From the big ladder meeting, Qing Lian cried and said, “Because of you, I am not a supporting role.” While voting for Zanwan, he also bought milk for Qing Lian to vote together. Sanshun is really happy to see Qing Lian’s ranking rise! But in the two updates later, Qing Lian’s ranking dropped. I directly cancelled the buff of Tencent VIP Riki, because I can only vote for one person a day, and change Chengdu to Qing Lian cast. Today’s finals also used two devices and two accounts. Starting from six o’clock, a total of two hundred votes were taken, and all were given to Qing Lian. Rather than watching Zanmaru rushing to c, I would rather they not c and let Qing Lian be in the group. I don’t want to go all over the world to snipe people. Everyone can see who is not worthy, but he feels sorry for this child who has left most of the world to China with his dream. He is more suitable to be a boy group than many people in higher ranks. Although he is not my onepick, in my mind, he is the most suitable top 5 for a boy group among all people. I don’t want to analyze data and analyze capital transactions. I am an ordinary audience. I know that I am sad. I’ve been sad for almost two hours. I really can’t tell myself rationally that he will have a better choice. If this group is not worthy of him and so on to comfort me, it is really angry, just because he feels that he can’t. Unlike other Chinese students, you can still perform other activities in the Chinese public’s vision without making a debut. I’m really afraid that I won’t see Qing Lian, such a cute and outstanding boy in the future. At that time, after He Jiong announced that the new group was Chunzhen’s spokesperson, all that echoed in my mind was Qing Lian’s funny verbal “I drink Chunzhen!” voice for Chun Zhen. Sanshun watched a movie the night before and slept with a yogurt box. Look like. It’s ironic. Angrily and helpless, I can only watch Qing Lian’s previous material weep in tears. I already wiped a box of tissues from tears to Lianzai meeting and crying tonight. There is no way to calm down, and there is no way to calm down if you say anything. Even if it was a post celebrating Zanwan, I didn’t want to read it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I am sad, this is the draft I voted most sincerely, and Qing Lian is also my op. I don’t want to attack anyone, and I don’t know who to attack, but I hope Qing Lian knows that you still have a lot of fans, because we didn’t send you on your debut. When the third pick was released a few days ago, Qing Lian’s speech was to teach fans how to support him. At that time, I felt very sad. He said he was never seen. I was not seen in the group, and there was no effective story line when I came to the creation camp. Alas, I really don’t know how to express it. I just want to know, why is Qing Lian? Why is it just pity! It’s really broken. We used 9 million to draw a card 12, so you really played us?

6 months ago

Very sad, very sad, I have watched so many seasons, and the only time I have truly invested in it. I saw this picture on Weibo during the announcement of the ranking, and felt that he was like a child praying for the arrival of Santa Claus. I like a lot of players this season, but because I have heard about Qing Lian card 12 melons from the beginning, I have always only dared to vote in Qing Lian, fearing that any vote will affect his stay. After listening to the announcement of the eleven, I just unloaded it. I couldn’t bear to look at the pictures behind and felt like a fool. Heartbroken Qinglian also heartbroken island. Voting for the third c-place, it is said that all the three-c-places made their debut in previous years. Buy a souvenir album, saying that the goose will also look at the sales of the souvenir album to determine the purchasing power of fans and affect their debut position. Oranges will be stable only if they widen the gap with the lower circle. Everyone took a microscope to observe and summarize, what the goose wanted, and the hope slowly ignited and was ruthlessly extinguished. It turns out that there is no such thing as a change of fate… This season, I have been urging my friends to watch with me, but she said that after seeing Xu Yiyang last time, she knew that Chuangneng will always make her debut only what they want, and she didn’t have it until the finals. Moved by me. The world is sober. Finally, I wish Qing Lian Little Sun to be happy.

6 months ago

I started crying when I announced the fifth place, and I have been crying until now. I am really sad and sad, my mind is very confused, my heart is difficult to calm down, I am very angry, but I don’t know who I should vent. It seems that everyone is saying that their family members are worthy of debut, but as a fan of Qing Lian, I also want to say that Qing Lian is also worthy of debut. I don’t want to talk about the royal family or the ticket, because being able to be a ticket and being a royal is also a kind of ability that others don’t, and I don’t want to say who occupies another position, because it is useless. Now that this kind of filth has been put on the table, what other arguments are useful? In the end, Mika sent away all of his friends, and walked forward alone, he did not even keep Qing Lian. I don’t want to look at it, can I fail to see it?

6 months ago

The boy who is at home from all over the world said that he wants to stay in China. He is a cute butt kid who is passionate and sincere to fans no matter how tired he is. He is an almighty ACE born for the stage. He said thank you to my island. I know you guys have worked so hard. I love No matter where you go, you remember that you have us, you are not a supporting role, and you are our star; Tencent goes to jail, fans’ money is not money? Many fans of Qing Lian are the student party who voted to buy milk tickets for Qing Lian and learn to play. We tried our best to rush to the fifth place. I fell to the 12th emperor when you touched a finger. You don’t have to snipe Qing Lian Recruiting black drafts is indeed a carnival of capital. We must admit that we just don’t dare to celebrate. Seeing this group in the future must be a mixed bag. Hope my ass kid will always be happy.

6 months ago

He should be fifth. I hate the thief who takes his place. From the time he retired from the race, I knew that Qing Lian would never make a career. I planned not to watch the creation camp, but the child said that he wanted to make a debut, and he wanted to make a debut. Then I would vote for him and I didn’t want to regret it. I spent more than 700 for him, just thinking, what if there is a one percent chance? As a result, the fans put him on the fifth position, which is still useless, really just can’t play with the capital. I said at the time that you were so good-looking when you cried. Mom regretted it. Now I just want to watch you smile. Baby still looks the best with a smile!

6 months ago

Qing Lian is the fifth in my onepick souvenir book, the Krypton Gold List broke 1000w, and the sub-list is sixth on average. The number of active Weibo fans is the top three in the daily life. The top three people are asking for money, the head is for the head, and the female worker who wants data stays up all night and desperately tries to get the result card. Can’t you make a debut? This data is inseparable? Is this world really unreal? I think of the child saying that he has always been a supporting role, no one wants to cry when he sees him. We tried so hard to send the child to debut, wanting to let him know that he is really good and excellent, he is shining, he is the brightest star in our hearts Goose has no heart, the royal family is shameless

6 months ago

Fundraising for investment is what it means to fight with capital, to send money to the capital and to get enthusiasm, the moment fans invest money to play the list, they have already fallen into the trap of capital. Want to fight Tencent? Sue Tencent if you have the ability, and don’t use Tencent’s products if you don’t have the ability. I am an old user of Tencent Video, QQ Music, and King of Glory. After learning about the disgusting operations of the show circle fundraising in March, I stopped Tencent Video’s VIP, uninstalled Tencent Video, and switched to iQiyi’s VIP. Today, he manipulated the results, so I had to uninstall King Glory and switch to Ping An Jing (the effects and skins in Ping An Beijing are much better than those of the king, and the price is thirsty), the VIP of QQ Music also stopped, and I switched to NetEase Cloud. I hope other Internet industries can compete and make competing products for QQ and WeChat as soon as possible. Let’s review how reckless Tencent is. Laoganma did not sign an advertising contract with Tencent. Tencent can directly ask the court to freeze Laoganma’s property. Bytedance sued Tencent for a monopoly, and the Bytedant lawsuit was won. As a result, Tencent applied for a second instance to go to Shenzhen Nanshan Court for a lawsuit, and Bytedant dropped the lawsuit. The existence of Nanshan Pizza Hut Tencent is the biggest irony of China’s socialist system.

6 months ago

As a man, it was the first time that I watched this kind of draft carefully with my girlfriend. Qing Lian was one of the few fans who participated in the voting for the first time and asked my girlfriend to vote for him. As a result, such a cool and handsome boy couldn’t make his debut. To be honest, I was really frustrated. But everyone in this society has experienced so much and can see exactly what it is all about. These things are not our Lord’s. What is the actual situation, God knows, earth knows, goose knows, but you and I don’t know. It’s not something we can do with ordinary people like us. So, look away, eat, drink, sleep, earn money and continue to earn money. Qing pity, we continue to accept the severe beatings of the society together, making money is the truth. Speaking of looking away, but thinking of the scene of Mika holding Qingli and crying, and ak holding the scene of Qingli smiling, I feel the atmosphere. It’s 12 o’clock, and it’s 12 o’clock. It’s 1 o’clock, so I have been paying attention to this matter. I just saw the friend above say that the support club will rise up. Come on, friends! Never succumb to evil forces!

6 months ago

It’s the first time I really feel that I’m chasing the draft. I’m hurt by the draft. Even if it’s the draft, I won’t chase it anymore. Qing Lian, baby, it’s really miserable. I’m most afraid of him because of this result and become unconfident. I didn’t have any reputation when I was in Japan. Is there any way to let the baby know that he is excellent after being squeezed by Japanese netizens? I’m afraid that he won’t be able to see him after returning to Japan. I hope there is any variety show or something to find him in the company. I don’t know if I want it or not, but the kid is really young. Hope he has a bright future

6 months ago

How to treat? You can ask me about the twenty or so pieces of paper I used to wipe my tears, you can also ask Long Danni, or you can ask Zhang Jiayuan’s first draft pick for the first time, why he has been suppressed this week? Just rely on Long Danni’s zuo ticket? Just rely on the goose to do well in Thailand? To be honest, it’s not his second male lovebird that only saw him gradually like him. I tried not to believe everything. xnb I tried to scold those who said he wouldn’t make his debut every day. I feel a little relieved to try to no avail. From the beginning, this is a dream, which will not be touched after waking up. Can the wind on Menghaihuadao prove that you have been here?

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