violation The female dota players who matched all kinds of former professional players and various video authors with a sense of feeling, only cold one person 4, professional commentary level, the author reviewed the ti5 finals some time ago, and the third cold commentary can be said. It is very important that one side can correct the mistakes of the other commentator, and also understand the details of the domineering murloc operation and [why does the professional player do this]. This is especially commendable, because some other commentaries often have a mouth. It’s [professional players have problems playing, why don’t you do it that way]. As for the difference, I would like to ask you brothers to realize for yourself that although you once left the sight of dota2 players, the live broadcast at the end of the dota2 zone also showed some unexpected situations, but Leng Leng has always been the best dota2 female commentator in the author’s mind for so many years of company, thank you, I wish Leng Leng and Leng Leng’s family happy and happy

6 months ago

It shows that we are really old. The “09 and Leng Leng” of the year are already married, and they have already left the sight of the knife circle. If it wasn’t for the news of their marriage or having a baby, who would mention them? ? New players are emerging one after another, and new anchors are coming from generation to generation. Many years have passed since I think about it, but now it’s no longer as lively as before, so there are topics, just like 09 and Leng Leng, just like a sudden explosion. , And then immediately dimmed, young people may often hear about dota, but most of them can only stay at this level, and then immediately opened up the glory of the king. “I heard Chan is always alone”

6 months ago

So many years have passed in a flash. The anchors of the do1 era who accompanied us back then, 09, pis, Leng Leng, 820, Wu’er, Xiaoman… Now most of them have left the Dota circle. I started playing Dota in 2011, about 2015. Put down the game in the year. It’s only 10 years since it’s been 10 years. It has changed so much that those two poms that played in the middle of the year, as if they still had to sigh yesterday, the youth of the Lord is indeed the end of blessing Lengshen’s future happiness, right? .

6 months ago

A few years ago, it was about 6K at the end of 2016, when the ladder was cold and cold. One night, when the ladder played solo (no live broadcast), her ID was called Millennium Ginseng again at that time… I was very impressed by that game… At the beginning of the game, she clicked a TB and said in her voice: “Brothers, our lineup is very stable.” The captain I played with No. 5 had a small advantage in the early stage. But our No. 3.4 early wireless vacancy, especially our No. 3 legion was blown by a small fish, and then there was no rhythm in the mid-term, and then it could not be beat… Leng Shen tried his best to see that the base was about to explode without complaining to anyone. He opened the wheat hard and sweetly and said: “I’m sorry, brothers, this is mine.” Lengshen will always be the top 1 female commentator in my mind. Female players have been paying attention to her live broadcast in the past few years. She often talks with Lilith, Xiaofu (now the god of fighting fish plague), and the first carry (seems like It’s the name of the person who has forgotten) turned black, and then likes to listen to her singing and chatting with water friends… Since she quit the do circle and turned to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, she has rarely paid attention to it two days ago and saw her post “Mother and Child Peace” and recently I want to sigh that things are wrong, right? Finally, attach two beautiful photos of cold spirits

6 months ago

Bless her, Yao remembers that when it was still a digital ladder, my friend took me to play the ladder. When the grass team started, I only had 4600, and he was 5500. But the spider MMR6800 is the top ten in the world. I can only play in order to make him comfortable. The 4th position is called Baohe. Actually, I gave him space to let him alone. I was looking for rhythm in the wild area. Later, I basically decided to play Axe King Spider. After the tacit understanding, my DOTA2 ushered in a bright moment. Within 3 months All kinds of green pages, more than a dozen consecutive victories, and finally, before my hands in southern Shaanxi without heating, I hit the overall me 5800, the axe single hero MMR6800, the fifteenth in the world, he 6200, the spider single hero MMR7200 , The third in the world. After typing so many characters, are you wondering what this has to do with Leng Leng? At that time Leng Leng often played with Huang Xiang and his team, and often played Axe King Unlimited Free. Just to make up the number, in fact…At that time, she was the world’s number one Axe King. In addition, I only paid attention to Axe King. I remember the ladders of that period. There were 3 world firsts in the cold, and the top 10 were more than ten. Basically most of the heroes are in the top 50.

6 months ago

There was a day after zero and nine, and the gods did not know Leng Yuxuan. Time records the day, month and year, and the space pinches a sea mulberry field. Tanxi leaping horse and white tiger arrow, with hundreds of thousands of cold jokes. After that, the monsters chased the world, and they fought with each other year after year. King Rat B raised his sword together, in front of the dwarf captain’s matrix. Fish, lobsters, rice and bamboo shoots are springing up, and there is a bright feast in the world. Skyfire, skyfire, you call, TI planted the flag of America. In the prosperous age of the Xien knife tower, the Sanniang godson can take the lead. Liu Jifen never tire of listening, summer is windy and salty. At the end of the gathering and separation, a cup of cold wine is often persuaded. Senior Sister Tuoqiang opened a new show, drinking fake wine with ginseng alone. You once said that there is no separation, but the lonely city of Wuhan is alone. Time can’t catch up with the white horse, goodbye Aunt Leng becomes Lengma. Don’t drink fake wine again. Congratulations.

6 months ago

Haha, who said that the green knot is more beautiful~ the face is full of happiness. At that time, he was young and carefree, and the world slowly unfolded in front of him, as if there was hope for everything. Dota, studies, and the beautiful girl, this kind of transparent and pure happiness, can you have it again later? Five dogs flying together, Carl ten in a row, just like a fairy tale. Thank you for meeting the best MOBA in the world on the best days and for meeting you who are showing their prominence in the DOTA world. You are all living happily now, which is really great.

6 months ago

The puppy stepped back to a high place to open the magic immunity, the water and the people waved, and the tower was demolished in peace, the newbee Roshan group was invincible, you calm down, you are crazy, the sky is fire and sky is fire. No one dares to release Liangyiluo’s unique ts, vg newbee joins the finals, Tongfu bans the butcher, and epic duel with team a, wipes your tears away, Youku video ads are not that long yet, I don’t know what you look like , Hello everyone, I am cold

6 months ago

Congratulations to Wuhan North. In the past, I was very lucky and encountered “Yang Guo, I’m sorry”. At that time she was still broadcasting dota2, even though she was caught, I was still very happy. She really doesn’t have much air, and she really paid a lot for Dota. During the first carnival, Wuhan Jiangtan was the last fire. A kind and beautiful girl is always young and lovely. Goodbye, age of innocence, goodbye, dota. I wish pccold all the best.

6 months ago

How do you think about it? Everyone’s youth is over. Haofang vs.11 head of the platform. At that time, DC Boxer No. 7 and Miss’s D7 turret. Garfield Salt is still working as the head of the platform. The champion captain eight boss 820 is not 566 yet. The Ferrari 430 is not yet a wheel. The zsmj of 3800 in eight minutes is not yet brother Tian. Datang Wushuang has only eight careers. The cook of Sichuan cuisine is still the butcher Achuan. I’m sorry for jibayang’s 2009, I want to win. The four empty rotk is still xb. Cycling warrior, Ruofeng wizard, Tianyu technician, xb knight four guardians. Yin Meili, who lied and swallowed a thousand needles. To explain the Red Scarf, I participated in the formation of a team with Chuan and 430. Aunts and mothers fought for three hundred rounds, and the mud baby finally got ahead and the boss ran away. Most people bid farewell to the game in order to make a living, so you can see Dota players facing the password anywhere except the client. Just ask what is your influence? Uh, I heard that the Necronomicon book is gone, and the impact is still quite big.

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