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EXO, I used to be a passerby because the primary school student war in 13 years was really annoying. The combination of these two is really fragrant now. I like it in the second year of high school because a magazine like that kind of story will be the same. There are fan stories in the small book. The cover is that 12 people were bored in the self-study class and asked my classmates to come and recognize faces. Then there are a few interesting stories that prompted me to watch show time. The spring of 2015 was out of control until now in the 7th year. I never thought about it. I will love a group for so long. It is crazy for them to go abroad to see a concert in Seoul alone for the first time. I will never regret this crazy thing in my youth who abides by the rules. There is finally something that can be called crazy because of them. I am very happy; although a lot of things have happened in the past few years and I have experienced a dull period, I did not pay much attention to them for half a year, but finally I found that I still can’t bear to let go and go around so many people can only see them. Maybe it’s because they have achieved the best. It makes me unable to tolerate others anymore. I start from the atmosphere, I am stuck in the value of the face, and loyal to my strength. What attracts me most is that the atmosphere of this group is very harmonious and tacit. There is a very strange feeling. Everyone knows each other’s points very well. Petting each other. The unique way of getting along makes people feel that the group is very warm. I think the atmosphere between people is very important. Only when you get along well can you go and cooperate for a long time. This is the most important for a group; see show time Halfway through, I like them and get their looks. These people are really good-looking. It has been 9 years since their debut. They are still good-looking. From youthful and immature to male adult beauty. My teenagers really grow up well and old. It’s only us, and our appearance is unprecedented, and no one who has come to the stage will kill others; not to mention the strength of the lead singer who eats the CD, and the other members do not show any weakness. The wheat is still stable and always talks about the lead singer in the South Korean group. Kim Jong-jong is the most admired of the younger generations. Zhang Yixing is the only Chinese in the seven main dancers of SM. Wu Shixun’s casual style is on the stage. The stage is full of immortality, and the other members are full of wonder. Have his own unique style, do not pull the hind legs, Park Chanyeol, Zhang Yexing, composer, proficient in a variety of instruments and contact acting. The acting skills are naturally not embarrassing, especially Du Jingxiu’s acting skills are praised by many seniors. It is super praised. Looking at the entire South Korean group, it is rare and almost uncommon… Become Amway…a bit off the mark, hahaha. Finally, I don’t know how long I can like them. I have grown up and started to have my own life. I also learned to separate idols from feelings. I can only recognize idols. It’s the fact of idols. They will fall in love, get married and have children in the near future. I’m the same. Maybe someday I’ll say that I’m tired and don’t chase stars, but I will still like them. It seems to have been integrated into my life. Getting used to them makes my life more interesting and beautiful and also makes me more Good self becomes brave, polite and self-confident. Isn’t that the meaning of star chasing? Thank you for their presence and walk into my life. I also appreciate the encounter of Ellie. I hope we can become better selves. Finally, Amway Orange Light Game “Fatal” “Heartbeat” and “missing you” make an advertisement, hahaha love you refills~


By loveyou

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7 months ago

At present, it is bulletproof; after my first love chasing stars, I can easily climb the wall. My first love is wannaone. At that time Tuan Pianja (Park Woo Jin) collapsed (Jin Jae Huan) but it was disbanded. I don’t like to be a person, so I did it. I got a code player (ab6ix), yes, wanna one, I only started after disbanding, and I went to code after everything was completed. About two months? ? I went into the crater. Why did I climb? There was really little material in the small size. At that time, the second group had not come out. I waited and waited. I really couldn’t wait. And I encountered the captain and had an accident at the time, but I was a long time. I took it off later, and it has nothing to do with the alpaca. Then I opened an online, and I wanted to cry very much. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be a self-sufficient kid. Then I found that the code group could no longer give me that positive feeling. I felt that they worked so hard, and at the same time realized that there would be no traffic if it burst, and then a vicious circle. At that time, I wanted to climb to the top of the five generations. I didn’t want to be so tired. Then my friend gave me an Amway small file (txt). As a result, I only picked Cui Xiubin, and I didn’t want to be a Weifan. It happened that my friend Fanbangbang, I said, let me take a look, and it really fragrant. Usually there are a lot of tears, but just look at it. It’s easy to say if you don’t have a rhythm. Anyway, I mainly chase my brother. At least now I can still get happiness and a positive attitude from BTS, the kind that can give me motivation for life, that’s fine, and I still love it now, that’s it. Oh, yes, Hybe has recently built a building, and I saw a sister saying “high-rise buildings are rising on the ground”. It happened that I took the postgraduate entrance examination this year. This sentence is really appropriate. Why don’t I work hard? My moon is so good! Then I hope that bulletproof will always spend the road, (though 23 said that I would not say that hahahaha) I will go ashore for graduate school, a little closer to the moon

7 months ago

Zhang Jie, haha, felt that his age was exposed after finishing talking~ Ah, my brother Jie, at that time was still my white moonlight hahahaha. Shame Ing, please receive a copy of the old Amway here. Zhang Jie, an older, married and parenting evergreen singer classmate who debuted in the audition. He is also the only celebrity I have spent money to go to the concert! ! At that time, I rushed to the Helong Stadium after get off work and ran into the venue at the rhythm of his cover of “I Want to Say I Love You Loudly”! so happy! Consummation. I didn’t look at happy boys when I was in junior high school, and then I always didn’t like the kind of colorful boys who were empty and could not sing and did not have the ability to sing. I didn’t specifically refer to anyone, but I just liked those who were more capable. Among the boys, he has taken a fancy to Jie, hahahaha. He is really good and worth chasing. (From the development of the subsequent singing career, he can also see that he has basically no obstacles to singing. Bass, midrange and high pitch love songs and fast songs can all walk. The CD potential is unlimited hahaha). At that time, he sang a lot of love songs. What I was deeply impressed was that he wore a white suit, hehehe, the girl was stabbed hahaha. Then I voted for him! The only time he voted, he was eliminated and I cried at home for a long time. My mother who was crying scolded me hahaha she didn’t understand the thoughts of a star chasing girl! This is the last time I chased the draft. After him, I didn’t really pick anyone in the draft (maybe it’s also age up hahaha). Later, he fell in love with Sister Na and sang “Why Need It” in the New Year’s Eve. Together”, oh my god, I was tearful in front of the screen. Later in high school, the girl sitting in the front seat also liked Zhang Jie. At that time, I didn’t have a mobile phone. When Zhang Jie got married, she was excited to discuss with me, chasing the pictures of the scene in real time, and the two of them were moved by tears. So I really like a celebrity, and he won’t get rid of fans just because he fell in love. He has a good home emotionally, and he really feels that the old mother is relieved. Here should be attached his songs that I liked in those years “After Tomorrow”, “Looking Up at the Starry Sky”, “Tailor-made”, “First Lady”, “Why We Need to Be Together”, “The Place Closest to Heaven”, “The World”, “Watch the Moon Climb”, “The Most Beautiful Sun”, “Stellar Meteor”, “We Are All the Same” Ah old aunt’s youthful memories~~ I can sing all these! I’m a real fan and I don’t know why. He started to complain about it (I think it’s everyone’s malice, although it’s not on the frontline of the popular trend, it’s actually normal). He also gave him the nickname Runtu (fans are very popular). Angry, fans are helpless, fans have no choice, fans continue to be fans) The normal interaction between him and Sister Na is also greasy and greasy (whatever the husband and wife do is normal, even if they agree with each other, it’s normal, don’t you see CP now) The speculation is really flying, and real husbands and wives can’t bring each other together? Heizi is poisonous), but I still like him very much. He is not good at speech, but he sings very well; he is not fashionable enough to be a celebrity, but he has always lived up to the expectations of his fans and is making music well. In recent years, he has participated in many music shows, such as “Singer”, which once again proved his strength, and also circled a wave of new fans, the brightest star in the night sky, the ruthless love letter, and the bursting scenes are so good~~ also sing There are many TV series theme songs, such as “My Sunshine”-Why Sheng Xiaomo, “Listen”-Made by Beauty, “Vastness”-The Condor Heroes, “Between Thoughts”-Taoist Down the Mountain, “Jiang Ziya” “– Jiang Ziya, “Sword Heart”-Gu Jian Qi Tan, “Do Not Forget Heart Peace”-Do Not Forget Heart Peace, the music style is also many times, and the character is still very cute and loving. Don’t ask everyone to like him, just want everyone to listen to his songs, he is really singing

7 months ago

What did Tian Jung-guo of BTS say? I have liked him since the third grade. At that time, I was chasing BTS at the same table, and I secretly took my phone to see their mv. At that time, I didn’t like Korean groups. I felt that they were dressed up like a gangster. The same (really think so, serious). Later, I drove me at the same table and forced me to Amway (now I don’t agree with this approach, because in many cases forced Amway will ruin passers-by), but I finally found it really fragrant. I still remember that when I was watching the mv of fire, I saw the fruit at first sight, which grew on my aesthetic point. With big eyes and high bridge of nose, there is a little youthfulness. As a purebred star chaser now in my freshman year, I have not been idle during this period. I am a leek-style star chasing and I have liked many celebrity idols. But my destiny has always been Guoguo, and No.1 has always been Guoguo. Guo Guo feels very different from other celebrities. Fan him has a very reassuring feeling, that is, that kind of gentle and powerful charm. Guoguo is really capable, knows how to paint. I didn’t learn it before. I saw his brother painting when he was a child (maybe because his genes are too good, his brother seems to be a painter now). He is also a good thief.

7 months ago

Sure enough, exo yyds, the first time I chased a star was when they debuted from 12 to 15 years and then fell in love, their attention was shifted by love, and they disappeared. I feel that it has been a long time, and now it is in 2021. The most impressive thing is with the four-leaf clover. The war of the century hahahahaha, looking back on it, it’s so naive. My home bedroom and their poster. I was 13 years old. I once wrote a little essay about them. I wrote about my lover in a foreign land on the wall (don’t laugh, I’m still ashamed to mention it) At that time, I was in our class but a star chaser bought albums from exo, my classmate, and bought photo posters and magazines. I bought a lot of them. My mother didn’t say I asked for money, so I just bought them. At that time, I would draw various logos because every time I was new The logo of the album or something changed, so they learned to draw on the textbook and then suddenly realized that they didn’t like it that much. Maybe the children’s feelings came so fast and they went so fast that they liked it for a short time. I didn’t want to answer this question for three years. Many people mentioned in the comments just want to talk about it.

7 months ago

Lin Mo, Yi’an Music Society. I actually knew this little boy when he was a child. At that time, he was still in Chongqing. For a few years, his former brother was very popular (he used to be in sdfj, just mention it), and then I went to see it. There was him in a variety show of his senior brother. At the time, I thought this little boy was quite cute, but he didn’t pay much attention. Later, I saw him again for 18 years. At that time, I watched a variety show called Don’t Leave after School. I saw a child he was familiar with at first sight, and then I paid attention to it. I’ve seen it, and now I’ve changed my stage name when I changed my company. In fact, when I followed him, he was scolded a lot, but after I got to know him, I found out that he was really a good boy, plus childhood filters and him. Funny humor, straight into the hole. What made me more in-depth was the summer season of 18 years. At that time, I discovered that he not only has an interesting soul, but also stage skills. After that, I went to make up all his previous materials. At this time, I found his fragile side. . In the summer season of 19 years, there was no way to go to the scene at that time because there were classes. At the summer festival, he performed a night in Beijing (by the way, this is my favorite stage so far), this little boy There are not too many surprises. I think every appearance of his stage is like a package. You never know what it will be like when it is opened. I can only be sure that every time I open it, it must be a surprise. Later, I paid more attention to some of his daily life. He really loves life, but many bad emotions are digested by himself, because I know that those little brothers need shots and opportunities, and will take the initiative to be good to others. Will Q others. In the autumn season of 20 years, I still had classes and couldn’t go. That time was his graduation. When I finally read the letter, I was in tears. I really regretted that I couldn’t go to the autumn season. He went to the draft, and I don’t know how long it will take to see him again in person. The draft started at the beginning of the year. It was the first time that I chased a draft so enthusiastically. I followed his news frantically, and I would watch his shots several times and take screenshots one by one. Looking forward to Lin Mo’s high-level debut, see you in the future!

7 months ago

EXO for 12 people. They liked it when they debuted in 2012. When they were crazy about chasing them, they were still very young and in junior high school. They didn’t have the financial means to buy any albums or peripherals. At that time, they were really excited to see one of their advertisements! Although you don’t chase them anymore, but the feeling really melts in your heart, you still can’t listen to them a little bit bad, when you see them, you will be happy and proud of them.

7 months ago

Qiduo combination; I started to like it in junior high school. At that time, I felt that their dances were very beautiful, well aligned, and the songs were good. After the disbandment, I have been paying attention to it. Maybe it was also affected by the comments on Qiduo. It makes me feel that it is a pity that they are not popular. It is a pity that the seven people did not repay the efforts of Qiduo. It is a pity that they encountered bad companies. Let them disband but still use Qiduo ip to recruit new people, making fans retreat because of disappointment. Me too. I don’t understand that it was the first combination that focused on Chinese style, but because it was too vague, people thought that another combination was the first combination of Chinese style. I was very angry and disappointed. It shouldn’t be like this. I can only like them on the stage like this, but I don’t seem to have a chance to see them. Fortunately, the last concert has gone. I have always imagined that when will I have a concert with 10,000 people, I really like the chorus. I am very envious when I see other people sing with 10,000 people, and nothing has been achieved. It’s all gone. Sometimes it feels better not to come back, and you won’t be disappointed in the current ending.

7 months ago

Jin Zai Zhong Jin Zai Zhong gave me a deep understanding of what is meant by fate. Although these four words are hypocritical enough, they will even be sprayed out by someone who can’t distinguish between idols and reality, but he taught me what you mean is yours, no matter what After so many years, the person I love is still him. At the beginning of 2008, I went to see Dongshen X-Man Mid-Autumn Special at my classmate Amway. The blonde hero in it was overwhelmed by the mid-second and fell into Dongshen. I will always remember that the first time I saw them in my life was the Toshin Nanjing concert on April 4, 2009. It is no exaggeration that when Kim Jae-chung appeared on the stage that day, the whole world turned white, and I could only see him. Later, the curse went viral, and then I traveled separately. The second Dongshen concert in my life, Shanghai 1002, turned out to be the last time I saw the five of them on the same stage in front of me today. After traveling separately, I was busy studying and working, maybe because I grew up, maybe because I didn’t understand the five people traveling separately, and gradually got out of the meal circle. During the period, I also watched Errenzhuan and jyj’s concerts. Kim was also uncomfortable when he joined the army, but after all, he was not as crazy as he was when he was a child. Later, in 2020, when I settled abroad and encountered an epidemic, I accidentally opened a video about Chinese history on YouTube in September 20th, which mentioned poppies. I suddenly remembered the hard drive folder that I hadn’t opened for a long time, and it contained Yun Jaewen’s “Poppy” which I hadn’t opened for more than ten years. The ghost watched it wisely, and then went out of control. Coincidentally, at that time, the Japanese Love Cover album was released in China. After I clicked on it, I lay flat in the pit. Taking advantage of being locked up at home due to the epidemic, he strove to make up for the materials for more than ten years. I can’t count as long love for Kim Jae-chung, because I have left, but I believe that if I leave again in the future, I will definitely come back one day. The love for Kim Jae-chung taught me that even if I am separated from the person I love very much in real life, I have to believe that if this person is destined to be you, you will meet one day.

7 months ago

A long time ago, EXO had MAMA in the song list, addicted, and rant (passerby fan status) Baek Hyun listened to a short episode when he released the mini 2 album, and felt that the melody poke my heart very much, so he went on to become a fan The road; the first album was the cherry version of bolo2. At that time, the regular version seemed to be closed, and the cherry version was ordered immediately. After waiting for the courier for more than a month, I started to replenish the materials wildly, and I bought half of the special code that was not shipped back (but it was useless, there was dust when I bought it…). I finally got a small amount of money during the Chinese New Year (the second day of the year) The child’s pocket money is too little to cry QAQ). I made up the old album at the purchasing agent, and I made up solo1, and rushed two babies (although one is not in a group and the other is in bulk), and immediately after the Bambi treasure news came out, he immediately rushed two (separate orders, My heart aches because of the postage cost), and the final balance is more than a dozen dollars left, and it’s impossible to ship it back. It didn’t take long for the brigade to return to Liao… I feel that time really flies, the countdown to Baek Hyun’s enlistment… Baek Hyun is my destiny, and the handsome guy who pulls me into the food circle with his own power! ! I won’t climb the wall in 640 days! ! When he comes back, maybe you can still see the familiar id under the comments (it’s a bit difficult to change the screen name for two years…) there is nothing left to talk about, I’m finished, the meeting is over!

7 months ago

Super Junior, it’s like an old boy, here is the blue man, there is also the blue man, Kim Heechul’s three views and prosperous beauty, Li Donghai’s beautiful face, and Su Shen Lee Hyuk-jae, the sound of nature from the KRY team, people As the name suggests, the child prodigy is dead in the circle.
Then there is Quan Zhilong, who likes Brother Long on the stage, chic and free.

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