Rational analysis I love the ql sisters. Let’s think that ql does not make a debut. It is a good thing. 1. I think that the configuration of this group is 80% to 90%. The domestic market is still conservative. The development of foreigners is still limited. You 11 How much resources can an individual expect to allocate? ? 2. Lianzi is 20 this year. To tell the truth, at this age, I really hope that he will go back to college, painting, traveling, and seeing the world. Read more and broaden his horizons. When I think of him, if he sings with his arms every day, what kind of embarrassing variety show is like burning my calories. The show is my nine myocardial infarction. 3. The domestic meal circle is chaotic. I hope his innocent and sincere heart will not be destroyed. 4. In fact, I suspect that the data of ql is changed because Tencent does not want him to come out, but Ai Hui does not want him to appear because of their three heats. Gao int’s group has also gained a lot of fans. I feel that Ai Hui wants him to go back and continue his activities, because if he is there, the whole group configuration is still complete. 5. Happy to write songs and dance with kaz and William is no better than eleven people standing there. Big-eyed and small-eyed, cp is good? 6. If ql makes his debut, he will definitely not be able to let himself go as before. If he wants to be an industrial idol, he has to back up the script to create a perfect personality. Why we love him is because he is real, so I still hope that he keeps the pace of his previous life 7.According to Ma ins, I feel that int will have activities in China next. Just three people on the stage, where to stand, no need to find eleven people to find a corner, can’t stand, how miserable moms are crying tonight, tomorrow Will laugh ️How brilliant it will be when the hot search on Weibo is scheduled to thank you, Tencent is not a group of 恩庆 Lian# Seeing everyone say Qing Lian is very sad, that’s for sure. After all, it took half a year to learn and grow with this group of brothers. I definitely want to follow them. Forming a group together, but it’s just his current emotions. Doesn’t it mean that it’s the best resource for his future development, film and television resources. This piece of cake won’t give foreigners a music resource and return to my own music resource. Is it not good? And you can also compose your own music (see the interview with int, each of which is produced by four people), you can make you compose by yourself in the group? Fortunately, I didn’t call you to stand like a cowboy in business activities. Fashion Resources I want to say that I really don’t need to worry that ql has not ranked in the top five, but his business is really not much worse than the top five students, or even the same. I heard that many people in the industry start to inquire about ql. If you are a sponsor, dad, you like it. There are three members and eleven members? Later, fans said that they would not choose them. Ql! One person can occupy the entire promotion page with peace of mind! I now think that I can watch him send ins every day. I’m really happy. Hey ql. I’m really surprised because I used to think that even if he can’t make his debut, he will be 13-14 because the position of 12 is very important for the game. After one or two years after the end of the topic will be mentioned, it can be seen that Ai Hui should have talked about it and will not debut to 12 and then attract a wave of heat to ql. Do you see that Qing Lian’s hot search is not hanging it all night? If I’m a passerby who doesn’t watch the show very much, I probably can’t remember who was in the group yesterday except Mikazanwan, but I’ll know that there is a card slot called Qing Lian. Everyone is in a pity that everyone is talking about Xu Yiyang. I don’t know much, but I checked it, and I felt that she was still a little different from ql. 1. Her show did not make 4 out of the lap, otherwise I would not have heard of it, so the passerby of ql is much larger than her 2. She is inside The entertainment company and ql are on different tracks. 3. Actually, I never watched a talent show before. I really don’t have much to do with idols. I don’t even know the members of the BTS. I don’t even know a member of the BTS (not to say These two groups are not good, but I’m not in that circle.) I only buy albums in European and American music circles and learn to wear them in European and American model fashion circles. But ql let me break the defense. He has the best appearance of boys in my mind. So according to My observation is that most of the fans of ql are also more sane and capable of thinking. I see Chaohua. Now everyone does not pay much attention to the rankings. We have discussed the follow-up development of Lianzai. I believe that there are such fans that ql will have the confidence to continue to be in our sight. 4. I don’t want ql to be an idol. This is what I said in my heart because idol is very tired and strict. He can still shine on the stage after returning to the original group. 5. I also hope that everyone will continue to support and pay attention to Qing Lian.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Fans voted more than 9 million, the fifth suddenly changed to 12th. Goose really gave us a big surprise. How do you think about it? How can you treat it. Already tired. Tired. exhausted. My son is so good, almighty ace can sing, dance, rap, stalking, handsome, and popular. You got stuck in his place. You are gone. It’s not about AK, nor is it Xiao Jiu’s problem. There is no need to tear up their two geese. The exchange of tickets is really a fierce meal. I’m already confused now. Zhou Keyu Oscar originally said it was the emperor, but now it seems that all the guns are blocked, and he was scolded for nothing. When Mika and Qing Lian hugged me, I split and I counted 1234 four foreigners! It’s cold. I don’t want to say anything. I won’t do drafts anymore. Goose you have no heart. Caelan, welcome home. Happy Graduation. We love you.

6 months ago

When Thailand doubled out, I realized that Qing Lian could not make it. But I heard that Weibo was scolding AK everywhere. I was confused. Why Ding Qing Lian’s is not AK because of AK11 Qing Lian 12? Personally think it’s with AK. It’s actually Oscar who is fighting for 11. Qing Lian foreigners and Goose may think that Ai Hui’s four is not as good as Tai Fei’s double. It is Xiao Jiu who really competes with Qing Lian to make his debut. It’s hard to say that Qing Lian’s absence is very confusing, I love the intersection, but why do you want to snipe the AK, Mika run away, don’t come to this group, and finally, I really want to go back and put the prince’s cigarette in his mouth.

6 months ago

The most hurt are Qing Lian’s fans and Qing Lian. Actually, I don’t know what to say. Should I blame the company or nationality? Qing Lian’s fundraising was clearly in his debut position, and Qing Lian fans held a glimmer of hope to assault their children, but they were still surrounded. But to be honest, Liu Yu is here. I hope that the other ten people will go home directly. Tencent’s meaning of making money is clear. There will be no stage where these foreigners dream. Other Chinese can expand into variety shows and movies, and these foreigners have very few paths to develop. Qing Lian’s biggest gain is that he has a group of people calling his name in the audience, so he can finally shut up without being called. Qing Lian’s fans love him very much, this kid is worth it.

6 months ago

I disagree with what many people say about the foreign circuit bala bala. I just want to ask, when will the unspoken rules get on the table. Fans spend real money, and the rules don’t say that foreigners and Chinese are not a track. No one cares about who cares about your reasons, what to enter Southeast Asia, and what wjjw must come out. Comrades, don’t let your hips get crooked. There is only one point that needs attention. People voted according to the rules, and the data is also up front. Why didn’t they make a debut? Otherwise, refund money, illegal fundraising, financial fraud, and go to jail. The so-called “We will be created by you” is just a joke, so teasing people’s hearts, it has already lost its credibility, and there will be no good results. Don’t watch the draft again! Don’t believe the draft anymore!

6 months ago

Sniper AK is not necessary, AK rapper, exchange is also Oscar. Sniper Zhang Jiayuan, in fact, is not very meaningful, after all, haw haw wow, no matter what, it is either Zhang Jiayuan or Ren Yinpeng. Both are singing and dancing. I don’t understand why we don’t choose Fu Sichao, at least the arrangement is first-rate. The person who really gave up the seat of pity is Gao Qingchen, sorry, the road turns dark, if I can still like him, I will be the Virgin. Hidden emperor, why is it fifth? Look at which item of your family ranks fifth? ? ? Which item of your family ranks ahead of Qing Lian? Don’t talk about the overseas rankings. Yin Haoyu ranked first in the overseas list, but Yin Haoyu was only ninth in the end? ? ? Or does your Gao Qingchen have the same million passers-by as Liluxiu? Fans also came to sell and said that they had been used to block guns, and they were not given away. They were all seated in the fifth position, so please be magnanimous. He is the fifth in the group, not the fifth in the second straight and the third straight. He will take the fifth resource in the future. Is this still miserable? ? ? Oscar’s second straight fifth is really miserable, that’s really blocking the gun; Yin Haoyu is called miserable when he gets scolded by the Thai emperor all the way; Zhou Keyu is scolded by Prince Yan, who has ten million oranges, and the tenth is miserable. Gao Qingchen deserves to be snatched, he will linger with () in the future, and it’s a good match. Qing Lian’s fan orange 9 million is exchanged for a 12, and various data is exchanged for a card slot. Some people understate the sentence when the Aihui concentration is too high and the article is turned over. Stupid or fan stupid, being played by the capital just for the debut of the favorite players, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it. Retiring from the race with the horse, celebrating the position, and Mika forming a team, is there a more hurtful ending than this? This group has a high probability of making a goofy debut, pretending to be C, selling rotten CP, foreigners with language barriers, vocal breaking down, dance Zandoli pill to accommodate the other nine people, how to develop? I can already imagine how awkward the Tuan Zong stage will be in the future. It doesn’t matter if Qing Lian didn’t make her debut, get free as soon as possible, and save the fans every day to tear the parts, tear resources, tear the camera, oranges to sell, continue to become a goose’s plaything. Mikari Maru Zando will definitely be accused of nationality for two years, Chinese, fans will be scolded for two years and two devils, it is really miserable. Sober or Lei Lu Xiu sober. Disband as soon as possible, looking forward to the day of intersection reunion.

6 months ago

In terms of concentration, ah is indeed too big. I love Qing Lian very much, but there is almost only Gao Qingchen and Liu Zhang in front of him. The popular part can be shaken and replaced. But Gao Qingchen and Qing Lian are both sweet/happy personalities, Gao Neng carries part of the vocal, and Thailand itself has fewer people than Japan. ak is a more prominent rap role, and so is Qing Lian, but ak has the advantage of a native language. Today I voted for Riki and Qingli in the two-line operation. Unfortunately, Qingli still didn’t show up, sad but not very unexpected.

6 months ago

Unexpectedly, it made sense. Two days ago, I wrote about Mika and Qing Lian, but I didn’t expect the title to become true. Alas…growth is a painful thing. Let’s talk about Mika and Qing Lian in the creation camp when he predicted the debut ranking. I hesitated for a long time in Qing Lian He Pai, because I like Qing Lian’s love bird very much, so I wrote about him ↓Thinking about it, and talked about the list of the creation camp debut in my mind. When I heard that Pai’s low-ranking debut, I knew it. Qing Lian is impossible. It’s not just me, Mika also knows. When Boyuan gave his testimony, Mika’s expression was about to cry. He probably had been worried about celebrating since he announced the ranking. Although it is said that foreigners in the upper circle have good relations, some people are destined to be irreplaceable. In fact, there are several reasons why Qing Lian did not make her debut. 1. The problem of the company from Aihui’s five sons to Aihui’s fourth son has already explained the problem. Let alone why Hema returned to Japan for the time being, for a foreign company that was almost caught in a pigtail halfway through the competition, it is basically impossible for all the students to make a debut together, unless a miracle occurs. This miracle is either that other foreign players are too overwhelmed, or the uncontrollable environment and background suddenly appear particularly good news to fuel the flames. However, what has the background of the environment been like in the past few months? The sushi country rushed to find a relationship between Hamburg and the country. Sushi Country intends to pour waste water into the public reservoir. 2. I won’t talk about the few foreign players who are too strong. Ai Hui. In fact, at the beginning I always felt that Paipai was more popular than Xiao Jiu, so Qing Lian’s target was Xiao Jiu, and they all followed the cute route. However, there was a big explosion in the later stage of Xiaojiu. Not only did the dance go well, but the song was completely sung as a big vocal among foreigners. I mentioned in my article about Liu Yu that Liu Yu had brightened his own background (advantages) too early in the early stage, lacked freshness in the later period, and had a decline in powder absorption, while Xiao Jiu had the opposite effect. The advantages of being burdened are one after another, attracting fans more and more. In addition, his emotional intelligence is really high, and his later momentum overwhelmed Paipai, making Paipai and Qing Lian the target of benchmarking, which is very detrimental to Qing Lian. 3. Advantages crash I also mentioned when I wrote the answer to the stage before, Qing Lian belongs to a person with a strong sense of stage, who is youthful on the stage, and will always inadvertently attract all your attention. Simply put, it is a person with great stage charm. . However, there is another in the debut circle who is also overwhelming with a strong sense of stage-Lin Mo. What’s more, Qing Lian’s Chinese is indeed a bit wally. Qing Lian can also sing rap, but the rapper has Liu Zhang, and Liu Zhang can write Chinese songs by himself. When your advantages can be replaced by someone, and there is no obvious popularity gap between you and the replacement, then the advantage is no longer an advantage. I see some fans say that they want to defend their rights. In fact, everyone knows that the lawsuit cannot be won. For the goose, it is equivalent to the free heat and free advertising of the new group-passers-by will be curious about what peerless good group is so attractive. Fans of players who have not made their debut would rather go to court at their own expense to let their fans join the group. After all, I was not reconciled and couldn’t swallow this breath. I only hope that Qing Lian can continue to do what he likes, and hope that he can still be a happy boy like I dreamed of in my dream a few days ago.

6 months ago

Half happy and half unhappy. The unhappiness lies in the fact that the fans have been playing for so long, and the top five in various statistics have been replaced because of their nationality. If you really don’t want to make a debut, don’t engage in an international group. The happy thing is that this group will not have a big development, the overall tone has been set, this should be the most limited group in the history of the 101 series, and Qing Lian will not have a big development with this group. Fortune and misfortune depend on each other. The intersection has opened the market in China. When the limited group is over and Hema is about to graduate, Qing Lian can join the group again and everything will become very good. I hope Qing Lian fans will cross. Don’t give up any fan, you must believe that the future will be better.

6 months ago

Our house is stuck at 12, every stat is not as good as our upper rank, but he got a fucking bargain. “Xiao Jiu is indeed higher but has been making his debut.” Not disgusting, your family occupies our place, and the stats are better than ours. So low and still have a face wash in the fifth debut? Sniper means that your data is lower than ours. We are 12 and you are also worthy of debut? “Zjy has always been the emperor.” The emperor is open and honorable, as long as it has a lower data than ours and then debuts, it should be fucking jv. Now that I have talked about Ai Hui, we should come up with three damn Tencent’s disgusting daily reminders for us to hope that the rankings are set. This is not a naked scam! ! ! The emperor must die, njjc must die. I really do not aim at the righteousness. I like the righteousness. But the data is the data, and the ranking is the ranking. If you don’t deserve it, you don’t want to touch porcelain.

6 months ago

Qing Lian is the victim of the capital game. I have a lot of praise, even if the ranking has been relatively stable, I still feel very weak in the mid-term. I feel that there are really few things that fans can decide. Those that seem to have an effect are actually bubbles. In the final week, everyone is doing their best to make the result better. Although our family just wants to make the ranking higher, it is still suffering, not to mention the card position circle. I can’t imagine what kind of torture it was for 12-15 fans yesterday. Not making a debut means that almost all the efforts were wasted. It may be just a short-term regret for passers-by, and no one will be in a few days and weeks later. Remember that there is such a thing again… Why do you want to invest, why you want to orange, why do you want to do data, the beautiful name is to let him debut, in fact, fans wishfully believe that “capital will see it, capital sees him Resources will be better in the future”. Holding this belief to contribute money and effort, it is a pity that this game that started with voting ended in a game of capital. If Zanduo is not a Japanese, and if Qing Lian is not back to the company, I don’t know if the result will change. The first time to chase stars, and the last time. In fact, it’s impossible for this group to have fans, so there is no best result. As long as it is better than before debut, I feel satisfied. I heard that Qing Lianhe and the Horse Club came to China for activities. It was good. I also believe that gold always shines. Once seen, there will be countless times. I hope Qing Lian’s fans will not be too sad. Chuang is not his only way out. Qing Lian has already seen everyone’s love. As long as you are still there, he will always be your Cuban boy.

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