I started watching from the part of Jin Haixin last night, and got stuck out several times. Just talk about how I feel. Jin Haixin, I remember very much that the song “Wake Up Your Ears” and “Don’t Be So Proud” is an episode of “It’s All Angels’ Trouble”? This drama and this song may be the hit dramas and hit songs of that era. Yesterday’s “Wake Up the Ears” is an adapted version. In fact, it may be a change in the singer’s mood. In the new version Hearing some sadness, without the relaxed and happy feeling of the original version, with the traces of the years; but the tone and singing skills are impeccable, look forward to. Man Jiang, I have been mixing him with Sha Baoliang. The song yesterday was the music he was making recently. It is a song of scene description and inner experience. It is a kind of expression of self-emotion. In fact, this kind of music is made. The state is a kind of comfort, maybe not red, but I know what I want, the feeling of this rock, the precipitation of the lyrics is almost too strong, I need to listen to it several times, the mental state is full. Sometimes the state of mind is the true energy of the singer. Wang Yuan finally said that he and his teacher thought it was a good song, and I think I will listen to it twice. Jude, I really don’t know this, maybe it’s an indie musician, but his song, whether it’s lyrics or composition, is unconventional. The picture is full, the voice is a bit hoarse, and there is a little life. , The feeling of small emotions. The feeling of slow shaking makes people want to shake the body slowly. Wang Yuan said a few words about these two almighty singers of “words, music, arrangement, and singing”: about writing songs for himself or for others. In fact, this is a small requirement for lyrics and music. His own song “I don’t know” and “17” may be his own self-definition, but he sent his song out, I also have a very deep feeling, I think he also passed away for me Youth has said a lot about choices and growth. His song from the age of 17 to the present is a song of juvenile troubles. There are troubles and solutions, and there are still many different contents and thoughts. Looking forward to his cooperation with Jude, two atmospheric singers. Other songs are out of my scope. Let me briefly talk about my feelings: “The Sleepy Beast”: I can’t listen to it with headphones. Teacher Zhang Yadong said “a surprise”, and the elderly can’t stand it. I can’t accept this singing. “Dongshan Shang”: The instrument is very ethereal, and the tone is also ethereal, but I can’t empathize with the singer. I just think it sounds good, but I don’t think about it. I think I can hear a little bit about Sa Dingding’s “Life of All Things”, this There is no empathy. “Love Songs”: Wang Xiaoyuan said that the sound was out of place at the beginning. I couldn’t hear it, but I also think the overall situation is not bad, but I will choose to listen to Liang Jingru’s “Version”. I think he lacks his own temperament when he sings. The label is not obvious enough. It’s only the first issue. Both the recommender and the singer gave their own attitudes, and their attitudes are also very different. However, Wang Yuan fed back all the problems he heard and felt that he was serious about listening to songs. Go find the treasure. The more treasures you find, the richer our playlist will be. Come on!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Since it’s a “treasure singer”, let’s talk about the singers I remembered after watching the show. Because the symbols are too complicated, I just say the names. First of all, Jin Haixin and Man Jiang seniors are almost after 00 because of their age. I haven’t heard the songs of these two seniors very much, but the seniors are indeed worthy of the seniors, the singing is still young and light, and it has penetrating power to hit the soul. As Wang Yuan said, “At every time node, there are countless forks leading to the future. We are walking on thousands of forks, but we can always have the same tide in our ears.” Next was Jude. The singer’s lyrics are very clever and he has all kinds of wonderful ideas. When he answered the referee’s question, the answer “I danced with Miss Pillow” was like a candy that hit the pink in my heart. Bubble, I really like it. Besides the singer, the competition system of this show confuses me. In my opinion, the first time you perform, you should sing the most popular song you have ever done, let others know and even remember who you are, but some singers did sing their new songs and some even sang the first song, and I personally If I don’t get their songs, I’m even less interested in learning about them. Finally, about the recommender, I just say that the teacher Luo I remember is really suitable for this show, breaking a lot of points that I feel uncomfortable, just like an ordinary listener, Zhang Wei, as always, sharp and humorous Chen Li is a bit silent, no How can I remember her speech Liu Boxin is just the opposite. There is a bit too much. Wang Yuan can really talk. In my case, it is “so noisy”, but in his case, it becomes “You are a bit noisy when listening to this song with headphones.” Follow Wang Yuan to learn The art of speaking, but to be honest, I still don’t understand this show very much. I don’t know exactly what the competition system is, but I’m still looking forward to it. I heard that the performances are all good.

6 months ago

After watching the whole audience, it is more funny to compare the Tucao in the program group. First of all, the program is very plain, that is, the mode of chat, singing and chat. The recommender covers all ages of people who can support the music market now, basically a microcosm of the current market. For any industry, you can refer to the group that knows Jin Haixin. Basically, the post-80s know Man Jiang. The post-70s post-80s and the post-95 generations hardly know everyone. After listening to Jin Haixin Man Jiang, I feel quite touched. After all, he is the singer who grew up with him. Post-90s and post-00s basically like sleepy beasts, they can get up and feel the difference in age. They don’t accept the old and they can’t get dry. You just feel noisy. Luo Yonghao is sincere and funny

6 months ago

The passion burns and the blood rushes to worship, it seems to be back to the days when I was chasing the first half of the first season of “I Am a Singer and Writer”, preparing snacks every Friday and waiting for the broadcast. From the current point of view, the program group’s intentions are still obvious among the recommenders. There are producers who stand at the top of the Sony era, entrepreneurs who love music but belong to other fields, and the new generation of traffic singers also have big hits. I agree that independent musicians constitute a small audience society. Among the singers, there are once the first person in electronic music, there are musicians who are well-known in the Sony era, there are singers with two halves of interesting lives, and there are street singers. This is a very interesting group. Everyone has their own place, and there is no shortage of their own place in each place. What I am looking forward to is how these singers who have been buried in time will be seen by more people on this show, how old musicians will coexist with the new century, how will new musicians look at the past glory of the Chinese music scene, whether Accepting the old-fashioned music wave? At present, it seems that the editing is a bit bad and a bit slow, but I hope that the producers can also be more attentive and don’t let down the heart of these musicians who want to shine!

6 months ago

I was really looking forward to this show before it was broadcast. There was very little publicity in the early stage. The schedule of the show was a mystery, and I didn’t know who the singers were. The recommender learned that there are Zhang Yadong, Luo Yonghao, Da Zhangwei, and Wang. Yuan, I think it should be worth seeing. I saw it and thought it was really pretty. Both Jin Haixin and Man Jiang were once very popular and excellent singers. Now Jin Haixin has not changed at all. Man Jiang has changed a lot, but he still sings so well. I am moved and think of standing applause. Don’t talk about the age group of Jin Haixin’s audience. Several of my friends born in the 70s, 80s and 90s often listen to her songs. “So Proud”, “Stars in the Sun” and “Wake Up Ears” are all very popular songs. There are also many surprises in other singers, such as “New Year’s Eve” and “East Mountain”, look forward to. Let’s talk about recommenders. These people represent different age groups, different musical backgrounds, and have the same views and differences. It is good to push the program forward during the discussion. Performing is not easy. In fact, commenting is even more difficult. It is a great test for the professionalism and personal cultivation of the commenter. Yesterday, there were a few comments that were quite impressive. Whether it was the kind of teacher who watched and ridiculed, Zhang Yadong looked at it unceremoniously, or Wang Yuan was particularly heart-warming…

6 months ago

Wang Yuan appeared as a “treasure recommender” on Hunan Satellite TV’s latest soundtrack “Who is the Treasure Singer”. Basically each of the several recommenders in the show represents an audience of different dimensions, and Wang Yuan’s identity is more complicated. As a representative of Gen Z original musicians, he is a post-00 listener and a recent debut. A singer of 8 years, an original musician with a very high flow of works, and even an artist who used to sing on the street like one of the singers. So in fact, the angles he provided are multi-dimensional and fresh, he said He wanted to recommend singers who can tell good stories with music, so after listening to a senior singer singing, he said with tears: “What is the best song? It is to write his own story while helping others speak.” He has also experienced some music that is not recognized by others, so he can empathize with some singers: “You have the most precious thing in the world: your voice. Your voice will impress some people, and it will impress some people forever. Not some people”, “Anyway, there will always be someone who will understand you, and there will always be someone who will never understand you.” Moreover, he is not talking casually, nor is he complimenting him. When he is good, he is justified, and when he is bad, he can clearly tell what is bad. He bases on his love for music and starts from his most direct perception. , Gives the most true response. He is more like participating in the recording of the show with the mentality of learning and communication. He has collisions and exchanges with other recommenders and singers in music and taste. Thinking further, in the whole process of this show, It should also be the process of him constantly exploring and exploring the direction of his personal music growth. After all, there are not a few outstanding musicians here. I participated in the second episode of the program recording. If it is not cut, he also has a lot of opinions in the second episode. The output is bright in front of you, you can look forward to it, don’t say no just because it’s Wang Yuan

6 months ago

The show is really good. Although the singers are not very familiar with it, I know that Jin Haixin’s “Wake Up Your Ears” and “Don’t Be So Proud” were really popular back then. After more than 20 years, my sister’s voice is still good! And Man Jiang and that & both are great! As for the recommender, I really feel that Wang Yuan is good at talking, he doesn’t talk much, and he speaks accurately. His speech skills really seem to have a high EQ, which makes people particularly comfortable to listen to! I like Teacher Zhang Yadong too!

6 months ago

Not bad and not disappointed, continue to look forward to next week. Seeing Man Jiang really didn’t recognize it, Jin Haixin’s voice did not change at all. But I have to say that these two senior singers do sing well. Several others also had a lot of surprises, such as Jude Jiang Fan, let more people know them through this show. The recommended format is also very interesting, the reviews are also in place, objective, subjective, sharp, professional, warm and moving, and the overall atmosphere is also good. Looking forward to next week.

6 months ago

Although I learned the news by watching the trailer before, I still watched the live broadcast on time. Wang Yuan is really young, and he is also a right age. Although he sits on the judges’ bench, he He is very humble and polite. Facing the singer’s self-doubt, he also promptly affirmed the evaluation of others, but added his own ideas, respected the predecessors, and guided the singer positively. I really admire him, even though he is talented. He is 20 years old, but the humility in him seems to be accumulated over time. Since he can be appointed as the treasure recommender of this show, then he must be exceptional.

6 months ago

Frankly answer, I am indeed because of the program that Wang Yuan watched. I have always believed that Wang Yuan is the biggest treasure I have dug. In this show, I actually only know Jin Haixin and Man Jiang (I accidentally exposed my age). Ever since I liked Wang Yuan, I have always had very firm confidence in Wang Yuan, because Wang Yuan himself said that love is an eternal possibility. Wang Yuan started writing songs when he was fourteen years old, and now he is twenty years old. From “Because I Met You” to “Wherever It’s Good”, from I like music to I want to be a Gen Z original musician who sings and compiles . Wang Yuan’s music output used to be called the Burning Wind, and there is his self in it, so he would say, “If you want to write your own song, just write it and post it. Anyway, someone will understand you and someone will always I won’t understand you.” But now he also said, “In my previous concept, singing and writing songs have always been speaking for myself, but then the master told me not only to speak for myself, but also for others.” In this program, I feel that Wang Yuan truly “listens to and tolerates every different music ecology”, and he has clearly defined the identity of his recommender. When the recommender’s opinions differ, he accepts different opinions and insists on being himself. He can find his strengths from each singer and express his professional opinions warmly and firmly.

6 months ago

After reading the first issue, I still feel pretty good. I recommend people to be more pertinent, without blindly complimenting. I especially like the comments of Wang Yuan and Da Zhangwei. Jin Haixin Manjiang sings very well, and the lyrics of the ampersand are so delicate and playful. Looking forward to the next phase of the landlord’s cat and Jinchi. However, there are some problems with the editing of the show, some are obviously not connected, and the subtitles are also wrong. The program team should use the snacks, sincerely hope that the treasure singers can be found.

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