It’s the third year of junior high school, and the grades are upside down. It’s very difficult for me to take high school entrance exams. I want to try my best to take a bad high school, but I’m afraid I can’t keep up with my studies. I think it’s not as good as a secondary school. The school is more suitable for me, but everyone around me is persuading me to take the high school entrance examination. Is it really necessary to go to high school even if the song can’t keep up and wasting time?

Very necessary, very necessary. All the classmates around me are real examples. If you can’t pass the high school entrance exam, you will have to go to a middle or higher vocational school. But the people you contact with are completely different from those in our high school. Not only that, the knowledge learned in it you go to technical secondary schools and colleges to learn more is to teach you professional knowledge, and when his professional knowledge waits for you to come out, you will find that those majors are really not enough for you. If you If you go to high school, he will teach you more cultural courses, but those cultural courses will improve your literacy while you study. After you come out, you will obviously find that high school is more valuable than technical secondary school and high school. This is beyond doubt. Even if you fail to enter the university after high school, you can apply for a junior college. As far as I am concerned, I was a high school and did not study very well. During the college entrance examination, I did not pass the exam and applied for a junior college. But what you came out of high school is completely different from what came out of your secondary school, because when your school divides you into classes, it will distinguish you from each other. Now our school gives us the one from our high school. Together, those who have advanced to technical secondary school and high school are put together and our diplomas are still different, and our study time is also different. You should not think that you are not learning well and then take the high school entrance examination. There is nothing necessary or anything. Don’t think that it is very, very necessary for you to pass the entrance examination.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It depends on your choice. Others persuaded you to take the college entrance examination because of the problems of our country’s educational system. You can go to an undergraduate college if you have gone to high school and took the college entrance examination. If you go to a technical secondary school, you may only have to take a junior college first, and then pass the college promotion exam before you can go to an undergraduate college. And if you want to go to a full-time undergraduate course, you only have one chance to take the exam in the third year of the junior college. At the same time, even if you pass the exam, you can only choose to apply for a limited number of second-level schools in the province. The universe is uncertain, you and I are both dark horses. I also suggest that you go to high school. Although you are currently at the bottom 10 in the class, who knows, maybe you can go to the middle of high school, and then go to a university.

7 months ago

Don’t give up studying at a young age. To say something bad, are you going to give up studying before you reach 20? Even if you fight it? What can you lose if you fight? What can you lose? You really haven’t intuitively understood the impact of your educational level on your job search choices. One thing to say, I don’t know how most of the others are. But in the circle of friends born in the 80s around me, recalling their student life, many people regretted not further improving their academic qualifications at that time. The Internet at that time did not have as many data tools and platforms as it is now, and there were not too many reference materials. It was enough to just think about going to university. The tragedy of poor information. Many children from ordinary families hurriedly got married after graduation. Give birth to a child, and then all kinds of regrets. In the middle and later stages of the career, it is obvious that one can get a further node with his own academic qualifications, and because of the lack of this piece of the puzzle, he loses to the households with lower academic qualifications. If your family’s conditions permit, then you must have high school. In fact, a high school diploma is not enough. And if you enter high school first, you can leave an easy door to the future.

7 months ago

You can think about it, and the people around you are not unreasonable in persuading you. There are many majors you can choose from when you last ordinary high school, and you can choose the one you like. Vocational high schools have limited majors to choose from. Don’t think that vocational high schools will be easy to take exams when they come. Poor grades will not make you easy to study. Some undergraduate admission scores are close to 600 or more than 600. Someone around me has taken the test. The admission scores of many majors in Shangpu College are not high, and of course the admission scores of good schools will be high. Regardless of the general and vocational high admission scores, there are high and low scores, and the professional scores that are reported to be popular are still high, and the less popular ones will be lower. Although there are high and low levels, there are many choices in the majors of general high school. You can choose what you like. Vocational high schools have limited majors, which may not be what you like. There are people who applied for the post-employment high school and regretted it when they applied for the college entrance examination. The majors reported are all private, none of them are public. The tuition fee is 16,000 yuan, the accommodation fee is 1,500 yuan, which is almost 20,000, and there is no food. For families with poor economic conditions, they cannot afford 20,000 yuan per year, but they were unable to change their majors when they reported this. This made them regret applying for a higher job. His undergraduate admission score for this major is not low, almost 600 points, about 630 undergraduate degree in computer science. In addition to the low point of pre-school education, the undergraduate degree is slightly lower than 400 points in chemical engineering, which may cause harm to the body. It is best not to report. Other undergraduates have 500 points or more, 600 points or more, the junior college is very low, your purpose of applying for a higher job is that the undergraduate score is low and good for the exam, right? Not what you think. If you want it, it’s okay if you really want to go this way. Does everyone have their own ambitions? As long as you are confident. However, it is recommended that you work hard to take a high level. After all, there are many majors to choose from, and you can also go to the public to pay low fees, but you can have a large choice. If you have poor grades, you can fill up the basic knowledge. If you have no good way, you can apply for online courses. There are many good teachers. Nowadays, all students report for Lexue Education. Its Lexue Online is an online learning platform for elementary school students. The teachers are all great! For example, teacher Zhang Tairan in the third grade of chemistry is a five-star gold teacher with 6 years of online and offline teaching experience. The students who studied with him get an average of 30 points. This is related to people. Some have good grades and want to be better, but not many points are raised. The worse, the more room for improvement and more points. Teachers in other subjects are also such excellent teachers. If you learn from them and raise your grades, are you afraid that you will not be able to keep up? Even if there is a gust of wind, life does not give up, and the youth that has not worked hard is but a famine year.

7 months ago

What did the answers of the first two people say? Don’t persuade if you can’t answer, what you say depends on your own thoughts? What foresight do you make a young person around 15 years old? Any ideas besides having fun? I’m not mature in thinking. I tell you very clearly, you must go to high school, even if you fail to pass the test, you must buy it. If you have no money at home, you can borrow it. This little money can change your destiny. You must not save it. You must study hard at your age. Don’t let time go to waste. If you miss something, you really regret it. Just like when you were a child, malnutrition caused your height to be short. When you are an adult, you can’t grow taller even if you don’t have enough nutrition. Some things must be done when you are young, and it is difficult to work hard at a certain age. Next, give you more realistic suggestions. First of all, you must go to high school. It doesn’t matter if you don’t take the exam, you can buy it. University is the real crossroads that determines your destiny. Secondly, if you can’t keep up with the basics, then learn again. There are junior high or high school tutorials at station b or the Internet. From the beginning, there are two months in the summer vacation. As long as you deliberately study, you can almost lay the foundation. By the way, I can also preview the high school course. Good at using the Internet. Faced with reality, I can learn which subject is bad, starting from scratch, and if I don’t understand the junior high school curriculum, I just go to elementary school. Don’t listen to certain answers, saying that vocational schools have a future, and vocational schools are also good. Don’t believe that the survivors are biased. Certainly, you must go to high school. Vocational schools and universities come out to find a job is the gap between heaven and earth, companies do not look at your ability, it depends on your academic qualifications. You still have 3 years, everything is too late, everything can be changed, do not give up.

7 months ago

1: There are dozens of grades down, and there are only dozens of people in the class. This grade is considered a middle-lower, not the bottom three. 2 If you want to work hard in the poor high school, but you are afraid that you can’t keep up. You say it is a bad high school, and you are afraid that you can’t keep up with your studies? What’s more, everyone started in the first year of high school, and they can overtake in a corner when falling behind, let alone the same starting line. 3 I think the three schools are more suitable for me, why are they suitable? Because you want to mess around? In this way, I don’t think it is necessary to go to secondary school. It’s good to go out early and get some social experience. Of course, if you just want to have fun for a few years, you can just find a reason with your parents to spend a million dollars to play in school. 4People around you are advising you to go to high school, why? No matter how bad the high school is, there is a chance to go back, but after entering the full-time high school, you won’t be there. This decision can shape your first half of your life, but anyone who doesn’t have a grudge against you will let you go to high school. 5 You are not afraid of wasting time even in the full-time high school. It seems that your time is not too precious. Why are you talking about wasting time because you can’t keep up with your studies in high school? I think you are just going to mess around. Teenage children, who have not been beaten by the society, have a normal play mind, and there is no need to hide anything. After all, the human instinct is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Why do they have to work hard if they can be lazy? Is it that the king is not fun to eat chicken? Or is it not good to smoke, not to smoke, not to drink, not to be pretty? Saying so much is not trying to persuade you to do it, but I can’t understand you guys who pretend to be twitchy. If you want to play, just play, say “I want to work hard”, “Three schools suit me”, “Afraid of wasting time”, you Can lie to ourselves, parents, teachers, classmates, friends, and even us netizens who have never been masked want to lie to the father

7 months ago

Let’s put it this way, I was obsessed with reading novels and comics in junior high school, and finally got more than 300 points in the high school entrance examination. This score can’t even pay for school selection fees to go to key high schools. Later, my mother went to an adult and enrolled me in a private high school. It was probably during that holiday that I saw my mother-sister running around for my poor grades, and it was so sad that I was looking for a high school all over the city. Maybe it’s because my relatives and friends came to ask me how many scores I got in the entrance examination. My mother, my lord, hesitated to speak, and sighed deeply, which stimulated me. Then when I was in high school, I suddenly found out that there was really no link between it and junior high school. In the first final exam of high school, I took 500+ directly (in high school, the scores of each subject of the college entrance examination of the year were used to formulate the scores). Later, I was admitted to an ordinary school safely. Sometimes I also regret it, that is, if I work hard in high school, I will try my best. Can I reach 600+ grades? If I didn’t work hard when I was young, I would leave a little regret when I got older. So the young boy, the current grades don’t mean anything, no matter when it’s not too late to start. Especially at your age, you must go to high school. If you don’t work hard, how do you know what will happen in the future? Come on!

7 months ago

I have to see where I found out, right? Sometimes abandoning high school is not abandoning yourself, but being rational is not because you refuse to work hard. If you know nothing, the policy does not allow you to start junior high school again. If you think you can use the remaining three years to complete six years of schooling, you can still consider going to high school. But as far as the difficulty is concerned, it is not small, because your foundation can be difficult to stand up without a solid upper level, not to mention people who have an advantage over you to fight. Technical secondary school or vocational high school, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will always lose some on this road, but as long as you work hard, you can still get what they can’t get. There are many choices in life. Just like a story tells, the rich and the beggars are basking in the sun on the beach and enjoying the sun. Suddenly the rich find that they have gone through all the hardships to get this moment. Can’t beggars enjoy it? In fact, is all this really the same? The answer lies in their own psychology, right?

7 months ago

Going to high school really makes life different. There will be people who mess around, but there will be more outstanding people, and different people will participate in your life. You will find many people who share your hobbies and can see the vast world. In other words, if you don’t choose to go to high school now, what you can do, if you don’t have special ideas, it’s better to go to school. When you enter society, you will feel that learning may be the easiest way for you to succeed. You will find that some people can have their own way out without studying, and they can do well, but for most people, studying is the best way. In short, do your best and struggle to see the wonderful scenery along the way. , Even if the results are not satisfactory, don’t be discouraged. At least you will not regret it.

7 months ago

My junior high school study was also poor, and then I also went to high school to counterattack and went to colleges one by one. I want to say that although the foundation of junior high school is very important, high school study is also very important. It’s not that your junior high school study is not good, and your high school will definitely not be good. You can spend more energy to make up for the lack of it, mainly whether the questioner wants to The problem. So this question is mainly to ask the questioner, what kind of life do you want, and whether this kind of life can be given to you by the road of high school or the road of vocational high school. Every choice is meaningful, it’s not that you are inferior to others when you are in a higher position. The main thing is that you have to ask yourself what kind of life you want, so how should you choose. Once you choose, don’t look back.

7 months ago

Everyone has different opinions. This is your own choice, and it’s the way you want to go. You have to consider it carefully. I personally think it is better to take high school exams (because I don’t think there is any future in the job) because there is a high probability that you will regret not going to high school in the future, but you may not. If you go to high school and then you try to take a bachelor degree, your life may change a lot, and your diploma may determine the level of your life circle.

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