Simply buy a box, buy about 700, find a large-scale csgo communication platform, post it, qq group, publicize it, you have to open the box live on the seafood station or station b, 700 boxes, roll things, start broadcasting, don’t mention When it comes to superpowers, I’ll smoke. When I’m drawn up and down, I say, “It’s a bit wicked, it’s all blue.” Then I continued to smoke and show me a mask of pain, 300 draws up and down, “I Suspect that this game is targeting me”, continue, 500 draws up and down to make a look of anger, shouting “junk game, all blue, so, from now on I will leave two sets of good guns and knives for my own use, and the rest are all “roll”, continue to draw, until there is no one, make a look of anger and dissatisfaction, pat the table, and shout, “I don’t believe in this evil, add another 200 boxes, I will keep a set for my own use, and the rest is valuable “Full roll”, draw, half of the 200 boxes, scold someone, and scold a few more words, “I will leave a knife for my own use, and roll the rest”, after drawing, scold someone, turn off the wheat, go to the bathroom, come back and shout ” I don’t believe in this evil anymore. Add 100 boxes to make 1000 boxes. As long as it’s not blue, just roll” and finish drawing. Remember to draw more and more irritable in the middle, and finally curse, watch the barrage, download and stop broadcasting for a day. What should you do when you post content on social media? When you wake up, the csgo player group should be exploded. The broadcast will start. The first sentence of the opening is “I’m really convinced”. The rest of my own play should have a rhythm. Hammer You open the simulator to lie to the audience, live broadcast respond “Is there any official, I would like to self-certify offline” and go there, log in to csgo on the provided host on the spot, let the staff show your 1000 full blues, go back and start the live broadcast “Look at what I’m talking about, I’m not lie to you, I’m all numb” live broadcast normally, change the ID to “The Smurfs” to play two games a day, and open a dozen boxes. No surprises at this time. csgo is the top stream anchor, and the daily title of the live broadcast is “Just open some boxes, roll if they are not blue”. I don’t need to teach the rest: respond to the over-excited question: this is just the beginning, as the saying goes Hurry, you have to go far if you have content, and you have to play other games later, and you can’t tie yourself to the csgo opening box, not to mention that csgo will have a dead day, and the audience will also be aesthetically tired when opening the box every day. At first, opening the box attracted a lot of traffic. Next, you have to find a way to refine the traffic into long-term fans. You have to show the audience that you can play other games besides csgo opening the box, and at the same time you are A person with live broadcast effects, your sense of humor, your connotation, etc.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Only blood loss, the next one. Now in the box cargo, the blue skin that is more expensive than the box + key has only 8 blueprints usp (Hydra), stainless steel usp (counter-strike 3), red net cz (counter-strike 3), blue crack Glock ( Counter-Strike No. 3), Red Net CT Link (Counter-Strike No. 2), Elite’s ak (Symphony No. 2), Violet Hair Dryer (E-Sports 2014), Rocket Popsicle Curry (Curved Hunter) are all just brand new The box + key is expensive, and slightly worn is not enough. The box + key (except for stainless steel and blueprints are all slightly worn and directly turned into single digits. The slightly worn stainless steel is more expensive than the box + key). Some dark gold below brand new can be better than Box + key are expensive. These are either lock wear or abnormal grind, or part-time alchemy materials that some people like to use. Either they are new and very few, and they are not very popular accessories. Some of them can’t be sold in a month. You can open these brand new ones every time. , And you will soon be sold by yourself for not enough boxes + key money. The normal yield rate is only blue. It is good to have a few more dark gold rebirths. The normal box blue is the lowest. Everyone has at least one blue. Color, others still have purple, pink and gold. You only have blue, so why do you make money? At most, I will give you an old bad luck certificate. It is recommended to unpack the live broadcast, challenge the 1w box to have no purple, and see if any ruthless people who do not believe in evil will reimburse you for the cost, and then earn some money by rewarding the live broadcast. The only thing you can make is to open the big action collection during the big action. The blue one earns steadily, but as you open more and more the entire collection, everything becomes cheaper and cheaper, and eventually you lose blood. In theory, as long as you open enough to make them alchemy, you can gradually open these eternal princes from the Northeast X-ray to be cheaper than normal red boxes. If you can open indefinitely, eternally cheaper than white collectibles is not a dream (referring to There are more blue, purple and pink that can be combined with the blue you open than the whites all over the world combined, because you can’t open the white). Some blue souvenirs can be earned in principle (black pressure, nuclear, radiation crisis, etc.), but they are too casual, and there are still few people who really play souvenirs. Many of them may not be sold if you open them, even if you can. Picking up someone to drive a certain team or even choose a position. If you drive too much, it’s not worth the money. In the end, either you sell the blue skin and the purple-pink souvenir bag, or you buy out the souvenir bag and save the souvenir bag. I will increase the price with the other purple and pink items in this collection. These are the two possibilities. Anyway, the cost will not be enough, and there are too many souvenirs that are not available in the market, which is of little significance. Open the box picture as soon as you open it, just point to this thing to make money

6 months ago

The pattern is still small. After all, blue is a kind of super power. With this super power, you don’t want to change the world. You just want to make money out of the box, and to some extent buy cassava and return beads. With the ability to produce blue, you can cooperate with V Society and directly turn CSGO into the supreme prophecy of mankind. To give a simple example, let V agency change the program condition for blue out from probability to judge that it is equal to next week’s lottery number, then blue will be issued. When you are out blue, the database on V agency will know next week. Lottery numbers. (For example, if you and V company cooperate to set the green condition: click on a random string of numbers when opening the box, and compare it with the lottery winning numbers next week. If they are the same, the green will be displayed. Normally, you have to wait until next week. Someone draws green. But when you click to open the box, the superpower activation program will immediately know the lottery number for next week, and the green will be issued.) Of course, you won a lottery with a few million, which can’t talk about changing human beings. , But you only need to change the conditions to be a little more complicated, such as the drawing equal to the curvature engine, the feasible implementation plan document for human longevity, the method of traversing parallel universes, etc. You can become the savior of mankind and the king of the universe by just relying on the blue box out of the box in CSGO.

6 months ago

For a while, Douyin started to open the live broadcast box. What is the reason for opening the CSGO box? Because there is a Douyin blogger named Chen Huimin who plays CSGO. Then she asked how much the equipment is. I had to open the box and opened it for more than two thousand dollars. It was all blue. Yes, it became popular after it was all blue. After opening the box for a few days, other bloggers also imitated. At the same time, Chen Huimin next door cried gluttonously. , Chen Huimin is the Smurf, etc. Internet languages will come out. If you have this super power, open the live broadcast, open the live broadcast, open hundreds of all blue is also a fun

6 months ago

First of all, in Sao Nian, don’t underestimate the weapon of causality. 1. Guide to making money (where to make money) 1.1 Using this feature itself can sell “blue”. Of course there may be no market. This belongs to the “generation of fighting” to make money. (The finale of the power leveling Blue Box’s nasty batch) 1.2 only blue, this is a very good program effect, go to the live broadcast platform to make money for “nipples”. (The Smurfs ending on the bright side) 1.3 only takes effect in “CS: GO”, and does not take effect in other places. Normal people will not think that you have a problem. It is more likely that the company’s data is abnormal. Find the company for “BUG” money. What’s more, it must be out and only out. In case the box does not come out of blue, isn’t it even more abnormal (I haven’t played it, I don’t know if there is such a high-end guarantee box) (Arrogant mask ending) 1.4 Gambling, private gambling protocol. Can cheat one is one. Let the legend of the “Smurfs” circulate on the rivers and lakes, boy. (Dark Smurf ending) 2. Super Ability Development Guide (Development) 2.1 Obviously, this ability cannot die out due to version iteration, otherwise I would prefer to call it personal game data anomaly. So you can start with “CS: GO”. The subsequent default game is developed with you (programmers bald warning: colorful black again?) 2.2 Game-Computer-Random. Then use randomness to defeat randomness. Develop a batch of boxes that can only be bought. Normally, they can be opened after a week. Only certain information can be opened in blue (for example, the box data corresponds to the lottery number, and the public information of the lottery is verified after a week to determine the number. The lottery number of the prize corresponds to blue). In this way, due to your superpowers, you can find your personal data to determine the lottery number one week later. Because in essence, the two things are the same, you will be blue when you open the box, and you must have a commemorative prize when you open the lottery, both of which limit the future. 2.3 But consider more comprehensively. In the end, your superpowers allow you to instantly change your box data to adapt to the game’s blue data rule when you open it, or whether you open the box, modify the game’s blue data rule when you open it. (Visually speaking, the game requires the box data to be 1 out of blue, originally your box is 2, your super power is to make the box data to 1, or the game requirement to become 2) If it is the latter, 2.2 is It can’t be realized. If it’s the former, the prophet will be born. 2.4 Let’s assume it is the former. Now that we have begun to contrast with the future, why not be bold? Let’s come directly to the HowNet data verification 10,000 years later. Anyway, we must believe that the infinite monkey can always type the complete works of Shakespeare under the limit of infinite time. Since it is to modify the box data, it is equivalent to finding a feasible solution from an infinite string. Of course it is possible. I won’t say much later. More divergence, you can know everything. (Prophet ending) 2.5 If it is the latter, change the game requirements, then if the game requirements are related to reality, should the priority be given to the game computer error or to change the world (change yourself). If it is the latter, the anti-causal weapon is born, and you only need to stipulate that you are a superman to get a blue, and you can become a superman. (Inverse causality ending) 2.6 What if the priority computer goes wrong? Well, think about it after finishing the meal.

6 months ago

As we all know, although a box plus a key can be bought through the QQ group at least ten yuan, but blue leather is more than ten yuan.
But is this ability really only a blood loss? Not necessarily, the ability to change the rules has its own unique advantages! When you open the box, find a bunch of spectators to bet. When you become the dealer, you will have a new way to get rich.

6 months ago

Big action star drawing is also a form of opening the box. If you buy 100 stars for 300 yuan and draw all blue (military grade) 25 times, you can also earn blood; if you so-called blue only refers to Light blue (industrial grade), so I didn’t say it.
This superpower means that in the box-drawing model, there must be an ability whose class is called a box and one of its attributes is blue. You can do pseudo-omniscience as long as you have the ability to modify the entire database (you are the boss of the V company).

6 months ago

In the same way, most of the items in the Big Action collection have been used for alchemy. Whether you sell blue and purple or pink and red at the end, in the long run, the entire collection will only get cheaper and cheaper, and In the case of alchemy, if you are 10+0, you will actually lose money every time. If you don’t lock and wear, the upper-level items are not enough for the 10 lower-level items that are worn out under normal circumstances. It is better to sell the blue directly. If you are 9+ 1,8+2,7+3…it depends on your luck…may make or lose

6 months ago

If the big action and souvenir packs are counted, you can earn (as long as the blue is not the lowest, there is a probability)
Find a liver substitute for 0.5¥ a star, 100 stars cost up to 125¥ (50+75 pass)
1000 blue can be combined with one red 4000 stars up to 5000¥
So you can buy a gradient sniper for 5000

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