As a parent of a Shanghai elementary school student, try to explain to everyone with the things around you: Shanghai has been very strict in controlling the epidemic situation from last year to this year. One of the important links is that you are not allowed to leave Shanghai during holidays. Of course, I won’t say it’s so dead. You can leave and report in advance. After you leave Shanghai, you will have to be quarantined for 14 days when you come back for nucleic acid testing. The vast majority of parents looked at this posture, forget it, the animal is not going to school for 14 days at home? ! What an explosion in that house! ! Let’s stay in Shanghai honestly. My parent group is discussing which suburban hotel to stay in Shanghai on weekends and holidays, and has had a dry addiction. In particular, many local tyrant parents used to have a ticket at any time, and walked away from abroad happily, and now they are staying in Shanghai. This kind of spending power can’t get out, so, everyone will hurt each other in Shanghai. Last week, another parent in my group said that Shenkeng hotel suites are very cost-effective. I asked about the price, which was quite heartwarming. Disney is the only one in China (except Hong Kong after reminder) + May Day + foreign tourists + local tyrants not going abroad + elementary school students not leaving Shanghai, it is not difficult to understand that the suites are sold out.

Without him, the time and place are right for people and people. Tianshi, our epidemic prevention and control are in place this year. The tourism demand that was previously suppressed by the Spring Festival “Chinese New Year in situ” etc. obviously cannot be released within the three-day Tomb-sweeping holiday, and it will accumulate to Labor Day at once. Due to its geographical location, Shanghai is a big city with extremely convenient transportation. I believe you can buy tickets to Shanghai today as long as you go to the train station. Renhe, Disney has always been a T0-level existence, and it is usually overcrowded, let alone Golden Week? So even if the suites are expensive, the most important thing in China now is the rich, who spend tens of thousands of dollars on pictures for children to be happy. Is this also a matter? Of course, as a dad, I don’t have the conditions to let my family live in this kind of suite. If I really want to go to Disneyland, I should choose cheap and fast hotels nearby…


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The 15,000 set is a 6-bed multi-person suite. The normal twin room has not been booked yet. It can be bought on the 4th and 5th at a price of 6,500, but it is estimated that it will be sold out soon. But I want to pour cold water. As someone who has stayed there, I have to say that it is really inferior to the Disney hotels in Hong Kong and Tokyo. The rooms are small, the soundproofing is not good, and there is a five-star shower standing on the bathtub. Level experience. In one sentence, the facilities of the hotel and the price of a five-star hotel. But you can enter the park one hour in advance, and there are many Disney elements. If you don’t care about the cost-effectiveness, it is a more suitable parent-child hotel. The tourism boom and the hotel boom are predictable. I predicted last year that the domestic tourism market will see a blowout rebound, and now that the epidemic has not been controlled, international tourism is sluggish, and many people who originally wanted to travel abroad will redesign the domestic tourism market. Travel planning, which is a major benefit to the domestic tourism market. I hope that the domestic tourism market can seize this opportunity and change the chaos of domestic tourism. China has tourism resources that the world envy, and has a large-scale tourism consumption market. However, there are endless negative news in scenic spots, which is regrettable. .

5 months ago

I didn’t book a hotel in advance for the May Day trip. Maybe you can just stroll around some of the scenic spots in Nanjing. You may also go to Shanghai for a tour, but the desire is not very strong, and it is not entirely for tourism purposes. There is also the meaning of business exchanges. It is also possible to sleep at home. My planning is not very strong, I do whatever I want, and it depends on my mood when the time comes. Even if you go to a place on the spot, you can definitely find a place to live.

5 months ago

Many families travel abroad with the whole family every year, and the conservative consumption is 100,000 yuan. Due to the epidemic, they cannot travel abroad. Spending this money in the country is quite good. It’s not expensive. As we don’t have the spending power, we just play around. Now there are so many parks and it’s crowded during holidays. Last night my wife asked me where to go on May Day? I said the park will work? I said I would send you to the park and then drive out on my own. I will call me to pick you up on the return trip, because there is no parking inside. There are cars parked for three kilometers outside the park, which is too scary. As for others, they have the ability to spend. , Very good, earn money legally, it doesn’t matter to us how to use it.

5 months ago

The epidemic has been well controlled, and vaccines have been delivered in batches, and they are still free. In the long holiday, it will be an unprecedented event. The economy has almost recovered in the first quarter. Everyone has already made more deposits and orders are flying again. The expectation of earning money is not worried. It is really nothing to spend 15,000 per night. Now whoever finishes the vaccine first can open the country and earn the first pot of gold. Whoever does not have the vaccine or slows the fight will suffer. A country that has not been given the vaccine may suffer economic crisis for a long time. So robbing the vaccine is robbing the money, so that those overseas will be sour and envious. Everyone is used to it anyway. I’m still in a country in Southeast Asia and can’t go back on 5.1. I’m going to learn golf instead of ktv. Drinking can hurt my body and promote healthy living. Eat less lobsters, sea crabs, and groupers, and eat more coarse grains and fruits such as corn and sweet potatoes. Just wait for the vaccine passport in September to be ok, then go back to the country to have a look, and strive to be able to live in the country during the National Day. In the past, the festival was afraid of crowds. In fact, now that the festival is about crowds and popularity, everything is fine.

5 months ago

Behind this topic, I saw a bigger joke. It doesn’t matter how much you pay to book a hotel, we can’t afford it, but time is precious, and we waste our time. During the long vacation, going to such a small garden is crowded, isn’t it uncomfortable for ourselves. Since there is a lot of money, wait for workdays, when there are few people, go to the charter, and direct Disney’s top service, isn’t it fragrant?

5 months ago

This should be the magician suite of the Paradise Hotel. I don’t know if this was the reporter who had nothing to do that discovered the New World. Would you like to check how many suites of this type are in this hotel first, and how many are usually sold? This and the other suites are expensive, but the services they enjoy are different. As for the value, it depends on your own spending power. In the case of this suite, it is a suite structure, not counting an extra bed. The second bedroom has two beds, the master bedroom has one bed, and both have separate bathrooms. There is also a living room. It is very suitable for two families to travel together, the children are not too big, there is no problem with 4 children and 4 children. Again, it’s worth looking at your own spending power. The last thing I want to say is. The difference between the rich and the poor definitely exists. But there is really no need to complain, and complaining will not change much.

5 months ago

(1) Market background: In the first full holiday of the end of the epidemic (PS: Qingming Peak), each family’s travel plan has been shelved, so everyone can travel with peace of mind; (2) In the tourism market, the price of 15,000 yuan is behind The sense of travel experience. During the holidays, although the price exceeds the value, the price of about 1,000 on weekdays will be 10 times higher during the holidays, but behind the market, everyone’s consumption concept is changing; (3) The peak of 51 is retaliatory consumption The tourism market started to heat up, 51 holidays are relatively long, most tourists plan their routes in advance, and the hotel market rooms will rise with the increase in occupancy rates; (4) domestic holidays are too limited, except 5.1 and 10.1. For long-distance travel, relatively few vacations are relatively disposable; (5) There are currently two Disney parks in China, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland, and everyone can choose to be limited;

5 months ago

It can only be said that too many people have been brainwashed by Disney. There are too many people who have been wronged at Disney. There are too many people without aesthetics. Disney is an amusement park. Even if it is the most famous amusement park in the world, it is nothing more than an amusement park. In an amusement park, it is nothing more than to provide some amusement facilities. These facilities can have many interesting names, but the essence is nothing more than shaking up, down, left, and right. From an entertainment point of view, that’s all. More importantly, the amusement facilities have a bearing capacity. This affordability has a lot to do with the number of receptionists. For example, on weekdays, a popular amusement facility often takes about an hour to line up, while ordinary facilities often need to queue for about 30 minutes. And on Sunday? A popular facility has to queue up for 2 trivial things, and a common facility can also queue up for an hour. For amusement time is often only ten minutes, 20 minutes for the rides. Such queue time is already embarrassing on weekends. And Disney, instead of improving the player’s gaming experience by means such as current limitation, it also collects extra money by selling VIP tickets and other means. This kind of playground, I don’t know why there are still people who insist on squeezing. Many people who have wasted time after squeezing out are unwilling to say their bad experience. They have to post a few Moments to prove that they have gone to the world’s number one playground. . To use an old saying, “Chinese, why are you not angry?”

5 months ago

It should be mainly due to the in-situ Chinese New Year policy + restrictions on inter-provincial tourism this year. Many people did not go home to reunite with their families or travel during the Spring Festival. The global epidemic situation has made it impossible to travel abroad. However, as the domestic epidemic situation continues to improve + the May Day holiday, there is nowhere for everyone to put their little hearts. It can finally be released in revenge. In fact, it is not surprising that many people have already been on the road during the Qingming holiday that just passed in April. Everyone laughed and talked about when the Spring Festival is over, so May is a real good time to go out.

5 months ago

Shanghai Disney has two hotels. The lower grade is the Toy Story Hotel. There are more than 800 in the off-season and more than 3,000 during the National Day. People who have stayed may think it is a high-quality home, with small rooms and not luxurious enough decoration. But even the most inconspicuous things in the room are expensive. For example, the small chandelier above the table is worth more than 3,000, and the small round table looks like a few hundred, but in fact it is more than 10,000. Things in Shanghai Disney Hotel are more expensive. From this perspective, the room prices of Disney hotels are not cheap. Everyone knows how popular Disney is. After the epidemic has been holding back for so long, and it has caught up with May Day, there are only a few suites that are bound to be popular. When Shanghai Disneyland first opened the park, the occupancy rate of the two hotels in it was over 100% from time to time, and the hotel lobby was the same as the vegetable market. There are many hotels around the resort, which still does not affect the hotel occupancy rate. During that period, the weather was very hot. In order to play a ten-minute project, tourists could stand in line for two hours even under the scorching sun. In summary, it is inevitable that the order will be completed, but it is not entirely because of May Day. Mainly everyone has time to travel far away, and the epidemic is under control. Taking into account room prices and hotel inventory, I will definitely book a hotel in advance when I travel on May Day.

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