Liu Xiuxiang lost his father at the age of 4, and started to take care of her sick mother alone at the age of 10; he picked up the tatters to study, slept in the pigpen, and finally got admitted to the university as he wished; declined the support of enthusiastic people, and used the money earned from work-study to help poor students silently… …This is what people look like with fire in their hearts and light in their eyes. Thirteen years ago, a college student carried a picture of his mentally ill mother studying for school. I was also in college at the time, and I was really moved by him. Liu Xiuxiang was born in a poor mountain village. He lost his father at the age of four and lost his sister and brother. At the age of ten, he began to take care of his mentally ill mother alone. Relying on digging medicinal materials and picking up rubbish to support himself and his mother. Jiazu Sibi Primary School was admitted to the best middle school with the third grade in the county, but because he didn’t have the money to pay the tuition, he was forced to transfer to another private middle school, because the excellent grades in this private middle school can exempt the tuition. The junior high school took her mother to build a thatched house on the hillside near the school, and dug a large hole in the open space in front of the door to set up a pot and a kitchen. Relying on holidays and weekends to pick up scraps, I spent the entire three years of junior high school with an income of 20 yuan a week. In high school, he rented an old pigsty for two hundred yuan, surrounded him and became his own house. At night and holidays, he picked up rubbish and did temporary work to earn living expenses and tuition. In the third year of high school, due to severe malnutrition (80 catties, a large and small group only 80 catties) failed the college entrance examination, in this case most people should have collapsed, but Liu Xiuxiang did not, he continued to stick to his dream. I ate the hardships of high school again, and got admitted to the university as I wish after a year. Picking up rubbish and collecting the living expenses and tuition fees of mother and child is such a poor person. When he was in college, he also supported three poor middle school students in his hometown through work-study programs. Two of them returned to their hometown in Wangmo County, Guizhou Province after graduating from university in 2009.2010. As a middle school teacher, he not only worked diligently in teaching, but also paid special attention to those children who gave up school due to family difficulties. He often rode around on a small motorcycle, sometimes he went to the student’s home to do ideological work hard, to find the children who were about to abandon school; sometimes he ran to the construction site and dragged back the children who wanted to earn money but did not study; sometimes also Will go to the local Internet cafe to bring back the students who are playing games. During the eight years he returned to teach in his hometown, he brought more than 50 children who had abandoned school back to the classroom, and the “problem classes” he brought with a poor average score were all admitted to university in three years. “Ms. Liu is like sunshine. Every time I can’t stick to it, thinking of his past experience, I feel that the difficulties I have encountered are nothing wrong.” Ms. Wang said quickly that reading can change a lot, and she hopes to change herself in the future. And the status quo of the family, to help more people like yourself. Also “pulled” back to campus by Liu Xiuxiang, it is hoped that Liao Duan, a sophomore at Moxian High Experimental Middle School, wrote that due to the heavy financial burden at home, she was forced to give up her studies and go out to work. After learning that Liao Duan wrote about dropping out of school, Liu Xiuxiang insisted on communicating with Liao Duan’s mother, explaining the country’s assistance policy to her, and actively providing support for Liao Duan’s writing. Through the joint efforts of Liu Xiuxiang, the school and the caring people in society, Liao Duanshu finally returned to school after nine months of absence. “From 2012 to the present, there are more than 1,900 students who have been funded or matched by Mr. Liu himself.” Wang Daifen said that as of September 10, Liu Xiuxiang had matched funds for 101 students who were admitted to the university this year. A total of 2.984 million yuan. This is the real back wave, much better than those of the second generation of capitalists who show off their wealth. The sky is healthy, the gentleman strives for self-improvement, the terrain is strong, and the gentleman carries his virtues.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

We lead. Our leader is a little old man, and it’s time to take a back seat. He received a police report that day. A young man said that his schoolbag had fallen in the subway. He went back and looked for it, but it was gone. When we heard, this standard start must have been missed by other passing passengers. As a result, he conducted routine operations, adjusted the surveillance, and checked the video, and found that the passenger who picked up the bag was a young man about the age of the owner. Because there are many valuable items in the owner’s bag, such as Apple mobile phones and Apple computers, as well as four roast ducks, coats, hats, and other things that he brought to his family as a foodie, the leader felt that this situation was not wonderful. So I asked the owner: “Do you want to get it back quickly?” The owner said, “Yes!” The leader squeezed his neck and said, “Wait for my letter!” Because the phone was turned off, I couldn’t find any identity information of the picker in the video. So the leader chose the most primitive way to check the trajectory and go to the subway station where the incident occurred. However, according to previous subway monitoring, we found that the picker’s whereabouts were erratic. Sometimes he rode from there late at night, and sometimes he didn’t show up for several days. So the leader, with the mentality of giving it a try, invited the owner over and took him to squat with him. Sure enough, he rushed for nothing. The person picking up the bag did not even appear. After trying this for two consecutive days, even the owner felt that there was little hope and did not want to waste time. But our leaders feel that even if this method has a low success rate, but don’t try a few more, it doesn’t even have a denominator. Wouldn’t it fail our previous efforts? So this matter was registered in his heart. He made a decision to tell the owner what to do, and he himself led his colleagues to continue guarding. Although I have used this method to help passengers find mobile phones before, the case of the leader is obviously much higher than my original difficulty factor. First of all, this bag picker does not seem to be a 9-to-5 office worker. Secondly, he takes the subway very late, basically every time around 10:11 in the evening. At that time, it was basically when the subway was nearing the closing time, and our office was also going to call for a meeting to sum up the day’s work. With this incident, for more than a week, the leaders arranged for us on duty, and then took one or two colleagues to the suburban subway station at night, hoping to gain something. After a few days of trying, there was still no result. Someone advised him to let it go. The owner accidentally left the bag in the subway. We did everything that we should have done. If we can’t find it, we can only do so. After 10,000 steps, even if the bag picker is found, he won’t return it. Isn’t it right? The leader frowned, a little irritable and a little arrogant: “Scare him, he will always pay it back.” So again on a dark and windy duty night for a month, I was in control of the unit, and he was in the subway station. , The hard work paid off, the bag picker made him linger! Ask that person: Where is the bag you picked up? Stay home. What about other people’s computers and mobile phones? Still there? Where’s the duck? Ate two. My heart is so big, I still dare to eat what I pick up these days. In the evening, I took the owner who came here temporarily and was going to pick up the things from the picker’s house, but found that the guy still scattered the contents of the bag between himself and his relatives’ homes. Finally, I managed to gather together in the place and found the main valuables. Let it go if it is intact. The leader’s small brows were finally relaxed, his greasy face was full of thief spirits, and he blasted the bag pickers endlessly, and rushed to lose all common sense of popular science prevention. The owner’s neck was red with excitement, and he insisted on inviting us to supper. After being declined, he happily walked out of the unit gate with his things. Is it a happy ending? But let me say one last thing, the owner, you are bad, you finally asked our leader’s name and said that we would make him a big pennant on the weekend, so why two months have passed and now he hasn’t even received the hair of the pennant? For the elderly, they want to be praised by some people, so that he can do everything he can. Although he said he didn’t care about this at all, but I think since you don’t plan to do this, don’t talk too much. And that guy who eats ducks, don’t do this anymore. Taking advantage will not end well, because when you become a habit, one day you can’t take advantage of going out, then it will be as uncomfortable as having a big loss. Are you annoying at that time?

5 months ago

I am qualified to write about it. Many people used to have fire in their hearts and light in their eyes. By my age, they have begun to “return to the pond” (regressive + change of taste in Cantonese). But I didn’t really feel that my fire and light were stronger and more useful than before when I was forty years old. What we need to know is that some people have both internal energy and external abilities. Normally, they should lead a positive, sunny, pleasant and beautiful life. But something will affect that these advantages from the inside to the outside will not be able to be used, or if they are played, they will have no effect. My good friend @塔罗魔师磨兄 calls it “magic barrier” for short. The first category is inferiority, self-esteem, self-centeredness… Regardless of thinking of yourself too high or worthless, you always think of yourself too importantly. Once this happens, it is easy to have the following mentality: “I will be born out of nowhere as soon as I make a move, and I will be shocked!” “It will seem that I am not enough to do this…” “If there is no perfect result, I would rather not do it! Ten It’s my style to grind a sword every year!” “What if I take a shot and nobody cares?” “What I do is useless.” These words and thoughts came from people I know around me. They have energy, ability, even beauty and financial resources, and they can do nothing. I once said directly to one of these friends: “You take yourself too seriously.” (My original words are in English, You take yourself too seriously, and I speak English because it doesn’t sound so tough.) He smiled immediately. It solidified and suddenly became gloomy. Because I explained his heart. Of course, if it weren’t because I regarded him as both a friend and a junior, and spent a lot of talk to persuade him before, it would not be so straightforward. In the past few years, I have watched many friends, seniors, and younger generations have become so self-confident because of the demon of taking themselves too seriously. The second type is inertial escape. Avoid reality, avoid responsibility, avoid yourself. Sometimes it is mixed with the first kind of devil, but it is not inevitable. Avoidance is because any resistance and difficulty will bring negative feelings of pressure. Whether it’s because it was too difficult or too easy, there will be this tendency. The latter is easier to understand. As for the former, it used to be too difficult, in theory, it will improve a person’s ability to withstand stress. But this is not a permanent state. Especially when a person has experienced bitterness and then tasted the sweetness of ease, he will no longer be willing to endure bitterness. And the follow-up phenomenon of avoidance is to want to avoid even more. It is addictive. So I looked at the seniors and peers around me who used games, meals, tobacco and alcohol, and even seemingly stylish hobbies, as a medium of escape. So the real question is not what they are addicted to, but why they are addicted. Usually, once you dig in this way, you will find that they are actually not so fond of playing games, group dinners, cigarettes, alcohol, and not much enthusiasm for those hobbies. They just use a platform to consume their enthusiasm and waste their powerful energy and abilities in vain. The last one is similar to the above, but the starting point is different. Sometimes people put their resources in the wrong direction and position. But what I’m talking about here is not for evasion, but for cognitive problems. But once you invest, you may not be able to withdraw. Everyone said, don’t worry about so much gossip, stick to it to the end. We have to figure out what we are insisting on and for what purpose. For example, I have devoted myself to martial arts formally and wholeheartedly for 24 years. However, during the period, I also gave up a lot: taekwondo, karate, kempo/boxing, Brazilian war dance, Hongquan… some of them are not like I imagined after I put in them, some of them like it very much but they are really not suitable for me. So I always say that one of the mottos in life is “Use your energy wisely and prosper together with others.” If this sentence does not reach the first half, it is difficult to have the second half. Don’t insist blindly for the sake of persistence, let alone insist on external reasons like “being afraid of how others think of yourself.” Because our resources are limited, we need to move them away, on the one hand to stop loss, on the other hand, to put our enthusiasm on the right target, so that we can better enjoy them, and at the same time shine. To summarize this answer, the whole article is talking about the magic barrier, which seems to digress. In fact, it is from another angle to illustrate how people who have fire in their heart and light in their eyes shouldn’t be like. Some people I know, as well as myself, have overcome these obstacles to become passionate about life, and they can improve themselves while driving others. As long as you don’t be stumped by the above-mentioned demons, and you don’t use gender, age, education, family background, work, etc. as excuses, no matter how ordinary people seem to be, they can become small lighthouses and live meaningful and valuable lives. .

5 months ago

This kind of person, as long as you meet and see, you can tell the difference. People with bright eyes have high insights into their surroundings. I am also very confident in doing things, even if I do not do well, I will laugh off without embarrassment. Getting along with others is generous, no matter it’s quiet, lively, humorous, or silent, it’s all natural. Such people are powerful and have a strong driving force. You walk with him, it’s very comfortable, you don’t think he is too shining, but it is admirable. Once, I had a friend like this. The past has made me fascinated.

5 months ago

It was Bolvar Fortagan who was once the regent of Stormwind! There is light in the eyes of Boval, who was born in a noble family in Stormwind, and his mother is very famous in the upper class of Stormwind. After the baptism of war, he was trusted by the king. He was the lord of Stormwind, the “Grand Duke of Stormwind”, and helped Anduin Wrynn familiarize himself with politics. Bolvar is the regent of Stormwind, the Grand Duke of Stormwind, and the former leader of the faction, who dominates the Fearless Expeditionary Army against the Scourge in Northrend. In the battle against the Scourge, he took the lead in the battle and demonstrated the king’s will and the spirit of the alliance, but he also paid a heavy price. In the first battle of the Wrath Gate, the tactical design of the rebellious dreadlord Varimathras, the great pharmacist Putress of the Royal Apothecary Association of the Undercity rebelled to use the new plague. The army led by the Duke of Balwal and Saurfang the Younger was completely wiped out by the plague. Bovar was dying. In order to prevent the spread of this new type of plague, Alexstrasza, the red dragon queen, decided to burn it with the fire of life, but she did not know that Bovar survived. Bolvar was dying in the flames, the plague virus in his body was burned to death by the flames, pulling him back from the edge of death. Of course, no one can withstand such a high temperature of the red dragon flame. Bovar’s body was tortured by the flames, but he was already half a life and half dead. Later, the Lich King found him at the Gate of Scourge and took him back to Icecrown Citadel for torture, trying to transform him into a death knight for his service-but Bolvar’s firm determination prevented him from obeying the Lich King. When the Alliance and Horde aggressively attacked and eliminated the Lich King, Bolvar also got rid of the control of the Lich King, but they found that the raging Scourge needed one person to control. Therefore, the brave Duke Bolvar Fortagan voluntarily became the new guardian of the natural disasters, sacrificing himself to curb the ravages of the dead. After Bolvar put on the helmet of dominance, he became a new generation of Lich King. After the end of the fourth war. Sylvanas entered the Icecrown Citadel alone. As the Lich King, Bolvar was defeated by Sylvanas, who was snatched by the latter and tore the Helm of Dominance, thus opening the door to the shadow world.

5 months ago

1. Like to exercise, keep exercising. People who are too lazy to move, where there will be fire and light. 2. Like to read, keep reading. There must be a bottleneck for continuous output. If you don’t believe me, look at the number of answers and the quality of answers, so you have to read the book to ensure that there will be high-quality continuous output to be popular. 3. The appearance is clean and not greasy. After all, Pang Tong is a special column, and the face project often reflects his inner positioning. No matter how high-level cars are, once they get in, the car will be messy, so it will not feel too good to the car owner. Good luck. 4. Everything is slow. Anxious to speak, anxious to express, and anxious to advance, that is the false fire in the heart, the eager light in the eyes, most of them will get half the result with half the effort, or even fail. Make a good soup, simmer over a slow fire, calm down, and appear to be powerful. 5. In the face of defeat, a decent end. There must be a certain defeat in life, running away, shirking responsibilities, frustrated, biting each other, one to the end, a failure can see who is swimming naked, although a few years later, it is discovered that this defeat is no more than a small pit, but it is too late. Up. People with fire and light, accept responsibility, dissolve responsibility, restart development, and it still makes sense to accept chemical development. 6. Have a small loss. Longing for the sea, will not stay by the river, there is fire and light, and will not care about a few stones. Javier must be reported, just because the fire is too small to withstand any interference. 7. There are free days and days and nights, the fire is almost extinguished, and it is not known whether it is really busy or paddling. Only by leisure can there be self, and only when there is self can there be light. The gap between people begins with idleness and ends with idleness. Being idle doesn’t mean nothing. 8. People who save money but do not save money are pessimistic. There will be fire and light for a long time. Saving money is an inevitable choice. 9. Kindness comes from the heart, people with fire and light will not look bad. Without kindness, it is nothing more than evil fire and thievery light. 10. Everyone has their own constellation, their own name, their own character, their own fortune, their own light, if they follow the trend, who can see their own unique light.

5 months ago

Zhou Enlai, Yang Jiechi, Wang Wenbin, Zhang Jing, Zhao Lijian, Geng Shuang. Other staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Foreign Affairs Office. These few people can be said to have fire in their hearts and light in their eyes. Not only is he strong in business ability, but he also has a lot of personal charisma. There is both a strong side and a tender side. Recently, Wang Wenbin, a crazy fan, saw a very impressive video. Wang Wenbin was answering the clip that his colleagues sent a yellow note to help them better answer questions from reporters and friends. He didn’t hide it at all, but answered the questions truthfully, very sincerely. Very infected and inspired, the so-called gentleman is magnanimous, he is talking about people like Wang Wenbin.

5 months ago

I will explore the source of his energy and see if I can dig a piece of my own. There is fire in the heart, light in the eyes, and life is beautiful. But no one can maintain this state for a long time on their own, because it requires energy consumption. Otherwise, it is the energy supply at home, or there is a spiritual master (leader, partner), or the family leader’s partner and living environment have formed a mature self-supply facility—a tower of faith.

5 months ago

Thinking of the popular essay thanks a few days ago, Mr. Huang Guoping is probably someone who has fire in his heart and light in his eyes. I have traveled a long way and suffered a lot before sending this doctoral dissertation to you. Twenty-two years of studying, the journey has been uphill and muddy, and many are not easy. It was like a dream, as if a family of talents reunited yesterday. The ideal is not great. I only hope that I will still be a teenager when I am over half a hundred years old. I hope that I will have the opportunity to re-understand the world and live up to the hardships I have endured in my life. In the end, if you can do something to make other people’s lives better, you will earn money in this life. I’m just an ordinary person. When I saw this paper, I was deeply moved and burst into enthusiasm. I seemed to be like a carp, jumping out of the sea, preparing to cross the dragon gate. At that moment, it seemed as if sublimated, I was about to transform into a dragon, and I was about to swim in the sky, but then I fell back into the sea, and I was just a fish. Every time I was motivated, it didn’t take too long before I changed back to the original state. Then I opened the next article and clicked on the next video. I know that no matter how much I feel tonight, no matter how much blood, I will forget it when I wake up tomorrow morning. Yup. After watching one, I was very excited, and then the second, there has never been any motivational article or video that can make me persevere. I am inactive and muddled. I am always trapped by my inability to do many things. I am always tired. I have never been able to change. But there are some beliefs, it will take root in your heart, it will thrive, and one day it will grow into a towering tree. This era is uncertain, but some things are certain. Things that originally seemed to be fruitless and uncertain are slowly being outlined bit by bit. Uncertainty has become certain, which is a very wonderful thing. Even though I am still very bad now, but some things are compromised, some things persist, I am not afraid, I have fire in my heart, and light in my eyes, because I know that everything will be fine. Living in the future, I believe that everything will change for the better and the world will change for the better. This way, the belief is very simple, read the book, and then go out, live in vain.

5 months ago

Get out of the silt without staining, and never give up when you are in desperation. At this time, I wanted to imagine a character like Luo Ji in “Three-Body”. He doesn’t see any secular shadows from him, and he doesn’t pursue financial interests. If the people around him are better off than him, he is neither jealous nor envious, he will feel at ease and be himself down-to-earth. But in fact this assumption is superfluous, because people who can have this mentality often have strengths in a certain field that ordinary people can only look up to, standing at a height that ordinary people can’t reach. Starting one thing, when everyone gave up, he still refused to give up, even if the hope was slim, he would persist through gritted teeth. Then everyone around him will be infected and rekindle hope because of his unwillingness to admit defeat. As if the BGM that belonged to him suddenly remembered in the air at this moment, everyone became excited and excited about it. But in real life up to now, I have not met such a person. If I can meet such a person, then I will do my best to become friends with him, and he will be the most valuable asset in my life. Because when I was doing a difficult job, when I couldn’t hold on and wanted to give up, once I thought of this person, I could rekindle the passion in my heart and clen my teeth to persevere. When I was young, I was particularly afraid of the dark. Whenever I walked at night, I looked at the dark surroundings. My legs would tremble uncontrollably. I was worried that ghosts would emerge from the dark shadows and take me away. But at that time I would think of Tiga Ultraman in my mind, and then shouted: I am Tiga! ! ! I felt blood boil all over my body for an instant, and then ran home all the way. When I was in middle school, I watched the Muto game and the personality traits of Yucheng Judai in “Yugioh” and “Yugioh gx”, which also left a deep impression on me. When Muto Game faced any desperate situation, his face was still calm and calm, and his determined eyes always kept the people around him from giving up hope. Among them, the castle has grown too much under his influence. In the face of any desperate situation, Youcheng Judai could smile again on his face, and then said: It’s so funny. It’s not yin and yang, it’s not powerlessness, but the inexplicable self-confidence that can make opponents unbelievable. It seems that people with fire in their hearts and eyes with light only exist in some works of art. It is really difficult to find in reality, because most people who once possessed this quality were later smoothed out by reality and assimilated by the world. Never give up, never compromise until the last moment. I think this is the best interpretation of people who have fire in their hearts and light in their eyes. All of their spiritual power can inspire us all the time.

5 months ago

1: Be full of enthusiasm and do not ask for retreat. Not asking for retreat does not mean that there is no rear protection. Only when the rear protection is truly achieved can we not ask for a way out. 2: People who “have fire in their heart and light in their eyes” do not necessarily ask “Qiantu”. There are a lot of things that I want to do, which have nothing to do with “Qiantu”. In this life, people always have to do something for their beliefs. 3: The end of struggle is the end of life. Every minute and every second of life must remember the promise to yourself. 4: Efforts have no end, every day is a new starting point. When you feel sad, just cry if you want. The next day I got up, it was a new day, a new struggle. 5: Be brave to believe in yourself once. What other people can do can also be done through hard work. 6: The pain of struggle is temporary, believe in yourself-the strength after being “reborn” is permanent. 7: Being at a disadvantage has its own advantages. The advantage of a team in the desert with less stuff is that it is fast. 8: There is fire in my heart and light in my eyes, burning the small universe every day, illuminating myself and anyone passing by. Your efforts can also inspire anyone who passes by and who hears your story. 9: Don’t be distracted, focus on a few things you want to accomplish, or one thing, it will definitely be accomplished. Write down a few things you want to do today. ABCDE ranking, the most important A, must be completed every day, because this A is an A that can change your life “on the ground”. Don’t start with the E at the end. These are probably the least important things that can be broken off. 10: Find the path that suits you best, the battle that suits you best. Cut off any battles that are not suitable for you, such as talking about lengths with fools and arguing about right or wrong with people who do not agree with the three views. Seriously fight the battle of your choice, the most suitable for you… During the fight, your teammates may also appear, and help you when necessary-only if you work hard to climb upwards, the people on the top can help you. The opportunity to do anything is the same.

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