Which axis to hoose for a mechanical keyboard? After reading one hundred answer articles, it’s better to experience the axis selection when buying a mechanical keyboard. It’s actually the same as buying clothes and choosing the style and code number. It’s either uncomfortable or weird to wear. The same is true for axis selection. Most people discuss it from their own experience and standpoint. However, the experience of different axes is too closely related to everyone’s situation. For example, if you have an independent office/study, you don’t care too much about the noise and you can walk up with the blue axis, but if you don’t talk about the blue axis in the office or dormitory, even the tea axis is easy to die. Different people have a lot of palms. Small, the fingers are long or short, and the most comfortable trigger keystroke is naturally different. Some people have a strong body and often exercise, and their fingers are stronger. Conversely, some people have relatively weaker fingers, and the most comfortable trigger pressure is naturally also Different; some people are a little quicker, some are slower, so the requirements for key axis feedback (the so-called paragraph sense) may be different; some people use less keyboards, even if they are not. The most comfortable, as long as it doesn’t deviate too much, it may not be easy to feel; some people face the computer for more than ten hours a day and use the keyboard all the time, and it is a little unsuitable for a day to feel uncomfortable. So even if you read a lot of articles and posts to answer, you know the various differences between different axes, but you don’t really experience it yourself, you still don’t know which one is more suitable for you. Just like you buy clothes on Taobao, watch a bunch of model shows and buyer shows, and carefully read the sizes of different models, but don’t buy them back and wear them to look in the mirror. You don’t know whether this dress is suitable for you-especially For friends who are not standard enough. For example, I like the feel of the 35g capacitor shaft of Ningzhi electrostatic capacitors, but some people think that it is too light and easy to touch by mistake, too soft and not strong enough to feel the feedback is not good. However, today when the computer city is almost dead, many friends may not know how to experience the feel of various axes. Here are two methods: 1. JD’s self-operated experience store seems to be available only on the mobile app. I didn’t find it on JD’s web version. Of course, not all regions have experience stores, and the products you want to experience may not necessarily support in-store experience. If you want to experience the keyboard, I personally recommend that friends who have the conditions bring their own notebook, and connect to the keyboard to input an article of no less than 1000 words continuously. Because sometimes, you may press the keyboard a few times and the real high-speed typing may be different-I suffered this loss when I bought the black switch. When I bought it, I pressed it a few times and felt that it was acceptable without sound, but I bought it. I can’t adapt to it for several days (but this keyboard is too short-lived. It is useless to buy yogurt in less than a week. Maybe I will practice it for another month and it will be very useful). Using your own notebook is a variety of settings, input method thesaurus is used by yourself, and will not affect your experience effect because of these problems. 2, Taobao buy test shaft device Taobao search “test shaft device” or “experience shaft”, you can see a lot, if there is no special need, buy cherry four-axis (green-black-tea-red) or six-axis (green) -Black-tea-red-silver-mute red) is fine. The four-axis price is about 15 yuan, and the six-axis price is about 25 yuan, which is cheaper than the reliable digital zone respondent’s paid consultation (you say that some people are cheaper than this? Who does it?). In addition, if the keyboard budget is relatively high (wired 600 or more, wireless 900 or more), it is recommended to ask the seller if there is a tester for Ningzhi static capacitance shaft (this has been seen before, but I just checked it and I will not find it for a while. ). Of course, if you plan to buy a keyboard, after comprehensive consideration, the model that is preliminarily determined is not a cherry axis, then you can choose other test axis, but it is generally recommended that 4~6 axes are enough. There are two points to pay attention to when using the test shaft: The first is not to test with the index finger alone, but to test with several fingers, especially the little finger. The second is not to press a few times even if you have experienced it, simulate the frequency of keystrokes when you use the keyboard, and press for 3 to 5 minutes to see if your fingers feel slightly fatigued. Finally, I will continue to take a look at the Ningzhi static capacitor I am using…


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Hello everyone, I am Domino. First clarify my point of view. For the mechanical keyboard, you can choose which axis you want to choose. The axis itself only represents a different feel. Choose the feel you like. Everyone has different preferences for the feel. The topic of essence is a matter of preference. Related question: When eating tofu brain, choose sweet or salty. The feel of the red shaft is straight up and down, and it is smooth to press down. The feel of the tea shaft will have an unobvious “paragraph feeling” when pressed down. As far as my experience is concerned, if you encounter this problem and start to struggle, then choose the tea axis, there is a high probability that you will not go wrong. Before I put it, I may discuss this issue with you in great detail, such as listing the parameters and listing the different points of the various axes. But today, I will not list a bunch of data or terms to sell anxiety. Most of the users who have raised this issue or are concerned about this issue should be friends who have not yet entered the pit or have just entered the pit. Detailed shaft parameters will not give you an intuitive feeling, and more nouns will not tell you which answer to choose. So this information is useless to us. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to buy them and try them. Each shaft has its own characteristics, and each feel has its own characteristics. No description can replace your most intuitive feeling. Which one you like, or which one you are interested in, you will definitely have the answer after you try it. More keyboard-related content is not here, welcome to move: Domino: 2021·Mechanical Keyboard Introduction and Selection Guide; since four years ago, I started to play Zhihu and answer questions in Zhihu. At the beginning, I just liked this community, and answered casually in this community, and didn’t take it seriously. I remember one day, I saw a KOL made a statement. To be honest, as an enthusiast and an in-depth player, he disagreed with this point of view. But seeing that there are still so many distorted comments below, I thought deeply. I decided to be a KOL myself and a respondent who pays attention to it. This question is a very typical question. Many articles are saying “select the black axis for playing games, the red axis for codewords, and the tea axis for office.” this is not right. I often use the term “like question” for similar questions, because I think that the only person who can decide what I like or dislike is myself.

5 months ago

The tea axis I use now feels okay, and I usually use more codewords in daily office, and I feel that the tea axis is quite satisfactory. Choosing a mechanical keyboard for the first time, I don’t know what axis I’m suitable for. I suggest that you still buy a test shaft and come back to experience the experience, so that you know what shaft you want. Because each shaft has its own characteristics, some people say that the blue shaft is good, while others say that the black shaft is good. Everyone has different feelings and different uses. It is recommended that you buy the green shaft directly, otherwise how do others know that you use a mechanical hard drive?

5 months ago

It seems that the film you used is as scumbag as some of the films I have used. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will be comfortable using any axis you want. Both are stronger than film. As for what axis to choose? I suggest you an artifact: test shaft device. Buy this one and come back for fun. What kind of axle do I want to change? . . Then you will find that they are all the same. After you have a shaft tester, you can buy all kinds of shafts you want and replace them separately. It’s actually quite interesting. I personally tried this kind of thing, and I feel that the difference is really small. In short, it is more comfortable to use than a membrane keyboard. As for which axis to choose, I suggest you try it and decide for yourself. Follow your heart.

5 months ago

For such a simple question, why do so many people use such a huge space when answering it. The answer is to choose whichever you like. The red axis belongs to the representative works of the linear axis, while the tea axis belongs to the paragraph axis, which has a lighter sense of paragraph. Although the two are different in nature, in terms of actual feel, I personally think that the difference is not particularly remote. Even people who are accustomed to the red axis can get used to the tea axis without any threshold. There are at least two peripheral fans around me who regard the tea axis as their first choice. Perhaps this slight sense of paragraph combined with the flowing water-like percussive feel is what they are obsessed with. In summary, it really doesn’t need to talk about the history of the axis and the history of the keyboard, just choose what you are interested in and like.

5 months ago

The feel of the red axis and the tea axis are similar to those of the film. The difference is that there is a straight up and straight down, and a paragraph axis. In my personal feeling, the green axis is not too light, but it is not lighter than the red axis, tea axis, and silver axis. Personal feelings are as follows: the black axis trigger keystroke is short, the pressure is high, a bit like the GTR in the initial D, simple and violent, and very refreshing; the disadvantage is that the front is too heavy, when cornering…wrong, it should be 80g trigger pressure Slightly larger, the codeword will be fatigued for a long time. Compared with the black axis, the red axis is less violent, and the performance is more average, just like Sudo Keiichi’s Mitsubishi EVO; the red axis is good for games and office, and it is a highly compatible axis; the disadvantage is that the personality is not clear enough. The tea axis is the “Farafield” that everyone is familiar with: Honda civic type R, the strongest “grocery cart”; light in hand, suitable for transition from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical keyboard. The blue axis has a clear sense of paragraph and is the axis with the most mechanical keyboard characteristics. It’s completely the AE86 TRUENO with a little sidetrack. The large number of code words on the green axis keyboard is not too cool, and the rhythm is very strong.

5 months ago

First popularize the basic knowledge. Actually, the shaft is not limited to the red shaft, the tea shaft, and the green shaft. In fact, there are so many shafts that you can’t count them. The shaft feel is divided into paragraph sense and linear shaft sound. Before selecting the shaft for the sound and silent mechanical keyboard, you need to experience it yourself. You like the kind of shaft, and the feel of the shaft is not good or bad. It’s just that everyone’s feelings are different. Some people like paragraphs, some people like linearity, nothing more. I have always used the smooth linear axis that I mainly use. It is very comfortable to play games with, and it is compatible with typing and office work. Paragraph sense axis such as: C green axis, hp type axis, C tea axis, Kaihua box white, TTC golden tea, etc. I personally feel that it is more suitable for codewords. I don’t like the game, but some people like it very much. , This is the benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. So don’t be limited to the red axis and the tea axis. You can broaden your vision and you have more choices.

5 months ago

The first one is the tea axis, and the last one is the red axis. It has been more than five years since I entered the first mechanical keyboard, and what remains is a red switch from Filco, a tea switch, and a green switch from another brand. The daily work uses the filco minila red axis, and the game uses the Logitech K750. The tea axis is recommended for the first mechanical keyboard. The moderate and small resistance of the tea axis and the feedback with a sense of passage are all bonus items. At the same time, the difference in feel compared with the membrane keyboard is immediate, and you can quickly experience the fun of using a mechanical keyboard. Office workers and veteran players who type a lot on a daily basis recommend the red axis. The red shaft has the low resistance second only to the gateron white shaft and the smooth feel of the linear shaft straight up and down, coupled with the short key travel and low noise behind the rubber ring, it is definitely the first choice for office. Of course, if you have the conditions, try your best to try different keyboards in a physical store and feel the difference between different types of shafts with your hands. In recent years, mechanical keyboards have been added to a large number of imaginative and literary articles, making people expect them to exceed their value. In terms of typing feel alone, if I score 30 points for the pad screen keyboard and 80 points for the Shuangfeiyan membrane keyboard, then the mechanical keyboard is 70-90 points. The influence of the shaft body is ±10 points. As far as I am concerned, the laborious and noisy use experience of the black and blue switches may not be as good as the general membrane keyboard. In some scenes, such as playing games, the mistouch and atmospheric damage caused by the long keystroke and high noise of the mechanical keyboard is indeed daunting. I usually use a four-year-old K750 to play games. Compared with a mechanical keyboard, it has the advantages of short key travel, less resistance, almost no noise, and freedom of wireless placement, which also allows it to stay in front of the big screen. Regardless of the shaft, the key position distribution is the most important factor affecting the use. The reason why I have been using minila at work for the past five years is nothing more than the direction key combination without raising my hand and the efficiency improvement after ctrl and capslock interchange. It is simply an Excel companion. Some colleagues still return to Thinkpad’s default membrane keyboard after using the mechanical keyboard, also because they are used to its layout and feel. The mechanical keyboard may not be easy to use, and the membrane keyboard may not be ordinary. The experience is different.

5 months ago

The red shaft and the tea shaft are two different shafts. The red axis is a linear axis, straight up and down, without a sense of paragraph design. After pressing the key axis, it bottoms out once. And the pressure of the spring is not very large. There is 45cN. It’s easy to press. The tea shaft is a paragraph shaft. After pressing the key axis, there will be two feedbacks. The feel is similar to that of the blue axis, but the pressing force of 45cN of the tea axis is less than the 50cN of the blue axis. It is softer than the blue axis, and the sound is not as loud as the blue axis. The same points between the red axis and the tea axis are not very extreme axes, and the pressing force of the red axis of the linear axis is less than that of the black axis. The pressing force of the tea axis is less than that of the green axis. If the feeling of using the green axis is good before, it is recommended to choose the tea axis. The feel will be close to the green axis. But it’s not so rigid.

5 months ago

Choose the tea axis to fit the red axis. Many people will encounter this problem when buying a mechanical keyboard. Let’s first look at the difference between the two types of axis. The red shaft has a straight up and down shaft body, which has no sense of paragraph, and the feel is closer to a membrane keyboard. The red shaft has a light feel and is more recommended for typing. There is no noise. The two-stage paragraph sense of the tea axis will have a slight sense of paragraph, but it is not as strong as the green axis, the sound is not loud, and the pressure coefficient is close to the red axis. Known as the “universal axis”, the hand feel is indeed relatively easy to be accepted by the public. Office games are both right. How to choose? My suggestion is 1. If you have not used a mechanical keyboard and you are the first to get it, then it is recommended to choose the tea axis, otherwise the red axis and the membrane keyboard feel too similar, and it will feel as if there is no difference between the mechanical keyboard and the membrane keyboard. 2. If you have used a mechanical keyboard and want to start with a low-noise, pure typing use, choose the red axis. If you have a limited budget, you can consider the entry-level one, which is not expensive, and experience the feel. Hewlett-Packard (HP) GK100 aluminum alloy metal panel, a variety of lighting modes can be adjusted. All keys have no impact, at this price, the addition ratio is still good.

5 months ago

1. What kind of shaft body should I choose for a mechanical keyboard? What kind of axis to use for mechanical keyboards has always been an unavoidable topic. I think the first choice is to choose green or tea axis in order to fully reflect the texture of the mechanical keyboard. Try it when you get tired of playing with green or tea. The red axis and the black axis at the end, I think it is more reasonable to choose the order of the mechanical keyboard axis in this way. 2. Is the mechanical keyboard expensive or cheap? I also encountered this problem when I first entered the pit, whether to buy a cheap one to make do with it, or to buy an expensive one in one step. I think there is no standard answer to this question, because it all depends on your enthusiasm for mechanical keyboards. If you are just a taster and want to experience what a mechanical keyboard is, buy a cheap one with high cost performance. But if you like mechanical keyboards or local tyrants, the more expensive ones are also a good choice. But I suggest that the first keyboard is better quality, after all, you get what you pay for. 3. Recommended mechanical keyboard 1. MSI GK50Z (MSI) GK50Z mechanical keyboard MSI GK50Z is a recent explosion of 100 yuan mechanical keyboard. It is a rare combination of full-size configuration, RGB lighting effects and a good-feeling shaft at the entry price. It can be said that it is difficult to find an opponent. GK50Z uses high special shaft, mainstream green, black, tea and black can be selected, the standard version is ABS keycap, using two-color injection molding process, good light transmission, you can also choose a more dry PBT material if necessary. But after all, it is an entry-level product, and its RGB lighting effect is naturally not provided with driver support, which is mainly adjusted by the FN function key. 2. Mechanic K7 mechanical keyboard Mechanic K7 mechanical keyboard wired gaming mechanical keyboard ​The wired version of Mechanic K7 mechanical keyboard adopts lightweight super-running style design, cutting-edge bevel transitional curved body, aluminum alloy sandblasted metal upper cover, matching ABS bottom shell, skin-like concave design keycap, can support multi-system compatibility. The mechanic customized the Men’s blue axis, optimized the trigger point and the reset point, the pressure is 60g, the key stroke is 2.4mm, the full key has no impact, and the ice blue backlight. 3. Rapoo V500PRO mechanical keyboard Rapoo V500PRO is a 104-key full-size keyboard with an aluminum alloy upper cover, two-color injection molded keycaps, and a mixed-color backlight system. The shaft body is Rapoo’s autonomous mechanical shaft, with a key life of 60 million times, and a full keyboard conflict-free design. The size of the Pennefather V500PRO mechanical keyboard is 434×131.1×36.5mm, the weight is 907g, and it supports a splash-proof design. 4. Tarantula (AULA) F2088 mechanical keyboard Tarantula (AULA) has a good price of 148 days, the lowest price in history, and save 9 yuan. The Tarantula (AULA) F2088 mechanical keyboard is a keyboard with multimedia functions. Support one-key dual mode to meet your gaming needs. Equipped with 22 kinds of cool lighting effects, you can release your charm to your heart’s content. 104-key custom settings, there is always a custom more suitable for you, playing games more fun. 5. Hewlett-Packard (HP) GK100 mechanical keyboard Hewlett-Packard (HP is a very good keyboard. The design of the appearance is quite good, not to mention the workmanship, feel not to mention, the sound of pressing is not big, and the response speed is very fast. The HP GK100 mechanical keyboard has a variety of built-in LED lighting effects, which bring different light and shadow experiences during the day and night, which are fantastic and cool, arouse your enthusiasm for fighting, and play games more powerfully. Fourth, you can summarize the choice of mechanical keyboard Choose according to your own needs, you can refer to the several models analyzed above!

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